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Full text of "Illinois Appellate Court Unpublished Opinions: first series"

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"- 1'"^R 




\ / ) 

\ / \ kiS CrtlC.'.CO. 

a corporation, ^ 

ll&lutiff in .rro/» )| U 

'' / 



Goldotoin, pluintifi' bolow, botii^^it of the doiendant 
corpora tXun, wi'ioxi conuuctud a jewelry utore, a pair oi' 
diamond uBr^ringa for ^xu, onc-^iulf of which ho p^ia In cuaii 
uad the oth^^r hall in a pair of car-rlngo taken at tho 
Vaiua;.ioa of ^oU« H« olained that tii« purch. ^ v/tx, upon the 
oxprosu coAk'iLien that lie ni.^ht rotvirn the goodr. nay tine 
\»ltiiln oatt yotu' and rectiiYO the puroht.. e prloo louu icJ, :ind 
thi't, witliin a few weoks und oavoral tijaci wiUiin tho year, 
hi ^nb to utjftinuant'a otore and »»id he wanted to .::ivc baolc 
tho oar>rlnt;u and dciauant.d tlic return of hits money icuo lo , 
fjld Vruit ditond;\nt rofaeod to f<;ivc it to hi/a, 

'ilie Oil iti w-} tried heforo bhe cuurt without a 
Jury wjiich rencicrcd Judgment for plaintiff for XiJ. • ito 
pro|)ouition of Inv was eubiaittod to be held ,•>.> liuch and none 
iu othnrwice raieed in tlic rucord, except i.a to tiie uufficlenoy 
of tho ovldoncH to ewpp^rt tlie Jud^^ntent. e reciiTd it us 
Buf 1 icit^nt, nna, no ite vei.'^it dopcndo l<irt',ely on tlic credi- 
bility ef thu witneesea, vrhioh the court htid a bettor opLOrtunity 
than we hare to dotsx*Biinc, -^e htc not di^posod to disturb the y 
court's finding* o need net, therefore, roTiev the evidence 
in detail. \ 

OT i-m^'h i 


£ ..A-ftl -: -^ 

p'^O'S.'i .ftl ^1; 


11 it) uTf^eA Uiat plaintiff did not tender %i\e pur* 
dtetcd gQoJt^a to defondani. vhlle \i& Uiink thu evidence 
tends to ahew the oontriiry, y. t a fori»&l tei^cr "oeecmo un- 
necessary whf^n derendant rofua&U to curry out the t^t^eeji^ent* 

It ie nleo urgod thut an order oatured, is^ouniine 
the •ar-ringo Tflth tho dork of th ojurt, A-au orroneoiit; in 
that it failed to ordor tliem dHlIvt:;rGd to def en Innt un it.t 
SHtlofyint; tho Judfliaont, If oucli order is ovfore uu for 
roTiew, it is enoui^h to uay thiit »uch a proviaion in not 
eeaentiol to tho power of the ouitrl ^o rclc.uc tho (j;ocda 
held in it evn cui^/tody, auu la vi.Iivi^r thom to cUf&nd£jit» 
on afilx'Buxnco of ita Judg!t';cnt. 

T- .i.';T-^,-' 


IflUS « 2050 a. 


rmon TO 

LAuiaa cat.hoi.ic TJK^mvoiaafi' ■ 

MMlr.tifT* In 'HVOT, 

OP C-.iC/v.;c« 

I.A. 2 

'!TiiB action vfUH br<r.Ji;htt by vns'^Arot 0«sscy Jiiiulnot 

•Bd tnt^rost; on « 'bonefit ccrlificu^o for ylOOO iatjusti to 
/juia :4Ant>B, 4 m^wtecr of tlie <>.auoclatiOja, providAtte JTo* pKyfflont, 
en thfi <i»a+>h of o-ilcl ,\na»i !«elion, of #500 to e&vih of hoi- ai»jt«ro, 
Delia rtay tuid » teropfjaret Car.ey. liio dcfonse a«t forth ia 
tb.« anendwd fvffidftTlt of lacritJJ vi. c tlint prior 'uO h v de«Ui 
<.T»ne >j(ahen chfti^j»<l iicr brtnuficitirilao, dcoi^natlng; lior &iut<r 
WwliA (Old hat ni«co«i Burt,«vret rni f.dolo Uwy cv» her bcnci"l» 
eiiirlno, and that, pur&uant thcroto, thr aUv-ocl'tlcn lu; uod b 
new ccrtificf;t.r to onid vmrn 'uUion, «aj.-J,n^i; thcKa fiU the benofl» 
eiariea, to «*»«, upon tlie death of *Jif nBtnired, dnfcndunl paid 
tho umount of the bonofit. In uupv^oi't, thcrftof, dofcndunt 
offered oTidanoo io nhuv th/ t '.luriiio her lUotitcc «\nn& I'cJrton 
outhori&od iiuoh oi»MEiia« of bc2iAfiol(.rlca, and tlu^t tlic oXd 
certirioato w; a Buri-ondrrod rnd a now one, nnkin,: aald toiio, 
Jj'iu'Gt^ot «'^i dele :ay bencficl.rloo • ; M'croiJria, v<>.; Icouod 
and UollYf?r©d with tho kno^vXedc;^ und conurnt of .'.nna b.tdion« 
nnd thit th« benefit had bcm pni'l to the benef Iclfxrlao ae- 
aigm:tod thoreln. But th« court rofuotirt to I'^f'Mit Luch cvidtinoo 
oRd ciiroot4Hl c. ynrdiot for pXiiintiff • 

^r,V^Of; *» 

'^':'-r' i'.t ■m^Xu.i'^&f'^ 



.'V'iV^-vV'j'ff ■ fi''«' 


■-^j> by^Itiiro or the lUiuoci^tiOR proTlded Uiat 
"attni^era M«y oluifit^c thuir duulf;niitiori of pt^ruun or p< r^ono 
x-o fihotn ttioy hiiViJ a.a42l)Lint':a uiolr byncf icij-jy, by Burron<lering 
to the braaoh iiocordtr thtrlr*;,i'y ceitiiicritca, tUiV- 
lC£ firct flli d in t;hc liXnnk ip;iOo I'or ntrw wciji5jrii.tiyn, 

»ir^x\iMtZ <9«^^<w.'* iljafftu vroa ti'^luencc tlu»t /jnui 2A«i-i«n did not 
p^rtoiittlXy i^iira the aptiHoation for change of d^ai^m lion* 

but tcj.v.l it «'-;^ rtigiie.I mokU-^X' Iimv Jii:-:;oJ;it)n und In li.T 
prouenoe. 'ihc court cuiity-ia'.v: iliij obj&s: titan to yvo oi'i rred 
u.y[)licti'^iQt\ on tJb<« ^jroucd 'ih.ut -h':; ciisoiiio \>.'.uij iiat J/:"-dc in 
««jiifoi%«Bity '..-itii the by»ia.vt( oi Uit uosiooiiitiun, fmd Ui.ii 
ulthuuch v/li&n ^j»;itii. :r:»tri;.»r«t Cftii;,y lud no v.»»itea x*itJit in tim 
ccrli:lt,'.it«, ijtia hmi a ritvlit Ut knovs Utt-t the oliango v«.*t 
lci;ji.ll.y m-uiG* rjut thin vlefl ijn<>r«j<l th« fact thul, Uic'iiorj ocuXti unquootionAbly -'luivit t.'uoli proviwioji, ..'uiuh 
intu; ia»K;lc Tor ila benr^flt uud iiol Liw;.t df tiifc aoitef ;lci*ijc'y, 

Mian, r/:)C), In the '.■ LiUvv ,;.. It #i,. ottiil tJut •«!€ i)artiec 
to th« contrr-ftt aajr f^groL bcti»»«n Ui- .i.\ u, on Uk change 
of tha aw'lc of ap '^oi.ntinc r* new bftnefl. irjry,* ana Lh.v.t ii* the 
change is otitie by tlto hwi bcx -itli tho conu^^t of taa dOci<:ly, 
'^it Is ii«n.v.tdrial %hirth«r or not Iha r^<\iii.rementii of tha ly» 
1a«« upon t?jat eubjtjcl \uxr^ \j*en coispli' d vdth or not; " 
•thvt tli>s oooiety Jasjf \mlv* co^^r^^Iiiu^cio -itU tim required 
farrv^lltido** it is tii»o then ttuatc^d froa .iiblftcit; on -Jon;»/it 
^eol4ti«>^ ik AOcident Znti«, {2d iA») ^oo* 211), as folio-;;*: 
"^thsn » ifociety ht>.o aotiuklly ohaitgod the bonoficiiiry at th« 
rcquoot of tho Boi-ibor, uil .^uoutli-nu ar to wiiother xim laoaiior 
•r mode of chancing the b«nfificira>ieo provl :od in the oentraot 

.. .'.!..;- %'.*': 'ir^T.'.y :-jojCs?' a';« i«« a«;J ".:& aw^u-v.<^ '.j^ 
^Lii-XS:.>(i'.'-l-jLi:-: vo jVX;^?;:!,'' i';if»j 'tiUii'/ r ; ■, Kr;./: ' >• ■ --v'-r', 'i^>iyi i^(4fl!M» ttv 

^.;. ^;jfr soji^Ari mis^A ij,i«.fw ,^.V'j.<2i>-Wv:v^ ^w wrftilv: ■'^*^:-:<>«' •:<«4*i^;.Jt 
•.:»Aj^i«i i^iili'' J-SJ h'L..i .,::^. ,t« ...jn'ffl* 5i«Jlilf|Sv. Mii fil' .i:^- *-.■.■. 

WX.. ^»-'ii to ....3j'V,r5t.U.^;^'i Slit *^ «>» ■:;■:.. .nsf Jfpl'X'^ * -" 

V "i. . .1 


huYe hdi.n folXewt-id, .-re aonciudc.d iUid a^soXut^jly iiupoacU 

llie piroof ofl>r.M tcnc^.l to nhov luthorirbtlon 
of Vnm oiuiOi^e by tho anrur^^ mk^ co&ncut by the rietoci^.tioa 

b«n«fici&ry hijuj beou utua^vt^iiduretl aiwi euparo.dcd by n u©w 
conLVHct uitli the t^a»urftd« (XU»} Xhc cuiu't crrcd^ tlinro* 
TuTu, in zict r<M:civiii;: Un< proo. ©f.^i-td y/tiioh roo«mto<l 
proi>».T quoLti<m» cf fact Tor coiisiderr-.tion Vy tha Jury. 
l/niiiT Buch cii'ctmatussnco, it y/tc-a orvor to tiii-ort r vji*<)iot 
for :.Jiiintlfi\ raw Jurtfrm. .'.»t wilJ. bo ruVt^rawd fm<J tho oii..;o 


V ■ ;..-' ., ■•■.' i> •■■;*'*.*'> /iD-^;.■Jti^ -^i^^is;!^ ^jf^ui'-r . . ■ . (jitf- ■; :\^ ^«s» 

■ ,, .' ".' .il'^i.Utii 3,vi:; !iv:«^,ii*foi1v. 'ii.'., ^.■f^*< Ut.:-:' -'{^^V. 


481 - cLUbl'd / 



a corporntion, ) / 

Aj>}jell .'(nt , ) / 

V3 . k 

1 uowi Coi;j;"i'Y, 

'ihl. BUUNiirflOK-iiALV-.j.-CuJ, IJIUFH >) 

CV 1.1 ANY, a cor> oration, .■ ) 

Appellee. ) 





i-j.. juxi'ici'-- bArd;r.3 ijj i.ivi.iiETi tiik oii^ ium ..i''' tisk cobi-a'. 

Tiae priricipal question pieaentta uy luia a.-p^al is 
whether Ltifre .vh s .-.ny eviac.ric<.> tondin^ to eatnblioh iaiiriiff's 
C'Ui.-e of" notion, the court i.nvin^, on Jcf er. .larji. • a .motion oxrrcted 
f> verdict in ita fnvor Rt tt^t i;lo3r of p);:intiiT'b evi ence. 

The nction -vao for u'Vangcs for a brtacj of con- 
tr;K;t, plaintiff avrmut, '-rj^. ialro juc i.n(, eviueuce tef.oin.v to 
oJiO'/, -tint dftf cnjant brok tn«-.:, in not yr r.illiiii; 
pl«iiiitiff to |/roof.ed witu the erection of r ciii:i-nfy, unu defpna- 
ant rl'^^%'>uini: aa a defeniie tiiat ijlfiinliff had totally rer.onMced 
the terms of tae contracl- nnJ ita oblii.:;ticn to cc-'ij/i'te it.e 
<;or»t)truCt ion of the- ci.iii.n».y -icc'jrfiint; tiireto. Thf: vtxMict 
wna iirectf'd *Vi;ieiitly on Lhf ti.f-ory tliot plaintiff' u 0'7n 
evidence, catoljl iohrti auci. oefensie, 

Thp cjiitr.ict coniiidtrd oj rt vritttn proposal ni»u 
acccttancc. i lain t.irf' ..• tro,c^f4J 'i^u to irrct fi ciiii.ncy nt 
£^lbucue, lo .n, of re-iuforcfd concrete cunstruct mn Ibo feet 
above thr . aae oi h founJntiun lii b<lo.i , r:»Qe. The fsx- 
CMVf>tion ftmi prepar.ition of the fr >un i tnortfur vt re to ue 
liiHde by aef eridant . Tiie uropo-nl ./Ha dt•t^a July Iv. , I'Jll, and 
callid for Rcceptance, Miic; v;83 t-:i«f'n by l-ttor luo 
days later stating Ln':t tl>p exc VKtion oulu br Ci'ip]ited 
Mbout AucuoC lot, I ut i win lot in fact acm j/jtil .<ece/iber 

:;.(>i.-... - i,B» 

■ c-y .-, , ,, 

.: ! i.f^. 

«.->'J -I .J J I v.. 

;..,;„.; ■. . ,;.;... <i vn j'Lt:.' ;i ceIo ,^nfili 

. ;,: . '.a Jo'. '. ;.':.|lv;-;,--.' --^^ .Alii'^f-.'^ iftfii 

. , . - : • 1 ■ .: ,\' '■ i . ■'■ - i V • b "1 ! •>';. X i;fc 6 «'M 
. ■^. ■,-:.' ■,,.;.. ;:•.;.,.?>; • > , . J. i -'■ ■ •.: -: ."'O >!;;.> i Y3 
... J .. . ' i J O; ■■; i ■ .'^. ■ • „ 

Idth. in a letter in ocptei.-ber jlaiiitiff ex:.rei;3ed eiixiet/to 

do Inc v/ork before cold wenther, J'owever, it undertook to 

porforn; ita contrRct v/it/iout eny exircaa .'^ociif ication of its 

terma. it Ip.iii tue fouridation in the four doya follo.ring 

Leceaiber liith, v/h( n freezing weather Bet in. 'ihc tviaerice 

showa tlvit ceaent will not act in a te.i i-crr.i ture celo"w 26 ; e- 

grePB above zero vitr.out f:/;ployinf; ;>rtifiL:iul litat, .-ina 

thMt its uii« would iiave req>jir«»d .r.uc expenee ana the prcc- 

tion of o builoinn arou/Ki the chiiunoy structure. it nliio 

ehoiv^, tiiHt ov/ln». to aeJyya in tmijaj ortinK the 'forni unita* 

required for cer.ent con wtraolion and incrf:aoini, c^ld weatix- 

er, - the uc an te;:i} erature iiot-t of the rest of jecea:ber be- 

in£ below «i6 df>,rcefi above zero, .'ind in wauuiry Lk low zero , - 

no farther fJor>. in acta;?.! conotrticti n .-as done . i;ut the 

material tucrefor xir'd alrerdy bteri ahi i.e.j to f-ubuque . 

The proposa] contained th-r-ee provisions: 

"Laterial v;ill be shipped in days froiu re- 
ceipt of order to ship, ana about ou vvor^inj' days firt 
requirea for uii* co;..p;i.t.tion of tat -.'ork. * * » " 

"i'J.e delivery, erection and co;!.rjlf ticn yro-Tiiued 
are contiiii^ent upon atrikes, accidents or other couaea of 
delay beyond our conlrcl," 

On jHiiuary 4th re, rcaen tntives of the parties 

had fin intervi.<?w in whicfi th«: cautea of aelay as aforesaid 

were exr-lained by plaintiff 3 rerrearntr-.ti ve, he sayinc "«e 

are roing to do the bcs- '.ve con to K^t it aoi.c , cn^. the 

fact liiat iu iias t;ot into v/intrr ia nou our f ult." D«:fena- 

ant'a repreaentntive naKca if plaii, tiff v/oala a{;re€ to coi.i- 

pltti tiie cniij4ney oy yeorucry Idwth, ^ 1 .-liri tiff » a re^rescnoa- 

tive saiu it dej . ndcd on tne .veatncr, tiiat the/ v/tre ^roing 

to f.t L the job dori'- as soon na tiicy could, but were not t'O- 

int; to Ilri-^I>rioe i...po joibili ties. lefen^ant'j r(-:rr s( n %r tivc 

exjreaaed a tc cancel ti^e contrnct fif ninst w.iich 

l>.iy- iv ; . /. - ■;/:- ,: ■Oi'..j.' J ■■•: N, ';. ■, - .lU s* J JL iintollftq 
;. ■ ■ ■■ .; . ■ , , :J;w • .1 !_ :; ;/ : r; i Xr y:- ':'-i.J"i^:\ oil 

' . • .. V ; ^A.v ni ■«.».."?•;■< J n i u- cud 

'-■..■ -• V - ■; •Jis' 'i; .. ■ Ji,ii'Vi'o:.; Sfii 

' .1 ■ .-.'.J •- :..r.o« «■« inf.u 

plaintifl'tt reirearn Lative ^-ro lesiLed. Two anya later defena- 
nnt'o nxloi-ney called u^. Ine lottcr by tel e>none aiiu aokcd if 
h« vould oj^ree lo co.Vipif-te tiic ciiimney by i.arc-' l.^t, to wjiioh 
he replied, "we vill if v/e can, but it all ciey.enda on ti.e 
weftlher," on January 9tii acfen.iant v/rote plaintiff a l':ttcr 
referring to such convcrdiition anu aayint; it left no alt« mo- 
tive but to cancel tin contract, nnd taking the jooition Lliat 
plaintiff had jiractically abandoned the contract, /laintiff 
dccliri.'-J to acce; t ti^^ cancellation anu evinced its rfiaaintas 
to rroceod ^sritii the ■■•ork. 

ilaintiff un.r-rtoo: to prove that the term ".vorA-- 
inc dftyu" hnd t;y U6a{;e a >,yeciai. jicanine; i" tne trauc oi coui- 
mercc of cut.crcte construction, Dcfenaant con uended tant tlie 
words navt r definite and aetLltd .-fiCRninf; in couuiitrce :uiu 
juriuprudf nee, thiit of dayb an tJiey juccftCu tixc. other exciu- 
uive of jun aya :.aa <.ol iua;ya; that tiie Iruitiuat-'-. of txxf. contract 
waa clear iuid unfu-hif-uoua, ^^nd tnat pt-rol evidence of its riiean- 
int-; wao iriCu;upc tent . While Ix^c court took def tnuant' a view it 
n<r;verthf 1 1»» heard eviccncc on tiiC oubj'ci- out of the- l:.torin£i 
of tilt jurv, but in airectin^;; tiic vrrdict trf.t'U it ;ia re- 
ceived. ^■ 

lut, aa we view '-nfe case, , lain tiff ' a riiit of 
recovery under li.t tvi^ence jrtoenLoa did not aej end on the 
compr-tency of juci proof ,-4-i laintif f ' a evidence tonurd to jIiOW 
the ex^r.nae it had incur, ed ia i/repar/'tion for aiiu pnrtial 
pc rf ori.i.ince of ihc contract, ita rendincoa to co'-il'tc tiie 
saji.c, rsnd th« canctilytion thereof by;;n t b' oau-e 
plaintiff would not . uarnntee co»;ipletion oi' tne otrucLure by 
February -iutn oi- . aic lot."f~ -'ni cuuxt t-vioently . dopted de- 
fendant 'a tiic.ory t.iat plaintiff 'a rcfuaal to ickIu: aach (guaran- 
tee or new proi^uac viaa h rejiuijciation jI ita ol/l i, :- ti on to coiri- 


;; . .' 1 : ■ • .'. I <: - -'■ y. .1 i- (-■^'"io ,/i:-x-,v;r t ' i a« 

:. , i • ■ . . M.:..-. • . I,:/ ^ :^ '., ' T>3"i_A : Lvow id 

. ;: •..•.. .. ^ .^_ V ,'!.^^ ■-■r ': ' : ' :-■ -^v" ,::t}iLrax •»d 

- : v.i ../;.: ..i. .c' ; . -n .;. 'v. -.i^'v;'- ; /iv.j- , i >ii ••ts'Is'X 

. . ,■ o :.>. ^ ,. . . :• ■■ ,„ '1 .■-';;■ '-.'- ;■;•.; '^..iii;:! <..J I'iKi 9ri3 

-- ■ . - - ..-.r.!.'S_ .. : .. ; ^■. J , . -^1 :■ ,1. " : ' '0*3 c .? ii-^-fiTaal* 

, •'*■.:'■■ ■ ■;* J ,i" ;.:■>;; joti Oi 

■"■■-•■ . ■ V .J .<■...; ^ .' .; .v'.^... .i,^-; r J ■- V.' ■■; ^y ^jnis^m 

■ ■ ■.•-•...■. ^'i V .:. . ...IS'.' .;. ^: ■ id 'w 'jJi. ; M ..i *Va.! abiov 

-.''.■-■ ..,- . •• ^ '•■... ,' . -^. ■- ,-Jv;' ./• :■ .• •..' , ■;^^,'•■».>,u•tT^i.^Iut, 

T' • p. : j ,. , ;^;^^: •_. .:., :,7^ (:uo 'ij 9vxi» 

:->::- .. V > -^■. . -■, .- .-J ■ , :: V ■ -J . ' i .'.' 'f . i*.' : : ■'', i^..}lO BrtW 

J. •- . . :'-'s .• -. J ., . .> 1 ■ " t i ,. ,o.'i»-... 14. ., :■• I. a«s* .jal 

.v" - Ji-: ■ i- :■ • '-■ '-^ '■ '= ' / ■' i;i./.vi rjc I • ij'i'i'ravr^n 

-■"■>;'. .. . ^ _ . ; .;'x,:- ■. . j- .*;;,. ,y •$>;!(. 9ciJ lo 

*'"' ..'I9V-X93 

' ■ ■ ' • •" ■ ■■' ' .'■■.._<, .1 »(,,: 

• ■■- ■■■- '■ ' ;". .-. r :.■■•' i, 1/ ) >. j ii^i:i:i.i \y->\:3«i 

■J ■ ■ ' '. - ' ■ . . ; s *f . . o J ' . 1 :t;- '< £.' •i'''^'*-^ x^.iiOO 

.' ■:■■ .. I'.' ::.-,,:.. :,'-:^ .* i s :'■ ri"» , ;t o iriJ 

• :•■ . . , . ^i ,i : , ,:,v-;',' r: '. -iii, '?(, >r: ; i; . •' oil j;^ 

■■t. »;:... ..!-■,. ', .^ .., u,j, ..,.;,c.V • r).V :■ -.i; , J Oil JjIuOW lliJT'-'.T 

plete txie atructure vri .iiin the ti;nc conte.' Atcd by the con- 
tract, nnd canatj. ^t'ted a breacn of Im- coiitracL Vi.ich ].revf-iit> 
ed the rii>it to recover eiDicr under ihr; cuntrnct or on a 
quaritur;; f.,erui t for tuc .vo rk prrfoi'med, 

in Lnia we do not concur, Kven tiiOUf,^. plaintiff 
recognized cnal it coulo not co;^.pl< tb lue ^tri>cture in the 
required time, Ihux. did no L coruit.iLute a renunciotiun of 
itu obi i(-';.') tioHB. j:>ut Lhtre rfoa no aba:) lute ftgreCi;.rnt 
plaintiff woulJ coiapJ<;tf! the atfucture in a dcfinitr; t iiac . 
The proposal esLiii.nted txi;it "about ji- v/orjvin^ v/uuld 
be required," find aisde ex^resa i^roviiiion for cauees of ac- 
lays beyond pi nifitif f ' 8 control. It miimi b* auiu tr^at 
t)jf evldftncr bh to 'Jel'-ya preae^ ttd it. qufcutioa of ff.ct for 
the jury. But we need not con^'ider tiiDl phaae of the ces^, 
for applyin;- to t(ic evidence acf f;iiua;i t ' 8 eor'utructi on of 
the words "vor'.inj;; d»ya" the court 'a actioi. vas unautnor- 
ized. Coi-'iputinr, the time fror. Dccejubcr l^th, v/htn the 
gi'ound wae ready for plaintiff tu bit;i^' vjoi^k, nna excluairg 
tiundoya .Tnd n(>liL'.ay3, rbout 2't:. "v/or-'Cin^ dayii** had c-lapeed 
whrn defendant cancel I'-d tiir contract (altjioueih the evi- 
dence tenned to uho v it >/«» h* li>:>\, vtiy liem refusing, to 
carry out ita ovr, oblicntion., aa to ].ay(i:< r. ta i.aat JuoJ, and 
there rer.ainrd about o5 i-nc 41 aaultional aay o to J-'eujuary 
2Lth and !. area l.'t, rea;.cc ti vel.v . m otuer words, rc^ nru- 
Icaa of any cauoea of uela.v v/i^ic.* i.-ii ht en.iut to excuse ;jtr- 
for;r.ance 'vitnin Itu ii,riod, def f:r.>.iaiit una allowing/ ; 1 ain- 
tiff about bb or Go aays at ri.tot for co. ;;l<txon of tac 
structure. In viei» of tiit- lan^up^;' oJ" tlie contract plnirj- 
tiff y/as r.ot li.';iit<d to exuctly fifty aayu, rn - v/ua tnLAilr-d 
to rtasonnble (Xt^r.-ion of list prriod dc cii iin/ on f .' cts 
and circu.'.jOtances in conm.ction vith excu^ahle cnucjee of .;e- 
lay, Nv one coulu have vredicted on Ja'.ua.r.r jtn, vafn de- 

■U„,>i. •■ ■ .■■..0 70v::i . "■ v;j.'.;:> f'j'; c ;. ai' s ,^^J v< i 

;._ PT'']:;;.-.. .•>-o;';\ t>,.' .-■ .:wMC'' ;o... '-I' J ;io:.-> .sO>raJ ;: i-'i ivpsa 

!■[. ,,': ^.:\i , :i^:, r ■ajvuP';'' ,;>•-.. ■,:ri^■■ isi^i; i'm.o:<(:''T'i -ifiT 

:'- 'y. -i^ 4 •■:, ':■, ;i j-i : u;...f--.' 'J'T: v-o.-jsr^ a-sv? bnwfvs'S 

- , ■. .. ","\j ; '. ..•"■>;■■,•(. j •■.!'> -j ■.•;,; j': ■»( r ■■•)".' It HO J(xr-(us9l*j> ntnifew 

c.< .. . '■':.'.'■ .:< . ■ ,-; .. ■ 'ir ^;;', • .♦■ X ,' oi..' oJ ;.t)r;?(tvt :v:iit9f; 

■..'.•-■i'-' c.f .. / . J'^Jii; J... H^v .u- ■;, :,:. j^./^>(>;: (/■uti r^r.*>-j. ^-^^rfiJ 

--. , J I , ot' » ; :i. . ■ .■• .V r.<v i.i ;;!.■>' , .1 . { yTe ; t;nr; iliJil 

--,.•' ;■. .i';;';.'»a /. ::■.:!. v^ ...I'll- :•.. r,: ;" '■. tj^-r) Y • '" "J'C JfOI I 

- . ■'■;„.,■ 'i . . , -. '-i, •:> t. , .-.'-i' , i.iv .■j.fc^i.l.f /■ >.'.)ii.^'a'io'i 

.■ ' ; jt. J. <-••,•,•■'-. '-i; 10 f^o .tuofr* llJ:;r 

-■!v ' .■. i .■.-.. .■■■ ■; . i"" , , ;.•.■.,.(('. i. ■'■>} "N, w;»iv al ,ip- 
;«1. *.!!•) ;... ... ,1., ■'' 1 \,l.?;mx:) oJ b".J],(viI Joa ««kv Itii 

• isti n<. ,,,f ,1 ■ -li-j l-.j,.' .r.:v.J ri.) .r-ioivi:- ■.■'XA •Id;- ' Oi 

fendant cancelleii the contract, tha L oucxi cauaee -.vould not 
interyene ao »a to txtcnU a Tfascnable time fjr conetruc- 
tion linJei' Ck.)ntrnct even beycnd ',. nrci* lot. ilfiatilf 
had n ritijt to rely on the j^roviaionj of the contract aa 
to delays, an-, fron tlir nature of th; contract, tae; cij.irnc- 
ter oi' tlir jvorK .'n i tac acnaon of tiir ycnr, to anticipate 
that valid causes for delay niifht arise 30 ;<d to ren-iei- it 
inaiiousibl' to coujplrtC' the structure ■'ilfiin tiit de- 
fendant required. It -sras unrenaonablc, therefore, to exact 
Guch a prooiue or to li.^iit uhe ti;.'i' for j'C-rf oniiruice '^o the 
p( riod n'.f'trd. '•'hf contract diJ not aa n matter of law nd- 
rait of the construction no to tiie limit of ti/..t. pxxt ujion it 
by thr court, ri . refa.jal t.^ r;>3rce tc> pcrforu ^i^.ain auch 
period dia not conjtitute aji pbEndo».;r-eiit of the contract 
by plaintiff nor roi;uncxation of itu obJ it<,.Htioti& to coii.ply 
witii t'.e to.T'.hs ti.ereof. hnd j)T ?intif f been pf;r^iitteo to 
coi'jpl ltd contruct, v.'hicu it stood 'Wiliiiii^i; tu xerform, 
it i,.ii-ht lor ria,7ht that nppt';<.r3 in tiie evidence iifivt been 
ablf to hftvc coriplfted it the rcasonj'.blo time conte«i- 
plated b,'^' the contract without tcLin}' into conaidernticn 
whether the cnuaes of aclayo prior to January 9th came 
within itij teri.-io, 

Thfc CP3e BiiouiA linvc fone to t/n- juiy. The 
Judfinint, wi] J therefore be jevtrsed c'mi the cause reir.andcd, 

RTWlTtoKjJ AM) V.ifLk AWJl'D, 

-.J :■ .:'■.■, ..'- 1 ..;■.,•. I ■ .y<\■^..x.' .J . ••. :..;^ :?;•(■> van ini 

-. • : .... , . -■ . ■: . -^ : ^,<o . ,■ ^ X* y<j J.: ■; ,; Tt^i 

... . ■"■ . ■ ; ■■ ■ , .; ■■. . -:;;,;.. -;/'''-■ ;. 1 n\io:: ■;) b i '■ M^'f J filii 

'•.•-■- ' ■■ , ': ^- I : , :. ■'..,.■.. :.;;.-.. ::-^- .?.. ,on'-: j:x.i^-j • ;( rtcfido"^ 

•:.^. .••■ >.■ ■.■• ■ •/!■ .. ■• , '. J.oxrf.;ao:j -i-i ' .;.'^^<-.^^< J,..:i'r-q 

' ■■■ • .!:' 'j^" t; ■; ■ 3: ; ,; V •■ r*::i Jo.:':;.! .■in<;. >:ii,t lo ^i<n 

'-•:.■■ I - ' . : • ■ .' Y' -^ J 'iii, >;•*;■? ;' ^.^'VU-'D .'Stli Xfrf 

'■ •: .- . :■'■<'-■ .■:.'• :..:.. .^; o:u^ vj-i. ""On 'fti-UUr.l'', yd 

■ .' ■.■:■'■•■■ , ?•■ ■;.^,-.; r. ,.;^ ,"j.0i5a.Mvl &.i;' ').-.' dJ Iv 

, . ' . ■ ^ . ■■ ■ '.. .' . ■"■'- I- »i i .:oi.:.v^ , ^uai^.;ir«ii aJj .5 .? .3 .f qwc o 

:; •'; . ^^ . ■' ■■■:■■■■ .-.:■; •;! ,--....,-.;; !-\ j«i.^J* -i^i;:-^'- toJ" Jii.,l,; .31 

:^•^': ■.'■■:.' -Ai.. -s ■■ .■■.■:,: aiy'.L..-:: J; ;,>.>J:>,1.;;.'0C'' n-'ni oj' ■.)Xdn 

497 • 20830. 





J0J5N B. DH AKIC, et al, 
on appeal of JOHK B. Drake, 

AppelL&nt. ) j-A - '^ 



This w&u a auit for broker* s comriilssions bai.-e(i upon 
the claim th: t the plaintiff, . ournlque, wna the authorized 
ngent of defendant, JJrake, to find a purcbueer of oertain 
real estate belonging to tho estate of John • Drake, ir«, 
and that he wee the procuring oaut.G of the sale thereof. 
Judgment waa for plaintiff for ^>27,5G0, - 2i-5r; of $1,100,000, 
the price for which the property waa sold, 

'e have car-efully considered tho evidence r.nd the 
force of the inferences drawn by counsel on both nldee from 
Tery conflicting and irreconcilable teotiraony, - nd are firmly 
lnpre»8ed th.-t the Judgment must bo reversed on the ground 
that the preponderance of tho vlflenco 1b agalnut the verdict 
BO far as It ImplietJ that plaintiff tietn the procuring cauao 
of the sale* 

Two main fttcto essential to recovery were stoutly 
contested, (1) Tiournlque^s agency, and (2), t}ii.t ho was the 
efficient or procuring cnuue of the acle. If the case de- 
pended alone on Gutablishlnc; the forirer, wc mi^^ht not, in 
view of the chf-r. oter of tho conflicting tivldonce on that 
subject, dli turb the Jury'n findlnt';, depending, nv it largely 
doee, on tlie jury's view of thR credibility of the 7?itnesoea, 


( » .A sMOUa 

fca-:'-" '•'s'-ij: :.:!»ir,' ;-.o lof.'C: m:^ v/'.-" ijx'tt'iij •.:e:)ij*»ii>lKi otti lo oa-ic't 
:;th ■■ '! '■■■'•ij ,; nX':-,, .- vji .,;■■'. '■■■i-'- -d;' 'In *,>:). sa'3tf£!«oqaniq ftri^' .tae& 

•iJ ,Jn.. d; .i.T ./f ,•-> ,>ro';' >ri.i /txi:«iid*?u» no &no.U) t-oMtdq 


> ^^N /?«<' ^ "/-''•^ V' •'•■-'''■ -^ X^- ^^-^/^ 

plaintiff wan bound to establish to entitle him to recover 

But this ia not the- case ■ith tlie other important fact whicii 

and whioh he failed Lo do by a preponderance of evidence* 
Consideration of the evidence bearing on that subject will 
obviate the ncceesity of dlBcueaing tht^ alleged errors in 
the courue of trial* 

Tho property In question w- s purchased by the 
trustees of the estate of Kar shall T-'ield, July 7, 1910. They 
were Chauncey Keep, Arthur h, Jones and the Merchants Loan c 
Trust Company, for which its president, oreon Jmith, and in 
his absence its vice president, .. r>. Hulbert, acted. All 
negotiations in which the terms of sale were discu sed, set- 
tled and concluded were had directly between defen'iant Drake, 
acting for the ovners, and one or more of the trustees of the 
Field eutate. With these negotiations plaintiff had nothing 
to do. In fact, he wjb entirely ignerent of the«. The main 
quostion is whether he brought them about. 

The evidence shows that the property was first 
offered to the Field e tate by ;iefendant Drake. This was in 
19G7 and 19C8» Plaintiff brought the matter before the 
trustees, whether in 1908 or 19C9, about which there was some 
controversy or doubt, is Ir material, but it wnu after Lirake'a 

It is undisputed thfit plaintiff had ncveral conversa- 
tions with defendrnt -^rake relative to eff ctin-r a sale of the 
property, « Drake claiming Bournique w; s to get comroiusions in 
c. EC of a sale from the purchoser - that Drake put a price of 
;)!, 250,000 thereon; that plaintiff had several interviews with 
two of the trustees. Keep and Jones, relative to inducing a 
purchase of the property by the Field estate, and th? t to the 
same end he enlisted the service of Hugh T. lUrch, who inter- 

ioidv 1?;?? tnH.ifxri,ti • i; fj-o o/^M' d$i:. .0; /< -.itL ion tfi «itit #iifi: 

•:-..vf.r>a* oj aif' vC- '■■' i'^' o-,- na-tifTat ■?■•■> 0* .';«0t>cf saw 11iini.flX«t 

.oocir^riv* it; •^'■:/ •". ■■■r'!Oq="xc, s vd" oh ot f.vXi..?tt sri ffo.Jdw tuiB 

•li*- TOd>|^'iLtf J ...i-f (■<;> •,..ii'5.j3-i,-cf {;nai/t-.tJ:v:- Sifi' ^0 fjoij ^TtiJbiitffoS 

lini: tjt "re s.:.'iho9 9tU 

ni bus , ;^.t'-- rr0:=:o «cfrjyiuu:y7:. n^i ifylit'j -i^il ^xcmqKoO i&ui^ 
-tea ,'■•?« asp. (; 'i>?-3)-«» oXtJu 'to K«s*ir-^."f f,ui.,'' ^lo.i:-:?; r:,i 3HcJti.ftxios«Df 

.-!'•': . .v^ ;..:,_^;f »i-j.:.v: ;tij^-d.v ,*>as'X io i>,;v?i .vi -i'-ivJ^Tixk ,Eid»^«JUr%f 


viewed Keep and Jones, and also Orson mith on the subject. 
But it does not appe&r whether the trur.teea, na euch, eyer 
eoncidercd the offers or when tliey decided to wake the pur- 
chase or that their action ■^■•■i-' induced by or the re-uit of 
t):s interviews had with either Bournique or IJirch. The 
most th: t can bo claimed in behalf of plointiff is tliat the 
eridence shows he submitted an offer to the trustees for 
)1, 25c, 000, and th. t aubsoquently they purchfoed the proi^ftrty, 
though at a sum .150,000 lens, v.hile evidence of his efforts 
and the fact of a sale night, without expl; nc.tion, tend to 
shovf he W!io the procuring cause of the atle and wjvrriint sub- 
misoion of the question to the Jury, yet ouch f;)icts are not in> 
consistent vrith defendant* o testimony tending to show that 
other influences were controlling. 

It appears that the trusteee, or sores of them, knew 
this property was in the ra;-rket, but that they were not in a 
position to give tlrie matter serious consideration either when 
Drake or Hournique submitted aa offer, because proceedings were 
then pending in court to construe tho power of the trustees to 
sell and purchase real eutate, and that after obtainln/?: a de* 
cree favorable to the exeroioe of such power, the trustee s had 
to wait for fundti to accumulate before they could entv.rtain a 
proposition. Of theses facts both ? ourniiue and Birch were ad- 
vised, and the last action taken by either of them respecting 
the matter whc to odvise Drake thfit there nothing to do 
but to Whit* Up to that time, which wa:3 early in 191C, there 
is no things in t>ie reoenl to diticlo^e that the subject h- d ever 
been taiien up or considered by the trustees, individually or 
as a body, toid tiio vidence tends i^trongly to show that they 
never of /ered Bournique .my encouragement to believe that they 
would concider making a deal through him, and we find little, 
if anything;, in the record to di close th;it hie repeated 


• :: • .iyv^ .?-.;. -.i^D :1- v;:^!.!^. "-^ ,, V'Aiif f, Hi^.S 0-^ M^H^^^oisg ^sH I'g HulriQim 

. ■i-,$ iQfxu ^^■■^i^J^:ssy-i ■m^}^Xis^^:4 '.'.■iiii.'tViMfls.k'h iUi^ in^i-uXQsss^'G 

ijvu :.. n io'Jiv;-.-.. -nrfi ,•; irti! .> ..fv.j[>^ Jt") ^>^^ h'l^i-.^t mH. nl sfttiiioa Mi 

•<«xD s^ifit MQih, I'if v^i.'j/tpftf. /;b.u^.J »«wi#bi¥ . :»fli bflJa «%i)«tf « SJto 


offorta op rated to brinp; wbout the purchoBe, In fact, he 
knew that the truBte^.s had been cXoacly oSROclotod ^Tlth 
men^borB of the l^rako tnmlly In a busineao, if not a social, 
way, and they gave him to understand th«'t the property had 
already been offered to thon by T^ake .'.t the aitme price and 
if «ny deal waa amde it would be made directly with thf Jir.Jces 
theinaelTeo, Keep te»tified that tit the last interview v/ith 
Bournlquc, early in the spring of 19lc, he told him that aft^^r 
what had paaaed between the Drakea and himself, he could not 
take the natter up with a brokt'^r if tho truete fi were nt any 
time disposed to purchase the property* 

A letter from Bournlque to Keep, written Hovoirber 
6, 19Q9, saya; "I remember yon told nie that you knew the 
Drakes very v^ell and epoke of your assioci tions with them in 
connection with the lilinoiB Trust & ^avingo Bank, and of your 
opportunity of buying this property before I mention* d it to 
you, ond on thut account you did not foci that you could con- 
aider a propo:.ition to purchase through me for the ?ield ee- 
tate, » « •! # If you want this property, would you not just 
aa soon buy it through rau, as the price naked for it, $1,250,C0<4 
is the samo, Ur. ^raicc ouys, that w.-^. given to you a long 
time .i,.ro, or make on offer and I will aubmlt it *tnd do my beat 
to bring the partleo together. « ♦ * It ia not only buoineao 
but a friendly act that llr, Irake ie conferring; u on no in ox- 
tendinis; ae the privilege of uotin/2 as thyir broker, but 1 
aouuro ynu it ie no intention of mim; to interfere, I ahall 
value your opinion as to my position and appreciate anything 
you aeo fit to do -or ae iu thi'. regard," This letter and 
Keep's testimony sup )ort the contention of the rtc^fense thyt 
Bournique weo given to understand from the firet that Uratai 
had offered the property to the j^iald eetrte and that the 
trustees intended to deal with tho Jrakeo pcreonfilly if they 



\- ■■■.-■ . f -..,' . .■-:^f './o :i -r-ri;' .:••' ■.■•; m* .^a-^ »X.««f 

-"-■•■ •■ J'"" // • ■!.*:; , ?N '.•*: .:;< ... ?:: - I' . :> r«^A'/ v.; >--^ .;: wb >£R8 'il 

'''■•ir -t ■ I. . ■' , 'i?^. lit n^'^'^ -'^. ■'■''- ■''■•■^- \:i.'i<Aii _^,f.(ur.'ln'm9^ 

». ■ ..•.■ "i^v -■ ■./:;i;v-:;»t:.;.' ,■:•,;■ 'r.:.- ■ --..h >;;•;?( .^^ •*.?.»■■! qw '';'v.> Jv:'?^ »d,t '^^ai 
, V -i ,. J ;., 7Ci ..d-; -'^^ .1:.; ii.c 0-, is^^&q'lh aaiJ 
i'v'- ■■»■'.■ r.-^ '• . . r. J ': '. 2 J .■'.:•' i.i"- iyo-" : f^;■r'i^ "..^ -.' J ■'■. (' ^ 

-"'^' ■ Xuf' :■.■:, .:? :i. ■.-..^ ,<«.•;• :::': ,v. v >■*,■: ji;?;>f3x .- a^:? or hr.t ^VfiX 
-*■'' -'-^ - ■ ■....;■'■: J Ui''> .... *•■(,;-;- .-;, .7 .-:(i ^re^:; Aij.f.ljn-.K'l a ^wff 

• *' '*'■-,••;!?■;.: c ;- ';,, ;■:.;;; ,^ ?,.;i;i; ii,-< ;,j. ,>j: >;!,y_ a'tM'.Sr. 

{il'i:. \;. •■"»..,!;; V(;- ;.. -'1,., .■ i ;<./i:. \;-:^ ot.)*^? a.'.itW'iO^v'irje'^ ftWXeV 

'"' "'^^•>. f't'i:', .••■■■;-i,vr , ■; „j.. ;-;k?- vt;^' . 0i:> o.r ^il «»«i wo^ 

•••■■• ■-?;•■'■•■.' wfr* I0 .ii; .uli, •■ir.L. .fit)' . .f-ic qW* y,iK>-a;J;.i a» J « ''C[»«2f 


ahould concider a purch;.ae« 

Both K«ep and Joneu tc»tiflerl that the intervlevrs 
with Bournique hod no influence u on them or the oth'=r tru tee» 
in 2caklng or completing the purchuae, vhilo ouch evidence is 
net conclueive, it «'Ma the only direct vidence on the su'-Ject, 
craon omith did not teatify, and Hulhert, thro gh whom final 
negotiationa for the purchase y;ere begun and cjirried on, testi- 
fied thi.t he n«Ter aaw Bournique or Birch or knew thi.t thoy 
were in any way interesttd in the; r^le of the property, and 
there is no tentimony to the contrary. 

It appeere thnt iiOwetiiDe in April, lOli. , while do- 
fendwnt iir&kn wub in HuHert'a officti in the Merchants Loan 
:^ Trust Company' 8 bank on other busineBo, the B»tter of the 
purchttBo of the property wt\i; in eomc way brought up and 
Hulbert said: "If you »till vamt to siKll and will come <io*a 
to a ref'i.onable price, ve will take it up." The off*?r of 
iJJ.,10G,00t) w: is mH e and, after conBid^rGtion by thr» Urake heire, 
accepted. Prior to thut time rirch h d Bucponded his efforts, 
telling -Jrake there wat nothinr to do but to wuit, end et the 
last interview lournique had on the aubject, which wos sometime 
earlier in the year, K«cp repeated to him whpt he hcd stated 
at the beginning, (rs eljovvn by Bourniq'ie'B letter), that if 
the ield eetite made a deal, it v;ould be made directly with 
the Urakeci theBie elves, Ve fail to see how on such a state of 
facts it can be said th: t pleintiff wati the procurinf: cruse of 
the B^le* 

But it is contended by appellee that negotiations 
with Drake had been broken off ndhen Rournique uubmitted hie 
offer, e think it cun hardly be said from the recorri that any 
negotiationu wore rctually conw.enced until culbert took up the 
natter. If U\c truHteea tor-k it up in .vny way, formally or in- 
form^illy, before that time, it does not appear in the reeord. 


?:-*■ ■ T ; : -^^ '•:• ■• ■ /• ■ ■■.- '-.- '■■ IT; :!*::. n'lxJ: i&.-n au, .iir-i;'c,; !v.*i«' 
. ■ :. .1*:. w^,' >^> .:■ - '^ ■■ ::■■-:■:■- >■ ."/-o -'ii'* .•' ^r^ :M . , ;. v* :'^!i;i .fi::>'i J «£» 

, v:f ■*?*■! -S'^ ■■^''' "■•■ ■.':f?<:;ini^-^;'.S' o^ ^isioiii- 

,'%-:*. I -.x.-it -'ii >•;%; .?.).; -'..r-r-^i: billot* ';irt1i: ,h4Mi £)^->iiC '.".^v -jO, ^.iJX^ £^ 

■-r.:.i ij .•^- i. ■>:.• : > ■ ,ci >*■: 'i- ,i,-r:- ^t a :.:^rn.. «iis;; uf Mai v »ili 
'ii -saw. -AiAi'^v .(.{.} ■ ,-•> U'Wisic; ,? ■;!.}• biise nj xtuo Ji j^l">tot 

,r.,..J ^JoSiJii .. Mit.' ^ ■ ;.- <:• i; V,:-; . ■nXC; >^Moy ft-i .5 i ^tiOaL 


and if their failure to t«ke up and conaider Drake' c offer 
can be regard od on nbondomnent of netsjotititions, then the 
enrre may bo eaid of Bournlque^B offer, he havinr .juspondod 
any efforts tio induce notion becfiuao! informed thot the es- 
tate -9! B in no pof-ltion to oonwidnr u proposition, »Jid thnt 
th > trustocfl would deal directly vrith l^nke if f^t rai. In 
the absence of more direct evidi»nc« In the record, the in- 
ference that Drake* 3 offer w; » tentatively under consideration 
until an opportune time for negotiations should trriTo is ns 
palpable «8 thnt the truotees ere induced to net on Bournique'e 
offer nt the very eanie -price. This inference mny well be dravm 

from these import.'.nt foctc: (l) The property wos in cIorc 
proximity to the largo retail store of Marshall I''leld & Company, 
r'.nd soGitied docirablo for the Field ontete, «irbiich preaurnnbly 
hftd fundo for inveotjnent; (2) seid c^ytate weo araonf the few that 
Y/ero likely to tc^ke up v. deal of that nrn-gnitude, vhich i'rako 
us well ae ?'ournioue well knew.; (3) the trubteeo knerv that the 
property wae in the int.rket end probf.bly, by rchnon of the fore- 
going facts, had its purchase in viev,' from the tine .rake oub- 
mlttcrt an offer eund contoznplated making negotir tions when 
assured of vhrir power to purclune und funds were available for 
thnt purpoce; (4) the trustees knew the me/nberB of the wrake 
fjunily aa business associateK if not aocially, ;ind thrt they 
could effect 'jb good r bi rgain with them directly blu through the 
intervention of agents; (5) they so expresood theinselver, to 
Kournique, treating his persistent efforts with courtesy but 
taking no action thcroon, and (6) finally, when reody to act, 
they took the matter up dircctl: v/lth Drake* 

hether Hulbert, who knew nothing of I'ournique's 
or :Urc> 'd interviews, took up the matter on hiu own reapon- 
sibility without previous conference vrith the trustees on the 
subject does n t appear, More testimony mleht be hid on this 


;--oi:. •::•'■ .•■ '• ' - o v., -^k- [Xj isii^..''. i ': .■ ■;0<iii<^ 'Ssp.'./;: lacilt 
7Si(d' - .1 ^C^.t -"-;,:: ' ■■ : . .. . ■-■ ' J^i '^ ;■ ' ; J -lJSffl.t';;.:-rT;X -^ >; 't ^^iiJ^lift hail 

■.'^■' ^ --.'l.'i ■ +->c^ ■■ w,, .u'rl ',\.^ , ■'■ t V ■■i:>' : >■ '^■- ■•ij-iii'T'-, •■• ■ ..-.,5 i:j;<3tf-j.a 
--'l'-. wv,rr :: iLf ■■.■'. .r;r^ . ;..-i.r si i :■'•• .^■:i-.ixfv .^tti Z^^ .;t ^?i^ ^^UO^ 

.. • ; Lf» -MV-- .i,,- ■■.."■■' ■;■ V;;: ■•;«'?:,' ^ :.:'■' " f, ■ ' ' j,i-'iQ:c^'hi ':id;t 

■ ' ■■ ■ ,-, ■ , ■ i : '■ v?., ■■' • ^v*.:"--,) , ^. '•...?'.'o :.'.:• \il:>n1 

<: \} . • •. , ,,:■., > ^^;;- ..^ ..: ; • ■: ^\y'. ' ^:.'-''-'\^ t>i;«^o^ 

J/ -,— .■>- -^ ■ ■ : ,v.., ,,1 ^^, ■■■■ • i ; ; V A^,'! ■;.■; x\i: ■ }k-' :-V'r.t»S!ii 

,.!:;«: o. \ir .• •: .\, '' i, ja- ... ' '«" ^^v -■■'>'■■ ;" (KAS \'>i-'. o.t >;.;\ia*iJ' 

, '•:}'. v'^: >t.v- . i ;•,...• ,*•; ',v. ■-■^.r .■'■.•.'» '.i.ia >iy«.t v^<^ 

>dJ !-<> »"•.: tj (.^;^'l,t > {.» r'j..- -a;, ■c^.'x-.vfv <'.tfoiv«>U(Bf i^u»ri»jtw \<ttmi% 


fciubjt'ct rnd ^^♦^ther the irtterYiora with Hovxrnlque or Birch 
v«re discuasel by the truatsesi or inaured thor; to taXF; the 
nilter aij for conaideration. As more evidence may un'iuea- 
tltinabi^f b-j had on this ioportant phoae of the cjuit*, v-itliout 
wMoh i^Jiere ia insufficient evid<jnce to support th« Judgment, 
the judgment 7iiU:.t be ri.:Vci*fled :^id tiic cauae renu-ndcd. 


£>i:x!.if:iit 'jRi'i^f' 

-.1' ... r :■'.:■ ''•■<■. io^'^<ftJii 

.■i; i:;».it' -'ly _ .^A. J ■■■. ■. r(-^ r^'al-'*'^ 

514 - 20647 

CHA:a<So J, ivUiAMT, ooine buuinets: / 


I Appellee, / ) AVPyJil. mcv 




\ Appfllant. 

MIU JU>.TIC;. EAiiUh;., i)fi,IV;H;r TH-: OPIMIOH Oy TI!.: C'.l H?. 

rhitt action w^is broutrht to rccoT"r thu bcilurice claim* 
ed to be due uadiir & written contract between ho elleo au con* 
tractor ujid appellant at; owner, wiio were plaintiff and defend- 
ant ro:ipectively and will l>e referred to ae luch* 

The contract culled for thet conotructlon of v. Irrge 
concrete tunnel 441 fett lon^^ for crrying eteruB pipee, mnd of 
oonduitu for carrying elt-ctric CHble», and ?;1bo bodc incii^nt 
work lit tne price of ^I^OOO, of wtiich ^-^tiVOO vno poid. Ilaintiff's 
clairr, wue, fo'" uaid balance and eome extrns. i)«frn<jant di;nind 
lef.ul liability nnd cl^iiined f^rounds for recoupment. 

The contrect »;;» Wii 'e ootob- r 31, 191'?, end v; ..' to he 
eoBpletcd nbout Jnnui'ry 1, 191^. The conbtruction work wf^n 
finiwhcd kareh l^^, 191;"), but th« co/itroct required the centre ct- 
or to rectore certain f'^meo th t h^d to h'.- rcniovnd in thi- couroa 
of the work, and to o the bsck-f ixiinp;, which ne»nt to fill in 
the iiides of the tunnel excf!T»tion an<^ cov^r the top of the 
tunnel with the certh th; t h, d ben rowoved, h l&r^e imrt of 
vtiici) regained undone nt the tirio tsio notion wtm bc^un. On 
j^pril 26tl», plaintiff reque-iteu the architect to io uc hia a 
eertificote for the "baiunce" of tho contrart price. It w p not 

'^i'dKi^: ^ kU 

« - - - -' 

, ■ ■ :^ ^i::Us.i::> ;•; .-it' 

■ , 1 

., . . ■ ...■ .. ' :■;■•.■; ,■•■;■:■' ■■■- .'i'. ;v -j-wifii! .>vb 90 0* i>« 

.. - ■,•. >:.. ;■!•..,• :..-i;. lit'.* ■. ^"' ■■^'.'.j.'';'! c?'V.>'UMo-';ir arf' 

:• :;v! . /■ ;■:■ '., '. :.'r:y ■•' ■■1.;, .; i;;i^ ,.""»n.t3 .!..«►! .*!«<» ■fcK'a.i* mjtolo 

.''■,':■■-.' ,-.v^ :^ ''■ fo'-.'-i.^dof* Oil'-' 

;« .r..' .. ' . ■;:.''.■! M'ti-'. ■rn-\ i r< OH- 

> ai.. ».7 •<> '•... ./'•..: ,1 H i~.,« ^fitr :•, >•^'■,v»U.| »T 'it- 


Iraaed. on ii.aj 34 plaintiff did som« baek-f lllin^; but did not 
eompletQ it i;>rid performed no .vork thcres-f tc-r« On Lay 19th the 
orcViitfcCt notifieu him to coifejletc the i-i'.ck»f illing «nd replace 
the t9nv99, A conf»:rene« betirecn then folxovcd on 'ii(*y 4th« 
The plaintiff cleiiiE<:d rnd the ^xrchitoct denied that they then 
reHChed «ja ac;r«i£»<»nt to ehnrge th«5 plwinti*^ the u\m of '"210 for 
the unfiaivhed work nnd deiuct it from the contr^ict price, cm 
Ut^y 26th 4d longitudinal feet of the tunnel caved in, which the 
nrenitect clHiwett plaintiff should res tore. On Juno luth plain- 
tiff again requested the architect for a final crtlficjte, vthtcii 
«K9 refused, 'fhio ?3Ctlon wta biruB June liJth. :iUhHe:iu- ntly de- 
fendant performed the unfini8hc»d work oi back-f ii j.lnf.* and reator- 
Inv: the fences ut a coiit of 177.71, axU repaired th«5 tunnel at 
a oo»t of U662.;^3. 

The contract reada in part «8 foiiowe: 

"Article ill. K>ubject to adaltione and de-ittetionii 
ao proviied for in the General Condi tiona of the contrive t, 
the own«r nfi,rftt^y- to pay to the Conti-«ctor for the p»iPiorTB- 
an^ti of til** Contiact the tu»: of i^JL^^ht '■houaand oiiara 
(8oO€ in current funda \^iit onJ^y up^n c. rtit ici-tea 
Bij;nocl bjT the /.rchi^tf-ct . ':*^ foliowe: dirin<: the c:, tin- 
factory progresa of 'Jic work, on or before the loth d^y of 
each month, 80 per e^nt of the value of isV'or and jnatorial!? 
wrought into the building: up to the I'irtt aty of ttat nonth, 
.6 eotijsnted by the .rcidtoct, lean thf? r-.-?:rej3:fi.te ot prtvioUi» 
payaenta. on t he at tin! ctory conrplt-tion of tho ^^ntir^: vork . 
a auB sufficii^nt to increase tkit: total p^.ymenta to J.inety 
per Cent of the ralue of th« vrork, and ."birty d^ya there 
after the balance due undor thio Agreement." 

The cr.i^e turns mainly on the apolir -tlon to the nvl-lcnce 
of the words we l^iave italicized* 

The issues prenented by the pleadingn were whethor plain- 
tiff h; d fully performed his contract ani whether thp Rrchltcct 
had fraudulently refused to iseue a cartlflcate for the balance 
due thereon. If plaintif failed to Bulntain the firot, it is 
unneceof^/iry to eont.iJ r the b cond. it w? 6 incunibent on niiii to 
prove both by a preponderance of the -viJence. It i:^ conceded 
th^<t he wan oblif^ated by the turma of the contr&ct to rectors 


i^ii 'sis .>>*f*' HPiiii '*^n^rt tmos bi>S :\ji£iftxsfS.o. *j«. ^;^v p../ ,fe5tf*«Jt 

*i03 '.yt l^-^i ':^i lil'^'^tw? ^' . - 'i;:;vr i, ■•: i^- : "•"iJr -»«Ji ivr'^r:vi":T!!^<3 . ^rtafel**! 
. • : iTfe-Sr, so. 

•T^^^.^.y fi;<***> „., .._... '■''""■ ■■'■'■■ 

..j^rj .>>itf:» t;.!*- e^ «ci'' ■:■■;. I- ij-^. ,-{' ao >; r, j ;*£?!■ avi'i^.i: »«4,w sixs'i 
m$ mit\ MO i^ i Maim si .fKitixv .i! v.fU .'vLJ:<t««>» •« v 


ih« fenavs and do aaid baek-fiiling and tb.-.t they «ere left 
uaf iniahod, but he oMitends herr. tbi-t not«ith«t<j\din^, such 
emiseionn t,ht;ro viia a nubBtftntial aoapli&nce Mith the contract 
i>a hl« port, rjtid relying on ti^e unquestionc^A (loGt7ln& that, 
xhcre ih«gre is no viiful deperture fT'-m » bitllding contract 
in euaential pointa and the contractor h&o hoaeutly perfonr^etl 
the contrBOt in all it<u uubEittintiaX and natcrial particulara 
h« will not ve held tc ?iave forfeited hia ri. ht to h recovery 
by re. on of •technlceti, inadvertent or uniroportfint oBlselonu," 
(Peterson v, i'uBey, r>^7 111. tji 4, and crse* th^^re citftd) he 
argues that the Btattere left undone were of wincr iaeportanee, 
aa they hud no direct relation to the work of conntruetion 
vj)lch wuii the .main 6ubjt>ct of the contract, and s.a the cost of 
pcrfonrln^; then: v^v.a leoB than 2 of the contract price* 

The court left the qucoti n of Rubutantial cumpiieneo 
to the Jury. Put n.on the undisputed Tidence »-r to whut 9*8 
left undone. It becjuRe a question of construction of tht> con- 
trnet, »hich was for the court, and in giving it conotruction, 
it could not ignore the express proviaiona of th& contr<»ot 
vhieh called for the performance of work of a 0y^?t^rial and 
eubatantial char, cter, • said in Canal "ruat^^ge v, i,ynch , 
5 Oil. 531, "Uie rontrnct betv»««?n tlie parties, oo fj^r ».. the 
record shews, wlo voluntarily and fairly entered into. Soither 
party i» t^t liberty to diarogard it, nor can the c.yurt make 
for the parties a contract different fro« thit which the parties 
liave Bade for th«^^ selves." (p. 5 6). The unfinii-.hed vork cost 
a substnntirl sum, .<nd } ! in thr cnse of Vs n ^-,'11 , -f r% al 

V. Van VnAtcn . 13o I^. Y. ^79, involving a aiwilar contention, 
"th; t is nat substunti^illy finitihed which renuiroe a substantial 
sua to fininh it,* In our opinion, the importance of auch ^ork 
is not to be tsstfi by the proportion of itit co^t to thr full 
contract price whan, contidored by itself, it w. s a Material 

■- :j ••:■'. :;i'^ «u*^iiJ:>ju' ,i i\--^^ Sj ^ :. ;' i' r.^ ;/ > v. Xwl !. .^'••' ■>« f?.X fc-'i^iS-J **9-tf'!!>- 

>j mor-, ._y -,: .:■■•:. ■- '■ -i t- ■t'^-; ■ '?.'■:,■ y^. i;i.. ■ ■:>'» $m-i MiW , M 

" ,• :';..jr. ^1-yCf .■.'•.:„• if.- ^ ^' ■•.>• '^ w vi-i.rj. V <^riifU ^ **3C>tV-!i^ ;J^** %« <S«JS;'S*;^ Mt<lf 

-■- - '-■ "sa ;-v 'iv ■■'.-•-'■' '■■''■: ■ ;■ ♦: fi ^■'ii-"' , 'i^fi^-si-i *^ u-^ffi^t^^l^ 

"ill ir.- .'Aa: , ■ -.^•t. 'N_.- v.?*.- />> jr.;>- ;,iU.v; rit'tK^S ^?..t-^ ^ ..;->-f AlillX? 

- >n<5 j . .5-. --:. i-;;^.^.,. ;• -,;■ '•- :* ■ ■ .<mii ^siJ- ? '"o-i, . -J' '> '3-eV:-' 

trxoi^'ils'xi no^-^ : :. />ii,ii? .«;■ , c, ■, bil,^. ,5*V:rl^■" ::*«.!: ::«.! i':j«w tmiiim t^*'''^ 
■-■; . i*,;/-: .; V- c Ivi ivt^VVj ic ^^1 'W^;t-vS**'7'>'*;:5',; ^^Kl^ ass's: it!&j -i^ 

f'dLi ■■■:, \9.J. as ,£'.v.,i.t'!;;_^Q -;;> ')>;v:2Vi/i ■-!'•' ■U''''!!s;ff<*>'; :*<i** -.iSt .A'J:<;} & 
i'*:^*? .-. ,c-*fi- ;■-;■<■;-.:■ - r- ■ ■- - r-f ■ y • i : .'.:-'«i«iV c-w ,««f6*itt fe'B^v*'* 

wl,?-^' ? artr •= : • ' :; ^'/n'. itv.-i .'\'\i.y Srn,-:)t>.iiU s .^iS-is^ •«*! ^•l 

t*9 a/i ^t. 


aubeitsJitial pert of the work tho contr«iCtor a^ecd to 
perfone. nnd his ominaioa to pt-rforK the •(us« without the 
owner's eoneeMt constituted failure to perform the contract 
in notarial and wubstantial p^rti^nilars, end cannot reaoensbly 
h< dft^^mod nuch o avre technical or uniinportant oniauion cs 
juBtifi«B RpnliCBtlon of the doctrine of aub^.tantlal complianes* 

And this wae evidontly plAintiff's vit a of the cnoe 
«t the trial, for in his main cnae ho ttnquc&tlonably r<ilied 
upon proof cf a waivtr of p«rfor»M3C«« CTer dtf tnciaat** ob- 
jection he ir«' proof of said tl^eged &grec»ent between ii* 
architect ?'nd hlinrelf for a deduction of tlis coHt of the un» 
finished ^»orlc (ro« the contrBct price. Hering plasided full 
perforaence, he co .^Id not, of ccuree, r«?cover on proof of 
waiTcr of perforwance, ( s-etol Cp « v. Boyce . 22-/. III. 234; 
HfiTt v« Crreley kfg, o. , :?21 14, 444). Ht- her*- eontnnd», 
however, th? t such vidence wph not offt'rt>d in reliance u.on 
wtilver of p'^rforoanoe, hut ra material to the qn-stion of the 
txinoitnt to be d»>durted» The record does not indicate that that 
tr^'S the ]^urpo»« of the -^vi ienoo, ner ma it cospotent for su^ 
purpose* Thv aotual cost of flniahinr the >ork vf.a the beet 
evidence oi t.hat ehould be de iucted unles:. it wks a i Attcr ftf 
exprcuo B^praemunt rjid relied on ^>s such. 

Alth'U{;h J*.' laov d to strike out suci; cvidcnoe 
ae loceupetent under the leadingB uwl for the furUiei^ reasMi 
thai there wub no proof that the architect voe authorised to 
entor into each ii^e<*nent for defenlroit, yet thn record does 
net, diado^e thut plniatiff ackevi :or -^n inbtmction Uniting 
sueh evidecce in fc^coonifince <rith his theory of ito conpf^ttacy. 

>\irther«ore, the fnet th> t plaintiff Rlaiii>.d th<it 
auch an it^^t: m<nt rrac entered into Uay "4th ie incoB»i<itant 
with hie conte-niion th.t he h»if! cowpl'^'ted the eonlr«ct before 
that time, for th«! esoence of the a^re'is nt vhr to release hi» 


-.-I* r^f-Uii.' "'o ^ ■•::.! ■*:.',. *.'-t K'" ' •■^> a icrc i'-.^f*. h^.n tfi^<C^^q 

-M:.iiaf»^0: li'i-i:-. -US'- '^u -■,,',-=;-■:;. iivv;- ■■'/ >.:^lri -Kiil.i-^ «t»i11|«;f| 

,- ■■!^;-j !;,;.; "-5- _>■■ f.K^^y . :\\ X- ,-" »;*1">" >, ■ J :---•--; ■' ■■ . •" .^ t/i'A 

■■4. *:p u : " ; ^ ■ .:■ i-: :.--^.- ;^.' V,.- ,^.v'-'e.,f^ioXt •:^ 'In 'i 'yi;,*«» 

'•:i ^-f^T . ■: ; : : ■:■ -i:;.;'. -j!fi'' ,■-.■-' .t ■■ ah 'yh i .i ''■•' •a^;4 

*■ • . ;. . •■;, r,i^v.v' ;-) . »-:„ .ii^AJs/^^i ■•:^? «dik9^trq 

'*^> ' -- ■ ■■--■it ■<■ .::; :- ,; )-:ii-;,,^^' .■■ :-,i,i i^. »*^l«Ti*&lt» 

O*- ^ "■ • ^ ■ ■■• ■■ >'> - ::.>;X .-: .. " '. ■■■r-ssi;/ ^ ^f\ ■- ^-^-Vi'^rS j, a^ 

i ■ ■ • • , .- . .'■^'■. ";-;■-. -T^'. <;{ ■ .; l^' v /:t> 

>i;i^X.9i.C : -.:■-,■ ■ , ,. ., -, vy. ■..■.:rti' .i^uO' -ri 

*!.!■-: . :,x* I". . :,,.■. t •', i%^ r-if'; ' ?■. j ?.t> ,»'?!*^ 

• !>- 

from full or iurthfr performance. ?fot xmtil then it beft 
could >»o claim complf tlon of hie contract, tmd accoriln'r to 
Its proTlaiono 3t>ove auote^, Ih. bolnnce for which this suit 
vra brought »r<B not due thereunder until thirty days after 
"oompl'tloc of the entire work,* and, therefore, not until 
Jme i2>d, flTc dfiye after the suit wro brought; and >it the 
oontrbct proTldod that paywent wnu to be i!r<a<le"only upon 
oertlfloaten 8l;pied by the architect," plaintiff, u jon his 
own theory of the facta, w;m In no position to rc:^.uirrL> a. 
final o*:irtlflcute before Jun>s <?3d, und, therefore, cannot 
roasonably contend thnt the refusnl of the crchltect to i»r,iie 
the certiflcnto b fore the lattei* dato, mi fraudul«»nt. 

By the -v^^iVy t'-rma of the contract, therefore, the 
right to a rtcovery depended Uijon o><talnlmr; « c-rtificnte from 
the «rcbitcct showing the on unt due, and the oV,ti.iaing of r>uch 
certificate was r condition precedent to ^ny i'i(^ht of action to 
recover «uoh bttlanue* ( !>icfaReli u ▼, ,olf . i.>6 111. 68), It >mfl 
■rid in th« ca- e cited thjit such con;litioB »u.3t bo strictly com- 
piled '/1th or a good ond ^iufficient excuse 8ho'«n for not codrply- 
in^ therewlLh. 

VVu» contract alao provided thit the final decision of 
all •4uetotxoaci uriaing unuei' it w.s tu bts made by Vnc . rchitect 
and Uiav auch decieicn ehculd • « bln:Ilag u on the pa t,i«.E to the 
a^jroomunt and "a r!<»ndi\.i.on precjdont to any ritshw of ifcgal ac- 
tion, ** except Uiat In of di&oont froa such decision r i^ to 
certain matters they wrr* to b« uubiaittori to arbitration vjlthln a 
certain time. iJn-^ueutionHbly tlie ia»uln>; or refusul to ir. uc a 
certifiOMte would involve euch a Jecision by the nrchitect. No 
arbitration over the alleged gr undt> for refuuing a cortirinoto 
was aakcd for in tiu cr:;f» jit bar nau if aakcd for, it rlnn w^ a 
by t>ic t<'.'nDO of t}ie con'rp.ct u con-Ution precedent to u 3 ecal 
ri^t of nction. 


f>: ',.ai?<'0 '_»-'' .\'j'i jin.'i.tBc-: '■■■j.ii Tto f»«i^ (Xq^^o^ ."siaX^a art feXooo 

^i-tf.c Hv^^fc xJif;!* /.t^irj'r .•.■-' uw«t».'>«Cs^ ^jtjfo #e?j s>-iw ;t3lj^'c,^ saw 

V [J -. -:^.s ;Ji3"«*s^''' '■ ^J«^ »'-«* •j^s:^'^:^* ^-^i* t-vlt ^he.$: 9au% 
r^rAitH ^.X*is" h:\y ."jO i, ^ -s ■ f .5i-HOi®.Y.««Sl^'>'"ti.t bBhlr9%q itiinin9» 

5. -.1-'.- -^-i;- ;^^-)4:.?i<.'^t^' Q.S5 f:i ?i:-*r ,..tti;'."i -.>fU t^ ^^Oi3lt» ilWI 

vO^:-^'/;' > - :^"i' ?-;■?.? ^Vr^\.- ^J-^K' OiJi/t, ;}-iO'>9?J ©^.P;^ I iX^'^'- E X«£<11 

:a;''5:" :iA -^v/ l£t' ■ -G «- :^i; tit :. t's? --'^ n:r^;tf = Siv-srirq-iif; x"'-'''^" '''* * ^ ^^' !iX 

-• ••-.'• - : -:;\ -',■■' f-. . .■V)x-' -^n .>■-•('■ '"y- hfrg \c^r:, ;;• t:g .lliv' ^fiX«i 

.jili c; :• :'..■■■ .'.,1. r;i<S' » ; i>i.>r.}-f* f? >.^oi-t?-^;- ri'\-: J i-fii bn« 

ti«w •>««X3 ji. ^Kc h .{e.j -^l ym» 'fji ' .- ..59 4*rf^ «]; »ol iKiitois &«« 

Only one other queBtion n^ed \>r- considered. Trie 
contract, er above quoted, made 90^ of the contract price 
due on comjl'^tion of the contract, nnd an action mif7:ht have 
been maintained for hat remained unpaid up to 90,^ when the 
suit wf.s brought provided the contract could on c.ny theory 
of the case have been deemed completed at that time, a"d the 
r.rchitcct hc-d fraudulently refiised to issue a certificate 
therefor. But the record dc^s not show a demand for auch a 
certif"icRte . The proof was thu t the demand was for a 
certificate for the entire balance of tha contract price, 
and th? ruit wa!=' framed and tried upon the is^;ues that the 
entire balance wms due and wrongfully withheld. The judgment, 
therefore, mu^^t be reversed, (l) because, applyinr the terms 
of the oon'ract to ospipntial and undisputed facts, the action 
WHB prematurely brought, and (2), becsn&e there could be no 
recovery on proof of '«?niver of pcrforraancG when the issues 
are formed on the allegation of full r>erf ornance. 

_ -■ ', J . 1 1 

'f ■ r!< 

;co .■■y.^idrio.';' i^rf- ^r •■ivo'iM j..i?j.^f'j'i<' c^,b«¥ *i$«i. 

!:. 0': 

'.';r:0 -. 7 xiV 3-;;-i-roe'- ,''r.; bft ; (J^'i^' 

'■..nvJi'iivanrff L!«w 


527 • 1^50060 • 


, Appolleo, 

fRr:D ¥ YxH, (dcf en.lRnta) , 
en appoal of i?8o:) Jt^.TUl, 

aUP..;iaOK GuU '.7, 
tX>.;K COi.?«TY« 

X 9 ^ i»A« ^ 

V / 

HR. JU. TXC • 1iARRS3 •'31 «I) TWi omilOli OF THK COURT. 

yakor, who oonluotvja a tin-^^hop, went to one 
Bonjanin, n loan broker, to obtain a loan of $&00« Thu latter 
txond to procure It on JkUcer*» not»; oeoured by a ohattol 
loortgnge on proticrty In tlie tln-siiop, both of /Juch /mi'e 
oxecuted hy BaiKsr to,(A;other with an ad»i£:nm<;nt of aocountu, and 
plr.oed in BonJamln'i« hnndH. A few de^rs later, being indubtud 
to appellant Jieyor, Benjomin gavo Jioyor his noti to cover his 
indebtodncitu and for i^OO adaitional canh, ;vnd no collatKruX 
\J xhorato iiakar^ a no to riiil morti^ii^Q. Being edvieod tlv t under 
the t tatutc ]3ak«r*ei note, soeurod by a chattel £iortisai;&, was 
non-not^otlable, ifeyer, beror*< u&id ti^nnaaction v*ith JJonJ:iiaiH 
▼isltcu BHk«r*s eliop to m&lc« inquiry ubout Uie note* B<Jc&r 
•a« out and oonr< rattion he hj;d wa? with BMkor'f^ brothor 
who v«:£. 1 ft in choxge of the Bhop. hile DuJcer'n noto ir?ifi 
for ^bfio, h« W113 to r«c«lYe but /Jftoo, / 1 tlic time of ito 
•xecution, 'Zrk-.iV nicnod v. x^eoeipt for n,, wiioh ^onjioain 
elelmod he Uien gave Baker, The«>r claira-.d thfit hv. na-^ 
eeivod no money and the tr niiuotion -;?;»:' meroly to cov r up 
ur.ury. The lotui not having ficon conauwatited, :}ak<?r filed hio 
bill in equity to cxncul bi»; noto and j»orti;&ge, cXaiainf; 


■■iO-.\ j/v. 

;.•! ' 





1 »ii,l 

■ J r^ r 

'/.. ;f.»-..;u iv't*-''^"' ./t.-J--.; •s.v.-^ wtt * Yv , :iiiw;?5i^ a*ftla*jtr''^*-^ *3ii i^-:,u.'ii^ 

?. • ij' j'vcf ^ '- i-. ,■ i-^jr-, ..:,w Jj-iii .i^/^ It i..> :«»^"T«i().'f :^ ,!&» hftf? iP'i aitv 
ub r.i. ■' >':i' -^ J .''^ .0'; i,'. • •' bowairt T oLriii ^n^iiStmoxA 

-'■^ jri'i;? / ». :: i- ■T*»j\V.?... 'i;-; . "I»3.'i',tfr •©f.'lg ASli't «»ll Jll»isi«X9' 


ignorance of tJi« trunciactlon with Vcyor and that he had 
not executed an a^iul^turtent of hin txcnounts* Pursurjit to 
the prayer, a reci^iver «»9 ap:>olntccI to tnJce posnecslon of 
the note* EMrtg.'t^e and purported Rsni^^nnont* The case w&n 
rttXerrc'l to a naster to take pronfu* «nti report f lndinf;s and 
conclueionB. 'Hi^c xsuMntcv found thui. tho $50 for which oaid 
receipt w;^^ given trae not paid, that the tiaQlgnment of 
accountu and the note and XBortgft^^o for r,550 were executed 
by P.okor, but th;:t there wiua no coniildtrrtttlon tho r* for. 

It l8 urged by appellant, (1) thai the prepond* 
erance of cTidenoe la againut the flndln«^ that :!«r}Q wau not 
paid, nnd (2) that Jinker is ro topped £uj nKuinat Jicycr fron 
attonptin^ a reacifiQioB* 

As to the firBt contention it is onoiu;h to eay 
lh<3t after a careful oxanin-^tion of th evidence taken by 
the laaator, nho hiid the advantage of OO' in^: and hearing; the 
urltnecues «dioae testimony was nt vtiriance, ve do not feel 
Juatified in dibturbin^s tlie court's approval of the nu.oter's 
report thereon, it not boin^ obvious that hie conclut.iono 
were not correct. 

itS to Uio second contention it ie not well taken* 
L^ren if Baker* a brother wau authorized to speak for hin on the 
oocosion of Heyer'e vioit, ctill thare w: o nothing- aald frua 
whieh Meyer had the rip:ht to inf^r that Jienjaain war. a holder 
of snid note Jind mortfc^ce for a valuable confiideration. Me 
made no inquiry r .. to thn.t, or an to the purpo.e for vr). ich 
Benjiunln held thoa, Thorc vmu no conui'ifiratlon for the note 
if tile :J60 wao not paid, and Hoy or, not being led by I'-fker or 
hiu brothtir ao to believe, there wna no roon for tho doctrine of 


'it)- f!.~:^ .'-;;: t«!yi? ^:^;..j <;.- ■ iiJt Ov: •:;.;;? v, ,■-«■ 7; ri'- jKJ'S rf ,'WY«1lt; IMCJ 

iron ■.•■^'^- !■'■-:■ ?''ft: I'^^^/v vj.'^ ?#;fir."iir at «>t^*'J&iVP- 1* Marw 
^ •* £1. '•s^^v^-^frfA?■7^■x »/i* fci^^iC atfe ,xt»*«*3ff! s«W 

■i.C .■•■•; ?..,v ... 'tol v'l^a J.;***** lu'« jti^ofl ht'5« J9 
'■<■-/ 0.. 'to ,Sr</:« dJi :.n ^[Titfplli «« Ph£« 

^9Si ■t'.} tft'L ,fti,.run , . i ''nro «« : •■ .it *avui) btBri nUtaljamS. 

-!• T .A.^ --i. .1 ;j«i'^.. »t.ii .-o.-v''^ .jIS" itittf #•« n«n uo.'^ *»*» tl 


•-. ' * 


- ■■ 



' ,iii 




'■' iV'*'i 



f^ > 




.:• -1 ■'■ 

, , ; 

Ji. ;■ 

■• ■:■ .^. 

aiit : 


? ■ ' -^ .'> '. 

3cit "V . ; ; 

. • V '; .V - ..c 

■^.- ' ;. 

■ ^^r[^■y^ 


' ■•>• rr;-- ;,■< 

■Ai ,..:. 

Jv-' .:.. :<;. 


"<» '. 9;0r "(•- 


ostop el. 

'.ppoli«e ae^3it.;no »» oroso error thtit the decree 
lai^ti to find tiic reoelvt^r wnn ontitloU to ex fuir end rea8« 
onftbic coinponsatlon and to fix (tsid tax the RaoB en conte. 

■© find noUiini:; upon ^ich to ;3rcdioate anoJi 
error, vliile the dooree approreo of the receiver* o roport 
previoualy filod and diuchurged hija, there is nothing; In the 
record to indicate that the quootlon of his oonipenoution v/r 8 
erer brou(;lit b«;fora the court for oonaiderutlon, aa should 
liavti boon done in the roguljir couroe of procedure before «ntry 
of final decree. The iKittor ahould Imvo boeA brou{:;ht up on 
Bwrion by the rac«lver and a hearing had thcroon if nocessiiry. 
but error cannot bo ei8Ditjn<.;d that the oourt dl' not tulcu the 
iBJittor up on itt* own »otiou, for tht-t is tho effect of the 


,ii: :;m v.'; .- ... '..■■,; ■■.,"::' '■■:■': jri ^ 4«;^ ':!is;S': «T3i;fa?i.«s«'S-if'i»);f «f(£Mt# 
■Us- . v''4i/^'^'/ r'^io- •■■■^'^:q 1i»; ;..?';r,oC'j •;^>AfS«'5t vf^ nX ^m/h ei-^^'i &rml 

#11. -'ait* 1 -if* 

5/iO - yco«3. 

Iht .ITi •• C*.:XiL jl, Cuotodian 
df loot an ntolen pronorty, 
•to. of the oity of hic^igo, 



\ >efondr43ito» 
A. J, B/J)ARD, 1 

\ App«IXanf« 



195 1,A. ±8 

Ifil. JU.fICK BA'^UrsO 0KLIVT.">FrJS}3 T!?:« O^INIOK 01? TH7i COUitT, 

xwniifl imd Bedard, attorncy«*nt*Xaiar, .vcro dofonduita 
to a diix of intcrplo£idor i'iXod bj appellee Cr^QinTt no 
cuiito<;ian cf lo I und utol^n pro:,er\,y for U:« dcpa^rtmcmt of 
police of tiic city 01 O&lcago, atidx cluimliv, title to 
Jowrolry tauion from thu p irson of i<i prlaonfrr muaed tone. 

Tho facts u: on v>- ach cliuir respective cloluis are 
predion t«d v«ro aubntantlally ac followo: In July 191^, 
Gtoaa wati urrewitod in Chlc:(t^c« (uul guve Ueaius ^oc to procure 
0. UindLm&n for hia. Later ho bitcuuae a fu^iritivu from Ju tico 
und rtaa arroated in i^tMor.L ^ity. yeolinf;; undor obligittian to 
proour* hie return, osnia paid uhe c;i:penoCJ oi' >iir^:lnt, f 
Chict4;u policeiDfin, to brinn the prieonor buck to CiLiciv^o* 
The Jowclry ioun<i on tono zrhon rearrested In Kcjisau City vttO 
handud over to Higf^inu end, on hin roturn to (^hicaco, ho de* 
liv red it to tr'.^rit^r ao euch cuutodiun. uenuu toutif led 
thut witbii ^tont) w<iu first urreutttd ho agreed to pay I^iim ^20C 
ac retain! r out of vfi ioh he w .: to pay the bond»i.u)Ln ana 
•xpt^necru in t ' criiainnl ctiaa, and that &f tcr tone pnid the 

: \' '---■<-• . 

i ^ 

rt.-.iv^- ».'t ..IK'S'* t;TJl.ri:>v:.''i .ct «»«r,j><,»<i' ..rfi "Ji.ia'i^a ,iMijr"««>l M.»tf«;ibl*o«l' a 


flOO aTort^aild, h.' ./ont to woo . ^nt about tho balanco ml 
>tOBe uiiiu CU;.t ii* >t«t»uf» v;> uld t^ut hiiD out of Jailf htt would pay 
the balmice of vloo una {putting out* and he ^/oiild t^vc : iic Um 
Jewelry In qurvtl. n, uut ll«f«us 'ild not rocoive tliC jerolry froM 
stono ut any tircN, on the contrary, it appeara that Ston« left 
the atato .*Vn?n r«l«;*tiiiU fruw jail *ini took th'i je-jalry vftt}\ him, 
vTl'lently vith mo latcint^.on of Uooping bin promlGe. u^tcir h« 
wan br<n)-;ht back to Chicneo ?in<i'id In jnll, >if; eiv-B^jod 
Bttdard aa hl^» ''ttornny and ijave hin u >>11 o/ a ,1q of uh.- Jewelry 
of which .Bedard prowplly notified e Viii cufitoUian and the chiftf of 
po?.lce, ilitjt'in;! t«»tiri;td thwt, vyiille returtiinti frorr; iuaioua City, 
the pri8on«r ui.ia tVia Jow«l/"/ In iu»f ti-.m, tlien 1?^ ovtex'y of 
Ulgf.lns ■li oflcT, t>6lonfi.,>.- to •■'•f. e ar. -' (Jireotod hln to "Oliver 
It to :.i«nis. Hi*, th t. lE,t3r hft of f-^ rod it to htri cau the price- of 
cjcaptj* i^t'iT ;i>tili, ..tono clalnea tho j«;vclr]|r bolorigod to his 
wife* iiJSMS tb£>tlfi«d thnt be tvokcd iitone -jAxy ho ^'Josip;:!'' hiii 
bond, «'ritJ that he rwylio'' th.'-.t vtowv v. j etoxixci. \>y the Jovclry 
for vihi- L lio owoa him, 7h» pr.^rcn,rr d<^nlot1 'both I.'it5t'>J^2j' fiUdl 
Konua* tootinony. ijefore Hig;^ili >^ >JrliTor-cl ihv Jcw«;lry to ee^iPiT, 
t^ems euY« hitt uotico of hie ownerohip* 

I'^om Hik fore^^in^ circmotanct»8 !tonuD clnlms h prior 
or. 1 K.S .Igraaent of iiu. Jevclr}* i^ut 'iif contention in untooaltlft. 
t motit they diuclooe a mex't; unfulfilled pretRlott to d*rlivor ^ux** 
^'onal proijerty in tht; .'^utur^i ua security ur otii rwlno, an! not on 
uooigiioionl, lut^til or eouitrtble, and th&t lOdard ,;,o t loi^-l title 
thereto \»y the bll . u nale. The u/iaunce did not Justify a find» 
lag ana d^crea in tlMBua* faTor, 


Ain": ^:.'»-i'---- -rj^ 5»T^- ;■ .'i^ -yen *■ r ■ ' -wnv' ..-^li^-' ,« i^.-.;f*- nl v'lXnwf^t 

lnT^^^^^;> • ' ^fl r - .f :? :.;■•/ '■;:!■■: ■-y,,. -^ :,. >' oJ >s?nt:i 
,■. -. . ,,--% .^5"' ;,n.M:--T^^- ; L}ii-. ^^^.x^'. ;: ^^irlw.^J ^.,'i--.;i:i #f»«|^«5|[ 

It Tfts 6.iBo error to XQuxivti Btidai'd to puy a 
portion of oo/upXuitu.Dt*a utWmoya* r«<-, ( Ci^in v. ■i.k.^. 
67 111, 29b J iJol*ffi, ^ i iu^ ii^^i '^ ^« ^» lu.yvyuud . -.-,1 ^ ?i.Jl . 1U7 
Hi. Ap,.i. 16fl). 

'ili« decree wiiJ ^e rcverueu iina Vito ciMUki xc» 


53^ • '?oa«o. 

Lit LI Alt »«• K(.a., 





19 5 I.A. 20 

>«i. J.k.rlCK llAiiaL^;- i«iIV.iM,-4i' ill.; UJi?l..tlOS OV THf'. c. 

•Wils wsra an fvctioa l»rr.uj?ht on an or '.T contrAot for 
sw-^loywijut for on© yenr at ';C5 pfir «e«k, to r^cov- r for ft 
nortlon o<* the y«;iir plaintiff wap not ftlyau <sH:5lo:/»pnt. flfce 
n<sf??noo »:ia that tho contr* flt wfic for st^rvlflef in Ji :> . ticttlar 
bulldin^r ttfterwarda a«strox^ ' by « flOvwi, nni thrtt the eon- 
trnct contfiniolate^i llo c^ntimini eniot9no«», imd thr^reiore 
the cicatruction of th^y bull llr^- tcrmlnRtGd iiw^ !;ontr«ict ttnd 
iXCUftAd furth.^r •xy^rfonaanea. 

Two pplntn only sr* PT^^i^d In ftppclifuit'fl bri«f« 
Tbf rirat InrolY^jM Imjiry lni« th ' »uf v lcl«»ncy of th© evl4«Bft# 
te ^u tain th^ Jati|?»<?nt, but r ceo t ion for s nev trial 1& 
ner^^iiffnry tttr th- t. purno^-«, fioti r»on« ie aru>v,n ijy th'.. r*corrt, 
i i'jtjf V. ^Unlr»i:ijf i*»IilJ;C lAiii ijft't '**2 Ul. l^«; igas v. 

>jutrh«s£, Bi Id, ^.f>i fi.nlfj'.'Si:! V* Siaii^Siiii* '^ "*• ''^•^ ^'^» '*^^)» 

Thr nnrnn'\ iTivolvon rvn imiiruct ^an «n iicAhlrf to del'-^ndnnt's 
f.»^»o»"r of tVi'« contract, \nit It dO's not .^p'osr fro» the j*f!oortl 
't wTiOBe lT»nt«no# ;\ny of tho in-j ^ met. lone mcT'^ f'iv^'n. or 
»!U£jht t4i<t Ttn3r>Td Bho>*3 ttpotflirvnt any he r.owi>l»»inlnf7 jf rm 
inntructlon .rlvr'n i*% hia oval ra;aeRt« ao ;ttf*.tcd in Hurtln v. 
C, ^. ^, -leo . .^i ^. ^., <-c i^i. 97, 

.<yb^m • ^J!X 


^^,.1 -G 'U X 

l.^^.-: •a.r.^-'-SiE •iJi^;'^.fe <iJ;ai 

• V ■-., d.; :: ;,.v. vvj IV. v't?i^ ?!?(?& v:^ / •'■;'.■ .i*":;'i*la.«>3 .^ajfrti 

•'■''• » ;::,;^v-j;, • :,a. ;■. :2^ i'^-' ''^ ^-^ ■'■ ' ' .il 

,rc .bl wijj< ^,<t' . .:' .ps-r" .? ." -5 


it iu not tho ^roYlnoe of tiilt co'irt ta x'cuojH to 

uii ina uucfclon h.u4 fwat (-iifctt .-: ;. Lh'i r«'i».j^j*t of 

^ * « or l<y tj»ft t^nurt of it? O'-n Kof.ion, but It io 
tti* cuvy «!' ^'i'} v^rtlars Y?ri<i,-;ln tac r-^^car-.t to tiila 
court to svRk«-i th« »jLi^»^,-'5'<^ <\»*t'f>lf? rl»r. rl.'» M.p;;:'cr,r, 
tie ruXur c/.isj, tjrun. iIt: oiiA -3/ •i;«otv^lO«>i ia ih-jilp 
•airjudinK and sni^t hu t?Jcon mo^'t stron^l;/ e/tEiin^t 

osnt>rc\et for th!> buiidinrt in qui?.:iti05i. tifi^'- Tiiw io j?tr?<u^c;|,bl« 
erj^r in U**'. ruling., 'irrw ©alv «i'f-5«t at th'i p\*eof '^o-jXtl htxf 

:■■■ iii ■I'.AUi' :y;.:. ■•.■ ■•■■■ 

06H - £y»C3 

ocrporntion, / 

AppKllftnt, ) 

) A^it§M. ffiiOk CvAiir:\ ci;u!'.T 
▼a. > ) 

\ ) of' COCK C;(.;Ui;TY« 

Aprvll'Jt-. ) # 

19 5 

Ti'.is la c!j Bji^tvai to rsveruc a JuciAicnt 3ucitai;.ing a 
<l«»'i.urrcr vc the deolcration RriCi ..viBLiutiint the suit, Vhe oeclaru>- 
lion in ufon wrj naai^;ijac-nt of waitca <:'.ade to yecuie t;v;o certain 
nott-3 described tlierein. *t w.vtro thn^ the ; i«iritiff c;;a ornlion 
acquire(i tillt. to aid notea ir* <iuc cc;ura«s of 'juaititv-ti; thc\\. to 
eeoure tncf;. one jT thr n;;ai;cru«(jl', tiiieri in the e*.; loy of tne 
defcndnut, u'Bricn, exccutcci «'u> 8.6Sif;nar,ent of uio cirlnrv in writ- 
ing* of wiiich (. *iirieri aao <iuly t.otified, mui th.-^t SMid '.r.a'Krr of 
the note had. Bincp auei rjotiflci'llcn, vnilf in ti.c e:..iloy of i»ald 
def«ndai;t, enrnod a owi; ir. excetss* of tht Jt'-iuuut -Jue on or*id notes, 

Tho dcolftrn-tion fnil^ to Rllcgo tJi.a tnc r;ot< u, lor 
which the aauit,riaicnt vmi» ;.>rr© occuzity, re. air. u.-p'iid or t,f.nt 
tiicr* 'tfr-.s rxr.y Aer^r.o for t..t.'lr ;.«>T^tnt, oi, as exyreooly renuired 
by section lb of tiif iractlcc? Act, ti;at plninLiff i;;; tiif: tictuoi 
bpnn fi^5 ovner thereof, or tiint the wices wtrc iuc ;ana ^nyoole 
at the time cf t:ic comujcncGinfint of the suit, >'yr ii:eac U£r2C*«u, 
^it.'jout Ti.wrd X.-J otheis oil6._<'d, the ue-arrtr vno ; rci-trly sua- 


» .'.5 V 

i! ■'^ i 

fi-*^ i 

■ ;V--^ ■ -■■■ - - ■ --^ ■■ ' ■ ■ • '■■:■■■- -•-• 5ii •' 
V ..J .:-; . i -.);■ 4' ■•■; ■ .1 .'if '>>;^i^r >o ': i>i<v a'2?:iv •»'rMO»« 
;.. ■. ■■ . ... ■-; ,; ■.:..; : ^Jt'.^ c:;'^''V' «,.;Xi;. ' '';5i.siv4 to »j}al 

, • , .• .. '■:'(■,•■ .,' . '■'«■'? .•^■.li;; 'V:v »" '':m- ■'i^.i 

. : ' . ..^ ■■ , ■ ■ ,/'.-■■■. ';, ^ > , uf-' :';'^., .i.i...-n 'U£i ::i;jiitrr 

;_•.•.'. -■.■ .. .-.1. , , ., ' ' ,' .■.,■1 ; •.-.;.- Ult \«." art'-:' «-Xtu{;> 

<.. ■•• S' .» ,\;r-r.- ,J t;. -v. ^tH f^nc<li 

576 • r?091?5. 

<.dt.^t« of JACUl) .iKYNUAH, 

▼ \5 

0/ c.rc.'.ao. 

^ 1 


*W' :_^ 

Va, JU. TlCi> BAiaiiS Uiir/JijijO THB Oi'IKIOK OF ?H.< CwURT, 

^ The orlcjlncl 'tat.aarat, of claim i-vcrrr--*. ih; t defcn* 
dwntc p^rcc'-il to pry .h^ti>ria.n*r. credltori. ??r:;,0J?'^,12, and the 
i'TT-rtdr^! ' rt, tli.-. t t ,-.'r*;«.u' t.c p;ij' hyntrwH Vui^l i>ui.: for 

Rltii'C Vc thi .jor^- en tYr- thrciy ih-t pl-lntiff c?;-;.!? .tecovnr 
cnly on ar 9^r«cm«nt \>y i -jf tyndants to pa^ all - iiyrjTjan ' ^ c'.p'btB, 
:. nl thjst UiC-y sjr. unt{:d to e: Id tium. The vc'rUct va^ lor ^3000* / 
' riRlrtlf r't trlviancc teaitci to cup:;vort, hii nlleg&tlon», 
fiBd (itfcnd.T.nts» ter AcJ lo .iuo: f'lo.t they c^sr^' ;d lo p'^^y ^hyiUBBji 
cnly VJCC but for li/nvnt;r- ' ; . Loci: J:ni KacMniry cjid rn cncu»> 
Vrancc) thereon, an^i th; t t.i»-y perfor.Tscd U.>i.c i^Qcecsx' \\l» Tho 
TeriJ.ct taoi: niv t conf^rj.. to olt>;.ur theory cf thi f'vl'ienoo. The 
Jury ovidcntly noccntod ;„/>.niantC5' v.ri;icn of tVi; coti;.rn.ct 
Vut rejoctt.d Ihrlr ."lain of ■payrant, Mir ^^vr;, were Jrxt rue ted 
hornvrr, tin.;, unlocc •;hoy found tiio dof f.idrntr rfrrtr-^ to pny 
al3 the dnbti: cT .hjTirntvrT r.r chs.rgtd in thr rtti.tcBU.iU ul clr.lm, 
they au. t find fi-crinn:. ihn piRintiff caic fov diitumnuc, /ind 
al»o that unlosr they found fror; the eTidonc< that & uKflnito 
umount w n a reed upon botwcon the pnrtien, their findinr rhould 
\)c for defcndnnto. That ~>hyinnan*s dobto aimuntod to R, 022, 12 

,:U^\^- - »V<^ 

i ' • ; 

* . » -' 

<. • 'u .L 

) " A- ■■■;• 

.,f »v 

t ■•:r':.ay.'l-:i,iU 

"^'i . ■■■ l^ ■' .,;,:;■ .. ., ': ... ■■;;.,'■.,—,,■■; t :■.■ -■■:•.■ i-:>i,v*\..jT 

^rv.'? ■ , .. .; ,- ■ ■ ^r:- - .■ ' :-, - ".-.. : .^;,v',' ;:•.,;•■* \m:1 

t>ft» «'-.-" •« ' ..>. . i-..fji •.',.; -J !;(. > ..'r£.)..i..-. {>ni'i .i^'.ijat \9tii 

• aI* 

itt uot. qu®ationed» If tlic rij^ocan-^nt n< o to pay nil of t^iem, 
thf^n the V rdict cjuld not, in th?; nbacjioc of proof of partial 
paywont, reaaoiiably to for part of tYi-ym, Tha vvrdiot In oo 
Inoonaisttint \»ii:ii *Ju tliv.iiry or th<3 t.ult ?imd tteec imjtructlona 
<t/itl uo i) rocon^llabXft -UtU th« nvld«!n«n tlu t it cannot be 
dftcancd o1;htrwia« than a were, an'i under auc)i circur>» 
te^jno^s Ci^t Jucl£;iaani aaii not utj'jad. It wouidi, th-x-efora, oub- 
B»rvtt no purpobti 6o t^tiviau viiw t-^jarxictin^j ol.t,i«iu or tho 
argiiidenit* in ttupport tlier«cf • i!*>»-^«»ntiril ju- tlo*? rerruiroc not 
oniy the r<>V'»rNf*l of tJ.- jud/nsont, Init u -.'oavmdiing of tho o^uue 
for «ttot>»«r ia ?*ccorrtftnce vilh the pleaJinf-a on they stand 
t!* wf^y lift ejfeviiidetU 'Hj.,- fflainili'.' if.ivna- 3'<ali« sne Ji:-.1'« ia hia 
*ty,tor.- Ht liii'.t ruc«ov<^r Ui>Oi-i oi; « ontir'.ly iilf'f''ir«3Tit. ^ 'ioli 
^.-\ur^.:*^ -n. j;. i^^yy^f^. ^C ill ♦ 410 )• 




''nt>':iXf. JUr, 

^ «;■.>'! 


i-asi : 



.v;\iu.'A''r-,-f!0':. •; 



.•r:.^.- -. 

■; "? 


,;,ifrA ;;-: i.,. -*;; 

:;;, ■■< \ 


.' * ;' 



99 - 2G410 

LAKIE liANbiK and 1!:JU.AK BUiJCH, ;■) 

copartr.rrs wnder the f irni name ' ) 

and style of KAllJiN BUoOli AUTO : ) 
CCifiAiiY,, ' ) 
'v i-lam tiffs in iirror* ) 

\ ) iJliUOE TO kUMClI'/J. fJOUHT 

\ ^s. / ) 

\ / ) OF CiflCAGG. 

AXJJiiRT G. FV^J^-i;. •" ) 

Defendant in Frror. ) 


195 I.A. 27 

oTATillEKT O.W" THE CAd'i., This buit is bfaed upon 
a verbal contract to recover for labor and. siattirinl iuiniahed 
in erectinf' and equivping an j<utOi; obil e. 

All of tlie itei.-s of labor and material aet 
forth in plaintiff's affidavit of claim, v/ere diapated by 
the defendant. Vhe rrinciial conteiition, uofiewcr, reintee 
to the nuxiiber of hours of labor exvuinded on said car. There 
was a trial by jury, v,-no found the idaues agninat the .lam- 
tiffs, f'.nd Juagriicnt was cniered tliereon. 

The only v/itncssea v/ho testified aa to Llie con- 
trpct. Tice for labor v/ere }.cr; Jiusch, onr of the j^Idih- 
tix:-, j.o testified that oevcr^ty five ceits, and Albert G. 
Ferrec, the defendar.t, './ho tcstilMed that seventy cents, v/ns 
the agreed price j.-:r houi- for labor to be pcrforrneQ on saiu 

Buach and Cr»rl Gsttrf-ard, tiie lattei nn exuployee 
of plaintiff, were the oily -vitnessea v/ho t'Sti^iicd u. behalf 
of plaintiffs as to nu;,iber of hours of lobor. Outergard 
testified tiiat he worked b4-l/2 hours on the said car, and 
B«3Ch testified tiint it took about IG'-O noura to f nisii the 
car. On i. arch 27th, lull, 7/hcn the car was received by the 
plaintiffs, tne Intter liad in tneir possession lb autoiuo- 
biles for rej&ir, and until the return of tne car to rcrrce, 
covering a period frou j. arcn -iVtn, 1911, to Autcust IbtJ*, 


»• t .1.1 -i. ^ i. . 4^, ^^ <- A - 

^ii->;;'S. - ee 


- ; 'i ; '>.!., 'i^j ■■•nc ,,lDKui'i an,,'- . .r.f. ; TiiudA. ■?:.'■; '.itji-^ff ^Ofi'Xilf 

^■y[-'l\v-- Ci'^-i-.:. ■ =.)..■ ,j -, '■■;:.T- j ■;:. ■ •- ^ ;. i .- .':';: 
''-^- ■- ' -. ■ ^ .r>;..-:..; . r .: ,■;,: ?ri ..' lxi:Ur:].'- <i ^.o 

'-'ii- .'- .' ' •*- ii..' Hiv <^,.j(/L\ o,\(-^s b't'i.-' -r'il J-.«Ji .t>ex"UiB9iJ 

1911, plaintiff B had in Lueir exiploy at the aame i lace i2 to 
20 men daily, engHfcd in si/Eilar work on varioua cars, the 
time spent on eacii car v&Jryinei '^roiu a few liiijiutea to sjtJVcjal 

further Mork was '.xone on the car xn question 
durinf.'; V.oyeaJaer , 1911. Buach testified tA^at ne jupcrintended 
and did aojne of the woric on thr. car, and that each man, aa he 
completed hie daily work, would Jialce out a time card Uiioving 
thereon the na:>.r. of tiie workiiian , ant^, ovnrr of car, Kind of 
■vror.i, Hiaterial used and nux/iher of noura of w:>i\. j>.ci)t on each 
cor. I-iuscji furtner^i that every evening he Cixeciicd 
up each card '■ritr. the worl: cione on tae car durin; t^^at uay , 
then (.-av f- the c:'rd to the bookkeeper, who enttreJ saiic in tne 
day book niter the wor.c waai fit.iuied. '. iie Oi ly Liicc cards 
adi.iitted in Gvi..ence were tiio^e identiljLCd by Cstcr^ard as 
having been mf>4e by Liiii, in ai eating that he had worked 
84^ hours on the car. Lusch testifieu tna.i froiu l..arcx: 27th 
to Autjust lotn, 1911, iiien 'vorked or. the car (.ractically every 
day. Tlii'o was oenied by ierree, wi-o, uurin^. Slc. period 
visited tiie shop tiiree tiars e week nnu wno testified that 
for four ".'eeks during saiu period no v.ork iiad beer, aone on 
the car. 

l'.Ti. JUCTICE IcOOr.hVTY WLf I^^<;U^.D THh Cli:;ICi: cv TH>. CCUl'.T. 

Tht pi 3i tiffs uTfje tv;o grouncis for revtraal: 
(1 ) Viiat thf Court erred ir rofuisijit, to vdi^al in cviaciiCe 
certain of tiie tia; crrds of tue v/or .men of ti..c j ] jt .r.tif f a; 
(2) That the vcruict is r.anif es'^ly agnin;it the weiti.t of 
the. evidence. Thf tie tiiic cards were prop^rly identified O-nd 
in view of tue tcstiKiony of liuac.j, the Jupcrii/cer.aent , Siiould 
hove been ndjuitted in evidence. GAishqlra et n i . v. riiC leaman 


^nifo/;- ii'x^i.j euiii .,; oj.K>' '>:&■., • .)..'Jo^^■^ J .>;.'-, ow '^iiwi) e xii f)9d"i3lqmoo 

. vs-j 3:Vii? lUriJb -x;;-.* •V..J,; ;:f'> :'nr' mc.- -jA: ij.t-j:'- jibg ii0459 cri/ 

?;^.. X ;ii'fis u3-r ■■vlr:'-) oHu' ^ ■;;:'^.Y*^^^^'^- '-•'■'^ '^••' =- x: c ■f^ii'j' ^■vJi':;^ nntii 

8.":'X.'sO :-/iiJ..- Vi'..) :;rj'' . l..),j ;;■:■.:,: i "> i.-^it^,' ;,TO«i' =) a :/ ■ 'l ^ "J SI >'cicci \Sb 

■<:• Ur.O^:t-3^.; .; '^U ';. >'l :: .i .J (V/.bi. w.;C:U. :-'"'-'W '9!j,tSf ,:• J.V? j-JX ' f: ^ J J X^fUbil 

\y :i - .'X ■)'.•.' i-irr.) s>j:. \.r:.A*f .■^uJ.i .133x1 fix .;>'.i,.: vtf ?»b-c;i5 e^fg^-c* ;^aivBri 
J- j S'L . ■y.:.-»^.;. frtoM.l ■.■i.f*ii;j rj y.i.1 A3£ifi J sioa u>T ,XGCv ;:ii:;j no efuoii/^*8 

Jf;x;i •.?i 1 ^ .'?>v> j o:*:- .nvi ^{s.'w :;; :; ; n.i. rf. $t3'tii:i ' qoiiet s».iij .ba3-ieiv 

..'xny Biii 

iafj-Chin e CciJipany , 160 111. Ijl. Certain of these caraa, 
naujely, ti;ose iuontxfied by Ostergord, 26 in number, were 
ad/aitted in evidence "by the court. in nddition ta tiitse 
26 carda, only 15 of the cards that were offered in evi- 
dence by the plaintiffs and excluded by tae triHl coirt 
apycar in tiao record; t.:is Court is itft to conj ectare, 
therefore, what the cards contain were oflered 
iu evidence by the plaintiffs ana excluied b;- liu; court. 
The time cards ad-citted in evidence, together lyitii the tirae 
cards excluded, vhich '7ere i:.ade a part of the record in t}iia 
CA3e, pur.ort to shoiv th^t 144 hours of labor xxad been ex- 
pended by plaintiffa on the auto:ajbil€ of defen.-ant, v/iiicii 
labor ite.'.i, coraputed at 75/ per hour, tne price claiiijed by 
plaintiffs, aaiountu to iilOB.OvJ, The material furnisned de- 
fendant by plaintiffs accorJint; to plaiiitiffs' tssti.i.ony, 
amounted to ^315,07, It is admitted that plaintiffs' re- 
ceived, on 5.ccouiit, froi.i defendant the yjs'.i of iGwo.O«^, or 
4l7i:.4? ill excesa of the a'i;ou;it for which plaintiffs could 
recover, if all of the cards \;hich ./ere i.i3de a part of tiiis 
record nad been adtaitteci. in c-videncc. In vie'./ of thia state 
of the i-ecord, the plaintiffs art not nov; in £* position to 
complain of the error coriiiitted by the trial court in rtfufi- 
ing to nd;iit in evidence the cards excluacd. 

The credibility of jiuacii and the other witnossseB 
who testified iii behalf of the plaiatiffo, suid the v.eignt to 
which tiirir testiaiony was cntivlf.'d, iiaa dc by tiie 

We are uriable to uay fro..; a uarefai exan.ination 
of the record in ccse, tiia.. tue vtrdict io n.anifestly 
ofcainiit t-iC weif.i.t o'' tiie evidciice, and therefore tac j ua^,- 
ment of the trial Court will be affir^^ied. 


'ir ■■■:■: .- ■ i.^:,:'L-. :■;.;- . i^i/:'0 .■^■•.' v,d ^on^;';. /;; ri; ijo ' Jliaftu 
- :;v \; L ;■■■!■:■>': ;^=£-^■ ■ ,:; 'ii^x^j ■ /i'^.: 'tc ; * v-'''^^^ ,s.l.nBO 8S 

., -:^: ^ ;;.>_,. iv^ ...T J'-j .• i J'li.-;/; ;;>..,. ;.btoo-v If.; .■.«. xe-jqqc 

.. .'!;,.; -'vs-j' .vcf rv o,;. >^ i ;* :,. -iv: v';." .: Jr^io; i'' 5i.l« ■ i oCyiiSijiV'* ni: 

--^,M- ' ^;-; J. !■ • . '-vj;-' .'■".- ;:•:>;:.'.' ■'^.l :" f-- . :? '■' i>:'.rs V '' .? ' r i.V.^J.f ,96^30 

-:..i.- , - ^' . I'vi: ..; ;j .. , ;.".:-■ '^. 7 ,;::■ c '. 'I i j ■; J:/: i<4 V d" i.©';n»q[ 

••'^-^ '.':;..:■ _v - - I ■; ^'i'- i ,7;.v-.l ■*■■ IC\ J.•^ ,..,> j J^^i^. .o:? ,,VS^i todsl 

-.;,:• t.-' .^ .^ ->.,: ...-...' ■.■.^ .)■!.: , : „:.;,'I., <-.■ .- j ajiOi^^K; , i'l:! j.^ ,;i.KX(j 

- ;^-^. ' ■.: L ■ ,..../■, ,;-■:.■; ■'■■.•■■: :; > . .i J. . ', .vj^'-, ot o.^o<it« 

: . . •>.• .;.:... ••.■. ■/;^,. .-.■;'.: ,.;.,..■.',.;., .■:■ ,b'v»vi»0 

. :;. V .:^..,:. ,.,..J.. ■:;... . .,.-,.- . :.! :-■.:'.:, :i>: :^ -.' -:t.SVJv 

■r^.'^.- "^''^ --'-■; • -^-^ ■ ^ ' ■. •■ .';'.^» i..;;;. .^^ ^o ![ C® ' ■ i , ■j:t>vooi»'l 

V ■- • .A . ■■• .V,' u,L .■'■:>: \:: . J'' •:.!. ,,,.•!.( J .l.^&^'i -li^jci Ci/ li ii'iO-DSI 

■- -^ ■- '- - . ■:' ■■•; ■%•■ <.•■,'} x:''-; i /'.r, -..•■. 'i , ij-i u';)«»t ,>if.T lo 

• ■' " ' ■ <-^ , .■■■ ; ;....(..; .;.i.r 1.: iitVii^j'" ;tj: iy ^^ i 1 i-i « ; j- oiivr 

If.G - 2o479 

GECKGi Lij|.:ui.Hd 4, CO . , a cjrr- . , / ) 

i-laxntiff in krvo:^, ) 


liHi'.oi-: TO Via kuiatJiiAj. 

HUi)3Cl« 1 AiiiiFACTLKING CO., / 

Defendant in L/ror. 

) CJUi:T 'o'F UiilCAGO. 


JTATTj.ii^L^ OF riie. GA3E, Vhi-o ii an rction brought 
■by plaintiff to recover t^ie rurcnase price of 85 pounds of 
vanilla b .ar.j, tiie receipt of v/uich and the correctness of 
the urchaae price bcin^' adiuitted by the defenannt; o. ;iet-off 
was filv;d, in vnicx. tne Uefenuant ciaiuit-.d biinx, tat va.iilla 
■beans contained f ori^aldehyde and salicylic acxd, and 'wnat an 
extract conoioLing of a maceration of said vanilla beans, 
grain alcohol, glycerine, unc au^ar, .7a3 found u. on chen ical 
analj'oia, about (,it;n.o i.ionths ti:ic;reaf ter, to contain for.. alde- 
hyde t'nd salicylic acid, nc-itixer of wiiica products iieing nor- 
fiial ingredients of vajiilla ber.ns, but are so/u-; tirees u^ed as 
preservatives thereof, .''^ef endar.t ciains iha L said extract v/aa 
unsalable and bccaar a total loiiS. 

Wegener, Ircsiixent and .r^anager of deferi>..ant company, 
testified that only by raeans of a Ciie/icai snalyais coulu have 
been detc-r. .ined \7hc;tiier or noTi said beans had been treated by 
either formaldehyde oi .ialicyiic acid. / No Ciie;,.ical anaiyois 
of the oeaxiti ixx, EUiy ciiiiC was luade oy tr j tner of he partdes. 
There vere two ship-..ent8 of beanti of fifty pounds t.'Cii, f liovint. 
the receipt by the defendEint of a 8a;:.ple lot oi beans of '^b 
pounds. J Wegener testified tuat upon investit^-tion by nix;, of 
the first bi/ pound lot, uiie beans lodkei.. as taoug.. tiicy nad been 
washed, \/ere not bri.^-A, contained istring i;.arks, anu that he 
doubted wiicthcr thty were "a priiiie cut" as per ba..;ple. JLe stated 
tiU3.t nt ti-ie» ittle •or:i8 f orr ed on Vf^iilla beans, Lnr-t SuCii 



ii'i'KiS. - dOl 

r- .^ 

,0:41 .;..: i iLirk-y-v '-.c,.f, 'i...! fir J. j.i;'j:'juf3:!; e I0 ^ni.j fiiefioo ;tan"XJx» 

c'!i .; > : ij c -:i.ij. ?■;■; Jwo ,u:i!^:^u i^i.i .ri:\»' v lo siaslLST^ni iB.Ti 

. -i. i. c- [ J !•' J o J t ; "< .'^ J3 . d b nj3 ^ I c s Iss (Ui 

sxt f. ...'li^is Xo./i ..>.•::. o... ,: J.J.S ^i, LvoxIiSt^ aO 9i)Y4»i>-t'Skirio'i laxi^io 

(^i. z:. .:;jih--. j, i? 1 j;r. 1.;^ ja :, (I jivn-msle.;^ '.>/U y'-' i^ii-nQui ^di 

beans arc-: cut up, treated vitL a preservr-tive, vashed, and acid 
on the open m-'Tlzet. V.e Gtatod urtiicr t'c.!<i defencaxA had to 
and did use tiie first 50 pound siiip^Tient of beans and !•„• pounds 
of the aecond 5f pound Biiipment, to et^ier v/itii tlie oOj:.^.lfc! lot 
of ^5 po..nna. V/egener further testified tuai he thcrsupon in- 
fornird ijpri'pr, the Chicago ajcnt of plaintiff, tLr?t the 
bcanB in question had strinp nu; rks on the;ii, v/ere riOt hat he 
hftd ■bou(7;ht, juic. that he r,referred t;, return tiieci. said 
in reply: "You return thea to vis and %ve v/ill credit you witVx 
them," ^vhc■reupon thr unused rortlon of 'che beans, naiiitly, 40 
po'nds, \vr re returned to ilaintiff, accepted, and credited to 
defendant's ncc.unt. Berber testified t:\nL the defendant nad 
fflsde no complaint until after the acoond 5C pound ship.^ient of 
bf-nns hfid been delivered to defendant nnd pn^/ictnt requested 

' Jlnintiff, ■'■viiO -vas an iijpoi-ter of vanilla beans, 
denied trmt f onaaldehyde or snlicylic acid v/as u-;ea by it, as 
a pre8erv?<tive of said vanilla beans, or for any ot-aer purpose 
in coniirction tiierevitli. There vas a trial by jury, resulting 
in a verdict and juur^nt^nt in favor of tae defer-dant on its set- 
off for three hvuiared dollnrd, > 

t-h. JUJTICE itoGCORTl^ DtXIViJ-iD Tlii: 01 1TU0»J OF TM:r GOUIT. 

Ilaintiff aceka a reversai of tne jud^:iacnt rendered 

on defendant's set-off on tr^Ci f oil ovdnf; ^irounds: 

(i; That there v/as :)o eviucnce ti:at tlicre was ai»y 
oaJicylic aciJ or f r; dehyde m the beans. 

(2) Th-^t even if salicylic acid and for^. aldehyde 
afterwards aijcovered in tne extract caiuf froqj 
the beans, this vms not in violation of :xr\y j.?w, 

(3) That if the defendant .ijstcined r^ny dauiRt,e» it 
was caused by its o.Tn negligence. 

(4) Tiiat the court erj'ed in giYxnt^, certain instruc- 
ticna to t]ie jury . 

■^. -li'^ , .it .:• : / ..■■^0 i-j ,::i./wi ..s j0.i..'r-.i J!' .j¥'Ii; >-i stij )>i.f) bns 

Jo-!. r; L _ -■-... ^-:-.' :■- . ■'■'■:, .:ti; ...J , -^ai^XTiC'Lid i:n5.'oq vcJ L-f^oyr^ci 9x1? I^j 

- .'■ ,^v :c;.: I, -' -:i ; :..^;./ :, .i .■ i/f; ■• .' x^ J ;;'"!: xs-r^a^V.' . Kiin.-.oq' dS lo 

»j;y.i9LA»- -. ■) luf*; oico; I, ; i u res 'U iiora :f->il7 (i.) 

Tiie contei.tion of the defendant thfi.t , ?s the plain- 
tiff uifde no motion for s directed VFrdict at tiie close of all 
the evificnce, it is not now in Q position to question the suffi- 
ciency of the evidence to sustain the verdict, ie r.ot well 
taken. Galj^ v. lieckstein , 173 ill. 187. In vj ew of tiiC con- 
clusions arrived at by tnis court, it v/ill only be neceosary to 
consider tiic first asjaif-mnent of error. i'n.« re is no evidence 
in tills record that eitiier the sojiple or the oeans subsequently 
purchased by the defenciant from the plaintiff were chc-.-jically 
exaiuined, »ltiiou^:h it is fidiattea by defercant that only by 
chemical analysis could have been deterii.ined whether or not 
the beans in question had been treated by f;itner f oriiialdenyde 
or salicylic acid. Xhe beans in question were inspicted by the 
defenaant and about two-tiiirds of tiie;.i used as one of the in- 
gredients in iiicucini-; an cxtrnct. 

The fact that salicylic acid i-nd f oruialdehyde vere 
found in an extract made froi.i tnese beans and o tiier inf^redients , 
naiiiely, grain alconol, glycerine, :-jid aufsar, eipAt iiionUis after 
such extract was luade, io not tiufficicnt evidence to s::.o\7 the 
beans contsinrd eitiier f on-ialdehyae or salicylic acid. A 
cheaioivi analysis of tiicsi; beans be-fore uoe v/ouJd, precouunbly , 
have; diiicloaed any adulteration or deleterious preservative, if 
sue:, had been used. xhe use of any pr eaerv.'tive or adulteration 
was deniea by the plaintiff. The ueans tuat were not used by 
defendant //ere returnea to .lain tiff and defendant i-iven creuit 

The verdict in this case is ixianifestly af.sinst tiie 
weight of the eviience raria tiie juu, .ncnt on Lh.'il {ground i.;Uot be 
reverscu ana Lhc cauoe reii-anaod. 


■ n 

f.r.5 •: • :'..::.: V ,i r.: i c". .r A". ':: ^ v 'j>„'o'}-ixb 3 7o'i .ici.iom oa sfc^ffl llii 

sonoi/ivj- ;v ■• c "»i:ri'j .vCt^.-j 'io ■^^i'S^mK;:-l<ii>"' isii'l jjU T9.5x«no0- 

Xll-i'^i ■'' '^ 'J'lotiv '.tlLj-jififiJ:'? ?,:i,J cj-l"* .>nj(5i,r.al9L ail^ v;d usasxiaiifq 

JOit •£;•'. -i.-'iJ-iii.'. ori;ii;--.i'3 J^u uasJ •:»v^:ii i.tuoo axs'ii-tsr;^ laoimsilo 
9fc-vj'-3iji»5...-; 1 -x.-iiXj i. • x,o a»j iBT.i ."jj*td i3i»ii fjOj-Jaai/T nx ea499d sitJ 

^rrev 9J3 y,d^ /..•,*■; .loT; tii:\ f^ioe ai ly.oi i^sa d.HuJ jo<;7 :>d'i 

dxio" sc--:^. -J. -jort-iil/iv:* J ; i ■ .; :> i. ") 1;^ j.: '^; - (-.s. ^;.i .•3/.>'y Ji.ew j oa'Xw jcs xiojJS 

.-'I'?-- oxivo i '..;.f ! C/ 9-iYi.i3i>.[-',.io'i T.v.ijxj b'nx/sJ'noo uiiaatf 

, -/ :,f . ;;IJ 3'i : ,1, i\:CK ':).^;,. -v'C.'ii:! an.;.;-ui ?7ii ..^J lo ttiavi^flB XfiOXXftSXto 

rx .ir 1 J~ V i;i- :.:■ wjuj.-t. J-:-Ij>ju .: . noiJevj J.toJbH v'liij boaoloeit :>vjftri 

:ioi.tiji:; J i ■•ij.':. io o v iJ. vy.voao'.ii.y v/x-- l<:: ti-u ■jj/'/ .'ob^u a'9&o bsisi rioue 

vo l..-:^' J •. n •■■■'.TV .i..-:..-i .'. c! '■ :i o ">i.'-'. .ti'xjftlfliti » iH v6 osxasb saw 

ii:j°^-:-j :j-.iv I. ■■^'•:?b tjui: 'it. x.t'_^t (;J- */ -J ii'i l. 4 : ,> 1 !>19*' •jrn.3ljn«j'i»b 

3;.j ,;..•. :ix v.. ' •■ : .. .•'i'-.. -, i .:>a>!i? ux.i.i v)X aox'Jtav aii'.'.' 

. bfti;fT.'4itt9'x 9tix/Ha 9iii bnB i>9Ci;9T9a 

420 - 13075^3. i 

J. vVALLACii: V/aICEM, )* 

Appellee, ) APPEAL FROM 



a Corporation, ) 

Appellant. ) 

^ . -, ^. -.^ -1 ' ■ - .*'* 

STATE''i'NT 01' THK CAoi^. This is an action by J. Wallace '..^lem, 
vs. The Jolonial Trust i Savings 3a.nk, a corporation, for the 
alleged conversion by said bank of a promissory note in ths sum of 
two thousand dollars ( |j;2000 .'^O ) , made by John I. Cheney, under date 
of July 9th, 191ki, due four months from its date, bearing interest at 
the rate of six per cent per annum, endorsed in blank by Clinton 3. 
Woolfolk and the Realty Realization Company, and of forty shares of 
the capital stock of the said company v/hich was attached to said note 
as collateral security. ) 

Appellee purchased the note from E. C. Keller, Vice President 
and Cashier of the Colonial Imst 'c Savings Bank. About five weeks 
before its maturity, appellee was called on the telephone by Woolfolk, 
one of the said endorsers, who told appellee that he was making ar- 
rangements ivith Keller, the said officer of the bank, to take up the 
note before it became due, anl requested appellee to send it to the 
bank for collection. On October iind, 1912,'. the note with the collatera! 
attached was deposited by appellee's cashier with the bank for collec- 
tion, and thereupon the bank issued its receipt to appellee, under 
said date, recitins; therein that it had received the note for such pur- 
pose. On the same day said endorser's representative called at the 
bank for the note and gave his receipt therefor. 

Appellee, denied that ho authorized the bank to deliver the 
note to the endorser, .Voolfolk. Keller, the bank officer, sai i that 
he had a conversation with appelloo on the sane dav, in wbich conver- 
sation appellee said that the ■ ote .vas being sent to the bank for re- 
duction and renewal, or for some adjustment before maturity. Keller 

( .. .. 

TmiOC . /.^iOI'lUi- ( .av 

( - •■, 

.'^vACIuO ■■•0 ( (.^'^Aa c,x'!nVAL; i T:^U3T OAIIlCiJOp 

( ^noI^aipq'XQO « 

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lo fTt/f.* '-rij ni 8 Jo.'.' v^aoafcitio'io /'. "'io :»f-iiid ,oi£.v Y^J rroxetevaoo begelXjs 

.r ac+'TilO yd' ■■(■-v,c Lci fix neEioLnss tMiifTi'^x- n.©q Jnoo 'loq xie lo eijBl-ed.^ 
"io ;.::^.';: G vJto"! 1o ix-;i^ •Y'^ijeqi^oC aor .^.s-^s tXiiOH '^.JIi;9.'l oriJ bns -ALotiooii 

B:i.'oe'.: evit JirocTA , ..ilasfi i-3;vTiV*J... •-•' chfiitri'I IslnoIoO &il;J' lo leiriafiO fcna 
.ilclIooW .-YCf onoxlcrai.i.d cri^ no b&llro o.«w oelXaqqs ,vJ-lau.ii;,Dt sdx dTCOle^tf 

eriJ acj a-!i£:f Oj ,*-cfid :>.-ij "t ;■ -isoxTio .ci:f>:. &di (Ts.tls/i rfjlvv ci^neittesne'i 

^.•fiJ oJ Jx L'-<-e;. oJ- ofellsqq.;., boj ,.<j • e-i / :>B ..ji.i.) oitfjsoed Jx eTiolecf 'e;tOrt 

T ,:t,=.XiCa -v-i.^ riJi^-- ;;Jorr tvxij ,,aXt.I , 'j'iu t^-^'JocToO nj- .ao tic sXXoc 'lol alnBCf 

-o-j1Xoo ■■•.o'i Mrtscf ;^rfj fijxiv ■loXjici.eo ■:.■■:. tiXIofjaje \:u fcyJlaoqeX) u^ew bedoaiie 

'lat'ou ,3'.J.l:-':'aft o.t tcrcaoB't ;.J-x :.;>i(,r-o,t rlriisc}' eriJ ^oqx.fe^t)rfJ■. bc^s ^cioii 

erlct OS '(■■' Lii-ri evxJ. J f.,t.': Trri,"! cWetiiori b Xa'iSG v, .b sm^ie . siiJ- nO ^.,eBoq 
.':oly!3i.(vt '■','jc.oei axit &vb7s^ ins edor.' 'arti toTc inacT 

eriJ •fevi'X'.-b oo .I'Tiiic;" o^dj no "X'lo net a..', orf J-BrfJ X)ex-Tc)& laelleqq'A . 

■-■-■■ ■.'-.-'■ 

i6ii^ i ir.e ci&olT^o jf'-ffid" o.i.;t ,'fsXXo}i .>JXq'3:Xoov. ,-te-£)noLn[G orf.t oJ e^oa 

-'lo-rioo rlC/.c'-'V rtx I'.^b -jRSf. .jrJJ- no 0'3XXeqq.G xi;t r.. no^tcfaQievapo fi Jbisri ©xl 

-"31 TO'! -inrM ©rla o^ .tr-cr.iv :-!( G;iv» ^Jo* eii-i cJarid btae. QeXI«qq* aoliaa 

laXXb^ .y-JxiuJ^jm a':oi&d Jrntv.'n^taijt.bja wnoa toI iro vJtx.w©i-!eT bnua rtol^oufc 

further testified that when th .. trust receipt of the said endorser 
for the note was presented to Keller by the collection teller, Sadler, 
*ho was also the assistant cashier, for 0. K.; that he, Keller, talk- 
ed over the telephone with appellee, who told -(elier it was all right 
to deliver the note to said endorser. Keller further stated that 
several davd thereafter, ne told appllee that the note had been 
given to such endorser; that appellee, upon learning that the rote 
had not bejn paid, said he did not like "the shape it was in." No 
written authority was given by appellee to the bank to deliver the note 
to the endorser,' and Keller did not recall that he had, at any tine, 
asked for such authority. Aopellee testified, that upon learning from 
Sadler that the note had not beenpaid, instructed the latter, not to 
deliver the note to the said endorser, except upon payment thereof, 
and that .adler so agreed. Sadler did not testify, Keller ad'^iitted 
that he had not informed Sadler that the note had been delivered to 
said en-iorser. 

Appellee and his cashier called, froTr. tine to time, at the 
bank, and inquired as to whether or -^ot the note had beer paid. . Fol- 
iov.'ing the death of the endorser, '/voolfolk, iiarch 26th, 1913, about 
five months after the maturity of the note, appellee for the first 
time, according to his testimony, learned thcit the bank had delivered 
the note to such endorser. Neither the note nor collateral has ever 
been found, and appellee has received no proceeds from either. 

There was a finding in favor of appellee, and Judgment for 

MR. JUSTICE MoGOORTY delivered the opinion of the court. 

The defense set forth by the Colonial Trust and Savings 
Bank, appellant, in its affidavit of merits that the note was an 
aocomir-odation note of .vhioh the appellee had knowledge, was not sup- 
ported by any evidence. 

^~olt:£: .icilr-'J- :'V'.i;.i.v> I /■ •.. --■:.■ v;(." -iSLLt::- oJ i:)t)J;<."'&e'iq bbw sion arii tdl 

' ;+ra.t'i iio £ .-V ji 'ifnlo;. oioo oj:;'v.' ; oell^qq^-rfcf iw snoifqeioi erid" Tcevo X)e 

aseo' i^.ri'l aciori eric? ij.f.'J oail qq^. bio& eil ^isJ-lfie'iOii:'- o\'^ijb Ifiievee 

c:: ' t.;Jv. o'f: oq^iie smlcj '• o^^Xj] joa bib eri. i,).fj^,': ,i.-.teq -riied ion 6axf 

,.r,j:j vT>: ?^; ..bsri e':, Jj^fi: .. ii-^oei vton i)il' "^t Iio; bna •jtsaicline QCii oi 

'crr'i 3riirn;r;6.L irocrjj "tM^L: .:>c'.:'i io ;oJ- •■'j'jIIsaaA. . *t"j"-i'^<^rf>^i-'<s fiou^ tol bejlBfi 

c-><? JO.--, tTfc-JjBl i?;;:,.. b'-cfcincecfi. (Jrji'isqm^ec Jon i>fi.d eJon t.rW Seri:i leLbeQ 

bei-tlrbB lell&'A .vj.j:ieei :'or; txt 'is rf-.£-:.; .^^s'l^^^f:- cS ^elovso ierfi iirae 

Jjjo-is v^'.i. -i ,^'J^■. ^■■'■:''^A.- _,.;«.LOl CooVs (lostoiDrja c<ii- lo rtd^s9.5 ariJ gniwCjyC 

i-'e-isv/iec £-iii ^i-iso tiLi j.^di .■..•.^'"■nv.ol ^x^'i""^--' >^''-- ^^' ^-•'' ^^ 3'^:ri".""ioo©jB tsmli 

Tievs f:»-ui lii'i&J^a.Loo -lan sJO':r ariJ' "erfcfieh .. -x <--::-: -toI-; a t* rIoLfa o:t e^on ©fJi 

.T-.:iJie i-.-.vx':;. -; Lesf. ■.•' Trr or^ i>t.'v .t ?-':■;- n esri ©elleqqB ijaja ^bnifo^ fteecf 

BV:nr./,o. Li',(-: i^mT L,.?,ior.oij oflct Yd ri.tTol J-ee e-^' at 'lei:, erf'f 
-x 'if;* ^^o/i b;": ii:.r;:: :.;;i-v ri '^i o J-xv^JbtTla pJi rr.t ,ctai3ljr'3qqfi ^-irrtaa 
-mJB Jon 6«iw ,rr:;fcf.Ivorr>r f^crid -i--l^oqq^, orLt dotrW. *io ©Jon noliBLomfflOOOfl 


The sole issue of fact presented by the evidence therefore, 
is - was the appellant authorized by appellee, to deliver the note 
and collateral in question to the endorser? If no authority was ^Iven 
to the bank by the appellee, to deliver said rote to the endorser 
thereon for collection, such unautnorizei act on the part of the bank- 
constituted negligence, and such negligence makes the bank liable for 
any loss resulting therefrom, yirst National Bank v. jank of lYhittier , 
ii21 111. 319, 330. 

it is to be borne in mind that this wus a note against 'hicago 
parties, deposited with a Ohica^-^o bank for collection. There is no 
evidence to show that it was not convenient for the endorser, Vi'oolfolk, 
and Mr. Cheney, the naker, or either of them, to go to the bank and 
take up their note. if appellee desired to deliver the note for col- 
lection to the endorser, it does not seen probable that he would use 
the bank as an agent for that purpo^^, instead of 'naking delivery 
direct to the e^'dorser. 

V/e are of the opinion that the court was justified in finding fr 
the evidence that the bank was not authorized by appellee to deliver 
the note to said endorser. The cases cited by appellant .vhere a note 
was forwarded by the receiving bank to an out of town bank for collec- 
tion, even when .^uch out of town bank is liable as maker or endorser, 
are not applicable to the admitted state of facts in this case. 

No complaint was made of the propositions of law held by the 
court, which propositions correctly stated the principles of law ap- 
plicable to the evidence. It is unneoesaary therefore to consider 
the objections to the propositions of law refused. 

We find no reason for disturbing the findinjr of the Municipal 


.eTv'^e'-LSiv- B0''i&^ f^^riJ- vd .b^.t'-fteo'vo- ;'oj:5l lo a'::eeJ: sloe exlT 

•■^:o'i i'ldc-'.il rL'-Gd 5-1.0 a&:ji.5!T- aO'-v's"; '"X;Q,3n dcjiB firt£ ^eortsgiijiiBn- bed'uJ'JtJ'enoo 

..OSC ,9J.t; ,111 las 
0;ajeC'-i"ri'' d-furxB^/; ^..jorr b Bs.-\; v inS ijcuiS hnt'-' v:.i vn.nd -s^^ o:! sx J"i 

or "i sT;^rfll .rfoj joiXloo -'c/i ^faecf O3J80.i:r':0 s i:'J.iv; tiei^'^-oqab ^Betitsq 
-Aio'^tioo: ^'le.e-roijao ^xii -xo'x .tr'ii.t-;ovr.cco J-on &a%' -ti Jsn:\ -^orif. oi eonei)Xve 

bri' >'-:nc( 9i1:i- ot 05 Q.t'Tft 'io ' 'lo ,'i'3>LRnr e:L+ ,7oao.l'D .tW JbnB 

.•iG?ric.f --e drJJ- o.t Joeiif) 
TevfXe^ j.t eolL'san/:. ';;d i^&£iX'iO::^i■J.l;3 Jon a£w ■ir:^6 &.i.t j.sdJ eoi!©i>J:viB dil^ 

,'tefiioLr<e 10 Te'-fsri bh el'J■^^l t.t -yn.'j.-f nwo.t Io i'jc- nctj:- fferlw rreve ,noti 

.s;. •'; r!J:rL+ n L aJ-cr/i: '>0 e.-lp.ct8 beJ-J / ^tbii yf;t Od elofJOXlqqB J-Ofl ©Ija 

orf:; "5^0 ■■T:-_}ii if;£l 'lo ■-.••'•oivii.^joqoia rich 'tc oL^iin tiv; .tirij:;Iq3too oJI 

-rfi? W.--I 'to 'jie.rq.fcij/'v.;. o."'J- be:f£:ic. vlioefioo ano.f Ji Goqaiq rfolitw ^drtjjoo 

lefi.f.r.rr'ir: o4v ■..■•lo'ie'x.-rij- T-'T.Ms.-eoermw si :']. ,oonoiji:\/\^ o.rij oj alcfjeolXq 

,; .fce.'i.CiltT \v/i.t lo '.3r.-(>i..Ti:faoqo'iq eii.t ::>i "^notJo^l^So erW 

I^T' irj; 'i' oflJ 'to :s'(j i.'a.?;"r orfj x!riiTrT:.uct-& ib -iol aOBse.'t un fcr:.c'i &V; 

279 - £<5f»93. 

I- RANK N. DERay, \ ) I 

Plaintiff 'in Irror, ) * E3lS0ft TO 

\ J?' 

J^sfendaJit in L'trror, , ) 

« s 


iiP.. PRt£J3lDX':VcJ Ja.-iTlCg oOA^.LAt' d«llvrir*Td tho opinion of t>?e corirt* 

ihlo ault *iia brou.^iht by th« plaintiff In arror to ra- 

oover a reu.1 «aUit« broker's oornKJisalon allsg^dt to be duo hiia fi^om 

the fiefordant. fiie def«ndswjt arnl , no*^ 'jiTPed udlohoftn executed a 

writter; oontr&ot for Uvj ©xohangu oattite. Thio oontraot 

waa rover conaumroated, Th?' pl&ir.tiff was a broker Ir. the trtine&o- 

ticm» and the aaid lyrittwn oontraot ocnt»ined tho follo«lrj{;- prcvlaiorse 

relatlr;-: to oocrnisalona! ".^rokeratge fee? to ba paiJ i*a follows, 

to-«<itt Party of thts firat part (Oudiohatm) to pay to prar<k if, Derby 

t«o hundred (liJvO.Ort) dollard. Ptirty of tho aoocnd part (defendart Ir. 

^•. .u.-iu- 
error), to pu^ to /rank <. uerby two himdred (^,^*.'00,ooK* in addition 

to this oontraot, the plaintiff in error .A30 intro.iuoed svldence to 

the effect that be ««3 to receive his ooirral«»aion frof^ the deferjdant In 

error when he broij;^^t tho lattr and iudloheen together in ct valid, 

bin.iin^ aind enforolble oontraot. it Jo oonoed»! that the plaintiff 

ir error did bring tho defendJint in error i\nA :udichiaen together in 

euch a oontraot, but. tho defotriart in error olalned on t>i» trial ti^ut 

there waa on or^l agreertert bet^^eor the partioo to thl^j anit to the 

offeot that the latter would not bt» gntltled to any cor'!iloalon from 

the defendaiit in exTor, until t.e oontraot betaeen the latt r and 

>udlohe«n had been aotuiilly oonmiOT^ated, and aotse evidenod, tending 

to prove t'vli) olalm, viad Introduced. 

i'ho oaeo tvua tried before the/ court without a Jj^i^y* <^^>^ <& 

finding and Judpraent in fa^or of th'j defe dant in errcr wau entered, 

and thill writ of error foilo#ed. 

i\ l*:i-?.; 





J' 'i « ^ . .4, 

^ ■'• S 

tttrc^t^ -Tf 

,' 5r •••«'?;■.- u:vf^ ■■• 

•I h^lC: 

vc*TOi.i ♦ ■ :•': ••■7 


!S.^:■««'r.c^i^ 'j/1': ■ j^^ij 


^;\!;' ,^^.:;...3^vj5 X^ft'j,.'j<j .u;f:^tft»XLO-xo i>^f.; ■ '?.-■"*? -i^o^ncffivi. ,-*>j'J;i'ni 

v.^ ij'^y .i-^ (iS-^yv.-^^" .;:--Ji;;i!;:0 ■.?«r.os<^ .^©'SA <;;'rf-^, '•?«> ^.^'ta^. • 

.}:.*U^v cv ni: -r??^r;^3U -' 'iiSifi^^i:^^'^ :S"'m '?:--J'J^i e£\ti . .J n;-H»<>'i'd' smtI tmif^J limit 

:<■- ,fK>,,r>'H'??lffi''fO-^> vli. •::<.'.*««» ;t<»*d, Iwucf fiw^iioJt^tft- 

Durlnt*: tho trl;*! of the case It develoned in the evidorce 
;hat tho v/rltter contraot bctwears tha lefendant in error an! "ullch- 
len «a8 plaood by them In to custody of tho plalr.tlff In error, and 
;hat the lattr, without nonaultln.v; eith-.-r of thd sal i parties, record- 
id the aarae* The trial court, when this evidanoa wa3 introduced, 

the said cor.traot 
itated that the plaintiff in error, by reoordlng^without the pir^iaslnn 

>f thd parties to the same, iaotroyad hia rij-ht to reoov r a cc^'-lonlon 

Ln the transaction. At the ooroluaior of the evidence the plair.tiff 

m error aubmitted the follOi«ing propoaition of law to the court: 

■ rhe court lo reiueated to hold, as a proposition of 
law, that ev»3n thou7;^ >rank I', Derby !S: Jo?r)pany recorded or cnuned 
to be recorded, the written contract for the exchange of protjer- 
tleis in -arlnutte county, .viaoonain, and In ^ook bounty, Illinola, 
without authority frors either ';ovalc or -mdlohaen so to do, that 
fact ilcr.e aould not be a bar to the plaintiff's right tc recover 
in this oaae,* 

Chio propoaition the court refused to hold. Oounael for thi> defend- 
ant in error haa not Bubr,itted for our consideration, nor are wo 
iiwaro of any authority that gupports this rulln>T of the trlil court. 
k9 »ire aatiafied that the trial court's theory of the la* waa erro- 
neoua and that hi. finding In thl:i case w^ib predicated upon t>ij error. 

he evidence is alnoat conoluaivo that the a^^ree-ent between 
the plaintiff in error and the defendant in error aus tnat the forr'er 
wau to be entitled to hla oonr:i-eion frora the lattor when he brought 
the latter and ud^ohaen together in a valid, blnJing and enforoiblo 
contract, but aj there ia aoae evidence te'dlnp; to support the conten- 
tion of the defendant in error that thoro *'aa an oral a,:reer;ent betweer 
the partiea to thia ault that the plaintiff in error would rot be en- 
titled to hie ooTamiasion frcn the defendant in orror until t)ie contract 
between tha defendant in error .and iudiohaen liad been actually ccnourrraal 
•d, ^e nu3t rermnd the caae. ihe Jud^rwert of t>^e Municipal Court of 
Chica,F;o is reveroed and the cause rernanded. 

-:•■ ■'r:,■^-. ■:■:■■■ cf f i,.. .. . :V >j^r i;. ,ti -^e.^o -'iiS '!o liiitS torii jiXfltt^ 
-.f'-v- T. .•-:■• n* ^^c-.-n&'J&l' vKf rv''v:;..h<>o inij'jjftoc 'vej;t*iw QTiS •* -* 

."■ "•■ :" "iw.' ': ,■ '■../ !;.••-■•"? ■■■';;"'(,■';''■.■''-,. \ V'SSfewi »^''' .^t ■"j^'t.''?' 

•■;,...'■;■ 1: i\0 .•■•c>i :,;«c> 'K I 1 ^w ^ivl-^f'OOS:^' ., J^t'Ol.'ii..: . 

-O'tts r,(-y v..;.r f.'i.-! '.V "'■'>■;. hi .;■;•,:?•: TOO iJ^-N-t feil^ iv:ir^:t l>«i*; :;« 

.■■♦•>'••;. ^ -.J:-o- -'::.n: '■.<:<;? nc> c i ?■ '<; ■;.,«: r .>:;■ ^^itf^f ''^ ;;:iiij«i'J , ts< 3&fii bna HUO 

'a 'U • ■■ •^' ■■;.:. ■r',;^> .[ ./■- ::r-;<s'5ei s-^'J I-rii? riotie n.l 'VtticttMlq 9. 

''■*' ■ '■•-■', '». ..■*>.-i , ■;■ ';'i..f .• ■• ; ..-, ,vu vfij :f..?,j'ij .ji',;*, ii.-ij' oi e'ei4*S£(i •! 


289 - unftif, ^ 


ChfeRAH AJA.iJ ^ JO., a 'Jorpor- i- 

atlcn, ^' 

Defandftnt in Srroft, 

Ju.-iS J. JHIifAI.ii andy, fi, #j;j3i<" 
H£LL, doin;^ butiineaa as JOHN J. 

Plaintiffs in i.i{S^jr. 

MR. PJtSolDXTJ'J JU-.IOH iiJAN'LA? ciallver«d tho opinion c th>r -jourt. 

rhia is an uctlon of the fourth olaas in tho uniclpal 
court of Ohicti^o. Tha defendar^t in error, hereir.aftor oallad 
tho plaintiff, auad the plaintiffs ir, orror, hor-aimtf t^ r called 
the dafandarta, fto raoovor the puroluido prico of 1?,C0 r.allons of 
ahingla atain, eioli by tha plaintiff to th-^ dafendarta at 30 canta 
par gallon.'' ^h& oaae *aa trlci.i btsfora- the coijrt without a, jury, 
the iaauas tuqv^ found f r tha plaintiff, and tha daizagea^asaeaeod 
at $fii^; Judgnjer.t aaa entarad on the finding and thin .vrit of '?rror 
fol lowed v^ 

/iha defendanta tfar-j angage^i ir. the aonstructior of aixtaer 
fra-ie octta^as ar-d t*o brick buildings for the I'ubarculoalfl 3anl- 
tarius of tho Oity of Onlcago, ^nd the ahin^li? atair in question «aa 
to b© uaad ir. ataining th-^ jhinglc^n en r^aiJ cottaf!;ea. Vho apeolfi ca- 
tions under *hich the cottu^^.oa and buildinr,a mere beinf; oongtnicted 
required n certain brand of ahingle atain - "vjabot'a io, 720* - to 
be uaed in stalnini; tho ohinglaa on .said oottai-;ea. 2h9 plaintiff 
ri^de a propoaitlon to the defendants that it <«ould fumlah there urith 
a ahingle stain of^ thft jiv^.^ oos^poait Ion and oolor aa * \ Jabot *o ' o^ 
L-faO* at ZO oenta per >;ailon, Hh-j defondanta aooepted thi.H offer by 
iotter. Iho plairtlff delivered I-IOO gallon^j of the stain to t*-.e 
aafendant, ari after ti: .: latt- r had uaed '>^ or ■?'"- gallonia of tho 
aaid atain they eei'e notified by the urchlteot to ntop using it cs 
it eaa rot tho Xind of stain ('Jabot 'a Tio. ;r2''') called for by the 
flpeolf tottticno. rheroupon, t "^e defendants atonp© J ual'i.r the atali^ 









■ a r 



'•'fl'cici i--^J jj0t-iv.iiA''. --^'fti^i. ir»i -v;t ..':'.l 

!»«w ro!^ia^«p r<i''Jt«'i» tiy^nifia ©isjr ii-'.^: ,^»&JEfi(? Itfi Jf^i'j eff^t Ttp sult^ 


Airnlahed by tna plaintiff arvl notified the plaintiff to ro'covc* th« 
ra/salndor or t.ho .saf^o fron the pr»~.ia<3i? of th'^ slofar.dttrt art! r-^- 
ru80<i to pay th? plalr.tlff for any of th:- at&ln dallverad. 7 

rt I'j conodded by both tho plaintiff ard the* dof jndant thiit 
th? contract In cjuestlon reriulrel the- plaintiff 'o furrUah a otaln 
of the "aarF. corrpoaitlor and color" &• th« brand known aa "Oabot'o 
liC, 3wrt.* rh© aole contention of the d«fandant lo "t-^ct ti.e stain 
fumlnhed by plaintiff wao superior !r evprjr sray to ^abot'a "c. ?;^0. 
c'«cauje of tho *arrr»nty thnt th» stain waa to be of th« 'uaao corppoai- 
tlon ard color' dof'jndarta olain th&r« *aa a breach of warrarty in 
fumiahinc jtaln that ara? ijup'jr'or to Jabot* a io. 3^"0, if it lo 
<llffer«rit It oarnot be the sang, and ii" it la auporior it Is dlffor- 
ent, *Mo la ajclORatlc." :?b«tiJ9r tho stfi^n furniihod by th« plain- 
tiff Kuy of tho "aar-e oonpoaitlon and color" as the brand of i^taln 

Jrno«n aa "Jabct'a '-o, r^oO,* as rajulrcd by tho oontract, wa;* r* qtioa- 

in the oaae. 
t!on of faot^3trxixxix*xrx±R*i4xfixxix*3cjexjoJrtJCjfirjcxx i^.^? court found 

th» compoaltlon ard color 3f tht" two stairs t'"- bs the a&r^a, and «e 

aura unable to 5ay, after a car^i'ul axaTslnntlon of V\(^ r«oorl, that 

iiio flndin^^ in tMs rafi&rti wan clearly and nanlfoally :ip;aln>it tha 

adlj^ht of tho eviddnost on th* oo-trary, we ara of th« opinion that 

th<i finding 13 fTilly aupportod by tho evldenca In tha oaoa. ior do 

«a think that Ui« fact that th^ ataln fumi.jhad by the plaintiff was 

Buparlor to "Jabot'a io, Z^O* (if a^ioh was tho fact) vould Piaka the 

flrdlnji^ of the 'jourt t v.t the atain fuml<»hod by plaintiff wsvi of 

tha aara color and cowpoaitlon aa * Jabct'a Ho» ?.jo Inooraiatert, for 

thr* r'T'irion that tha plaintiff intrcduoad avidaroa »' loh tended stron^r- 

ly to prov<j that any dlffjreroa betwaer the two brands of stair (if 

thare wf. i any .ilffar'^noa) »/ar» due to a dlfforert prooa^a of fixing 

and pronarntlon rathjr tha'^ to any dlff«9r'5r.ce In corspo.iltlon r^nd 

color. J ha praaant flfrlt of arror la, Ir our judgraent, *lthout tho 

allr.htaat merit, and tha Jud^ant of tha -unlclpal court o*~ Chloa^ro 

«111 tharafora be affirmed. 


i^.-ii.* jf!fA.;-;fr "ur?- vU i"';a ll ^*,tn t#I«f '^■''■- dS<l!iiS ■^^ k?-'b^»r.-'>rj Hi *J 
ai i^,? Isj ♦t\'U£ .OH «* I'crf >•:'<•• o* ■so*'^i'q:rf. ««» $ati$ nl.iit& S'*?' 

.'t tjio^vi" ' -^iK) ni ,«I tout* Tto *Jti» /iT««e>tq 


0:* a:H':iA^Jo, 

S15 - ^0344. ^» 


.^i.d -KT LClwC'Z and AiiTiUn LOWSVZ, f ■' 

Jo-partnor3, doin^ bualr<^aa as | 

Plaintiffs Xr. iJ*ror, 

*^' / ? 

HAKHY DLOOM, ^, :ilDt:iZ and L. | ) 

SC.M.'tlTZIiR, iJo-partnero doing ^pei- ) 

nesa aa rU'JET^ % ur.;k-iir;i»in, / ) 

Daf«ndanta,"ln -irror, ) ^. Xj 


«B, PREolDI'^M .msilUE .iCAi'LAf) dollv«ira<i tha opinion or tho oourt. 

ihlja 1» an action of th« fourth ole*aa in tha vunlcipal 
oourt of uhloa.-o, Th» plalntlffts In error, hi-jraln^ifter osllod the 
plalntlffa, brouriit suit tiij;aln»t th© dafendanta In «ri^5r, herein- 
after o&lled the dafondanta, vmlar tha ieohanlo'a Llan Aot of IvO , 
to rooovar o^?"-* alth Ir.terojt thoroon from viay 17, I'.tI:*, allt^i'.od to 
be due to th^ plaint I ffiJ frons th<j defendants for labor and matarlal 
fumluhod by thu plaintiffs ^s aub-oontraotora* The oaae waa trl^dd 
bafora tha court rflthoxit a Jury, the issuoa ware found a;?;:*lnjt tho 
plaintiffs, and Jud^riont w-^^ entered on thy finding, ihla writ of 
error followed. 

ih© avldanoa sho-n* that the dafnndarta Idats and Sohnitzor 
•rtarad into a oontract Alth th'.= dafandar.'t hIooc to are^t a bviilding 
ror M&td iriloora at 7«>04-'7"06 siouth Halatod street, ;;hlcaf|;o, at a oon- 
Lruct prio© of ;it>,50n| that defendant : larger *aa a aub-oon tractor 
*orklnK on said bull .inv: tender a oontr-AJt Aith dafandanta ::idota and 
oChnltaeri that plaintiff a entered Into a oantraot with dofandart 
M^Tf[,^T to build oartuln oawert foundationc? for U^'SO, to lay certain 
oement floors ard walkB for :3!i^, a»-^d to renova certain dirt at a 
fair and raaaonable cost ( . l'^ <*o eho«r. by t^lO ov5 dance )t nakln' the 
total contract prloa for the work dona by tho plaintiff a on aald 
bull ting, ■l,'''-3.*>; that the entire work on ^alt huildirg was completod 
iind plaintiffs' »ork u%a impuoted and found satlofuotory by the 
architect} that tho plaintiff u raowlvad In paynont for #or»' or ;»ald 


»cij •' r, -._->. ?vC> «;-J V"' 'f '-Hii J .> 

70'i .?^<>*-vo<5, ni 1:^9 Hi 

bullalng r^PSO, loavlrv; a balance lua than of >4?i5j that. th« 

pl&lntlffa flnl^hw;! their work under tKglr oontraot on itiy V^, 

li'i^t **n<l on July iO, lt>15, 9orv«i notlcso of tholr ll«n or. iofjrd- 

wit i'looaip ti.a ownor of thr; pronlaoa, :ho pr©tj«i"t »ult wu > utarted 

on July 1^, l'J13. 

ih« oourt aaiuljrndd aav«ral raa-^ona for hla aotlon In find- 

tn>:; the l«aue9 for tha dafan.lant3, but in our opinion It lo only 

ntfoejaary for us to notlca one o- then©, jjootlor. ;jr. of the .oohan'oa' 

Li*»n Aot of 190S provides: 

"if any rsonay duo to th.-* luborftr:^ or gub-oonlrriotor 
bo not paid althln ten (10) dityt? ^tfter hla notloo la aurv'ad 
a3 provided in t iono l!" ' vo ( '' ) , twonty-four (^-"t ) , twonty- 
flvo (-'■ ) tt*-.d tw«nty-8av-!n (i^), thin yuoJi p«raon nmy clthar 
fil'-i ni'i petition and onroroe ^lia 11 Jn aa h':«r<sinbororo pro- 
vided ror tho oontraotor in emotions nine(G) to twenty (20) 
inolueivOf of thii* act| exo'=»pt as to thy time jflthin which 
ouit s&ftll ho broa -JJt or h« nay auc ths o^.-ner a^d <3ontraotcr 
Jointly for thoi amount duo hln in Any oourt havinp; Jurlyiic- 
tior* of tiiu amount olainw.i to be due, ard a p^sraonal jud>':ta<5nt 
may bo rend e re i tnorein, aa in othyr cia^g, » -a -*" 

Xhe plaintiffs tiXlf),z« ir th«lr atatefridnt of claln, ani the 

evidanoo eh0H4, that a notion of lien **-. served on the owner or the 

prosiaes by the plaintiiTo on July 1^, 1' ir', and th*» pr©:»ont action 

.was ooojs'jnoel on July l-^# I'-'U'. *»Ofyxjtix«xi«|[«xx«kx)txia»x}i«xxi««xar 

txxxKzixxnatiatax -?ho oourt h»i.l t^at under ouoh oirounatanoea the 

preartnt ouit waa prjnuiturely broun^ht, and we approve of hi a aoticr in 

that roji;ard; but .u are of the opinion, however, th-it tha oourt orrad 

in finding: the iaauea for the daf Cinriants an 5 Ir. entering Judgm^jnt on 

the findin;^. The rroro faot that the preoent suit saa prematiiroly 

brounht would not destroy the lier of t^jo plalntlffo, if -ne h<*d boen 

created, it ie clearly apparent frorn an inapdctlo'' of the record 

that the present oa?** wan not detenainod on its '^orita, and that the 

finding and Julf^nont or" th-* oourt .fere inadvertently -itide. hen it 

beoan« apparent, an it il I, t!iat th . eiilt wao pronaturely brou/^ht, 

the ocurt should have ordered tiio «ano diunleaoi without prajudloe. 

■,'•■ -■■ - ' .: - f-- -:.'::'.} coi^r^ir '.tcu lifo;'.! .ii-a^ti'i e^nit^: 

■.■'■-!i'- .. ; '< t .;i'■>^.;^. ^t.-"' •■.'■■ ..... , o v ''i;^ .."■ Ji^' v'.J -^r''. - j'lJt'i- 

;ej5xsicxxxj:::v>^,Scxxy.KJ?XXXKXXXX3i5£XK ,.':.( 'ii'.^ ,fX ^ios' ;io '..'nor 
- • ■ ;-•■< ■, t . ? . • f ! ^ ...{ ■ 'oil ^iii ^i:^u*nmb ion. ilu^tt J. 

rho Judgndnt of th9 -!unl jlpal oourt of Jhlcaro will uhorofore bo 
revsraod and tho oauti<« r-jraandttd «lth ilr«»otlona to th« lowar oourt 
to dlarnlss tho plaintiff a* ault without pr«JU'Jlc«. 

WU - 'dOfiO'J, 

»x rel 

liCPLii 01'- THV lii'ATft Oi' ILL i '^■01.;, / 
1. MJViiHV qA }U.)Ja.A?ij), / 

^ / 

JITY 0> a'atJA,>oAot al., / 

\ / 


COOK CO'J???/, 

i 48 

:.VfirbJ>'AHT : ?;!;•; OAihs.. |>«*e appeilio®, .abort ?. itlcklami, fll^.i 
I patitlor. for njandtiTsua to compel the appellant;.'! ('ity of* Chicago, 
barter il. liarrlaon, John u» toveeney, iifir^non *■% Jar'obeil, .a ton Lower 
Lnd John J, •lynn), to rolmatato tho potitlordr to tho offloe or pool- 
ilcn of patrolman Oif tho polioo departruart ana to oertil'y Ma reirutato- 
»«nt ao ro |uiro<i by lii*. \ 

Vh.e petition, aa amondod, ailo^rsd th-it for mere than t'/fonty 
'•ar j the 01 ty of vJhicap;o haa boon a rrjur.lalpal oorporatlori orp:arlxod 
indor an "..ot tc prcvldo for the Inoorporatior. of Jltiet^ and lllare»,* 
approved /ipril lO, IB?;::, ir foroa uly l, l: 7ki: that prlcr to that 
ilne it *'ttsj or/^&nizod urdar a. o^iurter or aot ol* thQ l<j>:lolaturd: thut 
Jia ofricoa of puiioo patrolmen or noliowmen of the ;1 ty of Chlnai^o 
rtre oroated by ti»7 act of th ^ Iwid'il'^turo prAfls»d on vobruury V':, l*f^iP, 
ihicl: uot authorlxQd ti;© appolnt!r!nnt of t«c hunrlroid pciioo patrt>lf»!e»i. cr 
(Olicener to hold thulr office durin,-'; pood bohavior arid g'.oh further 
RitTibor H.J th>) city council i«;ht froT tlf:a to tl-'w provide for: that 
iTJ . Q'.^ru'xry i' , ir-i?7, tho l«f;lolature paaaod an act prcvi (Inr tJ'iat t\\& 
>lty counoii could lnor©c»dti the nolioe i'oroe tho nu»bor of offloea 
>f putrolnwr: that on ay 3, li^ir57, /»ur;uat ^.'5, 1^<!^^, and Au>ru:7t V", 
L8V0, tho city co'.inoll, by ordiniroceduly paiaod, ln<5r«.ia«?l the mjr»ib©r 
)f onioei: of patrolrrwr" ; th'it on Jun'^ iJB, li37r>, tho city council of 
Jtloi-ro paaood or ordln^inoe "in and y which or«Ununco tho city council 
>rovldod UiUt ail rMinbera of tho police foroo, Irol'idlnf: tha polioo 
jatroinor or polioorocn, ^ho wore then In tha onploy cf t"<' 3lty, should 
>• uri aid from that ti nvj thenceforth corj»titut© thti patrolnan, cfflcore 

.( < 



v,,> V:-:"TT 

i;;; ;.;.';^'? w /*>:. 4,,.. :/-,i;r(iiU> "50. v^tfO ©rt* 9*19 

•■.'-'■I':':3 'io •!.■■ • '■ '-• ',J ', -'■ L'j^'V/. •■Ji:>> y-^'.y ©iu ■^fci*>&'Tc:rrjt iUwoo Xioruioo \$ 


'■, ; ; * '.■ ■ '^- -.i 

-' ^* 

,-•>''.:' • 

J 1 

, ^, ...v..,,. 

•. - ^ 


i-'i "T; 

•/■i-^'J-J.Jf. -1 

V : .' f 


.'.f^u'?: '-f^ -■ ■ 

Jv . 

>. ■■vw-.. 



■1 ■"<•■/> :>■ 

I- '.'.■.. 


ind police force of tha City of Jhloap;©.'' itie pi»tltlcr thcr taioffeo 
lertain datQB on which tho city oounoii, "by orilnaroa paijaod, 
.norovi<59d V.:o ntisr-bor of ofricoj of polios patrulwor.;" th-it or .Trrunry 
iO» i ''^, t'rto oity couroll, by ordinance duly paasdd, provid«d a claaa- 
•fiotition of patrclnsn of the firut., aeocnJ tird tliircl olioaos; that 
m itibjniary 8, l.Olt tho oity oour.cll pfitjood an ordlranoo for th«» annrc- 
>rl''tlon of tho (3ai?iry of pollo«:a«n; that on January j, 1v)03, by a 
yea" und "nay" veto It duly paaaed ar order "whioh provided that the 
luper in tender t of pclioo thereby vktiii authorized to incre-itj® the nunhar 
)f polios offloera on tho police force" to he anpoirtod under th^^: appro- 
)ri;~tlc>r bud/!;ot of l.Olj "that oaivl order sc pas^ayid, ^xa afcreaaM, was 
Ln lyj-ul uffoot ar or.llnunco of tho oity," Thu petition than allepios 
'thfit th-3 potltlonar iOAPOllce patrolsan under oaid increases?" that 
frcrri the iHth day Of April, a.d« 1B*:U, there ha^? bemi an '^xeoutlvo ';e- 
partrent of tho Jity of Jhicago known as tho Jopartirert of Police, which 
;3ep.--rtrv;nt mi.\ create^! by ordinnnco of tho aaid Oity of Jhlcagc duly 
paooea by a tv<o-thlrdtj voto of ti^'? aldermen elected ir oali oity, and 
by arilch orJlnanoe uaid exocutivo dopartf;u*nt wa;5 ssado to and doea ernbrnco 
■oertiilr. n^iraed offioen?, ;ind iiuoh niinbir of Lioutenanto, /etectiveo, 
Jerge»nta and .'olloo pjitrolnori na have been appointed or may bg oreacrlb- 
■d by oriinaroo.* "h'J petition thon /ilioj^oa the adoption of tho ;lvll 
Service Act by the Jlty of jf)io&;^o, the appolnt">3rt of :lvll Service 
Oor'-TlaolonorJ in accordance atith tho provision::- of aaij act, thfl clnsoi- 
flofAtlon cf all ofrict/<5 arid placou of enployr.ert except t> ose nontlonod 
in ae:tlon ii of aal : !j.c;t» which corsiitJtute tho claeolfled civil service 
Of sal : 3lty: that thr aaid office of patrolrrtftn a -a cluaaified by amid 
copimiddor and \r laider th*j ivll .yorvice 'Ct and ^jor.ail tutaa part of 
tha olaaciifloJ olvll aervioe: t)^at aaj .; oc^nlQaicn niJid© rules to carry 
out thrr; purpooafl of Ball uct in accordance islth Itu provlaiti^at that 
tha siupnirlnt indant of police la thi» head of th« dop.rt".ort of police: 
tht on ^- , l.'f^- , tho stipurintundent of police notified tha ^;aid 

?>■•'.' •-.■■;^ -'■:.-;.. 5 ■.••■'>?:! .■■•:w/;i!&^'* "1:*^^^." r?»'i ?jf*s«^:-c: \'Ififo ?i tutov "xaa** " ■- ^ 


j-fit-T '';,-£-.....'.:j'5f;Miii L;^:c -i&J^ni; rtAWWl :v'tlJ5^ act a'-x^aO^ isnoialjo^ atU, - 

i!-v.tV- ^!;;ij.' -r;^ -v 1 j-f;\';r-o tvjj ;'.w75fji.-, -(t.^J :<oiJ U.jq yr'. "^ ,. o€i/l«alt)rtO 
.if-'i) :f ".*i* tv ■IG iinj JL-::i.t ru »*c.-'«.i>igrOC» fxt ic^. i.>.t«w S'y 


©mriloaicn of a vuoanoy ir th« office of piitrolrdun nnti ijul.i ccmTrlaaio-^ 
trtifitM to Mm tti-a r5'irr<j antl addrous of the pet^ Lienor fltanllr.g h1>\h- 
•t upc* the re?U;3t<sr for tbo oi'*;^a or f.rade to which said position 
♦Icn.^od; thut th 3 duporlr,te>r.Uarit of pollo3 anpol'^.t*id the n^jtittonQr 
n aooordaroe .vlth th» aalJ O'^ix'tlflcatior, he potitior thon ai<y.?aa 
*otti tt!.; to lh« oilrlci i'l ty Of potltlorar to ta^ro ih-r? alvll a^frvloa 
laniniAtion: th.».t on *'4iroh 7, IfiOy, ho took tlie ol^ll .'©rvice sxaslr.- 
tlor for ti.o offioe of polio© patroiwur of thy -Ity of j;);lCHro, which 
tts conduotod by thcj .;ivli iervloo :;oTSBio..ion of thrit olty; that h© 
•Booil tiio exftiTninatlon ard aft«rwurda on, to /jit: October 'i, I ■0>--, said 
Ivi 1 ..arvloo ■;orafnla3icn certified him for uppolnfsont. i'ho p tltlon 
her\ j.llojp;«o that In and by jail orJl»^&r.ce araatir.r; the dopart-cnt of 
Oil 06, "it le provided that the .,uptsrint*#r>dORt of fOllo« vflth th<^) aor- 
i«nt, or tho -ayor ahail appoirt 'ill officers and mnsmbera of aaid oepart- 
i«rt of r^olica;" tte»t or Ootobyr 29, i--"*.', the euperinterdort of police 
appointed th» petitlon:;r to tho offioe of police patrolr?c«.n or probatlor 
jnd or thaw date he took Uie oath of officf> ird «aou?!»9.t tho Uitie;? of 
>ollco patrolman: that on ay ^, I'^^IO, he wad reatfom and took tho oath 
If offioe of polico patrolrran of t e third olaon and ontored unor. hlo 
iffl :ial dutiea ua tiMoh police putrolnttn, iinder th« Olvll jervlc© Act 
Uid t'le or ilnancoa or *jald city, >»hiGh offioe ho hol;i fror; thenoo to 
iugust -t, 19 ii-, ixhur. hy ^a^i dlacharj^od by tho miperlrtondent of police. 
[he petition thon nilOf-'oo t.'.:i.t or Ootooer d-, l.-o.-. , the :;ivll jorvlce 
jlori'-il^: i.or certified to the oonptrcller of call uity, the p-»tltlcror'o 
^ppoint-'ont to tho offioe of putrolmant that potltiorar "wae wrcr,Kfully 
llioh!tr;.red from tho anrvije of aald Jlty of Jhlcao;c and thJit h.: 1.:^ :-till 
I pdtrolna--: of .ittld Mty of Jhica.''u and la*fullv ortitl-^d to (»11 th^s 
l'l^:ht3 and privller,o8 of auch offlor^r Inoludln/, the rl^-'.ht to be nald a« 
luoh offioor:" "t'lat -lurinr ail t.»'»i tlTie your petitioner jw been a 
"olico .^atrolfnan, ha hm ntiV'tr vinl itod any of tnt; ruluo prescribed by 
the ity of „hloA:ro for thoj rej-'TuliAtlon of the -.^olice uep'irtr^ont, nor any 
Jf this rules of the .ivil rervioo Jororrijoi. n, ncr any of th9 nrovlnlona 

- ' ■*■ i • -^ y 4a t^-fj ^ "T ■ i /^ rr> V-;:-" .'^..-^ - ;^ »' "^ > -■' ■''■■: ' ''O J'j^^ii jfi>. 

- r^i- ^ 1 '(J iv i. .■ ^ :. " : ,*T«?i.r(>.;v};<.!'y;:ai.;^. ar^ ie."'.^ '"♦■i; ' vCiO • 
■>o -''ij^. ■ ■• - .■r:'i(i,, •r.i'n.o ic: ^:?flo ♦5j:f4 '"v^oj erf »Ji 

::Jr ■-'O:-?. ■ ; ■■rfl ; ' ;• ■:> 30 * ••" '.vi\-{;. ,'-,ti.{.. M.4/, ;. s»<^ri 

•:-'-.o 1: ? r i / > i .1.'.; ^ ^ ,• r r^ifv? ■;:. 'Ti* ..'■■n.'-^^'Oc 'i("\' -' • -'.'ili. 
vr-H-''-- -I- •.^•^" • Mj !•■ :^ 'J,.,- >.-'*.? ' •^. • ^ r^.t.-ia \-; . t']':- i'i\3 
'.".:' ^ . '■! . . :. ^ -.R / fjti'' '. j V' .. I J. J .(.. ■•: fvi!-.. ^.Vi nerrl : 
mv .1.;. • : l-Jir'-r •■ }. L.ri-ti r. i. i^.^n ^: tf'v 'ito \i3f htt^-^ ■ 


of the Jlvli .jttrvioo /.ot?" that on July " i, I'l.;., th« aupf7r1r.ter.j«r5t 
of police for and or buhalf of V^C' oit/ proferrad cViarj^ea arrtlr;'! t^e 
pdtitiori'vr *ith the .'Ivil oervloa '-orr^Riiaa/on, iv>;ich > were re- 
ferreJ to the Foiioe -rial :oard appolrjt©'. b? -lai;! coTrni^alon to oon- 
du<5t th'i InveotljTtttlon of cihari'.an* !i;t.'i'rjt police I'hs poti- 
tlcn ti'or aetu forth the ohariiora and linaolflcationri with th^a r-isies ard 
»ddre':'yi5>3 of thtj wltreoafia to bo :-ailed, ( .'h^iii'-i ch£4rv..^s brlafly stutod 
are t>:at tne potitlor.or vlolutvi thi:» followiTi,^' nil«sa refrulntlng the 
ooniuct of t:>«raborj of tho -olloy wopartnort* !"'i*r, ;u9, .Jec. 1, •;ulft r<o. 
Kaoe1v'ir;.r or aooepti'\t; ary f'je, r«j'.;ard or ,<^lf't of any kind frcrt iivy 
p&raon whatscavor or fro-. a»-y frier.l of tnelra w lis i»- cuatoly cr uft^^r 
dleohar'o, or fron ary poruon for tiwrvioeu r-anJeraa or pi"c?t«rd9l to fee 
r©na»rod as a Esy-ibar of tb* departw^nt, r'ar. l^-, i^ec, l, 'fulo r-ii; 
Uslny; ocaraa or Iraolent lan,iyuape to a oltizor.. Par. 19, .-,00, 1, i>ule 
3*;: Oonciuct urbooomln/--, a pclloe offloer or Q-rploy© of th« r»clioo 'Jeo'.rt- 
mont. } .he petition thQr. alla,-t»;4 that »i hear J- n.;-' cr said ahari^ofl #as 
had fron tlno to tl-e thorouftt^r by the trial board* th-it ni, .laid bor;r- 
Inga "PaC ©vl-lenoe a-i-B a(iciuc«*<i o'.har thit^i h.oryln ift^^r ae-t forth:" that 
the only evl(i«?'co, t<5njln.s^ to provo \,\g<i;'33, that *ri;: Introduced, 
vaa ix oortuln rtfflUavlt made toy rederol^ .. .tulta ard .111 Ian -.owallr, 
■hi oh oh^rf^ed tho potltior:er <.it*^ havini^ derranded and reoolvod fror the 
afflarita u fae cr rowurd by *>iy of a brlbo and aiac the uaf> of Irdooort 
and inaoiert lan/^iagrt to then, 'ho petltlor ist^tj forth tlio said affi- 
davit vorbatlTi , t^o poti tloner'a oonoiualor3 of th ^ evlderco riven by a 
number of tfitnoooaa at th« hearlr»r';3, s. utata «r.t of th^i evjjntrj ,»hlch the 
petitioner olalT^a really l^ppored at tn-) tlry he wai acouied of ano'j-it- 
Ir.v tho bribe, an l a de 1:^1 or th<? part of tho potltlonor of )ilr. irullt. 
The petition thor all r^ej that petitioner .vaa rov--r at n'-v ti"-- -jharpiod 
■Ith nofrleot ov -.uty or failure to parform hKi dutiuo na a patrol officer 
that h<3 did at all tl^el^ ooneotentlouijly and faithfully ver('orr\ nil Ms 
dutiou as patrolman: that upon eald hearlrf?, h>i male dlli,''«*nt effort to 

yui :"^CJ'?7 r'vl:C ", '■> 't'- .';':';, ■?■. sy.,-- it') ,"!v'l Y*.i'. u' i.U:<&00a to . 
:;;-^ 0111:: , f \ ••'t.t , J p'u-' ,3'fit- i'SiiaBi- soV lo iwd.nvnT. a ai; 

.'.'rift **if<^':s '"^ ,-<^>(_ -f.'^.y'^:/ n J •,.**5 ,;>!'■-' a^'i.-ij ^ian-, '. '•sowi'ibiv o.'-« ©ortwi-iv* 
-i'-'PofJis "iQ ;'6''. L< C'^ v; ■ •' ■.■•!•; -/^;; ■»,.•• !.>«:' *i<.":q«i! xllJiSf »3iiiBA0 l- 

;)»cur« LlT. rtLt»>ndaru<j of 3nl.i ;tult.. ardt owalV, b.l *;ij urahlo to 
g«t then tc oo-no M'd tejtlfyt that on Au.fuat ^L-, 191ki;» aftT thy jald 
haarlrr, oald trlul board rtjoorte;! tr.air flrdlrr to the ;lvil :,orvioe 
jomraloiilon: that tho p«titlonor ^>xa not pr9» rt iir;.i hml r-o opportunity 
to object to tho findln/ra arhtsur. tiitsy word trwilo; that itxii f irdlrga re- 
oltod '-hat tho jippolioe vnxa pi'oivirt in porocr. a:^ i *u.. r<» pre son tod by 
counHfti lit ina h«arin/^: t'.at *itneauea #ono aAorr: a^d thalr ovlJenoa 
heard by the "rliii ourd, "and «e i*urtli«»r flind frc^ th«9 ovldenoo tbat 
the aaid />. ;, iiloV.lard iu guilty j.b chari^ed ir the within an;* forogoln.p; 
ohar^ea, and that )io b« diaoharp;«'i fron tiie 'ulico Loptirtrent anl froTr, 
the o»rvic© of the Jity of Jhioago. (ol^^ned) r.iton wO«or, Ja^-r^a 

lloa," *he :)etltionor ti>an oot.3 forth, that upor; amplication by hlr-., 
ths ooTrsl^alor rt»i'U3od to .rive hir, a trar.;-»orl nt of tht? avidsnce ta'' or. 
lit tho hoarln^t that upon dal-i hearln^r h© ild m t yrriplcy a 'JtorO'Tranhor therefore ounrot «ittach a aonnl«»t'i copy of th-a evld^-'-ce heard upcr 
daid; thai a petition for rel.onrir ,p: has hesn ieriled by the Jlvll 
.ervlco ..Aji'jnlaalor; th:it aftorsfur',!'.*, on AurTjot J^A, r>l">f tne flndlni':3 
•ore r«port<3 i to tht< auperir^t^mdont of polic-? of th- .:ity of ahiouRO by 
•aid coT'"!ilii43ior: and LhortJUpon th- p.-itltionor .vil-. di iohnr^ed fri"n tho 
a&rvlce of ..'iid olty. "h*> petition th'^r tillOj';oa thut "Iraspiuch a^j no 
ovideroe .vua heur 1 by th?* uii^ "olic^ .'rial .jcard upon the* he.arln<-8 of 
hia (potlticrtir 'a) ouu ;»> in oupport c" ;3tkid churrea," "that tho aota of 
aald Jivil .iorvioe Jo-:nitjaion in fin Ing your potILion^'^ .;n^ilty Of said 
chursoB preforrod and rw3omnt*ndln^i; hiJ dl3oharp;o from t-':o police depart- 
s«nt nero ili*:^^,al tuid void" ar.j prays a writ of mandatnuo oormrandlr;? the 
"Ivll ^ervlji. viO'-aiioslor. an! tho Jlty of ;nioa-o to forthwith rTirdtut© 
tht petitioner oid a polica off! oar of said city In the «;'"ploy:'i9rt of 
aald :ity «ith th^ ra?"'k of patrolr^ian, . « pe^tltlon hnj atta:;h<»i thereto 
'ir>d Bad« a p :rt therwof by rofort^ic** i»n aff id;ivlt of th > siviiJ rrederick 
*• .jtultj, in wtiloh affiar.t 8*t-* for-^h t)>e overta w^ilch occurred n,t tlie 
time the potitlonar #a3 aoouaad of aoo«st)tln/^ a bribe ur ! d«ni«3 t^'3 -Iv- 
l'"'g o a bribe. :ha trial oourt overruled t.ho porerai do-^urror of tho 

iff;-,,. ; ^■.' iv, »-~: " ..^:i - '.■; -' ' • " '■■ -1 {!('^TO-..;t>t irT*;o.f. ;.... t.:^ iiJliif. - 

: j ^^.f-'J .; :J<"0 "••' i J'^"- -»; .[■.:■ v'q 4-^;'' '■•■fc;*- "^■^•^^l■ '^i«l$?<;i .i:?:i-i Ji^rt-f .,.: 

V' '•^-'•-.- , ,,;,:. ,, ^,-"i,.-. r.}. .:■■ -.-•■■. v :aj:( u.^: j! ! :; q^:^ »fUJ 

. r -; ', '^ •>■; ■"■Hi "n-Ji-^-. ^ C' 6^,^, U; >:-. : :-.~"';nt!i1 ttrfi 

• . ^ ,. ■;;>,i'f i'-f. -r--^ 'r'^S'tf'y J-.:.^i;> MJ,;.' •'?»/;? f^< ♦rfj^:, ' , itTj'i' Js ■ -..ii^'j''. «i: 

;,;.•;*■•';,.!:..-, : ■- -_ \ --■■.;;. y' :;' ,•-''■ -.!■:. ■, :;.>•■' ■ f'^^;. at.'^iJ J r-.':i^ ; «{1 

W/>^ ■"■■ ■' •■■ . ■' ; -> ♦■•»; ■^■"^^'■:''i-ir M. ^-■■': ■■::■'. ■l-'^ ■ ■ ■:,, "J •■"■!■.-- 1..' ■ v*,^.i, 

• ' • f ■. / ■•:.• V , ■;■.: ' .' • . J ■. v"- ■ .;, j. .; : . ;-■■ '•: i I ■( i .i -^i: Ci^' , \^w ; '' i.* ; i' 

;i ii "■-: ■! .•> ■-- ■ '-■ .' ( m:'' ;j ;,; ,^^ a' '. \/^*': i_:fAi ""i^igv L;Ui li*;^- - . -< •-- - 

-Lri/"" ■-''■■! i, . ? '.0 .■•;•;.■;■■,■'■.:. ;vi «Mir;>'^f'3>:'''i ^d lov'TOilJ' J^rr 

e?\j *i? ?wT.'io.'<- >(.'.• iJila V J •.»;*'.:. :* !.r tlno'; . (ujr'o ^njBJ;')!*- rtotf^t- 

elootir to ata^rJ Oy thoir 'le'-urrer, it ■■^■.f cr I'^r-Kl that a vrlt of 
wanda-nukj l39U<<» ;« pra-y^d »"d ludrj'O'^t for ooato *?43 rendoreri a^alnat 
Ibo roopond»rta (anpellanta). :ho arpelloo }v»i- not fllol ar anx>«»uLr- 
arco or brief ir. t^ia oeiaa. 

. r. Pi:EolDl-i:i JJoliO,"' .Jv;.■^!*L/v^ doilvero-l the opinlor: o " tlsy court. 

The app«iliiritis contend that th^o court erro ii i»-i cv9rrijl1'''f: 
the vlacnirror of tb^ rflaporKlonts (arpolltirta) to the a??>ori<i«>'i p*jtitJor 
and Ir entarlv;- Judi'iEO'-t for t)ia potltior.or, &^a t^e follo-.Tin;' roa.iora 
arc aooi^r.od In <3upport of* th i-i o. rto".ticr«: "i, hy rati tier i1 :t net 
set forth faota «'>iloh si-io* tiid ItJg'il exiaterc« of th* cffioe or poaitliw 
of police otitrolmttT. nor tt;s rli'J'.t of t^u.' pct1tlcn:;r to hoi) It; 
ij, ;h^ p^Lltior ar'.o^s t>ittt thu .:lYli .Servioe Jomi salon h»-i ,1urlG>llc- 
tlon urd proooodsi! in oorforrnlty aH,^. tht> roiulr'*" '>rtn of tho "Ivll 
service ,,ot." Aftrjr a cirufwl e»x>tmlnatlon of the reoorri 1?^ thl^ c*'?«, 
»e ara satiafiod t*:;*t Wyfi contortion oJ* th.T appeilantn la ^icrl torlons 
for both of thc» rvSfiJoro ussiipied. 

it iiJ not r.ocoaaary to oit-,^ author: tltaa ir anjpport cf the 
•ell krosn rui« ti^ut a arlt of rsandjiTnia should not b isfluod in any 
Oftjs unlt«3a tho party applying: for tJi*:* writ ;..ho*s a cloar rlc^^t to It 
•nd a oiour l^'^;*! duty on tho part of tho resnondant, or retirondenta, 
to perform the aai aou^^it to bo enforced. 

hu paLltion<ir Yikh filled to prop^^rly ploai a'-v ordinance 
orcHiin, the office or position of pviloe patrol'!.an, tito courts of 
genoriti Jurla<itotion *lll not ta'r-'i Julicl'il »-otloo of -nunloipal ordi- 
nanoes. ;hey nuiit be ploaded an i proved. 'hlo j^onoral riJl'i i^ applica- 
ble to a oasa llJro the prea^ ' t ons, a;^ thfjre i:> no^ "^o stntutn In f rce, 
oreatlr.^- tne offlc« of polictj patrolna'^, ' _«Ilil2]!l '^* ^^^y. ££. -^laaro ^ 
'at^O ill, ..'-i) iTid tho rij7ht f the appellee to relief miat ho pr«?>dlcat- 

•a upon an ordlnunce oreatin,3: t*;o laid offioo, and th-^ ■ja'^o - If thore 

(prr-:.- -^^-X ■■.■^^■?-0i i.-'J •:''''^J .••'■* «■ ■■^rO »: J U t' ' -i-U 'Vv --■'••, -s^-cs^ Ci^l ?sr?iToJa» ot I 
'^•^iJ^SCC^ to ^ioi/tl-^ <ai'~f ■i■^^ -.&r«cKti; i»3 r*>?,t^I Si's.? '^JPiHi rlchl* eJeal dlTOl i 

mii 'lo jnocr'r?;* .i>: vj. / j '-r-^-.tJ;''.-, '■•' It) ©.? v,-'ti"i'.y:«os;.? -Jort el il, 

,p;5!'»-<'^r::;-'v.-'T "^o « j:if-i. ♦■>att^-i ^ ''J 'to .■7*v^ or"* f:(.< .^£•■*■W^ Ij-=m-X •X/a©l0 

.'■fees .'Vi'..- si t-j .; itn^'ote. ^o/i «»fIJ arfoT'. 
«;.:-» ■;(: • .;; . 'v. ;. f •T'-'iv K '^-"^ J.''SltM''l 'Jii 'ti:*iioiali^q ©tfT 

~?'.i.-' iwrfr. ^^ o .;■'.■••' 1,« <r. il'./j, w^iR,^ ;^-.* ill* noi ^cf be itwr. 


-. , . ! ".:•. 1. tr'T O.I <»rtii»cfi* erti t. .. ., J tun* l-- 


3 oro - a)ivuld have . e«n specially plo.«i«d. - t>^tt v« City o f chlcairo , 

06 til« <j.^''.i.. " ^ho offlofe 01' pciic<4*;i'-. or pi-ilse patrcl'naT^ v;-j?a ur.Vno//r. 
the oonuoon ia.f, ari'i aiiordver t^uo'i office «»xi .*tj it ±a tho or<^:itJor 

f Ll.e dttttute iurf or Eunlcipal orainunoa." j ull i n v. 01 ty, ^"S ill. 
72. ii© ulio^^utlcr,!? in tn« p-itltlor, sc fur ay t;i«y rwlut*-' tc ary 
lio;-6d or-ilnunoo orautin^s tho office or poaltiori of police pjitrolmar, 
r« i2or« conciuaicri; of tho ploader anck not utAtencrta of facts frc^r^ 
hloh Llie court can dwtorraine wh^Uter or not th'3 position wna croatod 

7 orllr;©. ho ullogowtlonu that tn»a petition^^^r (appelld<?) ^un trloJ 
jr th.; >.ivil v^arvioti Ofircl undwr th^ titl« of pollots patrolRar ard thut 
pprv;pri»tiona for nla aalary a-a iicliot* patrolnnkn *oro wada by th« ;l^y 
ouroil nareiy tond tc «)iu . that m<s 0.;^:; itr orfiosr de faoto. ir a pro- 
•eiln^: llko the pro/i-e'Mt ono It Ic n^ceajury for the potltionor to 

JHe^o 1'^ i^ia p«titic») tr.u l»gal exiat»no@ of tbo offioe of police nfitr'ol- 
Ml ^' i iilj Id^al i-i.i»;'ii, to hold It - to aile^o that h? i-.« an officer 
£ JH'^^ "•'* *"^-^-'- ■-^'* SS. f-^'^^*^ * •-t>.-H. V. Ji t,,' c_f J?i l cag o , oupr".; o eJil 
• iilH.' '^-'^ ^-^^^ ^'-^' Hoon V, rayer, .214 ill. 40? ul H ? v. Jlty, 

Ae »« huve h»r«toioro wall, it h*. o boor dofirltely iQtorfrlrft.l 
ly our uprennd uourt V.iAt thero is no.* in rorc« no otatut^ cr-^itlrv^ tha 
»ffi0T; of polloo patrolmsir, urd that u rfi-tlt or' thla kin i cannot be maln- 
i4lr.od without m'. or;in;4riOd opwatlnf thy offic , ( or ach v. ;ity o f 
ihlcu^ 'c, ..'0 ill, ' ?">1. ) iho follotslrv: lanpuaga Ir that oa«ri protsubly 
'«plaln£^ why the anrnillee did not fcllovi thtf proaert a-'poal: "^<ct only 
loto the p«titlcn fa'l tc ailf ?' ary ordinance cr«atlnp. auch office, but 
»Oun.u.i otatoa in hi.' bri»»f tb - thers la ro suet, ordlnar^.o, ard that 
therofuro it fellows th^t i V\ court adhorea to Ita former dooluione 
th«rc are no polloan«n, e>ith«r df>^ 3ur« or do f acto , ir the -ity of 
iblouj^o. ihio nuy fa/ truo, aril it r.ay be tr>^ tli'it therw i ^ n. defect 
In the lii* in regtiru to the raetNcd autfK>ri?.e:l by tho itieo and ill«if«:5 
Wt of ore»it<.rg offices u>,d filliny: tn-^n, ara nr inoorJlatorcy, beoausf.- 
of juch defect, betweer; thot act and t}\e ivll ^-(jrvloe act. <f so, it 

,r.',v;ct^ '*> tiJ t- 'V ^J->i;>. .. MJ*J'»i,':i V;i.::>.'j:0<J^ ;«»»*: .139^ .&X«Oafei 

Totj-i-e-^w rn'7 r-.t .M. .-..f- xv= >r>M"^« r(o-.£/3 i<E»v«r»*f'K x^rua ^^juX- nopff- 
,-'&»•■ Xf^^^s^q' ■■.vo Ho^? ■ h-o 'rt(:^,t,?-JI,*-<:yR^^£<> -.^^-SAto '\fli ^^;;;'4^ia«i'iO e'0«*>ft|i,J^t0^1t=^'^^■•'• 
- n«^ 7.;f<M'f '■^>'^^.■''^:y'■uKril■:!■f^ J'Or: • :f?-'-*, ^li^l^iii'i'^^ &sU \Q ■^^'iOti■MUl!>lmP'^W^'■- 
■ <»l'nt»r*i*|-j *ii85c;s- v->^'':^ '?it3^;v-r,i»):f'e;:;-;-n isi j't &vfO *Jjr< #*■;]©•»% ©flit .«[iJb|r' JMKti 
"rtrf'^.* ■•*»■ ^-J! :«:1 >-:«-^^-.J- '^'-vSLui '>^ - .5 *■ ^f ^iff -Oi J'iv;*,!"^- i;ji;;g.t)i .♦Jtftrv 

oor^yin "' • ' ■"■• ' '- ■ ' '3«»»i «.ric! oS M«r»*i nl 

••luiosff . Ut Jt),'^ii ••oJttlo aw*-*' 

it ,OB "Ji .^PA aofynreU £tvf »ni t.n* J^t»« iArtJ m»e«i»tf ^Sov^ 

ifl the provlnoo or the lu;^laiatur« ah.', ret the court to .^orroot auoh 
dtfeot or i^oor].;^^ito^.cy.'' 

rho appsllftnto contord that "l*- any (i^x^& • •. -^ tha petition 
dot>8 not unt forth ?&oto ahvj,vin>- thuL tha ;lv1l ^ervlo© Jora»nl3slor 
dlU not nave Juris* llotion arii dl i not prooead aocordl)^-- ro the reqv:lro- 
••rta of the vUvil .^orvlsfj : ct." ihy only alle^*atlorui 1'^ th« patltior 
thut att'iok tho lii*fuln«aa of t.ha procoedln'o by tv9 '^Ivll .5f»rvios 
iioard, »re: fir;.-5t, thor«a waa r.o evMonoa tc support tho finiirurt aeoond, 
that t>-c patitlonor W6i.a rot pr«.J rst ;Y htm the t'l n<|in.g; jva» nade b^ th« 
;ri'il -'OajM, anJ liad no opportunity to ob.laot to tb^; aania. It 1» up- 
paront frcn the petition that thu Oivil oorvioo nourd had Jurledlctlcn 
of the pernor of tho pntilionirtr and of tha oubject nattar, and there 
art.' no fitcta atutod Bhloh ahov that tf2o pr.>oe«dlnK3 *era rot carried on 
in acoordunce *ith the Civil o«rvlo«i Lu», The alief.aticrna that the 
•videnoe heard by the Trial Iioard did not justify tho TlridlnK- o:' guilty 
arM Iturjttterial in deterriinin^i!; tha ►lufflci-.incy of tho petitlc'. x^ ecple 
21. re l V ill or v. wity c_f Ohi .ya^iOj i&rS'i 111, -ll-j. ':h«i app©lie> aiiei?.oa 
that ho *irt not present ^han the findinK. -'-'Aa tnado by the Trial -OArd: 
nor oo r.atat , hlo abaanod nay have bisen of hlu o.vr choosing. In any avont 
th«r'7 iii notbin/T in tho larf that rsv'^r'ed tho prayenoe of th^* appolloe 
»t thb time that lh» finding waa mado by t- o ^riHl I'.oanJ. in the 
preeont o^xa0, ther*jroro, ovon if th<i pctitlon-r hnd properly allegod 
In hiH potition ar ordinarce oroatln^r tha of flea or po=jltlcn of pclloe 
patrolman, thare ara no faoto Jtatod In hla p-^tltlcn that shOiV that the 
•otl.n of th'.j Jivil ..orvloe o krJ in dlachar^int: hiva * <.3 '-ot afirrartod 
under tiic lu.<« 

J or tho fore^joinf; r«aion3 thu JuafCT;*nt of the -'Ircuit I'oxjrt 
of Oook uounty nil 11 ba rovorsed ana tho oauiie remanded for furthar pro- 
oeedlnij: not inconaitttont with U*io opinion. 

■ f,: : ''i^ 


:- i. '' 

s"-'~ 1 

:v--. ..M 

' :.•• 

■ r^.-T'}! 



" • , ' ;■■ -i- 

,-■ V 

. •''.' ' 


o ■ -,-- •:• r-,-o ?'.-.. srsiij-^:;:" .:>':v' vii^'^; .:;'■ ;, ^';.:'^ .!r;^v fii-u ■■:wfV)it timq c:*-.' 

■ ■■■-. f.:: .: :'v. ■ . f^l ^f.' ;.::)0 fK^ ,;.< 'Vi/o'; 'aJiiO CS.'-" 'liiiX rTi0 t^ " " ' 

:;^- ;."';■•■; ..v'" . • ■• '.■^^' .- y /v.* ;■■•■; 'VJ"U< i";l; /.fi' .-O'-!'?; i:c::'-i i><v^;.»i*& B^airt : 

-..■■\'- •-.:•:• ' '• ..'.:•■:■■••;-- ,.-v' J. -;.;iVi-;.. si'^.^'; • :1cfjtin eonjoMc' 

r-.v-« v-'.-' rrj, ,;:(•■■•?..■, ' ;- ■■■■-■ ■ i' ■ --O •:>:.;:^ ••v.e:: vj>t- '-.;Sf?fi,^'?;.;; mid t^f^^'"* 
^■^.! [■'r!-:*t ■■.■ o^r. .;-•.. ••■:; ;:- ::.z'\J :..■.:■_ -/M I'i p^frlt^J'S'.'i 

- ' ■.' ■ '^ . y>>-- t' .■ . ■ :r-. ■>■-■•■- .5.; . (.v! ei»rtl titnas.' 

I5'- :';»-V't . '.■■■■ :■ .. .. : ■ "i ■ .:r: i: ,1 - -^ ■ ^.- ■ — lWi'> ftllij 1« 

-C'{': ■7--.,;''o^ ri, '.- ~.. ' . •{ ■; :■ ,' ■, .;• j,-., i, ,.^T:-V!V» wa XlJtW f 








434 - i07'^:l. 

.iOkfi^ ^^3i: S'lAtS BANK* a 
JDrporatiors, 'v 

▼o. \ 

^^ Appellant, /' |_ O 5 5 Q 

^<r», PligJiJDliiJ Jai>riG^-«a^i51,A?filallv«r*'i th» opinion of Uie oourt. 

This was ars action of t^-^ f Irat cl-isi In th? '?u«li5lpal 
;ourt of Jhloft.fO, "brou-ht 'oy the &5p«^Ho«? (fesriinj'.fter called the 
plaintiff) ti a appellant (h«'r'?irarter celloa the def ^rdflint), 
to r^oovQr en 't o« pronslasor/ net?? In th«j prlrolpftl 3W of 

irT2,06, «rlth Intar^at thdr-fton at sljc per c«»nt. por aimug , exoout- 
vi t'j' tte fi«f«r.-ar.t and 'nad» payable to ore Alfred Anderson, The 

t>uj tried b>*fcr» t?ic sourt lard a jury, arl at tha close of rxll 
the evl;j«noe the oourt dlroot*! & v&rdlat ir fiavor of tha plaintiff 
for U~31.f'C« Jiid5!2ont *aa ^^rterei on t^« vsr-iict, ani thl-. appoil 
folloaed, ! 

Tlie STldonoa bHo-v^ that otio 4lfr«J .wdewj^on, n. doTJCuitcr 

t th* pl&lrjtlff bank, h%d frc^ tir^j to tl:-& certain business trnni- 
ictiona a»lth t?*9 letar.'ltkTJs, ani that or varlouT oc<5:i3lor.9 h* tock 
r!ote.3 of U^ ■ d«f£n<lant in oattlffi^srat of th«3 3a-*o, ':<:iie5e rot^o, h«, 
fro- tlr-"? t' tl"».9, dlaooijint^d fith th^ plaintiff and prior to the 
tranaAotl<»i in q'.'«3tlo-, th» notos nam o.l'sa.yi poll by tho ief ct^ lant 
as they s&tured. C^r '/ebrusry It, li^l.'i, tho def^rdurt '?x90vt%B'l and 
^ollvdrod to tht» said »*rd©rson Ma pr^stoacr? rote - th« one on 

.loh thfr pr«>oo»:t 4-5Ult l- bro»jjht. /indertjon disicctmted thl* note 
. ith the plaintiff, and hlu jh©:!!'infr aocount fla:^ or^dltod >*lth the 
,,>ro3e©d» of the sarao* .'Mn! not« »«v:.» not ,rlve>n to ths bank by /r.ier- 
oon in psymart of r« debt, j tr^naorlpt of tht» bank*«i book^t, ohow- 
InK AnderHon'o ohdcklrg account fron the Jato thia note «&^ dloccunt- 
- 1, to SkTrd Inoluln^; t^iia dale t^ult the preaant suit »fa,;i cc'-r-'onced, 
«ite& introiuoed at tho trial, and It App'->»rii that Anderson *e ohecXln^? 

■ ■■ -l.- 


,C-': ,■....&»• i^'v.- 

.Vtf X 

■:t/;v :; 

eo'^ount «8L0 «r aotlv* one: thnt hatitevr th« n&i \ (iatos r.ti.Torou« 
d©r>oalt8 wore Radio otkI -f^uiy oh0ov.<» tfara drayir af»!aln«t t>»« » 
that his total balanoa, aft^r r9<36lv!nf orp*??: for the nolo In 
qu«»tion on th^5 fJat** It ^jifl deposltad, «*• 3!j-»;^.4^, r\<%i that be- 

I t^eon the da*,e? of th-i dlsno'xnt cr* th« no»« ani th» slat^j of the 
aat'irlty or the sareo^ Aniarpon lirom chwok-s ai;^?i1nc?t hia aonourt 
mzfyrne^tlnz ntore than ir^t^-^r), ^jn the* dnff of the s^riitirlty of tha 
not« An<l»rjon hJid an deposit In tho bank ft WvOT ,«TAftt':r than the 
aaount ;lu3 on t?it^ not«. Vihon the noto r«Il rtua th» dftferdant re- 
fined tc na? It, an<^ tblr. srtilt tolloa^A* 

I In hlQ affidavit o:' !s*»rltd»» tha aaf&ndant all -apod tJiAt 

h9 had a oor.platT'sr d«ff»n»*j to the lald noto amino t ♦-he said Ander- 
oon, in t?xat th« said not« iv^- /-^ivon to tbs t?aivl And«r3f>n -without 
any cor idoration, and that th*i plaintiff »&>? not a bnna fide hM>lder 
of th« «fv'i9 for valu«. 

I i'ha deffsrdant eont®n<i?* thait th« plAlrtlff, ;tt t>i« tir^a of 

the -maturity of th« not«, had sufflal'^ct f\inda on d«;vC:.^lt In the 
chookln^-^ account of Andersmi to cover tbe araoiint dti« on th« rote, 
and that It thorafore* ba^5 t^5« rl.^ht ■-jnd«r tho 1«... to ohar?e th«» 
a:330unt duo on tba note f^ th** j*aid account, ard tbat It «iax» ltr\ luty 
tc do -70, ?ind that not havlrs: don<» ao. It oarnot nos olaira that It 
i 3 *r innocont holder of the not« for valns, i\n.i thsnt unciar tha facta 
proven In t-*-.c caua, the court orre <t In axcl;j^11n<r ta'^tltnony boarinc: 
on the oont6»ntlon of Uio lflf'-»ndant that th« nota Mf&o «flv©n to Ander- 
son b/ tha def"i^ndrknt slthout any oonsildar^tlon, 

Vha qTiastion for uo to d«tvralm la: tuo It the duty of 
th<. hank, undar thi» facte cT thla ca'^e, to char/re the amoijmt of the 
not© to ."'^laraon'B account on tJie day that It fail dua? "ha do- 
fondont cita»'-' In mjnport of It a oortantlon that It aaa the duty of 
the bank to do ao, th* cawi" of rt'arrian v, ilrat Natlcma l i^ank, in«? 

I 111. t^O. In that caae th« court hald th^t :i barlr doaci not b^icowa 
an Innooant ouroha.isr of a na<^otlabl3 note 3o aa to ontltl* It to 

: -_ ■--- BXff •, r ■ .■ ^ ■ ■'•■',r '■':■■';■'- r;0'' n,*;.'^ »'A ^^isf^- >:>.■" '^^ 

■ > . ^^ -. - ;■ . ■■ ■■ ■■: .. ' ^: • ■. -■ , ;•' rt. .■■••■>'^"' -,^,.■"• ,<-"Tw^t; r,r«' 

* ■' ■ - ' ■ '-",■ ■ i~ ■•' ' ;"" ■' ■".'■■ ■"■ * ■'..'"'i'" -'^I'T' '.f!7"; 

■. • . - ■■,■,■: • ; ■■ ,-:■■■ -r -r-^' ^9 v^?- 

*■■■- , .-v.^ . ■ ,■ ■-'.,•::. ,-•'•■ /-^ .:,r^' ; :^ ^ -v ,?V<r«('^ jtjt 

\' : ' c . .' ■' . V. ■':''■ ■.■.■■'«' -•''■ ■";'■ • ■ C-. ■■•'^'*' W» *J. 

Li.-. :;,♦ r. ■•-' : ■■ ■; ^- ;,;:,'•- :*,.:. . " '■-. ,-; -t :*,.-?* 1 ".■-. . 

f-j V- -'•" ■ ■' '•■■'■ ■ ■ ■ , , r,,;. V- iit;<r; sr^T 

VC -'.t '■■-..' •■-■ ■ , ,. _ ' . , ,?•>»-,... -i**. rfX c 


protection agalnat Inflr.nities of th© pap«r by ^wrsiy dlaoountlnj; 
the oaicQ for a p^rnon not lnd«btod io it anl or*vlltln? hlra with 
the pro8«dd9 by »ay of dopOt)lt» aa ;^u<3h dapo iltf so lonn; as It i# 
not rflthdr&.vn, 1« eubject tc otjultiaa of prior parties! but the 
court aloo hald in that o&s« Utit tho IntroductiGr in ovidonoo, by 
the plaintiff, or thtr notca fiM^d Ui?OK, '»ndor«ei in bl&nk by the 
payee* is prir". ; .^ fiole ovidloncso t'nat th« plaintiff hAn ifcoquired then 
Ir »ood faith, for value, in tiio ui»u»U. course of bu»inea6» boi'ore 
aaturity anl slthout notice of defonaAs; an i nudi prc-of be 
overcotaa by tjho-vln;^ rseraly tha.t ths orif;lrai trundaotion b*jt«^er» 
tho plaintiff and t^e i>ayee di i not, of its- If, ecaount to a purchase 
of the no tea; ani that tho defendants to a ault an a lo-a, crrouf^ht 
by an eniorjea bank, in ordsr tc austaln iii«air jlairis that t 'a bank 
1j not entitlfJd tc protection hs ati innocont porohaa^r, rauat show, 
not only that ths bi:nk ac-raiy cre<liteii ths proceodi of th;? di.goount- 
ed note* by say of deposit in f.tvor of thij payee an i thixt the o^yee 
sao not then indebted to the bank, but i^jt alao pfovo that the .^rount 
du<i uyon auch dei>03it, if uny, h&i not beon draw ; , out a t the tl r:>Q of 
the^trJUiljj, ther j beir^-i. no cloiim of an evrlier rotice tc th^ b an it of 
Bi ; oh defend©, ^leu'ly tho iefendant in Uie pr«i»c;nt case ha^ r^t 
brought hlisBQif altliin the ruia annouancod in Uiat oaa-., a:^ tho 
.vldenoe ahoita that ttia prooeeda of the diacountei noto i«are cheol^ed 
but by Anderson l>eforo the aaturity of tho nutwi in quostxon, 

ih© defendant further conti?nda that the court *j»rrdd In ex- 
cluding: oertfiln book entriea made oy tae bAitk «ubaeyucr.t tc th& 
brin<!;lng of thio suit* /e l-*av^ oar.iiiilly euni»idorcd t^An contention, 
ard we find it ^ittiout th^ ail^X^teat tsez'it. 

The Judgnttnt af the iuniclpai Jwurt of Jhioaf^c v»lll be 


St -r- ^. 

,fr:l •;. .• 

?-:)-'5' : J.:: ?^ ' . ViTii ' ' 

■^v r .-J, I Li^n 2*:., 

••: . V- r ^^■VE.-' '■Cii-iotra • 

'■<'f, jr- xsa X^ J on t 

; :. tiiiiJ K sort's <^o(teht9 

"^'■^ "*i."1K*»it». 

447 • 20779 • 

BAOLAY HOrilgt i3t*i|«»d Attomoj?^ 1 

">K invi*'"' 

Mk. ^h^ilOVJd JU:;rXO$ iiCASLiAS d»llv«r<Ki th« oplnler el" the court, 

( Thfl nrsrjslloo fll-?! a, »>«tltlon !n th« -Jroult or«irt of 
JooX sourity, oe^k'.r*-]: to cowpfll th«> »x»j>«ll«,nt, fey ^t^mrtnJBu*, to «lfl3i 
a petition a-i .>tat«»9 Attom*>5r, for l*«(*vo to flj** dm lnfor^?at1on 
In the TTiture of a yto 'yaL rrn *-tQ« t^i^ n«!>tltlor- «.ll«»^«4. In £mb;itanoe» 
thut .jftrt&ln peraor.K, tharoln na'^^M, 5^fiir»» unXa-^fuHy ©X«at«>(l arid 
ttotlnr a-s trt3f»t»e« for tho Aa0ri«»r! ' <trdl«al Maoooiatis?!, an illlnola 
eorporatlon, not for prcflt. .^ goTierol 4or«urr«r to th?* o^tltlon, 
lnt©rpc««d »jy th^ app#lli*nt, «a^ sust.nlaarl b-r ihn 'Ircult aovrt* 
wh^r'mpor the appolisa «sl«»ot'*d! to i^^tAnd toy Ms !J«titl;>n arl aT>Tt<»al«d 
to thlo <3ourt» Tbla court (*i9£2iS.» Q' x _ rgl « :,V jl gto n v« io yri^, it>tte*o 
Attom9.f » l=^:i 111. .\pp. 4;), hold that th>» r:;ir»ult court «rr9>i In 
3y»talnlr?;- th» do^urr-sr to th*? petition for p^ardamts* ttni revorried 
tti« jui,'^'<»nt c:f thnt court iin-i r(»warde<i U^*? caua*. rhv'r«»ftcr» 
tM'4 90urt« ^ Jtlpul-^tlojn of tho p>^rtl<a-3 t Cvt a^ld^ th^? 3'.i'?.^rr^mt 
it had anterol, ov^mvle-d tha d»'-'urr«sr ard «r.t«r«(1 & fins.! jucln'..''5»nt 
».warfll?)i<T (t p^re-sptory «T"lt of sl'^«dJ«B^a, o<>r.rnrfllri? th<» ax>p' .llf*nt, th» 
.>tftto*3 Attorr.ey of >cok ooTirf/, to >^tt^« th*» artli Infcrn^tlcr. 5r, ito- 
ecr<laTio« -;lth th* prayer or ' 'Mtlon, th^r^nftvr an )f»pp©i\l :¥->..s 

taVr-sn to th<? cjapr«t»e court and t.*~.ut oourt (? ^ooX »« «y rel« l yiptor? 
V. ■ cyn» , :^i;: 111, >\.), hald that tr<la oourt hud no Jurladlctlor. « 
rottflthetadln^ tho etlpulotfton of th« parties - tc wntflr a Ju4ep«nt 
OTorrTJllnj: thp a«c?urrer iir.d nwardlnr th« «rrlt, e^r.^i tru ju'iffront of 
tMl.i oourt aai- rov«rat>a aiul tho 0bvxfl« r ';'^srsci<*4 tc till 3 oourt alth 
dlrcotiona to «nt«sr a Jud^rnont In aooordanoe with th^- on* orlrrlnally 
enterod by thla oourt. rn^r^aft^r thla oourt r«*?««n.lei tho oaus* to 

. /■- ■;,•■ -■-.'■ ( ■ : ■ 

I ■■. ■ , • ■ ■ ■ , 

- ; •■»; :iv ' '" { ', ' / •«^'^ ^ 

/ -^^^ ■ ; l."--?if ' ' '" 

,*-.i_-'r ■'-. ^-:\sli3f'5 .Arit?' is«H,^v..:;};X';-ts »:*J,f^vi .?i.ltvsf& \^*ii4Iii. 

"■ , . ■■■■■- ---t. "■^'- 

• r,-*;-. • ,. ;• -k^ : '-s • ■ ■? ,;;::;,r ' j ,. ■■; ;' iT') '^XT •: f • -.',5 

-"*'- "'"J^ '■' ■>.:'■: >' '■'ti.:.'' f '^.^';•■ ■•:;: r<«i"'t):jir«'t ♦ r 

th« Circuit court ard thareriftor r.hxt. court. In ob9li«no« to tha;:sqr.l o.f thla acurt, ov'»rru\v^3 iippfAltnt** d-tiourr'^r. r»i© lit tor 
• l«ot9a t3 3t&ri'i by hie dl»r»iArr^ir, un'l a final Ju/igrgort .yaa iknt«red 
»w&r41n^. a pdr^-gp to ry arlt of :3An<lA»maa ooonardln^ th» apj>«»ll:*nt to 
»1^ th;* In for?;.* tier In Ji0«jord»noo *lth the prayer of thd ri'stltlOTt 
for ta.irdiii3ua. i'hlu ar>?«al follo»«ii. 

!•?»«» a?p<>ll«e hn,: movHKl thlo court to nfrirra tha Juiiga&nt 

In t*-! . ca.'re, for th«» r'Jfia n t^*t thl,) ^^ourt 'lafl previously l«oid0d 


XX ) th« only i»suo no* prtta-mtadl upon thin aopoal, a^i t)i« fori^ar 
a«ci<»ion of tMo court on tinat question 1^ ooncluaiv* upon th"? partl«». 
upor this appeal. Thlv motion 'sust prevail. ':ht> or9af>r,t sppe'H 
pr9«>into the sar^a ault, wJt.T tht> -a -c prirtlwa thor^to, aj. t.h') former 
on«, ay^d tho only ^ueatlor. Involved In this appd^i paeced upon 
arcl decided by ua in tho fom^jr a:)pr;al. rhat ad;)udicatlon ia oon- 
elueive upon thn parties upon thii appeal, ^«^ ▼« '')ou jylaa , gt ^ I«t 
14 111. W4, and oaee-} cited therein. 

rhg appollftnt contends thut the p»rtiaa -.^T'lt rot bouni by 
the forMr?r df»oijion of VMs court, for the follcwlnf' reajona: 

"i-iretJ- :he It^aue Involved herein la one of la* and 

the court t.? not tour, i by ita fcr^-rr iaciBlon for tfiat r<irv.K>n. 

:>econdt- ho authority cited in the oaa**^ involved 
a^«^ein an'> tribunal l^. bcur^ 1 tj It-s t-iT-^ dajl^iun, 
refer to ar iaaue v>f fait where there ha^ be>n ti deoiaion on 
th- cerita. 

Third!- In th-« court's forrtj-^r decieion vr. Juatlce 
rr.0our«ly dlaasntO'l *ni t'ier«fcre the court e^ouid re-i3C";aidar 
its Rfcjority opinion. • 

v.o authorities are -.'It'ed in eupport cf this oontertion, <md plainly 

there la no merit in it. 

The Judgnent of the circuit court of Gook county •ill 

be affirmed • 

fx^Mv-r!- ■?. -K .;■;>.■■ V' >i M?? «,!«':' .i :>< : ' -.';;< ^^i'fv* ?"^'^'*i^*r ?:■--? 'v^i'if ,fe»>^; 
.f^v^'v .-rr-n^i'^; ■iifd"' , i^;''«^v>":f :>•■/«^: ^-is; /;: :;::; ti;"^"; * f.<r 

xnc*^-f.:i'f^'i j-if'. :■- ,:i.;^'t ■<;;.•>; •:.;■•'> «.*'^.!/vv'^> !^i''t;j t<;!> ;»;?•-. i;^ft*»8» tajcu- 

•t'OVj^'-- ""T <-'-■■:.:,> ■:■>••■? :;'••■ '■^.',?iv '^v '■;fl';;-J;;• 
,^»( f ■. ' . 1 ....-■- •'%:•:;.:' ; .. .-irriv'-' ■ •■?.;* 

■vv/.; ■ .--- ■•!■■ ■- ;^ii/v■r -jvJj /•-•-;-•:;•,,.■■; \<^ t 

* .'' f r'l .Sl«»rsie »•' '^' • 

45f> - fc07nv, 


TUh: P'-UPLii OP" TiVd -iirAfii 0!' ) J? 

ILLiVOIj, ) :vk|OH TO 

I^afendart In j':rr .t» 

Plaintiff In ^rror. 


f iu'UjJiciPAL counx 


01^' 0HICA-»O, 

/ l^t '^'^ 

'*R, PKiidiulfJa JU3:I0S iiOA>RiA;v...4«llv»r«cl th .< oplnlor or thf* court. 

On June -il, r.U'*, an ^r* formation au i fll^d In the '^uni ;ipal 
oourt of Jhioaj-o* in whloti it aaif oharf,";i that tho plaintiff In 
orrcr, iion iloltzsan, ft^rdlruft-jr oall'.-i th« d^fentart, "o'* tho ^:'rd 
day of 'arch, A»J, 1 14, at th« city or r;hicfti^-o, aforoaaid, rild kr.ow- 
in^iily :xrA friiuduler.tly roakG a fulcje r«pr»H«nttttion Ir. wrltlni' alidad 
by him oonoerrlng hid roapectablllty, wealth, laorc&r.tllo oorrc-'-pord- 
enca and aonnootlon^i, aasotm »nd liabilities and fraudulartly obtain- 
ed tneroon oradlt and dWers ouna of noro.-, to-wlt; Klevon hundred 
(1,100,00) Dollars from tha ' ichi^an itv«mua rruat loy^par.y, a ocrpor- 
iticn, j..»'trr.r- to tho fom^ of tha statute,* ato. rhe Infornrttion 
■tto founded upon jaotlon 97 of th<s ;rlmlnal Uoia, whloh raads as 

•shcevar, by a»^y falaa r 'preaortatlon in wrltin?t, al^nad 
by hlra, of tha ra;»p»=jctab^ litv, *>jalth, naroantil'^' ccrreaocndaroo 
or c,onn«ctlor-%, or -iaapta or lliibilltl o of M'^aalf cr of any 
flrn of Bi loh h* lu a fflwTTibiir, or *^oev«r, bain- ar offloar of r* 
corporation, by any falaft ropra^s ^rt^ 1. 1 ■ ••-> iyi wrltin.-^, kno*n '^ y hin 
to ^.»» f'Alc** and aif^jxf^A by ni;c, of thv» r6<»pa3t'ihllltv, <?6ttlt.h, mor- 
earill corroopomlanoo or oonn-oLlonj, or tho aLisaot" or liubllitlea, 
or • ny cr all of tliaf, of ounh ocruor.;.t<on, obti\ln;.> ort>Ut for '-In- 
aalf . for uuch fir- or f.r auol* oor orat'.or:, ard thereby defrauds 
any person of noroy, goola, ohattola, or ^ny valuubla thin/, or 
•hoavor procures another to tnuv.u a fal<*e report In orritlnv', ^lr"no<l 
by U:., per n 'naln,: t^^ amw, of t^l3 he tiit/, wealth, marcartlle 
oorrasiitind»>nvia or ■/sonneotior.^, or a -viotts or lla^ 111 ♦.1.^3 o*' hl'^olf, 
or or ury fir of .hi"3>-. h>» lo a no^bir, or whoyver, b'jln-^ ar; cffloar 
of a ccrrcratlon, proouraa "»rcth«r to ::^ak<* u fi-la^ report in arlt- 
ing, kno:*n by hl-n to be fiil-'e, ali:,n'id by the per^<n "na' Ir;; thi.' aarao, 
of th-: horftoty, »«aitfi, rairott-MLlln .^orroaTJorxlonoe or oonnf«ct1oro, 
or auaoti; or llj*bllVtla.i of euoh oon^crntJon, ir.l thu ? obt/ilnu orodlt 
for hl^dolf, for auoh flrn or for onoh oorporMLtic-, and t" -jryby de- 
frauaa ar.y poraon of any conay, ^ood , ohattala or cthvr valuable 
thln^:,, iir.all bo S'jntorooi to raturn tho r}crffy or property • frr>ud- 
ulantly obtained. If It oi*n b'» dor e, urd shall n- fln-vj not e-^oead- 
Ing tiijOOO i»rd oor^f'rod In th-* oourt ^ Jail no*, exooodln,' on.** yoar." 

\K\ .•;:,. Jm' : ■ •■■■■ ■ , ', ( 

( ♦•'.A; .S^'ii^ 

-b.V?::;>-'T"^'- "/.f^ ''..-; •■•■;..' . , ' i «: ^^ ^ Y^-^ 1 ^.-'^A^ifJx'ATt et"'^ ■ir^i'-^nt©©?; 

a/! fixiftl rii;hte ,'-'...; I ::■.." ^-'.;'i': ,.ij '\c ":'} 'i.'JUi^. nar.i- b6tni!6% 


uij- xi,i'i{, i. .JrH/Oci •>.'.isi' nv. a 


/ -he eaae ca^s trlod bafor-j tr^.o oourt and a Jury nr.d & verJijt ^i^as 

returrwd flmilr/, tha vlofendant /jullty. Judgment si:ta ent«irfl;l on the 

verdlot ari the daf or:^«nt m'xi a«»ntor.oo ' to oorflnenflnt in th*} oourty 

Jali for a porlod of tt-*lrty dixy;* an;} tc pay a fir.-, of 5f>00, 

:h« imooTJtrailiote^d faotH In Ib.o cuiio are that the aefo'^dant, 

on aroh ;J3, lOWt want to t^3 lohlgan Aye-uo Truat CJorrnary Irt .^hl- 

ca<50 for the purpO:;'3 of obtalnln-^ a lc»an of -ion*?y fror. tha aald ^ark; 

thjtt t^io oaahl^r of th» Uttnk, after Ihft aofeniant m«d« hi 3 roquost 

for 6 lo&rif as' «id thf:> defandiant tc.> fumlah tfio bar.k a atmtoir'ont In 

writing 01' >jla ■iHa«9ti unl llabllltlou, and the d^sfandart wa.^ hundad 

by th« aaia offlolal at tolank atate'-wrjt to fill out and alfri; that 

th* dafandart took tho blu-nk :ataterQ?>rit Jior^o ^;lth him &rd ther-:- flllad 

cut and «l/rrod U:« aanoj thut on the folXox^m, day ho «ortt to th<» 

bank un.: hand.'d to cno* of its offiolale tho »a,ld ot&tont-nt ard that 

ho thor. roooivod frcw the ij%rj? & lean of i^f 00 in o&nht that. Ih ? £>ald 

»tttt«m'.'nt ohoood but ono lie*', of ll<ibllity, viz: "bllla p/i'/«Lble to 

bankd, v*l<^^t" that at U.e tin** that the J.^fandant slgndci tho oald 

8tat«'-.0r.t, hfc ttats indQbtt»d to one ciohwldt In the Q!in cf :'?on, which 

lndebt«dn«a^j wtt-> evidenced by u J u-i >'.-:! «*rt note ol>"r,od by thv dof<>ndar!t, 

ar I that ho wai alao indabto: to trie utato Hank of Italy in tho ouni 

of i.*>'^0, wMoli lndebtodn«88 *a« «vld«no©d by a noto nlr**!] by th» do- 

ferdtt'^t ani) ..Iven to hig son, and which had been dlaoounted by the 

laat raertioned bank. 
latter fit t-ho ^MCtMCKxaEucxDcftxlctaclqcjc ;'ho defoniiant teattfli.Kl that whon 

h» ul^.-rod th« atate'^ort he ha 1 forrott»»n that he o«»1 the o leph 

SiOhaldt note, ard un to hla fallu-" fft'^^VPSW^V tc rn^ntlon the note 

bol i >y the .:tate HanJ.- of Italy ho t stiried ao. followas *'"o, i did 

ret owe Ui'iTi the money: jion did, and ho wont broke # e • "ell, 'f 

.f.y Jon would not pay, i oxti\ I got to payj 1 want t: natrcnlze "^y 

aonx 1 ijlve him p.^per and if he won't pay i have to pay, y name 

■a.s al nod to a noto that waj di^co-.^ted or In poaaeo»Jon or the State 

iiark of Xtal/t that not« ^aa :lven for aooomodat lor : by ;*03or'^oda- 

tion i »oar^, thfit In for rr^y aon. At that tlma 1 iljrnod t^.e note I 

, ?rv {-■"■«': :^;-' ^'.'^ ■^■;-i ^:-- ■• ■ ■'>r, '•■*%..•:;;%«!. .-• •■<? ?■>:;■! "^^^ijX^ffv .-4»*f^ .,.-fiK^«,' 

^j_.v i-^.i ^.f Pi-^:,?; •) ; ■■•1.-. •;.'«Jv, -i;.^! ■ ci ; •: <•■ ,^■' ;-.!.-«»l ■<j-ft>X»» ::-<^;v' «!ii 5<9fW-'» 

X"" wr f'^ -i^:'. .' -r-^n'jf r ; ■:.• ,. ,7..- ; !':->.o ,[ ^yA^; 


ior.'t f»el nothing! i don't faol beoaUijy i think my aon will pay, 
I <* » If ho didn't pay I had to pay booauuo i «lgn»d nv nano," 

iihe BJuin contention of the defendant la that V\9 orlninal 
Intent* •8»oi;tiui to the off«n.>/» oharpjod, aua not proven boyond 
a re/iaonable doubt, i*nd our attention ia purtioularly oullod to the 
tecLl'.'ony o> th« defendant be»rin,<5 upon this queotlon* rhe Jury, 
In paa8in»<; upon the 'Question of the intent of the defendant, Jore 
not bound to aooant the teetiiaony of the defendant in reference 
thereto, but in detei^inin^ tha aaid question they bad the rir^t 
to oonelder all the facta and oirounotanoes connected with the 
oaae* it 1b vory cloar that a prirn a f aoi o oaoe wu.a eatabliehod 
agalnet the defendant, artl in the abconce of errors of lua, this 
oourt haj no ri;^.ht to eet aeide the verdict of the Jury, unlano it 
oXeurly appears fron a consideration of ail the evidonoo that there 
Is a reuaonnbie doubt of tho defendant's guilt. Xt would serve no 
Ufefui purpose for us to enter upon an anulyala of the evidence in 
thlii caae. v?© have exaralned the Huvie with care, and »o have reached 
the oonoluai en that wo cannot say that the defundant has not hod a 
fair trial and that the verdict of the Jury is not justified by the 
proof. The .lu-lgtnont of the '/unioipai ijourt of Ohioa>'.o will therefore 
be afflrned. 


:*•:■; ■ -. V '.'^ ;■..., * v,s.(i J ' :'i, li> •!! .. 

■ ..£;. \_ ... -i ; ' .■-.■-';' •-/: 'a.';.' ; :?*« ♦.;<>iJ.J>l) - 0^ 

- . > --<•.: . -..i ■■., -':., r;::;:.' -i?;-: ■ ■■ ^ ^^:;;-: ■:.-}>.: f^rii io Ifaoi 

•■\.<ir- -:■ j><u' v.. ' V ,<.(- =.^ .'■, . a^^rst^ >4 a^; 'lol •ooq'^iijitf 1 

. • ■■ .:.V o:.,:s^f • ' J-w.,^ ■...'■■ inf.. ^.u 'It' .:.'^x\i-vt ?>rtT i 


jaforiinn In ,.rror» ) -iuKOR vo 

\ .=' ) 

▼aV / ) "UViJlPA!. 00i><;T 

/ ) 

19 6 I. A. 53" 

t<5r. PKtioIDlrl* JU.jLiCli .i'Jf'^'JiiAK dolivered tho cplrlor of the court, 

Ir tho opinion lioretofcr'-? filed by \x-» ufflmlrir, th<» 
j!;.ii?mert of th^ trial oov^rt, ao auidt 

"-..n June ;i', rJM» an irjfor-^ctlcr .vao filed Ir thn uniilpal 
court or Ohloa^'O, In which It «ao ohar^iel th^t t^o plal^itirf in 
error, .<ttr iioltsniiiyj, horointirtor call.:'! tho defsndart, 'or tho :j;^rd 
Juy of -aroh, a* ;). 11^4, at tho oity of Jhloa.-o, aforepaia, -ilci knOn- 
lurly and fr?iuaulontly nako a faloo r9pro^r;v^ntt>tlor in .irltln - olfmed 
by him conoomin,-, hltj ro pootahlllty-, ajoilth, .tiarca-tll^ corre.^inond- 
<imoe -j^rx oorjnyotlori.!, adoeta ar i llubllitloo anJ fraudulently obtair- 
ect theroon orddit an«l iiv©r-2 :«u7na of roonsy, to-wlt: =.loven 'undre-! 
(^l,l^n,00) Jollans from tno iol'ilf^an Avanuo Jruat vjc^pany, a cor:">or- 
ation, contrary to t-'.« forr^ or th^? ^tatuto, * 9to. he Infom-eitlon 
araj founlod upon .,9ctlon '.'7 of tho Jrlminal ;ode, »^hi ^h re^vla t.xg 


• lioov'jr* by ary f il.-itj r^proaontutlc. In vvritln/^, ol.-Ti^d 
by bin, of thu respectability, itfOAilth, norcintlle correr.>^crdonce 
or ocnn9.:tlor.;^, or aaaoti or ii;il>ll' t.i'..ix of hln.^rlf or of any 
flrr' of which h--; li a mi3;jjb-:»r, or *hO'jV'.ir, brtlr.j^, >**- officer of a 
ocrporatlon, »-.y a"*/ falije r^jprmsontatiC'^ in writing, Irrciim by bin 
tc bo falae and aLx-^d by bin, of th.j r2-.po:3tabli5 ty, vo?lth, m.-.r- 
cartllo oorrespondonoo or ccnrootlon.-, or th'H moots or llabllltloo, 
or ary or ull O"" then, of nuch oor]^v-r'itio>-, ob4alni creiit for hlr- 
8olf, for auGh fin" or for au^h ocrporatlon, and thereby d©frri\id6 
ary p&raon of ronoy, roolj, chattel.^, or ury vuiuabl-^ thir.sT, or 
whoever prr.ouroo aroth )r to raaV-a a fal;!*; roport Ir ,'rltin;', jimod 
by th's porivr. rai-lr-. tho 'j:i"iy, cf thy honoiity, we-ilth, meroartlle 
ccrro .'porden-ja or conr.y ct* on3, or .iaaota or ll.i llltl*)a of himsolf, 
or of uny fim of whioh h'.' Ij a nur.bor, or wboov-r, ^^ein^ an of fleet 
of a corporation, prcouroa anoth-^r to nako -i fulaw report in writ- 
ing, by hits tc bi fal-.o, r-ii-Ticid '.y t):.; porjcn naKtinv t^;-- P.-.Tse, 
of thu honsoty, .toalth, raerountil ^jorreapon lonco or •lonnootio'-a, 
or .'i300t3 or iiaollltiv? . of u;.c)^ ocrpor.\tlon, and thua obtalna 
credit for hlr>ooir, for a; oh firn or for jiu-?h >^ornoratlon, and 



: ..1. . :-.^,..I....:J>3«i.*. 

'.3 rot , 


■ - _ -,■}■ ,-. — .. 

thoroby Uofr.iudj a-y prr.'.cr oT iv^y money, rool-i, ohattola 
or othor valuable thln^^, a> ail b :icrtonoo<i to returr. tho 
noney or prop rty jo fra'iaulotjtly obtulnod, if It ca'; be dcna, 
aru a^all bo flro; not oxoooiln.; :^,0^^n una oor:flr;«*'i ir t'ffe 
oounty jail r>ot axcoorlln.r or.o yenr,* 

The carfo .rx3 triftd boforo V.-o court and a Jur-; -.i*"! a vordlot wan 

returned findin' thti dofondart guilty, Ju-lftn rt wan ontori3'l on tha 

vordlct ard th« defondtirt vv\n «or.tonood to ccrflroT.ent In t,ho county 

Jail for a p«r1od of thirty days a* d tc pay o. firo of ^'V-to. 

rli« ur.oontrodiottfd fact.J ir> the ciioo ira th.ut th i dofor.da»"t, 

cr .arch ;;:«., ir<i:, «*srt to tf» iloV'.lpcan Avonuo :ruat Jomuany in Jhi- 

cafTG for tb(3 purpoo-.' of obtalr.lri-r a loun oi'' nonsy frorp tho ^-.aJ-! bark: 

that tho oaehl^ir of th^ bimk, after th? lafon- art had nade hi 3 roqu'^at 

foi a 10i»ri, uukcwi th*:' dofondarr.. to furr.iah th'." bank j. atate-rent In 

writing or c\iu ai^aot's and lltibllities, and tn:' defondar.t Wvi3 handed 

by the imid official a blank statomant to fill out and airn? that 

thu defendant too': thy biiinl: .itatonont hc^o with hi-'= and thar-^ fillod 

out. and olrnod tho aiiffle! that or the '^ollowlni- day ho v¥<»nt to the 

bank una hotndod to ona of it-a offiolalu the said state --nt rxr:\ that 

hft t: vir. r':>owlved fror t?io burk a loan of ;^f''~"^ in orAah: tr.'it. th? ^ald 

atater^^nt 8ho#ed but one Ito^' of liability, ':iz: 'billa puyablo to 

banks, ,;fT0O« » that at t'-^K tireo that thw defendant al>-'n>:d th-s aald, h'j xiAii inaobtsi to ono .^oh.riiJt in tha oun of vl'^'', which 

Indobtodneas aao ©viderc<Kl by a Judizrai^r.t no to alnr.od by the dofendart, 

ar.d that ho hku aloo indobtr»d to the .^tato JanV cf Italy in tho out; 

of V '"**S *''!lch i'Tdobtednoiis ^:&& evidenced by a ne'e air.rod h-y the de- 

fondart and rlv>an to hia aor,, and >hi'?h hivl l>oen diacounto-i by the 

latter at the last r'«?ntion<»d bank. .he defendant toatl^'lod t^Uit w^'on 

he 4ji;ryvjd tho fjtat-:--!;-' t ho had ror<'ottrir thc^t ho owed tho J6aoph 

Sohjnldt note, and xa tc hl/» failure to mention tho not'i hol'i by t>;e 

State .ank of Italy he teatlfiod aa follows! *"o, i lid not owe 

then tho noney; ny jon did, an; .^s wont broke ■♦ -^ •>■ iVoll, if •^■■7 

aon *ould not pay, I ows: I tc ;iay: I want to patronize ny 

son: 1 tj;ivo hir. papor and if ho won't pay I have to pay. y nane 

i. r»i.- 

r . :_ 


V '/v 

'.'3 .!';v ' V 

';ri ' 




J ^1 


f:'. .••.^';'K-v- ■' "': ■■'■I ■ •' ' T'"-';.e ^:'-'.; •■i-lG^:-5 ;^ - i-iJ &i*» «»faOO.»^ 

,j . ^- - ■- \ • ■ -j . . :■ • - I- -,V.^j;'t * , vtt. J ;.•?:^•J■.'r«'..,.v-'J.; ^jili ^ 

■.■..■: 'i 1-v :)r;^j,"' t, \. . ' j - - ^.;''--- - ■-:.■;' ^"'■.- 1-.. 'Ici Ttr ^ dee©. ad4 -t-ttrf^ 

a.ii OJ '■-.• ■' v.:.v ;:i--v. .A >•, '-■■:^ -to i,--' • < ;--r'af. C'-.? Lu<T'^ j;« -i}as. lifO 

f ^.-r' ■" .■•• ■■.- -> . .- J \- ^^ ■ .1 .'.; .;.rjf 'T'^'Oo-f tUHOMCi 

U ' -^ .' ':■, -'^ ^^^ ^ ,? / ::v- ■ :'..:;ii jui. v:) ,JfJo iii»^6 

,-'■■:■'■ '>';'.' '■.•■ \ -;• --.v^ ,■•> I-.-- ■,;. J,vo f.:j^;, acft:ti:<«i<J»i 

■••■L ■■i: -ri ■;-...-^. -v-: ••'■V. ;.;r. -. - -f-f;.'/- ".■ ;7i^ji. o;i>. «ri tf-aXfcT X- 

->. . ••■■- ■'■• ' • ■■ :..■ . ,.:,.■■..■■ ;;,;, ■..■;>;•• ).rx '■ ( '{oitfK ^G*" 

.-.•'•j.-.-C' r- ■'■ •,.■■■:- .■ .;,>,• •' ,M ■ ■: ' -; > -'• ' ■■■ . ■ -*• J^iB «»rt^ l><>fT«I.-, 0.1 

^■'■' ■■-;^" ' *. ■■'■■■' •■''*■■ . > •■.■.]•■■: ■ U' .-.J <••■ i»rt* ,*J-ort iWwto.-^, 

ftt .Jl---^ - •• •• t-'H-jT'/ ^,T.v ,-.'•! , r*c ^i :.ti now tw IX -ry.-'.r 

waa,r©'i to i\ v.o'.." iha.. xtrio iiacotjntoii or Ir pcaDoaaion of th . tate 

aar;l£ of italyj that rot'* wut r;iver. for acoow'-OiiutJor.: by acco'nr;ocla- 

lior. 1 noon that Its for ny aor. At that tlr^e i aiirr'jod thn not« I 

don't fowl rot.iing: i dor. 't faol booaua«- i think my aor. alll pay. 

» ^ » If he didn't pay 1 ha. to pay hecauaj 2 alimcfd '-.y narae. ' 

•j""ho fflaln ocntyrtlon of th.,. 'i«f'indar.t l;i thf.i th« irlnlnal 

Ir.Lort, ouiJo-tlal to ths oharf.ed, juvj rot p'-ovo'-i boyond 

a reajonabla doubt, uri our attortirn la partl-mlurly cjall^^d to the 

too'. Irony or' V,» defo^dvir.t bsarlr!;- upon thl ,\ .-jv.outlor* -"ho lury, 

Ir. paaoine; upcr the ••,ju«atlcn of t>/i irtor.t of th's cJofg^flurt, *«rfl 

not boun^l to .'looe?! the toi^tirr.cny of the dafe^ndant ]r. rofore'-oo 

tlioreto, :>UL 1^ det9r"ilr:ir.v^ th j oul:! i^uofitlc; they had the rt^ht 

to ;3or '.idar all f' ^> faots ivd olrounotancoo oonno3tc;d with the 

cauG. it l.i very ilear thu^ a pr in:a faoio oaee »ai> ©atahllnhod 

ttgaini't tha :iofcrdurt, and in tha Hbaonoo of srznsra of l.-.v, thin 

court hivo no rlprh? tc sat aoldo the v«riict of the? Jury, unl<?3a It 

cl^^rly 'ippoiira from a con'Sl.deratlon of all th^ evlddrc© that thore 

\Q a r«a:c;r-«.bl-- ctovbt of th:^ daforriart'a guil". it vcul-1 jorve ro 

u.i«ful purpo «■:» for us tv- ort«r upon 3,r analysis of the eviia?^co In 

thin oane* ii« htxvv 9xarrin.:^d th9 aaTe with car«*, and a,-'^ >~av'> reafthod 

the ccrcluolor. tliat .^e oarrot say thit V^ft ..lefor.iant haa rot had a 

fair trial and that tho vonli^t of t •■ Jury io not Jui-itiflnd by the 

proof. Vho Ju ir?nynt of thcj vurl'.jlpal 'Jourt of ;hioai'0 will th'ircforo 

bu afflrned." 

L oinoe tho «r«r.tin;- of tha petition for -i rehearln^f in thla 

caoe, «o huv cjar'?njlly roccr (idorai ail tho rjud stlona pusaed unon 

Ir Uio aforo5;ald oplnlcr., ^^nd *:o ndhoro to th»-; ooroltj'jloniv therein 

expreaaod a.< to tho oamo. 

ihf petition for a r»Jhaarir!r aa.i (rrurtod by uj aolfly ....-:. o 

of the oontanticn, raiooi for the firat tins on the p-tltio'" for rs- 

hourin^.^, or^d vjry aiima-stly ar-'uud, t?-fi.t tha Infor^Atior Ir thia 

case i^ fatally iofaotivo, .,uoh i'. point, cf ccur'=--i», car bo riilaad 

^ ' -. -J- : '■ ■■■" '^ ■:; J J ii ,f' . ? ■ 3 :•- » - , Ttl^-ftii 
;?',,,,•,,< ■r-.'i..-v'v-^.-i; &rS "to vn;^PTi*M«» 

■".■■'. f ■■*]?;•-•%••<.'?«(> "t JUi'i ,'*'f»»'?'»*1j 

■-hi-. •• 1.1 ?ri>?,^t x/T a«rf "J**i;ab 

■•:. -:':■■■:: : i ^O'r ^ 0<JTSIJq Itft'^ttU 

•-'■■■• .. .;;:!.» !*■•;' ciJl6rfO0'-ert* 

'.;-,.;^ '. .- ' K' .i.-'v.t;':; vt't crtT klrbO"- 
/"i i ' "■;'\:. -Cut S&fttl. 

/ . . ■^..^ ^ t r . 4 

f :r the rirat tino on a petition for rehoarlr.r, 

Tha defoniur.t oor.t^ncia Vaki iY\ii lr.fomatlo»- l-x fatally 
riofootlvo, becauise (aa dafondart Ir.tiiata) It faila to allet^o that 
the Ichl.iTan Avsmuo ruat Jor^pany vua 'lofraudsd by m-^a^a cf the 
aalit fHl:}» ropre.ientntior Ir, wrltln;?., TV-V^/li^/^V 

iieotior. -^y iJiviaJon u, of tJiO Orl'alnal >oio, (*^url'a 
IvBviaad otatutoo, 15? li;, p. B.S) provide?.: " rtvory ir.iiot ent or 
aocuSfitlon Oi' ths !?;rard Jury ahull f)*? d*3<?r!«'l nvi^'ficl'sntly toohrloal 
a'"i ccrroct -shlah statws the in tho ter"~ • arc! l'\- j-uavTo of 
th« atutiitc'3 ore.'jtln-; tho offe»r?9, or zo plairly that the 'mature of 
tna offarj-io ray bo e.aelly undentco i hy tho .lury." An ir.ilcf.or't 
or inrorrt>-itio>" Is auffl^-jlort If tho defendant Is rotl-Tlod thereby 

of thtj ohur.'.e Jriilch ho 1- to, ;.-o th.'^it ho ^;xy mal^'^? hi .4 dafonso, 

if he is convicted or acquitted of the same. another 

and nay,.JCS5txj?xxJtiX3axxx, be ablo to pl^ad formor .Jeopardy to^, x ^5har/re 

for the jarr.o offunao. it ia not njaoeoaury In an o trior t or in- 

formatior. to use the vory word;.; of t};o statute aro«*.tlr,— the of ferae? 

it 1j uul'fi "iert 1 ' tho worlr? usod oov.voy th^ sa-'ie rriffaninff;. ?ooT?lrt 

v» -t. ^lair » ^4/? ill. 'j4A; P ecple v, Ni.ltyT: » l^fl ll, -'pn, 3^, 

"in mary oaaea, 'p.o;jover, tho viao of worde eqjlvalert to statutory 

■jfor lo in aufflclant, or jvorris whioh aro of rriore ojcte^-aive aljrnlfl- 

oatlcn tnur or incli^uivQ of ths statutory tsr^a, or which .ire of 

aJrail vr l-^nort or of the aaroe n*.'anln.p' In tholr ccnon ao cop tat ion, 

or v/hioh ..vjb;3tantially folio* tnc otat'>!tory A-orJu and state t-oT 

with jubatiPtlal ao'juracy and odrt'.ilrty to a raaoonabl : Int-mdnert," 

iiij cyo. :•..', 

Mo mctior: waa nado by th« defer iarit to quaah th^ ^r.for'-a- 

tlon, ind it is ■^I'jarly ..ipparort frcn> f, roail*'.'; o'' thl.-! re-^ord that 

th«5 defendant fully tindoratood th.o n.-ituro of th . ohar/re made /.faln.a 

him In thr Irformatton. it nay b* jcricoded that the lrfor-?atlor. ia 

somewhat defective in tho particular oompl.iJr.el of, ^'ut tho only 

quoetJon for ua tc ieoldo 1 •., 1 ? it Ju<'fl silent tc auppi-^rt tho Judf^- 

»«jnt in this oaaeY wr, to put it in anothor «ay, 1:^ the Infon-.atlon 

;:,- ■■' .'■ •' ■•;,- -„.'i :^;: ./r.-.-, <,,, .^jj- ■unevvi fr*!?^i:iU>lH •flW^ 

■■■•■■• ■'! ';■•: :.:;^^ ;'■::' - r! >•- .ij oJ noKJiasruit 

;•_■;; _ .'-.■■.■■■,■ .■,;'■:■• x. .' '.,.. • ■ ( j --- i'/ i'2.'l:.?ffl «i it 

. . . , .. I 

'■■■ .•■■.:• '-'. ' ' "^!' '. '■■..•;" ' !.. '.i f'.. ,-t.' • on ^fi^cjco '. ' 

' , ■ .. ; >;- ■■:'■ '■ ; : -•••■rl -r.:. -fiiiu? noliAo ■: 

...•>■• •:-'•■■.■: •■;■'■■,: •' -■-.■■•-; ..';..,.., = ,■• v- -vo J'io*^;"f •JjoXioitft ' 

,/.-■•: ,oY- - 

..■.■.■.■.:' x'T)>:;'ir rt 31 ban ^noi^ 
■■'■■•'•■ .v-,-.-^ ;..r;i!r" x.^iiJ^ Jn«.^!Ti. loL OffJ 

cij -^o.i. ■' , ^ -■•!.> .J..,, • . r. ,.;,,... J, ,.voi joTTolni i>ri-' " ' •"'^'' 

ftitally aai'oc'-lvcj? ih-i ir.rorr alcr: -jiiar.j'ioa that tho defondant 
" fra'J.Iuljntly obtainod t^oroon oro^llt ar } divert auir.cs of money, 
to-vit; .-.lavon unired ' cvii"''^,'"'" ) i^oll-irM fron thu iohl^ar revenue 
i'ruat Uowpivny." it in a faniliar prlr.oipl'j or ploadl^r t>r,t, ((»hat- 
f vor ia InoludoJ in or nooeoaurily Inrsliod fror. p.r expreaa all^jra- 
tion, noocl not b^i ot^.??r#l-ie uv^rrmt. Layulngc'r v. 'p}9 People , ii?^ 
111. 419. r'€» tMnk tliat Lheret ia enbruco'l In thi:» avttr'nort rmn-t 
I'i dqulvalent. In lo/;al erfoot, to a ilry^t oharro th'it tbfl r5Hld 
iTuat Jonpany wao iefraudofi ty troar j of tf:e ^iil.i false ropreic-irta- 
tlon, I'hd follo-'jir/^ oaaau uuut't.l'"; th<f 3onciv;3lon ae huvo roaohed 
that the Information in the prasont caao in the particular coTnplalned 
of la not fatally defootlve. Ptiople v. v^ber , l'-^ Lil. Apn. 10^:.! 
'.:, ^ o, V. jay and , 1> .'•'ed, ;j7o: jtatQ v. .:oj.cnV'.-y , 'Si/ la, 4 "9: 
>jtat5 V, Penloy , ;j7 Jorn. 587, fho jucignsnt of tho ^^unlcipr.l ?oiirt 
of Chicago v»lll thwrefore ba afflrrcad. 

■'■■■;.. ;^ •■'i-v\ ■'■..'.' •:■'■> ^ 1 ;■■"' V ^, ''!*{.:.!' ..'■T .:■■>■ '^o ni IJt>i'i..;.t,Dnl ol 'i-j»v 

<;• :' - ■, .V.', ' »-> '^ ■■;,:■;•. ' '- : iJ .c i... .. i.-^M^J "! -^ . 91 ;» ,111 

♦ee - ij070o. 

Plaintiff In Krror, 


..o.iH2iy and AuVLPH F, BOiJaJK^, / ) OF fJHIvJAlO. 

^m^?lOIi>Al. oour? 

loin;- budlneaa a» i^ii.MKY K. iTRA;*. ti/llf ) 
D«fonda>cta in tirrorj* ) 



oTATEM:-:!^ ." Or T'K QAiJi-ii"^ Louis rSuendertt pXalrtiff in error, 
•roinuftar call-ad ti«? plaintiff, euoi Ohjirlaa .r^oatrom ani Herry !•:• 
jtraaehelm and .vdolph if. .:(0«rlofe;e, dcln^ir bUHlneta-* ao H^nrjr ;-'♦ .'trasa- 
laia \ Corapany, defendunta In error, horoinaftor oallod t'-o defonrlarta. 
In an action of the fourth clao j In t?ie .uniolpal ;ourt of nhiocitro. 
kba plj»lntiff '3 orl??;lnal ^)tat»nor,t of olairc and th** first ard aocond 
DOr« apaolfio atataraerta of olairri, havlnr; bo.+n atricV"^n fror; th- 
)n motion of the dofondunts, th« plaintiff, purs uaft to tho ordor of 
the court, fll d hla t>ilrd nors apoclflo atato'^snt of clain,^ -.vhlcb 1b 
is followat 

"/ lalntlff 'b Clair? la for t#o liujidred (|200) dollars, 
said unount havln;: bo^r fraudulently obtuln-jd fro.-n th« plaintiff 
by th9 ioffvndanta h^^roin on or about the l:jth day of Novombor, 1013. 

Plain :.iff further atataa t5;at on, to .Jit: the l^t.'i day of 
Roverabsr, h~il'5, Zho plal^'tiff slr^nod a oertsir ar:reeiient which aald 
•greonjnt «»aa also slfrnsi by uharicg Joatrom, one of th?* defonda'-ta 
herein, a copy of aald ajrrooment belnr; as follOMs: 

'1, the unloraltrn'3d, JharlMs .oatrorr, do boreby ai';ree to 
oeil to LouIj .<uendort, tho property, ^ot One (1) In .".ubdlvlalor. of 
Lot r.l/'^ity-nino (^■w), in id^:owat9r Parkt u oub:lviolon In the orth- 
waat .unrter (K.Vi, 1/4) of the .'orthweat quartar (^:..v, l/4), section 
Five {."), iOsfrahip Forty (lo) ;s*orth, Kunxe Fourteen (I'l). Alac that 
part of thie taat vieventeon feet (t-:. 17 ft.) of .'.ot Ninety ('^?n), lylnf; 
directly li'eat of t)i*? abovfi m«)r;tloned Lot one (l), together t/lth all 
iinprovenontj thereon, and, knosr as ^ZA-^ i'orry Jt. 

'oubjoot, to i:'l.'. tajtea and spoolal asooon'ronto arrT «n Inoura- 
branoe cf vwo I'houoand ^oven >Junrlred -Ifty (^k2,''f'0) Ucllar-T, with Ir- 
terost at 5 l/ii^, due July 1', I'Si-'s, which the nurchaaer a-reo3 to 

' i"ho bulanoo of the purohaoe money, ;'*enty-Gij: i<undred I'lf ty 
(^aSr-ri) i>ollara to bcj paid u« follov.o: Jlx ;;un-ir©<l -Ifty ('^r'^.'=^f>) 
Dollbr:^ cash upon tlio execution cf tho Ui^ree nit ar;i tha balance of 
Two .'houoand (vij,'^00) uollariJ, to bt, paid In Inotall-wrto of ililrty- 
flve {v3'->) i-ioilara pnr nionth, jilth Intero-t at alx yy^r cert. 

*The purohao'ir ar,ro-'5.> to pay for t}v- unexpired tirre on the 
insurance Policy of Thirty-five jJunired (ir^'^^oo) Dollara, pro rata. 

■ ■■ ' -^''i' "( ^, ■ ^ 
.." .''. •■■■■ ■■■ \ r. *.. ( *."' ''-'•" «i iii:iiith(V^*t»ii 

^■^■^-•- ■■■- V' t^ ! . ■■■■ ■•■■' , ■ 

• •'■.^'r'. :."'. ./-f-'^ -■ ■ ' ; rf:- ;'ii,s-.i... ■•.^ ,?'■:■■. -v,-,^-;,;-, X/R^^lio 6'-...... .. 


■»• : ':.}''■:■/■ i V'lUy: ..'■■,'■':■.•;;..;■■ l.,..;: '-0! ^; ■-•'>»fD ?'*'^''>» tn ^■' 

: J 

+ ■■■* -.^ 

■ .:; 

■-■■■■'' ';"-■ 



Jt;4j;Sa' miS 

: i '. t .■''>'ii.- i- :'.:'■•■■'-■■, V-- . ,vj ■•■•',::■, \;(iv,' ■^■'■' ' ■ .,■;•(•; i .,, ■ ^^ 

*rhe oontract to btj executed ard nignod or or baforo 
the twelfth duy of "ovonber, iOl^S, abotrrict tc be furr>li;ho<l, 
drcim to dat«» 

•^:cv. f'th, Chae. 'OatroTs 
*Loul8 nuonlort. • 
Plaintiff further iJttttea tnut aaid asrearront la an 
a,t:r©ori9r!t fcr the purchaa v of certain real aotaty in tho Olty 
of Ohlca/j;o, County of aook and iitato of lIlinoiB: thut tha 
dofardante, iltiT'^ry ;:;, JtraaaVi-olM tmd Adolph roarloke, doin*; 
bualnaau aa Henry L<. trassnoim x Co,, «©:';-.• the a/^onts of the 
dofor.dant, Oharlea 'ootro-'^. In tho aula of the property, knouiTr 
&:i ^w4^ Perry Jtruet, referred to In t>iG abovt* njaj-'tlcnud at^roe- 
::3»nt, Uiat previous to th.> alfpiinii^ of said arroororrt Vm said 
def^*^d&r t, sj^iarloa <oatro~, by his af'onte, it'anry c. Jtr^esshalw 
& Oo.f took the o&ld plairtlff herein out to th*) pre^lcen kr.ovm 
ae ?*,4'3 Perx'y atroot and tharc ahosed bin the aaid pronlaori ond 
reprao-^^nted to hi!Ti that thtj dlmonaions of oalJ pr«i»:3l3i9o aere 
4'1jf7rt feat: that lat-r or. th-? aal'l -lefondnints hsrs'in preoared 
th« a,'Tree'3^nt ubov-i sot forth and preconted It to plalntirr to 
olgn; that ;i.t tha tlwc of the algrin/r of Q.ild :i?',reo»ent tho de- 
fendtnta ropra wonted to tiie plaintiff herein that the description 
tbaroin oov«r©d and e^itiracei all of tho prariisoa knovKT as -Ti,yrn 
Parry street, In the olty of Chloa/?;©, tho dlraanelone of oame being 
^--Jx?! feet. 

Plaintiff further atatss that alnoa the alg^ln/' of said 
»,i!^9Brenl the aaid plain tiff haa lefimai thit the dosorlntion in 
said ttr'.roanert doea not inoludo till of th** prer<5l3ea lcnov»n as '■ij'.'i 
Ferry atr^^et, thnt o-iiJ. pra-iiaecj Inoliide Lot on© (1) In a oub- 
division of Lot ei^riitz-nlne (ri-O in fid^.^^wator Pfirk, a aubdivialon 
of V V ■ orthweot =.iiiurter (j'.' . i/a) of tho 'Jorthwa^it q^mrter 
(N. .. 1/4) of bectlo?! five (.H), voemohlp forty (40) it'orth, Hange 
fourtoer (1*;), and it tiljo further Inoluio.i th(» oaot taerty (i... 2'^) 
feot of Lot JUroty {'.>-), iylnr. directly we.t of tho above portioned 
Let ore (1) Inatoud of th-i tib.:it yuvyntecn (Si. 17) foet cf cai'j lot 
ninety (90) aa deoorlbod In a^iid ;Vi-.roern-mt« The deaoription In aald 
a^^roenent dooB net covar tho rear throo (3) feet cf thf^ prr.lcoa 
kr.oMT r»o ^ii4'^ Perry utroet. Plaintiff further otatv^a that tho said 
rour three (3) fetit oonpri.i: u ocrraldarablo and ''fttt-'rlal part of said 
pronioefci and without the aaid throe (3) feet t>.-3 premlaeo would be 
n.uci". lea.^ in value; oJ'.d that tho prcpfcrty oovovad by tho ler:al des- 
cription In aali ac^ree-'unt la only 4 '.x?;* feet inoteat of 4'^x7.'!; and 
plii,ii-.Liif furthor jtatdo tht-it all of thi> prordooj known as "24t'? 
Perry atreet are 41x7«t fe-^t in dlnenalona. 

Plaintiff /urthar etatoa t)i=it th;> iofondant, Jhj^rlea oa- 
tron, an;! hia agent^i, kno.*!-* : that thi3 said Je8orl'.3tion in aaid 
agreement di i not oov«r all of thrj pre'^.iaoa kno^n aa '^4"^ Porry 
atreet, yet nevertheless th\. y purpooely an l frau iul6*ntly repreat^ntad 
to the Qttid pltilntlff at the time of tho signing, of the gal 1 af-roe- 
inont that thy deacrlptlon thareir oov:*red and o-"'braC'i>vd all or the 
prer^iaod kr.oin xii ^243 i'erry iitrcet ard that tho aaid plaintiff re- 
lied on thftlr gaiJ roproa >ntationo th.-.t th** pre- dosorlbecl thare- 
in oontalnoi axl cf th. preni.jati knovm an 'i.^"^ T'errv .5tr«et: ard the 
dof mdanto herein knew that the said plaintiff tfua relying on their 
■ i state- «nt3: oj-.l plalf;tiiT further at-itea th-^t hn ai.'mol aaid 
i-ae-ent a*-d paid over two hundred (•^'>0) dollar'^ to th-*; dofen^hLnte, 
relying on their said r^proatv-! tat ions c\i3 nolr/rr tmio; nv.A t!"i. t the 
defandanta h^^^reln kr.e.i th^it tho plaintiff h-^roin van relyln- on said 
at-ito";entB and they Vna* th-it h-j aiv^ne 1 ^aid ...i'reo'^ient and paid over 
the aaid trfo hundred {.]^0')) dcllara relying upon tholr aall ropro- 
•.tutlona aj being true, iaaintlfx" further atatoc that if ho had 


'j .'i U) '-^ 

r. * 

.■}■;■ ' ^-'r/t'iov^' iiq^•■■^■ 

.••< » 

.:, :> ■I ..^l- 

!r-fA ■ - - ^ ■ ■ ' ■ 

??v<i «^ 


|ya« rirn zr .-'♦i'-? 

i-,.j ..>.^ '/ II-' w 

, :j..:..j!',l... 

kTiO^Ti thu.t t)»cj re,urejantia;.lor.3 above m&de W9r« falao ho *ould 
net havo oignod aixid a^r«omor:t nor paid ovor ti« sal<i two hun- 
dred (■5.-^'^) doll;.ro. 

1 iair.tii'r furthor atatea that upon loarrin/'. th^tt the 
prcp»rty deaoribocl in ojiid n.'xoor.»jrt di'l net contiin tho whole 
of the pro laea KnowTj aa ^>;i<*<5 Perry otreet be notiri<»<i the de- 
fer-lanta Ltiut h<i ».a» un*lllir.'', to be b'.;un;i ':y ajili a,:^roe-*-rt sar-.i 
tfiat he canoellttd the au-'n-.* ar.d doK'(*n(lod the return of the two 
hundred ( .•.-^^•.'■' ) doild.rj puid tit tha ai;:vln;' of a^ild tijrrett-it^-^t, that 
th« dtofyndJAnta nave rt»r;aod to .icoor>t t^w ojincallution of aaid 
oortract or return tiio o>*id t ;o hundred (;ijno) dvllaru. 

Louis I'Uendart." 

re Lhi«5 atato-rec-t man attached nn affidavit of cltilm. On wotlcn of 

tho <ief endAnt • thla last aentioned atate'-o'-it of clair! was crdore^d 

otrioken fron the files ojy.i tho suit aao dig-lsHe.'J at t'-'t nlal^tiff'o 

coota* ihla nrlt of error followed. 

MH, PKKaiiJl».i J^LiTlOK JUrtAJLA/'' delivered the opi-ilon of tho aourt, 
"he defendant ar^uob. In auppart of tho astlcn of tho trlril 
court in Mvjotaining thrj dafondants* ojotior to jtrlky th':; iitatar'^ont 
of olalf frc^ tht; fil«a and in lisj ^iasi- >', the ault a.rd In ontaring 
Jud;':rc«nt for ooata in favor of tJi<i ief enlanbuj, "that th» gtutenent 
of 3laltn on ita fuO* ohowc t?iat, thv^? plaintiff la se'iVl'-:^ tc vary the* 
toi"c of t written cortraot ■i.fvi to -'et as-*id» ana arrul h v&Jlci and 
er.fcrce ibl-j contract by makln/y alle/^ations of frtiTJd and d»celt t-.s tc 
thPf reprocentatlona made prior tc tht 7V~nln|7 of the contract concerr- 
Iny, tne dlmenolona of th^ preperty, which Is fully a'"d purtlculariy 
deacribod in tho ccntraot itself. -- ■• » As it appears frc" the atate- 
n-jnt of olttln that plaintiff lo relyln.f, urt n r««pr*?oer-tfet' ens which 
•oulJ c))anfT.e tha tarmu of the contract .;ith respect to *h-- deaoriptlon 
of the property, onoh action oou.ii not be tralntained by 15... '' 

ih:. plaintiff oontendu that he Ic not aulnp: upon tho ccrtraot, 
nor io he atteraptln-: to obtain wjuitablu rollof of R^y kind: that 
hlu tiction ij brou>'ht for fraud ar^i dooait. 

ne aro iiuuiiififid vnat tho piaintlif la rlf^ht in Ma contention 
AS to the nature of tii*:* clairc aet iV. rtn ir th9 s'-^l ? titate-rint . .To 
plaintiff in tlie uald stat-J-.-rt ie not Be«''.<lr • to obtain oqul'uMe 
relief in a court of la-, nor 1« h<j auln,- to re.50vt»r upon the contract 

v--'/ • : .'■- ._■ ■■ ■.:1 s.- . ..^ t;>..-.''- ■ i'.j '>v;fT *iAlt> ' 

■ • "w ;; ; 1 I '■ ,. ' 't :t''^':.' ■ -■■.;.- -;.;; ■■:a;,_''' • '<. .. j t-oo -^tii'l ■ ;irt' 

-' ■ - .■• '-■ ■ '-"''' ':■ . ■ '■ ' i.'.-'-I.' ■• ,:.:'■ \- -' *j;."-Tf J !"!00 ;. .' 

••T>tr- ............ : ■ .., ....^., - . •■.,^{-./. f.;,^,.l.'• , •,iA.^'1c>t 

'•■'^ • * ' ' ' '■' ■■■■ ■'.'' •-.!:■ j«f;.«»' ifjll«lJ«t.' tttii- e^^ 


b«tftee'. the partlea: and vrhllo hi^ olai^: it* oertcilnl y dof«»otively 
0tHt«>vi, it iJ, nevortheleaa, in ita nM.tury, one f v r Truii i and dacolt. 
?rOR ths urrunortB ol' oounaei on both Hidyy of thla ca u^, it appotirs 
that thci action of tho trial court in atrlkin^?: t^o third i-oro peolflc 
otateriert Trom thrj fllej, urid In dl ti'^laMlr^j; t>)s ault, ari': in erterlrp 
JudFraent tti^ialnut the plulrtlff for oo^tn, t^aa predicated ijpor. the 
theory th.^t tht claic of the plHlntiff uao, in lt3 naturo, aw Cf'^rtend- 
ed for ry the d^fardarsta. 

The i\x'ip',r,9nt of the -urioipal Court of sJhlca^c .vill bo re- 
versed and the cau^e reriptf-^ed for furtlior proo»odln;ra not inco>^oi3tert 
*ith the views exprotsaed Irs thi t? onirior. 

RtiViiRiii^D Aiij H&'AKiJiiU. 

4r3S» - ;i0801, 

FF!!.DK.RiOK KLEJ.;^ ArtMnUtrutor, f ) 

^ ) 

v«. ■^.,j I ) OIK -ui : acuPT 

\ / . ^ . ..A. 57 ■ 

%i\« H^E;iiJiN> J''lOi'J i^i^lVitis;^ deilvflred tho opinion of th« ooi:rt. 

Thlj ault w)Aa "orouf;ht .y tho appti^llt-io, hierelr-^fter caileJ tho 
plriirtiff, a,.<alnct tha aprxillant, harnlnuftor eallod th« defer :ar:t, to 
recover tti© proc«odfl of a aai':- of n oertalr* Baloor buolnesia locateci at 
6«i'^ ?«'»H'3 8tr«»et, vJhicu;io. rho arjit la broti;^;ht oy th« plalrtil'f an ad- 
rrlrlBtrator- do bonlj n on of Uv oMtnttt of 'iarlft '/ieiport, doceaaed,/ l^he 
def'5rdf*nt ..aa tho ro;.iuted huabar.d of aald aria veip«rt, an.ri they lived 
tOf-oi-hdr !iO huabftind and «iilfe foi* u nunbor of yoar.i, fj^rd upon tv^a deuth 
of thy «aid ■■.aria voiport, October 7, ISl.i, the defendant "art ourvlvln^, 
husband of ti-** loceuiaad" waa appoints i administrator of ;:er eatato. 
Ihc w©fend>int operated a saloon and restaurant at ^x,?:. iello street, 
Chloiigo; also a aaloon at Ancoln and ir\?thX-m:.o\ avoruea, Oh1.oa;";o« 
Ihe defendant reai;5ne!l ao ad'rlrlfltrtttrlx of the e^tatfl of ual i arle 
WeipGrt, deoeaood, Novof^ber i-'^, I9lii» R'*d tho pl;itr:tlff, a br:thor of 
tho Joceasod, sraa ap|>olntet! ad inlatrator- de bor.l u non of aald estate 
on weoorber ;i, 10 1*;, rjurlnr, tn*s tir?'* that t^ o ieferdant rf u acting as 
adralnletrator of thy aald eatato, nj eold the businoja at >^;v;R v/elle 
street for ^'■4i;0C, I i*he plaintiff 'a theory of tho avidenoe lo that arle 
.solport married the defendant and that at the tirno of the aaid marrlnp;e 
Bhe, in /!;ooJ faith, beilevii thil th« .efendant waa a alngla "^ar and 
that eome tlmo after th<? ^ald marriajta ©ho dl;iQCvered that th»v defend- 
ant had a *ife llvinr at the time of hla narriajro to her, ( 'arle Vel- 
pert), and that ahe mnA atlll living and undlvorced from the defendant, 
and that a fo- hours prior to Vbm death of 'arlo .olpert, eh*!, the 
■aid %'arlo .solpert, entered into an a^' t *lth the defcmdart that 
they ohould separate and rot live to^othur any morfi ao huuban • and wife, 

and that thereupon it *:i. alao anra^^i retweor thf» uaid purtioa t}'at the 

.iOBO- - < 

•.■¥'x \ ■■.:i 



.■? 'v-l' U -.'■ 

. .t "? y r 

^^.^ ;.;';. ;v ^ 

V •-..ri' ...ji 


"W'ri'vt •- ' .J 

•■.,T ,:i!i; .'■• -i-i-J'-Hi-.O' ^^«ii>SA3ttGttl> a.<tn«9te(K 

f. '': .. .■■...j6.o :i::l •;;,!' o.u" la 'lojan^falwltofc* 
< < *^>'' fl£{iJ[ (>;f to tit] di«TUCu1 *el » ^jirtJ' 

.* ..'. i r' J -f ...'t^'* I' 

dofeniiant nne tc take Iho aaloon at ^Jnccln and »rip:htwco<i riverusB, 
airci the deceased was to taVo tho plnjo of bualroas at -V^if^ '.volla atraot. 
It Is altto claitcod by the plaintiff that /Ari© .Jeipert h'id ar Irtereot 
In tho property Ir. ^ueatiort. Ithln an hour after t'o allertc'd a<rr©e- 
a»«>nt Bun wade, ';ttriQ ;;j;lport, </ith auloldttl Interit, took a dose of 
carbolii; aoid and di«d frorr; tr;a effects of the saKQ an hour or two 
thereafter. .fie olain of thy defendant 1^ that the property In -juontlor 
belon<>;ed to him and thut the ^ald ^ario v/elp'^rt haJ no interest in the 
gttf'o and that no auoh a^ee- cnt a^? la cialPied by tho pliilntlff Aftti !«ade 
betareoR :^iarle '.Velport and the dofyndant, and further, that tho defc^ndaiit 
did rot dell or rIvq th« said property to aarle .elpert* :h^ declaration 
alleged, in cubstanos, thit Lh» dflf«r.jiii'nt, ad-ninlatrutcr, took poaaos- 
•Icr of ail he /;ooiu, chattels ard poreonal aotat-=» of the dooenaed: 
that d'jrlno: the tlr^i- tht> dofen-l«int .'?ie ac'.lrr •'io ♦Jidmiriatrator o*" anid 
tetate h^ sold a lar^/e amount of .vioods and ohattila b&loncrlnp to »ald 
estate and received thex^tifor the a'.-n of ^,^^()t and ccrverted the re- 
cainder of aai-J f;ooda and chattela to hia oam use, and refu^eo to sur- 
render «ttld goods and c^iattolo! to tho plaintiff, or to account to the 
plaintiff for the proceoda of aaid aale, to thd dit ■ar.'i of the rlalrtlff 
in the aura of r'^'^f'* '*^^'^ deolarutlon aloe ccntAined tho oo.'T»'ror counts. 
N^The case #ao tried before th* ocurt an.i a Vary, anl the Inavoa aere 
found for tho plaintiff ami tho dainaf.'Qs were a.aoauyd at ><,aon. Jud?;- 
ssent v^o entered on uio flndirf, and thin app:al followed. 

Vhe dofondant atronuoualy ina^atJ that on tho rrorita of the 
Oase he waa entitled lo a verdiot. .vj are aatlafled, aft«r i oaroful 
•xarslnatl on of the ovide^oe, tnat the case, on tr.e facta. In one in 
•hi oh the defendant haa a rip;ht to de^ard that tho record bf> free fron 
oubata^ tiai errora of la*. 

rh. .^urt Ravo to tho jury at tho roqueat of the pl<iintiff the 

following Inotmotion: 

" ihe jury are inotructed thut one ?node of Ircpeachinf a 
iritnotio la Dy ahcvir^^' thtxt tho nrltraoB hu3 rsade diPferunt, an i oon- 

jr cccasiono. If 

tradlctory otater'.yntc en the a^xr^';) polnta en forr^^r occasion 
it appears frcn the evidence in thij ca-e that either of th 
neaaea haa been Inpeached In thia 'Aanrer, the jury have a right to 

ji^ y. -*>.-> '>;.,^ -. :. .\:.«j ,T:...''l''a^".' i'i-J.i'. ■<.♦■" si-; 1 r>u e-j^ii ..•:':^.ti .iteqis'i,' ^sjJhte'-' rMMditf»c 
-'S'^ \--\f ir^J^-jjvi'..', fv"--: ,•■?:-/', V'. -vi^ vt^r::. i.:1;if 'ii>':A'''i'»H$ l5*ivMO'9'TC fefl«iA##lij««< 

.'■•v' •. <-■ --,,"'!.7 '- <•'• hr^ii -^iA iioteJtte efi«v#iw^ 

r-'^y,'. ■^,- .->'■■' v>n- r-. . :. ■. ii;««Mv ^„ •■, 1.3 iJi if ft* ■.•*» ^•rf iBa»i 

'7i '.'^■? '. ' ■ .; : ■ •• •.»:■.; '•':- ,Mf.j,r m.*:v .tp' ;! ,«fv:,r:--: li.'.va OJlJ lo no tianl!- 

-.».iric lie. «*roTt» i*)t^."ii,j,; 

tuke Irto conaldarattton oi^ijh inspeaohTrert In .ietorrirlnK the 
valuo of th^ t'.iatlCTony of !iL;oh wltno'j- or sltr.oi^as .-. An.1 If 
the Jt-ry b«il:;vn thivt ths jtat&-^t*ntB rmvU* out of o urt by euoh 
«1treo8 or jltnoaao:j. If t.'^ey bstll^vv from the evlderos ary 
auoh ottttoriontii h:x\"? bson maOo, sere t)io truth, tr.or, thev have 
a rlfrf:t tc oori/tlficsr auch atate-^'sntti. In *oi<hlng the avlderoe, 
■rh«rti tiisy aro o':r!traciloti.ry of thu atut0"er:t8 of au<»,h Alf^dai*. 
or *ltriei3a*«a upon tha lit&nd." 

Thla Irdtrviotlo- is cloorly btiJ. ;y It, tho Jury r^ro told, 
Ir ^ffttct, Umt lA *lt*^03fl oculd ba Impoaohed f£«i t£ ur In^nntc r' ai 
mutte r In hi a toax-imory if. roforonoc to rf.'lc-h ha hud »n;i.:ia H I'f "rer>t 
ana cortradlotory 3tate;r rta or- forr.--r ocou.»icna. It i^ nioo oper 
t. the orltlciatr thzit a jury rrip;ht ur.dorstarA frnr it that u ivHroag 
ii i^paftC^^o<i (a sltuatioT) thut woulil authorize the lury to di.^r»f'nr4 
thi. »intire uncorroboratod tostinony of the »ltnea»), where it l3 
showr. thAt h6 "h'lts f^ado ulffero* t Rml cortr ;ilotory at*tenflir.t>i or tho 
•ttco polrtE or, former ocoaaluna," Proof of auJh atat&rscmt.i, if thay 
c*-ncorr. mat<4rl;i.l r.Hitter.i in tho ..itroaa'a toistimony, !;« rnoroly evidence 
tending, to Impaaoh tns v*4tr.es3, an^i tho Jury ahculd oon-.ildar tVier© 
facta in yatiraatlng tJia woi.p;rt which ou^ht to bo t^iver to hla testi- 
mony, but u «itr0s; i^ not auocedaf\:lly Inpeached by r'&m prooi' th^^t 
h« "haa laada dlfforert ard con trad lotory atatersorto on th*:* ■nim^ nolnts 
or forra'.rr ooocxalona.* if & Jury believe* that a wl tnea» hiii «Jirully 
wKorr, fal^^ely to u material matter, or that he h -q bean a-ioco^jaruHy 
Inpuaohed, thay inay dlare^>ard nla nrtire unoorr<.bor*t«d tustinor'y - 
other*ia© not. 

i'ho court t-uvft to tho jury at the IntJtay^oe of th« nliiir.tiff 

the follofllrg irBtxraotior: 

" iou aro furthvr Instructed that if you believe froTf 
the uvijeroe that urio iolport ard tho iefrtndunt Joterih ?e1port 
wers reiirrltid, txr . that a. -4 It '.aria twiprtrt nuirrlud anl ; Joseph 
..clpert in faith, ani tJiat a.x, t^e ti's<> of sv.'-jh narrlas;e, if 
you boliovM from the ovi '.ercc there *a3 rjv;ch a, the 
Jooenh olpttrt had fvnother -ifo 11 Tina;, ard if ycu nice beliove 
from tho ovi lonoe that :=.ti.<ir anoh raurrla e, if thero wn -. 3uoh a 
marritre, t' o u^ild Vario l« that said Jojoph eipert. had 
auiother »ife livin/*, and that thfiroa^er the .'aid Jo.oph md i-arle 
..olport i\r;raei to aypurata, th«n uMoh ur ajJireeT;' rt to eeT»irato, 
if ywU beii;jv.s fr. " the ovideroe ir t?:l3 caio t^iorei «<ttG ouch ar 
agroentjrt, aoul i b.i a Bufflci**rt oonoideraMon to support a tr"*"--!- 
fer of prop«rty XYoft: OMld Jojeph .,>jlp-i(rt to suld '.u-ri^ -rlriort, or 
to support an a;';re©'!:or.t to trinjfer property from hiir tc hor." 

.«.,.. ,'i .-.^,4-,» -;»ar|;j yr>"':. ■; :'■:■'-?■ i:'T;^-»; T*?ri;;l'f ' m:>di; ';-^' ..-f' ^i'l'-^r. 

:^:-:„" ,-':; >».j fTr ' 1© .^ <' u^ S/ YIX." JC ti; ■ T..!; - y t'' bJ'.y .^ -f^'Xt'T'lii- <.'h.y.i"' bi-.d''' Oil ^?iiJ"|;.•' 
-:J-v.-' ^^ Cr: >_: •■■?«'> i- ••. Ni' J.^^^/fti nr>i.':: ;:-•,■ fBV ^f.i-J j,;'f ,! /;-t,t J«^ 

»Sc>n »8iwiCi 

•■■ f? ' ■;>... U- 'V * * I- ''■ ,■■■;;■■'" r'li' ■ci> ;Jv-'j ! 


The plJiintiff atateu that tnl . Ini'truotlon Ivi to the offeot "that If 

!ira. ..jipert fnarri«d appellant In go d faith ard AftfirwardB 1-^'imed 

thut h« hai arothor wlfo llvlnf^, oni thor. oi-.o ard appellant a^rretsd to 

aepi..ratd, ijuoh agreomont oSio u auiTlcient coru'lderatlon to aunport a 

trannfer or tho r1.i-ht to tho orooorty.* tio io not thlnif that thio In- 

otruoti.jn corraotly atate.: tho la^. Jh'-' via© of.t***" 1» Btru;tlor la 


thttt it makos t^io snero aliopod a^reenent oT '-'aria ^.'olport ar» i the le- 
ferdant tc aapfirate a aufflolent ooraldorJition for a trar.3f«r of the 
property ir ;iuootior frojr, tho iofon.iart t^. i/iarie ;eolport cr to support 
ar arrew-^«9T t to transfer Said property froir hin to hor, '.f'^der the 
facti* aaaurted in tJil^ inotrxictlcr; it waa tie? l«gal auty of ".iris ^ 1- 
pert and tho defendant to ooaa.^) livinr, in adultory, ana yot >'y thla 
Instruct lor; tho jury are told that if shy uni tlio defondant a.ia*ee<l to 
Btjparttto, then eu^h or. ar^roe'n^nt » aioro, sould bti u auffl.:i«nt conalder- 
aticn tt support tho tranafor of the prcparty in quoatlon. :ha ->ere 
apreefnont to aoparattt ualiod upon '4irio ..eipert to do nothing r'ore 
thuT tho law der2ar4ed of hor, A-nd ir. «ii i not extln.ruiih any clalr cr 
ri>^t ah© pii'.ht iiava had a.fainat tho defendant, if, at th« tlr.o of 
thfa a^reerrovt to aeparate, a.^io had a'"^y of motion against f^e de- 
ferdant cr. aocount of any alle/^,od fraud or docol t ir th-^ matter of her 
aliened ?:iKrrla.r9 to him, or If th<j d*ifendant »u.; ^t that tl-"o under 
the law obligated to support her, or if oho had any 1 i..ful oIl^I'-' uron 
the property in question, thego olatina or rif^hta woul'l still exi^it 
after the rmVrinr of the a.tiiti ugreor.«jnt. ■■'e think th.* riving of tho 
trfo inatruotiona ahcve roferrod to ««ore pro h.jdici il to thy def-^^ndant. 

rha lef riant ha.i aool.-^'^Jd many othf^r alleged orror^s and while 
»o ure of the opinion tnat aona of thetjo are ra:r1toriourt, wo do not con- 
wider it neoeanur/ tc dp-iifioally rof cr to thorn, for th^ roa.ion that 
the -matter aoTplutnui of aro not likely tc haop r upon a nevi trial. 

The Judj^ment of the Jlrcult -ourt of Joo?. ^:ounty will be re- 
v«rsed an<i thu oa'JoO ro'Tzinfied for a r<i^ tri -1. 

>j r ->' : . 

; ;-'T f :'■■ :'■ ^^9*^-^ 

■•e,. "■'.7 

. -L. fl^'CU-. 

•vrf ' '. :- 

■r-^'-.^'Ti^i^J « ;!■ 

:l-i'-^0'7i.:t ' 

;.T -n /•■ic^i^•., 

:■•*'■'■? ■ 

?~^--. .->,^.': 

. , -■■ . ;. . .-^^.v'v; /'; • :.:.:':: : ■■■:■ -.^ "" ' mm;,-; ' is^T'ii-s- J-:jt 

'^^jf:-^:^ i: .>■-.}'.: •-,' ^ -•■ ^- ■■ -■■■■■> ■ :". ■ ;'-'>i. 'i/f' ■*:■', /c.f.-. .i>;. . - ... 

•v-.'-r',ir •:■ : :■•'■■■.■ <:•■•... r ■'„•. 'Vrr^.i .' {'•."f ••'. . ;. *: .r ■■>':, rrr^f. ■is^v* ,ti3n-«. ■' 

.;. ■ : '- .: :.-,:■■: '■■..■ •" ., r J" K/v "■ ::'iM ^^ .i-.'": -^J;^1 >o 'iQ : 

■ ' '^'^.-i- J/"- J: ■■■:^" ■ ;; • '" '■■■ ■..'';:. ';. '■ h'-i.) r.iv>^- <-*j* ifif-jf. <?v.lJ a.,: 
-•• • ' •■•.:■ ■'c: I':! V- ^ ^" bj;i:vV .»:'-!•:.;.;; ^ .r • -^.:i«>'V-^^ ^"'^ ;-i;jb'- ..'l^ifit 

!''- - '- ' : '.. , ;> * ;r ;/',::a-:"'": o;'; .: ; --m .;. - l.^-p: :»vj. - iiljjic ■■ '• 

"-f-"" ■. ^ .■■■■'.' : ■• •.:•>• .■;,■ —■■:^^,'' ■■: :. ':.'': ■\o »n?.^ ;>,t aj.^mit'ZM^r i>«gei 
'"•■"(.- ' i;- '^ "^ . ^ ■, • '.;■" ^■'■-- ■• i --iCO V ^t'.f .J-t.v;;;!;.. ,:.'■ bi^SM^itidO W.;)X !■ 

' ■■ ' •! ■■ ; ; ':;. .:.;;■.'. •..:■.::.■ , •'■...iC'iJc fii v^'se'ioiq i; 

.-- ■ ■ '•■■ ^'i':-' ■■*. „ ;r;'.. :;:j,-s; ,v ■.[,... -t.? ■;,■. -; •\i'>f.<ir«i ©rfj' led 

•■tor. ^-■^. ■■■ ,}. ,; 'or,; i ;■ ■ ■(■ ■;) ■-■■^r .j,':;^ ■:;.>jRif{0 ftili 

*'"'•" ' "' '-' '■■■ .•■'-:* . -:-'-.■■■ vii:-;)''':; (TN yS VTt/JfiiiidOafJ St 

• ■' - '^ ■ » ' ■' • ■» .' r Sjj .' . v,.t. •;;.: j:. - ■-?;- ",0 harHi^Laaoo iin©^^-. 

-«:-i ^^ • i.. ..■ ■;;'n:j- -, ' ■ ;'i:j.;', Jiiio'v. • . Hj •no - 

sia - ii^&49. 

TuOniA^ LH.ii'UhDI Y alnor, by his naxt/ ) 



/ ^ 

oil f C ■ 'Jiltj^lKO, y ) 

; UE. Piii^iDlS? Jiiii-iais JOAr^LA:^ claiivorod the opinion of tho oourt. 

rhl.: i!»s an riotlon cm tho oaao, brou,rht In the Jup^♦^lo^ 
court of Uook county by th» app«lle«, horelnafter cillcd tU& plaln- 
tif r, ugainjt tho appoilant^ he-rolni^t'cir oallod tho defendant, tc 
recover dj.'na^-oe £j.leged to hav« beer auatiilned by th© plaintiff by 
reftscn of a oertuln accMort to the plaintiff on AUf:u3t ;jr., 1Q0&. 

accident occurred ut u point i*hers Larr&b«e otr<»®t orosoe^ th« 
U-ica^o, miftiiukaa i ot. Paul Railroad tracks in tho city of whlcfif.o. 
ttte plaintiff, a boy nin« yaara old, *.••;» run over by a train paaisln^ 
aloni-'; eaid traoVo, and one of hi i 1<.^,;3 waa so badly injured that it 
beca!:fc neceaactry to arsputate the atiine. 

rh^ Oi^ae »as tried bafors the ocurt and a jxiry, and a ver- 
dict was roturrod finding the defendant guilty and txs9«i3-3ir^ the 
plaintiff's dar3Ri.^e:5 at .7500, Upon the plaintiff*^ 9nterln<r a ro- 
■iitittur for iiir^oo, tho court er.tarad JiKli^raont for 45,oon, and this 
appeal followcKi. 

ih<3 deolarati^ oonolatod of throo covmta. ::uoh count allo/^ed 

thft wrongful and no.^il^^ont oonatrpatlon of the aidawallc at tho point 

»h«r© th.9 aooldent happ3n(»<l; that tho aaid aidewulk ^aj ullo^od to 

^« ani ronaln teit of repair and unaafe and »ith rotten, Icoije, .7eak 

dofactivo boardj in it: ar.d^by roaoon of the defective ccr.dltlcr 

of Lulij ald»«alk, the plaintiff, while walSring alonj.: and upon tho sa'-e, 

waa Daunted or aade to fall, "and th^iin liy proatrato ani holpleoa upon 

■oli eldejalk and the /^rourd there with p<wrt or his body or linba upon 

or close to tho rail ? sSXiUfiJtt of a oertiiln ralirosid that then and 


. ...-".■ r ■. ■ a *- 
■r> 's * -=:- ^is -•• ^"'" '' --^v. 

--- .--^^--Ti ^^'-i;?^ :^si^- :-rs*i^ -.m--^ r-'lo^;; ^,; i- '^;>~-:jx't::vo dn 

thera oxtsrA^d upon or alongside of or clcae to vali sld«ft»4lfe on 
8ald Larroboa stroet, and that tn«r«by the plaintiff, «it>iout hi a 
faulty »a.a unable to r~^t up or cnan/re hla positlor; or ranove hla 
body cr llcto?? or ary part therecT aaay frcrs ;^aid rail or traok. » <?* 
That while ho than and th«r«, by r;*tt3on of tho oal i eovexml pranis^s, 
but wltnout any fault or nociii?'&n«B on hiu pcirt, lay proatr-itfi ind 
In a helpleas condition upon dAla aldeivalk or ground tharo, unatilo 
tc ariso or <jh&nge hi 3 pool t ion or rej:?ove hi a boiy cr li^aba or any 
ono or part tharo thon bdin^'r At or near one of dali r;illa of aaid 
traok an;i aaici rallrca*i, a cdrtalr? locoiaotlv» engirw or train of 
OstTn, or aorao part thereof tnen being prop&ilei ■alcni; and upon aald 
rail;: or traoJcs or aald rallro<id, then ani there ruri upon aud struck 
agalnot tha plaintiff anil fcora partioulurly or:(j of bis l»^,a ivith 
great foro« an-l violano^t '^^<5 therei;y tho plaintiff, without rtia 
fault, 3U9tainc«J dlvara 3»4VQr^ and porTansnt intomcJ. firsd oxtemal 
inJurio3 on dlTors parts of hia h«a;l, body and llpbs.* \ho Jofendant 
filed a ploa of tha 5en<ir»l iatsu© to thw deolara-tlon. 

Jit? def<»n\ant oontonds that the verUcJt lo clearly an<i 
sjanlfeotly a^ain^t th« weight of t2i« evldonco. '.o /mv* carofiilly 
exanlnod tlio nsoord In this *>aio, an! while arc n.r?! catisf led that 
the jjvidonco, bearing on tho natariol points^ ii5 cloat? and co'^fliot- 
lnr.» Bia :ir»7, n9vortr:ol©953, oloar th?it »3 cannot nuata'n tha defend- 
ant's pr«rJont contontlon, Tho Jury saw th<» w*. tno;3«Ot3 and hearti thws 
testify, and Ivid a far better opportiarltjr to jud>-e of their orodlbll- 

Ity than we h*Y9, and after fttll Ov-nsideration of the cfueatlon, oe 

;v9 cannot say t]:at 
feel thatAthe verdlot of the Jiiry io olearly and aanlfeotly againat 

the weif^t of the evidence. 

Vho defendant next oontende that the "plaintiff* o-m teetl- 

Rony con-vloto hia of neirligeneo ao ktoss that ev«»n he (a bo/ of nine 

yeare), rruat be hell acooiintable for contributory neiJ:llpenco, b.o a 

isatt-^'r of laa." rhe question aa to whether or not r. porocn le guilty 

of ccntributoxnr negligence Is g*m©raily ortr of farit for the jury. 

ol-^a "l-. Dili's .A..-.}. ;•.. ;..,t;.?T 'je i-?^ •<.ni>t:; -fe'i? ^*T*n4r foaq iO tno 

J'^bft^'iK^: •i-=' : ".ti.v.^i-j, ■■■■ ,. .. ; ' 7-.: vcr--^,;.- ^i-jv^ti- ■: • a^' 

■ ■-■. .'■■■ ■•-• ■' .■■■■-:■ •; ;'."■- Lil^rf^; i-;--:- ■^rii;-i. '-■Ittl ^L^- 

-^vic'r-i •■-.'• • '(■ '-. -r '-.-^ ^,. , •. ■i^*:^'X6Vftn »':>'r« b« -»s; 

*«. . ' -r' J- rt" » ■■ ,::, '■■■■-< „ ■ ,; - .. *or. J n<iG9iq »*J'' 

-fjf! •■•T-: 'f\ J -:"'*.;, -' • •■ \i.-.. .J :^i:= •:. > ^ r^.jj ;yi» ^^: 

•.»1| si .".♦-'.- <t ,- : • -.;, ♦|»Ov**!!lrf. .3s» «# rro ^ 

. nrl •rfj TOT S'.'A to , -o ^ii.r'3«'**^ «1 tt.-wv^iU' 

Mid It only b*jccB33 a -^jsstion of Ifkn ahon the evldenc« 9o ol«arly 
falls to astabllsh duo oar« that all roa«on.=»blo -nlnla ifoull roach 
tho. oonclusloTJ that tiio poraoti was guilty of oontri>v:tor7 rja^i/^erco. 
if rea3cnHble rinds nlft'-.t arrive et dlffer^r^t ooTr^lusicna, it I.' a 
Tueation of fact stnd cravat be ^ubr^ltt d to th-s J\>ry. 'hi.i rulo of 
Idw Is no vsoll 9stabll3h-9(i In tJiia atuta that It Ij unnoo^iaiary to 
oit© fAut'roritiaa in support of it. ;:on8ld?*rlni? tlu a^'^ of tho plain- 
tiff anti all the 3lrouM:jtanaoa jurroun ling th9 aesider.t ■*'» t33tlfle<l 
to by the plA5.ntiff, «^ iro clearly satiaflol tliat sjo woul-l not bo 
Ju.'»tifio^ in holiir;^ thril r,h^ plaintiff's «vld«r.c« sho»n t&*t h» j»a« 
guilty of contributory negli^ono* aa a ssatter of l»i«, 

rha daf-miant next oont-nda tha^^ the oourt *?rrel In /giving 
th« plaintiff'3 inatnict^.on lo. ?, in aupport o^" thl^ contention 
tbw (iefflindant ariTJ-*' th»^t "if tho .lur^ hid hfiiv. linitod }n this 
perwintory inatrwotion to a ocnald^ratton of th^ nas'^ ollored Ir hia 
dficlarition, the pl!*1ntlff -rjur^t in»wltahly fail, ^eoan»« tho 0"\ao 
th««r« 3'j»t up la onf b.-xsed ufton faulty coratructlcn olon?>, ani of thin 
there 1^ '"^ proof." The of the defendant to th© ln3tn?o- 
tlon 1»? th>'it 1t »110TBf.<5 th-!* Jury to conolder th« dofeotl"»o ttr/l rotten 
oondltion of the Plde-jralk without -iny all-^^ation Ir. tho declaration 
ttjit t.h« oity had notice of 3Uoh defective ari3 rotten ocndition, 7^ll9 
contertion of the dafendart ia without the alii^teat nerlt. 'h^ roo- 
oM aho«o that tho d9f*»ndtr^t offered, and the coxirt ^ave to th** Jury, 
ro leaa then three inetructlora, perrslttinjr the Jury to ooni^idor thie 
element in the ome. 

fhe d«f'>ndant next o^nterde that "the deolftr.*tlon, although 
ccnalatln^ of three oount», nowhere orntalnfl the eeaertinl allegation 
thnt the def'>nda''t >rnew cr hu- notice of tho exlit'^^oe of th« dofeotlve 
condition of tho aidewnl^, *fh5oh vi-' proTon on th« trl-\l, ^or th>it 
the oon-iitixon exlstotl for sniff loiont tl-|«7 pri.or to tho acoldont ao 
to amount to constructive notice, rh« deolaratlcjn «fa.<» deTmirrod to 
ar^ the deiaurror ovorr^iled, and prop«*rly ao, beoauae there ia an 

.■r-.-iit. ' -. -'i.- v. .;:--j :".'),'. ^ .. v^f '..•;; -^-r: «^4'^>-ti>-q| tjs/iS J Jtrt J fJdi'aw'Xoae 

.--.•.;,./ :..-; ■ -.-^ ■ ■ -" .. it,.-,' .; ,:j^ ^-j J>sv^:J'^^iHte fJi ?;&.i^ f "J© ' > ;.■• 

.-— ■" , .; ■,;;■..-■/ -■•'■.• /^.'' ;: •\.;---.'i^v.V y ..:.;Vr.'5?#r;,-'?j«.«Ti,'e i^i Tt* trtfc 

:;;>?.'i- -ictn- >"■■'. " .■'=.-: :-.-f^ -v,/ .- ^,,: j:'; ^.I'-^-^t^ir^'f. ^'1 . .:- 'S*J 

^* *' -.-;■■" ./ ,?.y'- ■ ' -<i.:'.>^F^f«-r :;/::< r?? ' 1 1 **•*<? e'^^f ,?to- 
-'■■■' .-■/': ■'■■■. '- ; ";•-.. -'.oJ s6^-\-'--r i-.h ''.'^;:'^-^ Cr.^ ai .. . . 

>'-fJr»:»" • •? ■- .•'. .' -.;.4. ' ■-; ■;•.'' •■r: i">.w{" -ro *!%rx Jr«4eti!rT* "Sefe ftri.! ^«n 

"' .?'^>* f<-o --'> -.■ "• .^'i •• !.; ..:■'» it iruwj ta-i br>Jit'txm troUibm 


ailogrttion of fiulty construction, C'.noemlnjr which no »llegaticn 
of nctloe lo neooa&ury &a In 3Uoh cai^e the city l^ pro-:L.Tjaod to 
have kno«lt>d^=!e of faulty eonatruotlon of Ita oldosr&ika, but the 
proof dot»8 rot oijataln thia Hilogatlo-^, but ^oas merely to aefeotlve 
una rotter oondltlor, sjc th^t b©t»««r tlio ©aecrtial aver-jsnta of 
tJi*» deolarAtlon and tn© proof, ther^ Is r. fRt»l varlaroo.^ TJiio 
contention of the defdnd.iait in alac ?7lthout -s^rlt. rho rosorcl aho«B 
that the defondsrt di'i not object to th» oyldtmoe tsrJln;r to show 
neglljdnoe on the jutrt, of thy def^r.-Iant by ro j-aor! of tJ^o allec^.-d 
dofaotiva and rotton condition or tha sidesaiy, on tho ?;round of 
vtiriajice* Cbjaotion waa n^^d to -icrd of t 8 quaatlona a<3^ei by 
plaintiff 'b oounsdl oearir.i? oji thlb ©ler:ent In the oaes6, f;ut the al- 
leged Tarlanoe wau ut no tl?^a polntai out to tho court, and it further 
appears that the defAndarit thereafter oroaa-exa^lned tie ^^Itnoases 
in regard to the alle^^eA defeotlva and rotten oonditlon of the side- 
walk. Che 1a» of thla atate id too veil «*ttled to require the 
oit&tloc of authorities tliat the queatlon of ar. alleftod voriaroo 
betiieer. the allej?;atlon*j and the pn^oT o*irr.;^t on riilaeti for the fiist 
tine on appeal. 

ihe defendant h»3 r&laed but four co^itentiora on thia ..ippeal, 
»nd *o have in thlo opinion dueoifically referred to c»aci: of theso 
and disposed of th»* aajia. iiOldinR, an .vc* dc, tI^at ih«; contontic-ne 
ra"* aed by the defond&nt are sithout "it-ril, the Judgi:i«r.t of tho 
Superior Jourt or .'oolr Jounty rauat be, and it is, affirr^ed. 


'"; ^ (sJ'■'>?n■.^«Vii >At.-:■l^:^: ^'^i* -'.'r-??^ j-":'.5 ess t-^^ ^-^ -•i^^'^O ""^ 

- i/^ 3.;j :£/ ^r'.H^tC '■^'i-i fT? ^'fM^vOi'.. J.:ja iC inif^fiK^f XR»ii;iUO© •'Yxlir' 
j*«-?- .-?.-:•'' ^w 9?{.> vw,' 'r'\'»'ir-."-f:«}>-'Se ':ia;'5^->:r..:"rf|- ..M-tai-i^^lofv en^' 5«i.J 

53-4 - ;i'08'57. 


Appeili»o, ) A^P-JL /•TvOM 

\ > r 

\ ) i 

3H1JA00 01 TY RAiL/JJAY OO^^PA^V, ) | COO'" JCI^Jr^. 

Appellant, \ ) { 

rhii io ar action on the aae© broxir^ht by v^a-Taollnn Terrcult, 
ippolleo, h»reinaftor called tho nlfilntlff, agtiln^Jt tha Ohlc^a«TO Jlty 
laiiway company, appollant, horolr.ttftor oailOKl tho defondant. In th© 
-uperlor Court of Ooofe Oounty, to rooover dtx-ai-aa for perucral Injiirien 
ilalno.i to have been auotulned by the plaintiff through the regHfionce 
•f the defendant, rh.* aotlor. waci or* ftinally bzn^'ui^'.ht osalnat the ohloajc^o 
•llwayo v^oapavy. Af tarward « tho dofandant wa^j ?:;ade an a<ldltlonal de- 
'•rdart to the gult. ;he plaintiff, Ir her deal&ratlcr-, allo.^od that 
hllo cihe waB In the aot of boaralni', ono of th^j cara of th<3 defordjints 
or the purncee or becomlr ^ a pa^aaerxr. r, uni whll^ ;5he w(ui In ths exor- 
Ine of ordinary oar'» for her okt! t»af ©t •, the ierondanto, throuf!;h thwlr 
•rvuntd, carsleoBly and r©p;ilfrortly caused tho oar to be nuddonly and 
Icloraiy oturtod, urd jh» waa Uiorony thrown fixetat "orce and vlo- 
•nce froj'? ur,d off the car to the j^^rourd, urd that eh© ou''ferod a mls- 
arrlag© and waa otherwise f,r«''J'tly bn^laed ord Injured. <oth defordants 
leaded tho general la luo. ^'ha oa;*o wuJi trlod before a court ard a Jury, 
nd during tho pro/r.roon of tho trial the action stap uldocrtlnued as to 
be Chioai';© KallwajB Corapary. .> vervilot ...o rotum**d by th<4 jury finding 
i»t defendajit guilty and anjoaainr' the plaint? ff'p. dama^Toa at -3,.nno, 

■otion for a ne.? trial wue overnilrd. Judgment » ta ortared on the ver- 
lot, and this appeal follo*ed, ' 

The defendant hao a6el..?T!9d ar . ar.^uoJ a nuaber of allop'od errors. 
n* of these, in our luJ^^c'cor t» ia nwritorlouo ari call*; for u reversal 
f tl;e Jua^r^ent, "he oa^ie is u olooe onn or the raater'.il faots, ar:' rma 
otly oontedtod. I'ro, Liponcer, called aa a altresa or rpVair of thft de- 



i'r«.-v'<-.{o^ '" -.i' ',':;r. 'aor;^;'''. iV 

'" V i'?^:'. iJ ^.<••<J;vi^q "iO" ■•■ ,. ,i' .ifiVOj^O'V ,,r i'ijt"fr;.:;,r, ;iooi^ Tip J 
■ \udX-. .• ..^:i*- .■-,.:..■.'.■,'- •i'-:'^,y''T^i V;AX«*ni'^ '-f-^ ■■.-tfiv ^o^J^^vo v;;:.^ ♦^m. 
'i.c.. '.::-■'■. i.^ *>■ ,-^ '■■•..•■.;.:: ■v:.j'a' :'!?;; ':!;:■;■' *'«•£ aVkiJ^^i^'-'^.^, t^i': J■■i^<J)i ■'' " 

.-r^- : ■ >.v* i;^;, ■ kl;:'\. \.t>i\ ,■>■ .:r">«!t-,.ia j^ •S't^n^O^Bk^.'l'J ftWUin- 

'B jt?;. T..- . .-.h^i'i'-i i^- -: ■^.., ■'. :^r^^;'>tj-' -jri:'' «■/■?■'■'"-?:■«- ?»-'■;■< %'Hii 'I'./'I -■■^^'ij.vO VJ^rtiin- , .. 

-;:i-;? f /^•Ti^:.-ViV i:! '& JA-lU-^i^rMJ -, f..;<(» O'l^ t-iU Oi -^XiiCt mH,? T^O l?fMi fiSOll ytJ 

■i^ili^-it'i V-''..' '•■ ■--■'•.:.■' '-^ "..:■ .„;0(., -»?<*- .. .. \a-(-'0;^ rr-aiKii*;i 034*01 

» •• . .,-;„■ .•''. •.>.': i.c! ■ ',> • -,x: ;'s<:i,ie on^ v^'Xhrr. iffcfjn*': 

-•v^v ." , :>y ''-■'.■ I ■;■ .- ..'i/J, , : '.'^...r'-istvo ; :...;': t.'>l'ti x>^(t £, not ttC 

,■1. ■■'...• ■■•• '■;■.-?:'.•• <■ ; .''■■u. '-;^ I :.■•;':' f :. flij aflff J'xs.t/tttl^i) drtT 

«it» .-/I ^-'Jo*-'^ 1:,; •i"-i*j.;' •':.! '■•^O (tc< ')f.OiO k\ *J 0(i/.0 ^-ttr •^riM^jL.' 

ftrdar.t, iTtxve toatimony o" a mttterl&l arsri Important oharaotor. The 
defanciant conplaina th&t t'nw trlui ocurt allowod tho plaintiff, on 
th« cro^s-extttnlratlori of thia wltnoaa, to aok tx rsutnbor of Inproper and 
Ircornpatert quoationa, over t"9 objtjotlon of the defo^^dart, ths «olo 
purpo;33 of wrtloh una to huniilltitc» and dogrtulo the alt'iaaa ard to pre- 
judlOQ tie Jury agalriit her. v;« have real with ofiro V.i^ ontlro dxur'lri- 
atlcn of thltj rtrltr»o-5, lind ae havo raaohexi the conolualcn t^at e. number 
Of the queotiona put to th« urltnaoa by the attorr^ny for the plaintiff 
on oxn:>a8-exai3lrt'itlcr., and whioh th» afitmeas ».ia ivXlowed to nnower, over 
tbo objection of tho lefariont, were not only Inoorspetont, but were of 
a hi>;hly inproper oliaracter» and the evident purpoa© of ^hlob was to 
d«p;rad© arid hunlilate the wltnooo and to pro.lU'iioo tj;e Jury a.rf.iinf?t her 
teatlr.ony, CI^)ai5-©xan)inJitic^.a of thia oharaotor havo beon frequently 
oordemnod. ( Jatora v. .i'eot o Moa r. o 6t<, tt,t?» JO» f 101 111, App. ii-^'': 
Ptople V. 3ro«n, yrvj ilX. ^lO; hoherty v. Chloar.o Kalla'aya -cut 1H;j> 
ill. a;'P. 139? Jhloaf^o Olty hy. Op, v, uhtor| ^ ^jl;^ 111, 174' !">eople 
»• ijunot^, iitll m. 3SP,) 

Aa ivo have haretofor-^ .jfild, th-? oaoo on tho ra^rita la a oloo© 
ore, nri thy aefandart sraa entitled to u fair urd inpartial trial, 
[After u vory careful oon3ld«ratlcn of the i^ueation, ..o find thjxt «e ora 
unable to aay that the Improper oroos-oxanlnatlon of 'ira, Jpenoer did 
not aorlouoly preju-lioe the dofordant*« rl ?:hta, and «© aro therefore 
ooopolled tc roverHv the jud^J'int In thlu oaaa and to renand tho oauoe 
for u r.aj! trial. 

RKVh:R-jHD A^rJ Rrt'i»ANDKD. 

;• :;■.:- .:- ■•>...i;;.v .\z:-f^r- . '-,! :•: .: ■ fyti .•'..ifsLor' . 

■ ■•■■ .•'■•■V ?•-'■ '';,;.-^--t' ".,••.' :■ ■'JO.w:!)'-: vVif. ;V.\ Ik-<- ,i?srT.3Jw: «>lii^^Onol 

•; ,-sw ,:■'-,'. .• M;;- .''.0 -.•?; ^.:.'r-ii.^^ >r'i;} ^i;. ;n\? fc''/? ^-'Ox j*.?»~o«<>tO 

:'i.r:". ''^' '- ^■' ,s3£'l^.- 'V^ ''^^^ ■*^'':'' X^^ ■ . JvSX -w 

■ .J.-., isr!^ C--0. -y. .: : <.•■ :.>■.::,'■ :,>: !>'■ .;.■>, • •.imf, <-;r^ rHnovOI OJ l)»l: 

654 - a088^. 

Appal Ian t» 


COOK couTrr, 

Corporatlor, etc. \ ) / 

C. >u ■■•h.H-i ard 'sl^lAM J, )/ 



MH. PRi*:...luirrj JUii.'lc^^SCJAN^^ delivered tho oplnior of the court. 

rhl« is ji aotlor. on the oaa© tc rascver dATaa^res for 

ftllo^od fr&ud and daoolt brought by tb« app<:illanb, Philip /archer, 

agftinat tha appeileoc, judlay ^. lyng i vio-^ipany, J, .1. joorge and 

Hillia-r: o« Jttoklin. Ill* 'JL^ol&raolon conai ita of t«o courta, /h« 

first oount, in aubstanoo* c^^arT0a the ddfendarta aith fuloaly, 

fraudulartly an^i knowingly nAirin^ certain fala-s ar ^ frauJulant repro- 

aentatlons to th4 plaintiff aa to the condition of the La Touriate 

Manufacturing Goapany; that the plaintiff roliwl upon such ropre- 

aentation:^) a-'^d aa a result thejrwof suffered a loas. :h& oaoond oount 

ia aubotar.tially the aaae ae the firtit count* oava that it al<;c ohar.<;os 

that th« defondantc entered into a wllful3 and naliclou.T oonapiraoy, 

arreontent and undertaking^ to cheat and defrauJ the plsiirtlff, vo the 

deolarttlon, all the defondante filad pleao of the f^eneral iu-fue. 

rbe defendants liave not flle<l brief a or nppearanoec in thlo court, 

rho oaao ruj? tried tJ6fore the court and a J :ry, and r>. rnasa 
cf evidence waa X)£tya:vA by the appellant in support of rla c&oe. The 

sronent the plaintiff raated, the trial court, of hi 3 c.>n motion, 

dlrecteJ a vordiat for tb# defend^knte, ■ 

rhe appellsjjtB contend thsit the tjourt orr^ri in directing a 

verdict for tho defe'-danta at th« cloao of the plaintiff*- case, -e 

think thl.i contention ia nar' torloua, .e havo carafully rejid the 

record in this case, an i «e are satiafi'Jd that there *ab evidence 

lntx»cduoed by the plaintiff tnat ten led tc prove the natorial alle;;a- 

.^^^Ots - > 


•* !• 

:^ »iUi 


.■ .■" ' .s> ."''•J 

■ . . i-: i . L^r 

■. ^-nw:^-?-' 

■inc-at .■->• tii ll c»i4»XI 

.X- - ■ f'^it-.u 

/. , !&ei ; '., -.-ii i^rx'i! : 

-.(i. .c. ..- ^ ..>:^.,. 

.■..:. .;; >j,::w. . •O fiUiiliJ 

'■' i>-v'^w « ■ 

i ;..r ».<• « .-,■: r *r!UOC ^«i'i-.i. 

:;> „ . 

r. >i : '- .i r 1 J -TIP It.'iiiJfiT'* 

■■ ■■ 

.-I'ji-C; ^ 'u; 0.* -noX-J4t,*ff 

■ . .i^vv :. i*j^. --vHi ; 

tlon? of tho declaration. Thg pijreaptory instructlcr, ahoull there- 
torft not hays b»on giver, Llbby, 'oHolll ^ Libby v. Cook, -^^2 111, 

i'he Ju(lgra«r!t of tho Circuit OG^xrt of Cook Jounty .vlll 
bo revarao-i ar.i t>5<^5 cause r«?»&ncied for a new trial. 

nK'.'RB3?.D AND Ui.-MA:J3SD, 

fi<4 - 209S*;. 

CMARLIvi DRf?ii3titR, AdPilristratop of tr^ ) 

ii»tate Of Fl^KI^ihiaKA Jhi-.j^ii/.H, Joooaiifid, ) 

V ; ) 

\ ▼«. / ) :4tfP.-.RI0K COURT 


\ AT»p©llf>o. ) .* ... 

\, ,' 19 5: ' -^ '* 

ffR, PUJiUlDIFJG JJ;^1'4'JE .iOAJiLylt'J d«llvarod thd opinion o: thft court, 
y. ,.-■ 
iho appellant, Cbarl«9 Dreowlor, udmlnlotrator of t :o 

eatat* of ; rolorioira urdasl 5r» daoaccs^d (hdrainaftor oallod tho 

plaintiff), brcu.(3ht an aotlon Ir aaaumpalt in tJ-e H.'Uporior court 

of JooJt county &<2&in3t tha app.»llo9, Jam^a ;i. Van vilsningdn (her*)- 

inafter called th« doftfnd&nt). ;'ho suit xan brou.'^ht to recover on 

a proTala.iory not© ax'joutad by th?* ilsfenaant at Jhloa.'^o, datod 

Doconibsr i, li^or-, for th^ principal .mm of 11, '^OO, pajfablo on or 

before uecaJTib^r i, 10, to thg ordsr of f'Tedoricka Dreosl^r, <vHh 

in:ereat at »ix per oent, par onnura. Th© d9f«»niant filial a plea 

of the general iaauo aric! also a apecial plo.-i, aH»;rirG; t^fit on 

j«pt«Mnb«r 20, 1^04, ho fil«Jd a petition in .'iankruptcy In tho Jia- 

trlot court of the dnitod otatea, for the. Northern r;lf3trlot of 

illincioi that in aald petition he abhtfdulod the not© Tt»«ntion©d 

in tho declaration J that on October li, 1204, he was, by thr, oaid 

court, declared an i deoroed a bankrupt, und thnt on -January ^l, 

1'j05, an order of iliohari^e aafl entorei by soild court In srtld 0f»tJ3«. 

iO tho apeolal plea tho plaintiff flloi a replication alle^rlnf, that 

hu ouKht not to bo barred from Dalntalnln/i; hie action upon the note 

by reason of the uald dl<50har.;^e, beomine th»^ defendant, after Jopten- 

ber :i^, 1'.'04, exnroaely proroiaed th<* payee of th>3 no*.» to yay the 

Bald note to her, and that at divert ti?!'Oo i>fter January ?51, 1 OS, 

th« lef en lant ttir,aln expreoely prcnilfied her that he «ould pav tho :iald 

note to her, and that on «;u,::uat v, i-:'^Q, th« defendant lid pay '""'^ 

upon aaid note, which paynont xtia duly endoroei thereon, /i.nd that 

on July &, 1;/1S, after the dearth of the payee of the note, the de- 

. >««08 


:■/•'.:; 'u.' ,^^^.'a;^.: Sr/^^ir^g ©ftJ^O ;HjJO D. ;tt>l-v 

•• -■■ ■■• . • .■■-■_ , -"^^r ,. -i V fi •■:;:-■■■ , ;t«5 -S.'-"- . ' r't-ol^J^iniUS^fc •tli -" 

■ •■ ' . i ■•'./;-,!/;( /*a: ■ .':': i.ii'l^(e:a ''J^i J>^ JOT! " ' 


fer^dant expreaaly pmmlood the plaintiff, the administrator of 
tho dtftatQ of th« paytse, th'it hti, thn dafor lart, 'vouli pay Vf* mim 
of jnon»y spwoVflort in thm aid note to thft plaintiff, t.h<» admlnlo- 
trator of tha aatate of the oald Prederlcka Dremttler, J«oeaadd« 
Clhe oaao waa tr3*d by tho oourt without a Jury, and thts la^uffa ware 
found in favor of th» Uefendant. fudgnant was entorod upon the 
flndl:.^; and thla appeal follo.ired. 

rha aole (jue-vtlon ral iod by this appeal "la wbst^or or not 
tho defendant, after he fllod hi a petition In bankjruptoy and after 
hl» dlaaharr'.e, dl4 sake a new proral se to pay th-j note,* rhe plain- 
tiff contends that the finding and judKir.'^nt of tht^ ooiurt aro a^alrGt 
thd «el :^ht of the evidenoe on thia vital quoatlor. In tho oa/se. 

The dlacharge ir. bankruptcy reloasod the debt of the lefond- 
ant, arl.'?ln|? out of the notr», and to revive thfl sane the oromls^ of 
th*? defon.iart tc pay th<'' note would have to be slear, dlatlnet, and 
unequivocal. St« John v » .jtephengon, DO 111, «2. The mere r»?oo^- 
nltlon or ao)cncwl^dEor<»«nt by a barkrupt of a debt arhioh haa been 
dlccharged by bankruptcy doso not areata a 1 jral oblliratlcn on hlra 
tc pay tho debt. /Ithotit ;• clear and expresa proralao to pay th^ debt, 
discharged In bankruptcy, noithor pay^t'^ent of Interaot, nor pnrt pay- 
ment of principal, nor declaration of Intention to pay, will oufrioe 
tc revive tiie aarao. Wllletta v. Jct^iitroon , y- ill. App, ^4*^? vll:ton 
▼• ^h.;>nilor, i;'."! ill. App. ^.^-^i ot. Jpyxn v . ^tephenoor, auprn. 

When tho evldanoe In thlj caie in teoted In the ll,s;ht of 
the above rulu^), it Arte-'j clear to U3 that the liefon-lant, nftar hla 
dlacharr;e In bankruptcy, cllil not rnako a clear, dlatlnot and unequivo- 
cal promise to pay th i note. On the contrary, we think there la 
anjch force In thn oonolualon reachei by the f-lal court, th.•^t ever 
Uie evidence of tho plaintiff did not aho* that tho def<*n:lant wade a 
clear and unequivocal proni-^^e to pay the note, and th^t It, »t '^o.^t, 
tended only to prove that th'- defandaj-.t 9<preo3»d a lealro tc v^y it. 

,.:-^/. _■• - , ' ■{ ^ ,.y■.^:■ .: ? •; ■ o • .: ; 'ft! .Jt':c.. ;'.■' v^ i>y ■^(•j ss» 

* ' ■■ #:)•: , ' : t - • ."'-lo, »v i^«^ Jt».ii.i:;. ,»>,".jf,F) <»ii.J ©tI- 

.^■"H- i_ /--■■■',/.■' ■. . . ^' :: r^ ,vi., •;-.."^ ,*|v;,^ »ij.i. J!::i . 

/. ,r •rj----''^' '•■{,'.' . ? jon v'.Mj ^«ff o* eaironq 1 


iiut, even if it b- ocnoad^i that thwre la e»i<l8no* In the oas« 

t«r;ciln>: to prov« the plaintiff •» Ui«fcry thr»t the iiefer.:&rt» aft^r 

the diaoi^ntrga in barkruptcy, aid w&ktf & cldar, and »in«quivo. 

Ottl prunixiiit to pay th« rote, roverth'jicea, *o are 9b,tlsfiQd that the 

weig t or tha eivideno«» doos not oupport the plaintlfr^a theory of 

the proof, en Augiunt 0, I'. DO, the defersdr^nt paid 5R0 on aocount of 

tiie not*. At tiis tlra<> of thiu payraor.t* th« dof«ndant s^ag *r,iv<5n the 

following rcooipt: 

"CJhioago, Aug. 5, 1909, 
Keoeived of J, li, van vil^alnger., ilfty ,' (;M,-X)), \mt nhioh 
1 un* under no obll^<it'on to, «ind fe(n not, to rtipay, e&rao being 
A voluntoiry contribution frcai his or account of 01*1^: or de- 
mands now barred; and in oondiaor'itlon of above t»ayTi>nt, it is 
etipulrtteti ana iJkiT^r^ai tht.; aa.ce or »iny otl:)jr uot oo-viilt-Ki or 
pic»r-nitted by hire to anJ Inciudir.s this dat^, i>hall not l>p^rate 
u: uny way t<.n a. saivwr of tiie oxistin : lc^.il or ©quitaole b:;r 
•M^lnat any further alalsn or detuind vtmtsoever I nay have a?:alnat 

(Jii^ed) MiKD.-vMOKA DRKo.-.L.';;r and 

My OoolON CAJfi-.RO'T, 

Thalr . ttcr-ay." 

.■>9 are convinced that the ««t»l{?ht of the evidence auotaina 

the oontontior of the defenUant tJifct he ntvor at any tlrso since hie 

dlbohar^^e In bankruptcy projuleod to pay tli ) note, .'ha Judt^sont of 

tiiii ouporior court of cook county will be afflr?2*d, 


■■ i;c\i}. 

ii.' - z-ir- 

^^^■: i,] 


a04 - ii004ii. 


LILLY ;c7Tschalj:, >t al. 

ALIiliHT Sh-jLaY •./v'.i'i'ijOk/vL,!!, 


19 5 I. A. 64 

UK. PiJK.UDirir. JvJiiilOJi. '•5»0,A>£i^rt dcjllvored the opinion of tho ocurt, 
( iara ;>, luggina, app«3rllt.«t>, fil<*l h^ar bill In the :::uporlor 
court of ;ook coiinty to forecl&iia j. tru;:it dsied oovrsrln^ cortaln 
re?il oateite t?itu«it.©'vi in :ook County, Illlnoia. :'h© trust deed 
•as ex«outed by Lilly iotteoiiAlk, a'-iJ was jjlv -CJro t^^e pay- 

■ent of oortaln pror5ia^.vry notea, .11 of the xx^x. noteis uoro sign- 
ed by u<tl 1 Lilly 'Jottachalk and *'orc Eada payiiblo to hora«lf, a.rvi 
»©ra endoraoJ by her oiJti AlbQX»t voalsy iottaoh^ilk, appellant, -.t 
the timt) of tho fllir.t; of Ui4> t.dll, acr?« of thfl» xx^ nci93 ivare 
own^d by th*> appalloe* A daorst* .m.» artfirsd flndliii^, i nt o r >^lla, 
that th«ro wt*c due to apptjllc? t>i© 5us of i?o41,47, vrlth Irt&raat 
thereon from Uec^'inbttr ^", l.-'!-,', ari alao tho uun of ^.7t) as reasjon- 
able »oli3ltor*» feeo, :uU a aale of th? real eatatu «ae. ordered, 
unless «uoh aurcs, togothsr A-ita the oojitij of the tvalt, -ero paid 
wttnin ten days* j^o ioore© further prc-vldod tl'at "nftvr the coming 
In arci the oonfir. ation of tho •suat'^r'p report of aaif in (i^■\t^9 ary 
defioloncy la aiio*n in ;iii«» amount du« to tho oornplalnant, 3ara "• 
: U':y,lno, aistj ahall t><$ entitled tc oxajutlon a^^a1r.t?t tha defendant, 
Lilly rOttadbalk and Alljert vooley ottaohalk, personally liable 
thorofor." ihia appoal i^n prcis^outo ; to rovors-i aal'.i decree, and 
the aole appellant la iklbert ,i*>aloy -ottaoVal^". 

^ The appollunt &*ai>7ia and ar^;u.^M a niiwbor of .f;roun-ln for 

tho rsvtireai uf tho deoroo. i>lth tho oxce'itlon o" cno, which 
will i^f er tc, all of the^t oof.tontion^ are *lthout th« ollfjiteot 


.) ,^-^:..( , . .' ■ ::w.' fijc ■:>j ' :-' .. ■:■' ' i'*ie°f»iJrT« e' 

, •:, ••■;.2/' .•-■; - , :■ ':■ .• -w ■• ,,. - j i-^^vf/. :>:•!.■> -'^ ?.^^ 

» ■ ■ ■ . . '■ ■ '■ 'iC -■ ; ■ " V.' '"'..,■. ■ ., . ' '(>U!- .: I'A--' 

'•-:>■ .:•'. ■-■':.' ^ ... ■■.' ..■•...-. ■;.■-. '• :\wi, nidi Rill. 

•: ;v. ' .' . , : :: ._ . .■■■.■ ■ . ■.-■ il- ^^- tsfie ,. 

.. ..■:> ■•■^ ■■■•■; -.1 L^.i.'if'^c.'i t^hi. "".lolon- 

,■ .' ■.,/:; ■.-,>;•■. -',m.i,, il J:-..^£ljqnB ol 

^'"♦l- ♦/ . . ^!U.'. .> .'moJ^ lO liA «Oi «!•'% 

iho appollttnt orntftn.ia that "in* l©or«e ia i?rong Ir tbr.t 
ii, attenptii to hold hlr a plalr wrdoro-^r, not a tpa,\:or, for tho an - 
tiro IndehtdJnwaB, prirclpal, int«<r«i-'t, tixen, a^s» tract bill, aaatsr 
in ery feu.::, court ocj»tn, aollcilor'ii faea .i,r.1 th« publlou.tlon 
oK«it-/^ei3. his only urdertakln^:; wttr for t/i« emount of prtnoilpril und 
Intareat." Vh© OTJly part of the d«ior6<5 that b:'ara on thfs appolle*nt'» 
proaer.t oortorjtion !• as rollo^a: ".'\ftor t> e coming In an:! the oon- 
flrraatlc-n of thd m*«t3r*H report of 3'il:» In oa.-s© any Joflolemoy is 
shown In th« twaount du« t<' t^*» oorrplalnitrt, Sara :-, Hu.^^lro, she 
shall t>« ontltlad to oxocution a^fAij'jiit th'j d«f©nl.nnta, Lilly ;ott- 
sehalk and .\lbart y iOttsohalK, personally liable thorefor." 
Xhs question rai^«fi by tt^a appollant riS tc whather tho oorepluinant 
is entitled to a deflolenoy dacree tigairat hlrs i» not novY before this 
oourt for detormlnfitlon, ho tha doorea in the ro«3p«ot oc'^niained of 
is not a final ont» froj.i which ar: appeiil ccy be tf4i«*r, if^^r^looton v. 
liorriaont IP.'i Iil» ^7V; Ootea v. .'e nnett , l''S 111. r-^: rhon.tcn v, 
til aol: , ;<J8 111, ^J;^: . io f'^r ao tha lieoroo cf the ::-unorlor oourt i» 
final between the app<»llftnt and t.h>« appolieo, ae find no orror in 
it, and it «lll therefor© be tttflrcind. 

-■::. ,, • ; '-> ,,,.-„ :■■■ ••' - ^ ^ t. < i ■ > ,- ■ ,.<& .^ly^^t- i^'Jiftt t^oo" 

-,.Jv -fix"-, t": '-If-'. -yiv'h !=■••> ■ '. ;v: !,-.;;-;»:>;.«;.• v-,f '-^iJHia** o«l Xi/ 

/ ■■■•■-■'■■■ 

M. J. FORiiiiS GAHTA :ii CO/PAir/, )| 

3efen;lant in r.rror, 



THii ['HAnKFCRT Jt'Anii'E A^aiDiiNT iliND / ) 

PLAXi.- :;lao.j liijauANOii dy.<P/U</, of ; ) Oi-' guigajo. 

b"ranlcfort-on-the-:.aln, 'Germany, /' ) 

Plaintiff in Erroi^. ) - H^ 

LiK« JUJlIOli PITCH delivet«ed Iha opinion of the court. 

Thij auit wai; brou -iit in the unicipal court to recover 
froKi tho dofsraant injurance conpany the ajaount of a Ju;irn?ont 
fcr p6r..or.ul injuries, .vith coata and attorney 'n feoa, which the 
piairtll'f, A. .:. v'Orbea Jarta^ro Company, «.i3 obliged to Day and 
which, it claimod, was covered by an inauranoe pel cy iaauod by tho 
defendant. rhe plaintiff recovered a Jud^.-^nt for v87S,iJ0, and 
t:»ij «rit of error was sued out by thti inaiaranoe company, 

.:y the torma of the inaiaranoe policy, tho defendant insured 
the plaintiff "apalnut loao and exponne aritjlnp or" result Inr from 
claia3 upor. the aaaured for danagoa on account of bodily irjuriea 
» :» > 3Ufferod by any purjon or peraond in conso^iienoe of any and 
ovary accident caused by a*"./ of the draur,ht or driving animal a or 
vohlcl 3 ovirnod or ueed by the aasured." L'hia liability, ho//ever, 
is made aubjoct to several conditions, aiong '.rhich are the follow- 
ing: "Irraediately upon the 003urrence of an accident tlie aeaured 
ahull -ive th'j oo^npany written notice thereof, *ith the fullest in- 
formation obtainable nt th ; tline. iho aaaure I shall aljo ,rive the 
compavy i^rediute writter notice of a"y olaiti .-.hioh may be made on 
account of tiuch accident. Imjediuto notice shall bc^ conjtrued to 
mean not luter t'mn fifteen day.i aft^r ♦^••^ i^ccidont occurs in the 
caae of notioeo of accidonta, and not later than five iay3 after 
claim io miide in the ja:^o of noticea of clains." 

On January 18, 1' lo, one of the plaintiff 'a 2ior3e-dravirn 
vehicloo ran into a otr^iet car on «hioh one aziraer iiala Kaa 

. i. v-^r: 




--' ■--> I. 

•ir>*fOVlit3J.; ;^;. . i. i; ilCI;ul/'!. ; 

'^ ... • rfA> ' :;•■;•'.•!;■■.::•:'. •■■1 vi-^f-iiToc?; -CO'" rfi^/i^v^ttViiJrfi; vrf li#ft>'t^iiiBi ■ 

-.'.1 •'-■'•''■ -li^. ..• ' ,'?:oei-^oi.' c-t.i.K -. ;^i;,j ^ ••tv;' ii-itjKqfTroo s '^;? ©VX^ IXMi"" 

.■ ■■■•■..■■Tj ... .... ^;,.,'J:::-i ;■.'..,.' i.^i"',' I , J.-(eiji-co.c rfoifB lo .irrooov- 

..':.•••-■■ ;;f •• ■•• :::.■ . "• t^pJIjc 'vf.h rti9t-4li1- ner'i itJx^X ^Ott rto^- 
r .:' :.'■ . j"! • v.; r' ' ''.■■,,i'i, '. „:';T( iwjB ,o;ffT>'',i,>i&OA I'O QOOJtJOft lo en. 

ridinpi; aa a paaaenger, Ihn accident happened directly In front 
of Uio plaintiff v. ham. i'he plaintiff's president tentjfiod that 
he talked -Yith t]"j driver and th;' auporintandert (who vh\b Ir the 
bam at th« tlrn«), that he leaiT'od fror them "that ths ton/nae of 
the nazon brokt^ through tho door or veclbulc of th^ oar," but that 
"so far as he krie*" it was purely "a property aooldent," in which 
no perijcn injurea, nnd thfit for thif. rs&aon, the plaintiff 1.11 
not ryport tho acci-ient to the ineijranoe company, '.'either th^ driver 
nor tlifj BUper:intt!nde':t t«3tifiod in thic- cane. On April 20, ir-"!;:^, 
thii plaintiff 'vas served w'.th Pumnon.'i in a auit brou,":ht by iiifjla to 
rooov'-'r diiiraginB for ailer.ed injiiries roosived by him in thr. r;ciii- 
Bion of January in, l<?l;i. The plaintiff at onco sont th^s ei^i^^or's 
tc oh(i ir.3ui*anoe company. The defendant r.a<le irri'iiricp of the in- 
voBtigatcra of tb':< street ^-nr oop^jany, and. o'' Klela's? wife and hia 
attor^^ey, ar'd tner .rote tc tlie plaintiff that ag no report of the 
accident had ever beer, recftlvod frcm the plaintiff, tbe defendant 
wouici not defend ths suit unleau the plaintiff »ould agree that the 
injuranoe cocpany ml.'^ht retire fron th"? defenf.e o" the suit ir 
case it ahould thereafter appear that "any one in snthorlty had 
kro«(lcd;j;0 and noti^^e of the .aooidont or ^'.ny 0131."^ thereafter In 
tine to have given the ocmpa'^y notice '.♦ithln the provialonw of tho 
poll 37." i'he plaintiff declins'i to rn-vkQ this gtlpul:t.tion, ard 1 1- 
aeif defended the i'.lela suit, with tho reault that »i judajnont for 
VCOO was entered afrainat it for pergonal in.iurie3 suBttintjd by iala 
at tho tl'no of th-i colli -t1 on, 

ve thin?: it ii thit ths r>urpo j«} of th.^t provision of 
ths in.iurarce policy requlrin'; tho in^iured to ^'Ive written ♦notice 
to ths inauraroa jompar.y "irimedlately upon th > occurrence of »»n 
acclient, * ^ * with the fulle^;t inform. tic^ obt.ilnable at the ti^ie," 
1b to erible tl a l'^i'^ Go;-'.pany to r-^ac^rtain all tho facts and 
clrounatancea aurroundln-: the accldont, yfhll« ouch facts are f.reoh 

j-poT'r ■ V (••."■■■. f:^ i'0'-« ■•-.:-.! Jnz^i:- tiii>B >/! .io:a.fmoB.Qq a e« :■ 

'^S f ■*!- " / '',"■? '':.>J3 ■!,*■:-.--; f-y j. " ■"•!'■■:'- ,'r: ^. -vv ..." "<v»}r?i eri BC t;- 

-'■'■: ^v^.' :■'■■:* .'■ ■ '' ^' V :' . i»v ?=-,;;:: ; •.i.':'jMh-f '• o^^.^-'mj •!■.■'"; atr'3/;.*v' 

; -•io^'^r"^ -.'•'■' ,''.■■ ttv, ' v; ■: '■ J:Jn.< :•< '^' ^^''i' .i^i''/ ,■■■:■ Y'^-'-'^rtfi''^' ^^ "^ 

•A.:- f'ru: '.^ .^.' ''i:/.8<? ' "■ . ^' ,;•:<;;:•":•-' "Ti.'- "■•. '< • •: ^ vf:? "o fe"' 

j-rc.!i-''''ir^r- f^ ' ■; ."rl t-}*i^ '■[.:* ^.■ri:' <7-; •-'"■t; ;■«!■' i-Ur>'M. •'v^s:.^"' •:.:■»"!/-.» bjBff Jit' 

-'■.:.' "'■■ ■ -'o'- • ■■■■ -■■■■:■•': zoJ-jorf y "'■■^'' "^^f ■'■■''' :'&vi:^ ^rad oi of 

•-' ' : ■■ '■'■■■::} t ' ; ■;;"■.:*- ^.^ .r' '• - , j.L': ■.« i " '.rf^ ^o^n«l«i■ 
^i"^-;- ■ - -r t ^ • <- ,i.: - f ■■ i (, ; . .V. .y -;^ •■ ■ ;■ -■ ,-:;;,...{.. i.^-^^^fTe aai' 

,■1,. ;-^ ^ I !r,c Mr<j i,> ©trii c 

in the ^Tieraory of .Itnesaea, ir. ordor that it may tc prepared either 
to defend, or to (aaka .-ottl-.sM^r.t, in ..'.as!.- any olalr ohould thereafter 
bo made or suit for danagoa for resulting peronal InjULrieg, 
it was ad. fitted thut the pl.-tintiff h;id knowledgo of tf-i acollont 
that oocurred on January l"^, 1D1<!, and that tho wai^on tong'jo hui ^one 
tlirough the door of the street oar. It A-as alao admittQcl that plain- 
tiff nade inquiries for the puriO^g of s.3oertainirg .vhst!;:^r any ono 
waa injured at that time. ■Ividently plaintiff read© there incivlriea 
for the purooae of ascertuanln,- wheth- r any clairr for perjon/xl inlurlaa 
waa likely to bo made. Ihwg© inquiries apparently aatiisfie t the plain- 
tiff thct no 3uch clalin could bo auoce -.'jfTjjlly :vj.da, and therefore it 
did not notify the in3ur<Anco cor«pany. In doir.2 thij, it actev! at its 
peril. The contract doea not nake the duty of ,fr,iving notice of the 
ocoui-rence of accidents dependont up-n the result of thcj plaintiff's 
Inquiriea. It required notice to be given the insurance company, ao 
that the insurance company raay aaoertain the facts for itself. This 
l3 one of tae conditions upon .ihioh the promise of defendant was 
preiioated. vjhen, therefore, the plaintiff aasuiied, as the- remit of 
its own inquiriea, that no claim could aucceaafully be nade for in- 
jury oo any person resulting from the aooi ient, without notifying the 
Intjurunce company aa provided by the contract. It tnereby elected to 
carry the rlak iteelf, and thereby abaolved the insurance conpany from 
liability for any injurioua condequences that '^i,<?ht subsequently be- 
come known. 

it follows th .t tn-j court erred in refuein^ the peremptory 
inotruotion to find for the defendant, which wa3 requested by the de- 
fendant at the clo;.ve of the plalntiff'j case. It followo also that 
ithe plaintiff's .itatenent of olaim, *'iich I3 no broader than the evid- 

ienoe, faila to atato a r,ood oau .^^ of action ap.ainat the def'^ndant. 


jThe Judgment will therefore be reversed and Judf^ment entered in this 

jcourt in favor of the ief^'ndanta for coat J. 


^:.r>'iv:: ■.■■5 •••: :-,!>c'I^:;::, r-i t-^-;' " '■ .•: j-i . I'-r ;-tU J^;iJ ;..^J■it•^&a awn 

-rrijalc i.H:.> '..:.).\?'r:j;.; oc-^i.; ■. v cJ i .v.". .-J. -fd^ J-lo '^:o lOOJt) erfd rfsuO'' 

eno V -.■ 1-. '..'■■'. ■ "■■/.'■ ;!":d;''.:^; "Ic i^v- •.-■ •; ;w5 {:.?- -^i-" :**x'5ii-f rti tibSRI 1'- 

Esr-ii .^^.'.f y -;!r^^ ef-<^:'f '*-^ ■-.;:UbX.|- x-^J ''■'■'■ •■^'■- ^^^''io cf^rfi ^t foetwI.rtJt. - 

:. M.f.'l ..' '' - .'"oo TO'? r'Qlc ■,;'■.*< 'f-'.'i-vj'e'''* t; ';; ^4:3'Tiyo.. '>w or^c-CTTUq ©At '^ 

cl ^;'.i^';'-'.^ ^+ -;■•■"■'(.■ ,..^b.'n-i t*^^ "' : "^f>c.'^ :di :.'ioOo rrii.o.>Ic doua on .'-^ !•> ^' 

^.i:'^\ .'li-^c Jr . ;---J .•,J?^i^v oilJ •:■.■-': >i.<;;'^ v;«fti ^f.-^.^unoo ec^witucni erf* ^«f'* 

~n': ■■•J' O'J vIXtft/sCfor;; i.i :,ii)i;o nil/, I': pf^ JrrfJ ,;3eili!jpni rmrO r*i 

Oil-? ?^^t^v7--'^^'•-■'^ +!o'o;Mr. ,d'm'* ^r. ■; : tVil+ ;Tro*t'i 's.ntHLviion noiiierr yn* otf.^*^ 

-0-1 vlJ'-t' ,:.•• -y:.:^ •:!■ i * -v.' i;e',.-rr>v,c.eerTOt> stjoli'tftnl -.i'-aa TOl ■\j;f illdx. ' I 


-of on.' '-.rf .• ..tppy-i'i t,rv. ,00 ':■•" ,\':-ii. TiiTeTEwb wd«J lO'I iinl'i oi trctiomi: 


i30 - LOhrj-i, 

A-H^ilAW JIiIi"M;^P and LAN.!-: J. THOMiiij, / ) 

Plaintiffs in Krror, ) kkiwh TO 



DOLLIVER oAVlNG.: BANK, a corporation, ) OF C!IICA'iO, 

and CO:.'Ti:'.'iiTrr/xL and QO.'.r.LihOiAL ;TAflL>-(AL ) 

ii;l^^K Oi' OuiCAlO, a corporation, t&8 ) 

gamiohee), ) 

Uefondanta in Error. ) 


an. JUJ TICK FIT'JH delivered the opinion of tho court. 

The plfiirtlffs, ilinTaer and TJiODae, brou.-^^ht an attachment 
0i:lt in the Municipal court arainat the Jolliver :^avinga Bank, a 
nor-resldent corporation, to rooover an allrjfxed Indebtednosa of 
tQlii.R'^. 'he t-.'ontinental and Coraraorcial National jjanlr of Jhica^o 
was served ao garnishee, and answered, adtiitting that the savlnprc 
bank had ^^-^jS^M.Sl on deposit ^vlth the garniaheo. Upon a trial be- 
fore the court v/ithout a jury, tht, court f oun i that there v^an duo 
tho plaintiffs fron the oavlnp banl: the eun of Ul9.;^'t, and Jud^ont 
wao rendered aooordin^ly, The plaintiffs hav<, s^ued out thla .vrit 
of error. ,' 

The plaintiffs reside in . t. Paul, and ire dealers in 
Ci;ttle. In rebruary, 1912, J. J. Trowbridge, of Dollivsr, lea, 
owed them ^13,o7F>, whioh was secured by ohattol raortra^^e on certain 
Cattle aold to him by th<j plaintiffs. i'rowbridt^e .la^ also indebted 
to the Dolliver .javin,':;3 4ank, and to ju, J. otillman, ita oachier, 
which inlebtednesB wan aeoured by chattel nortga/^ea upcr other cattle 
and property belonginr to :rowbridc^e, ."hs plaintiffs received word 
that irowbrid'.e waa about, to hav«> en auction c?alo of all the proper- 
ty on hla far"; near Jolllver, Iowa, including the niortgaged oattlo, 
an i the plaintiff, 'homao, attended thy sale, *l.ic)i occurred on 
tebruary 13, 191k;. iie found Jtillrran there "olerkinp the sale." . till- 
man introduced hina.jlf to rhomaa. rhomaa eald ho had Juot looked over 
the oattlo and thou vit they would not realize onour^h to pay the ncrt- 
gagea. Jtillman aaid ho thou^rht there would be enoutrh, but "there 

. i^i^Oii. 

( * . 

>\ i.vM V.' '■ 


a*3 ); , '.'<'j 1 ■' i'^JOi.^'ivii J- (»./- 

Ho ' v> V."- XV 

i X X »j .--- 

. ■ ^ 

-J...-. • yyw; 1? rfTifOT'.^ 9SlX«*>'T ion hLv^^ •. . 


won't bo much of a surplus. * After 3one further tulk durinf'^ which 
btillraan pointed out that it wcul l b© difficult to Identify and 
separate the cattle covered by t^'-e several rortgagea, i'hotrtas sug- 
gested that the cattle bu 3old in bulk, and if thyy did not eell for 
erou/^.h to pay the nortpagee, the plaintiffa an I Jtillman would " pro- 
rate any shortase* there might be, ""o thia Jtillnan assented and 
the sale waa isade upon that unlerstandin?;. The ^ross amount realized 
from the sale of cattle upon whl-^h the -plalr tiffs and tillnan held 
nortcageo amounted to ^,lf^,'^8(^t2S>. -Sne Deran gave hi.:, cheolr for 
•|9,137 for cattle purohaaed by hlin at the aalo and this check was 
turned over to the plaintiffs. 

On February 1=>, 1912, otillman wrot • a letter to rhoraas, 
giving an itenizod atatenient of the renulta of the sale. In t]:ia 
ataternent, the groao amount for shioii the cattle upon which the 
plaintiffs and 'otillrtan held niorti?a:];ea wero aold, 'ffa:i »Tiven la 
^15,513.50, and tho amount du"^ on their mortga^-^ea as *1'', "iS^.o?;, 
"leivving a shortage of ^}7A3»0,Z, not taking into account tha exDonae 
of holding': the aale." KOllowln;^ thia, th3 ataternent advia that "' r, 
j.'ro -bridge's sale aaoiinted in the aggregate to iA:3,2';1.7''<,'* that the 
total amount of niortj;age ? and lions againjt hia prop rty, including 
the expenses of the aale, was ^-3, 815. 49, leaving a ahortar.o of 
•iSoS.*^"! . rhii! statement sho-a t^^at a merchant of rjolllver .a i paid 
$100,43 for "lunch for sale," and that the auctioneer 'a fees amounted 
to !>1F0, naming the total '^x^onee of the aale ^^r;'^.'^;?. There wao 
anothur item in the aar^ie ataten^ent aa follown; "S per cent, diacount 
on face of aale .^46.^i,23,'' but this item v/a3 not then -axplained. 

Upon receipt of thii letter, the plaintiffs repli;;d express- 
in - their iiurprlae at tho amount of Trowbridge's indebtodnons, and 
urging otlllnian to "raake every effort poaaible to get our money in 
full" and requesting, hirr: to "kindly remit uu the balance due as near 
as poasible ponding the collection of what balance there nay bo." 

t"^ '. • ;j!:is'...'i- o: ^ x.jr j/i't lb &6 l-XwoK i| i---.ili .two ii.»^r?ioaF itss'fl' 
-^;r-! ' ' ■'•:-^ •. C'-i' ■'*sof' I,i'.■T■:^••':■^>; ^••iL* x^f Jj^'jS'VOo c^iJJjso 9rfi ei.r . 

r ■ ■ ; ' ..yi-i. --•; ■■•11 fd^r' sid.^ c. ,i>d ^fti--,.?:?: 6's«f*i "OiVi^'to/fa ^iti 
ba^'rlivT- '.■•v<^ ■.- ;:.-.>Jt-, >m5' .v.r Jl;'-,f^.cffc''i*'f rur ^iir!^ rfogi,' ©bsas! fiaw ©I* 

• c'il/^tn.fflXq €*5"1.? o;t lovo Jbeo* 

K.r, •:\tr'.-\ = i-r .^.'"o;; r.-cff-iV ei&;:.:,j::>;,ttoin foi&ct fi«RiiiiJL' hK« alii 

.:;■■..■••• , "..,f .. fr> o:<y:;.i.i-^v*'t:;>-»ii •'.rsp'.? nc 'Uifc .'tntwofn^s eiut hrija ,('" . 

Lr ^' ':■■■'■> u.yirJ r<..,. '. ' .'ji^^bX-jfCviO":': '.tO Ja';iOffiX» (^rfi J£ eftliqTtn.'i Tti^aJ t 

Mve days liiter, i-etriiary 24, 19lii, stlllnan arote to the 
plaintiffs, inoloeiiif, a -Iruft for ,!.3,59j.,30, "to apply or. tha Tow- 
bridge cattle deal as per following; statenjent," [''ollowlnc; thia waa 
a statement that the total a noun t reallzod frorr. tho jala of cattle 
upon which tho plaintiff u and .itillman hold raortf^agao, was ^.iri^oi i.^n, 
fron which *ii7,2,5 had been deducted for " i etesr ahort," leavln;-', the 
net proceeds .;l''»B8/3.ii5. The lett.^r then prooeeds au follo^vu: 

*Ihe expense of tha jalu amounted to :.i including 
onctloneer feo, expon^e for lunch nni di-oount, MVo.PP. 
Xhid aubtreoted fron the aLiiount of oattlo sold for !,l''.,"Cr),25 
left ']lb,^09 ,r7 . The n'ort.'^ai'.a ov the cattle arrounted to 
^13, ^?3.43 leavlnr; a shortagii of 5l25-5?5,7-3. Jhorta^^e amounting 
to .07F>2. 1 hiV'^ therefore lisbureed the amount an follorvo: 

Exp'^nr.-) of aale - - - - 4?(=i,P9 

Slirawer ;c JhOTnaa - - - - :v 1^7*1 5, 00 

Less ohortaje of *'^yr-p. - - l'^7>'^).70 l2''C9,r^o 

L. i*. atillman mort^^ase - 300B.^3 
Lees ,07.52 - - - - - ;J16.0T C.'80.37 
Total ----- tlJ^9'^"«2ri 

Amount due .ilimn^ir '.!; Thon-is - '12720.3'^ 

Leas amount paid by Uegnn - 9137,00 

ijaliincQ di^o for v/h^c^h draft la "^^^592^^" 
enclosed ------ 

Followinj- thla atatenert, Stillnan "*r4te Ir -Lh^ jv.^.e Icttor 

that h^> h/id takon .a eeoond 'nort-'a.^e on rrov/bridge '.'5 hor^eo and an 

a-3i,|Ti"'!ont of 30nie of iiin aocoionts. "and believe t:at i rrlll hs able 

to 3oll tho property for ftnou^^h to praoLioally pay uu ont;" and 

that " i have ta'r-^n thlij o}"U!.tfcel Tnortj;ft/»e to protoct our3nlvL;n to- 

gethnr vlth moth.^r local ac^^ourt here at '>olllver %nd assure 70U 

that I will do th-^ very bef^t I can to ^et it all in." 

^o thlj lett'?r the plaintiffs replied, oalllnt: att.^rtion 
o tho fact thit jwixtaoi t-vo otater'-intn d1 -Torpid materially a;; to 

tba amount of the alleged ahortarre, i-nl that tha oho'-vlnr: tifide in t^e 

second lettT *ao *ao entirely una-.t •" /^tory to U3 h - ■» that .70 

will not ataad for this kind of r. dosl and -.vlll held you for overy 

doll:',r tho Cfittle sold for under our mortr^a/^e." "hether ^tillnian 

replicid to thij, does not appear, i'lulntiffa *rote a nunbor of 

■•^.. J^?SC - «-:js^V.>:*"iCt'^ ^-f*5JBXXi^i^; ,*i Vvi 

'"■-■, ■ "*'" !■ ' ■ «^ >'";:■:;*/{';■ ;•'' "T?;!' JV ?.j'.. 

t;--.' •■•^-•■; ,' '/I ■■.::., ■■■...;,••;■ >,;;o;-t^- s^?" v:>^'^'f<sO*tq e:\v 

xrr-, .'■;:.■;:.- ■■, -, .^; ^-^ci: j'r".iij!VK'^«. X.5'-oi •ir'rtJ'Oi'K: .rf-S.h; 

rtcl.:' • ,■■!;-" 'M; • •;■ . jo; . c ,;'( .-•:■■■."■' .'j/-^ e^rr.." •iv.JJ'&X sXri* oT 

\Tt3VA T'-.'"; ,'JOV I.I .;^. ''.lt\. "■<n.> X^:e»fc .:> 'to lin£2( fiiiri* tol fcar.'- 
• a.'»uXI*^., -:■ vJ-.rf. '.;*:/<.?, vi-io'-t T.'.)© iftLim? t-oT fcXoa «IJ4. 

lo ?Lt?iii':vvj--v ^; i>,:.0'Tw BT)XJ-nX<jf^ .'ic^gcr.':- -i'on mmol> t-^tii o. ' 

iGttorj during thy following your, aakir.g for rurthi*r roportu, 
ani rooQlvod u roply to -aho of th-ju, atatin-: tho aooounta hai not 
been collooted. finally, on JuinQ i"., 1913, .itlllraar. .jrote that he 
had oollcotad prastioally all th3 aotjount^a, .ind that tho plaintiffs' 
dhar© of tho a;aount oollaatad ^^,3 "^ 119. 34, jfhloh he offorei to 3 3nd 
to tho plaintiff J, if they .vouli taltj an unjcld hay -proao "at a fair 
priaa and lot it ^j toward youi- bill." Plaintiffs deolinad thij 
o*fj!r and this suit followed. 

io 1j app'irent tror^ tho record that t,hc- thaory upon -^hioh 
tlij triil court ,T:av;* ,jui,'pnont for only ■°; 1 19 , :34 wris that th3 anospt- 
lifioe of thj draft inolosod in Jtllln!an*a lat-osr of F^truary 2'., 19 1£, 
oondtitutai in aosord ani aatl 2f iJtion. in this, \-fs thi^ik fho oourt 
arr^d. :ixjro i3 rothlnij in the ^vldanco to shov that the draft was 
tendered to plaintiffs aa a payment in full of a di.iputod 3lai-n. 
There aas no dispute betwetjn th^ pirtisa at that tina as to tho 
amount due. i'ha oxaot amount due .vaa known to Gtillraan, but vva.3 un- 
kncvn to thj plaintiffs. Thi lattsr 3tato:; -.tpon itz faco that the 
draft 1b "to apply en tho Trowbridgs oattio deal, as por following 
etatiaant." .'Jliile it ie true that tho ^tatoni^nt thuo roferr-Jd to 
ccni-;.inc tho .vcrds "Jalcnce due for '.vhich draft io crclosod," yet 
something .liors thun t ie i.^ nsoejaary to ^aalT^r the T.ora accoptanoe 
of ii draft amount to an accord and satiafaction. To heve that effeot 
there niu3t bu *an horieao difforenco bet-veen ths p-^rtias ac to the 
amount due" ( farmers ^ leoiiarico Life ABaccij-tion v« -iaine , i.2'' lli» 
tl'9 , iSOo), and tho oheok or dr;ift nuct, be offered "xinder ouoh clrouin- 
Btanoou LIS aaount to a ooridltion that it i;' to bo recolvod ir full 
payment of tta dertand" ( ^no./ v. Jriaiihoiror , .:.jO 111. 10r<). .'he 
itemized 8tatem--:nt in Ihu lottor of 1 ebruary J^'r, 191;^, iva' merely a 
Btate!;e7it of an open or running account, which could only have tho 
legal effect o:' an u.coount stated or "aooount aettlod" if it jma ro- 
cetved and retained without objection, vrhlch .vaa not th-^ fact in this 

■:r*;-'- .->»; !?j^:.;:/'.tiji v^ti iy: 'dv ^-v--. :[i:t> t:<f-.'^' »&J-i)ciioo j^nuocuy. scii to oa«r^'^ 

.,,. r- . -■ .' ; r,>if^' >;. ?;f:;.j'ii^-Ci -^r;^ aoeKcffcd R^ii/r^Eib on: ejsH one 

-Cu; F • V. ..*:•.: .•■■--:' r.: ^-L :;.; rv'-'ir- •,.,... ^.Lii;: jriuoma da^sjce z&k .tat ir^c 

o '.'. •* • 0-'. ■ ■• ■ ■ ■■■ ';i ': ' -irr ■■ ' . t T ,,j;; t. ;, ./ rr .' X cii'i'i n^r;^ e'^l^'ii 

-... ;o': !' mO r- -: ■. -••' ;...■'.; :■.:. .^ ; j;;-.,- ;'i .--ib 'a:o 7^oC'rfo mi.! I: ita , 

««■•.•> i>vj-. •' Y,-no Li;j'o ru-iriv. , ■ ;yx;5oc:*( ^'.rjiruiun ♦so rtoqo »-i» • 

airiJ iti ^fci^'t >f<4 jo:i tj«& xiolriw ^nof L«k*i*j i. 


Aslde frora these queationa, it Is app-irerit from tho briefa 
that the only re-il dispute between the partiea at thi;j tine io as 
to the amount of the ahortage '.vhlch .-ihould be pro-rated under the 
agree^ient made at the tine of the sale. In the letter of .^'ebruary 
15, 1912, this shortage was stated to be J743,85, "not takin;?; into 
account the expense of holdin.'r; the sale," The aawe letter, however, 
8ho*s what was paid out by otlllraan aa the expense of the sale, viz: 
1250.45. In the oecond letter, the expense of saile is ,'?;iven as >4-76,5e, 
which is three per cent, of tho arnount realized frora the sale of the 
cattle on which tj^e plaintiffs and otiilroan had mortgages. There is no 
claim that any such amount was pai;. out by Jtillna.n for expenses of the 

sale. The only attempt to justify tliia item ia the ataten^ent in Still- 
man'S/^letter of June 16, lOli, that " iho arrangement >vith -^ r . '^'row- 
bridge before the aale waa that uti A'ore to clerk the sale and handl e 
all paper s withou t recourse and viera to receive '^y^ discount frora 
face of sale," and the further statement that the three per cent, 
charged ati expense of sale included "auctioneer fee, expenao for lijnch, 
and discount.* There is not a particle of evidence that the plain- 
tiffa were parties to this a^jreeiuent between Jtillman and Trowbridge 
as to a "discount," or fee to the bonk for "handling papom v.ithout 
recourse," and honoe the ite;- uf ^470.53 must be reduced to the 
actual expense of the sale, viz: .;:^60.43. 

upon this basis, we have conputod the amount that .vas due to 
the plaintiffs at tho time the draft *a3 sent to the", and find that 
the balance then iue w i-s ;'<3,779.13, Instead of v3,59sa.?0. The dif- 
ferance is vlB'^.HiJ, ^hich with interest fron February 24, 1^12, 
should have been allowed to the plaintiffs ani added to the anount 
collected later, viz; >11C>.24, The Ju;ir;rient will therefore be 

Teversed; and as tho correct amount due the plaintiffs is nere- 


ly a matter of ooinputation from the admitted facts, the cause will 

not bo renanded, but a judf.ment will be entered in this court in 
favor of the plaintiffs and against the ."Dolliver savings Hark 
jfor v37^.lt3, together ^Ith the costs of thi3 court to be taxed. 

^^ ■:-.:''^ . ■■:-;'^' -.l' ' ■■:■.:'•■ '^-..:.':^ ii :i>o--'0:.'- '^liJ \0 inuOTJiJ *■ 

-^,r<.ft .... ., ,; •■ . ,■■'..''■ y'S.: ':.-■ i^-t." :-'.\.7 J;- MbM^t >j 

V \ ixi'/ i:^ ri - . , i.,' ^v ' "fv "jx?- -M.^ e'^i:-; •> f ^'I i^'-ur'O;-. ©<''J rfl 
-a-i. , .s.o-:,?: - ^.-U' ■:■ :' ■■ ' • •'■■ >■:''■■■■ c r'. .t^r-i-! Xn e-'J it^Iiiw ■; 


- _ — ,- . .^- 

... . . .... .' ,, ,-. M 

;.-.., , . ■' \\ ■■. . U :•' ji<i 'MO " , j U-Ocitdt'" js 

i^.., - .. . . .1. k: .';-.r'' v; •;.:;,. o;-.J ^;.;^A :\ \>:i:.\ ", 

.,..,, ; '. ., ;. ••.■■.. ,.. ; .-' ' i^''' y u t'J.' ' •;■(■'. 15 ^t^cu-... 

.'■:,■ ■ ■' ■ ■ -\ . ■■\ •■■: ;-;;rf , !{.Aci\ , .f'. ^'-i^i:: 8^ ='• 

; , •--'-■ ..'■.■,,,. ■■■'■'J ..:; /•■•; < .i tPViOiXi; neecf 'avtii . 

•■'^■r>-. i. :. i .■ ...-■!.;■■,■: v:, ..:"< ,-:..-:ij:f. rs'v <1;i^fll J:>©;tf 

-.'- ;''i'ti..-- i. •-. ■••'"'. .■■■•!;■■■ • Jr><»tffoo c • y 2i« tna fi-''- 

n! sf'xiiuo r;tf.'.-» ,; r t, , .'j'ii. .f -jc ^'i i.i't- .lcrem,-5i;u(; .? .trr: ,.,*-o'S^r.r' 


an;i asainBt tha sarniAhub for .v4,?R-; .ai, oi' which QZ'^Z,!'^ ani coats 
of thl;? court ara for th.j u ;e o*^ tno plftlntifl'a, arrl the ronalnder 
for thy uao of the Jolliver ijavinga .-ark. 

Fi:»DIN?t 0? FA'Jri:. iho? court findrt fro". the evidence that 
on t-ebruary i^4, lvi2, uht« Doiliver Jftvlngs 3ank h;.d in its hands 
belon^Sing to the plaintiff's t'lQ suk of -.IfVi.B^, rf>ceivscl fro^r the 
saio of certain oa*:,tlo upov, 'rfhioh Iho piair'tirfs had a cht.ttel riort- 
f,ai^e lien; thn.t interest upon that aun; to October --, iv?i.';, at i'lvc 
per o«3nt. per a' nuin araour.te to ^?,:'.hi; tht,l or June i , iPlZ, s:*ici 
banV hu'.l in it 3 iv-ind;:- th.e further euir. of ;ili',;M b©loni;;ini': «.o tho 
piaintlffa, as adJnitccd in itj letter of chat date: th&t Jntoreat 
on thia earn at the sarco rate to Cctob'3r ■'', rJ15 airicuntt.': to ■■I'^'.'.'L;; 
thiit thtj taxed coat a oi" the Mtinioipai court in tiiiu cano v/ere t.l'^»^Oi 
and that plaintlffa ar^ ontitied to be paid the aggrogate sun of 
^37;-. 18, together with the ooato of this court out of Va^, Txw.cJ in 
the handa of the pHmishoe, via: .14,364.51, and tho Jollivor .'avinga 
lionx I0 entitled tn tho ronainder tht^reof. 

,;..:-i ■ ■■■' •:vS'i:'f-.:vi,!!i':i .Mi,s '"J ijoXJi:.irto si Jin*. 

h.\ti.'iii\^0^ aERAo and JU'ST ., 

ROVOXlAhtii, I 

V3. \ I 

Plaintiff In hfrov. 

•OK Ct;Uf?Ty. 

MR. JU';"'13i:; Fircii dallvoroJ the opinion of tho court. 
Thla writ or error .<«aa broufht to rt^vera^^ a Judgment of 
tha -up-rlor court, whicli rouAie as follows: 

" whla oauae belr ^r oallad for triil coma the plaln- 
tiffa to thl.i »ult by thtlr attorreya, ^V'\ iaouoj being 
Joined, a'-.a n©lth;^r thtj defonianta ror th-iir uttorreye r«aporri- 
ing unor. tho oall of oa.1 i oaua« for trial, therouTion f-«r 
plairtiffa by thair uttorr-,«ya iaov» thy oourt that final Jiidp- 
aert ba er'tored hor.'ln tincn thrt af f t Javlt of ^1«1t filod horo- 
in by th-: pl;ilntiff&, iuii tlioreupon it io ordered by the Oourt 
that flral Jud^rr-ct be ont«re-i horeir In fuvor of t^* plain- 
tiff -> (xrA a^-uinat tha a^fenjiirita upon the plaintiffs' affi- 
davit of clai'" fll«<t hsrein Ir th^ ourc of ;-our^i ^ollara 
{^400.^0) for wart of proaacutlon. 

" i.h8rafor« it ia oort^idored by the Jourt, that tho 
plaintiff;; dc( hiive ani reoovor of t^A fron th« ief'»r. -antu the 
said sum of i-our -undrad Jollara (.>400,oo) togather with thair 
oont;3 a-d In tula bahalf axpendad ard hava t»xOi5uticn 

ihe a-it in ft?iish thla Judgnert was r-^ntierod «*a3 ri". .jtion 

In aatiumpait. .ho deolaratlor ooneiTte»d of an :ndobitatu3 aonurip- 

sit eount for |T;oali^, /aran ani j2arohandi3« acid and ielivarod, a 

(juartura valabar.t count, and five oontmor oounta in asa-ompalt, for 

tnonay le't a-n advanced* for loney h'id and racalved, for intoruat, 

for vj»luo of work done ani natorial fumiohad, and UT>on an ncoount 

statHsi. ro thiti de-:5luratlc;n aaa attachod an affidavit of clSiln 

Htatln.-*, that th»^ da -and of the plaintiff o la *fcr nonoy obtained 

from the plalntiffu by the dwfenianta," a'^owitin : tc> \^r\r,. .'.ppend- 

ed wan a oooy of written contract Tor th3 3alJ of th?> defan^tants* 

confectionary store In ihloap,© to tha plaintl^fo, which atatasa that 

the purchaoars huva depoiitad with tho aellara >COn to ba appliod 

on tho purchase price, 'in cada Jim abova aentionad deal jhall be 

coraurrsraated* *ithlr five d^ya; tuat if the "d»»al' ij rot *o con- 

, V" . , ...... 

{ \ ' .> ^ 

; tifrcvvi.,i«i.= no* ;'1i' '•;:.?' f 31.'. flM#^ ^ ^ 

■ a'i j^.;^; J^11/<st- 

i-.'>' u':'- 

;it - ^ ^1' l:- .^l- 

''^^■- ■ ■ ■ 

V'i :-S"iMb"^Cf ac 

J: ■; /•: 

- •. .> -sOViil -: 

■ : t : r: if 

■ -.■*^::' ..i':ji;6A5|, ■f>.''.' 

■ t.-;;.- 

•":-'nu- ri;'-\ to 

, )■ 


.' .rf.* ., t-;.-^: .;.,■!, 

? -id u 

■ :^-\e.'. :t^ .,".-■: 


- r,-. -.. ''■-' 

. a'' i"^ 2^ '*. ^ 


-fcr-^cr . J -'♦-- -...JMi, r.-'iti'/- ortJ \'.J tilltJaiAj- "^ 

•uiara&tod, "throuph the fault of tt'o piircha9«»ru, aald deponit 
ohall be rotttlnrKi by tJiO aollor.i .it; liquidate 5 :laraf*e3, but If 
tiie aeilttra roi'u^o x.o oxecuwo u bill ol' auio! they nMall re- 
turn the deposit and pay ^.-iiiV'. In addition thereto j*a liquldatod 
da Afi63. *h© defeniar.ta fllad their .vrltten anpearanoQ ani a plaa 
of tho genorul iuauu, aoooroparied by ii.x\ affidavit of ffitsrlto, male 
by thfi dofordanta' attorney, aa to tho wliol** of the plaintiff a* 
demand. ; it appears fron tho record tliut the caeo ■mo.a plaoed 
upon Lhc) ahort oauoo caloRd;v.r, ani the Jud^taent above quoted ?/aa 
entered »her tho oaso *a.:i roaoh*#d fcr trial upor that oalondar. 

Iho Judgraont la olearly ozYoneoua for sovftrt;.! ns-iBora*. if 
the Jud<ynent can be oonisidered /u a jud,^n)3'*t oy default, it ha-5 ^'e- 
poutadly boan hold that it lo orrcr to r<j>ndor a Jud^ont ayiQingt a 
defendant by default, while a pit*;,, to tn'^ rao?'lt.3 roEnlna o^ fMs. 

in Uaaon ▼. /.bbot t, ^■■'> ill. *i45, a suit 'ti.\3 brought a'^alnst 
four defendants, inoludin-: one .ason, « ploa .vj».ji f 11 -d on bohilf 
of ail th« def«ndanto. Lat^r, tiie actior uma listGiaraQd as to all 
tho defendaritts except Jaaon, and a ju<i7rvtir^t by default . ae rfiniered 
A£ain<}t him, Juaon jued out a *rit of error in t .» .:uprons .;ourt, 
an; tho Jud^nont asxa reversod, tho oourt ^ayir-.j',: "It vas error to 
render Judr^icn'v- a^^ainat ^j.-ior, by default, »vhen hiJ plau to the norlta 
Ol' Ui'j action watt on flla. ;hl3 quo'sticr h.ia ropeatodly boer. de- 
cided by thla court. Liyon v. r,arr.<jy , l ^Joati, 7P7; '.la nloye v, 
laruner, ib, 3>:'0i aovgl l v. -.^b.r>.3,_ lb, '.*i9i: •'c.:lnnQ; y v. : _ :tvy , ib, 
b'Mf oteelrran ▼. Wat 3 o n, .'> ^llm, ^-iw; o affmja v. £larV, i''' 111, 
89f^, * - •» jo Ions;, as th-j plea of • .leon wan on filr», ho coulcl not 
be regarded au bein^ In default, nor could a Juigciont ho rondored 
agalnat hlw except upon u trial," 

in .''anlove , et al , v. 'ir urcx, 1 ooan, :' o, jin 'icllo»^, of eject- 
nent ttckn biviurht, sind after a plea of not !?,Mllty wan filed, tho plain- 
tiff had th.} defendants o>:»ll©d, and upon their not appeirin/r., their 
default «as entered, and a Judi^roent that the plaintiff recover 

> . • A I 

.tj' > •■>.*-..;.:'0 JV'.'ii :>0''!iJ Xg--*"fi ^iO'i i5*i{iOii«'5. '&£% t'tiliC' if0.S CI»ll« i»©.1»i&.' 
JS^riJe.- 'iV^---^ ,Tr;.::.7r^,.t.i:i<., -■ -ti-; .fft.-T QJ rsQai* tii. ^.i J-Uid-J iilSfl f«&©<l' TCXi«><J'«®'« 

hio torrr. a--:* oosta of a.Jlt *U3 randorad, Jhc jupro'-e Court said* 
•ihlB was clearly ©rronoous. Aftar iasuo Is Joined, th« plaintiff, 
tc obtain Jucigipont, ru^t proceed nri try Mb oftupo i;y u jury, ir the 
sa-e riBrnor aa if the dofenilnrta hai answered to their nu-nos when 

In Meeler , et al . v. 'J&t. bell , i.;4 111, „rf?, an acttc of 
aeeuiipBit a-a^ brcu-nt, tn ; a declaration fil©-l, oonnletln,'- or a 
apodal oount iir.l the cornaon oou;^f.a» A Jonurrer .vue interposed to 
thfc c>;>ecial count, ord the r,enrtrtil iscua i^fi? pleaded t. t>i« coiinon 
counts, iho court OYerrulori the der^urror an! dofaulterJ the defendant, 
ajaeeottd th^ danagea and rendered J'Jd.PTnert without in any way dla- 
poi-lng of the I ■'sue r.ade by lh'2 coi^non cotmts ana the f,enertil leaue, 
Th5 oourt said: "xt .vi'5 aiao erroneous to assosrf the dfinagoa while 
the ltj;mo uoon the oornroon counts *a^i undetarnined, \* ^ » The court, 
or tho clfci^k under its dircctJ.on, htkd. no po^er to aase^e thv danafroa 
while ttiHre waa on ii33U';> of fuct ponding in the cauae." 

Counoel for defendant^? In error, in t'-.yir brisf, treat the 
Ju:lr-,:3er;t «s a Judf»i»nt by default, and co'^terd th»»t flf»otlone r-r, and 
fcv? of the preaert Practice A3t give tho court the potfer to onter a 
Juirme'-t by default iinder tlio cirouitJetancea above stated. In ^.fe at ling 
V. .'lu/heo , '^C' ill, ?>^r-, it ,iaa h-<ll thtit li ai^ott w of the 'ractloe 
Act then in force, i>hlc>> i^ identical alth aestlon "^ ^ of tVie present 
act, hid no anplioatlon to \ oaus brou 'ht on a written contract, even 
if thtjrf: \«ao aefault. AC a -nattfr of fact, there u^.i no such de- 
fault ao ia c-nte-TplMted by aootlon '">■}, ieotlon "bd rofera only to 
the art'jeBrinont of .!ri.';at*;ea aftor u default htjo been tak^in. vhe»' there 
i:j a plea on fll'i, •• dofAult doer^ not f*xi -t »n'^rely beoau-;e th-> iefend- 
antu do not appear At the tine tho oace ie called for trial. •<«fore 
th'jy oau^ cu ir default, t!io pl'Kt mint b?* .-jtrlrV-en frOT the fll-*g 
Upon d^i . notice. cVner*l30, tho i.iaue lolned nurst br- trl-^d, anJ In 
th'.- ..uperior court, there haa been n waiver Ol' a Jury trial, 
t)-;e ii^aue tnuat bo tried by a jury. (iSiioryiell^ v. ilartor. ;' 111. 2^; 

s^ro '^^ «y!M' ■'■ ?■' '-'^'iss,-' "■i~ vjj s-T^ ?'!?».vO-'Tf? jfci/r" ,7^{t»fa,■^^uf. rrixitfo oj' 


:^ -'^t ■ ■\i-r s-.*4 h^^i^r<':oe: ir^r^ -. ■■■■.'<:. i^.:": -K.^ f- j;;:''m:t:?7c v-i;:;oo mjIT .;;>?iiyoe 
"-■<»;-■■*'■• ? t.; r' •v^^'-"'" .-f-v'^ 'r .5 —.,•■<,. ■ !•„;,;, r-.=w otftrli* eii'^fl 

:.= ':ij "' »=r-: ■ r'i'iSS^ ^■'i.:' ..I--:-' v!' V'ii- ,' ■.j:'":';.'. ' : . ' ^ ^ '^^-C-f, £ ^ft . i 

p r- :"' /■ -^f-i ■'"T': J-'!* .■"■?'■" ■:?.? ■'>": '' .' ^ :* rx-.". ' .* 7t'- r cvjt; off.'' '' 

iff' ' ifi^O 'I - ' : '-■.'vt,:; ^ ■ .' ^ ;^ ..>,;. -.j r. - -■ -•<:.'^.-: J Ji.';-.i»>;. ■,"< 

-.V ^•, - €•• ^ ■■ . ^< . ■, ' ; ■■ :- -?••;*;!/:;?• ,t Sa . ;t .^WJf'iei.. (,. ;:P^ 3^«»riJ *: 

M. --riT. C'l.'' . -■■: ; ,■■ .-.V- .\^. .-..•-■ ■ ,. .•v^'f SlT'..-? nf. CA ilUt 

e^-i"' •'■; . ". ' .."' -.<-"■ i^r.r-'':*' ■•: 1'f/. ■.■*■■''.,•■/. '{;-> ,J^'»'*rn88s.-. 

■■• '■"■■'■'^ ' : •■• ' ':♦•■" • ■ •■ ':r ■• ■ -.^i^ ;{J-A"->r V , 'J^ll no y 

.-ft ' ".- ,1' ini 'f .« •■ 'u-., i. *it\: ,r»r:>*'^. .;t> .ft^D^n 

^Sttt-'i -T? *, • '_ : j-rlr V •'. « ii r-...;> «»t(>tCJ i»*.j/ru ».MJt6« T:l*^ 
■« .lii 1 


}i.ttr;lcive v. -run-r , j upra. ) 

Ocmni^ei for deffir.J art a ir orrcr !\l':?o ntr^te thut ths pTe& 
that waa filed in thi a cana waa not Hl:'no.l, nn-j thorfifo. o It lu 
ft 'nullity.* it 1« not rooenau-ry th<!.t .i pl«»a o'' the rsrernl Ijsuo 
ehoul • bo .Tiyrn^d by anybody (Tldd'a "r'ract1a«, -^7;?, "''■*); ard If It 
itsr. , It r.hcul i have boor kJtrl::kon from tb-? filoe bcfor© « dofault 
couli be entered. 

h'or th roriiiona atatci, the jvjl^^mTir.t of the .^uper'or court 
»111 brt risvaroed and the cfiu-jo rorpar-lad. 

. t)«nt»^n9 «d blue 

3HAri^KR, V ^ \ EaRCK TO 

l>«|'er.*lait« In ^rxpr, 


f'lalntlff in )sTtor, ) j b^ 7) \ ,^ ,4, . Y 

'<ATOHA PAR'S * oorioratlon, V ) 

- f 

?^H. JVsriQl^ I'-ira:f dellVored thfi opinion of the oourt. 

Th» plair,tirfo, OaoAr ii. Jbaffor and adlth Jhaff<»r, brouorht 
suit in tho >:unloipekl oourt a^ainat t 9 Natoaa r&rr, a ocrpor- 
ation, to rf«oov#r da^.aR»ii for breach or a o^ntraot of efsploymerit, 
and upon a trial b«for« th« oourt without a Jury, r»cov«rs<l u 
Judjsaient for .;JL;0. it l-^ oont«naed on Jahalf of tha defendant that 
tilt* evidenoa faila to lahcn any oontr&ot of wsploy^erl, that tha 
avidttnoa dooa not support the finding as to the anount of daragaa, 
thiit thu plaintiffs, th*:mo«lv«8, *er«» in default under tha taro 
of tha allegad oontruot, ard Umt tho oontraot alleged to ha^a baan 
ontarod Into le void undar the statute of frauda. i\^e firat thrae 
contantlona raiee aere quastlona of fsot* <he fourth 13 a qpjeatlon 
of law. 

'Without di«oua3ing tha eivldenoe in detail, no are of th9 

opinion. After a oar^ful exoi^nl nation of the evidence in thfl llrht 

of tha oontentlone nade, that th'^ finding ia not rcanlfawtly a/iialnst 

the #elii^ht of the evidenoe* .'Vhile tho ovidenoa »a to th« maJclnf of 

a oontr«.ot for a year i ' confllotJng, there are oirausotonoea ttind- 

Ing to oorroborate the plaintiff a* evidenoe in thla reapeot, parti o- 

ulorly the letter of the defendant *«( «up «} r in t (indent, a<idre»aed to 

k. .;>baff9r, re^iueatin^ the lattor to "oosso and see* hin on a oertaln 

day, a.rd adding: "IP ko oon make n deal for ycu to ^ ua 

for 3l3t •::03. _ or & 7o^v » think the way is op^n." A^ to tho anount of 

darjages, .1 -. the oourt vould liave been Justified, und r the 

eyidoroe, in finding Utat '^Slft wao due to tho plaint -i the 

dofondant oannot/^ra«roly beoauae tho amount allowed *■»» l^o.* than 


: "^ i^i; .riV'V^^-^Qf/^ ^i^B^s^ i»i;trt3:«» dnuao «4i ItoldJ' •» . 


thAt sun, Zti fin-i no evldenoe of any asfault or: th« part of th« 
plalntlffu, for althoufjh it io true that t.^o plaintiffs ?lld not 
tippoar nt thc> farx on uotobor i), 1V15, aooordli^, to th© agrd'srroRt 
In ovldcnoAf It appoore trat tli»jr war? propared and roady tc »,o, but 
did not go baoaude the dsf^^ndant*^ auperlntandent tolegraphed th*29 
not to do so. 

A& to thd fourth oontsntlon, vlzt that th© oon tract la void 
unddr th« statute or rraud;i> *.9 think tne def£riCiur>t la rot Ir. a 
position to raiiic this objeotlur. vhe rul6 Is •vsll st'ttlf^d th^t tho 
if th«i statute of frauds is relied on as a defanao, It ruuat td plsad- 
sa» unlsa-A tho plaintiff's pleadings ars not In cueh for?; aei tc ad* 
viao tho dofondant a2xttcx;<Kxttax< of Ui^ prsclno nature of th'v claim. 
In this oase* th« pXalntllfs' 3ta,to..ant of olaln avera tlmt a 3cntr&ct 
«tea K&do on s» oartaln date, by which thn plaintiffs wsr<; to cjlvo their 
ssrviosa for a ysar beginning nine days aftor th>9 contract was node. 
To thlii clain, tho ddf indant fHad an affidavit of a isorltorlous ds- 
f<»nb«>, \r. shlch it inere»ly denied that -.ny such contract Aaa rsado with- 
out aontioning thi atatuts of fr'Uids. >Jn affidavit of jn^rlta flldd 
In tho ..unlolpal oourt is not tsohnlcally a pleading;* and Lhsre is 
Bothlng in tna rooord to aJios whoth'^r such affidavit .^ !© vol- 

untarily or in pursuaknoe of aoaj«» rul« rd.julrinf. it to b*? filed, but 
In sithtr case, it ssrvol th<» purpo3» of a atato^^rt of *>& nature of 
dsrsndant's dofenj© tc th . plaintiffs' claia. The 1 . 'rg bosn 

•ads by tiie plaintiffs' 3tato::wnt of olaia and tha afflch-Tlt of msrits, 
and a trial h<iving besn had upon the issu<« iO isada, t.: iidart could 

not defend upon any dlfforent theory without aokin/5 leavs to file, 
and rilin>';, an ar-einded or additional affiiavit, Ti'S record shows 
that uTtisr the videnoe saa all in, tho df-fen.l«fcnt orallv urired the 
statute of frauds ao a defanne, b«Jt h- did not, at t» ^y othfjr 

iiffl*!, i»3k or obtain leavo to fllv an ^-nendod affidavit of rorlto. It 
la too lato to Urfie such x defana* Ir thla court mur i*. w.-\ j rot 
properly before the trial court for decision. 

ftis lo ^':-:c ■'■'-■'■ r:' J '.i:A'k\it vat ')o ooa-vwlvj? oa • ;JM <ia 

j'^r Ji:.;^ ^ *''.■.' r. .«i':; t? - i ^f^at^^ njw toi 4,1; .•■f^^jLJt:;';!^-; ^''^'i «t 

~5e 1..! 'va ^n^/•f rta?--., ;0; Jars' e»t.f. «js?^«j>.r';: £<? K*'nt.iriij!»XQ *.i.!* 4Ui0X£!il « 

-i:;v film :■-.-,. ^l-v.'^fi.l'Yti. -^Qt/er ^■,. a^-'.-x .veniri vv,; '.'liooe^ «<!? ni :s^lti: 

SUfl .■'■m ■••,. i'.: *.;}.. y',nttJu(,(^x ^i<.n ^' .u, •",- «<- . ; y^AiSftii:^ ni Tia 'IjXJl*; 


7cr Ui» r«A«ona fltat«<i, tho ^ud.^rjont of tho municipal 
court will b« afflr»«>U. 



Am - iw«3i. 

Q?- OITICA '.. 

^ "^ 

» X«w 5fork ccriorutlcm, X 

ftfi. JUS riC«Vir#OT^dallv«r«d tho opinion of the court, 

Jhla la an apj>-#*l frcD a J'jKigraent of the uimloipal Court 
In favor of th* tt«f»rd%nt upon a dlrwotad vorcilot. rh« ault was 
brought to r^oovor dfersa:;** for ar allop-ej br«&oh of warranty In 
th» aals of an automobll«» ITia plaintiff »a lusondad atatar^^nt of 
alala av«rK that plaintiff bought a.r a-atoasobJle of th^ dwfan-iar.t or 
October 10, liilO, at >»hloh tl«n« t?J« dofotrdant •■arrant<»d th» autoao-* 
bll« hTul diTttra parta th»r«of and «q[ulp!a9*')t thar«on ic b« fr«« of 
dafvots in »atarlcil« vvor^^sanahip and oocatruotlon ai^ol to bo raaacn* 
ably useful ard uaabla for tha purpoeas for ahloh It was si^nufaoturod 
and ©old and that it would r^'^aln fraa fros dafaots in i3at«>rial find 
aorteanohip and that tho »atarial and »fortaian»hip would nci fTlra out, 
brttak or v«ar out durln^e; tha raaaonftbl* u«9 of ths outoctobild or 
during tho llfo of an ordinary auto-sobilo;* tftat at th^ tl^,, ©f suoh 
aai«, div«ra parts of th» Bsaohinery and aTulpaart ware tiafectlTa In 
oonittruotion and workaariShip, and that othar dafaoto dovolopai joon 
after, pnrtioularly ir th^ t1re», yalr&s, plstona, wriot-olna, oa-s 
ohaft and tranaralaalonj that plaintiff spent tltrtO"* "In enleavorln/ij 
to reoonutruct and rebuild eaid autorxjbil*- aid retnady the defects" 
but Aao uncbie to elininate tto defeoto therefrcn, an«l that the auto- 
mobile «aa a oc^plete loaa to hla be9au;3o of t.'^'.e breai^h of warranty 
and tho faulty oonatruotlon, 

ilie evidenoe of the plaintiff tended to prove that the 
plaintiff was an a^,ent of the defer lant, residing at jar. fose, 
Oalifomiaj that prior to 101? he hud bou^j^t seven of defendant's 
autoBCbilea; that he had a ai^T upon Me plaoe )f bualnees in Oali- 



fomla, on ahloh waa puint^d tho words * -u«rttnt«9d for Llfa," 
shloh r«f»rTocl to 'i•fer^da^t♦8 printed •arra-ty cf it« dutor.obH^a, 
oontalnal ir. all of defendant' 3 e&taloaraes, vis; "O&rii sold by ua 
ar© fully protected and .{gua.rvA?it0»l for life againat any lefect in 
Bajrmf&Qtiore «4.nd workimnahlpT* that In ccjtobsr, l^io, the plaintiff 
waa in lee York Jlty nni »&a induced by defarkisrt *o wana^or thare 
to buy a new model known no "Renault's Amerltsor. opeoial," for which 
he paid ^5,300t that the sanagar 3'u,:geated t^iat tho plaintiff drive 
thla oar frorj We* fork te Jan Krarci80o« In order to doi^onetrate 
♦^ , li «A5i a practloal oar for u»e on Anericar' roads, aayinr. that 
till) oar» like all def<?ndant*8 oare, saa guaranteed for life, and 
that "if everything aent well" on the trip, tf.e defendant a-'Uld sota- 
pletely overhaul the oar, upon its arrival in .iar i-ir?inoiaoo, without 
expense to the plaintiff: that plixlntiff did not teat the aar before 
he bought it; th-it aftrr he Yuii boup^ht it, Uie defend Jint took t^e 
plaintiff out in it In order to dersonatrate it3 qu&litiea as a hill- 
cliraber, but the oar failed to olltsb the lo* ^x-ade upon i.lveralde 
Jjrlve until Aft^jr It had been tafcen back to the shop and readjusted, 
whan it "tooic a hard run and final!? suoceederi in f^ettlnj: up:" that 
rturing thld ride there waa ^ nolae, e slort, or aide alap" in tf^e 
iVvJit cylinder of the engine; tliat the oar -vao ta>en to the ahop 
c- .Ir and "tuned up" and plaintiff thor drove it about to»n for a 
: or tuO before ha jtarte> on hia trip to ;ian ■'ranclaoo: that 
iTilntiff oallad defendant *« atteBitlcn to the "alap* in the engine, 
"d ,^aa told that if 11 did not " AcrV out" en hla trip, iefer.dant 
r.j.3 "fix it up" vhen tho oar arrived at uor. Krarciaoo: that pl/iln- 
tir? fciicrti started upon hia trip, aoaowpanied by hia «ifo and a 

■-UMffeur reoocLVcnde i by defen.lant; tlmt tha tirea pia-^e out after 
goin.^ a diataroe of about forty mioB: that iho piiton "slap" in- 
oreaey-j, until by tha tla« they reaohod xUtioaf?©, "an avful knoo^ ir 
thti cylinders" waa notioeablo, and whon the oa,r was running leao than 
fift^vyn miles an hour, anothor "elap" vn^^ hear! "In between the fly- 
wheel and traren»laalor.;" that upon arriving at ohlcesgo, plaintiff 

.■_. ■-. \ : . f' ; .,.it^ ^i^d. ?4r;-:5 ::Tf: ; ;-??^u«!* i5:/x^*ry«3ffI ^siiJ" ^s-;^ v^CJ^iS* ie^aflf «M* 
J»f^ --r-'j'v ,^'--i^ j'i --j^ ■/^^■;:v.- ~. .r; ^r^^i -s-s"^ ^'si^ .,:*}:ii,;?gi4i:»tq' s r:^ 

•*> -^--^.v^- ■:r'q;/ '^-'..•^^-';;- ■ .-' ---v^- •.-':.•?• .-v;* i^^>ii« 5 ■t^f? 'g/l^ 3i.iti , 

iK'^f- ^.k "".t.i.j. yi..'^-. -^ ;"-^i,& i v'*'"'^5'"' ^"/'^Vfs.- .:^^n4 ftifel-x atsii 
c-.''i^ 5/^i ^>? r- .-£ii ,-i** i.^:-- v!;i^^i ,. /<*;^ ■j<a«l^:^:r, iiii$ -ic 'iftj&nriv© d||s 

34 '> -'^i ^•: ■ - ■.: ^-?^- ■.-.i . ■■^.- V ^^ ..^ ■ itJU'f m ■Jti'fiHtsi OtiS to • 

: -y ' --.i-'i' fT^:-\. .ir y^^s-iv Ht... lis'-, t'^i.i i*)Sff-3 '*mf it ».f:. 
■ ''v .'■i .. r.-..- ■.'■!; ^-.if-..: ;^r?;:".i 'iw'iiTi.*^. tf<< i «>^>«'••^«Iae;;,•■- 


pui th« auiciobild In iha kar.ixiilt gars^* st that ?>, ttni hl» 
BftOlUknlo workai for tv .vn t^'* fT-.^chlne end«*vorl'-r- to :<?a>e 

It run fwoothlf, but with ilttli Euooea.j: that plair.tlff th<>n pro- 
oo«d»d on hia trip, er. i aft«r «nO' untiring b%J roada In Iowa, ^a h«d- 
out tralla ani alkali dosfyrta In ^yonlng, and «r>.ona in the teountalna, 
finally arrlred at aan {^fanclaoo, havlnp aadd the llatanco of 5,5:2^. 
!5ll4a In ion hours of aotual runrln.t tlraat that durlnp; tha nholm 
trip the nolas in the ongln'j ocrtinuoti and was nor* pronotmoed at 
th« and than at tho beslnnln/; cf the joumoy; thrit th« gsx rsais 
th«ffi plaoact In defendant* a garago In iiaji Franslaoo, wh«r6 It saa 
ovarhaul©^ and a mi'«ibnr cf ne« p&rta put In, and it *s.3 then tum«d 
OT©r to tl"i« plaintiff, th<9 d«f«nJant*s a^ent sayln;^ thtit th?f oar 
■«aa In i'CO<! ehap« ao far i** h» knew?* th&t tho plaintiff th'w: uae4 
t^io oar about a waefe In o'au Frarvalaco, ani drova It to i^eattls, 
•hery he uaed It ten or f if toon r>ll«e a day fcr Jtlve woak'?, th<w 
retupn«d to Jan Francisco and l<9ft th« oar In % garage i«hH9 ho took 
a trip around tha vorldT that upon hla rdtum he 3hlpp<».1 the oar 
to Jhiaagio, put naa tlro^; on It, "flxad it up,* and offor*d It for 
eale, oYortuttlly soiling It for ISOO, rharo was also acr^'i ayl lanoe 
terdlnt: to prove thit the engine trouble, whloh #a£s th<* ohlof oause 
of ooctplalnt, «fta not oaui^od by ve^T or. tho plstong or Ofllnders, 
but sfu3 beo^u^^e the platone •were fitted too looit34 Irs Uv^ flrat 

During the trial, the plaintiff atte':?pt j th-vt de- 

fendant failed to oarr7 out Ita allo-ged a.^eo7sont to ovftir^vaul the 
car itlthout 9x-p9r\:sei to hi"; upon hi;} arrival at 6o.n i-raAoleeo, but 
en t^ie aontrar/, had oJuir -ed and oolle>oted fron the plaintiff the 
SUB of J805 for jrepalrii nude on the oar at that tlrst-*, The 30urt 
rule-I th'it this evldenoe *aa Inooapetsrt beeauae the plaintiff waa 
"not euinR for that." There vc^ no error in tno nillns;' There wae 
no avemant In the plaintiff *a atate'-ient of olalr? under Jfhlah such 
evldiynoe aj*,o ad7?l»elbl«. If the defon.iant was liable for any aso;jnt 

,r.'-:.:iKrl}S^O '^- "-r^-.'.:; :!fv' erf--" :"'j '':j-:*/' r; .•.'l^^fcsjf J'C'vf? 2sjB%t ' .irtl-r/- 
•^ \..: .-■}■ .yfc4?< i-ii drJQ k'-.'-iJMt Oi f.»X/«'i .- 
fi4« ^'T '•♦'-■'' '.l-'r I-'*, ^••; si*'. 8* '■;•■>.,' -.. '^T.v'-n-'-??.-?* !■?'>«'. ear " 

-•fli; :: 

"■*'■ ' 

< -.♦ 

i' '■: 



. r>«>t - 



•■*• ' t. 



*^f r ' 


paid for fi#n«ml repair- on ths aar, .vich liability aroso frca 
a brtt&oh of iefondant'fj profsls to r^a^e auoh r9palr« »lthorit -soat 
tc th» pl%lrtlff, ^'^'l not Trors acylmwich oT warranty ahoarr by the 
•▼Idence, rh- court oall«'l attsT^tlon tc t^o fast t*>r»t no sues*' elals 
»as TB«d« In th«s plaintiff ♦» atat^went of olalrt, hnt t*i« plRlritlff 
di.l not ohooae to awond. '?o attar's t was ?sado by tha plaintiff to 
ahoj that any part of the auo bo olalwad to have fceairs paid irao ax- 
pandad for the purpoae of ourlnp* "ary d»fe«t Iri mamifaoture or wor?:- 
nanahlp.* ihe axoludad avldwnoa wa« apparently offered frr f^e lola 
purpose of raoov^^rlnj, as da'3ar>oa for an alla<?9^ branch of a warranty 
of quality, the aaiou^.t palu for general repairs ori the •^cMna, 
*-hHe the formalltle* of pleading have b©«n aboliahed by atatute, 
it in ■itlll the la« In the -unlolpal Oo<jrt, aa in ether oourte, that 
a party la llwlted. In hlo evidenoe, to the oI&It^ he hae '-.•ide: that 
he oannot make ono olal'8 In his atater"?nt and reoo-var uucfn pre of of 
another without amendsiant.* ( ^alt<»r ''abi net jq, ▼. migjell , 2*>0 111. 
410, 4:i0,) 

Itie aa--^ ans»er .lay al;30 be rs&de to sany othor of thf» rullnga 
ccn:pl;»lnad of« ?he only .?arrarty nho^iv. by th^i e-Tidenoe 1l> tAa war- 
ranty oontalr.e'l Ir t:.« catalogue, viss "Oara ool-l by ui s»r? fully 
protested an i guarar.tagd for life against any defect In -ysinufaoture 
ft'Td »orkn>arohlp,* fhla •arra'^ty i» not ast out ir thes-j tern In 
til 3 plaintiff a fitatensrit Of cialn, but la aet forth ao'sordlng to 
»hat the plaintiff olalned to be Ita Ifigal effeot. :u<3h atato-^nt, 
hoseyir, is ntaah broader th*r the warrsmty Iteolf. The plaintiff 
att^i-T^trid to pmva tina.i tb^ automoblla In queotlon wma dafectlva In 
Ita da!9l/nn and plan of conotruotlon, and that thla partl'Jular type 
of oar wan aft«rl»»»^^^9 Maoarded by the defendant oa mochanloally 
wrony In principle. rhe plaintiff alao «tt«rapted to proTe that th« 
life of an ordinary autonoblle aa^ at lea»t t^?o year?. 7hl9 eTrldanca 
would have baen ooiapetant If the warranty aho«n by the ovldonoe could 
bo conatrued to have the lef^l effect atated In the plaintiff *a 
atate- ent of olala:, but all auoh svldenoe ' -^at-^rlal and Irrala- 

' ,■ V. : ^. iu-J^ v'^.v'Ttits? •*-:» ii^A«>-r^tQ* ©O'S^ Jar? fvi.?- tlli^ni . ^-^i-S' ■ 3 . 

-; ST--''!? -.:'^,';* -^ ^^i/r fi-i .Jc^ ' j- Y-t'«*«C*T«5ii ',/^<4 ".^Jhferufflttj^SIW 
ItlMoe ewt^feivt* . ecu It ^mi^qmotf n^^ »Ti: 

▼art ta vl©w of th« only Wftrritnty thnt waa proved* 7ho all9g9d 

agr^arn^nt to oyerh*ul thv oar In viar i?ranclaoo ivithout oortt to the 

plaintiff was not a warranty, but wa^ a apaclal a^rea-^nt Had© 

after tho oar hu ^ b««n pu^o^•a4•d» tha onlj consldwraticr for whch. 

If there «ao any, vaa the .vjppoaod advantac«* that voull aoonjo to 

the defondant by a dwraonatration of the »*arlr*,c; qualities of the car 

during suoh a trip ae the plaintiff waa about to rtake* The warranty 

proved aas a •arranty "against any defect In sanuf/icture and trork- 

Tanahlp* that r»y exl«t Ir any oar 3el a by the defendant, and STish 

warranty ocntlnued "for life,* I.e., during the life of tiat pirtlo- 

ular oar. The *ord •nanufaoture" as uaed Ir thia warranty, aviiert- 

ly reforo to the prooeaa or operation of oonvertin.?; the raw -Tatarlala 

into the flnlehad |iarts for uoe in ths autowoblls, scr.'i tha «ord *wo*k- 

narahlp* evidently rafera to the oharaoter of the *orlc dOTJO by the 

«or>Tson In tho factory. It doea not oorer defeote in the deflljm or 

plan of the oar, but only euoh defaota as rjay ha oausel by or lurln-; 

the pro<s«as of converting the ra« rgat^rlala Into finished parts, 

or by aoite l&oV cf eklll on tha part of^yerknen. the trl'il judra 

aaa dearly ri^'^t in ©xsludin;;: all offered *vldenoQ tenllnflr to prove 

any defect in the deajc^n of tha oar or the plan of its oonstrur^tlor, 

unless it oould be shown tbskt such defa«3t reculted frotn -lo'-?. d«fect 

in ^orkiaanBhlp or in the prooeaa of nianufttcturin/» the nevaral parts 

of the naohine. 

?Jowevar, the 0">urt ali?r> azoluded all off -rai avl'1<=nf?ce 

taniin.r to prove that th* noina in the angina and Ir thar pr.rts 

of the aa'Jhina wa? lua to inprope-r fittin^r of tha aavaral part*. 

In tMa w«» thinlt the oourt errad. If all thA parta were proparly 

'narnifacturad, and aowe of thew ware eo eareleaaly or Iciproparly put 

together ;•- ^ to cau'!*^ the nolaa, or "tennoV cotsrjlHlrta.l of, th« reault 

■oul ♦ clearly be .-» dofact In rforkrianahlpT that 1«5, it ^ouli be due 

to a laok of skill on th«» part of th'i aorlnan in tho factory. A* 

above ntatad, there »»a.i avldanoe tending to zirov» that the "ItnooV" 

■- i ieo:. Sii-^r:s*> ■^rSi-JLvrc'-i'.- .'■■•.,ij fsl "iiso «i ; ;3 Itm'.Hf/fro ©5 ^a^ 

.J.:;:' ."r; ^' ■■ '■■•C - : t:-s'^^;h ;■ ' ■r-P ^mi » v^,:"MiT^::% .« iOCT »©« Itii 

■■*-•■-■•. .',-'-r:' '3ir. , = -,:>'-':*'"i:<r;a . ro l^»e "?fl$ rc^ ILi"^ 'to r^o«i ^mom %c 

.•- -. "'-vf- ■-••■: ~. :•■■•:'*■ .>-^'-.-.^l^-swf ,-;?.)4-?t;'i'fj'f1s •■:,... .fjffj^ .rr»'i:if-r «.«rf JjImos Ji »«».-.. 

.eJTiffs IP mtit t* 

or 'slap* In tJi» snglni *a.Tk dae to t:ii:> fact Uiat ths pliitons uaod 
aid not fit \h9 oyllrjil«r;i* If thl»> 03 tru«, thjn thdre vun u 
braaah of the uamtx^tj al^-o«n by tho dvii^nod, and tiw» plaintiff 
would ho (mtltXod to z^co^or duah d(&i<!a^'3ii as ha ai^it b« able to 
prova ho aucittilnt:);! b/ roa^on o£ mjiol'i broHkOii* iU<»rir <»&.? «kX<io itom* 
e»l<it«i-30 t«nain^ to iJrov« t^iat tha tirsa «ar« d9f»otav«, eitrior In 
aonufaoturoy or worknanahlp, or bath. V^ie piiiintlff wau entitlod 
to h^VQ U\fts^ iUB&tionj. 3ubraittu4i tc a. jury^ an i ub to suoh <|u«stionay 
th«-; court «rro4 In ilraotinf^: & vardiot for tfvo tiefondant. 

App3ll4«) liiki. auei^^iod oertaln sroas-errora upon tJie r«(5ord« 
It Gl&lia^ that ths suit «a9 origirittily brou;5bt against ar. Illinoia 
oorporatlon nocod "K^nault ; rdr^a .;.ollir5g lirarich," but tliat liftor 
oorvi»« «&a hud upcoi suoh oorporuticn ancl laaa afridavit of ra$rit0 vaa 
fil«<l by it denying thi»t it jjoIu th« oar in que^aticn to the plain- 
tiff, lilt plaintiff cli»ccvc*red thut ha had taada u sslstae^ in .;«ulng 
tiic lllinoia oorpox^tior, an- flldd an ftaemded atato^or.t of olaln 
ir- -rtiioh ho Inoertod, t.ft»r tha »ordcj •i^ecoault iTdrao sailinj- aranoh," 
t .i scrdo •& ;:o* iOr» oorporatlon,* It i ?. olaicaed t^'.at thin sae. 
In effocty an attc;^pt to r^ubutitut© a^'^otlidr defanUant for tlie aol« 
dafdndant ouod* /no record 8ho»« that t>>dro are txo oorporutions 
01' th9 acu-M nats*, ona in •>»* i^orfc, t*nu the oth«?r in illlnoia, and 
thAt •ban tha plaintiff diaoovorad Uiat tha orirt;ln»il sunnona had 
bean aarvel upon an agont or t)u; illlnoia oarporalion inbtaad of 
tha Na« iork corporation, he prosurod another «rit and it «»« aarvad 
in uhlcago upon an agant of tlia Saw icrk oorporsitlon. rhoraaftrr, 
ahan tna Na» Xork oorporutlon appaarad ap<«oi(4lly and nordti to die- 
aiau) tha auit upon tha grounds a^x>v<j atatad, tha plaintiff •« attor- 
nay filad an affldaylt atatin^s thaa- faot-j an I statlnr: th.'it tna 
«orda "a .*ia* iork oorporutlcm," ahicl'j «or« addad to tha plaintiff's 
atatarsort of alaim by tl^a a:a«ndajant, la no part of the dafaniiant*8 
aoroorata naaa, and aera addad thareto asaralf "for tha purpoaa of 
diatingulaalng tha dafwrjdant that plaintiff inten-ial to and vaa 

^yL'r.iK.>.^i wivf L-'i. ^t'?-^ 'i^, :.'u^ .'Hi' ^<S /jatcdt"' siJi^^^T-Si-'s er'* 

• "^ -JC'."/^ ,■ V i ■: v-;tti.. \>•Jr^c!; -»;'t.*i t^U cf;?:''^# wVCl^J Si^l' ^rrL^ij, 

.^i'iii^,f:^:j'i*!;; -^''o 't.:>':\ •>•; •-,*.'.■ & 55,K(40«J'5l£:' itl tt^'Tie l^StfOO ■; .; 
J*---. .Lv r^;..- ,j';-- = ;xi)-;is ^'i'WC.'Sj- \ 1 1:: '-':!:■ An-:< **«SV ^iae Silt .f^adii vs^&lt^ 

^1^1. s .■■■:}■. !:■ .- -r-^ • .■% .-, .,..-:; .;c^'i-, uo?;?.: t'. m^-Jfti-; ?:tU ,l-i;j 

i% ••-; " v=^--': ;..'v -iSft'j :''j.<- '.-lo-'S* ..'-tPJ k^i< J'-^v>r»'5 «.-;: .i,-«»u8 i tabcTyl^fc 

b 'J- - .c-il.-. i r^i - ' '.:■ -. "■■' •■ . . .. '"i;:^-^ '• fi ' ei:tO . ji^wc-fcj^ ?j?y*« s^ai to 

■'■- : -'•■'.' : .^^-^ ■ '■; .. ;::*.^* -^/' ■' ^;:j^:^ ^ f Viibll^a nt 

trying to juo," froia tho illinoio «orporaticn of th-? aa^aft nars-j, 
Thoro wa* no ch?ai5s of partl'^ar th»sr«? aras i3«r<»ly c ^rcrii? ««r'^lo« 
In th«> flret pl'-^oe* iiai an &™andrB«rt which dit? not oLargc th« name 
of the 'i«f«ndaRt, or ;»^xb9tltut3 a. ci fftrcsr.t d-fardart* 3«zrvlo« 
«&;) hid upor; th« dafsnda-'t vho vao orlrln-illy aued, and aftar JMoix 
(S«faR'i«ii';t ba<i «ad# am in«fToctual aotlon "to have the oult 'leclarei 
t<rt:inated»* It antored It* ^»ndriil Appearanoet ar.i asrt tc trl'il upon 
tr« sort Is. *e a.r<J of opinion that tho oroaa«erx*ori3 are r.jt .^sll 

i'or the rwaaon.^ Inllaata i, tho Jutgrj^nt of the :imi jipixi 
Court sill be r»vorB«d atri th« oa:3 5 rei^a^ded for & noj trial. 

> / 

f \ ) / 

) \ 


V -/ 19 5 I. A,, 1 li? 

prnron of the oourt. 

Th« tiwfendort, Hugo >*roeliS, a«><»k:;/ >3y tKla f*ppe'»..l tc ha7« 
ri^v«r»«»d an ordar of the circuit ucnjrt, oowsilttlr:- hiss fct ocrts 'pt 
of oourt In wilfully refualnr tc ocnply r. ith rsr orS'ir of fhut court 
! ro<julr.1n2 him to pssy t-^ i^l^^ jjf^, .iVj??!!* rrecla, t^'?> outt of '"^ c. ^etsv- 
; as teeyporary allrony, poi>iin>r th» hoarlrg of th*5> *ifo*3 vi-ult for 
soprtr&tfl tiaint«nanoe. ( ?h« bill oh»r55«« t^.« 'Itforsdort with onj^lty 
•ni adultery, arl tm«.^«c that he X-t a ^nn of lixrce siettTT*, *ith an 
Irccf* of tam or twe»lv9 thouaar^t dollars •* f®ap« rh^ iofer.Jart, by 
hi.; a^;orr, enaif»r to tbo bill, danlod t?7at h^^ -T.ifs ?wllty of th«» char^-cjs 
n«ule a^filnrt hlr», and d»nl&:} thr-t he was poaasssM of a'Ji rruch prop«r- 
ty a<? S^ statati In the bill of conplalnt, Kla anesar adr'lto, ho<««vur, 
thst ^e l3 tho ownf;:r of r»al «3lr-t« arjountlmn Ir vk-Iu* tc Rt leaat 
'1^,^00, sxo1i?^1y9 of th^ ercursbranaea th(9P*cn« ^*h« defendant filed 
- jr-".*'»-blIl» ao-yi»1r>r t,!4 >»1 fs» nf artultAry, an I It Is rtvMerrt fro« 
\ -' allef-^fttlvn. of ttro crljlnul bill, IIt? !5i*.s«?»r' *herfto, un? the 
oi*o.iit-Mll» th!*.t there i^ c ^^r^i bitter .^ai^al bet%feen t>i9 t<o. 
lipcn I* prsll.T:lra.ry h8>a.rlrr \z to tJ-.'^ queatlcn of nll-.ory 22!]5!t£2^ 
il ta;, tlie ;iroult rourt oraorai th* defftna-^rt to pey >? a «aev until 
tn^ further qt\^t of the ciourt, and ;c*> flcllcltor'a feas* .^c uppaal 
»t..i ta'<;'>n fzN>« trtat order, and a^par^-itly It wan not oonpll«d tlth 
to ur.y oxttnt whatever* ^ovaral nortvin liter, h rul* .7a»i entered 
ttgttln-jt the iefcndarit tc tsho v oou.- ' - --rjc-n" .^r Iv jhould not 
be pur.laii&vi for conio-!; t for falll -.-: to acnply sW-. th^ order. >ie 
dttfenJart appeared Ir. per^cin Ir a tJ>«» n-'la, arji ulao filed 

an affidavit. Won the t.^howl-a aade In the affidavit It ^oul-i appear 

«'S ly^ X, I ■^'■' Ci'Sf A, 

t; ? 

,^^m"'i--^^ - ^' ^li^b-rm^ .^dS M-^mltt^ JipTJi* iw- 

-i"^-.^'- •■^;'- • .. . ' ■•-;.,:«'•■.. .;^c- :. v .''/■ .■■i'^.^' ':■'■::. i^'if^^h •'>-"V^ i-'^-' '"i 

^^ "?'4' •^-' ,■■■::' '■ ■ '«: ':♦?•.■!' :,^i 'T^:; ■.;-^" "t-^ :' ■:''A>tri'.^'*C' V'ija?^lcr; 
. !^ -1 - - . • '■■-,. vr-,. ,v-- ;'i!; •■?<.■ f«5« ^'-TjlJiCc., JhiQ'sC^e- 

;, I'- ..• .. ; - f-: '■:'.■':■■. ' l/"tS -.'.■. 

♦r 5;'..' ■• '-•::■ 'S '.'. ■rl'-.'-'io :•..< i X hii'^ . foi J':>;ii:;i^<K^6* 

tf^m'. altho'irh h» It? rio.iaea^*^! c." conoliier-ible r<sfil ©at'it'j, yet 

all th« InocKSo frers th« aar?* lo r#qulr<Kl to priy tho Irt-^rent on 

IntMj-jbrnjnaaa, taxtr« ani other <3har,"<?fl th*jr«or>» or at l*»ait 1:5 »x-. 

pondad Ir? th»t *«7» that he la GuTferlrj^: fVCT eitronhy of t 's optic 

nerve, frota whtoh h» la nearly blln«1, that h*- reoortly 5r»«l 

P'.'v«ral thou-^Hnfi dollar* In n theatrlonl ©rt-iirprlfla irhlch failed, 

n->;» that his crly ro&l lncrn« oon«l:»to1 of yjoij ancunta ai? bo r^.iy 

b« ftbla to earn ae a?? asslntsw^t t« ,i real ei9tnt« fcroltor. 'rhe> sourt 

th9r^i|)on aeJted th^ def9'-d*"t to tak*> tna wl tress atari, »rri vtpor 

belnf Irterro^'at^^, It apr>i»rf3;l that nt the tirae o^ th« henrln^ he 

vx» nas^otlatln^ four clirforert 3e.l*»» of r*.-*! '»6tftt«, frr^ valoh his 

exp^oted oosrawlselonw .»ould «f30urt to »i l^ai^t ^300, i\» olalned upon 

the etard t>iat he had beor^ oblli5«d to borrow *]."<» fro^ hl« 9r|»lo7*»r 

to neet hla exnonsee. T^isreupon the court coritlnuefl tb« hearlns 

for two wee'-3, to ♦'•rrihle the def«»'»in,nt tc -^^t in ec-^*i of the em^otsd 

coT55r»l<alor!«, Upor the a«cond hwarlnr. It appflsirsd that one o^ the 

eal«« had beer olo«'»<i, but th«t hi* employer, I'^atend of oaytniT ov?»r 

def ardent •» share of tho csoraalselor, hal ker^t ^t to apnly unon the 

loan anove jRentioT7od# rh«> court eyidently thc»u»ht that th'sa*^ faoti? 

InJloated nr. Intentlcr on the defer.da'^l 'u pnrt tc ^vasl^t th** onler of 

Vnf court, eni ap^al^ oontimied the hearlr^, with the 3iat^'»«»r.t thnt 

he wust pay at lea^t 3.^.' or flocour't of alimony, or h* ^ouH be cors- 

Bltted for oontefBpt, •^h«n th'^ next he*»rln? oa-rse on, th^ def&r. iart 

Qlalx«i that ho had >>een una>>l« tc^'rorfj than ^1^, s^M?'. h« offered 

to pay lo the oo^ hereupon th** court »dj»id(f!:*d hlw laiwllty 

of corte-!pt of court an ! entered the order appf«alei froi:. J 

We are of the oplr.lon t>iat the 3Curt <*!i»i Jurtllflc»d Ir (*y%er- 

In;:- the order of oom??1 tr»erit. 'Vnll* It 1-? true that ♦.h»?r<> 1 "» no 

•iSderce to cortra-lot the defendart'a 8tate'->«»"t that It takes all 

hla Inooti^e to pny th*« charRee upon hlji real estate »i' l hi 3 oivr: ex- 

penae^, yet se think It fairly appears thr»t hi eotjld have raised 

the esall assount eufireJtel by the court. If ho ohooe to lo so, ind 


el'i. H-v '•■'w- ^ '. ' > .:,■■•■.'■' • .: - " ■■•: •■*-- *,...-■■■ ' ?^''^z'^:''^ .'*-■ •sjtro'i: :^Asii:. 
■ ■^.ii'^- c '■I.' • f^'V "^;i :-'';i':-< ",3 ■■;:-- '"■'do "^5*0'^ iiiiri '?■" ij»*n,! ^ 

•<•;"$': " •. ? ' ?r-'' J-- L"-'.' '>^l^''~-L-'-' i^'t r':-rrn «... : ,^:^::•^ .if^n^-^ai ft*; 
-: -^ '.::■:■ ■- ■■ ''•. .;■?■ i^ ■-.?.' .-. ^ .• .* : -.^--'^/- -'r ■ . ? .• " .£ .;<> ««<j 

b-.:- f" ■ • > - .••-■-•..' -;■..«' ^T-./-' r.: ^^>( «»rt ^Arf^ 

. ". ■-■ ■■■':■. '\-:C- •' -. : -^z *.'-i. Jf%Vttr- 'io 

Lis.- !--f.[ri ■ ■' ; ^ • " .> •* ».i.\ '/fa -■■'■.;. -i^» .tftfe^-s^rroo -^ •' 

-X- rrv.o '' "- > '^- .. '? ■'• r* r-,>i:;.' p.^jifc^rtr. '* ■■' ' 

that, hla aiLltUvi9 i-afora Hia Jourt *iis that, of tx ".ixn m'-o 0oui,d, 
laal sould not, ooc;ply »iUi the orl^r of oourl in any rscipoot. 
>hK r«o&rd lnilaat«ii t.'>«t tha a^tano^llor aatj varir l«nlent undor th9 
alrsiin»tuno9a» ^Mch, no doubt, vua prc!spt«a t>y dut» ooroi deration 
fvir th« phy-ia*! ocnvjltion or tno dafeniiirt. i* he had ahoan any 
&tt«apt to cKMaply rflCj Uic> order of Urn court, icu^tleao th« dlian* 
ouXlor JiOUlJ not have oontji^iered it n«oeoi3ary to oomnlt hlis. 
i'he ordar or tti« Jlroult oourt viik u« afflrs^^d. 

m»iia"i-ri-i;;.i\ -. vvi 'vd j:'«.5qisK»'ii); ©fts. <^>l!;i>o|j o-ft j;.!* lias ^c*- 
^oa - c:^- i i ^"? ' ■ I , i i. I 'isr't^sji .'.'.3 "..o r^ii m bi-i'Hi i&eiv', 


81 - UVJS4.'niii'c, J303CO, a minor, by htar 

•Xt frlond, AHOiiLO .jOoJO, " f 

v«. "l / 

I / / 

tlon, ^^ " .:' ) - ■ <- • 

xAppalliiJ^t. ) 



Miv. JU^iTI-Jii i-irOM dsl'l v«Jr»a th« ooinicn of the court. 

(.'hla Id an appe tl fro.r a juvtr^mert of the ouporlor court In 

•ulL brou,:ia to roccv«r damaj^ea for pertjonal injurlsfl auatalned by 

!?pell««.y i'ho ault Wfia orip;inttlly brought a^aln-jt the Nestor store 

itf the JraboxBky ."ower -Vai^on iJowoary, a oorporfttlon. ;he declaration 

mrKOtf^thttt {It the tl^no of th* acciaent the ^ a t t^ 'p a«giy<aiy, a dealer 

;l auto-truoka, \.^^:.^ oper<At.lni-, irlvln)', and rnunarln/r crirtutn av;tc-trucirs 

lonf tha puDlic atr*set» of tn© city of Jhicaf<;o "in conjunctio'-^ wifn 

:i« defendant o^ton citoroi" that v<hll« T.he plaintiff (■■-p-llcua), a 

Lrl aevon yoarc* old, w.-.-i oroaain*: .adlaon street at tn-? intersection 

r Paulina ctro-at, and vi>xa In t'le oxarolatii of ouch oaro ad cautlcr for 

»r o»-n safety aa -nL'-ht bo expected of a chili of hor tender years, the 

ifendantn ao no^ll.^ently drove o?-«»j of their wjto-truefco that throupjh 

»elr ne(f,li/!;onco, tho auto-truck ran irto the plaintiff and thro.» her 

i the groun;, cauoiv./Z dlvertj a^-rlouj psrruinent injuries. To thia 

JOlaratio-^ the souton iJtoro filed a plea of not rpjiity, !J.nt three 

leolul, whloh av%r that ut the tin^e- of tho aocidert, th« o.ston 

iorft did not own, manar,©, operate or drive thr: auto-tn.iok in question, 

Ither In conjimction ..Ith the ;rabo*aky Power ..'agon Joiupmy or othor- 

I.M, ana aver that the ci-ito-truck in question wu3, at the time and 

■aoe of tlie accident, ovnie^d, operated, driven and n^mat^ed by x zxxxxxx 

t the JrabowBky Power ^agoR Oo»Bpany. 'Jpor the trial, the pl'tlntlff 

jitered a non-suit at* to th i rabowaky Fouer .agon Joranary, f\r.d the 


«•• proceeded ae a.'^ th<j ,^oator .itore alonar)^A verdict was re- 

'Wied in favor of appellee a.-rainsa for .,10,000. Upon the 



==?':v-?: ■■•>.^:^^. :'<•: ;?-m v'-Vf.. :';i'fr',j';f'i ■!U.i;■;.■r£«;^.^l:'U: i/i<.:i:^ y tvB ft 
■■*'iJ:U■^i^T.0Iov•^^ .:-■:>: .t ■:'■•'■.,:'•' <^'-c ' ,v-vj^^t^?1' rro':i?v. 'i&jgo^i ijikBW' 

, ;■ ,vi*^js^— ^-,, 'ill: J ■■ f ":ii,' ^'^ ' "'vL'v J:'".-^ "?«i'\-;.Kv nojf*90 ■. -■ 
■■■'J\:.:j I. :. ^•:!:,tC:- :i'■•^'e ''''^ ;■<■■ f r'sr*r ■ ''••'■'■♦ ■''■^: f'S^Vf i;!''^ »i* 

^^-'-rv- :. ^: •»:,■..■'. ic-^ ■■;: ■:•..<•' ;; X^'^iJ"': cxcoo ro^cj.^-: mcU-m; 
-,rf. ;.,.,, ,t'.'mi^.-:;*^' rro;i4tV n«wo-'i ',:'^--*'''"''3ie'^' < »iJt' o'.' e« ii 

■otlon for a ne* trial, anpollee ro-^ltt*'! .::^,^^00, whereunon iho 
■otlcn WHO ovemjlsd ar-.i judf;m(ir.t «nt»r»d for $12,000, 

Ae K9 hav9 oo'-olud«1 that a r«w trlfxl rsuat bo hat! on aconunt 
Of t^l^? error her«lnaftor statofi, we rofrulr frc- rocltin;ir tho faota 
Ir dottill, urri fron oxpreoalnrr, any opinion Ofi the ©vicJenfSrt. 

l-'nder tho upeoiul ploa;i fll«i, Vne» quoBtlcn w'-sth^jir thu driver 
of tno auto-trtJiok ana tha oorvant of tho ^.ooton otor*j or of the af;on 
(3omp«iny waa a raatorlal iajua in th« oaoe,'' iho direct ©viaenoB intro- 
ducoa by appeliee urx.r, tJ.ln laaue mar^ly o^iow«d tlmt at th« tlrne of 
the aoolder t» the uuto-truck. waa driven by a roan named rubba, that 
wio other oar. (who aftorwftrd ftppoarovi to be an employe of th<* ;o»ton 
Store) w&a ridln^j; in tho truok at tho tirae, thut ther-: w«ro !7cm« boxoe, 
or paokagee of mtsrohandloe, ard sow. burlap, in tho tnjo'/, that the 
t»ce "uoston ;;tore* wua painted on the outsldo of the trucv, and that 
Uv T-nj-c? of the .:-r»bowflk-Jf Power, Oor.pury wao or th- runnir;^ rear. 
Thi'^ a '.a prifia feoie evldenoo of pcoaeaalcr and oontrcl by the • oeton 
Jtcre (P. F. rr. .y. yj, ^.y, co. v. OB;ila.':har, l'.7 111. /SOrT), but thio 
PTl ': -^^-ole caae wae aubject to be overootao and rebut to-:', by other evid- 
»nce. /ippell mt introduced ao-^*? evidence tending: to prove that at the 
tliae cf tl.» aoci.lert, the .AUto-trucic wao cwsod an:i oortrollocl by the 
Jra^orfuky Powar .ja^,on company, who wore* carrying goodo belorrlnp; to the 
Job ton J tore, under an arr.Tr.emant of ac-e kind botseo* the .a^iron .;©!»- 
)«ry and tho lioaton Jtoro re.r,ardlnr; thic* oervioe, I'he court refuoed, 
Wnever, to perrr^it app«*llant to ahow what tha a,'5ree'nont was. Aapellant 
)ff©red to prove that about oix we© o prior to t>v?> accidert, th^ .agon 
JOopany {^hioh, t»j above atatecl, war? a dealer in autc-trucka) raade a 
>ropoaitlwr to tha Boston ;itoro to put cno or It.- trucks in U3e oarrv- 
.»Vf Kooda for tho -ioiaton Jtore between Ita war-jhovijo arl Its departnent 
>tore, for the piiruooe of de«onotratlng the tifficiency of it:^ truoVot 
^at the ;/agon Company would fumlah the truck arei th» driver, pay the 
'ftg-.^t- of tho drivflr, whc *hculd operate tho trucV, fur:?lj". all tho oil 
J^ Caooline, and pay all other expenaea of the trial or de'^onetrivtion: 

J •■.. "04.'. *T'j '■;■ ■ -' .■•;,■■ -,:'"♦ ', :*;t .. .-A.'-".* ; «• -J.'IiJ'toO fVijd e»8 a|i 
'.:.,-• •• v^j ''-'c' .";;"■'- -';»z": ■ ' '■ ^ -i'li.-^'t U' »'.•.■' a, ^.t ^j ^li^rtieiSfl tot1l» 4li' 

f-.-.'sXC'd ■■' -■^^■' ;>',:?"■ .v;'i^[^ .?. ■<:? ,"*?:'l'.» r;:^' /,-•■ •■r.tnJ Hri:t "f2 '.rt/Jii'. 

■T-;,1)90 ; ;i^..- .•■■ ;■':■•:: " r r:-<;^ r: ' c 6i ?;? -j. ; . ' a-^ fliy^^fctvft fSi^^*-*^ i^^lijlSt ' 

f.i-? S-: .{'■<": .il\ """'' ^''£jj^^^j^ ''"' .'^I^. »y- yv .■•^', »'■"' v*^. ♦ 

,!>r.r „'•■•• ■' ■ ■>': •■}.'•■„ v(?C' fv-.i'..-- ,-.»;■..'. ,- i, .■.•"» /i.'^A'^T -J iO.^': "f'.:?.t i» Oct ••ii IjfM X< 
J ,;:*.',•>■■:-.■■. , - ;. .•■,:':;:.',• ;.'.; ..?> ^\. «•:);». .,J j-r-j X ^ -''n'-^ Jir~1«q-OJ ,n»v : 

,! ■■■■^:'' i .•: ■'-••-.j~o.-. :'.< ;'; ■. ;' ■ ' . ■\'/V.' .j.^j,:;-: „'J« fc* ,i1of''w) ^"^ 
-T'T'f «.'.•' ij:-.«/ I"', ••>,)-.: -.J," :.-Ts.' jir^ oS i-'jf-riJv ••i.-vjttOu t>r<i oi 

?-5^o-.: : •, ; "■ J vc-ftr i.:>i'\"'.' .•■■'3 •'/•»i;»*;7.} Ji.l'V.-'wi: ** v *!L»3oi.uq •!!, 

Ilo ©iW lie. '/ -rk/i ,i/ot!t.t ertJ »/«'x«<io l» .' ^i^rlnl} 

lo X^JtlJ •Ifj Jo bonrtoqxft lerfj-o Xln ^[aq ftflA «e- 


Lhet th« ^'oaton :itor9 accept^i thl : propoaitlor, ard tha trt:cv 
>«ins operated uKdor tnie ajrr««'^ent at the tlnfs oT the acoiient; that 
.t wae operated xmder Ic lrr.o*n -43 «, rjemonotrator »8 Uoenaet that 
ihe rsooton store had not purohaaod the- truoJr. h»d re aontrcl of any 
:lnd cvar the driver other t)mn to polrt out tho .-.y •■;> should go; 
J»t the goods «er^ Icadod intc th? truc!f, a-rt imloadsd frcw it, by 
laployoa of the Joaton ^itor^j, &nd that oni> of 3U3h employoa e>-T3etino9 
^compta^led tl»o load, but arithout huvin.r ftnythin:' to do v.'it^ thp o-sr- 
Alwn or KQr.agepart of the truok. 

in ^ oat or v. -.VAdarfcr th-::otfland Co., iv- m, 51..^ j^ ^4^;^ ^p^,^ 
•»r~- old waa on hor wey rrcr: school in Jhioa^.o, and aaj crcsolnir Oi&rk 
ireot at thd intoreootlon of Folk atro^t. .ih© »ulK-d on the north gld« 
f t:;t: orcdtini^, ^:;olng wect, sht-n 0h« was btn.sok by a tfagon u'-d killed, 
h* w£!:ror hui the r.ano- of the Wadaarorth-ilcsfland Gompaiiy r^nd Its place 
t buaineae painted thoreon, hut it appoar«J rr»om the ©vld-ino-s that tlie 
rivor *cd in th0 ersiploy of or,<» griddle, who ojmed th-j w&gcn and x'-iad T, 
ecntruct '.ith th4> Kudaworth-Hosrland CoKpany to do ito haullnr for & 
^•cifiod aurj per w»©k. it waa th«re oald, in substuros, that while the 
lot hiiiii the Wiidsworth-jioiiland Jonip*riy'.^ nar-ie* «,a6 painted on tho wagon 
ta ^i-ir.n f aoi e evidence of posBfeanicr and control by that co^^pary, yot 
lUlb p rlrii* ftoole cui-ie stm overoon© by proof of th^ facte above 5tatad, 
lilch ahofced that oralddle v^-.i an independent contractor, and th«rBfore 
hat hie driver waa not a oervont of the wttdeworth-Howlerd ;7onpany, urd 
bat the latter was not llnble for hlo n»?^lij^ono©, 

i" Pioneer Conatruotion Co. v. Ha-naen n iv ^ 111, ion, it »9a6 
lid: "iie Id th cia» -.vho '• no the choice, contrcl and direction of 
rtc . nttj. rho Euiuter renalra liable tc 'ztr^-Vf^ura for the ne.flifrenoe 
r rviinlG, ujilcaa ho a^ardona their control to tho hirer. Control 

f ;'v«mt^ dooa not oxl^^.t, U21I0 ■»> th'. hirer ha-g thi;> rLq-^.t tc dl30hjir,5;e 
IJtE and employ othore ir thoir placea." A?hi;i declelon wne cited with 
Ppxovttl In H-^in!-; v. J t. Loui a ■'itoc!< cards , C4;j 111. 444, and in 
^O'loily V, Ptaople'a >tta L,i)Tht Jo., ii-50 ill, iG;i. 

;:■•; M/;'0:!u £-.1 V-i -• ''-'(.■^ ■:; ^.X: -.Vti^.v^ i.-J- rfi^'J ^t:^^i\40 1(>V.fy,b «rf4 -^^ 

.->;':i?:' ' •;; ;''^;,'-:v-' V. v": .;;v'.'V.'v! ; r .^ j/'u . .v;:. .;;vi»> ,:^aio,^ «6'--^ 

ftffi ^j;-; ^.■■:-:^i'_si-: r-y, .:. ^ ; T ' -'iv' .•-. ■ ^ ^. J;. ,;!,■. .^w%>i.-.j L'Sji'iiiiq ee9nl&-^-< 
'-,-., £,^,-, ;.-v.irj :j:i,,,v'v; .:;r:'.+ '^:''-:': . :v g<&.(,c5.j;- :■■ , -.-j::: 'U'' ^o'^^'T® «dJ JTCi «/*■ •• - "* 

^;:o t>rt;;. ^■'•"- ,..-;;'„;v.j£Jw,.f-: rJ < ■'.s.; *I«^iv? vi.:.Ji li » 'OMf-. 'iO*^ OUB b^l'^i 

tc^^, , V ■--■...•'■■:•■ ■■ ,;d i'-'-v!!;' J.i.- ^ 'i;:! '••: !r,:r}e iv^jo-.. 1-.: '■*''■' '■'■'-'■^'■'^ ^ASi^ £2^3' 

:.v\: ■* '•■ ,■'■■ ' . '■ ' . ;;>;■• t;i; -V »^.^v ;^;-J *..';j:t^J.';;^.''' 'i^^i^ifiC? '^''^ 

under theae dsciaior.;;, thy fuct, Oi o«nar-<hlp an-i sontrol 
iRvirr;: beon ruad© an iaoua by this apwoial ploa^j filed by apuolltirt, 
I ....* ooaipetont for app«llnr.t to pr^/e tiid axact »''ittur« of th« r«- 
jfction betrfS'in It ard the «iagon Coar.par.y, In orderr to d*t«rjnine ^Vi-^ther 
tofcba .vciu a servant of appellant, an.), it #»<?. orror lor th* ocurt to r«- 
li. to por-^^'lt auoh ®</iaeRc« to bo introdroed, whor. properly offered, 
f the *itn«3a who was on t)i« stand at tho tirso the oft<^r waa nade, had 
e. ^ I ri«d to th« ocrftairod in the for^ai off*?^ tb^t wag nade, 
t uiii oertfcilnly hav? h&d & t«r.denuy to fluutRin th^ pld>\?o filed by 
■ittmdant, and th«r«by *xor?rsit« arpollf^nt fror; liability. iTiC 
vHe th«r»for9 projudloiai to tho rl^itu of app€»ll;mt. 

Hor th«» «frror Iruilobtod, the judgriifent of th^ ;iup«rior oourt 
111 bo reversAl a.»>fi the oftU«3«s r^nf^ndecl for a nt'Vi; trial. 

»j.r.£CKS;ii) AVO H i, '.;•.? A >iDKD, 

Tb: ; ■ ■' .. I ;^:';'v J m:' :•::■ :-■.:■ iO '.•''.. t'i'- ■■■■:■■ -' .....''Ji>:.:t. r-al -y-... 6 1 '»* 

;•}:.;• '■.* 

3 :W ;'. ; a ^ ;■ ; ', ^Vr:;^ 'rrto'l'rt^d^ ®«* 

567 - kiO&'*tl, 


iiLLA A. PlXLliY, ) V 

Appallar.t, ) APPJ'JiL »^HOy 

\ ) -i 

▼«. ' ) .;j.?uni(-;ipal couim' 

) / 

ILLINJIJ CGMMaliOlAl, ?4EN»t3 ) i 0/ OiaCA ;<). 

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Mli. JUSilOl*: Fli'iJJJ d»livor©<|'' tJ^e onlrKn of the ;ourl. 


in 1".>;V"» thiS lillnela 'JonCTorclal Man's Aaaoolutlon, appollee, 
LsBuod I to ;iOci.ior,t Ir. iuranco! policy, or n^rrbsrahlp oartl'f'ioate, to 
llloon H, Pi 'ley of :;urfalo, Ne., York-, ublrih r'saitaa that In corr>ider- 
ktlcn 01" til:- atiitor'irta and doolarutior.u cortalnod in his apnlloatior 
for memberahip, -^yiioh upplioiitlor: "la h-reby ref orr-- i to ar.t ra«do a 
|)art of this oontraot," ixT.± in oonaiderition of hiy adfi .elon foe 
?ali, iKii;! asttooiatlor "ioaa hereby recolve" i'-aid -'ixloy as u nernber 
>f aald aoaociatlont "and upon tha conalderaticr fil'oroisald," and t'le 
further oonaideration of the payment of hits arruui duwj or.d aaaeua'-erta, 
'In cji^o of the acoldental death of aitld rre'r'b'«r thniro shall bo pavabis 
to -lla A. Plxloy (wife) of 'fuffaJo, ri. Y, « ** *> within rsln^ty d;iyo 
if tor t)v.- receipt by aaid ABsociatlon of »atlofactory pre of of the 
aapper.irp of said aocldertal doath, the aura of *.?iOOr>,no •> <i •* In ao- 
sordanoo .ilth, and uubjeot to, .'cnoh nml all of the proviglorij of tl'-e 
ay-lii«o of oald Aaooclatlon, » > * which sal i by-lawa are h'>r9i.<y rtaforrf- 
to and rsado a part hereof ■.\.\ fully aa if they ser© reel tod at Idrrth 
9ver the sicnatur© haroto affixod." 

rho applicatlor. for nf^wb-^rrihir jl/':r.od by csuid Wilaon Pixlcy 
oonifiino thw followir)^ paragraph! "i txfX'^^ that th^s said Aavj'^vJi'oitlon 
•hftll not CO liabl-; und^r its oertl'lcnte of raerab^rJhip for ary injury 
which may happan to ne >«hil© under tho Irfluersce of Intoxicatirfl; ll30or» 
or narootios, or \r oonadiuerco thereof, » :♦ >» nor from intentional or 
unintentional takin/: of poison. " 

The by-lti«3 referred to in the a<,ir3berr«hlp certificate oontain 
th« followlni? provialonst 

^' '^^ ^^ r '^' ^^ f)' f 

■ ■•:'' ■ ■ ". I'^jv;*":!^. OJ.;!^^tH fl*;i\'-,'' ' ■ ' 

H'lt-'t'-ii •. ■ ■'■■>'' ::•-'■ v ,f -. -.• H;;, • ;i:M ■.M'!(ijr< a^'l V"ihr<j>' .• 

"Art, V, uQC. ^, .'henovor aJ-.v neT^bf^r of tljia aaao- 
oiatlor. in £00-l att^r.air.i- a^.ail, L)ircu/;h exter'^al, violrip.t and 
aooldontal ne-^n?, r<30si e bodily irijurlo.'i which jball, within 
ninety UuyiJ from ard aftor tho iat-ts of ii<\\<l aooLiort, a'-i In- 
dependentiy of all othor cauooa, reoult in the death cf o.iid 
raaraberf and only in auch oaao, tha beneficiary narr-ed in the 
applloation of aald rnenber » ■♦ •* shall b« paid » •« * within 
ninety duya ^iftir the receipt hf the aa.:;ooii5tlon of proof, uiitio- 
fttotory to tho ■toari of .^Irectord, of aald irjurltjis aid of the 
accidental ciiuao tharoof, tlvj aun of flvo rhouannd Dollaro," 

"Art, 9, o'iic. 8, Xhla a3«;>oiutl'.;n o'-!r".il rot bo liable 
to any pscr.ion for any Indemnity or b»rinefit for injurleo -j ■■^ ■» 
reaultin/', fror.! ar accident ^o a menber tfhic>! happens while sriid 
»eT3bor ^ f » wuH In any defcroo undor the influence of intoxlcnt- 
inr, liquors or nnrcotloa, or dfhiol: olmxl happen on account of, 
by rejidon of, or in C'^oa :}uenoe of, the ua« thereof; •> -> » or 
in caae disability or leath ehall occur ua the roHult shelly or 
partially, directly or indirectly, of any cf the followir;^ o^iur^ea, 
oor.ditionvj or .iota, or while tha injurM ^enber a-.i-y-. under tho in- 
fluence of, or affected by, any euah o.-iuyo, condition cr act, 
to-*itt '* '» f* Intertlonul or unint!.>ntionail taklnr, of poioon." 

On S<sptcr-b';T C^, irril, sHid .Uleon i;. Plzley dlod in '-uffalo, 

i»w lOrk, rfhllo ii f3wnb*.T in pfiocX atuniilnfj^ of th»i defoniurt asaoal.xtlcn, 

•pen an overdose of morphine, aelf-odwlniat^rod. On proof of death 

>«ln;'. fumlahed tc tho uaaociiitlon, It denied llai llity, whereupon 

ippellfint, the bonoficlary nawed In the policy above n^snticned, brought 

lult in the 'Municipal court of Jhio»jk^T;c to recover the amount of in- 

lentnity provided for in th»j policy, Upon tho trSul, the court inatruot- 

id the Jury, at tho cloje of all the evidence, to find the Isauea in 

ravor of th-s deftsndant, whloh jshu accordingly done, and fron a Judp'^ent 

mtered on th'^t V">rdicL, the plaintiff upp:ifulG. 

["he eaeenti'^.l frtcts uro undisputed. It anpear • frc n th e—a'gldg^^ 
that prior to hla tleath, v^ H-ac f i •?' iKi -»y , wau fcl'W-'itiffAlo r<mre g ff n" > 
Lattr# of •xt<»nelve bUHiine^^A intera:it*i^ tl'iat h« p<fi»47iBtr"fn-"n**~«p«rt^ 
tent in tliat city, and.*iAa poaaeanect of ^a euE^er how« and farn on the 
U*0 near "tJw'-elty: ^^i^ he ■ms.o subject to oevero att'soks of hoadacha, 
and or t.«o cr three ooou-.jions, raany years befcrf* hi a douth, he had 
taken nor-ihino tc rellovo tha puini tria:t~tir^op^e^='iBer, IPTlT'^i'o'^'ftt'o 
*»• ttf Wie-BUTHB; r home, tmd the city apartm.^r.t wno occupied by two 
sora^rj^ ^niployeu or the ,dOO*»»«»«clt th'it on i ridav, jept'^riber -2, 1<»11, 
i^lxley told -©»«»• •©f^tiw««'^wonnn^thut he hud not br»en jell, ard .ms 

^ ; ,'■■.■!■,'>'.' , . ■ \ ;.:, >■ .'■ .J -'T::-; , \. i v'.'h ' 
'* _; ... it: >. ^f• .;,;>. .. V ; ■■■'^ ? ' --.t vlii:0cf i> 

b.: ..'. ■, . •'■ ;■;■ ^::.' ■'.■ .'i*J;.-' ,.;;?■■); '.?i^D •;; 
.;.-.: -^Z I:. .1" i1,v. 'O J'^ :> ."C L , ■•;•;: ■:'»;.*«; 

.-:;i;f.t - ^ .: . q ■ . C- ■ ■ 'if/'O' '«?; 

, '. .■ . .. ?v.r . :- ^f ' '. v' j_;'-'r <f V ■■■.•, •?•:) ^.■:cx-i 
• -^ '■ «■• v '.":!' -■':.-''.' -, t,'... iy ::' ,!• it ': ['*f- i.j c is i* ':^" T- 
■ -^i ■. ■ r . '.tj: '.. .. L ' i""", '\' if.v^ ■»' 

.'■ i' :. J- ■' .?':-r , ■<,-';o.. ■•-...; '; .■ ■=-;: .•tj'.i't i)oo'., .r i; ■i-:l';t-> frt 4. . ^ : ., , . . 

'f->rri;^t'%is:. ,.~\i'' ■.■'.i -v\.' '■ :. 1 , : : i ,S ;-i:/;^.. ■•■ .d^ j2 

jriji'.:. '"■ . f;-;"^ o; i;:-'- . ■■.■'■...: ;, ,t i .; .: .,; -.aj =!.f ;•:'-'' i-r; v- . :;j ^■!t^. ,-/??<) en 

-' : - ■ ^■ ^ 4?;<j- ;. ■:.■*. ,>=:>..' '■ ■ ;^ .; i 1'..^; : -■.';! ■ :-:-J ijo ^VTt 

j-,j,- ;.'■ _, '.^--y'' ' 'j^' , " : ■ \ i.;-. . ': ;'ir.r:ii -.■ir..:,,: ,^ i^-' :.' ; ,iit.OJfa 

4' Li. ■.■.-:.. .': r.j -;i.i-; >;■.•■ , . - '"^ -v. J/;ri-i 
-i.lT^i i^i-f-.^fc-?j '.ii.'- :■ .' ^ .r.v.:r-,- •' ^.^ - . ., ■ .:\ i'jj-woiie 

-^•iXi- --'• '' •;'-;■•.•-'■ ^. •.<; ji».,i„ . ;.-,^..\. .-ii • ..i:r.i:-,wc< ovXi- i**i*9 \'.- 

,.. ;-'. %.•-■■"■ -. - -;. c.--. '. •, o.- ,.■■,[;■•.?,. , i.- 

'H' ?i ,-^--'-- ];; >"^.;;'i'f^:;' '■-...:■'■,[ /.-;.;,?■ 4 .,:':>)£>l'0 tOTtf: 

oar^ . -' '••- ; ..■.'■•J t:."* .Trf^ja^-Ti*..- c v.'';^ ?5i;^ ...7r 

n#rvou«, a nd * *ttyfc a d ~w-y»«4. upy »h«^ ^»olnff--to ht^ Tam to atay a 
north ox:. aLx aeoita ard talr«. oax'o ©f hio grap^'d:* that th-^ following 
raorrlng ho uppaarad at the apartaont and acid to the woran who opened 

th« door for hiia, "i sun awTnlly aljif, avA wart to con? Ir. and go to 

bedt* that ho iiiiio^that he dl-i not «urt a doctor, tout norel? ws-rted 

to r»atj that he went into hi ^ bodroor? and shut the doorr Vh«^t^-trf-re- 

iflMI\.]!3flftrii...hi;n t2ovirg around inhltj.^rooBW and H-bout noon, he s'^rt ^^-- 

%JU) hlft 9rif»r •'T*it ••nt word to hia »lfe "that ho sa^. )t the 

•purtxent b^lr,^ ta^^-n oare of, arJ for her rot to worry t" thR.t ho ate 

notblrif; that day: that about tso o'clock ir the aftvjmoon, ore of Uis 

•oaen ateppoJ to the door of his bedroota, opens.! It and ac^Ved him If 

he warto'l anything,, receiving; a negfttlvo reply; tli-it he was the*-: atfincl- 

Ing In front of the dre;j»Jor, holding a bottle oont&'nln.3; amttll vs^hite 

tablets J tliut he ha.i ti»c or throe of the tabletrj in /ily hand, and was 

oountini?; out others; that In reply to -in ln-^,uiry aa to w^hHt >;e was 

taking, he aald It A-.ia "^onethln?- to oixoe the pain" in hi? head, "aone 

nedloine ho got at the drugstore;" thut he ai(<ed for a .Tilnrjo of wutor, 

and handed the bottle\;i: the tablsts to tho fiorr\n^ , itho toot? it 

frorf! the roor anj left It In a bedrooK ad joining,, whar*:* it waa found 

the next day; that ubout half an hour later, he beoane naus'-^atad, snd 

••rt into th"* bathroori, hut returned to his bedroon a fe* nirut*) - later; 

thni about T.±x o'oio,->lf In the evoninf,, he oai^e out, partly drearsed.*.^. 

••ni to the kit<^ien» ahare ha olikttud alfeh the wowan for an hmiFlinl?"* 

half; that he oald he felt bett«»r, txtvi thou/j^ht he would ro to the farwi 

thai he then «rort bac'/ to the bwdroon, Irooaed, and ou-"e out vM.'-' I^.lo 

hat and overcoat on, araoklnrs a cl^ar; that ho os-t do:<n and ttillce 3 for 

another half hour, arxl then, e.ayln^ that ho felt "ahalry," ho returned 

to hie badrooTT!, undroaoed and ««irt to bed; tht\t during the nlrht he 

Igrew .torae, and In the noinlng, two nhyoi clans wer'^ oallod, but they were 

lunablto to arou:*o him, !xnd he died ubcut eleven c'clooV- JundJi/ evening: 

'that an uutopay waa had, and the dootora f?i!iilrir/ it cert 1 1*1 e<l "thut the 

Iflrdlnga were ooralatent -xith corphins poisoning," aM " t^ut no other 

-. ^H-^-t ••i;;-.:.: .>•>■.- . '. '• •■■!:■,, U :•: :iJr:j: J --^v gd ,}«fU' 

.•;» ■:: ■ '/.:'■■•- ' ■',:- .?? ■:.:-.-.'ro'0 ,.'■:: •^. ',-•;' :; ; ■ .-■- -:■ vv;, Oi't oj fc«Ci;,t- 
■^/•-■K „:.'i-;".; -;,'■•■?-■■ i:-,t;r-^^- j>X.?*c;':? k •■:-> ?j. r u'' «:' '. .->\-. ;-'ri^ .lo vfao-S 

- ' J r.i..' ,''■.■. t'^rif.O:. ■':■•;':.' ■,:<..' ..'^ ':',■.'' ': ' .' "'. .' '.:..;. 'r^'.,': rti;?vOcf jMl-_ 
;.r/. , .J. ; : . .-•...;'• .• ^ "-■-.^J ' .•■ ■ J -.1 ■■','.■■; ' '■':•: ^ itM^ .;,.':>•;?. ^ ■ •U ».• 

. :"'■ ' -■ --ir^ ■ . .' "■■:'■ ,.,;■•<,■••-■. :.'l •<;..:.:■■ J ^o.O/.- .•:^3» PM»rf^ 



3a.usa of deuth «iiii found." it wati atipulattil in tho recorl, howover, 
•that the deoeaaed died fro^ an ovardOB«:> of morphine." X' 

Appellixr.t'o firot contanticr lo tta follorfa: "Iriairauch as 
th«re Is a conflict botweon tho provltslona of th« polloy and the by- 
La«(3 of the ooapuny *lth r«ispoot to Ito liability the provisions of t b 
policy ?mj3t prevail." I'he alla>j;.«d ocnfllot thus referred to hao Ito 
•uppoaed fcuoic in tho fact that tht policy provides that "in the caao 
of the acoldortal death of suld menber, there ahail b« paid - -» ^ the 
sua of ilvo i'houisund Dollars ;" "^hllc th*> by-laws provide that " "hen- 
•ver tkr.y rm^rab^.r of thla aaaooliitlor. in good sta'^dln;^, shall, throu;^ 
dxteiT.sil, vtol'jnt and aooldental rcaans, receive bcdily injurlsH whioh 
Bhall '» '» » result in tho deatli of uald neiaber, erid only in p-.jnh case," 
the preooribed indenjnity shall be paid, it la urj^ed that under the 
above quoted clause of the polloy, standin*^ alone, app©llc»e la only 
required to prove thut the dec^th cf >ilaon t.. Pixlcy wa;j aoolrtental, 
regarileois of the mecLns or oaune of death, while under tho above quoted 
provlelon of the by-lf»wo, appellee la required to prove that tho death 
of :r. Pixiey wua the reault of bo lily injuries received th ro u .p'h 
aooldental moanaT and, applyin;;' tho <v'ell-known rulo of oonntruotion 
that requireo ury doubt or -inbiguity in an inourunoe oontract to be 
received in favcr of the inoured, it la insiat^JcJ that the tor^o of the 
policy frudt ocntrol, and that appoilee Ij er titl'^d to rf^oover on proof 
that th'j .leoe-taod ;"wnu intantionally tcolc the quH"tlty cf rxr-' 
phine oauslr.R kie death, because (it l-i iald) "li'jch death *ao aociviental, 
althou^rh the mean a -vere not." 

We do not find it noceaaary to folio- thla arjruraont or to 
i«t«tmine whether it aoull brj sound in a proper case, for the reaaon 
that there ia no such conflict between th-j policy and tho by-la -vs as ie 
•upposed. y the expreao temc; of the policy, th« liaoillty of the 
oospa'v ij made aubje^^t to ;ill tho provisions of the by-law j, whloh are 
therein axpreoaiy r'*ferred to ard made a p<irt ther-sof. rha application, 
polloy and by-luwi <jice all part.; of one and the aa-ie contract, and 

■■ 'J'" '■ .s,>;-rfr;i7-fo<" ". ■. ". :v:'/v^»:) rt« nr'^t bail feesiaeoeb *v'.: 

..t^ii'/fj' f-'c-';-: '■•••'jf ??;■■;.>:■•!.' eliitft ^nji'fii "}o ^"■'■^y^'^o "iio ^_;';0K •gir'.^ to '■-• 
ori .:<j .-'r -"■ T'^rvi"' o.^':..^-i'?-:.r^i 'Ji: r'; v:l ;'!.?T'.fd:Ti> «o jo.' ;S:- \:rui tis>^- ■ < 

[vt.t'i: j'rvrv: .:» 'I"-—- ■•f,%-,;'' -f^i'r > ": .^ ! ) ©^*iJf^O«*«f ♦dj^;0l) »iif ;f|rTl»ueO 

O' -■■•■. :' -' --'-;.■ oJ, .- -.'.>.(.>'c/i .:■? v'ji/ :;.?'e>.;:-o't ,ti i.f?i''jr Jon ob «* 
r::.';.i:..-; f-;.; ^- /. «»»*.<,. :.,-:.-•<,:; .. ;■r^ J/r-two?: -J ^LiJ^j* St torfJon 
■>1 .;:■ z^. ijI-vo -:. ','? ;.'-^; ■' ;)'"■'•■ ;;.''.? .-'JU'V/Jc'd Ji>l.(">\'"oe) r^oi/e Olt «/ 

f--?..,, .-frtiiw ,).iv-,'X-^v'' ■■I'D ?ii> .■ ■lol^.lvoiCT «»tlt ihi ;j i^o ^tf 
Jsn* , nriit Qds brw Art© io o^-in<j lin -. 

h jonaldore .», tliera la no isuoh donbt or fiuabirrulty as would 

e , or authorize, t.^^e HOpllOHtion of the nil'; of ccnstriiction 

- (.vjntlor.eci. It follo«3 that It w. : lr!'5ii-;b«»r't ujion btj^^IIoo to 
Ov« not only thiat the deuth of tho deoo.f.s*!] -.tasi aocjldo^-'tal, but that 
oJi death sriis oau3<:>d bj ", violent ard acciie'^tal near.a," arid 
tit «My not oaUBod by th« "Int'^rtlontil or unlntortional tcVlnf of 
son," nor while the deooujjed vtiis ur.der t^|^ Influenoe of any narcotic, 
it la indl«tod that the ^jvldoncHs fairly t«»r<lfjd to prove »?ot 
ly thit tno deuth of vTlIaon Plxley frcn ar. overdoso of Tnorephine was 
oidortalj but also that hly d-^ath frc • that oauatr */i3 "tho rocult of 
dlly injuries reooivad throu/^h external, vlol'^rtt and QCOldt?ntal nefirg^*' 
thin the aounlnjF^ of those aci*da as uasd Ir tho by-laws, ioth those 
itcntlone nay be conceded. An accidental douth l^i one that 1:3 unde- 
gned, or unint':?nded. i^Je antithesis of the word "aooidertal* lo 
tt^ntional," Thoro 1b r^o ©vidonoo of any \i:ivA in tho r«cor I tordlng 
px*ove thttt tho doceiiotd too- the ovsrdoao of r^KJrphire with tho 1n- 
tlon of Cttusing hi a death, un the contrary, all tho e'rldonoo tends 
prove that there w':s an «.'':tir«.^ abetmoe of any notivo that '^oulA 
cnpt the deceaoed to tairo hlu life, txnd that hia only r^ot ve in taklnft 

hin© on tho d&y bofcro he died .;»« to obtain relief frcr: the vory 
ver*? headache from which he va« rauffering. 'he ^::vlderc9 i.^ all to 
,e yffoct, and la undisputed, that morphlno nAV bo ta'.'vjn in OTrail 

rtitieB, eultod to the phycioal condition of the individual, "Ot only 
thout hamnrul reiiulta, but irlth b^nifioisil re^^ults, in many cases, 
thttt, it 1h only an overdo ae thtt lo poieonoua, or neoeaoarlly in- 
ioiiJ to life, in any c-iao. It rs.iy fairly he inferrt^d fror-; the 
Idenoe that th-? leooL\oed did not kno* what quantity of mornhinc oon- 
Ituted an overdose Ir hi- o'iKe, elthor because ho ^«u3 not fnmlllar 
th th-ij effects of morphine In ,'!;::nor'Al , or beo^u.jc )•>& iM rot kr.ow what 
Bartlty would affect hin injuriously. In eithe^r caaa, th.o taklnp: of 
poisonous doee of the drug *ai3 evidently far fror^ hlt^ Intention and 
It; therefore accidental, rhat u detith 150 caused le "tho result of 

',.;.:: ..■-''..lifl Si .J3»;: 
t-'v.-.'.-' \:- h':'SU£a S4 

3oJily inlurltjj rsseivea Uirou>»h external urd violont moarjo," rlthin 
Ihe raearlng of such t policy of In^iranoe, whd aquarely hsld in "«nley 
r. Mutual Acoident n^Jdoolation , i;53 111. «.f.,i. ir. that caso tho oourt 
said: "If a p©r Jcn whouia rooolve u gur-oJiot vcund In tho ixxJiy, ro- 
>ultln.<; in donth. It flould bo conotxiod that death onous';! fron vlolnnt 
ind extomal aoanai for n like ro.-.oon, polaor. tuVer into tho atonach, 
)roduoin5 death, nuy ali-'o bo trwated at! an extomul, ylolont ro^aara. 
ndeod, JO ar^s inciirsod to oonour with jrhnt w*3 aiid by the Oourt of 
,pp©ttli< of :;o.v fork, > ^ » thut wherrs a de.'th ia the reault of uecldent, 
)r 1h unnatural, (it) iraplicja an oxtemal ;And violent itpiorcy as the 

oonoedinp;, ho«evor» that tho ©videnoo tenda to prove that tho 
leoaaaod oane to hin doath "throu^^^^h sicoider.tal, violent ard exterrnl 
leuna," within the meanln/r of tho policy In queotlon in T-hlo oaai, it 
!lo«B not follow that appellee »ao an titled to rooover under tb>? terrne 
^f aaid policy; for, under another proviiJion of the policy, th* aono- 
[slatlon wv8 exernpted froTrs liability If tho death of -Vilaor Pixley re- 
acted from an acoldent which huppendd vfhil» hu "vrao in uny degre* 
jindar the influenos of narootlos, or in oonaequenoo thereof," or if Mb 
»e«th roaulted "in rfhola or in part, directly or indiroitly, fror, the 
Intentional or unintontional takin/;^ of polaon." it is clear from the 
iiYldenoe that morphine la a narcotic, and that he waa under the In- 
^luenoe of ouoh narootlo (Intentionally adninlatwred) at thf.> tire of 
|ila death. It la al'io olear froTS the evidence, that «»hlle 3!orphlno lo 
jot a polaon In the aenso It In nQoeoourily injurious to life «hen 
|aVen In propter doaee and under prop'»r oonJltiono, yet 'vn oyordOBo of 
[lorphlne la polsonoua. There la no conflict In th«? evlionco ^a tc thase 
Mta, Aa above stated, it Jifao atlpulated that Ulaon Pixley oa'??© to 
l« deatPi :xB th>» resiult of an o verdo oe of ♦:iorphlne, ;Jndor the evidence 

n thla caae, therefore, thi. itipulation :in»ountn to an ■■idfniaaion on 
ppellant'a part, that tho decoaaed cars tc hi 3 death by ta^lnr^ a 
oieonoua doaw of morphine. 

i ;."trt.' 

'J^rf* • ; '' . , V i^- v-f' ■,-■■,•■: ,. . ■-"^r.t.-';-- ' J-ftTfOrdJ '^'.Iv^tO-S r.»i-IUfrf; '■ ^ \ 

- .• ■,.• -;»,! • ,j tir::^ '-^ ■•■r't • ^ -v'. v. -vfocKfei riyoi.:/ T<J>-'t«iq a 11* 

;..■--''■■■■ •■'' .*;-y»]'o?u ,'.■'••.* e.^ir--,. - '-rs-u'^" n;fv.eu3 ^^Irf oj- esaH) iter 

"''■•'■ ''^''•■- ■ '■ ■ jiJJ^:.:^!:-^^^''' ' '• ■' -''''"^^^ :i^'.'?'.'T!e& ivff^ at tmaloq a 

,- •-■' . < ■ n -■■: :■ ■! ■■'■;.■: ';•>■:;•'••' ;',-tjd &<6tiob »tft>qi«q nt "" 

^; ii r: ^ o : 


f ' 

- ,♦ 

e.-iiJt.- - 


.-« c< f 

W^. • 



If the lar/^ua^jo of tho polioy In thin cane raorely oxe-^rtacl 
th« anaooiatlon from liability *hgre the ie, -.. .^ oauoed by the 
'taking of polaon," (tJiut I3, if thoa© -.lord.: ;:ot preceded by the 

ror«i3 "Intentional or xinlntantlonal,") we aould have the hli'heat autiior- 
Ity for holdin.r; that auoh ixn oxerintior! woul i be unavallln)? as a defense 
to an iiction on the policy, unleao it jery sho^m thnt the takin,*!; of the 
^oiaorouB dose was de8i(;;nea and intandod to cause death, .iuoh wos, in 
»ffeot, the holuin.', Ir. l'auI v. Vritvol^ra* Ira. Jo^, 11^' H. Y, 4''^;, oited 
rlth approvi4l in tho Iloaley caua, oupr^, and followed in rravolora' 
■ne. 'G o«_ V. .:}unlup , I^IO 111. ■'>4*i; .'ietrop'^litar Aocijent j^artooiation 
r. yroil;jjia, 1(31 ill. 20; ar.d rravtjlora ' Ira. Jo. v, Ayeray -il7 111, 
WO. in all of 3uch austm, th^s court hold that in tho absence of any 
L»nguaip;e in tho contract thit cloiirly ahonod a-n lnt<:jntion on tho part 
)f the ineurance ocnpany to axon;)t lt^:ifjlf fro:n ii'ibllity in ca cf the 
looidentul, ua well as tho Intwnticnal, "taking of poiaon," th? eze-np- 
ilon so expressed rouat be condtruod to oov r only oaaee of intentional 
s-aking of poiaon. the ter^fj of the policy in thi« caao, Jxowevor, 
Lhe exenjption expressly cover>:J Od'J'js of acol'iental, or unintontlonal 
Laklng of poiuon, u?. vioil aa tiioae *here the taking of poiaon ia inten- 
Llonal, ihe. lan^^-.aage of thi; exeaptlon Ij: "This aeaociation shall not 
36 liable to any person for any Indecmlty » n -^ in caue » » :j death 
•hall ooour aa the result, wholly or partially, directly or inilrectly, 
>f tr.e » f » intentional or unlntvntional ta^in;: of poloon." There can 
38 no doubt i*9 to the T.aanins of fia olauae of the policy, and there 
It therefore no roon for tho applioi,tlor of the principle that in oaoes 
3f anbiguity, the doubt vuat be rewolvei ajr;aln:jt the Inauranoe cor.pany. 

it therefore followa th^t upon the otipulated anrl unliaputod 
Bvidenoe, appellant «ao net e»Ttitloi to r^ccv r, even t? ou>-b tho tak- 
ing of the ovordoae of rsorphtine wa? acci ter.tal, nt^l thts death jjae ofitjsed 
^y aooid->r.tal, ext©rt;al and viol»3nt near.a, -ithin t-he meu-inr; of the 
policy in cjueation. 

Ml.:, -.:- .■■:.. ;i-;, c;:J :■ : ■.■ill;* \.^lil' ..IL 00-5*1 «10li*i< 

-V,;- *- ■ •" ■ , ;-■• .•■•■■ . :.i<-:. b;,* f .-:....-'; i J, is- J r.;.i£jj ivj Xi^:iOi<*ii«ir 

^c.-; -o - ' ■■■•5 - -^r- - :x -.i^eir-i,! >\: j^io:; .i-'iJ rtO aQX3&» 

:^itlu , -' . . .. ■: •' J. '■■"■■■-■•_- '«' •, - i ''^ ■::<>.L,fc>a criJ 4iiv4i 

. = ■•;:-::,•-.•.. ■ .. . r;-: ■■• '-ij^-iK-.. — '"^ •^•^-^ ^' * »'>iiSfi . •' JsSi; 
.J./; .•'.'\ i-^- .-.' .■•'. .:■■ '•.':,.■... -SA :.-'-;^ j:-'*; ,i.U ihl jbn*Ii|; 

>; ^ . -io v-M-v , ., :■■•; :/.-:.; ;,::•.' .:;■;;- .•;.'.■ ,■■ •...:..■ douu Ho lla «i 

t ..:. •■ /;T' "! '• .■ ',..,. '.•' ■ ^ !.;■;: v . :' :■ ■<■■• •--(« i;^8e€>iqx» 0» f 

.v:-'-..'-. ■ ■:. .c. , ; ... ,•. .a/%-.";. v.: ■■■ . ,lJ..!.; ..Jiiujei oi^J na ludoo XI 
■•:•.,:. - ,^ l.~ i .»:..,..'. . '. .i .il- .> '- ■■.'.; .;J A« iduob 0*^ 

f;-:r('.. - , 1 . ' ■ . J . : ■•.•,'. ■:'■■.■ -^f. *$ .>'i '■::•? tJTl eiO'l«1f 

..U. '■ • . •■..!;>.• , ' , ■ .;.J rrt.. r: ■ ■.:- /.<^?t. O^^Aiiv'.^■.i:' 'lo »«i0i7X«»YO • 

r/''.» ■■ V .:! »;. r' o-t* -?'-'!i.« ,>?:i.."-j." :»-'.i.jLol" v-Tt-i: i'lrnvUn ,*' 


?indln,a; no orror in tho reoorl among thos'i aaalf^od arsd 
dlsouased In the brlofa of ttppdll(int*.3 counaol, the ludgrasnt of the 
Murlolpal court «111 bQ affirmed. 


670 - ii0905. 

) ^ 

] f 

Appellant. ) 

va. s^ ) ^AftO'JIt' COURT 

"" ^^ " / 19 5 :._ .. _, :. 

*i5rt. JUiilJi!: firuif dft^ivttred s4ha opinion of the court* 

hi a \ci an appeal fro^ n judf!;mQnt for ;;5no r^ndoroii in the 
Clroult vourt upon a verdict of a Jury Ir; a perioral injury case. 
At t.*^i« olotio of the pliilntiff -j ►jvidence, -in i also ,4t th« oIumo of 
all th»* ovldttriCtt, the deferd-wnt ?30ved for a dirooted verdlot lr\ Its 
favor. ;ioth reotion.:> n'uve derl«ijii ar . proper exoeotiona tttVor-,, ;'hg 
mctlon for u ne.v trial, '.iftsr the vordlct way rendarod, wus withdrawn. 
Th9 orroro aaalf^ned are that the coiart firrod in dorylnp; the motiorB 
for a dlrootod verdiot» sand in donyinp; dofendar.t 'a otion to exclude 
a part of fie plaintiff 'vi evidbnoH ua hOHroay. 

"he quoution praaonted by the flrct of such rAasilgnmentfl, iu 
•bather there iy in tho record u'-y uvidonce fairly tendlnp; to Throve 
the ."sutorlal Hvorraer.ta of tho declaraticn. ( i'->by v. ^ooky -J22 ^^ll. 
JeOd.) .he doclar iticr- oorsi-ta of two counts* iho flrat^ alleges. 
In BUbBtunoo, thtit on Ueoanhar i3;5, 11>11, tne plft ntlTf, a nlnor, wao 
In t^n defendant's employ, eind that the defendant ordered th-^ plaintiff 
to rido on top of one of ita s.xr, ru, Athlch aas hodvlly loaded with 
nerohandiuo, and to ^ruard wm\ protect tho varloua ;irtiol^>« of mer- 
chrjadloe ooiaprlain?, oald io<td: th^t ^hilw th« pl/ilntlff «y\ii ridlni^ 
on jaid lo ud^d .«a^r:or., -md «ia» in the oxerclae of duo r^.nvQ fcr ?^.la own 
Bufety, "a certain vice-nrlncipal cf th^ l8fenc!ar. t., and -^ot h fello* 
Borvart of the plairtlff, oarele.isly and ne/r,il;f^entl7 drove, cortrdled 
urd mtir.a>!;«d etild wagan alonp: a certain public atreot In the -slty of 
Chicago, county of Jook and dtute of illlrolcj, kno vn ho ;larV street, 
at and in the vicinity of t- o interooction of -ial ! JlarV lUreet *lth 
litYi street, in aali city, and undi;r m certain hridpe or vla^iuot then 

.r»cv'Ott « ova 

^:'J ■■■ ■-:. :•••: ':C : ' ■ ' ;- fliS; ^:(^ :;. '■•:t 1 I.'uvqq-ii Tji) ',1 a irf', 

.- v.,"7f)-'t ?> i;;,, v^ ,^.5>-., ' -y-- y,i 7rV'.i .'iv'sr ec:j^ , + o!'i^ *vfert ij i 

, ;■, j-,T-'-;;7:-\^';-r-_ ;- ■. .'^.i'a 'J - *.';*1 •'■ft; -f* V ;:i.<'"^i-wTErf To f J :;'? .'fv ?:it'i' 

,Il> ':i: ,,^;';;_ .v ^;_i. . - •■; f . .'..i:t.v,;,;t^' f^^j' ''o •;,ir'i-:., ••(^yii Ifil-. 
,lvitsoo ._ "' , • ■ 

• nr-.;; J;il/.^; ..'..t : ■ ■ t ~ r . r vif..' i . j ,..u lu-'-'CV :'■■';» T^XC flh ^U ♦ 

}j-'l::-'.: 'W ■ tf- ;-.i--,:- . : . .v\" .7-,::,: ^ru^ t\;.„jq^© ii* i.h^tuwlmh f»f' 

■■'■. . '■..'■■- ■x:.V:--.. . . '■>■■■., ,: :■* :,ui, .Ji Vo i^'jo ').o q'-ii na ©t ' 

'l*;* J?;^;-..'.: •■••..I ■,..', ■o -^- .■tJ?>'MC1«-arTX Oft* lo '\t^tp*r>*«* e 


extfrndir./r over suld atroet, Mt a height of, to-wl l, ovm foot above 
th-;* top of eiiid lo.^d, -ivhout tnfcrTnir:,c tho plnlntlff of thv anproaoh 
of aald wagon to said viaduct, or of tho dan^^jr of pftosi'^t?: unier the 
flUisa; and by roaaor thereof, th«» oiairtlff attriay *ith ."iroat force 
and vlolenc« p.^rta of f3<ii.i viaduct, t\^:i ,i ...:■ t! er. «'~d thereby 
throam from jald *tt>ror an.i dorfr or tne street," etc., ard wa' nerloualy 

Die wecond count oontulna tho iji^-ie j-'-Vf^r-ent? as to the a:n- 
ployjnd»-it of thor •olatntiff, the loaiir;' of the « ./»;on, thtj alio?'??'! negll- 
ge»it ord'-ir to ride on top of the lend of !^«irohardlj*j, .vlthout IrforT.ln^ 
the plaintiff of tho danf-rer that would bo incurred by hi?7» 1- picinp; 
under railroad brla.j;to and viaducts oxte-^llnjj across public etraet*, 
*rd then uvern that while thr' pliilr.tiff wa^j oxero^^jlr,-: dur* car's and 
caution for his o-.rr aHfoty, thfi defen/lant '?;oved said wu/^cn .ilon:?: Jlark 
Btroet and unier a vladujt re »r t'MO Intoraoot'or of 1-th atrcst, "a^d 
by re ition of the aald ftreat ard da»^(;erou3 hei^'J;t of aai ; loid, r.rd its 
close proxitaity to naid viaduct or brid;re, the plttlr.tlff then a»?d there 
Btruok with rroat forco ar :i vlc3,"".C'-' agairat the partti of sail viaduct 
and brid^-.e, and plaintiff ^a-a then und thereby throwr. fro--' aald warcn," 

it will bfi noticed that ir each of said counts t^e irrnjediat© 
cau.:o of the Injury allaped in the Ueolnration is that the plaintiff 
•trucl or wa»j atiruok by a viaiuot while aittln^, or ten of th« waron. 
■*e fire unable to f in ^ in the record a-y evidence fairly to^'dinr to 
support this averr^ie-'t of ths d^'Claratior. N'o witneno to;tiflf»d that 
■uch. waa th-s fact. It appearo fron^ the evidence that th-^re io a bridge 
©r viaduct crooainf, :i<.rv street about fifty feet north of l-^th street, 
Which ia fifteen or sixteen feet lOove the H^round. shr* plaintiff teeti- 
fiod, however, thut he dli not know thi^ fact; that he had nevQr Heer 
it uhd did rot oer* it on tl^:e oocrAalon ir question: that he wua Hittir^ 
on top of a '^ii.aH of gooia in the rear of the wa^.on, about twolvo feot 
above the ^-^round; that the front or th-.^ wagon «"i« piled up with parcel* 

.i*.^,.-. . - , ,, ■- >,;•.■.?„. ■', 4 •■;■-: •'T'^-i-' i ■'. ''At r-u". -A. btafe cKMrt. cnnw 

.> ^-■.';^ -j ; -;!,••• J :;v , ■ •. .ir f^yi/c *: : ~- Vo ;>.;-: { «?5^:/ ■'■'^ r--*Jf no sfcil . O^ . 10l^ *r 
:.-rr?C>'i: ■''•:■ -■->'. -■'■■ .iST'^f-.^'-f *C' . ; .'vr J^^r ! -ii^;': p-Aii i^fi^ To lt.^4f|#*i■• 
■l;J'l*■•'T;Ti; ;^:i^■;;•'. piVviTJ": >:•;■?-.':> --^ Hj^ aljilv tr^,(3 ar;.ji:4l*icl ijSOtLXM% "ii^i 

- , . !.■ :. : ■) ;r- ■ -; ••xrj,-': o'-,5 ':.'-.' ■'i:>..:.-'fi>iv >^ ttihdu i- 

•* : :^A- *.*..■■■;•■ ^.> ■'■•■-1 ■ J "■- ■- '-•■.■ •■ ■''^- ^■■<?"V'- iJ^AS» 9fU"l:<> : - • 

• -ji^.i/: .^■•.- i ■. ••;■■;■:.. ''■.:■■' ,s-' i./'xo •' -. .-r^i.'; /.i/. i.i*'<! '^sT vjLntf ■ '-i^- 

ex^j. ' b^f.' ■ ■■ :^ ^- .?■■'>■;?•■ ;o/av ') ;: r:t...;r ■: ^...'<i It-ul^Oft I'd IXlw'i'' - . 

.: -■ ■/':! ■■ . ': /■ .r.'^-r i^-r ', ,..::>::■*,"- .-..,':•. -it ■..;irr c;tf 

♦ ' • ^r :.,;-.,,!. ... .-j\i ■■'■■'.' .■;.?■ "^^ :" i»v'-f*v« ftirii Jto«?<^ 

,: /^i^A ri>' ■ r- .- , : v-oi j^r^o"^- ■• <v ^iftlsigoiio J 

hijzhor than th.u plao« ^■.here ho *.'.j alttins; th-ut hs nirsonbored turn- 
Inp; from i^th atreet Into 'Jlai^k otraet, but th^At he dia rot rotioe 
how f&r he had p;or20 rtouth of iiith atrsflt Mien the aooliert happerod: 
that a3 th(» Wiii-ion arbs goin.;? aouth (aonowhare ) on :lurk atreet, ho 
Yelt aoraethlng hit hlo in the back," andMroamt h« «aa diving, off," 
and Jcne* nothing, more until he awcko in th(t hcepitHl. ^^overtheleB*?, 
he fleveral tinea uaed the oxpreaalon in bin teBtiwony: ' h«n i vsfi.j nit 
by the viaauot," or worda to that effgct* it in nldar fron hi-.i ©vl'j- 
enoo that he did not at tM« tin© of thft uccl tent, nor at th« tico of 
tho tri.l, knorf .vhat lilt hir;- in th.e bactc. !ii» etat«f^ontfl that ho was 
hit by tho vladuot, ar4 thut tho aocld«nt happened at thi vifitiuot, 
were nero inferorjcea or oonolualons en >iiB part* cr thi« rsaaon, the 
defon-iar.t mov^ri, at tha olooe of th^ plaintiffs testinjony, to exclude- 
auci! dttttdrrents. Thla .motion vr wO doriod and exception t<ikon» Vhia 
WU.S error. 

i'ne only other ©videnoo in the rac rd as to th's ullored fact 
that he waa atruok ny tho viaduct is that oT t»iO witnosaea *ho tc^stified. 
that after the accident, thwy obiw him lying amth of the viaduct, ir 
front of t* soiloon at the oorr.or of l^th atreet. I^either of such wit- 
neBseu, nor nny M'itnoaa i»hu tsi»tiflod, stiw him wh'jrn he fell frow the 
wagon. :hij ruling above nontior9'-i ^^..iu th«reforo #rrcr to 
the plalnti'f; and ."in the evidence «!?lch wa.j thu8 pdrritted tc ^tand 
le the only evidence 1> aupport of the allegation that the pl-iintiff 
«b« struck by the viadwct, it foilowij th-xt the ruling of the- court in 
denying t>je raotione at tho cloao ov th'i plaintiff '3 caa^v ar^r] at the 
close of ail the evidence, to fini a v«r Hot for the defendant, were 
aldo erronecuu. 

it ia ali30 contended that tho relation of fellcv uervant!? 
existed between the .iriv«r and the plaintiff, and thero la much foroo 
in the contention, ^a, hoitever, ;>« hav«> reached the conclusion that 
the case nui^t be reir,»nded on aocount of the orrorni already indicated, 
we express no opinion upon thi;j quaatlon, which its ordinarily a r^uoatioi 
of fact for the Jury, 



>r.^'i b!U 



■\^'::i^OM i 

■; .H J 

'•.:■■ 'y 

;• .i 

■ ;1C fc^lt-V; 

!. a u 

'-•■■, : . 

: ••^.r 

.^iv ri1^ ■' 

\ "> 

,^ )■■•■ 

.,;, J •,..;, .,, 


.-■■!-.' \ V ■. •■ .^^^.i(^\ *■: ■..■.^ ■• ■ .';•■;...:■' ^•■., yiJ.-:;.; t>-:rOi' ■sntUotX ■e«rvi l 

"i^ v:i. ■■■ . . ;<■,.' ,: -'.Til i v: 'V -;i:.;r ":> r... ;., * jm ^c:;:s> sri ^,t>;idf 86: 

■.jj; 'vU' ^.1 ;n ^^ tv itfW •y 

■ '•••■'' i^'.''' '.* •-■'-■;■,: ••";.!'■■ ...^ ,.:,;;_'■■■ i J:vO J ud?'' ■ iJ!s»;.^irji ^ ^tfr.^ •■^ort ,t. 

-• ^••■^' ' ■-»-;■. ■?'^.r' -.,,.-; . ; :. /■,• ,. ^■.■.■:,::lv~-> '-■: J s.^. ^:■^x^ ; 1 ;• i J n £JEJ > 

■-.> I.,.-. • jr- .^/j .;., ..f ■v..,;:J.^,;-,: .. ; i- .., 1 ■■ .j j-voj'U''- i vorf«bi:v» "Xlrto e?<* • 

'^^•-' " ■■• ••"' ■ ■ '-■ """'.: .;f.r .'•! i.'-v i-: '.ct.: 2-. kvr^oUom aft,? 3^ . 

■ Ptxr-T^i. >. I.'.': -i' '• ■.^.;.:-; : .. .!,; ^^.! '-a^rxr^a onXa «! JI 

— /; — 

Kor this r«ascni5 Indloutoi, the Jud>5aiort of tho circuit 
ourt will ho r'--vertt«sd und the cause rsranded. 

RKViiRi^bD «i»!^UJ i-K-^A.^DhlD. 


79 - 20,91 U 


n ro lactate of LIliiii/iJE^P/ViJi, ;■ ) 

Dn Appeal of JOHH LA Pa ft, <■ ) 

Appellant, ; ) APPiiAL t'ROV 

I / ) 

V8. i / ) CIRCifIT OwUPT 

\ ■^' ^ 

JKii i'. Dr.VINiJ, .' l^nlotrutor of tae ) OOOK OOUKTY, 

■tute of LIZii^IK inA^i'A U^, dt al.f' } 

/? \ AppollQ^B, ) 

\ /■' JL w u. J. -: .■ 

ifh, JUSTICjS ir'lTaif^d^ilVered the opinion of the ccux't.. 

on Saturday, ;prll in, 1914, which wais th«t last 'lay of the 
wch, IP 14 t«rn of tho -;lrcult court of (Jools county, t^<^t court, 
onorablo Adolor J. ?etlt presiding, ertered «. Jeoreo overruling oer- 
liir'^o nado by appollcint, John Ltik'>'txfie, to .ir ortlor of illatri- 
uticn in the natter of thfi eotato of Llrizla Ljy'a>-e, deceased. Tho 
auoo in ahioh suoh decree w;j entere-^i lifil bsor; hoard by Jud^^c- i-^etit 
n Noverib'jr, lvi:s and wt the conoluolon of ti\<s hejirlr;-;, he tcoV the 
ftse under advl3en«»nt, aaylng when hv liad r'^cohod v. corolualon, 
8 would notify oounaol of that fact. At acme time botween one ard 
hreo o'clock in th& fiftomoon of April \7, iC'i4, Judfi^e I'etit'n nlrute 
lerk, by direction of th» Judfl;^, telephonod to thi? officao of ocunsel 
n both uldeo thut thy- court wouli render u deoialon on th« following 
%j - L'ttturd&y; and before four o'clock cf the najno day, counsel for 
pp«ll<j©B cftusad a notice to tho affect thut o,t ten o'olook on Saturday, 
r»ey would aaW the court lo ont«r flndin^a mvt Ju:!;tr)ent in fyyor of ap- 
tlleeo, and a copy of tho flndin/^o «tr.d decree which a<»re aft«3rwardB 
itort^:l, to be O'srvod upon appellant 'a counsel, lonson Mt'olk, by deliver- 
f>g thb iifxr.ii to li otenoRT'inher onployoJ hy>^ard thon in ohari;e of hie 
ffice in L;hictt.p:o, It appearo, ho-jevnr, that r. ^/slk did not percon- 
lly receive 4ord of oith r tho teit»r>hono confaunicatlcn of th^ nlrute 
Itirk or tho fornul notice ^^Iven by riopolleo** ooun^ol until the '.'onday 
3llOMing (aftor the term iiad expired), for the roajon th-At b«»fore f^ither 
f ouch notices vrao gtlvtn en /ridtiy xftemocn ho nn 1 b«.n calloi to hi a 
erne Ln i,erront bv tho illneai; of hlo ./Ife, .I'd r r-:ainod there all -'■■i-lur" 


,A.»^ • ■■ • 


« .li 

,i^' ;Vl i\d rjh''i'* 'I 


. t-'I' 


■:; ],. 

' • . .av 


■jnjrro er;j I'^'^ovtl^l^Ui/. 1.-': -d'^iVloOlt •WM- 

-.c'3 . :-. ■ 'O' , '.;: •••'•.: -.■fa "^ ;■ .: :. ir ' O ••.'■, filC^-^rf .Urtfi- fX'^iituJJBy 
.,'■/; ' ■;•..:> 1 J.. .■..■.vj'i'r:- ■ -.1 v'v* 3ot:?ijrr 4^ iiesiMO ee»; 

miff , , ' ' ■ -^ ' ' 

u : " ■ t f' •-,-,• . -.^ I ■•?■. vol (.■':'■;< '5fc>rin t.'Os'rftJtm ji OJ 

-n'..-.-.-' ■: ..■'•.V- '. I- ."^ --■'■■ r '-■■'■'"-> <'<^^'*' ,, .-'.'Ufy-q'.^* Jl .C^IiflOiilw 


day and Sunday. The tolophono ffieaoasro . :-ivod at hi?) offices on 

?rlduy aftornooj^. by a real oatats broker r. ;o aad ar. office Ir the 

eo^e ault'j, and ths other notloo c»;i9 rocfslvad, as abov«i atntsd, by ;.;r. 

l«lk»H otono^raohar; but tio f?ir is th-v rooord ahow!\, nylth-sr th;? real 

•state brokor nor th«» atenogrft-:3hor ando any (itte^^pt to notify "r. 7olk 

that 8U0h notiooB had oorao to then, until ho rotumed to hlc office or 

Monday, April -^0, 1914. Vharoupon he mado a metier, to udt acide and 

vaoate the deoree entererl on April io, ICK, fUirp; .ilth hi a notice of 

•uch motion, the affidavits of hlma-slf and of th? oterof-raphar ca to 

the fdcta of which they had knowledge. .'hen thle motion to vacate waa 

called up before Judf.o Petit, on npril £1, i^l-J, or^il etateraenta on both 

aidea wore evidently raade by oounsssl, and elao by tlio oourt, an;! the 

olevk of the court, as to what h-id ooourred on iriday and Saturday, v'he 

bill of exceptions ahowo that nftor the affidavits and orul statonenta 

of app'^lloeo' oo.inael had be^^n Jioard, the court ordered thit esuoh oral 

■tatemert!} "should bo Incorporated in affidavits and presented jifterwarda 

IS. ^^'^ . fm^Q '*-'* of April ;il, IDI^, to fon" a pfirt of tn^r bill of ex- 

(aeptlons," (.»hioh ^a^i in fact done, and the 3&.ne filed or ^fay l^', IPl'l) 

jwn^l tfn-n ovorrulsd tiio notion to vaorito th-s decree. From thlo ruling:, 

or oxxler, Tohn LaF«ii;e appeals, ; 

) Appellant cont«^ndu in thlo court th.^t the court i^rv^A ir ovor- 


rulinjL'; th-* motion to vacat-* the decree entered on April IP, 1"^T^, for 

the reft»on, it la suld, that the notion, thou- h made aft<«r the judfr-'ont 

term hwi exnlred, w i5 in tho nature of n writ of error corun noMB , and 

jlhat the Ju is»«nent or decree a- « entered throurh an error of f-^ct. 'Ve 

»re of the opinion that, thi:i latter P'^rt of thi ^s corf-ntlon li not oound. 

rhe bill of exctjotiona contains a copy of th-' rule of the ilftouit court 

that wna In force at the time auld Judgraent mh-q entered, re.fturtlinr the 

;3ervlce of notice of motions. / rul"* roquire.* that notice of a bio- 

ition shall be atirvod upon the opposite party, or his attorney of rocwrd, 
before 4 p.n, of the bualneea day next preceding the da^ nentloned in 

i:;lO ■^JOf.-f-:; ;;;..CiJ V.j>nJ;:i.:'XO ,'i:ir.^ ^^rlj ^;r'i.;w;i rifv; ?:jCi !„'/»fl iBejniOO 'ft«9JtX^r^r ' 
■^'.-'iy--::t-r,.tt.-\ r,&;J^"j!,:-s»"xq ».;•<!« .■•;.' c'-n -'j"!^- rtjf ts»?.'i"?ocv"v«.-:'"Tj[" fed JUitOfllt" .«i^r>««ct<. .^ 

fM*?; x-u v^:*> "-fo fiwXn f»"^A^ ??.'<* her- ,v-w!vrh jD/'i'l r^i i.-tia noi;!.;-) *"««■ 


tho notiott for oulllri^'; up, t>lt-Tcir poraonaily or by lc»*vir.>^ a copy 
thereof at hla office with eorae por'jcn Ir ch.urjT/3 thereof on hla behalf," 
.© ixre untkblo to flr.d arythir^» in the bill of exo^ntionA tending, to 
prove thi'.t thi.-. rule .n.; !:ot litorully oc^iplled «lth» Anpelleaa* 
30unael ouuBOd a notioo to be sjorv'scl upcn ippQilarit'o oourr^ol before 
four o'clock of Friday aftemoor!, April 17, U>14, uy loavin/. a copy 
thereof at hi^s office *lth i. "peraon in char;r© thereof on hie behalf," 
riz! hia Jtanographdr. It in net dl^putod that tho aterogra-nh^r A'aa 
Ln the t>niploy of appellant 'o counstil at th:it tine, nor that alie was 
jther; ir. ohar-',« of his offlco or. f\l3 b^hf^lf. ihe affidavit of the steno- 
jriiphor otutoa that ahin the notice w/i-? doiiv«rod to her, ahs infoirjed 
ippelleos' attorney, arho anrved it, "t^iat -ihe tfaii unable to j^at vKord to 
ir, tfslk, and A^a ?-<ot authorized Ijy hla to aocopt ac^r^'ice, and did not 
locept jervicu for hlja;" but ti'.«jro i-^ no «>vl.lonce that auch jore the 
Pact J, iind thoro la nothln^'^ in the rule which «rould ma.'ke the service 
Miy leo3 effective, evon if the fuotn ao stated .^^ro tr"ae« i'ho plain 
Beaninn of th^» rulj iJ th:it a service ia juffioiart if a copy of the 
lOtioe ib left in apt tltae with sc-.e .-^sipioye ir charfro of the office 
jf the attorney to whon tne nolico iu directed. mt whether thlo con- 
•truotion of the nile i«3 correct or not, ia intfj.'.'.torl;*.l in thia case, 
for th.j reaaon thut it i3 evidotit tho Oirouit court uo ooratnied the 
rule, and ovon if itJ aoi-.jt ruction wer-s errono-uj, auch error would not 
pe an err r of fact, out un error of liiif, v/hioh cannot bo jorreotod upon 
ik motion ir. thii natui'a of a -irit of orror cor:t'^ nobia , ( Jra T^or v. 
i ;onigercial '^on'e Aadccittion , iv -. ill. .\:^.p. i; ea-.T* caae (j-o HI. Pl'l.) 
'!* fho eri*or in fact wh.lch may be aoaij-ned under t]ie notion luot b-^ oona 
li'aot unkncTi to the court, »*hlch, if kncwn, .¥ould have nrecluied the 
Rendition of the Judgnont." ( Crg^^^er v, Conniercial en * a Aado o latlcni 
HO ill, ")!'', 5i^2* ) The only facta th^tt «ors< unknovm to th'^j court at 
^he tlrne th'i decree of April !•', IC'l' -rtered, xrora that -r, Jelk 

f*s not Ir- hit; office whon the '-otiou .... jox^sd, an i hiid not personally 

.;;fe,I.; ■ I \,, id.t^w L:*^i.iL■i^■r^jr> V, . ;,:'\:-.J-:-i Ji^rf t^i?'^. «iai aiili} j#JUll< 

.,^).;/'-,j>v: ■•■ '^:, ■■. ' .iVT/'. i' it-jcf;;-.;. ?:.^;:.5 /'j;.. v "» C^ y <>0 OJ ';c Uhlfn: ti .b9KitBQ: iMitH 

45t,s.; -;::^ -^../S? ■^;^ ? -^^-i ' .M^J ;fii I^isni/Go i ' *,ttiiXi&qQ*i lo \oXqfai: «^ 

Ji-v^^ f>ih- h:--i^ i,&ryV.rtH-n .iq^ioosi Ov" .■■' '^'"t vfi- fcf^^s' ■"■iir; -ais* bn*5 .^leg^.^ 
■?:?■ i":"''i4' : ,^='t.J f..f*^:> ti-V'/'U' fbifpv -'-lij'i !'■)•(;< ;->l vv-i:?f;Jv>ri. S'i »n&£lS<-tttUi'i%- ' 

*oi ^Xi/o.. ' jnsi ii'^ua ,t 1' •M'y!'('..i*r"'rv> •■■■'"(« "^X' : :■-: fSni-'^'t-f.i uj i 'ii novu fort.'j ,a 

•;<■«> ■;C';.''i ■■;■■■ "*.o v:>'\A-".ii "iO ;>, ' i u^' .. M &fiJ fti 'BK^-i. 
i ..-^. ,'. .i.L.(. rV; ^ftojjt.> tf^fWi y^ 6* _iTitf X»io ^ *te ii 
;:;-sr-| '•■'V'"; v.;,-,.:. ^<J ;^,<;,ii-. ;1o/f!V Jf^-^VH «1 TOnflC 

^.jr, .-n,'. " '•■IV' -.'.J VAorfUnt jfTCiVii .lA-'-iKt KJoal' yfjto ert'T (' .tt££B ,M8 nJEd 
O'jn hi^rJ f:/Ti!> liy'ovx ■.''»:> «»/»« «>ol.lOtt »rf^ rtortw O;. 

. ■' *".■•. '1 

■■•■-' 'Ji.l^.Sil^ " 

■ ;' ''. » ; ' 

. i /K" ♦•'■^'{\B 

■■ ^ ■ 

.^oM-: ■ .^y': 

«■;" :'o' ;•, 

J,,,, .;>.'/,'■' fj.t 

.:j:i'::r:- ' 

:*■.. «i' ..'«'■ J 15 if 


r«celvo4 the notlooa given hlra, Juoh faota, if Icnown to th? court, 
•oui-.! rot have "pr'soludea the ror.ditlor. of thu Jud>'>nert,* for ralthor 
the praotioo apart fron aald ruly, r.or Uus practice imdor tho nila, 
pequlreo the court or oounool tc nef> to It that cppoginr oounoel shall 
'• P '^ re on ally notlflod of any raotior, nor to sec that be la ptsrnonully 
^reoont at tho tir>e such a Ju if:m<int is rendered. Oourael are bourjd to 
lake notice of th« rulea of court, under th® rule above quoted, appel- 
lant's oounsol Baa bound to IcziOi* thut, i\ notice, upon which he «ould be 
jound to act, ri,',h.t bo ioft at liia office, with any person In hlr. ernploy, 
it nryy ti'ae before four o'clock in Uio oTtemoon of ary bueiroas day: 
ind it «iao hia duty, if called ii«(jy cuddenly, to ao arrar.r.e hi.j office 
iffairo that any auch notice, if ao eervad, oould bo pi-os'nptly ooETtnunioat- 
h1 to bias, or to nake arrun^ercent'i with aou^eone to hive auch matters 
i*kon Cfxro of In hia absence, in fact, Judi^e i'etit oertifiea in the 
)ill of exoeptiono that ttppollMnt 'a oounael told hir;'. thut tJ::- fuiluro 
►f the stenographer to notify hlra waa duo to her inexperience in such 
lAtters. Anti while thnt fact, if knoivn to the court at V^ty tin-.o the 
Leeree «aj entered, srlp^ht, p-jriiaps, have been oonaidered by tho court 
luffloient ground to ipoatpone the entry of the daonia for u day or tvifc, 
.t wu;; not auch u fact a3 would have preoludod th** entry of Li2e judf,nont. 

:'he practice of enterin,; a final jud:!;inent or iooree on the 
a«t day of tlic t<3r;-;, in the iibasnco of counaoi, is a practice Uiat is 
lot tc bu oomraoTKled. in Ooolc county, where ta& cotjrta are continuou»ly 
n aouaion, thero in no good re;if»on *hy 9'ich judgmHrts or deoroea should 
•• entered on t>io laat day of tha turm. At the sa.";o tln^j, a Jud^wnt 
10 entered iJ not, for that reuvjon alon«, errcneoua. 

Kindinf: no error in that part of tht*? reooxM which i.< before 
!• en this* appoul, thn order of tho circuit court denylr./' thn -^otion 
vaoatei the decree of /^prll i", 1=14, i»iil bt. tiffirmed. 


;■-• -v ;-. Vfj.c"-:'! f>i^j \.i;- ,;■,!. ^-v ^'iri^ - -i"/! ^•raw'^ oOi^Oan- 

'...-■• <i ji.i. %. • .;."v '■:•( Li.' »:'T»;o;'- 'i,:. i^'XCj ':'n* "I'D ©0* 
insr - •> .' ,?.'!;•:;•'■.■■ ■ i.; ^v;-:; ".* :.:;'t;od »:'»! it*aci;/o« s 

: i ^j v(-)o:-i-vi-<^'^ • :.', \:i :■-■•- .'.t'' o -jucVi cio'tttf^ oat 
-vtM ■ >> ^xS-r :-.i..s^ ■'..•%:, *>yil..-. "xi ,rjsjr Bjtd.«^» 4 

..".«: 1 ':.':»i'^ vsviui. ,ofr.,-'; :v';, ,9orie^-iS, eld rit 'io d'^ 

': ^i -■■<■.'■ i '■'•/' ••? •-^^:'' -.Li. : :■:' \-.;.r-..:i c^ ■it^^:';i;'r5aa9JB • 

/.N- . ;.,:-':v '. ' 7"-: ,,v^',. . ':.-Ni ., .-J-;:^,.'-.^* ,t'«'?t*irT» ««« « 

• ■.'..., .-■■,::. .•• :^t «j:^ou . ■ ;v-; o.* .bftaOTtS iMU 

'.,. : v.i; ■; •■■: •• !■•■■: .v/ ^■-''t'.J i^rt;}' 1o ■» ^ " 

;5 -r.'-.. J .' ..V-.-.; f?,'..' ':o v>'t' aetii' ■.<<.} rto l>p-tr/t 

• ... ,■ vi'r ;.^> , •■■.;:,■; f>^.,' r-.f:''^ .:.,,!. Jf -yn'i »icirt «»1 kt 

90 z ' L>r,/4C), 


App^j^lee, ) A?tf*vAL {-"HCM 

':■■ ) fi 

V3. \ ) / 0()"r,r;iOP JOUHT 

\ ) ■■"' 

U)ji:. ... Hf-iJC'l 0- ■^.i\\\rf ) ■ C.on-i :].••!)"<,'.•, 

Appell5«:t. ) /' 

\. / X ■*- >« 

:-;K. JUJ.lCif riru'ii UoXl'Verod the oplr i ..; ■:. . i, ir. ;i^'. r', . 

:5y this app<*al it la ucur^t to rovers-; a JudiP^iEflrt rondoro'l 
jln the superior court for ;c^,'^0"? for p&r.jonal Irjurlaa auatai'-v?! by 
j*ppollc«>) v,nll« Ir the e-npXoy of uppollar.t, 

' Appellant had a contra:3t tc iratall t«<srty tjk'/lirhts Ir the 
iroof or a or.cj-at-ory car bam &l i.oc! ford, Mllnois. Aft-?r three of 
jtheT' had been Installod by ;in e-r.ployQ r»rn©d 'al'^stroT, anwellw.rt, de- 

lilrlr:' to u.Jd ■lai'.n.itroTr, 'a aer-vlooa el>3cnr}ier0, ilrootol the ar-pelleo 


ifJovy to ,^o to KocW-fcrd ard Uc t^-"* re^^itlrdftr of th** jyorv, a-r^r-ftll^x? 
,*«o or ©xp«rlor!0©il Hheet niotal *or/rar» a'^ri tha InQlnjotici^ f^iv^r 
hlir by ipp»llar!t*G prer.idant, IjOuIo F.yBdor, she a-inloytj;}. ^i^-', v/'jrQ tc 
■^0 to ;-.octford with j^almctro.-n, .yho .':ould sho^ hl*n arhuit ■.^■i:^ to ^f? doro, 
AppfciloG teeJtlfled that bjfore roir.- to Ho^lrford, b-* ai^" od "'.vndrr If 
•verythinj' reeded mis "dowr thero," 'ir.d hyodcn replifli: "rfas^, t\l 
you rood Idi your hi*r.d toola. -Vi^ry el^'o la .ic.,>- there," w»-;lch 
'"Included hil fnatt«ri;*l ind ^voryLhin/: to holot up t^« mutorlul Aith." 
j AppoLleo and iairadtro'^. wert tc i ocVfc.rd to.^atht^r. ''ulnwtron 

jpald the furo of ooth ^Ith r-onoy he re<5«lvod fro" ^ya-icri. Thcv/ v?'Tt 
Ito tho our bwrn, icokad it ovor, a^-,J tne next '•urrlrf sturtei to ♦or!'. 
iHalrnGtron hlrod t«o laborers livirr. In tho vlclrlty, to i-ar-iint aonelleo, 
Appelloo reatifiod th^it there *ud r.o hole tin/", apparatus at th« Tjlaoe 
where tbo *orV w«u to bo done? ard thr.t h«^ I'.nVgd 'al'-'otro'^, " bit are 

;»• roln,: to P'et our otuff U!i -.Yith" t)"iat al'^atro'' said, " 'ou ro aalde 


Of thtit building rl>^-it about half or u -juirter of a bloo-, h"! -rov *111 
flrd a derrio)--, :» n ^* ani •#'» .-111 .p;ot cnr •nuterlHl »jd .1th th.iL dor- 
riok," •kpp«»lleo wot t. to the place Iniioutod by Julmutro-, fourd an 

,:■•:^ Tii - 

( ,e:ji J- CO- 

. *■ !*, ^ y. -■ :•■ .n.-. '*.->■ ^•■'^' .-.-— 

t : '--^ ''V *:- '^ . •■ ^ ' ;.'::: v^" '- t ^, ■. vo i: . -s:;' .i 'J'V^/f 
■ , " ■ . ■■ ;:''■'■ ■' ; ■ . ' ■■••.■ ■ .;■ .'" / f %i. r '^r^-^ iS-tif? 

_,.;.:,. .. , ..-.......,!> _^ •■;-,;■,-, ;■ ■'■:, rr :■ -, ''-.■:»* 5,.. •,':l/-';v' <,».. 

■ ' ■■' '• ••- . ■•: ': ; ■■:--^:. ■ > ■■■.•- ;' ; ; ■ T .o ;; 'if'.;'' -^ ■■■•■//• c? 

/■''■-. - ■-• • ■■ ■ • ■.■:>, _ -^ ■■'^- > i ,■ .■ ■ r ;, ♦ J 'V; ' 1 

■"■"^ ''" - ^ ! ' ■ i;-. . ■, , ^ . ■■, I , , ., '.j;j"<" ; i<, 

' ■ ^ ^^ ■ . ■■'.;/.' ■ - ^ ■ : :■' ' :;;■ : ■■' tn,ii,Ut- 

• i . ' ■■ '■ V ■ "f ■:.•-■.■ ,:-■.. •■, '■•" ...■-. ■vwfiser' 

' ■ '' ' ; ' -T '• ■ ■■•},.■ rw «>*.i.i dqqjv 

■ ■'■' ... .''.'■. ^-- 'u 'lO iS'I/jI ,!■ 

■'* ' ' " ■ • , ■ . • ..- i i.:v-v,/. ■ , TtMU 

^' ' f ■- .■■••■,•.■; i./-:C •...;•.!■ ;^»J b<9-l;t 

. ' ■ ^ ..'.t i!<^>, STOW or 

■■'-■' "■■- -■ , r.i''>; ■ ' . :. -.'l^iiii^ ">.■ 

- '■ ■.'' ' '"■'■■■ -i-y . ■)■■. .• . < ..> ^ ..'. 4ii:?sJ^ 

; f f ,. ■ ■ 

T.^-:'"';.' V. ; i .:.';t / .:;f 1 ■■-.r^y.Lr, i.; *';.i J.iek^ 


old derrioK In a plio of lu^ibor, a'-d he trd thiis t^^o lahorera, wlt^ 
aalmalrcm*.! help, paiaed it to tht* roof of the onr burr". 

the dorrlok oonaloted oV w. upright port, to cro -side of 
which a druTi, operated by h&ndXoa at ©och »nd, waa attached, upon 
which li oublo VTx.s wound, and from which tho c&blo tjaasod over a pulley 
at th'i w a of u boon, alao ^.ttaclied to tho viprlrht, a»')d t^eroe do«'r 
to the ground. At the b'.*y« of tho uprlrjht were tliaborc oxt'^r.ding In 
tho oppoiilto dirootlon frcrr. the boo'?. '.'••Jon ihoue tinbertj, courtor- 
••ijrhtij «oro plucod to pr^Jvon*. t>io iorriclr fro- tipping, ovor *hllo In 
|op«rution. Aw or,o slda of thn dru)*! w.'i>? a rj;,tohot wh^el and a dcp,, or 
ipawl, uttiiolidd to tho upri<?ht, daslj^nod to c^itoh in the cof'a of tha 
Iratohtft *hcel and provont th;.'' iru".' fro?^ turning- baokivard. /Vdo dar- 
trlc'-c hud not been u^ed for j:t5Vor%l v)oe';i, and had navor beon iiood by 
appellant or appelloo. 

After tha d«rrlcl< -fJii-.i or th-^ roof, nrpollee &,^<i tho l-iborera 
T)ut it, togeth'jr and oet It in plfice, uot'^g for cGunter-'*e1-rhto 90"^<5 
.Bftcka filled .iih firozon oand obtiiineid frc. an ndloinlnj", vacant lot, 
ifc barrel oi' charcoal, aevoral pitok»,<T03 of othor matorial,'-.\ a pioce 
[>f railroid iron. A.tcji:' th-lo w«« done, "aljiatrcr^, -A-ho (aocordlnr, to 
*pp«li«e'a toatlnony) waa ouparvliJlr^ tho uork of oett^ri?, up the dor- 
Kck, r«Hi«-rked that ih« wolghta Aare "onour,.h to hold 1;;''^ DOunJr. ," 
Appolleo iiido to !ti!"l.)d th^it r^ftT looking It over, V/ilrofltrc acid, 
fi'httt sMlngd u iittia. It don't axuvjtly outo- ri:^:,ht, toi.t thnt hsn fot 
hothinK, at all to do irflth up Ihty wai^-1 t »>sn you fot tho *9iiPt>t 
!)n th<iL. cufildj" i-hut h^ ailuc isald the cable "wa.^ flimsy" ar-d t'at 
fbw didn't like unit," bu- tnat n9v«rth.©leus, nlroatror. told annelloe 
t;.0 go ahead and finish tho job a.; quicVly la h© could, and tho'n ^ent 

J /After ?j!ilipetroT» loft, the two Iftborora uaod the dorrloV the 

'Muilndor of tho forenoon, and until about ,jTvO in tht; aftomcon, In 
lOletlnij tho tiintferl li to the roof. ihen th-jy fnatoncd a b(\rrol of putty 

■x y:'M ■:•:•.- ^^-^--cJ- ,. ' >! 'n-... .''•■ ^'- u - ;J' '. f a : *..v:» jv. .;>mro^ •d' 

fff.. '*c ■ -^■::- _■:,= ,v ';..„« c; j v; -i . ■ vii?-' ^.?c'-- t:'i.;,; '^n^ oJ fci^^ia^^J . 

~':>il Ui:'-: .!:'■:. IS^Ti I- ^.^\ ' V ^ ^ "sil j J '" C-'ft "'•1,. vj*^ ^ J»i? V.-i^J q i>.r:£ ISftifW ^-^i 

■^J'--' j ^^•-..;.•■ .':.(•' ro/^iv -.v.-. r-.^-j"? /or-' ■.Mv:' i.:'.-..:,; -w^soTS ^Ui^ ^lli'* '- 

'' . : ■ ■ ■• i T'; / '' :i-'''K. .'.-'.J, :./>.>'■; •■j.^iV.- tfVi JiUfiJ ''|«»i 

' •': ■^■<,;'i'-i . :'•■;,■ .'■:■. „ ' i ■'■';■:] .!p '..„■ -'Jof, o;U dfitmll .brf»fo«*<'' 

r(l , -tr;'- fT,,.vi.i; ■f.,i •-Ti ( ,,:■;'; si'ridn jLfi.*«« twut ,aa>off&io 

•ei^'^hlnr fi''ir/ pounda to the op.blo, a-;^l attfjr^ptou to hoiut it. .hn-r. 

IboyAralaod It about flftoyr foot u't>ove the ?y-ounri, tnoy CHllod to 

appeIl«o» ^hc rf£4'.- «cririr:f; ut ixncth'jr pnrt oj"" the roei', f. "oc-o over 
and >5ivo u hund," Appolloo tooK hold of one of the drvim har.dlag 
«hil« th«. ItiDcrora held tho other. sy their oC'blr'id efforti , tho 
handled wera turnwd sevur.Al tlrrea, -.hor jonetliln;-': j^uvo »#ay n'-.d arpolloo 
tfaa throvin frojn tho roof to tha vround, --o i^uatslrud ti coi^^poiind frao- 
tur© of both horan of thu l«ft Ijj^, ar;ove t* -? amkltt, r*i»HUlt!l«-JK In a 
8tl!f ankl-i ar-i defor.-od foot, vlth t..c a^d or>o-h'»ir l*iohoB ahcrtHring 
of the lee 

ihe declnratlor upor, #;'il:'.h th« cucie vriirf triod oorsijte of m 
»ln«ie) court, i'. i*hiyh tl^e rorilirenoG chur.f-<5d 1;j t.hHt appellart- d1 A not 
JM9 reukJoruLu!. oaro t.o provide ari rr.a^rtair a 8>>lt«ible derrlc!' for the 
ia« o:" appellSG, "thut la to aa-y, ^ .• » did not nalrtalr; a^d provld?* a 
lafo ard proper pa*! upor si^id ■> '\ r~ dorrio^r, which paifl tvtiu noceoo^iry 
"or the aufo cper.^tion of tiie -» ; » derrick, of i*hlo)i ssid f ;ij lure th^ 
l«ft»r.datjt hf^d kr.o>vlod,£';e.'' .\pp«lla.rt ooTTterda, flriit, t)^9 r.or:ligence 
w char^rod in tho declaration ii not jho«r by the oviddrce: aeoord, 
.iUit it tho pa*i rfti.) dofectivo, '.ho. pluintiiff h.asun^.1 thn rir-V of In- 
ury thertifroffi; trlrJ, that tiio oourt erred in ttdrittir.e to?ti-cry cor- 
orrin>': tho co-'dition of thfi paj^l t^c duyo aftor th;> acciler^t: and 
fourth, Oiwt tvo of the 'Tlvon inotruitiont? «ere Imorontjriy i^ivon, tmd 
|hat on« rofueed Inatructior Tina improporly rofujed. 

' A.:3 to t.MtJ first content ior., thwra in ao-rio nvidenoo from -ahlol-, 

'f oreditod, th« jury ri^'ht r^juooniibiy fird t!iy dorrl^J; .»;i-.^ de- 
'|«Otive ir^ the re <ptfOt Mention's i in t; a docljiriitior, and that anpellant, 
lituroUfTh it.o einplcyo ial-atrom, htikd riotlco C thut fact. It io truo that 
•ijhla oviuonce aao ;>ovtradiott>d, ard that if t>)0 ovl loroe irtr: uoad by 
ppeilar.t ware oon^idered alo'-a, or .-are /slvor T.orfi *rulf;l-.t thrjtr that 
' rjtroauooa by appallotj, th'i veriiot ahculd hav»^ boor Ir favc of appol- 
MJt; but tihortt tr.^'j ovJ ;9noo upori auah queatlOTiti of cur: fact 1p <zcr.^ 
piloting, thla court lo not authorize-- tc reversfi thw flndlnf' o) the 


55f» i'i^ jVM. 'U-,* i'^' b,,^: uJ-. '^^;;.;. .-^vr- ^ yts^?/;} j.:i,vri:iv?>» t^flnuJ OIOH »• 

^fyt A^Jioih Myri^ri "s i r ri- '-r r^.o pr^x; s«5 .vjj^: »Joo'? iv'^^''n«l«i) iidfi elsJii;*. ': 

\ *3»X. f. 

r;,'f^ nol -'r.-JTioi:' **X;'^r..! lur? .-^ .■■':i:.:;4--^'."-i;"" K'^''a c-'J £v\,-'^.v'j «.* «s^jj.«j -..'folerfCKWS* 
Yf-.-ji-,*r»ocv^-* 'j.-Vi X-.i-^f;? ;loi;rK <%;5i''i"^o.j, ■■■ -■ ? J:i-.;« ^'./qu £y.'isq i«qen9.,^nii: a^ 

"rfi •!•'■> v'r-T .,,*„* :-:'•' {;fVie.t- 'IriJ ';,:Iq .^v*f[.-' ,»triJ."5«»'iel7 tt.©*? X*a<{ eft: 

, !rv .' ;.• ly ■ :■/.<:. .nw , 'Oi ..*» It .; ' '> ; " "t i orto (T"' >■'» ;Jt>e<Tts»"t 6-rt^ r?j 

•rTo» ul io/tl t^j,'c 1q '»■ titant m'<5t« ©ioe»i iru »xi^ f> 

arts 'la ^'fMrtri «r(j ueirv«rf oi i.;«&i^onJuii .ton b1 iiuoe ■/ 

Jury ar.d tho Judgwfcnt of thu trl;;! court, vmlaaa *« car) »b7, uftar ar 
•Eanlnation of :iii tne evii»jr,ao, frmt viJrUat lis rsftrif »*!ttly oon- 
trar/ to thu prapondaranoe or>ii «viat>nco. This xo aro tmable to lo, 
and r;Mi.-l therefore >iolvl that appollart 'u first oorte'-tlori, as fr>;id» fjml 
*rguoi i^ tlie Briefs filed In t!»l^ oourt. In not w^^ll tuV?«r, '» 

An to tht> 3uccra contontlc;, that appfsl it;,' n.a»Tned the riflV 
of Injury ,\ there wats eviiien3o tandln?;', to proves th^it anpell^nt le'l-t^fiatod 
tc .lulnatrorri the duty of fumlahirn to appelloe aultabl*) holatlrg ap- 
paratuy for hi:.- use, Jind th-tt aftur It wa;? got up» aithou^-ih "alwstror! 
•aid iio diJ rot lik-:( the way it v»orked, ar<l t»^at "it diri rot oatoh ri;7ht, 
he riftv^trthuleaa tiirocteci appellee to \x»'.j It and "ret throu;7h ao qulcklv 
as he could,"/ and that ii.pp*>llee complied wltii thli) oorino.n'l. Fror thlo 
eTldanoo, a Jury -^1 :ht .v^ll oonclude fntit tipcallee relied upor altn- 
atrcrn'o direction to usjy tho dorrio! ao ar aoKrjrance tl: t it ^.1 -ht be 
safely un**d. it w ^3 not the duty of anpelloo to -.a'K.? a oarefui exa'v.- 
Iniitlor, or Inapeotion, of the p-iwl. That duty devoivea UTior ■al-.:strc!T 
Eks the representative cf arp«llu.»:t. xr th^ abaenoe of rotloe '■.hat the 
pa»l « uj dofeitlva, app^illoe hiid the rl.^ht to rely upon 'alr.etrcn'a 
Inspeotion, :r,n evidence *au ur»uid:mted that notwlthatH'^dir," t^r' defect 
In tho pawl, tho dorrlok «a,j auoceaofully uayd by tho tvo lahorero for 
aavorsil 'ouro after it waa erecteu an. ne c;r<j appellee ^a ; c»llot hy Ithe^ 
to hol'j ther, Under the jo olrouwatanoea, wo think It iiunrot fairly bo 
•uid that the danf^cir ari;sl!:/T fro:n th'd una of th;; ierriok *a ) so obvloua 
that a rea-^on-ibly prudent per-^on, a1 tuuteU ua ap:?eli'-»e wis ut and lust 
Jofijre the aeoldent, -vould havc» rofuuoJ tc u.i-j It atJ directed. 'i r do 
!»• think tf. .t in otaeylnir tho alxet5tion of .v'almstrorc under ouch oirourr- 
tetanoea, aiipelioo tiseuraed the riai. of injury. 

I AJ t.o the thir<l oontention, there *ak3 so-ie svld^roe to'vilrtr, to 

Jrove t>i...t th<3 iorrlo'': «aa in th«i aarne oorditl^n t*o daya uftor the ac- 
Jldent IB 'xt triat tine, iirid , therefore, -«e think there aua "■'o roveralbl 
»rror in perrittinr, tho witretSB . tro•^fl;re^ to testify "> ltd coraitlon 

>n the oeoond '^^^ after tho accident. 


-rtoc V J ■/■ <*'H-;s:-"' .! r ;'ji<>'^(>v ■fir?.:* ;y;M">:i ,/v.!--r-=i:i Itb a'U tlta "iW 
■ >•?'?< -.'.i i.(a.s .ton ?)I ,^';iJoo fif"J *^J- Ii.-?X.5:*i «1eiT:Jl 9' 

-:?^.y*J i u'^.•"Ii,v;{; ;;; ■>:-.jrsf v>J &«»X.rfrq!^?ia lu \.fOfe J*.!Sf.? >^lW &/»¥! 4^1 " »6#a#'^^S'1 
^cv-5.jK;'k^':.' ?!u.-^f .^is'vj.. rivals vJij^ J-jaJV .Ivs^hj ^«vJf .llo » r;c^ if :s »4KT«ijr?l to'tfto 

-•;- ¥i'"s. ^'"'i -J^vY'i.,.;:, ,* £ ^''^f}•,^:,t •;,?■« «iat'<0!-'^;..^f.i«wti'iir» iK:'.«i'<\:J loixty ,r«*rtJ ai. 

<>i y\fiix I- ,r ,.10'- .*.>•; vv ?:';■•<•/« nt.-ft '-•;..*, J ((,-.!■ ., fiM'J; j'Ti(>.t!m'>€> t>*iinj' «riJ' o-J 

\ho t>ilrd and fourth j^iver l»^fttrU':}tlont3 *re not, ir our 

opinicn, fairly aubjcot to tho orltlolj"? ra ido by apP'llcjint'fl counnel, 

iviz*» t !^t they are not b.^irtd up-r t.^e ©vla^roe. : h.»r9 w^^ . (-ono '•vld- 


pr.oo rron; which a Jury ml:;ht f.'iirly irf«sr t.h:.«t -i pro:v,r Inepe-'tlor of 

the ierrlck before tha uaoldent woul-J havt^ ilecioaed tbr^ dafaot Ir tho 

pu«l, an) ;il«o Ui vt apnoll'^o haa been ieprlveti by th^s aoci/.ert, *,o vjcme 

BXtbr.t, of hi J ability to eurr r:oney, :'i:6 fcurtl; renin©.! Inatni'^tl or 

»a» refuat^d by thy trial ,judi?;e, a.=3 uhOAP. by h rr?f>rcrariduT", ho ir-ado UT^on 

Lhtf :T!iMr,^ln thsrs^of, beoau^;* it nlfht havo boer; '.mderv.toot; by tho .Ht*'/ 

i0 annourxint^:; the view th.t it was t?>'? duty of arp^lief* to ma^o ar ©x- 

•■Iratlon, or Jr.»5jjtctlon, for dofoctu iri ury uppliaroo fnrninhed hiw, 

mder tiiw faota of U\i:i caao, t:;e inatruction eould havt boen plnload- 

liV^, If not arrcr.QOUQ, and ..aa thorsfoivt properly rcfuaod. 

.•indir.g no x'evoraibio t>rrur in t?:ti reoord, Un-^ JtJd(7:r-"e»~t of the 

uporior court <.'ili ba afflrryd. 

\1\ - J^O^ri-. 

Ji'iL'iM LS.'ilHAK, uBUdmlnlatratrlx of / ) 

the .lif-ata of JoiO^LfJ.iiUf^, Jood^tdad/ ) a.=^ AL r-RcH? 

^^\ / > 

kh» Ju.:il!Zt /■■I>'t:G^i ti<>3tlverwi the opinion ot th-s court. 


Thl.! l<i an app'jal trots a .ludf^mont for -.ij^-'AO wrtoroi Ir. t.h« 
lUperior ocurt In an uotior. hrou^'ht by appallee ftfl:.>»t ftpr>ellant for 
:«Rll, oauaing tiiy d^aUi of .iohn Lenihar, 4«odH«mi. ' f^pnellant 
JOTLon.i.; (.hat th«» verrilct 1>« ajr^Urat uio ;»«5irht of tho evider-co: that 
;h© ovlde-o© nhoiVB that the d»o«afiod .«as s^ullty of a *ant of due car* 
•OP nia onm aafaty; una tijut tr.o oourt «rrea in <'\v\- g_ or.o of ihif In- 
•tpuotiora offerei on behalf of rtppeilo®. ..& huvo cAref-uily oxa^rlned 
he ovlaer-cd In th« ll,Tht of the *r.rur3orta of •'.o-jr..3el or thos>, o{u<»«tlorG, 
nd fetJl iTr.p«li.ya to o.-iy that ti-.e cusa 1-. uc .Uoiio or. t?5o fac-- a;? to 
«ktt it Iriportunt that tha Inatructionfi ahculd havo Isson free frcr: any 
ubctartlttl «rror; and m» ^9 havo reaohQd tnt» conoluai^, r thut th« 
ourt oo-^ittel nro.judlolal drror in f.?;lvini^ the fifth instrurjiicr. It 
111 only bo r.aoesaary to tzakr; a. brlof ataton^rt of thft fri-sta. 

Appollant op«>r,-Atea a doubla-traok 3tr??et car llnu' oki -oafsm 
ronu'i In :hio(*^.o. voot-ar^i avanTao rjr.a north and aouth. ?olt? atrost 
ins ofiHt and sifout, >vith n Jof, Jtt ,;o«teni ttvwu«: that io: v.hta oouth 
Ln« of i'olk street or. the aid© of i*«etor^ *venuo lu noarly duo 
vit or ti.« north lino of i>cl*' iiir-i-at on tlio .ve.ft oldo of v^ avonus. 
i« «ld©*ailf, thereToro, on thtj aouf: ai^;<- or th a part of -elk atrcot 
doh H«;» ©iiut of .r>atrtrn ftvenua, lu north of th.* oiclo*aiJr on th-: north 
de of that part of roiv atrset lyini?; «er.t of .'tfHterr avorue. 

(on "j»o©Rbor ii^O, Ii»ll, btit*««r alx ur j sfjvon o'clock ir f^y ^orn- 
g» John Lonlhjin wa^j orooalnp; .vmitorr averuo at tho intaroootion of 
Ik atreet. .hare i-j ao-^ evidenoe that thrtr-; *»;• a. rfind blr«ln>r fror. 


^■- ir- ) -A 





■ f 



%J! *t^ J^ 

•fj^VO o'-(0 to foil tv?0 S'TU !iH-^*S»r:tifc»-}.i, ,aV-4. i'*'. ,;:';; :rU.Ut» 

**;;/.-. v.'" .'.V t i '-c.^wviii ;Tt:.j ;.'».■ to ^.iii.^ ??,•«« *>rU oo, ^eett^e 'jff""'- 


the aouth, aooonpanled by anow um ratr, Uno of dafynlart'o »lt.re3 3Ku 
Uotiriea thut "It wfaB kini of dai--, fo.^y, aM;i aoso x^.o-? on th* irroimd," 
CfM or appellant »;.: atroifu ovira, >:oir)i; jcvt.*-. or: th» i'; tra.o'': or .VontQrn 
avorue, .ita-3 approaohinp; Uio intorD5si,ion of 9olX dtr<5€»t, iit .u aneed 
varloudly o«tijn.itad ;y tlitj rfitnaaaoa at tron\ o9vor to ti^— tv r.ll js an 
hour, i^orxlhan at«pp«a off lh« .4iiei«rtik at t;>ie .K)'jiu.h9aat oomor of Polk 
street an.i > oeterr: avanu©, and aalkod aoutli*»atorl7 toward ths atde^alk 
!«% the northwest oon";»r of anil atr^atu, tVwreby Hpp«r«ntly foIlowlTi.^, the» 
■••t diroct oourae fro-, one 3ld«.<»i]* to th<* othfjtr* As ha r*aa)ied ths 
N«at rixii of tho seat car trwkOk, h.-s iVi:,? :jtr-uok by tha -itroot oar rtn! 5r111- 
o4. iiht'thur ho ou.. or hoard th« o?Ar ■Joroir.T, lo r.ot Jfiotm.. Tner'.) was ^vld- 
•noo tordin^' to prov0 that altiiOugh tho rotornnn saw :,onlhay! when tho lat- 
ter flret atartod to aroaa thi atr«at, tha cur b^l*,?.': ther; about one hia-.- 
dred foot a«uy, y«t he mar^ly aoiinddd hl3 gcng, without appl.^ir.f, th'^ 
brukos, &rd laado no effort to itcp th ; car urtil L-rihar-! at«pp9:l dlraot- 
ly in front of it, about tworty cr twor.ty-flvo feot SLany, ^ 

..y the fifth Instruction f^ivat^ on b^.half of apnolltf©, tho court 
■told tha Jury, In aubatanoe, if thay b«ll©vo*i fron tha evldenoa that 
'.»ohr L«"Dlhan, Uiiin,i: duo caro for hla o*t oafv^ty, JAttOTrnted to oroas tho 
defendant 't' utrdet car trtkoV-i at the Intoratjotion of .tiatcm yvuruo and 
"01*? atrnftt, ttjj ttlle/el In r,ho declarMitlon, and tfvut *hil« oroaalntr the 
••-■ne, tf«Q stnjOc by one of defendant '* atr^at oars:! and injur© i thereby, 
'and if thoy furth'»r t>ellevo» frc!n tht* e^ldaro©, that th'-> def nJur't'n 
aorvuntH unJ agftrtcj, who *orc; t!j(inagln;r. aalTl Oitr, aaw tho oald fohn i,«ni- 
"!*«§ or by the »x«rairie of or-llnary oar3 ^ould hav^ ao»n it, in ti^, 
After h-i iitdirttfd to o roag gald track a, to l -.a.v <» dlojj e d \ip ita oar ard hnve 
Prevented Bald oollialcr , then It vmo thilr duty tc havo dor.3 no, uni » 
'*ailur<» to perform ouoh duty .»cul I bt» 3u;Jh n«SPlif:«»io« uuon tho p<irt of 
l»fer.rtant*»A oorvAnts an *oull r^rder t>iij i©'V>n-lart liabl-^, orovldwd tho 
|)ury furth-ir liell^ve, fro^r tho evidence, vhat ;i failuro to -^hecV th« 
I'peed of tiaiii oar .vuv> the proxisuito ctuit<!H of o^ld Injury, und th>it tho 
pi^r.tlif 'vJ intoatute «vi.a in tha exoroi<s(s of iuo oaro for hliJ on aafwty 

Si>. :/.Lv. :;' VP.V,- ■'•.>.. . -■, •:,"•■. ■, • >->«;'*I *«?^ mvvft^ -TC^^' fa#ts:5J?iqj5W3£»Ov 

♦ri o'*=: ~';ri'«c ^■:i»f';':r?o.; r^i?.?' rfji»t^-i'..>;:- ■ ■>.:'..i •■•j^sf-'v^iJ ii; Jail* ay^T^ oi ^, 
-fo;^ .. ■:: J;/:-rf^ ::i»ns' r- 'l-:":' "■'<'■ ■•-'.' r?*?*?'^^^' ■'»:^-' "BO'^no-i fc®cMt»4« i. 

ode ft-.jcnn .-,.? .b'c.-t''.ny;f»?.*« ,V,-';V] ,-•■■■•• .';0 ',..■:■.■ XOi C»'Tirt0 lUfb- %yirf<^lj utmAi 

r' JTi?^:^' '>«)•«•■ :'r;j 7..r<.;^ , yfr:-'- fl--?- :-'.•? '.^-T^ . ;V.'^ MvW -•^wtUtlrt ^Olii lii 
-/«»•. ;f.' •. .1." ■ " ■• .'^/v '.'■« ■y.-:>-y -,•,,..,,•■ v^'io-.. cn» ,si?i»ga fcflJB Bdf^ 

owjirt i:j2:' iipP .'ill ^/ io.;;!:'!;' :.! ■'..' iV. -..'jI'^^I^^' ;;].?":" .H.£HH ii£ , '^'>^^*»*^ft 
•rr'-* bfi':"*'oTe .■-;.-ii'.i:i, r"/ii',ar)''6'^ m,i;.' 'm4*«*iia ■ ij-iiji'3.i< «» tt^aa*n4Hf 

41 J ^.W 

at circl bel'ora tho tino of oolllalor!." hlH i« not tha w^olo of the 
iTJBtruotior:, but th» rumixindor of It rof ar^ tc other nlloc-dcl frround» 
of liability ar.ii hiio no connt^cAtlcn Utli, or be'krln,<r U'>on, the part 
abcv» tiuotod. 

• e aro unatii-.t to oonatrus? tho asjovtj quoted pa-rt of thla ir- 
«lructlon to a^fxrx unyt/iinK el •« than^th«t it tna .Jui'v' believed fx^?-n tho 
«Tldenoo that tha asuton;jjxn aaw tht^ deooaaoa "in ti'in© to hAv* ijloaed up 
hi a Our unci hiivij pr«vontod yc«.l;i colliaion," t^ien it Aad tho absolute 
duty of t>it» motornjttri, a.> & r^itt^r cf la«, to Jo ao» a^^^d tHat hi a failure 
to oct In that particular rjirji^r in thli oa-je aan uucih ntjjir.lif'ionoo, an 
m. Bettor of law, "ia «oul;.i ronUwr tht; dofonlant liable" to ttpp©ll«o in 
d»?rsi;''.ou, pxv3vld9ci tho iBotonaan^B failure to sso «,ot wua th«j -^JtiUHi' of the 
tcoiient, and that cl«o©4iBaci ao.a In t/io €'X0roloi> of riu?.> osir& Tor his own 
•iLfoty. y Vhore wau no »uch lux.y roat-lnj:; upov t-.o i4«rvanto of t)r)r- def«»*.d- 
Mit, nor dooo it nooeasiarily follow that tro fallur^i of t^cJ !:!otorrQttn to 
*«lo.< up" v<u.-=i r'igliff.arca. /It «f;f^ tin) dut^r cT th?? dafti>aa'-t tc oxerclae 
Drdinary, roaoonablo oui-t*, urid<*r t.n^j olrouv-iatanooe aho/.n by tho. ovidenco. 
tc. a.void a ooliitJlon ^Ith thu ddoou-ita-i: and «hat -sjii; or'Unory fird re«i80r 
»bl« otiro, under Buan clrcu?rat!M-'e*a, «»*£! & qu«atlcrt cf faot for tho jur7._ 
it Attd plainly l^vadln^ tii© prorlnoo of !>■:« Jury to tsil t>ic-i that any 
aartloultir act, or onldulon, -ttu^ guc?. no^^^?''.*^*^'^ ^^"^ «culd malr'? t>'e de- 
fendir.t ii;*bl. a& u wattor of l'i«. i .Irsllar Inntruoticnw havo beer 
■•v«r 'i ti;T!oj condernn^a by thl.; oourt. ( 'Oll v. ;; hio :.pc :1 ty .- y. ^ 2£j.» 
11. spf. r^? ; fHOo y V. Jhlour^o ' Hll'tfaya; 'c. > i'." ill. App, 12'-; 

liiaar v. ..-hioti.^-.c nh>.ll»:->.yd ■ .:o^« » li)'> tll» App. f>«ii, ) 

; it i.i urjryd tfiuL tho irsistruvjclon, wnlch wao v:*ry lonK and lr»- 

llrolYod, la orror.oouo for oth<*r rof-ooncj, 7© ir not d>?9r: it neoaue.firy to 
|>»»;i upcr ttie oth«^r .'»llw.i^"**i orror^n, a • .--w thlr': th- »»rrcr .v* have polntod 
!)ut la auffloi«r,t tc r»;uif-' «• rovtjrrfal of tha Jvifrr.i^r.t. ^lillo the Ir- 
jjiruotion do»^b p.ot In t«r^.8 dlrsot e. vtrdl :t, yet t,J>>-. laroja,-<t that "a 
'|railur« to porforrn tjuai. luty »oull bo snob n«>'Il?'»T-oe upor. th. part of 

lefer.aar.t'.^ s-irvunta au ^.ould rond^r th^ d^fwniikrt llablo," oto., arnounte 

• '■' 

»»:(* •■»£.■ -"'i.-JC' •■''r \->A )L--i. O' :.' :-;jr.::-'? '--'". ■• ij.^!7j o:-fj h«bi-?oiq 

■ to»>.&*t r"^^ '■-t/,,-';t5 • ..;: . '■■«. f nj ; i o;. i. Oi ; ; ^-' <■ r. .' ■ 'u:-skLII:K' " 
,-'crf. • -■; T ::■'• ."r. '• ^: •• ; .' -i;; .' ..r.. ,^^:,.■^r:. :?>••;;:.. .'ct'f^ ^t^:!i>^ 

•' ' •'" '^•' - x:_j_: '^ - __'_■■•-• " ^ . ; ]_r::. .■.• ;^v;v. - ;''"'' ■^^'*^ 
-•'^ ' -^ .••.•51 >-T •.' I .* -'••,..*■; t-'.K^. nrrii': I j^:Ij: i>t,>4'Ttf «' 

*f ■ -^ ' riM'« oiJ ; !yo*' v^»»w ttiijm raol-j*' 

. ».*. . a.r«cMon, ..,, .>..„.orc:ro th„ „^.„ j, ,,, instruction c™w 
ot ^. =ur«a by oth,,r in,.t™ctlon,. >., .vl„on« „M., urJl«.ot<,0 „.at 

..I -».-..y, ant that n. oc^ujd hav, .to^p,-,; :,1« o-.r. If h, h,,. tri ,d .o 
. Ir H r,uo., U., nu.,bar of f„t, the .Jur, oouW har-il, ,o oth„r- 

v^rv i.t I.. M.;cr o: ^ppelloe. If tivjy fcllo«od the ir- 

11 r.v9r.i.vd ^r,i tho r,>r«tind9d. for a new trial. 

177 - iin4f>i. 

JLoEPli DAMIAI^, 6'tt/iKK DE THANA unci | 

i\LtX.MiDir:n Da rf^A»!A, exeoutoro of the f 

Dofenrianta In s,rrof. 


rialptlff In irror. 

EHHOr re 

;afA7at.5iiM: ..F HL OAoi::, l"hi:; in & uull bro'i.<'ht In th» ..uni-lpHl 
oourt of 'Jhlcart;c by /ojoph iJacnlAni, i-rai-K ue .Tana and .•.Isxandar 
rrana, oxeciitora of thrs lact &ill urd teata-^isrt of Joseph i)9 
rana, dooeaaud, Jof9nd>*r.ta Ir. srror anrl bsralnaftwr referred to 
ae tho plalrtlffa, a<;alriat ."hoodorg !-tn3u1x, plalrtlff in error and 
hereinafter rtdxerre^l to a,c tlio dttfendant, to rocovor u';or a prorie- 
Bory nolo exeoutad by doferaarit, payot-lo to the? order o." th*» said 
Joseph De irana, no* docop.jed. 

Xbc atatOTiont of olairr; B«t fortr; that plaintiffs »or<9 tho 
exeo'^tora of tha liiat *iH and todtarr^ent of tho a-xld roaeph je 
Trana, deoetiaod^ duly appointed by th<j Probate court of .'ooi^ county. 
It uIjo oot out the roto In full, a copy of »h1.oh vvrtfi x±xa ntt'tched 
to and made u part thor^iOf. 

To tniu Btator.ont of olalm def'^niart, who 1;3 an attorney 
at liAf, fll'id iin afriiavit of neritw aheroln ho di ! net, deny tho 
exeouti.-n of tho aaii rota, but oi-t^. rsyd to hs.vo pali on eald note 
tn-« eure of JO; and furth'^r, th':t there was d-re hi-, from the 
eald Je ."rar.a, by roaown of oarvioea rordor«d and dlaburae- 
renta advarced, the ;mr3 of >llf-*. 

t.n the 3.1:10 date d«f«n.iar;t filod w^iat h'^ lii ploas'^d to 
0*11 a •dtatOTort ano affidavit of Jlai-n on aet-off," «)ll•3^ .'ao 
but a repetltl'.n of hid affidavit of ::'arlto, aave t>.at it la d«.'iln- 
nated au a " Jtato-ont ard affidavit of olalri on n«»t-off." 

'o affidavit of H' rits s-.xj filed by th-- plaintiff a to thin 
8tat!»ner.t and »iffldav1t of olai-J or »»rtt-off. 


f '■ ' 

,; -:- ■'■:.::^ ■. >:* rH-ii^-^'l ■■ 

V-,: • - .•'.-■ .::■■:" . :■•' . - " ; r. :.^--^^.' ».»•- idl 

• ». - ,... '. :■ ■ .i: .;.; , :. ; ■: . ; s^.tj lo .■ 

•^ •■ ■< . • ..-- i: J -^ ;;.■■•. ' /I'. »:•■■... ..' yii- ^|'<;-Ai«ao»X5 ^ 

• : - . ' ' ■...•:; ;r ..-.ft o(l^ frj 

'■." ■•-J'. >■ . ■ - f" ,'. •■I'., i 1'»'tt>^A4»* u 

" . \':o^3r*: '■' f ' :■ .'.. : ■ 1 ' ; ,^ ; ■ • " * - ' 

on th« trial bolo^, bdfor« the court #lthout a Itjry, tha 
court found tho iaauoo against tha ietoy^Aant and aa3Quot><l the 
pltti^tirfa* daiiaf':** in ths aum of ?.M?,i"'-, ani Judf^ort for o.hM 
ftmount waa ontar'J'i thareon; to rsvorac* -/h'soh t'lo dafonJant hag 
auod out t>ilu writ of «irror, 

VH, J!J3';ICjv PA«f deliver«a thu oplnl' n of th^ aourt.. 
lUa'nt'fra, In a-*pport of tJiair atnte'Tsor't of claim, in- 
troduooct the oalcl ncta In evidonco, st-^j off&ro:! tacttlncny ahlch 
•hOitf«vl that tho amourrt duf> on aaid note, Inolullrij?: Intarost, whs 
^3^9.11. jofendant, to provo tho -jattera of dofan«« act out In 
hlo affidavit of a^rita, ard 'Alao to prova hl^ atat3'i^'?r,t and affi- 
davit of slalrrr or. oet-off against th*s plalntlffo, offered hla own 
testimony that ho p«»r.^onally had paid deceaaad the a\m of ^''-'^ on 
aoocur.t of th« .^iald not«; and furth«r, that ho hud rordaro't logal 
BArvloes of th* character aet forth both !•; ths affidavit of 'n^jrlta 
and Ir hi:. statRr-'ont and affidavit of olalin or sat-off, arrl had 
ad« c«rtair. dl9buraos.«rt« on bo?>ulf of ./oaeph r>e ^runa, deceased, 
in and abcuL the lr?/5&l aorviaou rrirviorexi. 

Wefondar^t altjo of fared to prove, by another *ltne3G, tr.o 
j»ervloo«a rwnd«red for wrloh ho had reads a ohar-'o of I I'll. :..«voral 
»ltn«a«»a were culX^M t':> nho^ thut th'; oJiargB fcr 3'ic:h a^rvi cea 
•a.r fair and roanonable. Objootion tc all this t«;itl5?cr,y au.* -motaln»d« 

J0fondant co^plalna of t" a rullntr of the oourt or Vil-. of far 
of teutimonyi and further, Uv*t plalntlffe, aaln."; aa axac':toro, 
havln,'. f(ill*d to Ir.tro iuoo ovldanoa of t^eln appolntraert as such, 
tho court «rr«d in rendering h^d;n^«nt fcr the-i In thulr rapreaontn- 
tlve capacity. 

\B «• read the affliavlt of worlto, only on-^ clai-5 aot 
forth therein - n-jLT-flly, tn^j r^lal'!) th-iit a paywont of '■■f.'^ had been 
nade upon aalvi not(» - oar b«j connlderod In lofen vs to th-? olal^ of 
the plaint 'ffa, "Tv* only ovl lonoe off^rod in support of tM-j pay- 
ment »aa th-s deror.dart'a o«fr teatimony that ho had p-ii \ axioh ourn. 

, • • .. . • . ... _• ' ->^c: ,: ...•.., .;c:;;.t' , ■-•■'- ■.,-»':.? "f<Ji flO 

i , ... ■. :.-^'' V •' ■;.'.: ■■/.-^l"..:Aj\t n'i^ 

..-■■ . ■ ■.. '.o :v.'-: •■ ■if-u^j'.^ - ..;fu:;;. -i .cITI.^ndaXl 

.: \, ; ; ^r v?',, '. ,■-. . ..■ ^^ ■ * ■ ;■ ' 6^on t .!,;,a o/t:f ' fwuCt: - . '• * 
-, .■..•■■'■.• • 'i.^iv-;.* ,.?>.;! o-> .;- :. ^ ; •'■ >J^*'0?«/ *i?^^ ijwtt be'-w-' 

• .,• V • ---,.,:■■■=■■ • M ,■ :.■,', .'V' ' •■":j/' "ne i':*at^ *4ui?i -srf.? ""^0 'iftt' >:^ - 

'in — t" .''-f^ '-: - ' ";-' ■■■-•: :■-,•' '■■-■•61 '« toi ;>«*s«'S!Tr«"*x ■lai»i»j 

H^: ' '- ■,:'.■ .^ .',' ■■or.-:' -V .■•!!.;;; c^(*w'«»»». 

r ""*: ■■ •■r...;c- ,:^ -.-M..' - -. ■" ■) ■■^Ul-li^f^&ti J:?«A»nel»Cf '' 

•■': •■■■■-' ., -. •, , ■.■r'j•.^'^^r-X■- +..,■■••.: ,-i-;;;cf'-tu1 7w,JS ;^;nOiRliCr 

-it-i ■■>r-r'\\- ■-...'■: '•■■/. j ■-;:.-: ••;.;^(!f. ::■"<:■ 1^* ■- A"-, ^i fW"n»^*fUO- 

lo -'til- i» 5- '■ -i-''^.0» T'.i /"I&.;- h-ir^c vcf -r:> -* »».5<Jrt M«» r 
.rot r«o;'«j 'i-q t^>^. f'rf J *'«!;; v 


.,uch tajtlnor.y Wii>. incoaipeter t urivtor .ao. .;, Jh, 51, ;iurcl*a . .j, 
of illlnola for rv^il. J©f*r>Jant tfua ar. advorae wltrseaw en hio 
oim bdh-ilf, In a suit brought a^^alnit hlfn by an ©xocutor. '.h© rul- 
Ir.f or the trial court in ouatainlng aaid objeotlon j»a«, t^eroford, 

.ha reralnder of th** '.ilalta cot forth in th-? iifflclavlt of 
marita ehlch p«rtaln©ci to tho ^^ervioea ran lore l by def'^^iant for 
Joseph Jo rr^Ana, deoaaacfJ, per3on/*lly, 41-i r;ot corj^t5*,nte a rlefanao 
to the note: nor could it prop-^riy hz 3ont=>idor'';i . jot-off 
agalret th^i olaln of the plalntirfa hor^in. .he sarvlcaa 3t>t out 
in both th<3 affidavit of nerlta and this statfument *r.:t affllvivit of 
clals on d«Jt-off, ttoro rond«roJ perao'i«illy to Joa-ipb Da Trona, now 
decaauod, if ault hud b©or brou-lit by t'ro aald Joseph Do Trana, 
deo«ua(^l, duTlnj. hla lif«ti'ne, thoy jnl:rjit have been lonaldered ua a 
Bet-off: biit b'ji'orfi euoh olalm for nervlooa oould bo a^t off 
againet tho ilaitn raa.d« by oxocuLoro, defandant rauat flx^jt havd pro- 
aanted juch slain In tho .Probata court for allowance, arhi 'h clalr;. 
If allo>'dd, -oul ? properly b«oo'n«9 th'3 aubjeot raatt'^r of a atat«>^<jnt 
ana affidavit of claim on 3ot-off ir a proooodln.'; brou -ht on behalf 
of t^o estate, rha court, theroforo, proporly euatalroi tno objec- 
tion of plaintiffs to the tia^tinony offored by ths defendant on hie 
etutenrtrii, and affidavit of claln on 3«t-off. 

uafendart furV^or conplaina thiit plaintiffs had '-ot proven 
their appolntujcint as exaoutora. ;o this contention plaintiff re- 
plieo that under rule 1*:* of tho unlclpal court it ia provided that 
all natterj o-it forth in t.?io .^tat^*a'^nt cf olalT ard rot denied in 
tho affidavit of mcrlto, ur;; taken aa adr^ittad. iJowav^r, tho recrrd 
doaa not ahow that said milo *i3 off sraJ in e"ldonoe, a'^l this court 
haa repeatedly h(»l . that it cannot ta>:o Judicial notice of eone. 
loviover, plaintiffs n^'Od rot rely upon ^ali nilo. Dofeniant entorod 
hia appaararoo, an.l filed an affidavit of mcsrita an', a 3tat^w.rit and 
affidavit of olaln on Jot-off« aia ai>poari4nce .3 1 ^ Ir tl:a n.iture of a 


.•v u' }o i- 

i*%1UJ-".> ■ -a: it^ > 

■■-•A ln^r. ..'ij/c .■; 

. ; .. 



:•...-. -^■- •■■ rvJ t-Sl... 


■ ■'!.■•;•;■' *av:'^*>' "J ©?ti 
' •:::■■■/•.■ ::/''?;-,; ricJ-ri* •»-' 

:0C' ';xr : ©.Jc , 
- w", '"I I.-,.-. ■-^■J'--';'j.i ,tieiuj»4>ai. 

■ ;.' ;-;.'■ -••''r*, ?-.:;-tl:iilq to ao. 

•CO : :i.:-t:*nioqnM 'rim.: 

■ L ■/■■) -.--yi svn Bti-.. 

./i ! ;'J);-. i,*\ti4 lOltS Jon 
; .•' ...,v !■*.;. i,-.tfvnl ^it}ei£04ift'^ 

.:- •■nxiijn tf*:^ •'( t .• t, -j-.'i.'-i. 

.Vt3".a«»« .TO sUtjiiJlO 1.5 

plyu of gensrrtl id3ue, and iho affidavit of tssrita fvr i the plea 
of aot-off coratltut«d n^ tloeo of hla d«for.'« to tho plaintiffs* 
clttlia. Neither in a.iii affidavit of r?yr.Vtn nor in aui^ gtate'-ant 
and affidavit of olalnj on eet-off did dofenda»?t deny tho faot that 
plstintiffa htui ba^r appoint«»d oxocjtor? of thf? aforssald Ja Jrara 
•111 and to>}tan>«)rt. Defendant, thereforo, did not put in laaue th« 
repraaanUktlve eharaoter of tho plalntlf:'a at thw tlrae of th« 3uit» 
but adrslttod th« sane. .Jo'a Uta v. jinaoh, l'< ill, 4-«; ior ulta v, 
Loo b brldre , 1.'7 m, i.vo; Chio.'i.^o Jnlcn : rattier: jc. v. J^r a» .:.>:•'' 
ill, 95, It wao not nftoesa.iry for plaintiffs to prove *'j«it had 
alroady b9on ?»d'ltt<Ki by tho lefandarit. 

i-indlr./* no revdralblo arror, the Jud/^»rt aflli bo nfflr^ea. 

i ; a; ■';, 

-f s 

\ ^ 

Plaintiff InVrror, ) sii^cK TO 

\ ) / 

D^fandant In >Jf%or. ) / ^ 



:JTAi'Ks;f.JtV OF rak Ga:;k* thli jrii *^n action of forolbXe entry 

and detainer brcu/i'^t In the i^unlolptl oourt of Jhlo^/^o by Jocjeph 
F«k«t«, plaintiff in arrcr ard herolnift'sr roforr-?'! to nss th« 
plaintiff, atjalnat Arthur voarak, <lftf yntant In orror and hersln'-vf tor 
deaignatAd aa the dafoMant, to rooov^r poaaaaalon of pra?al;;e3 
^oouplad as a saloon* krio-*n au r'o, ltf62 ^/ont Jrand nv&ntie>y Jhloa?:©, 
£hlle tho dafonda»-t and on« Halaza ««jr« joln9d aa defendants In the 
•mamona and both aflinr*d, the dafendant alono e«ntorad an nppauronoe 
and the oaae provj«o<led to trial a^^fitlnut hln. On tha tri(*l bolow, 
th© Jury, under un Irntruotlon by thr? oourt, raturned a verilot 
flndln>^ th» dafeniart not inillty, upon w-lch rerdlot JudK^ant wao 
orterad agalnot tha plaintiff for ooet;?! to raveroo whlo^ tha plain- 
tiff hafl euatl out thla writ of error. 

Lii, J'JtJriCii: PA;4 dellvorod tho Aplnlon of tho acurt. 

I of and£>u]-^t occupied th* prtirrlfjss In queotlor imdar a leaaa 

froJE plaintiff tc hlaaalf and tr:8 aforoaaid ■•elajsp, th» l6r.3« baar- 

InK vittta /©bruary 13, lis. .'h« protrleos h?ic i Tore bean ooou- 

plai r.B a acloon and the loaj-:' provided that thoy oJiould to 

bo uaod c;nly lor ouch purpoatje, PoraLgraph 10 of .-iitl . Idi^ute provided 

an folloiio: 

"iind tho p«.rtl«a of th«» aooor>d p;vrt furthar covenant 
a/jroe and blrid t>i»!-3vvlva» to kaep the aaloon and danco hall 
In litrlot aojordi-ncsa witl" the la*j ard that if tho p^.rtlaa 
of tho laaon.t p,»rt » o':!! at a^-y tlr'6» vlolato or Infrlr.fro upon 
tho la* tttj hoJ! tho oaloon \rA t,h« d^no© hall ehould be 
in»r:uf;od, thrtn th* relation bot*©en tho lunfilor-.i tnd t'.)na' t ..'-.all 
wholly aaaao, a.nd tho partlea o:' tho rtooTui p-mt ;?1.11 vacate 
Bait prcMPlotto at th«> wriut^r. re^uaut of tno pai'ty of tho firut 
part* And U^:-^ pLj.rtlott of tho a«ijond pfirt a -reo to aauun'* r. 
contract o^ntorad Int by Mm botweor, .-.tlao . roivlrf^ ^o.Tip;*r:y «nd 
Jo»aph lakata on or about Juno 1*5, 1 11, wherein said .'-eyete 
agrees to purchase boor fron aaia i^tlaij brewing Jonpuny, and 

.:^dC^ - r 

•t- •■ 

■' ■' ■■' : ■.'■'" . ■■■: , ■"""-' ^■> 
; ,-,, ■[.■". i'^.,.• ■':-■': -,; ^•i^v.'.-vr^s.f t*^tt«*'■ 
; ■. : ■ '- ■■■■ ,..,' ', -u--'- ■*v;ji ^ .^s? fja r 

■ •,-; "^^ ■ J .• >i> •( /' ^^ •'■•'■-_■. ' ■': > ■ -it^Ptt a: 

:.■ ,^ '; ■ - .= . ^' .■ . . ■: ,^',: ■ v-^js: 

■ -'" ■-■■'■ ■7>*V, ' . ' \ > ! ;-r<r iCOtso » * "4 

, :■■• ■- ... •'u-' :■•;:. fiT M.-.:;- '161 tXnra-t^ i 


t.h« price na.'j{5<i in said oontraot, thdit 1» tc say - ^a.^not 
avon i:oHara (■'I'.'^o) p-^r barrol Tind 'O^i^tan xoort -xt 
-ix collar* (V'J.'^O) 2«r barrel; aall prlo©a ar.* euojsat to 
' t fluotuaticrs." 

.::lle tbo ovIdenoM »ho«a that no ocntrcot *a9 *rtor®!l !nto 
betiKosn th« Atlaa ^rowing Jortipany an>1 nlsilrtlff on or about Jun& If"., 
Ill, it (nay bo oald thtxt tho contra r»t r^f errod to Ir salil leaa* 
vas on« antiterexl Irto bot««>«n nal t brd*ln<?; coTspany ar.-l plairtlff on 
April «.i, 1 i;;, which oorjtract provic}e:J that th^> oald brawlng oo»5- 
party a/^irocKl to poll ard 4eilver to plaintiff at th» proiJiewta in ;?uoa- 
tion, for n porlcxJ of six yc»ar3, oortaln brands of b^or, and the 
plaintiff a^;r«9'.i to puroh«B« all th« beer he .souli ot>il or ud5i or 
corounw, in hla aaloon buoineee 6.t tno proniaaa it) quowtlor., oxolu- 
aivaly during the period of aix yeara» oCTuadncjing May 1, 19 1^ and 
ending April 30, VJV^i an J a.^x**^ to P«:' for said boar certain 
pricea, depdniln/5 upon the sjfuallty of boei- fumiahedt the quality 
and prioe belns aet out in detail in aald oontr^ot. Plaintiff iileo 
agreed to purcJiaao, und«r eald oontravst, bottle bt»or bre«»e ?. by the 
Atlc;a ^rearing jorapany, at tbo ourrent aarkt^t priooe therefor. 110 
oontr-iOt, hoviovor, provided th«t •the party of tiio seoorji part (wean- 
ing plaintiff) nay sell ''■:0"' of otbor pcpulrtr branda cf bottle 1 beor.* 
The leano in ;}Uoetlon i&o offered and reoolved ir cvidfirco. 
Intiff then o: r-iot referred to - narsly, the one 

entered into between the Atlas ?res»lni5 contpony nncl the plaintiff, trnd 
0:1 ah the plaintiff oont^rnded defendant h&d ajau3f?d by virtue of 
paragraph 10 in the leaf»« aforenald. I'' nakinr thie offer, plaintiff 
o*v:iteJ that he eould prove by oonpotent tootinony th«it thern had been 
a breaoh of the oovorant* in tV>« lea.:o, booa!j«e defendant had failed 
to puroliaso all beer ua«»d in th» aalcor, ocnduoted In tbo preniaes in 
quotation, from the Atlae :ire*lng vonpany, - -Ided for under the 

contract of April likind, defendant objootoi to t?' > intro<luo%lon of 
the contract. In urging hio objootlon, rcapy rea.iona «dr<s f,lvf>n, but 
defon^iant rolled in tho nain upon two, via.i (i) rhit the loaso rfr^a 

•■V' ■ ■ • • ■' ,:■■ ,,^-i : :.:^iiA »/ ' 

■■;-'■ . "■.'■• ■■-■'■ ..,'):'s:' ' •; • ■ . >*cf xt- 

'•. ■•'';•■ ^' . ; • "'C '<^ ;>*,■/'■»«■' ■.>.; '.I r-h^'ji ' 

-■— • -., ■ .•; • • ^.:J ■ : c--. •; .■' '"!^.-<.^ ■■ :. M;v ,iU'.J[ ,. 

.... _ ; • '■, 'v. • i^"- •: , -^. •■ "■''■ J--?in<2iq .>. 

. i^'- ;- • . :. ' •■';•■ ■■::}■ oJ ■. ■ .;,- • :■■■:<>■ : ,: ^" I «n" ii 
-.-:. ■■••.;■■*•'• 'l-^- ,-. ;■ ,.:■•■:■:' :'v ,^!--- ^:- r»i<>4 »cl 

'-■ ■:-■■■'.-■-■ - .•' .' •■ „■? -...irEf&C 

tjpllatoral tnd lrapoe©<l no l»/?;j.i onllgatlcm upon the loasaoa, aa 
tn«ro »aa no ae;r««nwit on chj prirt of tho /.tlau irowlng Jowpary 
to S9ll th» lesaooe any boar: and (-i) tioat th^ aj^oa^'^nt to pur- 
3haae b»«r wa? an lnJ«p«»r.<l9nt 3ovo::ant or the lu):>3903 and net ono 
runrln? with th« lur<i or ona for tho broaoh of *hlch o. forfolttiro 
of the l9&jfi ml.'^ht b-j do^lturod. he court ;3U3talT)ecl tl"«j objection 
ft'j refuaoti to reo^tvv* tha contract In «vliif3r ao, In our via* of 
t/iB ca(i«, it i not necoaaary to pai^si ur>on the oorr«otno3s cf thla 
ruling on th& part of th*i court, for tho folio <lnr r9tt?crt Plain- 
tiff, In his off«r or -^vidonoe vo K&ky cowpitftnt ths (idrsl<s«lcn of 
ttia contract, offarfed tc provo, iinionj^, other f ftot -, tl^at thor« >5a'! 
boon a breach of Uie contract artorea into b^jtwear chs plaintiff anl 
tho Atla» L^r^«ln<5 i.orr,pary, wMcb contrtict, ^lO contsn<ied, * ad ba«n 
asfliuced by th© viefendant. The off or wlt'i roforeno© to thl . br9ao'~< 
irao, that th- defondart had r«fuaod to purohajj*? any bottlo boop 
frca Iht Atla& crowing Ootopany em') had not. In fu^t, purc^aa©d a'y 
bcttlo bear fror: tho / tlaa r^fwlng Gcw;>any for a period of comothin/* 
llkte tfcO 'Ticnths, 7-'« may aasupo, for the piirpoooa of tMj caow, that 
t';t> court should have ?idnittt>d tho contract In evldo^ioe, :"h« ques- 
tion tv »r aricoa, iTaa to off*»r of ©vl iono© sub'slttt.^ i aa to a breaoh 
of tie ocrtract -ufflolfmt to per-iit thv oourt to aub^lt th>j eao© 
tc trio Jury? ir other sorda, *»ro thor« any facta a*t forth in the 
offer which provod, or evjr tended to prove, any braach of contract 
of Ai^ril ;jiJ» I'.'ia? £h<* olauJ6 In t:i« contract whloh plaintiff clalras 
was breached, whiles it stated that I*»V;ote ahould buy all bo«9r ucad 
in t^o pranlaoii In ;|'.i'>6tlo' fr ra ttj*3 Atlan .;rowlnr, Company, provldad 
furthor '-hat w'th refar^^oa to bottl<? bo<»r, aVeta hs.l tt.'i rlpht to 
sail *.<>;£ of othtsr brands of bottle ba.^r. "ocej^arlly this lTnnll'»o 
ti-at in order to j-^li, h^ htui tho right to purohaa i otn.;r brando of 
botti'.^ boor, and tnarfifoi-a i^^-ire vitia no proTialors dcftn-lart 
should uaa tha botti^f la^or of th^ ..'-liii reHili- Corxpary oxclinlvoly, 
fc» far j^:j tho off or of arldenoe that plaintiff olalma tondo to ohow 

:.: , ti . . ■ . ^ r^.,.r •,.■.. « -v f I :-f? ^:*«<Kp«Jt t;:'^'^ tat**-'*- 

..; ."...: -•" .■ ■ \ '- . -.-f^- ■'.'- .!<■ ..%/'''&61Sfl Off '• " 

j. 'U . i . '•■■ J. r- /..■■•,■/•-•. -.-f- ••S^ :ai»' 1»«ti -.— 
^■1 ■ ^\- .■ ■' 'v .t •••■ -\ ' ' •"■ ' ; '-■ t:j. . v^^i fcr-^' ^dJiv "-,rri -J 

-»■•.. :.:■•■ •- . .•■. r-v ■ -: ,-'-^: '.' -l : C 31;.^.. 

♦ J ►- ■■ - - .; ..%-J:&t^i: 0^ i>»6t^- 

fi.\.. *-. ,: - . -,-:~'r;x, . .- • -., .■^^. ■ ■..-. — -'Cvi J^r --i J:t ■ '"T- 

-" •.•■,■., ^ ?! . ^: ' ■■...; . .;.>. i' ;i5 <?•■', i.n c^iii- ■ 

■'; '-jf- . --..r ■ ^j.'<^.'.G, •... ^.ftTlo hist at 

■ .• ;«-ii:- ■•-■>. » / . ■ ,• ' ■ ■'■. ■■■-■'•1. ^vv ■■'I.: ."! b-yy'v'X-'ri! ^;St.&-%Snc:\ 

^: -^ >•-?-•-.« J.-. ■■ fc ■>■,•; i,;...; .•...■■>•.,■ nji* -w^- :-^.-j! ■'•o k -..anj » im 

■<■ •■■ ; ' ! ■ .I' • ^' V.-. ■■■:■• .-. ;,;v • •. ; .- ■.■ ,«(a)Hiia rt«r<^' 

■' -" ■ ■ : ■ ,■ .■ ^ '- , ■ • 'JO ,t<iverr«[ rioittw 

■■ ■ ■ ■ " : ' - ' . ! ?ii; i ,jU, li' 

- ■...■-.•.'".• ; ' ;-. . ■ i: :7XX'''i- ^--j.iV 

■ ■ ■ -^L' '0-? (ij B 

-•■ • ' • •■ ■' ' ' n.--: ■ .,' '.• . »';c -tvi-ijo ^: 

''--', • . >.' • ^ :ii;'t' t)4 : 

* . - -<c Vv^v ■ • '■- • 



»<kU dJ elm i :sK\ nlir . .r- 3*.'iij .UftofcJtv. *0 " '*•" 

a broion, ther« 1 no^hln"- In sfxl i of-Tfir »h!ob aho/*-? tMriX, lofond- 
ftnt puroinaoed «i »lr»>rl<» bottl''> oi" t>oflr fn>«i any b?»»*1r'^, cowpany 
cth<»r thar the AtXns* rhnra Xs nothlr*^ Ir sfti.l off<»r ahJoh ahow« 
thtxi tifffi^nfl'int nold any bott,i«t b«f»r» ?h«th»r that of thw Allan or 
ary oth«r brewing; oonoom, h-; r/*ot ^hut '.iefoTKiant did nc^t TnjrcjlTa«e 
any bottlo b-?«r for t*o r'ont^.a fr-B! plalntJff lo 3 not prov« a 
br««ob; tl»fon:iart taay hnve h>ui 3. c»uff.tcsl«nt qjutr-tlty en hiwA .si thin 
thnt t-vo nontho to r»«t»t reiulrdi^sntB, .:# i*?ia not rajiilreJ, under 
t>J» oontraot, to buy n-ni* bear frofa tht?« srswlnp; JO'-puny, «Ave 
•hat h>ff U9sd upor thm prtfraiuofs in q»io:«tic'n» an\ tnat provision 3cn-. 
talraj th* oondltlon tJ^at t-n to b^ttl^ bfl-jr Ji© "^l tnt purah^n^ "0^> 
•le««hdr<>« in ilia oTf&r ot dvitionoSf thfl '/liiJ'itlff utterly fftllod 
to ^ot forth Any fa:5ta »hloh .«ho*o>l & breaoh of th© ccvoniirt^ of 
t^t> rj.'ntract of ..nrll 3)infl« ''Intntlff wfis deo'^nflftnt. In ^Il^ o«mo« 
of fiction, unon proof tliat tboro **'* a broaoh cf «A!i contract. 
m the aba»no» of suoh proof, h-^ full©:! to niftoe bofor<i th»:. court 
any oau3« of aotlor to bo nubralttej-l to th«» .!ury» T'^o oo'irt, thor»- 
for», oorrootly tlli'»otei<i tat* Jury to ret^jrn a v»rcilot of rot rullty, 
KlndlnfT no r«:»vfl»rolblty» •rror, tho Juci^ont »lll ba afflrra»d. 

V '. > .■■•;. ■^y, :r: ■'X'. 'iA^-.! -vi'^-, '^s^ od ,*«*rTr— ''; 
•;■.-; ,'■■■ ■ :■■•■ ---M^M^ ^ff :-'i ./ft*" 

•ti'i/A - a0'^i:3. 

Plaintiff \r. i.rror, ) |i-.i-;wf-. tc 

\ ) 


KhKD CSHOJw'H, 'S, L, .'lO&'F-i'iAN and )/ 

ijoftfrjtionto Ir? error, A 

3tArij;-VJ(? 0!' nL'i 3AJK. Plaintiff In error (plalr.tlir uitv^) 
brou -ht' suit tti^alnat. d«fon:ittrtB ir ctrrcr (daf ynJantiJ bole*) tv 
recover for tha valuo of a«i*vlo<»a tti^'jgtKi to h).?tt b.ttn rer<ierod In 
ccnnootlcr w'. tU tho oRle of oortiilr. r»*ulty .sltuitudi at ths youthwoot 
oorror of Ar!.itaj»« and .uirflold avenuoa In Ih^ city cf .;^dcago• 
upon th» trial beforo t' « curt altJicut a jury, thi? plaintiff dla- 
ml00«d ixA to ths doferdarts Vj. i^. *i;offran and 'aseir Holn9nja''-T arnl 
tho o&a<^ hav'ni': prooeoddd »?:alr,t -roa ih alone, t>.«» ^ourt found th« 
laou«»ii for tn(j ;Jef«nd*-^t, In whoae favor Jiidgnynt for ooatc *aa ren- 
dered; to reyoreo whloh plaintiff haa auod out tnla writ of •jrror. 

\i\\» JUUlCii ?A'? deliv^rwl the onlnlon of the oourt. 

In proaeoutlnp thlu ^rit ol orror, plaintiff Inolude^? as 
Jefenlant* thtsr^^ln not only rod iroaoh b:t also -n. L. lOffrjar and 
Ceoar !iolne;nar., who^si he hud dlc!rlaa<j».i cut of the oaoo on tbo trial 
balow. On oooo'^ftor 31, 1.M4, thl i oourt or.tored ar ordar Us'^ludlng 
thu writ cf orrcr aj to the .i«fon»-lant helnonar, I-^ tho brief filed 
on bertiilf of thcf defeniianta ^ronoh and ' o^^f-^an (b>' tho 3 /.no »ttomfly)» 
tho point iQ nude that the court Ottr.not oonalder thl^ writ of error 
ti\ti\ roferonos to ';o;Tnan beo .ua--3 "offnan had betm dl-flsuod tron 
t'fio O'i^e on -motion of the pl:i!ntlff. Ihlti content'^ -.n l3 *oll ta'on; 
tre ojrder of dla-!taflal a^ to -offnan l.i nof subject to r'Jvlrtsr, It 
hiivlni; been •jnt.-red on lOtion of tho plaintiff, and he ca-r.ot oomplHln 
of tho notion of t>'e oourt takor on hla o^n -aotlon. 

rhlo l-jaraa for thl i oourt but tr » det^r-lnatlnn of t.Ma 
ocrreotnaoe of th* Jud^r^v t with reforcnoe to roHoh. un the trlf.l 

^^•;■ f — N 

■ ^■■'■^:--' <.,:•■'.-, - ^ v-.':,)'^ ?«>:■■;■ *-.:.j^fi ■ ./' ■•<•'. •?'-' 

■' ■ i^~ ■■-'■- ' •■ ■■., ■'':■■ -,:■ ' ' :■<•■>'";■ 'o '.' !:i;V s^<^ *t<->': 

; ^;'j ■ ■ ■<'■ /. ■ :v/'- .-•■.■^' .-.■,?'; .j/'v-:-> ^;;*?' ;i5^/-*" «:.ii, 

ii'; ^'..^ ^^?■■^ -..- • • - '-:; T,:,,,: , ;• ,.Na,,>.^ 'j.. v-,^.; tol ««MJr 


mrts n. 

' '' ;'2<v.t; ^-^ A-; .;;.,i.' ;;UW .fit 

'.: "r ^'l1l5o"• no 

■ .; 'J. . '"fj '■ ' .»««»x •IrfT 

i -^Mii .f ■ " ,J to •••'■•4- 

of tMo oase plalrtiff introJuoed ter^ir.r. to show thnt he 
•as enployod by ,rouoIi to ac»ll th* property In quo^-tior, and that 
h« had oallol thp iittentlor* of liorr-ii- to tnio property. The evld- 
M106 furth'^sr oliowoi that ;ioff»n«irj ov«ntualXy purohiiood t}i» property 
for Iho benefit of Helnttsian. ..n bshalf of th<3 d«for.4ant there waa 
teutlmony t«jnain« to show that tha defendant hud nevor ©reployod 
plttlntlff to make a sale of thla property,, racroover, that h© 
•ttc not tho proourin^- oauae of thi >3ule to aoff:.;ftn. At the oonclu- 
aior. of the evid<snoo tha coi^rt hald that plaintiff had r:ot provan hla 
0«s« by a pro pond e rare 9 ^f tho ovldonoo, h vJ trj'jr»for« found for the 
iefe?-dar.t, We oarmct nay that O: oh oonoluaior. of tha court io oloiirly 
tnd manlfokJtly agalntit the i»dlf:ht of the evidenc*, 

Klrdlng no roveroiblo orror, tho indf^inor.t will b^ affir-ned. 

. " b'^oui ..■T./;;/ 'i':-^.i JA.lq dRMO 9tii 

■.'f\f 'i'j -;^ftl's;-ir,o^q ftdf Son I 

81..' - ..0«49, 

i-KlLl)l',iuUK *8, OHAPP '.iUJ/.Uo and ?:i>';l%'Ai^) 
\, ,,/[pp9.llai0. 

OF CTiaAlO, 

iiX« JlJ.»;iCE; PAi' d«llv«r«<l thti opinion or th« oourt. 

JL ^ 

Thi« Irt ar notion broufht In the ??tjnloipal aourt of Chioago 
by Mrsddrlok W. ^irapp^rhaus arKl !;©t%lnal.i Q, Russell, partnore &• 
:rapporhauD» i\U'.'is*ll t ;onpttny, appellants a'^i horoln*iftar rofewpad 
to ua the plaintiffar a^Alnet John '.:♦ Taylor, appellee, ' tor 
rof errod to ua the def en-iar t , for rdal ©atttt-j ooarai anions olftlme^l to 
be auo from defer ^ant In bringing a:'Out nr. exoliange of prop'?^ti^^o 
betveer. the defendant and ana ilcJwltiB istint, on th.* trial beloa the 
jury retumud a vor^lst in favor of the deff^niiant, upon >j!-li?.h the 
court ent*»recl Ju^^j^art! to rsvorno orhlch plalntlT hats proi^eouted 
thio ai'peivi. 

The atat*jrr;tjnt of olaiir aoto forth that ief (rittrt '<aa the 
o*nor of an aportnert buildln.- located aX ^^O'^-'^^f)'^ Vaahinixton 
avenue. It-, tiie olt/ of Jhloa>TOT that In .Tu-.o, 1:?IJ, 'n* er^ployed 
plaintiff 6 aa real "sstate brokeri» to aell or ^x'hB!nF,<i aat ^ apHrtnont 
buildln-', for hln and at!;re»d to pay th«* plai-tlffa i; l/.. per oant. 
oonalaeion on V>o value of eald building, if a aal:: or vxohJxnp;e there- 
of oould be brought about throurh the efTortn of th«5 plaintiff a? 
that in j::'ptembor» 1 ■!:;:;» dofyndant exohanjred dall b'.iil lln.F. for a 
building O'vned by one ylcholuo Hunt* »hi Ui prop.=-rty »fau VrcTn »*.» 
<744^74<-i indlana avar,u«, located in ^h-? olty of Jhlcarfo, ar»! that 
eald plalntlffe »eru the prooiirlnt ofeV'«e Ir brl'^r.Jn'^ about the aald 
ex3Jian(;e; that, 3jo/ovr#r, lofiinvia'^t refuadd tc pay plaintiffs t*^;e 
ooawioeHon agread upon for dai l ^-srvlce. 

. ' - i ■ ' ■ « ' 

• 4'.- V -ji'. t ^t>j;.,:.«* . 

■ »SV^'' ... 

•■■.■'■»■.- ^■-. ..-.•■■'";••*■■■.;.-','•.-• ::'i<''. ,.' ■''.:\/. rJ¥:'vf.;;:;vsi ,«i.'i'* .Uv;!,. '' 

• ■■.;•;•■ , ■:'^:r.:it< £.-■ r ^:'' ■ ...^'v'^v-'Wii V^ffi ft 

< •' • - '. ■ •'•..■■ ,.■-•-■■■ '.-:■■' -'■'■: "v.- ^.-vvj't rti; ^c:lT:'^^■'f js^;#?j<rtniii.^j- 
• " ■ ■ -'-rr •"-■ ■■• '■■'■■' ' : ■': [,'!:. , ■; i^-'v*'*;: .. ' .?rwiJ'i^;«'.a;'^ ''" 

r-..'J;.^^ ■• .."••-. ^vv j^, i.^i.i^AtC.:.;. .^'iOll-.J J'-:«'f/?^*tO<J« ir'MI. io 

s . . . ■ ' 
.J-i**: ■;..; . -^^ ' - : 1-; .;, . ■■:„ ■■.'^■?': .t"i-% ^'Ir- •yo" 

■- ' ■ -:-: ■■ ■'-: .-> -"■ :'-''-^ s.i.. ■ "-,> - ■■' (t^ocir' j'f'-Kj.ycr .^'rJ M, 

" ■ .'■' ■' ■'■ ■ ■ .t:v ,>!"•:■:>.•, '•(..>••■ [ '■ ■stntt ^Jd A>, 

i*-:' .■ .. ' - .•• 'i: .;•?• '-r-."{-/:>o"' ^.-V'.-MVis »irMi>|»rti 

Defendant, in hi* affidavit of Di<rlta, def O' do ae tu the* 
•ntlre olaire prAOtloally upon the |/r -un i that th» sKaid oxchi*r;',e 
•aa not brou^^iht about thr«>uy,h th« offorta o:* tho plaintiff, vlzt 
that tho Bttid plaintiffs were not tho pi-oc5;;rlniT oauoe Ir effootlng 

-'ho ovldenoe ofTerffd on bol-i&lf of th^-e plain tiffs aho^ed 
that iiurinc tho latter part of April or early Irt May, l-li;, deford- 
ant oan© to tha office of th-j plaintirfa an4 liutod for osilo with 
iir» Jrapperhauai of aald flm, th-v proporty k^no^n ua rToo-.•^''0.: 
>\:a8hlni^ton avenuo, upon whioii thor^^ *a« or. inouRbraroo of ^S'-'^nr-o; 
thit It waB atttted by defendant that h^' hai Juot atart»d In th© 
aanufaoturlnr: bua*n«?t*« and ne<»ded monoy tc put tho buaineoa, 
and therefore ha aat^tod to oell or exchange the property: that aald 
plaintiff* worktxi upon a proposition lookln;; to a sal© c tho propox^ 
ty by *.»y of axch«xigo 'ith oertal" properties o*n<&d by one Tiioholaa 
Munt, aituttted on onrc i avenue Ir the city of :;hi(iaj^OT that one of 
those prop«irtle» waa a :>ix, and Vno oth«r a three-flat bulldlngt 
th»»t defendant looked at both the^jo propwrtiet* an l *?al(i ho woul 1 ex- 
ohanfio hla property for the «lx-flat Imlldlnr', provided r, iunt 
would suaranteo a loan of '; 15,000 on said bulldlnj?; and pay hlra ^.S,0fK5 
oasl'i In addition; that : r, iiunt deolinod to (»ntertalr that proposi- 
tion uut would tra'e hio property, whloh was ol^^ar, for tho aehing- 
ton avenue property aubjoot to tht. inour!!briino»s of ^5,00--' theroonT 
that thlo offer »a4 not oatlefaotory to th« defendant and that kbout 
ten dayo or taio weeb-e thereafter the plaintiffs aubnlttad to hln a 
propoalticn Involvln": tho prerniises kno»r. ae 4'?44-4'*4fi Indiana avenue, 
eaac o*ne.J by the ^aid Hunt, on wfilah a loan of '1-*,000 could ho - - 
cured. Deftmdant looko i at thlo property, bu* refused to maV-e a 
trade unless h« reoelveA the building clear an^l :"-,'^00 in oaeht 
that plaintiffs continued th.-lr ef forte to secure a trade on that 
basis, defendant all the time inslatlnr upo- rooei^'lnp :r>,'^00 caoh, 
•nd i.unt refuolr^ to piiy th.vt wufn ai part conalderution: that in 

-.--,, (ore •'■.: -■■■ . >J •■•■' ■ '•"•■ '' '^-^^^^i vi t-iol^JW^ iU-t^^iX. 

.-.^ ■T»i:_-^ ..:'- ■ • •- ^:.r- ■'' \,-'-:- ^:.^'i'i>.s ^ j?.';^ ;::.v --iss/v;* ri:ra-ia#t . 

• , • - ' . •, •'!*■-' ' , ; "^ ■ ■;•- -ru i>- aeifcfc" 

^■•rr.n»l ■••■:' /,. ;-■.-. ■■.! ; ■ 'r-' i^ ) .'orr ft*^ TUsYlo 

. - -7 ■.- •'y .•-.<;• •:,. ■': ,>.-;»,. ,'. - .■\;vi(>Vfll Pv 


Jun«, 1S1*{, v.r, Hunt wia oaliui »-;.*/ to Jetrolt and apwrit roat of 
the auraoor awfliy fpor." th» city; thtit *')!»n J'r, Hunt rotumod, plain- 
tiffa >ir,a1n toofe up jrlth hla the propcoltion •hera It h>iii b«on i«ft, 
and ««ro t^on told that r'unt hai •ilapoa«d of th*j proTs^rty. .'h«^ ovl 3- 
«no« furthor eho*« that in ieptorobGr, l v:, pXalnti^Ts l-^fim©*! that 
Hunt had booomo the ounor oV Uu^j lefondanfa property knoffp ho f-rroo- 
f>7Qii ^aaYiin^tor. avanuej thut in *a oor.v^rojitlor with imt t'ley wera 
tela that the exchan?*© had l>o®i^ ©ffoot^Ki throufJn the roal ootato flrn 
of John A. -Carroll A irothyr, 

Tho evidenoo further ohown t'lat on AU/.:uat «, 1 l:j, the nald 
nunt, In ocnsideration of one dollar and othf?r valuable oo-»lder- 
atlon, ocnveyed tha property known aa 4744-*:574r? Indiana avenue to 
one c;» ,;. Jenfeldt, an «>r!5ploy9 of John A, Carroll ■^ iirothsr: thAt 
i\,9 aiiivi deed latas reoordod on .^optonbtir 6, ll'l*i in the rooordor'e 
offloe of Cook oounty; that o*- .ioptonber "» I5^i;i,» in cor :*! deration 
of one dollar ard other val ablf? oor.aldoratlor!, defendant o. nveyod 
to thf aane o« o, Jenfeldt* by snarronty deed, the prop«rty lmo?m -xa 
f,700-.'^70;^ iTaahln.fjton avenue, whioh had been listod with plalritlffo* 
subjoot to an Inoaabranoe of i-33,000j Jirhloh warranty deed wxr^ re- 
corded on CdptoinbJr i;''» 1 l^« 

•lie teetiraony further ahowa thj*t the property vthioh r^enfoldt 
had recGlved by warranty <t»o.i frorri ;iunt »a.3 afterwarde b ■ bio con- 
vey ♦.• ; to the jiefenclant^ and th« proporty deeded to -onfeldt by the 
defendant* oonveyed to iunt* Tho eald l^enfeldt* who wa« oallnd as a 
vltneae on behalf of the 'lalrtlff, stated that no noney w«*9 pall to 
hia or by hln, and that he peraonally hxl no interest In either of 
the prop«rtlea« On oroaa-exarrlnatlon hn teeMrlel that the proper- 
ty on Indiana avenue had been -nanafje^ by John A. Carroll ;• :ir>th«r 
for five or ^ix yoara prior to th* tranoaotlnr in queotlor,, ^nd nras 
on tine market for eale. 

The "svidenoe further aho*e that the oonmi'^o'on olalwqd to 
be due, baoed upon tKia value of tho def^»nd«nt*o property »our*-t to 
be exohanged or sold, *ua tm tho a^^ of a.^^O. 

,,,..;,- .V.:. ^ ; ;nj )•■; ,?''!?■•; ,•,'■• to -O/W fiGt7 X^rsA 

• X.. V ., i),':,^- ■;.; ■ . ;.>rtx', ;rrj^ ''jr..-'* oi«,J JfO*" 

• :. ■'■•■;;■.•■;; :■■' ,^^■ ,;■■■,■■.,■.'?;. " V,' ','' ''i;! '■!;i'n"S* ::rn^ f)'';':'.>d-«it; l..;,' ? 
. :,; '■ • •',: ' ■, ■„,.:-..;.":■': 'a ■■':/>,■-:,? /: ; = ''i:^\''W:ni:iX-^ f-a^ ' " ' 

;■.^ . - ■ - .. - . :' 'jA.r ;■-.;■, .,: ;. "rr-t, /ii.v ■ I d f ■';? ^.' ' «:■■;"*;■ t;*' 

■■■'■ S'' ■ t'/'" '!^o ■^^>r!<>Ki':«Wf?i; '^i* oi ' 

. • ■ : ' y ' ■' ■ . ■ V.', ^i? •v'^^..?''r:'"'^ \:;;v-^^sJ!vffe>i);; afSli 

- • ,. -■ >--'■-,, ■' ' . '-;•;■ ■ '•■,.,■;. ■•■' \-'' .vryi.iW- tirj! ?f.: 

" V '! '■ -■? '...■ ^. ^ •?'•::-.. .■■.:' ^^^'■.f^Hi&'f9i'^ «■ . 

'f.' ,--.--. V ..; - ' _ ''..Irr ;■•/.•....• > n^.^vi |<'><SM«»1| ilia tdo r- 

on bahalf* of thw dofsndant, evldenoo «Hn o^'f<»^fl(l VMkX. the 
plaintlffo dli not haro th«» exoluelvo ag©roy for th>t sals or the 
propurty in questignj that In addition to plaintiff a, the real 
•etato firms of Joim /.. Jarroll A: .-^roth-^r^ kt.A Auatin a, Parlrer 
& CO., had ftlj»o oorduotai n«/50tiatlons looklr?,", to the aalo or ex- 
Ohang* of the property ir question. 

rh« ovlddroe furt)>.or Jhowa 1 that defendant wantad ■2'^, 000 
for hla oqulty In hie property ani V'fOno In oaah* that John A, 
Carroll 'r iirothor •nd»avcr«'.l to mak^? a deal Involving a throe -oomtjr- 
•d •xchon,.';* of proportlea, whereby auoh emu woull b« renllzdd: tho 
intended arr'\n^';'jraffnt bolr^ tfiat the property of ;:unt should bo ox- 
chor^ed for the Vaahln^tcr avenue property, and after tMe tr'innfer 
had been laadw, th<9 aint property heir>}z, "/l«ar, dofendart would ba 
abl« to reallaa by wny of loan or) si^l i property, ■*15,0'^0t that the 
prcnorty 30 Inovirrber^^d ahould b<t then traded for a farm In Jardtjaky, 
Ohio, on whl'3h far?n an addltlon&l #5,000 oould bo rtiiaod by tnortp:a/^et 
In this way enablln- dofen?Rr.t to ralee V2'^»000 by th© trade. 'hie 
•rrange-rent had boer» a^eed upon by defendant, iunt and t) e oarr-^r of 
the far^, but *aa not ocrauT«ated beoauwe the ^ife of the furmor 
refused tc aoquleooe in tr ■? •irran(?6ra«rt. 

John A. Oarroll */ brother tJien made ot^.-^r efforta toward 
ooctirinf; the f^a-r reoult for t^e deftindant. The &v!den30 further 
ehowB that a trade «aa finally effected by Jotxn A, Ourroll - l-rothor 
offering: to loan defendant the euiti of )1,500 oaah which defenlant 
needed to nnoot a not>.* oonln:^: due, and to eecure a lo'nn of '^ir^jOOO 
for defendant on the Indiana avenue property. The evidence ehowe 
that while no ooamlaalon wa.^ ahar.'ted for neourln/r the loan, defynd- 
ant paid John A. Oarroll \ rother a oomftileslor of ;l,*'''0 for ocn- 
•UBimatln>: th« d«4l. 

:n thlH etate of fsiot*, plaintiffs ooptonl that the fir. ling 
of tho Jury for tha dafen-ixnt was oontrary tc tho :»^lr;ht of the evid- 
ence; and further co-Tiplair. of the refuaal by tho court to cive an 

■.■^,-\ r-i _ >,■,• ;4 i,!.U>A,f. C^'J^ ,'V.'i- ^On, fclJb t--. .^...-.. 

< 'o ^4'-? .LM- ."...... '«uj ,.mvtJ-*; ' .} -■iic>Tr.-^^,j%ern. :($l 

: ,^ t\,> r . t^, :■: s,frt>''. ;f r<o^^^ihh.iiXi- e,.'U tot b^^^asui© 

' -'■ ..'^ ::'•■;:«' ^' = ■/<«:-' ".'.'•■;.';::>!> ^'li.t .?).:,* rftstf ,,jR»i:; 

..1. •■■ -y,-,: ':/■■•■■-?;.; ■■- ■■.' ■tl «ons|tfp«j8. ■ 

..;..■.■■■■.'! t ^.:.: :<''.:'.'%. ',.?*«£ itfl ' 

• ;-■*' •■•i' .^'-A ;•';■"■,,• ■ •■'-Ofi » *W*?3' Oi t 

"■■■ " ■ i' '■ ■' ■':■ ■■ . .. ■, . \ ■: ^S'Sii&D 

; 'IJ ? J''i;' • , c' !/•>;■; ••..^ f^jii,: -,, 

Ir.struotloM requoat«vl by soun^iol for the plQlr»tlff8, 

rho qu«jtlon prew'snte 1 Tjy this evld^noe Is, *h«thor or 

not plaintiff J «or« the procarln.^ 0aU3« In brlr>3lr.;T; about the 

tranaftjr of the property* rhle war oloarly a quest l<^n of fyot 

for tho Jury, imdar proper Inatniotlon ^ by th'* oourt; and unl^so 

■e OttJi aay that thcs voivllot wat* fll«jarly and 'nctfilfoitly ;i,ga1r!«t tho 

•alght of t*~c evlclono«, the flnilng or th-s jury o*nnot be dlritv'rbod, 

rhorti oar b« no qu«Htlor rrom th« avidonoe, th»t ief^rviart 

amployed racro t)ian on*? broker wJiO andoftvorod to secure a sale or 

exohange of hlo property. Plaintiff:" Jo not claim to huv© hs.-; an 

exclusive agency t In fact, t^.Qy p-'l-^it thoy had no excluolvo a'^snoy. 

In the caee of Rid J no v, i^ernoborry , .-onor^il ^o. l'.?*54*, docJded 

by thl3 braroh of the ^■^pnollatw wourt, %r.6 arhoroln a petltlcr Tor 

certiorari aao denied by th« rupreno C'ourv, It was hold? 

* Ihe prtnciplo la isell established, that Mhf»r ; an r vn- 
er of prop>jx*ty onpluya tiovorn.1 real ostate brokerw to effect 
a uale of hla property, th^j brokor whoa« sffcrtr; aotunlly 
bring about tho .sale io tho broker <vl.o !» on titled tc t>u. oor- 
taloaion, provided t^:^ o'/vnor uotii In f-oo I faith. ( 'Jtirr; /h^ t - 
oorttb \r» Jaoon, 170 .'aaa. A'f'jx olbbald v» i^ethleht-m co » , "^ 
:«. i'. :ii7 '{ '■ c - ulro V. O-wlcr-r. f >1 ill. Uprj , ,;r, f, . '^ u'o'bell v. 
lioldrloh, 14^" TiT.' App. 'i04. ) ohen ©voral brok&r;) ar"-/ tiiua 
orapToyeT and one of then anos for oor.rlnslon:?, the rule lf> that 
even though ha proveo Wiat ho oonrsBnoad neftotlatlonj with a 
party *hc jubBa-jMontly purohstaed the property, still he In ^ot 
entitled to reoover unleao ho »how9 further, by a proponder nce 
of the evidence, th'>t he 'aotually brou^Jit about a conaunraatlon 
of the aulo, or sfuo prever.t<eKi fron ao doin>: by tho fraud, pre— 
cure'-.ont or alooonduot or fault on the part of the defendant. *" 
(Jitin,^ Jay v. lorter , 101 111. >:?.*", wl'^O.) 

In tao oaae at bar the oourt Instructed the jury in acoord- 

4»noe -1th theoj ruloa of law. ?he Jury by their vjrilot were ovlient- 

ly or th'i opinion that thu plalntlffa «or« not the procuring; oauBo 

In bringing, about a aale of thu property in c]uestion, and, -^or»K>ver, 

that dof«r.(iant in aeilin^ the property throujs;h John A. Oarroll ".• 

roth-ar and in paying them a oonaal^alon, wa,' not actln.5 In bad faith, 

e'ron a oareiXil review of tho evidence, w& oannot aay that the vor- 

ilot of the Jury la olearly and raanlfe.stly agalnot the *elrht of 

the evidenoe. 

./ r.-,. -i^i.--^- • \.^ y. ' -^ Vs-ir--,:.Tir,-/ i-'/co'tt^ 'tfiifSJ ,^"!irt ©Al" "H 
^f' r.'< .?<;'<■-« it:-; \n;'j: ^:'":.* '-■; ;)■."('■ •"■^1 ^!'-- *?'" "-'vt;' e=^i; *5:o iff-^^ws' 


"•-dJttt'j'J .• '-■ ... . 



^< .; 

-fp .f 

,*:'•' '^:, 

; ■; / .'.-;'>? -.riiijjBq ni trim Iv 

Tho contention of the plttlntlffa, ti;at the court errod 
In refualn/?; to !;,lvt» u oertv^in ir. struotlor: raqueetod by plaintiff 3, 
i« not well tuJuw, a.-, u. r«i-.dln>? or tt-'i iratrustlor eatlofloa u.j 
thttt It li not in uooordiinoo <^lth the rul«e cf la^ a.* laid >io«r. 
by tiie oourt in it« Instruct ions which properly ^reBsjn «ri to t*io 
Jury th« law applioabla to thtp faota in evldenoa. 

Vlio further oonter.tion of the plalntiffo th;;t tho oourt 
err«<i in r«ruolnf; to adnlt proper evldvsroo on h»hair of the plain- 
tiffs, la «kirtO vlthout w<^.rit. 

J indini^; no reversible error, tho jud/.';in<>nt will bo afflraod. 

•;r_ ;•.-■, -. '■.•'- .c ■■'. «""t^'>t;'r ■ V t Jon ai J-! • 


?3^ - 2<'>f>(i'^, I 

'■ / 

uefondant in .jrror, ) iiRlfOii TO 

va. \ ) iyUKI' iPAL JOUKf 

\ ) / 

ili'lLLlAi.} JUira, \ ) i1 Oti CHlOAiiC, 

Plhlntirr In iCrror. ) f 

■•- ^f ->. r ^^ -^ .-. /> 

Atklna o^aintft ;*illlterc iiwlth for s«rvic«i n ndorod in r«pcrting 
a Otts« wh»r<9ln defondant n&a ttttoi-^^y for trM# plaintiff. On th» 
trial below bafcre the court without ft i^ry, the court found the 
laauea for the pluinliff urti entered jttd^fljRent a/.-aln-4t tha def'imdart 
for ^ IP.7f), to rev«»r«« which tne defondunt has au&d cut this writ of 
©rror. ] 

:■«• JU.>''l\/E PAM dttllvoro'i tno opinion of the court, 

Ueferlant r«prenent«d a 'ra» Xloronoo Kitrr^ s aJ^o had a avilt 
pending ir tho iunioipal oourt of 'hicaf.o. Plaintiff (who 1?^ q 
court tttanographer), reported thin caao on behalf of tho plaintiff 
therein, iho quijtlor la whfithor tb<» sprviooa (srsre rendered for 
:ra» jiarrlij or for V'.f- defendant. v>n thf trial bolo«, plaintiff 
teetifiod that lit> >Maii anked by t^* defendant to roport this oaae; 
that the work was done for the dofan'ant, and that hf> wa:< to loo>: to 
the dafondant for *^l8 ra-wnorution; that (if ten th«« i'ervioen had bodn 
renddrod, defendant repeat»dly promiood to maV-e paynont therefor; 
th^t billa woro rendered to tho defendant. Another wltnasa on be- 
half of tho plaintiff teotlfl<3d tnat defendant had prcnisad to nako 
payment of tho arnount 8ue<l for. ;of&n.dant to»tiri'^ on b«half of 
hiosolf, that h'j onterod into no contract *iith plaintiff, ^ut that 
plaintiff p'>rfcirn«d thOi>a erTlooa for 'ra* darrl », J^^d tVi * « *a 

to look to the »ald ra* Hurrl for pay-^^rt. Another witness for de- 
fendant t«a».ifi<sd to hiivlng hoard a oonvercatlon *horeln ■ilalntiff 
stated thai he would look to thM aforaosentlonad rr^, iiirrl ■ for 

3-\ ^. 

"91) TC' -.twff. 

.fte^oa - 6 



Th court, in Ivln- Itw .leol-jicr, atato'. that It b6lloTod 
th': contract hul bo»n nf^d© -*ith ihi- lefondart, and ■•\coor.M nr.l y •«- 
toreJ Judi^nont aifalnoit th^s rlafef.Jant for the nrnoiirt In quo-: t ion. 
After a cure-ful r«vi.e* of t?i© ro -ord, »« oannot ouy that find- 
Ir.};; 1« olnarly and marilfoatly a.ralnat the weight of the oviderce. 

Defer, iar.t slI >o oortonda thnt tho trial oourt orred Ir. over- 
ruling hi J otlon for a more eneolflc otatemwnt of olaln. '•:» find 
nc lacrlt In auoh ccntentlon, 

i)e."ordant oonplalna of t?io denial by thfi tr'f-l oourt, of 
hlo attlon for n new trl^^l btt^ed ur^on neatly dlaooverod evldonoe. 
Tl'e affldiivita aettln.^ forth this nawly tliacovorcd wvMenoe show 
that it HU3 taoraly oiJ^fulatlve. oroovor, thero if:- not'nln,^ In the 
record to Irdlcato thi^t the defendant, during the trial of the oase, 
ondoavortfd to jeiiuro tli3 attanlanco of thso'i wltre.sjoe or anVed for 
tt oontinu&noe beoau;e of th:;'lr 'ibo<jnoe» Tho ooiJirt therefore proper- 
ly ovorrulod defondont's motion for a. new trWAl, 

rindin>3 no r<iver»lble "irrof, tho :1ud^«nt will bo ■ifflrTsed. 

, . ^o ■■■' ••/•■' '•■-■ vv':/<fj-T liAe-'tiiO * '■ 
■ ' y;. I :■>:■ -.-ri S .;^,;' v: " r' .;j "lO'S ROiJ ■ 

347 - ^'0177, 


AN ft A J. 3M0L£N, jf ) 

{Defonlart i»: ^rror, * ) 
\ ^ ) iiPKOH ro 

V*- \ ./ ) 

zii-iyBA, \, . ) OP* aaoAiO, 

\ / 1 & O O i 

SlAIgTiliKr OF rriH^iJiVSii. I'iila l.i a proooedln..^ brou;Tht in t^a 
Mimlcipal court of .jhlc^;^a oy Anna J, dcsolon, 'iefendart in error 
and heroin-vftur referred to ^a the plaintiff, agalnut lohnel 
Zlofsba and .'.ra. yloha«l .^leicbct, plaintiffs Ir. error and hereinafter 
deoliS'^ated aa tha dofondanti, for the unlawful taXin^ and oonvert- 
Inf to th*^lr o*n use of a piano belon;'.int^ to the plaintiff, of the 
Vttlue of ;17r^. Upon th<» triul below, before uht oourt without a 
Jury, the oourt found the iisauea In fivor of the plaintiff and 
aeaeaaed her donagea in tho sua of ;>1'>0 ani ooatcs, for which amount 
Jud^nitjnt Ida entered; to reveroe whloh defendants have sued out 
thltt writ of error. / 

MR, JU3TICK ?/vi dellverod the opirlon of the oourt. 

Plaintiff *» atatenent of ©lain sotrj forth her demand, whloh 
wua In the nature of da-ia^-^^c for t?ie lanlcwftjl taking s.^'\ oonvert- 
\v,tz by defonlar:ta to thrdr o«n uu>, about : ay, li^^V', of ono '(clster 
piano Viiluod at Lhg aura Of 'iV^^* Defdndarta, In t.holr affidavit, of 
M'.>rlto, donlou the unlawful takln:;, a-^u further, net forth th'vt. the 

piano wna not oonverte i by then, but «aa hell at tha ro^iueat of the 

plaintiff: ^thot, thouf-h often requosted to re-iovo la'^*, th?> nl.iln- 

tlff refused to do so. The glat of tha action aa oet forth in the 

statement or olalm and evidence adduoevi by the plaintiff, «a3 the 

oonverolon or the piano In quo»t.lon. v.'hll'? thoro !•? a ▼arlan>'3o In 

the teatlr.ony offered by t)ie plaintiff ard the defendants ur to lio« 

the pluno oaae into tho po;jne3alon of tho lofendantis, ir*.der either 

verelon it la Bho*n ;^j a fact that x.).a lofenJante oa-'e Irto p3:;»G-;3lon 

of tho piano laa(f;jlly, and that there vaa no unlu-^ful taking. There 

, - T* 

■■■ . ' -/ 

^■O A »;..*.-. :U C' tS X V 

-<■..,,-■■• ..-led - •■'- '. s-v \.' ■/'■•■ ■:%-:il<<Iu ,,.•■.;■ .tJ... ita.'iXiaJi. .--:;"■. i; 

**'- ^/^ ,•*• '^ ■. • ^ • •' ■'■■■: -.. ;. LlV*; '• >• ff'UX© lo ^ft*^ 

-'•- '■ " ' ■' , ^. I ^^■'V,t;^- #lM to OOlS'teVCI' 

T t;»v-/f rr;.r ;.j^'-- rxff , .; o;. '.;.••' ■ jOAi'! .. •.•. fwoclv * 

!• no evlddrod of »r/ aotUfil converulori in th« .'orr of u olalta 
of cwnarT^hlp by thB iefor.aan'u, or the -:aic» or abueo or iootruo- 
lion of the property: nor la th»r© i^nj evlcJono* of aoto araountlnr, 
to £Ji »xao©rtloTj of dorninior. cvar the proporty, lr.oor.a1 stent «lth th« 
cwnar^a rlf,ht. Ir. ths abavinc* of any ttot of thl:i ltln:\, plaintiff 
vai3 ooTnp«ll.«>J to rely upor the proof of a>i, er. 5 a rofuaal by 
th© laf«9n<lftnti to oomply 5<lth Huo'r do-nand, r^;?? court, In ert«rlnp 
Judf^T^rt for the pialr.tlff, wic evld^'^tl? cf the.- c-rilrlor. t'l-it thero 
wao «vi£i«nc« shcwln^- a derar J for th« rroporty iriT a rofuaal by tho 
dtftTTduinto to oonjply thore-^lth. <;e, howf-vor, havo ^earohorl the reoord 
Ir, vain for any auoh evldanoe, "hi- plalrtlff *?! teatlrony boarlng 
upon thla question wau* aa follo«3! that ns'irly five yonrn nft^r tho 
piano h'id oc"te loipfully Into tha TJoasea?lor. rf th- dsf ■ndanta, aho 
(plaintiff) sent one ^^ovaJc tc ae«ur* th^ rofum of It: that o^vi aao 
tolil thttt K^«n hs wont there, Jro, /.l^nba (on« cf th<' v-lofaniar ta) 
■ould not odntt him tc thf; hou8»*t and thnr tha aeiid Novak did not 
obtain tho piano, in udditlor, thore la tho testimony of har father, 
tc the effect that while h»i na-a In hie o>»r' yard, ho «as th*» suld 
^:01rkk go to the hou;j4 of tho rtefendcj^tn* br^t that he* (lid not oee 
ovftk talk to anyone. 'Novate hlrnaolf va' rot called to the atand, 
nor wa« ''i.a abaonce aoootmte.i for. 

Cft«arly, tfcle t*»atl!^ony offered on behalf of the ol'vlrtlff 
utterly failed tc show a denanJ and a rofuael bv th-j 'iefe» to 
oomply with suoh d«nand. '-'oreover, th-^ def-^rdarta denied th?Jt any 
dejnand waa made by the plaintiff or by anyone on her bohalf. A3 «o 
view the oaoe, tho record 1m aheolutely barrer of any co^etf-^rt evid- 
ence provirr, or over terdlr,' to prove, a ot>nverrti"!r of the orop?irty: 
thereforo, th« Judgment mint be re'.'er»ed ard the oau?»e rer^arded. 

■—•■--■ .' ,: ■• X" '''(-.'.' ^- ^, tT^'rU-alf '^Hi -tol *'^- 

■:5U" ■'." ■■;•;; ■.••■;:,. f:^,: •■.■.'' ^ -^li.^'Sf^ n- %T%t'*Q'AH 4ser 

■' ":■' ■■ ■' ■■:■ -M ^.,:.'-:>c «''';' .■;".' V £l?;'^%jhl *rot 

■•■! •-■■■ ■' ,..• *''^^:. , ■■'"{':•. »-.--?;^riJ .Tv^S*V/ -vi ^■' 
- -:; • ,, ■■•.- i.1). >■— • -,<:'.-^-; ,.■:!? -a mtii $t^& 

■ •■ ' ■••■1 ;■♦ ■•■• ->::^' •:(■■■ » ■aaiim as fo«>,.:,j'i'i! i;Xm«>j 

■■'• ' '^■•■- - ■:■■ , : ^'."•.?>'V ;■* .j's •?;Pi'>5i rtQSI?<i XU^W ' 

44° - 00777. 



'-^ Mara. 






f oiTf coufi:: 

\ / -r ,^ r -^ " f^Q 

'V^ ^/ X •^^ *> -«- * ^ * ■' A. VJ i7 

for ilOO r«rd«r«4 in favor oi* Joaaph t'Z^A^^r, appellJ j, herolrrrtor 

refcxTdd tc sie the plaintiff, <*.galn«t :Jh&rlod KuTitrw^-.^ . « p'SllAnt, 

herclraftor referred to as the dafersiijuat. / ri3<* iss-ilt ..„_ . ; . rlr.E.lly 

bxrou.t'.t bC'forc? a Juotloe, of tJ^t pG«.o«* Upor trial in that courts 

Jua^K^Rt for a llkis oiaoiint -^tkin ontsrod, froo which an aypeal vaa 

t*':cn to this City Court of ^hioago )iol/j;htB, *fcoro, iipor trial 

d» r oyo boforo the court i^lthout a jury» tho .ludgrs^nt, .in favcr of 

pliiintiff fer HOO hej'oln appoAlcKi frt • jr«a,^ 

KP., jysTIOE PA« <S«lW«r«<l the opinion of «^.e oourt. 
Th« Buit w»a to r«oov»r 5inn paid by plalrtlff to d^frtrid- 
art for ront for the ncnthn of "av and J\ii30« of oortain prorirl^op 
oimed by -lofendant, aituatod on .iictotnth otrest, Jhioai'o Hol,-»ht8, 
Coofc county, IlXlnola. ,' iK% the tlwo tha pr«^l9Q8 war© r«nt«<l to 
plaintiff, nam-sly, on vprll iX)» 1913, tho^/ wore oocunl«'<l by one 
' r«, Jcnrln,T9. Plaintiff olalned th*it th« $100 rwnt wn«i paid upon 
oor.lltlon that th?? dofenlant would aeour« th«s9 prwniaoa to thw 
plaintiff for oooupatlon by May 1, l-'ia. Defendant oonton.iu that 
tho apree-sort «aa that th9 plaintiff could have thp proiilsaa as 
eoon ttc he (plf\int1ff) "oould f,et ure. Tennin^a out.* upon the 
issues for?"«d by the varloue oontentiona of the parties ther** *ore 
but t«o witneo3eo, namely, the plaintiff and th« ieferrfant r«3pootivo- 
ly. rho te«ti»nony of eaoh tenled to support hln contention. It 
was ahown tii*t a receipt had been iaoued for the '5l'^0 pal'« e:* r^ir.t 
by tho plaintiff to the defoniant. l^eoauae Vst receipt had b'OCO'^ 
loet prior to the trial in U.o ;ity vourt of ahioa^io iielchtr, ndary 

■ -lAfH. -^•^'\if ■ 



v:.a'^--^i^.: '- 


• / ' ■ «a- 


■ ( ■ 

/ • 

'■ ^-.'- ^ 

.K*'- ;r^K' -:>•.-''■■ !^:i-' ,^*'A<t^A •>:,,->,j;*^'vf;^ rvO-hO^«b^» >lfiS»«l)-t«il©|j t* fc**'" 

r r-f? ^!sTv : ^iv. :'.'^^-: fH^t''- •;*-,;' ••:-!^* T .'^tai?. ■'r^^;?^ti^«f»5 ri«S«.^«t*V vr; 
ur'.l w tr^#; *■ ■:>„'-:<' rM,..^.;.. '■■'■lyrsoi;. .'.''vnss Jif^lteva**:-^*! ffffeT fMtiA rmtittii' 

-..-•*:• ■•..♦f,r jv.\f-;.' ■'•■ ;-. .-^<'. -j^-s; "vtiijo^* (T:tf.»-t^tif,l<r) f>if no at^ 


•▼ld«no« »a» off0r<ni Ha to Its contento. Pli^lrtlff tcatifimd 
that thii r^oolpt atut*U thnt It .^ua for rent for tho morstha of 
L'tty euid JunOf i«rh«r«ln h« was carrot'oratdd by ar<";th«r wltneae, Oe- 
f«"r.(liirl •tatod t^4lAt ho did not r»OAXl tii@ exaot oont^nto of the r«- 
o«lpt» aaY« that It wac for OlOr». It vyaa ftarther tjstabllahod that 
yro. Jernlnga did not vaoatcx u:itll Jlay T,Op 1i>]~, whsr tJne d©feri2nnt 
ter.derM th» proiclsas to the plalrjtlff. Plalrtlff, hoyf®vor, r©fua»d 
to aooept th«r beoausa th»y wore net tender^^l i*j«d upon, ard 
d«nand*d V\e return of th« oald "1^0, :h9re wsia nl30 toatinorsy by 
the plaintiff ti\a.t Jihim ho r^fuaed to ta;<© tho promlaoa on May ?ifV, 
10 i?^, d«f«r!daRt aali h® vould yuiiy bitok th® .-noney paid to hiw by the 
plaintiff. rhla» hoae^er, t#a8 denied by tha defandart. 

The entire ^ueetlor ir dlopute araa onfj of fact, Tiy axreo- 
■•nt %h.» partl';>B had waived a Jury^ and the oaueo «a?» submitted to 
the oourt: therefore, thla luostion of faot »j\s for thy oourt to 
determine, rh-' court. In enterlns judjyifjrt for ths plaintiff, evi- 
dently attached ^rreater wels^t to the tsstlsony offered on bf*half 
of the plairtlfft and aftijr a oxrafol rerlea of the raoorl, .te 
oanrot uay that It* flnilng sp.o clearly and reacnifeRftJiy a/Talnet the 
•eljjht of the ovia<m5«. 

thllft a nuraber if othjr otvot^ hav« been aoaii^noi and ar^ojed 
by the defandcu^t, yat ve bell«ve they uill ret?olve themeelvea Irto 
the question whether or not the flndin^' of th5 oourt v.^? oloarly and 
MLiilfeatly a^^alnst t -ht of th« erllenoe, and *e therefore son- 

elder it imneoaajary to rofer to these anecif ically. 

Klndlnp no reverolMi* error,** the Judgment will be afflmed. 

-K». .-M,jis ■■'.•■■■ . • .■•'.'?■■: <-'^ a ^;i?i -i-:^'*- K^ ^';,'"; ■:•..•. ^;i ,&.mil> I 

4^6 - ■nrrr^'t. 


a; HA (iAl.LA:f, ' ) / 

Plaintiff In ^rror, \ siiJ^ca TO 

•. ) / 

^»- \ ) „' UURICIPAL XUFxT 

0«fftn?iant in Krror, | w v 

\ ./' - - - ^ i\. 17^ 

3TATK^;.^r 0? THr% ^o>?:,^ -^13 *rlt of orr _ I out to 

raverso an order ont«r©<l ^dptanbar S, Ir'l'i, by thd .'iinlolpai court 
of Ohloago In the ca. e of .allay v. -Jathla , ahloh oMor fjet aaicie 
cr,d vaaated a Jud^wnt «r.t^>r»d by thaL court Iun6 iiv?, I'^H, «ind 
granted the dafandant laave to fll.- an affidavit of nerltr, Irstant^r. 

On Jun« 12, U'12, £*tha iailay, tha app«llar;t, herelnxftwr 
r«ferr9-.i to aj th** plaintiff, oos«a«noed ths abova isntitled suit 
ajjainat nuguot ^iuthia, the appolla©, hersirsaftor des'^atdd as the 
dafsrtdant, to r«cov«r darmgea Vziv peracjial Injuries »Ui*ta1nod ao a 
rojsult of b«ln^ run do-*T: t>/ aji autoraobile own'-ri ai^d cporutod ^-y tho 
dofandant. The atator^ort of clalrn a<^t forth a cause of iction. On 
Jura 19 th defor.iant flle^d his; appoar j.^;cj« in '?aid oaurics by hi:; attor- 
ney, J, J, Cart/, &r)4 d<«n.TLrid«^l a trial by jury, v n /ur.« ^Oth, on 
notion of the daf^rsdant, an order saa ontoro*! thnt, th^J tire si t>iir5 
•hi oh to TWh an affidavit of w«i»rlt3 ir aaid oaua© b«» ©xtonded five 
daya. ^:n June -T'th, Jud/^aont by dafault i»aa entered a,-aln -t defand- 
ant bacaaae of his f*illur« to flla an affidavit of raorlta within t^e 
tlDo allOi^eJ by th:t court. Qrx June ;.9tii, a Jury *^-< Iniparelod and 
•)k&m, j»ho, -iftor hoarln,-. tl-.e avldarce xrt^ aricimerta of (;oun?ial, ro- 
tumed a verdict aa^ieaalnf; plaintiff*- la-^a -on In the aun of X,^'^^^ 
upon which verdict t^ie court artered judrn«nt, The record further 
ahoi.0 t?^rtt 'T tha hearln-, dofonlart *trj neither preaort nor roprea«t>t- 
ed. on AU/!^0t Met - '•ox'n vhan -^r* day-t after Ju-frner.t «aa ontered - 
a rHjtlon «h3 nado by the defendant, throufii Ms attorney, •. J. Canty, 
i to Taoato ar.i aot anlde the auld ju iTifi^rtJ anl In oupport of aald 
! motion defondant fllt»d an affiaavlt slcpried by J, ;. • . Olow. This 
votlon «ae de'-led by the court, in .ieptetaber Sr^i, defondart, by his 


''T 1 

.TT- ■■■- ■ 'r ^:■ *i;^e- v*.^-' ..:/^ ,'i'? li -I ^ I;V orL? »« OJ U»V^* 

:--^=;'^: !:-;■'■;, ■■; -^f '.■■''■' ' v;- ;-k"t; gniecJ 

. .! h; . •■"■■; r-^-- - i: r^ > c--WlJ<^'% if lit 16.*«£»o^ 

V -J, > '■ ^."T^ y^txrif^'^•.^t>\rv^*^Jt■ 
C-' ■- J- ■ -.^ '-?- .T-'-lj -^^-ro^ • Jars i 
.=. ■ - — ■ »'^ jiv ■ •■•■ ■ 

r- ff i.r. 5. 

cittorneya, l irunda^;© , Lantion % iiolt, filed a saom potltlon pray- 
inc thai leave be ^^vari tho daf or. L-int to fli9 an affidavit of rrorlts 
lnatantt»r « Lipon the hairing on thi .. petition, both parties being 
ropreaanteJ, the court sntordd ar ord«r oettln^^ asltlj* tho Judcraent 
ami grant Irr, defendant leav« to file an afflriarit of rasrlts Inatarter ; 
which araa th« order ertsrs'l ocptonbor 5rd, for a rev^raftl of which 
this «rlt of error huo beer 3uoa out. 

:.'j?, JUo iJS r'AK dellvdrod th© oplniorj of th& aourt, 
it is adrlttsd that no -otior to vac&to) arast nads jithln 
thirty days, na prcvlAeA for undor s^sation Lil of th<i l-iuniolpal court 
Act, uhap. S7, Hurd*3 K, .', of ill. for lOii, Attor ths expiration 
of ths thirty du/», tha csourt oould aoiuirs Jurlmllotlor Ir. but two 
waya: (1) by motion to vacate tho Judg!a«nt upon prccf of errors of 
fact not appoarlnir of raoord - sirhloh »ould be In tho natur<^ of a 
*rlt of orrcr ooraia nobis at corrron la.; or (;:) by petition In tha 
nature of a bill In equity, ahojrln;;' equltablo grounds for vacation 
of the Jui^siunt. ,;uohi In the provlalcn of auction ai of th© municipal 
court Act, 3upra, jefondant. In filing? hla p<Jtltlon of 3epten»ber 
3rd for vacation of tho Judgoont (aore than sixty days aftor tho 
ontarlnr; thereof) endeavored to brtng hirasislf .slthin tha exception 
provided In oeotlon CI, by settln;? forth ^rounda •which vould be 
auffiolent to oaui^e the «a'i© to be vacalel, aat aside or i^ollflod by 
a bill in equity," r'laintlff contonis that the sail petition failed 
t:. d.n. forth euoh grounds} defendant ocntenda to the contrary, ard 
till J receaaltatea an ex.tnlratlon by uo of th^ prccee'Ur^e l&adlng to 
ti:3 fentry of the order ooinplainttd of. 

The flrat atop tak«ir to oot ailde trie 5^d/^">^i"^ ^'^^ ^''»« notion 
lo on Aur.uot ?1, 19l''«, In support of which the affidavit of J. 0. '', 
Jlo* aas filed, in sail affidavit r. :lo\s, after Mtatinr: that ho 
...e ounnooteii «lth the attorney of r^^.ori in th» Cia*^ and h'id'e 
of the defenjo In aitl i caretj, further aet forth that no notice had 

«.."fji*» ■''®lf% ??»',-''^.!'J f:^«r( •Jcslte v.'-.- 

•'.;* 'xei*/,; ■t^-'i.i-ri? \;i>; ""'- noiili' O'icc) Jn*>ari,y^l::«it^ - '■- ■? ^;:?, iiol-^stxc'- 
• -i ',- :"\ ^ :■%/•• S' ».:.':-.. *'■■■■ .1 ^.'^j.iPAV tt-^i .,/v' ""■.'.'•'. . -; J fjrt^ati oJ 4tt9ic 

baen servad «lth»r upcn th« dafer>.iart or hie attorney, U;a- a 
default ioull be applle*! for, inn Umt ik> on© *a« preoert at the 
tioe aaiii dofoult araa «n torsi, and th:it naif-iar d9f«n.iant nor imr- 
cne rftpr9»ftrtlr,<^ him had notice that t^ie da^na^-as ,«oiUd be«s jod, 
or «aro present cr; June ii9th ah^r) tho da^aagea *«r« aseessed; and 
that th« flrat kno-led^e of tha dafault and judgwert oar;© tc hlta on 
Au^at 1, lvl4, rh» record ahows th^t ths court refused tc 3»t 
aside the Judfrn*nt upon this affidavit. jctld affidavit contained no 
• tateaent or expL-matlon why no affllavU of r^^rits v»aj filed *ltMn 
th- tine allowed by the court; th^r only reason urged «hy tha Rotlon 
tc vacate was not Ernda «ltliin the thirty days as provided by statu te, 
was that the affiant had not learned of iho default or Judwaent until 
Au^ruBt lat foliowinij. Vhou^h information oarae to th^ affiant on 
Au-UBt lat, no -nction to vacate eart coade until AUiimgt 31st, vis,, 
more tiian alxty daya after th^ *rtry of Jud/!7'ent. Vhe ractlon, 
n&oe83arlly» therefore, iva.^ bueed on the utateTnanta in aald affidavit 
with reference to tli* action or the oovirt in entering; default, having 
dapage* aeaeasf^d and Judgsent entered, in the abaonoe of the defend- 
ant and »lthout notice to him. iba acta oonplHiniKl of were errors of 
law, reviewable either by app<jttl or arit of error. Jlearly, th^re 
•as nothing in gaid affidavit «hiob ttould have conferred Jurladiotion 
upon u court of chancery to entertain a bill to vacate aaid Judgment, 

on ^eptenber ^rd, tfte petitlor sworn to by def'sr.dar't sas 
filod. An extkisinatlon or t;:l« petition dooa not reveal a^y fact 
th»raln alleged which .vould confer Jurieilction upon a court of chan- 
cery, ^t la true, sail patltlon contain* th: stiiterwnt that an affi- 
davit of M*rit8 had been filed, verified by the aforesaid Glow aa 
agent of the petitlon->r, but the potltion cioarly eets forth that euoh 
state-ant »aa made ujjon I' foraation and belief. rh« petition aloe 
alle ed that the def onia' t h**l a ^-ood !*nd ra«rltoriouj defense tc tho 
oau^o of action, but only upon information end bell«%f« In other res- 
pects it Ij but an anipllficatlon of tht affidavit rsido by th(* aforesaid 

,J:5Al-^.:"^> ■• o;':**«'*,<'f;?-*c.rt 4«ofm» ttftie^rfe irmm^hiii baa bMnn»««« 

£EJ22iJl- '^"-^ •'^'^ •'*''^* ^"^^ •^'S^x iiicLiLiiS^: ^ j^i::iii »^ ^*£iSjE|. • 
b&£r«fooo£ S(>a ,\j<?^ teroa r$l to »J-t2pi ^^OD'v-<f •->;«< £^-i<f$» 5^f)9 JEW n»#rf .i- 

op-;?!-^^^^'^ or* r:-'=^i. 'i*' .ifo© t'-v' »?■'■> tjv ';■'' ;"...'.'.u." -'*)*; 'rx. ^rtotjcjufe -nl i 


*r.t9rtainln?5 a bill to cet aside Lh© Judgrnent oonplulnod of. Nothing 

aot forth In tho dafardar.t'a petition of ^epteraber 5rd aooounta for 

th« failure of the defendant to file aild affidavit of aorlta irlthin 

th: tlToo allowed, or explains ahy tho jaotlon to vacate t*'.© judt^Tnont 

«aa r.ot aada within the statutory period, vlr., thirty daya. Jo 

far aa th*< record ohofu, th^ failuro of the lefenlarit to file said 

affidavit of n«»rlta *a3 nd^l;;;6noe, aa was also hla failure to present 

within pj»opor tirae & rnotlon to vacate t la ojrder of jurlsiiient. nhat 

«e have a<»id *lth ref orenoe to allegationo in tho affidftvit by J» C» H« 

Clo* relative to the fact that defendant had no notice of the enter- 

in^: of the defuult, the adaeaasiert of dafna^r^eo and the entering of 

Jui^nsnt, anplioa to slEilar allegations in the p<stltion filed on 

on Soptsinbcr Zvd, 
Sentercbor 5rd» Tho court ^.vaa oloariy ffltiiout Jurlsillctlon tc sot 

aaide and vaoato the judgment entered June 29, 1014, and therefore 
the order entered by aaid court on Jeptowber ?/rd vacating the aaid 
Jujg.'^cnt Tauat be reversed, rjiln^r v. .far to , -^AV 111. 104; Jraaer v. 
i. u. c. A. , ii;5n 111. 513. 

ijefondant ooraplains by *.iy of croea-error, that tho court 
erred in defaulting the defenda'^t on J .mo ^th and in entering J^>d^- 
S'snt for the plaintiff on June asth. ,»e nakas the furthar point that 
tho jury in the caae at bar ahouli have been evom to aseeas the 
daaa^ee amJ not to try the lasuea, and as the Jury were a^om to try 
the lasuea, the Judgraont oan.ot stand. i(ithout paa-lnf^ upon the pro- 
priety of these crosa-errors, it will auffioe to lay th:it the vrrit of 
error no* before t' i "i court iri directed to U>« order of jente'nher ?rd 
vacating the Jud/^ent. Our courts have hel i auoh petition to be in 
the nature of a aepurate auit, and thwt In auoh a proceedlr/; an order 
setting aaide a Judgrient la reviewable by nppeal or writ of error. 
' Craner v. I. j. i. a. , auprti; liomes v. 0. J. '.\y* Jo., l=3rv m, pp. 

148, i«hile the oroaa-errora aaai^r.od ~ay b-i Uia proper subject nattor 

! 3epa.ratp 
Of aA*»rlt of error, they tro not involved In the le^uoa brcuf^ht to 

this court by the preeent irit of error, ^ therefore, *a cannot ccni'.lder 


-J'-** --if-^-^?;! '♦O 3 1 •■..,;, -j'J." t.i^.'!? i;v.r.?"^- .::.3 •;rrf*t;i«'5a;? ^rtj lo flntwli 

...V r ;; '■■:U ,..;./'.' ,njl-Li^o r'i:^-.»uj*!j«. ??fii rtlrfj?'^ •&bb ^^'-^^ 

.f^Ji; .XXi 0<^ , «A »ig ■#^ 

■ ■ ;•. -, '■■ / ^.- •^■• ;^J■■- -r^^ : ■ ,, *:;;:,-, ^'*®f ery nni^tXira^efe ttl l«- 

:■ ■ • ■' ■: . •;•■ ■•'■ ;.^ .-.■ ,:.••.,. j:i;/^ no 'i'll;:;- t»i:<7 =!n« lot 6 

■ -- ■■ .-V . •' ■ .-:.^ ,-.v..:.-?^ -■/:; -^-r^ i^ iorr trus ©e^^t 

-"- - : ' .-I, ''■' S-- -ij, ■■.;.' ,.•;■■■- J- .' -\ .-v-r s f^.i»>sf^iiiii »rii ««a&j««i 

!-•■•-? .' '.'-.-'■■•:- < . ■ J r-:« -■*.!>, • .' vif-tor r/:fJ^ molorf »;on tc 

.' ri J • ion •^t-1 _...? ^ictlv "ic ./^•'vv.x 

* ' • ■ 

.-;■-. ': 

J''fVi .'■-■ 

• :" 

li -• 

'•' -♦i?^„.J_ 

v>« >** 



.. .-.ex A 


-■:. <9> ^.>T 

iho ovdor of .;epteHbor 3rd in rovoraed an.i the 
M-ranUsd to tho vuniolpal court with airectior.o to exnunRO oald 
ordsr of .e>pteTr!b«r ord fron the rooord. 

-»95 - 80«a?, 

ROl^iin 3. TATE, \ ) / 300K JOl»!«. 

A?p«Mar,t, ) | 

A- V Y 

iTATHMii;;:? of TK;. UJt^i;, TMb 1h an action on th«4 caurr for 
fraud and <J«o*lt nllegAd'-^^^iai^n b:v-n practloeU by llon«r ■• TAte« 
&pp«lXarit« horelnaftftr rBferroti to »,8 t^o ,'i»f«r.iart, upon Edward 
ji» .^attii, appell99 &ni horclnaft'jr d«islgnat9d au tho plal'Ttlff, Ir 
tne purohaeo by ilefor.lart fron pl*ilr.tiff, of oortalr. ro .1 ostato 
valued at /J'^Oj t^« f rau t iiller,»<l balng Ir? Induoir-g plair.tlff to 
acaopt a not'- of ono i:&lb«/ for '>?'^4«£5 as part naywent of th« pur- 
ohaoo •wn-j'y for tha real tt^atata* Or. this trial below the Jury foxmd 
tha dafori'lant /jullty an<l aaaasoad tho plalrtlff'o dartai^js In the 
ousi of 45«?'S,ijft plUiS Irtaraat frOD ttx^ dats of th« not© (.'ay S, Ul;::). 
Upon thla varaict Uis court cmtsrad Jud/rKant a^aln«t th© d9f«?-;iar:t 
for th« smra of v3'5'''«Sft and eosta; to reverse *hich the defe»u:lant 
haa protfeouted this appeal. 

MRm JUoTIOK PA1 delivered the opinion of T,h6 court. 

Ln aay, 1ft 12, plaintiff advartlaed a sart^lri lot for aalo. 
Tho dofendOTit, «ho knew t}ie plulntlff, notioeii th« advertlaowi»nt 
In the papor and put ? Insylf in oor^aurloatlor, ailY. i.h« plaintiff 
«ltt: referonov to tho puroha:!* of aal i lot. After eon<i neKotiatlona, 
the plaintiff acid .^.ia lot to th-i viafendart for the ausi of ■.Gr>?>, 
and aa part of the conulderatlcn, the plaintiff took fro- the le- 
feniant a note for ;i.M4»^-'i dat©<i ay S, 10 l»i, payable .September X, 
liJlii. *fte rote wu^* 3l»^ed by one i. '• Dalbey, ffa ■ payable to hin- 
3<?lf anil in lor ad by hln. 

The declfu**tion ir the auit, aft or aettln.'i; forth that the 
property vaa aold ar..i the note taker a3 part pa;/reent, charpreo that 
for tl.e purpose of ind.iolnir aald plaintiff to aft 11 def-^rin-t said 
property, dafonlant falsely, fraudulermy an! leoeitfully ropre- 

■Symb-.i^'i^'i.^ ■>-' ^iSf-I?rft s:-:?'*^"^. y-^-' i^r^a^is© ,i;.;:xij 4iU*^^?*^^^^ •<S«m■'•rtl'""«o■• 

a«nt«d and a tat el to the plaintiff that th» said ,-;. H, D&lbey, 
tha ?aa)t*»r of the note, ■*&« solvent, t^rit ho wait a great lu.'shftr 
serohartt" thi».t the eald Oalbey 7<i<i "finaralally re porelble," 
and exhibited "• certain orw'llt ratlr^gj aho^ln?- th« eaid Dalbey to 
be iR a eoijtnd tnd atrorj^t flniuiol»l oondltlor.,* ar?i repreo'^/rittHl 
*th«t tukid Jalbey sraa reliable, and would take up and pay aaii 
prowlnaorjr note whor the aa'no oar^e due?* tl^iat said Dalbey "lived 
In a fine home In lenocd, Illlnolti, pall lar;;e rent and had a good 
standing In aall concjunlty, th&t hl^ bitsiness was Ir ^cod oondltlon, 
that lie hakd no outetaPvdlng Indebtedneoa or oMlgailon*T, th&t eald 
pronlaaory note waa s^-vtm In paynant for ru^e." iho deolcratlon 
furthor aet forth that plaintiff, becauae of his Tnlth ar»-1 belief 
in the aforeaald repreaentatlona and etato^^t^nta, &rA b»>ca^ii3e of hla 
belief In the honeoty and falmaaa of tht> defendant, jold hla proper- 
ty to the defendant on ?Uiy «^th and receive 1 aaia note at Its faoe 

VAlue, In port pay^sent. vhe de:;lar&tlon further ohar^ea tl^t the 

aforesald statenenta ardApreaentationa were falae and untrtie, that 

at the tlna statersenta aere ssade defenJart >ne* aald i)albey aa? In- 
iXJlvert and unable to raeet tha note ehen It fell due, und that Jalbey 
at the tlp«» «aa Indebted to othdtra In larf^e auriu, a^'gr^iSatln^ ■■^^»'*'*0, 
In addition to being Indebted to the defendar.t in V~o jun. of ..?1,'10^. 
The decl-unition further ohar-^csd that the oonalderatlon for aald note 
»a9 cjoney advanced; that aail note, though overdwe, hui never bew:} 
paid, ar.d thiit by reason of the pre^iae**, the plaJr^tlff vvaa deceived 
ani defrauded by Iha lefendtuit. i^efendant pleaded not guilty. Plain- 
tiff contende that the evidence In the o«ae suatalnad the oharjcea eet 
forth In the declaration* Def^mdart denlea ouch cont«ntion, a?^ 
further csalntalne that the evidence aho.e that the plalritlff ill not 
rely upon any etatewert aade by hlta; that it In fact ne/<;ative3 auoh 
rellanoe; furthorr-Hsre, th&t whatever atatemonta «er« »ade by de- 
fendant *ere made In ^-.ood faith. Defendant aloo oontenda that there 

la no proof of th^s ^roourt of da.-'a.r;.!. If any, auffere"! by the plain- 

6cc^ j; '/^j:? rr^A-: ,/s?e^i >*-:S:^Ji:; t.|:i::>-j ^'/I^Wi^iii ,^S»C>m?li ,Ci.t f^i: 

:-9dS- -Ts--: •■■'■•.':; -^:.-> ■^■^^f'.sf.f^- ':'' U -''^'l 'm. -^gi't . v /» cf«^'»t*^• • ft^q'i^W'i^t*'- 

}9r' ^.-.... '^^^-' •r^s.f- 'I'W ..• ■ . ■ -v-jg .fxi^ in»=^<v,----.<&'K.y^ .fofi^ fcrua ^ 

,\^ xit^_. ,}i..' : ./•;- vi •' J ■'.•■>*; It.-- , /^■s^.n.i^S'S'- r -^/r:^ Y<^ £>e^*i?,^<S^« 
it:,-.;r^ ^ IJ '. - ' .. ^-i/" ..',^'. '-.'^,f -^ .- '^. . :?:■•?» a»fja i«- 

tiff: ttiat t^A ocurt <ulr:;ltt3*l l»prop«r •vldeno* ar-l refu3»fMjl 
proper indtruoticns tan-l«r«d. 

flinr« ar«r6 Isut thr«e •itn«»a«s, n»?^eiy, the plaintiff, the 
defend&nty and b« H» Daibey* yihose testlrcony vaa taken by de:>osl> 
tlor» on behair of th« pl&iritiff. Plaintiff, nho aaa aupe-rlntvrhient 
of tranaportatlor. of the OhioakSO 3t Northerestam f'sillwcy, t»atifled 
tnAt he hAd kxio«n defwvtant for aevoral /eara prior to the tzvtntsac- 
tion in (|ueatlO!i) that they both llvaJ In =^vanator, ubout t*o blooke 
apart; th-it i»i the necT.otlatiora loolrinjF» to tho aalo of the property, 
defervlant asked plaintiff to taSco the .'ialbsy noto; that plaintiff 
than fiiaked hlw If he would indorse the net's, tc whloh riefcmlAPt re- 
plied In the nef^atlve, statlr? that he coul-l not do 30 beoa^i-^e of 
the nal»e of the wystpar.y ifciUi Rhloh he vas &seocl&tT*d, lut that the 
note "raa perfectly ptood, a* he kn«w the r«tker: that defendant ♦,*iefn 
aub-Tiitte-i to bis oert&ln oossrsarotal ratings, whloh oonalat . 

un oossoMrclal report and two letters shloh had beer; reo^lved by Iho 
defendant, *hioh h34 erldemtly been vrrltten in re^nonee to a request 
for lnfor?aatlcMfi ue to the responelblllty of th» eaid Dalbey; that 
defendant then a»ked pla^lntlff to Inveetlr.&te the nan further, which 
plaintiff aald he would do, and that In purauanoe of hie In-restlf^- 
tlor.e. Interviewed one Jonea, treasurer of the '".hlaago ?< Korthweatem 
tiallway, bein£ the conpi»ny «lth ehl-sh plaintiff eae etstployed, eald 
Jonee being a neighbor ot the *ald aalby: that lontSJ lr»for^?»ed hl^ 
that he wa» aoqualnted alth Dalbey; that hie (Dalbey 's) fuiiily «»3 
lirln/; In eo-ifortable olroui3-«tanceM; that the houae In w^loh Dalbey 
lived in ilenooe rented for ul^ut ilOO pur nonth, ^nJ that he thoufl^t 
tiie sM»n was all right: that plaintiff thereupon oalled up defend- 
ant on the telephone and asked ehat arae the oonalderatlon for the 
aald noto, whereupon he whs told the oon-»lder*tlor> therefor waa 
ruga aold by defendant to :>albey; that plaintiff then rerllsd he 
•ouid taxe the note; that thereafter the trur.daotlcn waa olosed and 
the note In queotlon taKwi by plaintiff; that several r»onths there- 

a-'C-C'T .' ^>-.J ^-i-.i^rJu ,fs;!>^^irii5,V/^ 'tX '^■^.■-i |i*«eJ ^:?^ S®<fer ■ -^f^^Umi^tsa^ nt iX9l 
Ti f^ fit;; « f ist^ %m$m . V'-^' JtfC. ■ ^^^ ■ t^JS*'-"?- ?-^*. 'tltlJ-.i^vfe^iti ' r-^;t^. , 

♦^let^-^r^-'-'tU:; .. ,,..:-i,-'-: -f^rr.?. -Jty ■3^^'f,<.^;U- ,,*^¥S^!a^^».^^^^ ifSi^^^V^MjlJ^ .^•ttOf.? 


af|>er h« va» Infora^d that Jedb«y «&3 lenvlnj- .l/»noo« baoauao of 

d«bt« dus ar.i oainii, thut hlsj property *a3 b»lr.;: attaohvd, and th«t 

h« wtta 5oln^ to :4tintAnaT that ha l^rraea lately ooT»'^unl<5at« 1 -/Ith de- 

fanciant by t«lephor:« »n4 ohargad bin «lth knoailfiiga of thl« altua- 

tlon; that ho cha^^'•<l hl3 vlth tryln? tc put ov«r a daal UT>on Mrs, 

ard that dafsniiant rapllod th«re must b« aotad tilstaka about lt# 

that the> "muj wculJ a till pay th« not«T rrjoraoTar, that tha Tsoti aaa 

£091 and sould be paid; tliat th«re v^a c':>nsiJarabl9 blttomaa^ In- 

aulgel In ovip th& tel'3phon^» .«i<J t^vat the scnvarsatlon aras andsd 

by dof»nd«r,t hanging up thti t«l«pl«>n« reoaltar. PlalRtlff furthar 

tsjtlfied, that h« rdllod or ddfan^lant'a stateasrt that tho ooralder- 

fction Tor aal i not© haa th» aalo of ru^a: plaintiff further tsstl- 

flei that dofondart aali ha had had bualnea:^ r^lt^tlcna sftth Dalbay^ 

that hd aoncilder^itd hla sound and aolirsnt in svary way; ?urLhar»Bora, 

that ha aaoaptad the nota b«DO^aad of tha rapraaertutlons laata to hits 

by tha dafanJant *.» to Dalbay'a ra^jponalblllty, fsnJ baoaui^a Ui9 d©- 

fandant waa a nalglibor of hl^. 

Plaintiff, in hla daolaratlor., firat cl^arr^eo t e tiaf^rdant 

•1th hj^vln'^ raprosentad that i^albay «aa solvant* ha avidanoaf as 

given by plaintiff* eho«B UiAt »t botst, what daf^^ndant tAt&tr»d aaa 

that ha acnjidored Jaibay aolv»nt? nor la tharo .\r.j ovld moa in tha 

oaaa that Ualboy stt.» Inoolvont. It l-? tzM^, ther* was haaraay tafcti- 

amy that ha «a^ laaTlnir »lanooa» that hlL* proportjr had boetn attachad 

and oralltora mt^ pursuing; hifs, but such ta^tiaony in lalthcut foroa 

in dat9r;2inln/ tha laauau praaentad hi»ra* .oracvor, 4hile It la 

furthar true tnat Via note ^aa not pal ., ahon praaortad, yat there 

la no avldanoa to show that aal i nota aould ?;ot bo sollaotad by auit 

? or by being prajsantad ajjaln. un tha oontrary, thara in wvldonoa 


i that another nota ^.:^a via ^Ivan by Dalbay at the ^a^a tica an.i dua 

tha dafondantf ha I baen pali ainoa tr^o nota In quaatior hai Taaturad, 

Plaintiff thdn ohar-atl that dafar.dant had raprosar.tad to >.ln that 

Oalbay vaa a iiraat luisbar Qftrahant, th^it ho vaa in a sound a^d atron,' 

,;ri-' rcK^; ii-^-v ■ -.r-i-ij St^ C>' '■■fJ'i'X^ *'. -'s- vifs* tm-'^cj^' ..; 

^:t.^iff. f^f^e ball •: :f•^.-i?fl^•- • ^ ■ txa-.^ ,^ jon-i'' '^-rttiftt^t »** «rf jaH^ 
«<M»'i rr :*5-^~ f. ^t x^r;:;-- •-'■': ■• '.^^^t - :,' . j;^ /; '•r\;i.-«;t; ■ stw; js!-?''.; »£)«f 

^te5 V'-' ^v^o^c/irj© :^;- ■■■.;■■ :,:.:• f.^erf .\?j^:, /•.,:•'-' ¥,sori8 «vj «^on»6; 

flnari.olftl coniltlun and vrfta abl9 Ami would taV^i up tna not« »^wj 
dua. rhj only «»vldono« to pror-9 this all«9s»Vion la a/'.aln the i!uit«- 
Kcnt by plaintiff that deffrndant told ^i". ho ooraid^rad Oalboy jol- 
vent ard that h« voulJi taktf up U>« -. r^turliy. th© tastlrwny 

of tJi« plaintiff »how3 that nt Uie »ar;« tl'na th« ■Jl«r'n>iart as'^«4 
plaintiff to loo\ up lialbwy, and save hla th» m«rcar.til*» aganoy re- 
port aral th« two ldtt«ra prarioujly rofarreil to. ::h»xif ^aa rK> flvld- 
enca of any kind aho*lns that Jefandart ijav© any faotc or fisjiraa 
with x^farenoa to i^cUbay's finaralai rastponalblllty, sive tha oca- 
aeroittl ratlr^ ard tha lattera* ar.d M.» o*n r^tatawgrt that h« cor- 
ald«rad iJalbay good and tiat tha note xoulfi b» paid, '^"hila plain- 
tiff oJ:\ar[:«e dafondort sflth kno*l •<!;?:• t)iat Dalboy wae Inaolvorst ard 
indobtad in the lar^,i» ea^ of -^fi^OOO and that d«f*ndar.t *m«w :.>alb«f 
hud had bualn«f.9 rarar»«?3 and «aii baing haraa««Ji by his oralltora, 
yet th^ r9-:ord la bwrrdT^ of arsy uvia^t.^a ahoslng or »T«n ti-rdJTiir to 
iljow that tuoh kRoarlsci^a w&a pc tha def^ndast, prior to the 

trarisaoticii ir. <]u«atlony aave i.'-. un^ iws.&^-l, risv^iy, th&t th-e defffr.d— 
aiit did hava one othsr ncta cf />»lbay*a« <fnloh tli^ <9Yldarc« -^hovs* 
ho»OT»rt baa alnoa bama paid* rise only toatlKony th»*ro is* ir. t 

' ~'i r«rttr«nco to tho a-sount of Jaiba/'ij indabt^dneso at about t:i.^ 
tii^o ho laft Uar.oo«a Is t-'io t«atir:ony af i>albay hl.-aaelf. In tha ddposl- 
tlon ta^$n on ba<^)alf of th* plaintiff l" tho oauo«. In i»hlsh Dalbay 
&; -o ctatsu HiKKk h9 «aa lndabt«d to daf oxidant In th9 aum of r^lvv^t 

.,00, but aAid J.«lbay in t ;• aasna dc^altlon atat^! tnat dof'>"dant 
masI not know of any troublaa tiiat h« (iialbay) >\Jid had until s^rly In 
Jun«, shun ht» lnl'ora«d daf9nJa3:tt ho did not thinH ho »oul'} be ablo to 
tta^-t f*^ r»oto ahar: it foil du«* ThlH •as at leaftt t'?o aadV'2 aft*»r 

ooi . .. ^i:m of th# transaoticn botKoan plaltTtlff and daf'^ndart, An4 

Oidbay further •tatad that At t!ia tlaa of ^A^lr.^ th9 not« he 1* ' *v"t 
0*0 to azoead S^»'>^''; that »h«n ha eaT« tha not© ho int^nfi: 
it on ^•pt<Ksb«r 5rd: and that h* did not ta'-e ur ?«* -turlty 

baaausa oertaln oontraote had not turned out -^ ^ ,-_7t54. 

,-,i;-- • • , ; ^ ,,;:* . ..,•.•;•.- .•?..:i/- a£;-.l^- K^:* ' - . i- i-J t i OryQ ' ■ •' • 

~ij'.i •.-.;• V- ' ..' (•■an- ■-: --i-X -. :. '.:v^.'H^..-:,-^.^^.,.Z :.'^l «»4? Ik:: 

''i*:rx: r.^\ :} i-if! r: <:^'->^^]&^-- m^iv •: L:-? ?';;•*; »:<i"T., vJ^-^* I &/:*^ t^rm fir?i Jfl*I " : 

««** *»i5^ :\1 - '. :-ir^j •\'-v~:A}.-i-&i:~ .r^liifii v^J^ •M.t-t^ -^iaf.*!^ »r&£e i*«ii. ,*., 

th9 d[«elaLn*ti'>n furf^sr ahar^o* that dcf vr :''.ttr; t r*»pr«i3«r>t- 
el that Dalb«y»f» litjslnoaa whs In 500 i «>cnclitlon imi that h» ha-l rvy 
outBtar^l'^S 1n4obt»<Jn«»« cr obllgatl'nn. 'Mre ia no ^tTld^Mice In 
this rocoM *hloh fthovn -Ufmriart ru4« any 3uc»- atitflwwt. rhe only 
^▼IJaroe cf lh» oootlltlcr! of Jalbey'a buair - : thAt «h1oh :in- 

•dors In th* taatl'^ony of Dalb«y hlmaalf, to whlah ittt h«v<» JujJt rs- 

7h« othor ail«£2it*c^ *-? to th« faliie r«nr®s4n tat 1 on :^ le 
I'... I the d«f«»nli*nt dtatol tMat tli5 not« »a<« a;lv«r) for rurs, rh« 
only •rllenvje or. that oolnt to aMp?»ort thn plal^itlff 1-- tM^ »vl'le'7c« 
of tho plaintiff hl»8«lf, PlaSntlff 's^ntsnd? thnt, hai ho known 
till 9 not* was jivan for ^tonay Inc^t-sal of ru»^iB he awstJlfl not hrvvr- ^<j- 
o«;>tel «iil 1 noto. in support of tlalis oontentlm V9 ar?^i«T that th'>ao 
cotst} ««r6 slT«n by !5.alb«y baoftyoij of fjviud :9rtMJti<5<»d UTH>n th^ -^ef^rxl- 

ant by D«lb«y. .'li^r^ Is no founlation for m-oh ar;".iw?'»r> t In the 

rAoorit Dalb«y*r} teasilj-^iony «ho** th=xV ftt/r.a irr*r« psrt of th-* (5cn;«l.der- 

9ti-»r for th«(«9 rot«»« 

D»f»n?<snt teatiri=d that ha nwul* no r-jprdsentatlon t>»at 

olbey *^w^ aclTent, th^t h* aaV*! plaintiff tc nuirj his over, investi- 
gation, sonA tb&t plaintiff aid 30? that h<3 aub'^lttocS to plaintiff 
tha sarcft Inforaatlon ahlch hs hlnaelf posa^seod? that h« had trens- 
aotttl bualnaad urlth l>alb«y to tiie axt^vit of forty or fifty thour.rtnd 
dollars: tnat all pr«»vlou3 obligatlor.a of .'albey had been rwt: 
that t^iii not<9 jr6»-5 on» of two that hcd b«er! )?lv"?n to moat an in- 
dobt«iro«a whiah had arla«n b€»oaui«i© of a aijitaV«?» nad« by a for-^nan 
of :}«u.b«y*e In •rrorj<»ou^ly shlpplnji^ t»o ear^ of liijcbsr t""* Olovaland 
instead of Ohioof;©; that he had no kno^lod^r" of any indebtadr.o* ^ of 

.alb«y*j, aavo th««'» n^'t^oj that ho ofubmltt«d to plaintiff thfl a»«r- 
oartild agonoY report skrd th-j letters, and plalrtiff tooV t?i#»., 
•tHtin^ he would look f-<i:T ovor aivi lat hi':j ^ow; that about a woot 
thereafter he rooelved th** folloivlnf; lot tort 

, ;«. ^- t-:^:'- .-.J- ■V-:iv ;.% vi::;..V- :3-,.t^!.: .'?'~i;- :.^:■'%^. rVvii^ f-Si3»«': 

.'■■-■ erf^ 

'lir. lioner Tata, 
o/o Union Jonl. Jo., 
I'^T u, 7ua?ilnrton .t., .^h.-jjo, 

■*7 (l9ar r. iftto: 

i. r9t\iiT, h-^rdwlth t>i« p4»p«p3 relativo to th« kimont 
;•:. Jalboy not*. I hnv:. conaultod r/ith a frlm-d .?^-c 11 vol :-t 
/l»noo», tflU'j rsf'jrjnce to this g»rti«aAn, hr-I hav© ooroa to 
tfic o- r.cluaion that ! eill ta ^-illl*.?^ to ta^o thio ^•'.~'' ic-'.o 
on the let. 'i.« lot lu the first on© a^nt of th» house built 
by -^loo JoMell. in othop Kor^u, It 5m l>ot*e«n ;lo:i ->v?eil'o 
houBQ ?ind th« ^4>U'3e ownsd by jx*. oJlowry. 

Ihftt the flrv»t ho taoa aitii r>9f*3r<»r<59 to Jalb«7*s clttp«,rtur« froie 
the olty iaa whsn h« vas ealX«a up by plaintiff* a attorney: that 
bo thareaftor talkai with plaintiff OT«r the telophDns, whorain 
plaintiff aad« oertaln ahar^s^a j»galn3t hl^ to ahioh dafanUant ot>- 
Jentad, and rie (d«f«n<iant) «rd»d the oonT«ra&tlcn by hanging up tha 

fthlla plaintiff nalntalns that this arlctanoa ahoas that ttio 
dofard&nt had nade repraaaritatlora ahioh ar«r*» fal»» and shloh le- 
fondant kna« to Iiava baen fiil8a» ar;d that tw (th© plaintiff) rallad 
on theoo rapraaontationa ir, aooapiln^r tho rote, .»o f*ill to flr.i any 
avidanca even t-^ndlng tc aho* t>.at tha Jefarrfant rtsda p-ny natorlal 
falao raprasa- tatJcna. oraovar, t^ara 13 nothlfii;: In t'na eTi:l»noa 
froia v'loh it oar\ ba ap^ed and frca shloh this court car aonoluda 
that thara aora faota In dafandant'6 pos«aaalcn «ith r9r0r«r\^e to 
Uulbay'a oonditlon «hloh ha had sonoaal-id tmm plaintiff, .-tirt^ax*- 
■ora, tha avidonoa lalaarly ahowo that auch r epra a an tat lon« irhl^h the 
pluir.tlff ohar,.79a to havf» bear falaa sraro not rolled upc»»' by hlrn. 
The avldanco ao It appaara In the reoor-1, aiaarly shour^i t^mt the 
plaintiff taada hl» o^n Invaatlisatlon ani aot'»i tharaon. VJhlla, In 
anaaarlr.ff a quoation oalling for a oonolujlcm, he atat'^n othar^l-^a, 
yat the faota Irs avidanoa da.'roTiBtrata tha contrary. .n csrosa- 
axa^lnatlon, tha jreoori uhOia Lha folic «in»t taatlwony aaa riv«nt 

I:. '■■* 

.'■-'■i::"'C- .'I -..C- ■mm.^ «jtJ £.?'5i;v i.^^' 

■■•1: ^ -^ : ■ ^- • f,-- ';. A)i : • J ■ ,:, ,v*^j,:.'7 f«r.- ><■' ?ivjj--; o^ ■,..-> rT.-i- 

■'■; •/ ■ ; ' .: ^; „•.;/■.': ."-'^ v". .i.t ■i'^fjat'j ^t- 

• :, •chnt did i^r. "ate tsll you at yovar rtrat Intorrlsw 

about looking 'Jalbsy up? A, iie told ms to Invoatl- 
gat© hia, 

Q. jei »h«thor h9 irio ^ooi or not? A. vjijii, nnttir.Ttll?. 

Q, i?*d ht3 t«ll Tou ahst Dallwy'si buelneas »as? i^, The 
l«tt«ra ai^oiojd'i tti^t. 

4* lou fcn«w thon thit ha «aa In the licabur bualraae? 

A, Ten, alr»* 

Plaintiff furthar /Jtsito ? thnt ha oonauita^ .^Ith wi intirsivto friand 
anJ in a{i«oeiata of hla, .^'ho »r-o i* nolphbor of Dalbay'a In "lanaoe, 
na-^ely, tha :.r, Jcnaa pravloualy rofarr©-! to, »ho not cnly Tarifi&d 
dof::ndar,t*» Btatariarit a.3 to Dslb«y»n raamar of 13vJn>'^, h^xt alao v^aa 
of the opinlorj that Dalbay was rallatola. Although plalrtlff oontonda 
th^iit ths traraaction b-<* al03a4 ahan he tel©:^hor»dd daf«>ndart aa tc 
tJi-j oeraldanitlori for thla note, be «:x9 tol>l It «a« fer ru^a, y«tt 
t^« »vl<1ano« oho^a It wa» Sat^rrairiai by t!>«t latter writta*- te< tha 
dafcrdarst by tho plaintiff lasiar date of ay ar«., aboTO vt forth. 
m 3«il:l l«ttc*r plaintiff stat€>d h© rstumsd %T\^ p^parji *ltb r-sfar- 
•roe tc the Dalba;? rota (prasuta^bly the noroantll* a^fmoy r^r^ort and 
k*ie latter* fro-" rRor- with s^oh Dalbay had done busiraa-'t which lattera 
Irlloata^ th«t thfl art tors thereof ballava4 that Dalbay «a:-. ral labia 
and trjatworthy • runX furthar statad that he hfti oonoulta^ j.lth a 
frlsnd. w'th r-^fer-sfj^o© to tha ^^ntlaman (jse&rslniT r;alt>ey), MhlaV' •■ • — 
the avlionda ahov««d tc nave beer. .?r« Jons^, an i hid oon&a to tn-. - - 
eludlor that ha wmj* wllllr.t to tat'^a tbla $315 note, prasu-svably ba- 
oaj':=. -■! i.lntiff had alraarly taatiflad, hla as^calate avu frleod, 

Jon'j^, ..t; toid hl-^ a.-ilb^y Ta* ralliibla. 

In our opinio*^, tha arl iar.oa In thl 1 r«3ori net only olqar- 
ly ahor»» no sBatsrlil fal3« r5^r'9'»'»rtat1o'-< via nada, but. that tha 
plairtlff did rot raly upon auoh otata-^<*nt9 a« had ba^n ajida, but 
•ou^t Infcnr.atlon of hla o^n anl ^lotai thoraon. "hfjr^ifora «e ba- 
ll»ve thi v«»rdiot or tha j^ry aai olcarly ani 'tirlfsatly ariln-t* t>^A 
■•i*uht of the avldanoa. Ln tnl3 ▼ii< of tha oa>e It \^ not n,;.. 
to Ala«ua« th* ct^>3r •rrorn a«al<5nacl and argued by th** iafrndant. 



t. ...<;■■ 

hvi^ '■■ 

,' --.?t- 


.^. t,:.' 

: .. ■■ ' 



■- ■; I ■••>" 

•as in 

:uX *d4 ;ti; *^f< ■■■I 5 •?^"' f^a,-:^! sf».n^ U^- 

■ifr: ■. ;.u-vv..t¥*5"r'5 4".; .-.J. ,t.-: ed* ^"!tJt»^ 

- ■■ -: ,-- =;-- •• .' -.■ ■•.'\ ■ ^'-^ ■ -* -Hi^ , .,: : '-^■^ a ?^"- ' "JO* It?" V ' -?*5:is: 
;,.,. .. ..j;^,,-j... .,, .-.^.^^ ..f:^' '.•r'ir!,. :■' .T ; ;.Vi t»-«CtW >V •• "V i^ " ,>:•'' l]'-!^' LSX*\ iiiiS ^ii «. 

;.♦;?•,. .\i-.: ". c ":-.'^?.^'-' %v^' .^■■■.' r- ''':.' -• ."'ill? .''^r '•;•••■;:■: e'l^SS^tt 

.-.••^ : ■ ■,- . , ■■• ■■•.:^, .'■■ ..• ■>:• i- ^d« «r - 

.-•r ■ , ■. . - ■ .■ < ■ .\ ': ■ l- ■ ^ -s ' ■l^.n.£ ■ 

.K- ■■ . - .• ■ . . . ^ •, .,-■-. ' :.-t:'.^ ■■■' ■ :!,-2i:re t.; ■ 

^. .. = -. ,>..., .^. . . v .■■.,t-i^;c 'urc ffl 

, ' • :\ ■• ■■^. ■ • ■ .-I;;'"^ .'■; .'r«tj««: ^- ' 

■ <-• - ■ • ,■ . ^ ■ •: „ . ■.-:'i\ ;:. ' U'r :tcn ' 

-— ' - ■■ ■ ' - - ■ ■ ':: ■■■ \u o tl ' K. r:y? J. 

— 0— 

b»8 riJTeradJ «ni la* oiUj« remanded. 

507 - 20<^.'An, 


Appitllojr\t, ) ,V?;i/a. IROU 

) / 

) I 

Appellee. ) 



3TATK' I-^iT OP' CMS JA.i.., Thi* app»aJ i ^utart fron a dsoroo 

of th« olroult Oourt of JdOlc county, dlBslBsinc., for *ar,t of equity, 
a bill for dlvoroa brouf'^it by illlla" C. :Or"Jarj, oofflplalnartt -i^ainat 
May -omiar, <l«f«5ndar.t, or char/-oa of ddaartlon ard adultery. 

:ihn JULiTiCE PA=^' dellvorod tn« opinion of the court. 

Thia bill *a:^ filed Jaruury •", 1V'14« osrvice *a3 hnd by 
publioatior, due proof of whloh ssa ^sado, ar.d ro appeararce or Arsewar 
havinf, bd»rj fll^d by tho :lof©r.dant, ab© «a3 ci9fault«a, ard oorsrlair- 
ar.t's bill tukfln ao oonfeoaad. On !iarch I9th the cante oa?-« up for 
hearlnr. bafcre the Honcrablct Ad^lor J» Petit, one of the jti i/roa of 
Uio Circuit Oourt of .;oo;' County. No on« a:n5<jar©d or bohalf of Uio 
defwidant. Jomi-»lainart wao oallect to the atand. Hla tastircony sc.b 
to th« effect that he st d the defonl&rt w«r« '^arried April :."', l^^'^'l, 
at =*inn9apclla, ''innasotaj that about 'aroh l";, i:>or:, flof9r;<ia^'t left 
oonjplainart 'i? houae ard tstHtwi that si.e »aa retumln-; to the horra of 
bar iTiother: that aftsr about t*o waofra aha returro-ci to co-^plalnant 'a 
horae, r»iMilnin£r silth hi-: a* out oro sn^Y , follo«inr which aha as:;ain 
laft coreplalrant: that at thl^* tiro, defoniant atatod to Mr-' that 
•ho aac; tlrad of riarriod life ard did rot care to llva *lth Mr; any 
longort that the complainant thereafter alntainod hia r«oideno« 
In <^'lnneapclla until "ay, lf'i~, *har. no oart-.o to JhlOiij^o, and that 
defendant nevor returned. 

Upon th4 oharr.e oi* adult-^ry, corcplairur.t tostlfled ai to 
rdsooriuot or the part of th) defondart with one i;ay ,i.okroth, de- 
tailing. Bhat hi 3a.3 or. ono oooaaion, ar. i further, n^ to adrlnalonc 
of Infidelity '^ade to hin by the daf<3nJart. A'^tar courudl had com- 
pleted the exaalnatlcn of the cowplaina^n, the laltor bt a. ^ ^further 

\Otii: /; r -' ■. 

J'v J <.•;.. !')(-'^'i-, > 

. . ■ ^in, &if?"; 

i>?rre> ^;-" 

. '>! ,.'*)*."r5'^ ' . 

, i:5. ,t^'v.pv. 

:■ • t^^-*'^' -'- 

■:y:.' ■'■j'v\':^ 

, :', '-^ Di ^' ;. I A ■« \ 

■■, i ' y 

{ ■ 

..f''^ "i^ '^■. .'..■ -■ , .; -•^. . ■ r. £--f'-> .:. „\..:.-U'':.. •-■a;. I0 j*s»oO ilootJtO e 

I-'" / t'":^ .Li-ir;,> .!.;.; 1- . - ,.-'0^ .■ 'ri .t-.. ,!->;: 'Sy^J h:& *d Jffcd^ J3£>11» *rfi - 

.*^^^i ■-:*::. rrt"^-'- ,*" r t ' ■:(■.:■■ M:.,:.i- iP'tiJ ^^iQs^&iritii" ,eiioq-e«mTlsr ■ 

•^r- <.;. y. L_. ..^ . v.^-,: f^: .:r, „?.>;i\ ,' }•>??:* :;.^-^3 t"-^ et«6fc»0d 9* ^rTSfsijiXflf 

"^":' ' ■>•' . ■■.■ ■■■?-^L ,?>:•:':? nirr^ 5ij j-jr-J ;Jrnf;''telqarcK) 1^.. 

'-'^ '• •-'■'■■ ^•^.>-■ :■---■• >!'-': .;-^ , \. Mvhi: "YO •t.t^o frfi rtOqiJ 

ft/-- o o ' ,. ,ic<i." '» ' :u « loha&ooo •no rro »«« •ri i«n 


Interrogatofl by Ihti court, in 'xr.fsunr to jt -;juoit,lcri by th» oourt» 

ooraplaJnant otate^l th'^t «j.«n daf-jndart lert ni^ she wo'-t to live 

iflth her rroth^iTf at ahlah* tlrjti ho tol;l hor tliat iwhatovsr furritur© 

hJkd bo«r. p.!.ld for aho 5il;7.*xt ta>©: *}5<»rf>UT)on the oourt further »x- 

iknlnad th«j «itn938, »<ho teatiried i^ folic *3i 

".?, You aay you l«ft horT A, ^iha l«ft »?«• 

4, iou testify both «ay3 now. Thlch a* I to be- 
llevd? A, Jhs left i?i«. 

:i, T»il the olrouTiatanoda of hor le&vlrj^. ^., :jh» 
left a not';! one time and aald ahe *aa goln^ to leave 
&rnl dhe left.* 

"*»e havts oarefully ax&sslr'^d t'-.s tat^tliony up to thia point, ani fln^ 

no Juatlflo&tion for th»s ronta-rlra of the oourt that the witresa a-aa 

testifying "both :f»ya,'' hen followed thia teaticiony, jr>iven In 

Ansver to questiona by the oourt: 

"a* 3ha had no fault to find arith you? A. Jhe never 
hftd any fault to rin.i with ne. 

4i. Shan did yc; oorntj to Jhioaj^OT A. I oe'-:<? h'^r-s Ir 
M»y# IG^i;:. 

Q. That was wrien ahe left you? A. Ko, oho left «re 
In .v:aroh. 

r.'Ji, iJOJP.X: I have no nore tlp»« to talJr to you tir.lesa 
you tell re the truth. 

^. "all u.= thfj truths i'ha fact of the matter la, you 
loft ilnneapolla ani left your aife ar i ca-e to Illi- 
nois? A. leir., Jir. 

-<• An<i yo'4 left her in llnneapolls rc^.d you oane to 
Uhloago, th'it la the truth. Isn't It* a. foa, air. 

Y'jti, ;X)iJ?r: i.'f oourise It Ic Uv^ tnith, ilio Mil is 
dleaisse^i for «art of acuity. 

i.'f{. :iAUKK: If the court plesae, will you ailoj t!ie 
vltnasa to etate - - - 

T.:s OCUHT: I will not allow the wlt'-eea to etate one 
slngl"? thin?;. J-he d&.y i^; coring ahen tMs yir.d of tblnjr; 
is goim^ to otop In thia orurt. 

MK. KAUSR: -illl your ionor allow tna to r^AVa one stat'9'-ent? 

Tdc COUHTt The bill le dlaalaoe'i for wart or equity. 

««• VAUiiSt I taSt.j an eioeptlon to that, if t/.c coiirt 

mS OCJKT: j.tep do*n. fou aro throui^h." f)16'^ 

; t 

; , ' v -■-: . •■.;: i,\. ^« ^Cv-lJO':. . 
•■■■;> • •-■ ' 'it:; .!■• ifiiii: -^'.,'1 iil-.q ft»v- 

" . J .: . - ?>! forw 

.J,-'; J' i 'J I," • Ct-- ..-. ' •«>' -.■■ . 

;.' . ; ■ J. •: ;- fcAit viwdx -ap .- -■>, 

: J: ■ '' *'.,-;. 1..0: "1. ' f 

I.-., ,; - ■••. .-: 'VI s>A:^i»AS .Hi: 

Upon tirr* an0»«r8 to the quostlors about leaving hlz sire In In- 
noapolla fiird ocsiinc to Uhioai*. » th? court •vii«r?tly brvodl it3 ac- 
tion in dlorjieoing tho bill for *ar.t of aqulty. ihsiitt ano^ora, 
howovcr, »9r^ not witti hi:*. tej^tlracv:y Uiat deferdant 
had left hln in aroh, lOo*,, This io aviianoed by hia ans^i&r to 
the question by th*^ oourt, " ,hat was whon ahe left you?" (referring 
to •y, 10 la) to arhioh he replied, ";;o, she left "O It. arch.* 
i'hero oan be no !|uootior. tnat th^ *i trees in his ar9«or, wau re- 
ferrlr;^ to - irch, 1C505. 'furthermore, his testisaony shosed thai a 
period of seven years had intervened between the tine 3y:« laft Mr[ 
and his le^ivir.r innoat)Oll»j to oor-.e. to Chloaero, hi.j #aT not con- 
iraiicted, aave as the court inferred ay muoh fror? tha answers above 
eet forth, as jc vie* these answers, hoaovar, the orl^ lo^ls-il In- 
fero»^oe, in vie* of ail th-N teatlrriony, I-* that the witnea^i, ir 
aneaering as he did, clearly oeant to swj tha^t »'f ©^ he oaTse to ->hl- 
oago, his «tife regained in 'iiinnoapolis. 

On the folloatirg day tl\a aattor waa a;:;ein brouirht befere 
the court, and -xMsplainant * a oounael aftain aakod periiisjlon to in- 
troduce additional teatiinony, not only of the complainant, out cf 
ot.hdr Aitnesaes, upon the char^« of Jeaertion, but tiie court ro- 
ru.'i«.i euch offor, »tatin;«; that h© Aould hear te^^tlrsony only on the 
question of adultery; to vrhlc ; rulin,^ complainant luly eJCcepto<i, 
complainant then offered In evl lance on the quofitlon of ndiJltery, 
tf.w teatircny of Wbaaelf anvi or.e witneea, Archie •'.. 'r.oblniron. rha 
oourt, iiftor h*«arinr, tho te.iticony, etate^i that he did not believe 
hobinaon, «hlch left coiaplainart's tostlnony vmoorroborated. !nder 
thei<e olrouaetaroeu, «« ovnnot aay that the action of the court In 
dlerr.lBBinp' th« bill for war«t of e mity on ths oharro of tvlulterv w'lj 
clearly and ?ranifejtly ar^alnot tho aeli,ht of the eviience. 

/vfter th-j tentlnony on th^ ohnrj^e or* aiultary hai beon of- 
fered, conplalrant a:'.alr aako 1 for pemioalcr to intrt : ^ -, ti- 
asony on Uhe o.>-u!.r;.'e or dcja?rtlon, but the court a-.ld, " -, . -^1 ret 

r. 1 - 

. .. ; ■•. .^ic ., ", ■■., :,: ■: :bJ: '^ i.J:*Zi.fcjc -ui^ %<i t:^1 

■'..■■.■■:- ;■ ■ y-'- ■ .■: .::-- ^b-iin^-^ .^'•' "^^ifJ*. «l^ (Sti^X ,t'' 
•' ..e--.- ■■''■ •"'■ •:"-■:.'*,:; -■;.■ ■ \nt f^-- ^ ■^■c'^tm or ®tf JOfeO ' 

^-v^;^-. J ' . - * -■ , ■:,?/'■, .,i ■^■:i oo OJ ft ■■,:;:>•• as>wt S; ^:.-'lViseI «1. 
^^C' - r'^. -f .-^ - ' :- ^''* ■■■■' ■ ;•■■■"' ■■■:-'i''A .-"^ S't'i^O 'vij Hii e«?rti8 » 

^_ ■ ...■- " ■][--^-:: ■■' -i j.'-^ •-, w- ■■ r:^ ■:■■.:. '' -s^H^ '.^Ir «K «A ,itJ"Krt ** 
■ i ,^i:.-'' ,-■ ■:. '■ i . ■■'^^^:'' ■■> -i ii.^ to isslv aJt ,a»f«irT 
.;- -;.' -;-.;-:^ .- '-i' .■ .:-'■•-; c.;^ •:.? ■•■.vr; vl'i-f-.'sl-i ,^!^xb art >£a; Ti-Tl-jftsa! 

-■'■ -i-^: '-..'_ <■:■■ ■ ;s-:---o ^•^^''■^ "■■■ " ,■ ;v<i-£ei»i^jrl» tuA: 

■■ : ;:^ vi^u ■.-■::■ :.'■'■".■■: -r ->. .- ^r .;r .../; >■<!<•- \*c^\X!>^S-: ^'tn'^'to dotms 

,--' :♦.; ■^' ■•: .:)■-'■.: ■/ ; -. ■'■■o-- ^v-^; "* i.t^ellc !r»!f5 ^^nsf^fjR lease 

■Mo ■'■ - ■ '--v , :'.-;.- i ,.;-r.. v ':.i..-.r.««B« ■{o t<^.*^fiaM *■ 

•"^ ■■' .• .-^i-r-. .— ••^-':.; -■'., (■>,.-..■• ■''.''-'/- t^'Cvi^roft .r"t»i ilolffv ,m>ftrtldc- 

-itJSre.j .- ■• '^ -l--.- t-^ti\ -1,'": < f.-fvft nf.iixti ST%»''lMLt(iaoo ^btn 

Jon 1110 l_ %'-■■"■. '-'^^'^ .-iiitr^ ').*,? ;. ) j'lo/itw*'*^ lo •«)*Mjr^o •lU ifO Xfir 

hsar hin on the quaatlon of lenortlon tc prove oorsplalnant's own 
t^etlmony was wronf^,» ar,d furthrr, tht.t oosplalr.iint hai already 
t»l[«n the aland and toitlfied rap^atodly that he «sr:t away and de- 
serted Ma wlfo* ii« h.iTo ^e^irohad th« raoonl in vain for any 
evldenoa which 8ho«B» or ov«*n tords to show, that cow^ilalra-t teatl- 
ri#d thf»t h« had desortad th* daf&r.dart. Th'3 ocurt jaa? olaarly Ir 
error In aaTtlng «uoh etaten-'-nts. The action of the court Ir rofus- 
ln|[; additional taatliiony dflnrlTOd coT^plainant of th^ rlrht to present 
his evidence to sustain the cshar^Te of deoortlon a? aet forth in the 
bill of oonplalnt, thereby daprlvln^ htnj of tJie opportunity of a 
fair and Inpartial hearing on hla bill. For thii* roason thn decide 
must be rov»rsei and the cause ra^anded. 


■11 "f-^. -fn •-■. ;-;■-.-:!■'■ ^-'v .J<Xi,..t.-"t*'Se.t, ^t.fy' fc®;f*5»®©fo fc.erf »i1 ifirt.'' 

".vat-- ■.• j ":'..'*'!: '-1-'- '':■•'■ "-■^■jr>^ ■ :',j'i-:-n !;>«.<? I'^jti-^^* ijnorl*^*-* i«rrolll:5i»« , 
--.-.• T^f ■■.•»T;y-, ;-■:■'■ ■ ,u f*c -,'■?'-;•--?/'■■;: If "to sj'^s-! mi$ i^^.i-iJutw oi ei6n»i>>r-- 

^ n I ^) 

Sf.6 - 20P99, 

CHATiLiio A. Prii'li*b, ) 

) ^ 

'? 3 :>d/ r'T.C 

\ ) / 

THOMAi; H, HUJirtJR, ^ ) / COOK 'JoUHrY. 

Appwllknt. ) / 

\ / 195 " ' 

U«. JU^i'iaii PAM "dttilrV'^rod tho oplnior. of th^ ocart. 

Thla ii3 an aotlon of repla"ir hrt:>u»;^ht in th« iuperior 
court of Jook oountjr by ;)harlea A. Phelps, appelloo, ar^i horo- 
Ir-.-ift-isr ref^rroJ to aa the plaintiff, af;alnKt rhonan '. Hunter, 
In thy capacity of bailiff of the -'unicipal court of Chlcaf;o, ap- 
pellant, rfho will 'iereaft'?r bo do3i;x:^atod -s^n tb^ defvjnaant. On 
tho trial below before tho court i/ithout a jury, tho oourt fotmd 
the defendant guilty, ard tho right to tho pooseaaion of Iho prop- 
erty in queation in th*-, plaintiff, aaaeaalng the plaintiff's dana)f?os 
Ir tha sun cf one cent. -Jn said flndlnp thcs ooui-t sntsr .ros- 
po*^din>^ Judgroant; to rover'.?f wbioh tho def<*ndant has pro so exited 
this oppe i, 

■.'Ixla replevin suit *ti3 brou^-rht April 30, 1' 10, to rooovwr 
certax'i property thon in th'ss poaagsaion of the defenaant, linder 
a plurioi exocution issued on a Jud/^raent ent«5tr«Jd in the .unicipal 
court of k;hlc;i;50 on August 1", 190';, for '>a21.'53 and the coata 
of tho auit, in favor of John .Joxton i Company in a uuit brcu^rht 
by aald company aiji^lnot i»aynond i , Peterson and ;:.ffi9 M, Laiib. 
Ihe deolarution of th* plaintiff allofed tliat the defendant 
wronfrfully took and detained m certain p >■ » ■ ■<»« . . . i i Mun n ^-^ 
t h e pu r poo ? — o f thio oaoo w a y b e ■ d ^ dorito cJ au a lo t — ^ Ucu3o- 
liwid 64A*aj. jefondant filed pluud of nor g^pit , non detyret, 
also ploid of juiitifioatlon under the execution ron- 




■->- ■'-,/ J^^ ■»• ^^> \ :■ J... \.J "JO _^ 

,^^*£I<^vfMS ^.^r. :v^j'~: .,:. ^•'■j!^--:^;'?; ^^cf -virrT'Of- 
^'^^jrv.. .r^: '■■•!:■•:'■%(;,• ^'r^'iv-" v;i,'7 sjt''^ '«^' q:' i't. 

. ,, ■•-■ /•■!....■■■- .^'ic*- irrc''<5f! ..'^L^^ le. 

■.■■■' * • ■• ■■ r^ ' }.':\:c<al hoLyusczV £«; 

.;■..... ".'' , ' ,'^: .Jciu^.U:^. fro oji.i:.oJi£fti lo f- 

' ■■ --j^. ■...-, -V,.- -■/.., ,.*-^-,;: X ' : ''..JeiJ h"ii AOQJ 

ato\-« te: ;:rtb, Vh-rf wevc tw*. oi^er pleat <rh«rein in* .!•• 
f*:u:unt £c<!)le4 tfant t&« e'ifncreiiip in uaia i>Topi>tty »a6 In t:t9 
floint iff , allf^ir»i. thai tiit jrooCa hati beer; tht frcitri- of 
Ifflc ., IfJi^b md t.ti»t title \> d fMbb<;<; vi,= tiue dcfendsnt »y 
reason of on execution ItiMj^d en a v^lia ^nc-utinl atjaicst tiis 
said Lffie ;- , t/i.-sb, Th« r«;ltcfttion tendered incus on tjac 
pl^fftit of iioji (Ce; i , t, ar.d r»0| ^ Aeti>Ttt , wie.-.i< i t.i**it t,i.o c.<oerii^ip 
In eaid property smu i.-, wfic ;;«for.:'.:r;::t viiw cii.A-iu;v. tilit ^..xt/U^ 
Iffif , L'""b, tr^l fvrtior' ^;c denied . i.'vt lut^ txtcyii-i^/i ji^^iniad 
ii: ju-.tif it'titiji rtift i:,3Uoa jr. <•: ■^j'lld judt^x^'nt, 

"'he erviiltr.ct «:iS'.'a l.iti, U*t cx^culivi, in v,u-jati«a 
wee i-;^■•ed ..srci. i^. , lul, , p.-.-j, «;.%» -ii^ triit s^r-^fc dtij' ^.l.' o£4 ii. ui« 
UfJius ;;{' to* def f.Ndfiiit na bailiff ^f li*i : «*iiioiij£«.l cvurt; Liiat 
tific »tjia ? f f lo V, i^.-jmb, -riK tJ" v-.o tii;f6/>^/il*» ii*;,. li^f^iw^. *«i v*j.i.d 

ons :,ordon; i^j^-m en Lin *iijt= of ii.;rviii, i^i. » ♦.»»& L:Lwi,w ,;*!« 

»or*L»ep (in >,ue rtxecufciofi pf ■:::*ic;. aor ii;>n^;i diC not Jui/»j 
upr>n lUe h;iur«l.cld fj.TniX.JTf. ard efffati> ivMoii rcro t:^-t iubj'Ct 
«#i»,t«r cf thf ic>>ltvAfi 6uit» t<. jne >iiilii> .., :.^i trtj » ic aocura 
th^ j'?.vr>?.nt of ? CM'talr. pr;aisec-ry ivjte l/corin/ ti.s ci.'j&<; wilt, 
tor tie a>ai., cf ;37fi« v", pAytola to tiia ordor of *.©ru«If» ^uj' cne 
yr.rr frcr. th« i«t« tKi^rrrf, ."^jiJ •ii^^.nr.a ?.-.ric indorbcd ii> h<i*&»ili, 
»t\ich cl:r tttl »nort£n» f rae recorded o/; *wiie aecond d.a> uf #v;>;a1, 
IPl' ; thfft th» •i'id rot* pdo chntvel «.orti,a^« •ri'f j*uc Ji -lu- «itly 
aaal|rn«d t<: t.b« jlfintiff n^'.Tol'j Ui:t:; ir.e conaii^xatiuij i\.r t^« 
aaid note nnd iBpitgngc waa jicr.ey Iv'^'t'^ed by «iaia >,iaj.iitifr tu 
>ffie I. Lacb torduu; tu.->w luc acid ■of.ertjr waa itut u^a ruai 
part.t k'.\ irtfreata 5t;itt*. a cl>r* in txto of r ice ul u^c 1 i.a^: txff ; 
\i\6'. liu ohaCteis ^ui ^.^a^^cd wera tA6 ^ro(<erty wi tuv a«xi(i . f f ia 
^« LaiC'b Uordati i^riur Uo iier ffinrriiH^a to t^orckon in I9i v* lii^Ying 

'. v^v... ^;: . ^ ■:;!.;. ^«);4? ■ij-r-is <ii!:<t,v' ,- ^Jtlld 

t ,. ■ •. .- .. ' .. }'■ r-.- ■■_^; .,■„.:■■:,....■■...„.-'„ /i\;- ♦•^■■:..';;: , ^. ^). j;t> ■•'- it i^J^-- !»#< 

,...,.. :;..:■ sa-'' .;■. v^ -;■: ■: ;tt*?t'^»:o.^j«(» 

■.r . ■■. ■ .■.,:.,.. .... ...'. '■;...■!.■:.-, ';..i:« *.*>;.. >^N 4. v^ti^ c*a* 

Ih: • . ■ ., ,i/... -. ,• ,,■ , ■, .,:''Stf,. "Ic »JsW» at}-?' iT©! 

■ ' ■■ '• ■■■■■' .- > • ;-'-w 

b»«n the subjest a^aitrr of n oiisttel aar tga^e ilivcii to tiue 
plaintiff in 19-6; that ttiio pro/csviy *mi» levi«a upon t>y tu« 
builiff of Lbe ;uniaipal uourt on April 26 • 191^., unuer tue 
PIutX«« •xftcatlon iaoued un Maroi^ ^v • X»ic* ami uaa replevied 
by Cluri ataphcr wtrpasiieidi« iUierlff» on U*« d<JlUEi dfty of Aprj.i» 
IVl^c on tli« Arlt of rr^i«^Ti» isiHt.*)a iu th« oua« at t<ajr, 

Ko - n*«r,r.' fnyKir.or K>>rtata .If...- 1 yLct€ ;< I Hi: tiff 

off6re<l in evioeua* tji:i« i;;air si^ecitti (unl th« (k^ciiei of Uie 

ibUnioipAi oourt* viJicu ivaif uuoet* und ^ooi^ei 2>lu»«. Ui9 fui* 

lowinii ontry: 

*1.9\^£ Att^uat 11, «ot>ter. . ttf t«^. atifXl. i^at, 
•«rr. dire. &ac. by -t. 4tf^l«63* Ju44g, A cost* 
on tifft. of Cili^ifi,** 

Ia» . t ^ K i tir . nfi j ' t'to;' t. ' .g. r tH^m * U » t* l it-Xa entry n&tt 

firAt £&{<!• oa tcio anif si:i««t nrai «rti^ tLtu trAii^frrrcd ^.a th« 

dook«t« <siiicJL fntry ft <a6;>uty clrrric of th« ruriiclpftl coart. 

who WRO oalloU i%9 a wltiiests* tcatificd vrtts a r«Ot>ru cf tJt;Q 

Jud«;ffient in Uic turiicip^l c^urt, 

CD brnjalf «f tue d6fe.'.<:^ut luere wan offc^rvd in 

/ •Tiuanoa a cex'tifivd copy cf ^u<ii;4bont m^d prDce«)dit;£,c in tit* 

, iLaciclrai ocurt in Uia cf.*sc of vOUn .wcxtcn 4 Con-Ff-f*:-'* • ooriura« 

tion* Tb. Hnyu^ond Ai. I«ter»c.n i»r>d Kffi« lU. Lattb. rrirtr^rs in 

bu«ia««s unuer tU« firs n«, a;tyl« and dttcri) tior. of / cteraon 

and LouiAA In^^Mlrist^ ^n the crtj«Gtlon of t^e plaintiff tv waia 

offar« tUtt Court aaid; , 

"ky beat xsttwli' oti^^n &«» it waa ii: «YJa^r:c«, 
but AC t/iac tii«rc o^ll be no <;uc»ti9n aiDuui it, 
it aia$ t»c of^^^red tu^ received in eV4.orrc«, m.c 
the court »ili n^id ^^<Jt it i^ iit# aiu&< &a t/iK 
raoitai ii. u.« unif <si^.eetc in Utc -JocAfet of tne 
KUt>iciviai tiuurt, Aut-uit 17, li^yb, it i.cxti^. a^rcrvd 
ti^at Uii«x-e ^m.m only ucVv^ud^^jirnt," 

1 this certified copy Xa ee foliovet 

, . . J w .<J i r 3 * . . . ;•- •'^■ 

i.t- . *0 i •» . . ♦ ».' >o\ '■ *'. ■ '■• ■ 

■, > ■- ' 

1» V b •. » ■ . - . 

dtnt« of ailnois, i 
County of -ook, ; an. 

City of aica^vj , ) 

"in th* .unlRlpnl court, of :hio&go. 

"jtse it r«.ie>.bfrr«U, W-wlt; fcnuL or; tb* iltu aa* of 
Aut";u«l, \, J5, letwft, the fallcung e;. on^^ oUiex proceeii- 
in*;« were ii>d in ^Hio tuurt srivi tnttred of jecord 
therein, to-v^t: 

"JokM :.<»xton '*»d Coftipnny, « corjc ration, fa. .'ayiBond 
iii. ieterson mm iffift L, l4uab, pojrtiier* in liuuxnesa 
unUer the fint. n^tse, »tyl« und (J«f»crM ti.r of ^ cterfton 

"Xo* td5[)2. Contract. 

•rhis day on aotior. of Iht: yiHiuXil't ILe tioffudoi.X^ 
and «aou of thwif- t<rc rul^d to ayiytitiT h<;rein iniit.tntei, 
and Uier«u) on btjin^i tiiret-r li£ie» U(,/lc oly cont'd in 
open court thcv c ^ar not nor doc» eitr.ejr of tiitrm, nor 
«ny otH' ot Ui««>, but L/<n> ana vaoc^ one of tiiec. tuakt^ 
dcfnult, »uui 11. otjpRaririK to ihf' curt .i.a sn.vo as- 
fenuiu.ts vrero ouch, duly served vfiti^ the sui;!. ons 
h( rein uiorw tnnn tiir«« uwys prior to tin return \ny 
of unxu ooia." one unu tnt timtt of r.iistjnrsnce i*ci- 
fi«d in :t&iu aur, ono nn» passed nnd tt^&t tney »Tid «noh 
of tnct trc Atill ir. UAfault yf an :.pj earnnc*, on laf- 
th<»r xotion of the jio-intiff it i »> ordfred by tii« ceuit 
that Jut>{..';fSf'nt be entered «t;ol.n»i ooic def«riui»',t» by <i9- 
f»ult for w^f:t of ar. npT earonoo. liri^ rffurorp tn«' c;!urt 
having: iitfsrd ti.o firi.jerct tuid acintr. fuiiy advi^e-d in the 
pre-.ic«», ntiu«taeit thft plnintiff's darj^f;e« at the «»u dT 
Tvo i:unur«d rweniy-ono ->r;d eixty«>tiire«/l\. w doilar* 

•it it Uiersfore coruidrred by tnr court UtRt th« 
plaintiff hnrm ana recover of tUt def trr.iruitB r.hc -r-iu suoi 
of iwo iixindred iwenty-one and fli/lcc. doi i >r« (<^^c.,l,<>ii>; 
for its daj^t.ea anj uliio itr, coat* and ci»Kr»,«rB iti rein 
expkndad ond th^t it have axvcution tnercfor." 

l,p< Mu thltf ree o» 4, tJ(;1/> i,ntif f ^r.»inu**in<lr th.-v- tiie 

only record of any Judt<,ment ttr.VifiG been rnt» red in tiie uiacipil 

oouri in tJt.r c«8e of ^exton v, ieteraon >-nd aiAb$ i^u tt.e crnry 

aiTearint: on tne f.:ilf ijhoote of the doc ^yL-+t*-j « lyj 

•l'> 6. AUK'tSt 17, /o«ter. -rft^. deflt. rtr. 
•erv, d'-e. ftce. by t, v-'cl»65. Judg. .« coots 
on afft. of ol.iLoi," auci. juJ».iticnt -i-e not ft Vfllid j^o^&tr.t i-iUv. iVf^V^a tJ.c exe- 
cution iseued tn*"reon without force; tn»t tiie titl* to tne 
property was In ti.e ,lair.tiff by Tirtue of tu« chottfl mori» a*,# 


;'J 4i4 Iv i >•'» '':;■...> flf^? ■;.<).;? .i; 
■ " ■■:..■ ,^ 

^.■i ;?■! Til: 

-^ i- ■ • 'Ki-; 3? .j-V" . ' ■:■l^, ,_■ •.■■;' ii^. ■>;-,, ,, , .. .i^'a 

,- t-' 

(«i< . 

--,' >, ?,'•■• 't, 

•xeeutc^ by Kffl* *^, tAMb Cordon, foxier morttl&r.«» taoMf^i- it 
eov*r*4 hou»«iiold f,ooCk», fttt not re(;uir«ci to bf executed 
JolntX^r by liereelf unu her tiusband, '')>ccau4»e the evide>>ce 
AiiMwed it was <c;ivea i>! the purchase of the houaeiioia gooae 
ir. Question; tr.'t. vi-.r takin^r of tht p.rop*^rty ncl uol uin^g 
sane on iniu execatjion, issued upon -i/bRt the pini -.viff -lir- 
pleaeeck to call on irtY&iid Judcaient, w«a wrongful roid t.h«re« 
fore the plnintilf ^vas rntitled to atnintnin uin ncti /ti ot 

l-efeti<iant eontcn^e trist, Uii>! oifiottnl i&ortfra^e 
in cTldencc «&a given to aecure a loan fro« thr. plfeintiff 
to the derenuax;t, :xna tuss. t&c cJii^ttds plc<ir,ccl as security 
bein^ household ^..oo^ie, it ^ua naceadary ihci butt, the Imb- 
band ario the wife join in the execvition tlH:rcul, end tuat 
t.h« failure of tiitr hu band to Join in th« execivtion thereof, 
rendered the aouce invalid ns o^ainet oredltora; iurtiierxgrc, 
'.hnt the Jud^ent upon »hiGh the execution iesucd »au a valid 
JuU^«-nt« ae appearjrfrotb thf; certified eopy of the prooecdings 
itereinatove set forth; that ■.^» uhe rxecutioa tnereon ^ae x» 
tiic kande of the defendant vrior to the exeeutior. of the 
aort^a^e (eoneeuini; triRt tiit^ uaia iuort^.af;« ^ra« vulid> it 
ras a prior li«i* on tue property. J while tnoae respective 
oontentiona jjreaent tiro i&uues, via: (1^ - •« tiie c;jBttel 
aort»;a«e railed upon by the pisdntiff valid (ind (:^> ./aa 

the execution pleaded in Ju. tification iaaaed u; on a valid 
Ju«lg*enf - in our vie* of thf, it la neoeaaHry to 
Aetcrcjlne only the lattfr. 

\ The exeuution in Question caaie into the urtida 
of the defendart aa bplliff of tnc unicipjjl :ourt j ricr to 
the exec.tion of Uir eh"tt«»l -ortt,«ti« relied on by the pl*lr.» 
tiff. If tiiia execution ^a bnaed on a valid JudrAcnt, tua 


:-giJii;»'*N:' r,t) .^ ;'•.-■ 2'.-- VI iGC\ SM^' ,«&c a,; 6 Xi^<i*«W<;s^ I|«1K»V<»(» 

**■).•>■_•. - .'^ .,•!-,■ ■, ,• • i:t^ht , .'^u '!;'*■'•; wi-.T ('••i'? »5?> i-:'»ex •xaiit^ a •«# 

... .v?u ' ;-'*s' I* :^ .•.-;• j. . ..»;»)» «j4 ft«..5« bsi: i«-x oa*},***^ 

^.; <r-v -; v.- A - ; .j»<;i naj >© <7*5iv >-ja ft! • i$A%*s^t 

•♦ ' lii *0. t/vi i«^ 

plaintiff • in jr^il extcation i u©f emi»iii» h«rtt> obt&incc u. iien 

prior to tjuBt oi viie pltnutxit , Tuid ot^n^a uo la uxe iiues* 

tlon «b«W4er ur out tue 4»X(?uutiun was ioou«o u;Ari a /uiid 

jud^ent. ilaintii'f cont^iruio u»»- v. ui* oniy «r*j,ry oi jv*il«i.iieriL 

n a« ahoon by Uic recurd iu tne lullowing: 

•iWuG -AuKuat 17, t^obl&r. j«fti, defit, ;-tr. 
I scrv. dtia. obs, by ct. pii-^l.C^. Judti, &. ccata 

on afft. of ciaiw," 

that in ;>t«xn «t il, v, :« cyera, ^itd ili. Iji/, it wa» iiCla that 

a jud^v'^ent entered in suor. an riblreviHtt.d for.ii vma ir:vM.Jid and 

thnt euou jUdjuriCit caunot bi' relied on tu suistRin nn execution 

Issued thpreon. It tUia rcuord praaanted no otii^r pro:^f of 

iixc judgiurnl ref^irred to, jtein v. ir-nyttrai euimi, vrould uj; 

but in Ui* C'^bl' at bnr, y^lxa def •r:uf*!i t, on nis a«rn ;>C!i.air, in* 

troducad a certified uopy of the proeaedin^a of tii6 buiiiaipol 

court in tiie oiaa .ut r«tiri Uie J undent waa entcrad upon v.acb 

tiiia execution issued. At tiic tii:?,'*? Vtiiie offer Mna .:.uda and 

reocived in »:Tidenca by tn«> court, objection v»aa ^ada d> Uic 

ilaintiff, but txitx court G"?errul<^d tiie objcotio:. and rect*v«d 

it in aTidf^noe, atntini^ at tt*e anae tiae tiial iL «aa ''tue saua 

as the racltal in t;\Q half oanets in tat- v^ockel of the ..unci* 

pal court, Aut:aet. 17, 19v&, it oHin^s Hj^^recu tjaat ti.cre iraa 

only one jua,AOftt," Jihat, tn«u, was the judjj^'uent of the coarVi 

lt» it evidenced bv ti*e entry on the half »heet« or ia it evi- 
' d<>ncod by thv cartiiieo copy of prooaedings hrratofora ruotcd, 

wherein the Jud^ivicnt R^vP*;«^ru fully »nd cofripl':'tt<l » ^ct fcTth'i- 

^y The reoord, h» it npt fured on tin^ hnlf aiicot, ma only « 

Kinuta or tuctuormjiCum of the jud(:o;rnt ae pronounocd by tiie 

court at tne viwe it wa» K^van. .dtat the juajcwent ol tae 

court waa appear* in tne oertiried copy of tn« ^roccedinea 

introduced in fctidcnce. Vhie very loint waa ti.e u-lijcct 

aatter of a deciaion ay tt.ia brancs of tne Ap; ellata court 

..i-. ..vii- .^i-..! ^.5..; 'i.i:,.itii»ii. »ift»»ij&ilt ^ 

>.,'■;■■.-. .■' , -.a'iij'v ,''■:?» i;:ii^ ,,Jf.; x?^ «»a<R ,R'sii ^vxi-^jv ■ "m 

-i:>i-'j *(■'■: til. .:a -r.tSwde "fi-.- r-..iJ isi X«jrj:o'9-] »*ii oa 

••'■ ■-■ •St, ■ ...;';.iv»«.; jX ,/>.v-:i ,tj; ^»it-HiMA ,atA,<O0 •<• 

^" 2^2£« ^• £iMP_*^£» -3»illff j^to, V, Jhapire ;itaj£ ..urcty ■Jo. at 
ftl. « Cftn«ral Ho, ^(.,395, w^iicii f/ae a i»ult to rcuover or; :. re- 
plevin bond. 5n th« eauree of U^o in L/,&t caae, 
the plaintiff {m Uic ouit. on tuc borni> offered in evidence 
tzin judf«i«nt of Uae lunicij'ftl court of t.iiic«i;;o In vne re levin 
Suit in viiich tr*e bond U< inf: sued on was given. Vr_c eviiuuce 
in mat cnae aHowed thnt tne only record of ^ jud^7ti<tnt s>ade 
at tiir tiae it .ma entf-r«d try Uic court, cor. ji. -ted of mi ab- 
breviated ffiinute of tixd ^:ri>omt::din^6 entered uion tiie docket of 
Vti&t court. After suit woo ii.utituted on tue rcyievin boricJ, 
an order 'sraa entered in the re;.j (?viri uuit, tAiici order recited 
liutt ;ifter ducj notice an-a of the recoruB t\rul pajcre 
filed in ^..c■ re;ltvin suit, "the court finuo triroufeii flr- 
ror end Inudvcrterioe, tne clfr>; luvd f ail' o to noord in due 
for-^ the fijidinga, pjt'.'ceedxn^e one judt.aiont rendtrcd liricrein 
on April 7, ldcs>, und thereupon it was ordered tnat auoh find- 
in^a* rroceedingi* Had Judf^oent, ^diic; arc- fully aet fortn in 
th** order, bo entered of r<^cord nunc | gro tunc , aa of 7\]>ril 7, 
19c9* the uat<? of the t'ntrv of the judt>i«nt," U(>on the trial 
of the »uit on tiie re. Levin bond, tnc rrcora of tiie juuxsont 
in thf reri'tin duit, tutcred nunc £ro tun c , wua off -red in 
evidcitoe aitd ctd-^ittcd. It waa maintained thn( the court erred 
in ttd^ittint; said record of tne jua,j3cr»t em entered n un j v_r£ 
tunc . Thi3 obJr.ctioK ;«aa urt.ea as a cHuac for revereal of tne 
JuutJbcnt entered on le; j cvin uond in titc i}.iit. in reviewirc 
the rulin*. of the court aian tiit: j>d i»«»ibilit;' of aaid record 
of Jud^^cnt entered nunc £to_ tun c, this b*-ancu of th« court 

"it te ur^ed tamt thr trisl court erred in ad it- 
tint in evidence tijc order - cnilcd by coui. ;jei 1\ i 
plnm'wiffe in error tin ♦ exr ftjided' - *»nttTed 
in the ro;-l»vin uuit on urc.i 1L>, IvlVi. ne t^ruand of 
tne objection iu uaac thia order v«ad cnt'^red *long 

!»j>it*i>iv» ^.'if ►»^vijj a*s^;' s^o Jr'»w& >5ai»*i haoo ^ii^ dota^: ixi iium 
ib''i ^ii^i t'>'vio .-'i-i..-,' n.^i,ii6 vuvai tsjaT s.'i.J «i .b «?•'!;■!' 4 «» «»«^. tsMo na 

mft-rr the cdurt triii loat jurii»dictlon of th« rcjloTin 
ault,' by r, ju-^tV*' '-'O <*i'' "o*^ '-i'./ i-^*' c»iO«, ciiii was 
therefore (it l^ anlo; 'a aicre tiuility,' L«iui.j*l for 
defo.idniita in < rror ooj cte to Uaci ucc of i.hf wyrda 
'expanded judgment.* vc uen no iaxtr.' ia ueinj.:, tnoae 
woras to «n;>f*wii ii. brief t'uTui vh^l -xtit in fict uone 
at the ti«if> tbc ordar of arch 1^* 19i<:» ??»« entered. 
,<ucn uit;»iit *as pror.ounceUt or 'rcnjored,' en 
April 7, 19- y, «. :A«.f..orun<iuB;, oi- -iluutc, oi Cji?-;. f-ct 
va« jr*lce/i u^ an lae uuc^et* cxuxer by ti:ie Judge >id;o 
pronounced it* or by fti» [«lnut<» clerk, uiici» 
ranuitu* or isinute, > In Rb.;rcviotcd t^Ttu, i'^ pr.r« 
fsc^ly AiJtellii;ioic to frvcr> lHwy»'r or einric v-'iio is at 
«il f^rlliar wiUa court recorda tma .U.n> t«B, vitu this 
mliiuttf a» a tuide, mjy cicrk wuo ia c./npotent to vrit« 
court raoords coul:J T9<ii\y 'expend* it into lac teoiini- 
c«I lorsi of a judfe-acnt for Uie defen:uwit in re.l^^yin; 
tiiiU R co«upririij:jri of luo i4»i»iutfe »ith the order of .. »rch 
15, lyi^, ohoTJO thQt the Judijjscnt then ordt-reU to be 
fiitored of lecord luun c £;ro tone hhh in fnct tlie Jv«afe/'.ent 
fcotunll:' rendered on 7prTT i, Yy; i, ns a/iowri by tnc min- 

' •♦rnrrn its n clear dlati.iCtion reco^/.TiiRed b> the "u- 

/ tiioritics bt tweer. the reii Oitio n of ft ^adftx-^nt r-rui the 
' eniT^ of At, *..'<»<? rciKiiCion o7 a jud,/i>€nt i» the juii- 
f ci«l not of the court in jironounoing th** oei;tence ol 
tJie law uvon the fcta in coairoversy so aacert'an»d 
by t/ie !:leuditig» ?.nd Ycrdict. ihe ertry ol a ju i(.-'.-;Tit 
<:^ itt e ^aii'iaterittX aot .viiicii uonaiets in a^iriadm^ it upon 
the reoord or writing: it at lart^e in o Uoolrct or ou^cr 
official,' (^b Uyc, ii^b.) Ui oon.>truin»< a ovatutc 
uisin,: outh theao «rurd8, our oupretue court iiwiJ: 'I'iie 
*orQu 'rendered* una 'crittirea' uro plRinly y^ed nutith^- 
tioally, ':nu onch In Ito diotiiiCtive correct let;"' sense, 
•ren-ieroa' bcine usea to iinjicutc ti*e i^.i^mt, vt juau:urnt, 
atjc5 'eiitfred* to if.uxcate Uie act of ;l!»Oint, tne ,i ^iUffr.ont 
renutred on tnc record, - in otii«r word»» fcnroiiiftg or 
raeoruxot it,' (iilritcnf urd v. i.twberry, 1 v ill. 4t;4, 
4bv,} tiiC i»iijx.t- dlotiiCtion wae poirittjti out oy r. Jus* 
tice -oran, in ^eaier v, aciilcainger, ii>.' ill, App, <S37, 
I in the folio vin^, Isntun^e [i>, 641): 'It cculd not be 
/ said tnat Ui»Tit wae no Jufi^-ncnt b(C«iu«e the ja;H:i:eRt 
order had not been «>; . ead out. at Ion, th u:or tne Jua<i- 
V / Kent rec'jra. The ^uu ^^ '^. f '*' ^ i» £ f ; c t f rp^ w tn fe :i.o.i < nt ij;, 
^ ' is pronounced b;/ tLr'_ co'urT , ai»Ti the cl«r.. '» 'UJty iis ic 
rtcora auch juuTiJtrnt btfcre the finnl adjourn-ftent of 
the trro. 'or a» aoon ivicrenf t«r na jrRCticuwlP. • • ,-•, 
( uhap. kb, v«»c, 14. in the aajuc ofinicn it i» also etiid 
(p. f'4i J : *It io not the ornctice of tnr court in rcn- 
derini; jua>:.:«nt in any oj*»«« at coxiuon law to write out 
th« for^i.«Jl order at ifn^rth, nor is iL Uic j r;«ctice tor 
tne Riinutc clerk to wiite out vUC. order lu hia r-AO- 
uie9» I at sucv. i:.e:: oi-andui- ia t.i:'.de «i; ol «arly ii.v^icate* 
iri^at ttoe Judi^aiont of tuv court le,'* 

in the eo»«' Kt bir, ho-.ever, it v<rnB not nrceaiary 

to secure ai. order tf-io xnt -rhut ti^fl record of the J-iafecacnt a«, 

anu hoY* it filed nurio pro tunc. «diAt Ui« pltintifl' in the 

oaae at bar contoid« red tiie Juufcciit was merely ^ cinute or jacjio- 

...^ :. ♦ -JO .fc.^ 

rtwt «J-C,r( 

. r ( 

•a dvii 



^ •■.■.■? 

' . :! im 

■;.-.i »• * 

.' i .; 


.'ctt ■ 

r '. '• 




,'t< «i 


. Tt»Ii7i 


tj {?!& ,' 


, ■ Ii'l'.2A tio ^;|'X».^. 

-vt" ?(i.t; vi 


■I f; 

-?- ,toc 

Ji. 4 c 

, i i . :•• 

.\s>>,.i'i.v *i-\ .i*<^a 

v-«i::. ••(Ill J O'ii «< 

5 IS!'** 

•1M»«« •# 

ranclujB made ©Itlj-^r y>y ihei clerK or the court, of the Judt'Rer.t 
pronounoed by th& court. What th<i JurJ/^raer.t of tht* court In 

, fact «-;)3, appo&rod in the oertlfl'i»fi copy of thn proceerllngB. 
And the Judgrnont, ao it th«roir, appear ;, ahow-3 it la valid 
and in proper for^T and therefore, tho flxfloution inatjeicl thorn- 
or, oonlr/: the hards of the defendant prior tc the execu- 
tion of the chattel T'ort>';age, created a prior lion on the 
property levied on in thr» <3a5d exoovitlon, a.4 ttfra'.nat any olal*^ 
that the plaintiff had by reaoon of the nortir.&^e upon tho aa-'d 
property , The court, therefore, erred in rofxjsninj?^ to held as 
propoaitione of law: firat, that the judjc;taent off .'red iv evl- 
dproe by the def erdtir t an shown by the certlfi'^d cony of tho 
procoadin/^a in the case of John yaxton ^ Oonpary v. Payraond ?'. 
Potoraon and Kffie v', I.anb man a vali '. end b^ndirir: judp^ent: 
and, secondly, that the certified copy of the Judder t and 
prooeedlnv-a in the ..iuniclpal court, offered and received In 
evi^oncf?, .»aa p rima facie evidence of the facts therein recited 
%r.d that fluch recltalfi were sufficient to unhold the execntion 
under which the defendant .1untifi«d th-? taking, of tho prcri'^rty 

[ in cueotlon, 

Kor the roaaons hereinabove aaalfmed, the lud^art will 
be reversed, and '' ■ r**veroal I3 based on a pure q'jeotion of 

la», the cauo«» will no':- ba reminded, but jud'-^nent for ths defond- 
art will be •intor*3i in thir court. 

^f.■■, • ,j- .■ vru^« , 'ijf^^qq..": ir'-'i^iJa J i s;i^ t.trr-.^;.;/Ut ftrii •!- ■ 
- -'^ •; * ;-.*,..-.; ,-< i wr-i-.i*;-- cf*.t ^^"!o'^»••■'♦if;f r>n<^^ r'-T::>l loqcnq ni bin 

^.» <■,;■' rfvr; ■••;:; -yCl-iq a ^-i^Ji^^l-i ,. j»?i *'■?..'» "T.'t'- .!*;>:* *jr!o Off J to nol^ 
•-'ft •',!' vri-'., -; ?;;^:•^:^5'■:(■■•v S'i;' •^:-' trt o-ie r/. J '-',!-■ :i'<f->l6E> ftri$ ^rf «; 

-itt^ccvn .:v:j- TO -:''i^/;:r -■'J :■•• I'i f:f ^(«:d d''-fi^hi;A'!gvj& cti- ffftiriw i»txT| 

• dOli 

> "••'^ .''■ :■/' ,;:"■'■ .a .no J.i«itv ■;•'.; .>;- 'r-.* ■••?:'>■'■•. '-^ Cf1,.t ^jk *■-•',.?? ^ftfts'iexre*" 
"■■ ^"■'' ■^'■■' i;'-'-v-.,v I'i, i:'j.''! .. ,)5ii':: %. r. ■ ; j,)!t Htm «aij4>o ©rtf , 

r • - £0,904, 


...•!A.'J, Ha/MOKO VILI^HA ' and ALFHKU ■/ ) APPiAL r-HOU 

.Ai\'A, Itinera w.;;o au« by tholr jf ) 

1 Appoll09#, ) 

vol^ > ) 

\ v^ ) 

\ /vppel^unt. ) ' 

\ / 

iSrATii.Vfc;?^!' OF i'H>: Oji^^, Thla,v*l4 an action of trespass on the 
Oaao brou.^ht by the appeil«»o«V Marj-'urettu ; lll-ars, ard label /iil- 
han, '.:ury f.illhajr,, JeorR-d Killharc, ilenry KlllJia";, Cr^raii /.illha"', 
KtBiol r.lllhan, J<uyi3ond Klllhttra und Alfrod i.lllhan, minors? who aiie by 
t ir wother k'ar<rarotta illhti^ aa next frls'^i, horolnuft<?r r-sferred 
t the plaintiff a, against tba appellant, Jatnoa Ohaloupka, her-sln- 
ai'ttr roferro'.i \o .'>a the defendant, under tbo oth aooticn of our Drar>- 
"' ' act, to recover d&nu.^oa for i^.Juriss to th^^lr rjeans of support by 
;-. ^jon of the intoxication of isorre Klllhara, huaband an'l father of 
the said plaintiffs, oau^^tJd in whole or in part by thr; jalo to lu*t of 
Intoxioatlnr, liquor by the defon.iant. un th'.' trial of th*^ an^o t^^e 
.1'jrv returned a variiot in Tuvor of tiio plaintiffs for Ij-'O upon 

n the court rendered Jud/jr-^ynt, to revoree »<!)ich dofondant haa 
prou«out<id thin appeal. 

The t)vid<!»nae Oif«r») i on bonuif of tho plaintiffs ahov/«d that 
.••ro ivlilliJim, tho huaban 1 and fc^thor of th© olalrtiff j, cor«"ra9»?cir.g 
In yuar V-jO-i, hud for I'lvo yaar-.^ bsen omployeiS by th-:> federal 
gover'-:inent in tho poat office dopart"»ent; at fir t recel \'lnp a^ annual 
•alary of "-^ 10, which «n:< ^.^raduully increaa^.J until thu ovirrTOer of I'll, 

he rfa-. rocolvlnp. $l,loo per yoar: th t iV th« n.^l 1 '"orJi© ill- 
harii h'-M contir>j«.J in hii* po;sitlon another year hl>; ttalarv >oul i have 

inarountid to ."^l,iiO0 pur yovjj"; thcit durlnr, aaid porloJ b-^'- vaij ir 
the haML of frequflntlnp: th.e daloon of tK» dofend-'int, buying liquor 

beooning intoxioatod thoroby: thc/t by realtor, of ;iald intoxication 

. «o»,r 



< .ii'V .'(Jt,* X.'! 



,^ (-HI 




"»-. v.? >, .: A.\, A Ij C> 

"».;• ' t" .0.} *'■!:/; ';'(■:' v'-; ,^';j:.>!^ :x: 'fo'filod* r-?f :..;.i-«^ifiio ,6*5*^ l'J(Tl«Xq ■. 

^X'ice'Q^T*!' '»-W.■ 
• '- . . '.!..\'- yj-i'.;. ;■ •'■ ■ ' v '7 ;:■ '"♦^ •:;•♦" ■■••>j^ f,ocT <fM ifti t-Miinri:; 

he vaB, 'iurlrs/ theci-, varloua yeurj, abo.snt fror hl3 Yorv a f^eat part 
of th« tlrae, 'iurlrff; a.itnd yoare bciriJ' abjart an r^uoh >ift t*o or three 
norths; tfitxt aooordln?^ to tho reocr.i^-> or the poat office, adrrltted 
In ovldor.08 on bohuif of the defandart, ^illharn wa^- aba^-t fro?;: worV 
■i€ii 1/2 daya, -hereby ho lo<t in pay tha aun) of ;5S4, «hloh reocrd fur- 
ther ehowrtd that In tho year 1911 alone, up to ,kuer\i&t i9th, -.vhen Klll- 
iMw- re:4i>!,n©d from the a»»rvlae, he Aaa ^brsent r^9 daya, rxt of whl'3h «ere 
IWBodlately prior to his ro3i,Tr5:ttlon: thnt the Raid isillha'r!, wVien 
aeked why ho rQtii,',ned, testified: 

"iihy, I i«.-4!3 not able to worv, i ufar', - ny r\&r-7e9 was 
all .j;on9 from drinking ar*d i thou^-ht It best to reol-r becau3e 
1 1 *ould (?ct «llaoharJ,ed a^^yway," 

rho evi.ler.oe further ahovted that it wao ou'toriary for him to turn all 
all hie money over to hla vrlfe, with th« exception of n ^'-^ dcllara 
•hlcb he withheld to defr-vy peraoniil expenaea; that ji L tlsse oult 
■aB bi^u;'ht, all the children who are plaintiffs in ti^la action wore 
minora, but that one h^vd beocive of a^a prior >o t;:€) t'me of the trifil 
of the oaac; t- at notice had been -erved upon the defendart by ire. 
KlUhars early in 190*.^. and on jsveral ocoa.^lcr.a thereafter, not to oell 
her husband intoxicating; lir^uora: th?it lurir the year I>»0*^ -artrude 
Ivoru, a daU/^'.httir of /eor<:>i Killha!?), hi-^^d ro;id to defendant a notice in 
nrltlni-,, not to t^eil iworge rvillha^ any irtoxloatln^ liquor j. The 
teatirrjony of the plaintiff aijo shows t' at fro'u Ueoerrb'/r ^A» 19 1?, up 
to the trial of thle oaan - Say, l'*iA - be contributed to tho support 
of the plain tiff 3 the oun of only l*^; that durinp; eptembsr, l"*!?, 
he waa in a place known ae th** iaahingtonian Hone; ard that V.arp^aret 
Killhanj, hid «ife, and one of the plaintiff a, *or-<«d t*o d-jv.: 9A0h 
«eek doinK ^^tireral houao«crk to auoport herwlf and far;ily, a^-d wae 
aloi- oonpellod to accapt aeaiata^^oe fror: the J11I ted Char'; : « 

oou'-.ty authoritlee. 

defendant, t<i3tlfyin/. In hio Orfn behalf, diJOlairaed any 
acquaintance with -illhija before tha aprin;;^ of I'O:, and stated fur- 
ther that while In hla oaloon, .'.illhan: never drank to oxce>a; that 

ivO i-y.">:^^ si^'V- Ri"''-' ■>-' r'a;t^ ;-jt:/ Xi'^q i<l J?'Ol ^"sri vrfet^Qftfe ,6iiE«Jb i'' 
-ij;/ ^ii>rn' .;;.3'..: vr !.■;;,'.;;•. ^.^f a;j .:.(r«ai« Lt'Ji 'i;-^\ t y-rli nl iiifiS b*'-- 

'%v,yv«'(f' ..:, ....... . . ... a;o* X ;Ji1;- 

f-;>jt:'{rr. ■:■■■■) •/;* f'-/; -'"'-' ■'■•1 ^-^i - ^/'i'■l , ,:v'S - ■;cftt ;?i:;'jr 'Jo .Jji/ 
-^.7 f;,;. v;--^ ■!:'•'.-' ■v.. ;''it^.i. ;>pj .-o-j; . iitonjc,;Juini:'r. Jq?»0£»a. Oi ij- 


be n©v©r at, any time aola hin etioui^ liquor to prcdtice Intoaloatlon, 

nor did h& rooollaot over hnvin ', 3b«n KlllhuFt Inobrljitdd. tit denied 

havln^i^^a-en '.hva, KlllhAKi -^it hlj plaoe of bueireso or tha*. he had nrnr 

rtcelvdd any notioe froiP «ithor hor or anyor.o «lart, rot to d'jil liquor 

to the said Killhuin, ,io further tentlflod that th© first tine he re- 

osived or heard of any ni'ch notice «aa in IPll, about throe weekc? before 

the beginning of this suit, n'hen defeniarit 'rs partner, one Taluzek, told 

him thitt notioe ha-l been o;lvert follo<<lnf: ahloh no raore liquor was aold 

to rvlllhan. 

i'uluzak, the piirtn«r, testified that KilU^a-. nev-ar toolr r-ore 
than u fe* amall drinka at any ona tln^, ani that ho nyvar aaa Klllhar 
Intoxicated either In the auloon or eltfejfher<«, u-ni that the first time 
he received notioe not to ooil lllhan any liquor «aa ir Au^ruot, lU'll. 
Another •iltreao, who at on-j time tenried bar In dofondar.t *6 pluo*;- for 
about three aee^s, ard *iio lived In the nelr:hborhood» stated ha hud 
never seen I'lllh^irr. drink to oxceoi In th© saloon of defarsiant, nor h-id 
he ever ooon hia Intcxieated at iiny tlme» but that he hud often seen 
Klllhass take t«o or three otr.all irlrJrs of li:juor in the nrorrlnr. 

Upon thlij evldoncw, and under thcj In.atrurstlonB ftAvi^v. by the 
court, the jury returned the verdict ooniplalned of on thig arpeal, 

i.1,.. JUoVIUIi P.Vi delivered the opinion of the court. 
Defonaurt first contanda thiit there in no evidence t, tlie 
record terdinp; to prove that the nlnor olilldrut: i«ero deoondont upon 
the aald Klllhan for tholr support, *herefore the- court should }>av-> In- 
structed tno Jury to ririd th.-^ defendant not ;rullty. As ^e read the 
record, thl3 point 1j not .veil ta'er. Ch^ uviJoroe clearlv d)jO /.i that 
those children, -ill of ahoiu were r^lnoro, oavo one duu^rhter '^*^o beo^uoe 
of age aftor the comiaonce-tjdnt of this proceedlna;, were the children of 
the said A lllhan. rven thouj^h the rnoth'^r .i-" Jtbl-^ to support then her- 
self, yet h'-;r huebanrl aau under a L^al obli -.itlor to .mnport hi a wife 
kind Qlnor children. If t)io olalro hud been nade that there «aii "o evidence 

j^-, »::•.. ; , : ■^, v- i -i .f: •' > "^r-.LXx r?ot'ii ,'.'u."-.--s n.v.-. tafc'iX(K'«t t 

_-i-f ,,; •-■• :^ v^'v.^"': ■.?.':• 'iinJ" i '■. ;'^ { ' : ,;j ••jc.c'J'u'-; «.; .ci-tiiiXiJtH fcix.- ■- 
'iltc^'^r;:! r^>;.-va '♦f.ici.J ;:'Grfi? ,!'■■;.! ■•,? cj/-, 'i-.i.-i.-'ii ilr-^ Tr^e 'Jo iyui9d 10 i 


^■x^-ilt}' *■- n -fv v.^ ■- iail: «»':\2.J srso v^'^^ -^•*i e^nt'ti^ Homo w«rt 

jL..:! e;* ' .K^i:-. ,5 :-;.,i-; ;ir;.: :;.•: &;i^ r< f bwv^l C AVi iir>u3 ^ftV^^W t>«ti1^ J'Ul 

tjfUf ■ ■■' > ?i..'yo ;;,f -,.^ :.■'.; :i.:' -l.jr'J e.(y?v.,.rnoo JO'ifl irtiijbr^r'^CC 
.!,;:-'fJ r.^o.'-. vl'i.-.'-i.- -"■- ■;.«>... ;vv.. #■;•■. .;•(;.>'/* J lie**-. ;50'j-t til inlcxj &lr 

ot .Ni)ii ttt*KiJ j^fU w|>«ci nt»»d burf utAio 


t :. tiiey auffarel In tht^lr ma.irjo ^f rtupport bea^tuae the said Klll- 
Ji.. : had not been oontributlng to their aupport, another aituatlon 
i.-4it arls9, but there l»i anspl^j evl-lenoe In the record that .•illhan 
ad been re^lariy tumln.>^ ovor hl^ o&lary to hi 3 wifo, who devoted 
t to Uie ratilntenfAnc© 01' tha houoehold. our Jraro-ahop act ^<i..? Irtend- 
d to protect the family ol" a drunkaird a?i;a.ln3t iramedlat'i or probable 
ant 01 adequate support. The chlliron, oonctitutlng p*xrt or KlUho.'fl^s 
arclly, iirere entitled to the b'i»nafita oonferrod thereby . 'o. "ahon , et ai. 
• iiiiIi!L£Z.» ^-^'^ ^^^* oa-1: J eel v. ilelllf^dndtoinv -.-'■4 lil, ^;'". 

Dofondart next contend** that th'j court arred in ©xoludlrg 
iTldonoo that Killhain, durln^r the period in question, "'roquonto I other 
oona in the nol^'hbo^hnod. in hi^3 brlof And «rp'un«rt defendant ad- 
■Itfc) that auoh testlroony coul'l not bo offorad ao a defonae ej^aln-it the 
action but inul=st3 that It ia laatsrial and Important on the question 
or actual dami?.geo, and on the further question whether or not ex^^plary 
Aikr.Aron ahould be awarded, rho further point la ra^ide that such evid- 
ence trould have tended to corroborate hi- tejtlTaonv that lllhar never 
frequented hi a saloon b«fort» tho year 1: ""i^, nrd defendant malntalnn that 
this jury, «itlt 3Uoh ovldono© boforo tho-n, sslrht well have oonoludod 
thut defendant waa in no «ay reaporalblu for Klllhara's Intoxication dur- 
ing the years I'O-l, IC'07 and 1 '*'n, it mi^ht b© ^ell to obaorve, in 
oonneotlon vrlth thii? point us riade by th^ defendant, thut the defendant 
did ai-^it that • lllhan oorjuonsed to drink in hla aaloon In lonvj, -h© 
•vllanoc offered by hina^lf, by way of th-j rooor 1« o*" the port office 
dopartnont, nhoued Alllhat^ w«rt a^aont for ot-^r thAn rotnjl ir vaofitione 
allowed by that depart^-rfrt, J<i;j l/'^ iaya, l? l of s-Moh wero aftor the 
year iJli), and that of the total awn of ,rt'^4 lO'jt by reaoon or those 
2<i. l/z dayo Of abaorow, ;'14 1 *;*a loat durln''^ the years 1"10 and lOH. 
It id cloar, therefore?, th-t tho ^'reutt-r amount of da-nares wac 3uffered 
after I'jOi), Xhlo point, hostover, wan not nade nt th« tine of tho trial. 
Defendant contented hicieelf v?lth th^ brou 1 cluim that th*» n<=>ro olroun- 
•tanoe of <-illhar.i*8 fre^uentatlon of other aulocna *ii- a pronor subject 

ij^ •'*i -j,2:'"''£l,S-^ .Xi-i''"t^''-iv* !::v--.. '.■c>l.''r:.>w' -^S l'\i.}a"^a ciiJ c^ .fcffiij ijffte ••a:(»w tV^^^ 
-i.-:'. .Jijvi H'.tab ^^ :'-.■.:;.■->.: it: 'jiTfi-tdi aid =^1 .bood-ioaiv.'jtsa ftff^ rtJt saxciaii 

i- '^' >i/' fj .r-' / £«?t "^"O^)! ,f.(V>I »t«»v 
-:.-'W .. ,,. •>,;;■' ':;J;».^, ?.u: J r\ijq ulClS dSi'' " 


^.^aJ^5ii^": .♦^'J:^/:■^ 


l-OijiJl:?:r-.C iT,.:v:. 



rtoij.;:, ,;xo.*=-?f t- ' 

^\iivC i 

rrf »P-'- .0... ,.,; 



■■■•.'-.'^i ;.''r- ?.;■-•; 


' ,•- ' •' :'■:-.■ 


■sttfltr for ocn 9 1 deration by t)H» Jury Ir. uaaoaair/r the diinureB. Thio 
la further ovidorocd by the lnBtruotio>; . fferod to tho b^-^^ ©ffect 
■hlch, howovor, a&o refujoct, and no polrt hn8 beer- miide In the brief 
that tlio oourt orrod in the rofuanl tbtiroof. 

Under the facta In thla o^ae, auoh evidence csirirot be con- 
sidered oith«!ir aa an abaolut*} defenae or in rritlgatlor; of th«? dar^^a^os, 
bectuiae under our L»rar3-i»hop uot plaintiff had the right tc aru-^ «1thor 

on© or all of tl.e poroona «hc sold h r husibard intoxicating liquorn, 

if there ^jaore thun one, and a recovery and aatlafr»;;tlon by a party in- 
jured a/ainat one ooratitutea a. bar to a recovery a^iT.alnat another who 

may have oontribut'^d in oau3in>r, the kxxituKi Intoxloatlor, Py tho 0th 

section of the Dran-ahop act, if racro t^.r^n one dran-ahop kooper fiirrieh 
intoxl Citing liquor, the llabilif/ therefor i;? not to b*s anportionod 
araorp them, but &acli p-sr .;cn «)iO aaaisted in brinj^lr.i:^ about tho hnbltual 
oondltlor of intoxication «oulJ[ b^s ii^iblo Tor tho acto of :ill por.?ono 
•ho contributed thereto by x'urniahing intoxicating liquora. r>ar^ v. 
LiU^, .-17 ill, 58;^. thlo principle Just sat forth, and 'her 

one that thn recovery ar:d oatiflfactlon against one constituted a b-ir 

againet another ./ho laay havo contributed in brin?;in,p; about th a y^intoxi ca- 
tion, i3 clfjurly j'.t forth in i^jaory v. Adiia , vi ill, ^-vv, (p. .i-y?)* 

"it will avail appellant ncthln>'; that it in ehovm other 
pcrJor.d eold Addii;* llquoro thttt rauy have contributed to hi;: in- 
toxloitlon* Lrt^ally and norally ti^oy may be a.-^ ,s;uilty acj he, or 
even more so. .ho jttitute, hc'CV'^r, hao -slv+sn un .lotlcn tc the 
purty injured, *oaverally or Jointly, u>:aln jt any peraon or per- 
sons wiiO dhall, by D'^llir,"; or ^Ivinfi irtoxl-atir,' llquoro, have 
oauae.l intoxication, in whole or in part, of ouch poracn or p'^roonB. * 

" I'he otatuto i-' broid and aweeplr,-^, in it- provlalona, but 
t>ie wrontr,a it i-j int^ndod to prohibit con only be prevo''toi by 
tue ri{!;id or.foroenent of hi -hly penal laan. He *l;0 dyllb*sr 'ttely 
eello thiit which ho kno«>.j ^ill inflav^e th-j pi\oaion«, deprive th»3 
partv of the control of hi a Judf^jnont, and render hi-r, for thf tlrne 
being, incupablo of osercinlnt; proper ca'"M for p^jr-^or, .1 aaf^^ty, or 
thfit of hlo pror>':>rty, nu.'t by prapur-::'! for the* conaeTJorceo thitt 
I may fcllc«. vrm risk incident to t)i'-j truffle lo, by the tit ituto, 
\ I he ii3 nade reaponaible for all Iho JnJurieij auoh per:::;onj nuy inflict. 

! "i.ut thore can "ry but or<» recovery for an injury Jcne 

( und^r tlti.o ^statute, n ruaovorv and autiafaction by a party in- 
jured uKain.Jt one, «#ould oonatituto ar. effeottial bar to i-my re- 
covery a ainit another who, 'in part,' 'mv hav<5 contributed to 
cause the intoxication of the person who oonniitted the injury, itie 

.. - ^ -^rc -. <^u' -o : :■ -j'^.»Lri ;•. i'nv; 'v't®- 'J^jO'; - h.-i^.^ . ^"^nai 'i^i-'^ «tOff. 
-:.!1-' "^;::'.i-j-A:-' /v"'^,>--: '^■i^y</O0e''i y -u •.';■.; ^^ i:i: :: i..;>'.lf fi/iOO tJfrG JCfti 

' /■ ' ' ^ 

t r 

■• " 

■ ■' ■; 

'^." ' 


"' ' 

' '- 

■;■ r 

...'■■■.* ^ .'■' . 

, J t 



party Injux^d raay olsot to proooed e^ovorally or Jointly 

ag-'l'-at the p-jv- cna !;YiC oau:-« the intoxioatlor, Imt h© oari 
have but one aatisfucLior: for an injury.* 

A altuution rnay urla<* whor©ln evlaenc^^ of thla klrnl •<ii«^ht be ad- 

■l3:vltil«, but un4er an dntlroly different ^tatt- of f'lctfl, ao In 

HaoKett V. jraalaloy , 77 iil, lo.i, aherein tho following inotrtiotlon 

tuj >rlven (p. 113 )t 

"iho Jury ar^ Inetruoted thut If thoy b«llevo, from 
thm ©vldenoa, that. In tbe ysara 1R7 1, i^'!7*i and l'-73, the 
plaintiff vlalted public boer-iT.ard«nj, ^^lub-roofao and haila, 
whtfre numbarj of persons wcrrj aoijonoied to.sfdt?i<^->r, &rd attended 
plonloa, and that h»r huaband acoompHnl'Sd hor to ^aid nlacaa, 
and at a^kld plaoea, or uonio of tharr, t5-5«9 plaintiff and f-.-or hue- 
band drank boer and wlno to^:;ethor in tho pr^^sence of th<» dafend- 
a:',ta, or nou'"' of t'losi; and If th© Jury furth'itr b<aliov9, frori 
tlvj ovli'snoo, that the husband of thi? plaintiff >->3T)t wine and 
baer in. riiu houae, and that tho husbuni of th.;! plaintiff, with 
th,! Imowlod;.',© and approval of tho plaintiff, dr^'-k suih .vlno ;ird 
beor at honi*, arid that t^uii plaintiff and othsrs Joined hin in 
drinking Lmoh -fino and boftr; and if tho Jury furth'ir believe, 
frc.Ti the ovidenco, that all 3«.ld drlnkln;^; of *ln«3 and beer fl.ia 
uono with tliQ knowltjdira and approval of the plaintiff, thi»n, 
and in ouch oaJo, :j;ii'i facta, if pr^-van, ma/ be takfsn into oon- 
cidor;ition -y tlie jury, top'Jth'jr vith all th*» oth-ir evidence in 
the oadQ, in d<star'ilnin;.', thg da;n.A^^4o of thc-j plaintiff, if the 
Jury boliova, frora tho ovldonce, that the pl^iintlff ie erttitlod 
to a verdict in thia oaoo." 

In that oarfo th« court pf^rraitted 3uc}i an inatruotlon booau:«'3 of the 

peculiar facta in tho 0aa*, and thu rea»on therefor la at onco evident, 

▼iz., tJiO fact of the husband*;* drinking in other plaooa wan kno>»r to 

hl;i ..Ifo, and under oiroum itanoeo tout indicated tn.'.t ohe aonroved 

thereof. rhorefore, in a suit broufiiht by tho «ifo under t^e Lirara-Bhop 

act, auo)j facta were propfjrly admitted in evidence i^ h. vin,- a bearing 

upon tha question of da'^as-es; but auch faotc do rot. appe;\r In th» caae 

at bar. On tho oontrury, not only is there a IhcV of evidt'noe of any 

iklrd that tho wife approv^'d of t>» huabard'a intcmporate h-i if in 

iOt)ior rtaloona, xxa<xxXtsit)c^xf xxkx.'sltxafiUXkJtxJkitxtsdIiKftittCCztxiitxxsBXJi but 

it clearly appears that t]i& .vify at all tl'ijj, .^o far h3 thio rooord 

«ho./8, objected to the sale of any and ail i'ltoxicatinj?; ilquorj to her 

hUfciband. Olsurly, therefore, under thw fa.-;ta in thin ca.'O, auo>^. te^ti- 

laony wao inadmidaible. 

T{'-ii .<.; ■^- 

;■ ;.: ;;,■■■■.• •■•>. ."'.; ,.",;■. :i.-- v; - ■„, .^i 

-f- ::'■:■ V .;,>'■? "'rj.''; ■ ,-.;.y ■■;,;, .: : Oi. iO 
-n^"'^ v-i;:? .:•=.-.-.; ■.:■'• v.^*^! j^ev nv; ''J; ,'iJ-;.5/l i.xi*^ , 

-■ O ■• :;3 ■•V!'-'. ■••Jr'i; ■' ' ^: ■> ■' , -'a ■•'■j ' j /, vvii^ij.T-i ; '\ r* a.. . 
' j-y aEXX>:.rxJtaT.:^xxxxjcs50cxixKr;xitKXx«JtK3txxxxi-iMitxrJ5iKxxxaxx / t ' 


Dafondant further oonplalna that th*. court orT<?i In th© />;lv-. 
ng or certain In^truotlcriM or. bel.aif or tha plalrtlff. Ho oomplalrg 
if In ij true t Ion a 7 and 33 becauoo therein t.h<-^ Jury wer:- at liberty to 
llo« danagi 3 ari.jing aftisr tho oorimwnoenrnt or th^^ suit. ':l9 contort- 
ion la prodiotttod upon thii Taat that tv.o yo^rc prior to the trial of 
h« oaae on« of Killhun',.. ohlllran niarrled arid ^aa therefore preaura- 
bly no longer de>; nderit upon hor futh'pr'a support, ocmioquortly the In- 
tructlono should havu be&n quHxlflad to aiio* only oMoh damajiea aa 
ocrued, &ft«»r the oorrrc-jnoemtiTa or Lha auit, to all tho plaintiff n joint- 
jr; and that the* fuiiure to ^-^o modify thoj:- I n-:.n ruction'* who proju- 
loiai error, alnoe thereby th.> .Jury had the ri.^rht to f«el free under 
he it^otruotlona ao /.'ilven, to aw«rd a>i?ni..R©;j a cruirp;: aft*jr tho ^onnence- 
eni of thy eult, evjn thou.?:h tney -.vore ;urfaroci by only h p'>rt cf the 
lalntlfffl antl not by all. rhi?! preoirfo point, hov/evsr, m.« pfiasftd 
P^^ 1^" iiiiSHE "^'* Kanlozaltla , Wi III. App, fi7.»:,, i;'r, PrealdiniR Juetice 
uterbau^h In that or J© aald (p. S7o): 

■ i'ho aolo ground ur^^ad for r<;ver8*il ie thut, tho plaln- 
lJ.rf.i, tho oeveral minor children of 'rrink LiSdorla, deoer.aod, 
can Jointly recover only for su -h lotis to t'islr t;: o.r.ij or sup- 
port i\3 aooruoJ fror.; the time of t>:e death of th'jir fathor until 
the oldejt of t>ie ohildrer. roaohad ?il-,? r.ujorlty: in other (vorde, 
thut h.ivln/5 ol-joted to sue lol ttly, «hich tl^ey had a rl':ht to do 
1 their recovery rau^it bw oo'-.flr.«i to the p'j: lod durir/, v»hioh eaoh 
I had -jin e mal IrteroBt Ir. tVio <i'io1b c£ t.ho reocvery . \q are of 
I opinrch thut auoh poHltTcrTT^ un^nrra'^tod an.i unaupport-id by any 

reaoonable ooniitruotlor. of th« Jrara-^hop statute. The plaintiff o 
, hud the rli/ht to quo Jointly for fin 1 r*^ -ovor all ia">ttge« auatained 
I by th«;n on accwunt of the cause of action otat<».i In the doclara- 
' tion. It wad for the jury to det'jrr-lna fro?' tht evidoncw the full 
extort to -rfhlch each an:; ail of then *ere da>^d.?e:l by re-iscr of the 
/ deeith of their father, find to return a v^rdlot for the ^'^roa^^ amount, 
it la a matter of no oorcsm to the -Jefvndantu h»w or in «hnt pro- 
portion tho prooeeda o" tht) Jud^7^ent be divided «i.:nonp; the Joint 
( plaintiffs." (italics cure. ) 

> ac?reu Jiltf- this reaaonlng. apparently the Juprer.e "rurt alco ap- 

^oved thereof, tt8 they denied a «rit of certiorari In aid oaae. 

defendant also coraplalna of irotructlone !♦} ary 'AZt clalrlng 

Uit therein the Jury were told thnt although th-j evidence as to 

kBa;rea resultlnjr from injury to tho plai'itiffo' neara of 'jurnort tvaro 

uleflnlte, still "thu Jury ijliail eatabllah the daina?:o '>oh 

i/rt^fi^w'; 'Tir»tlyt'-c>'i'! '..^S »'^''^:' ,«fjA '.ii;!'; .; m ^att^.tyi.£joJh<Tisll . >./ enfti i • 

^r("*t.v .^j liijssi: <ii)i'ino :>-iSf^ ot.^l^i^INf^ 

, , *■ ■ ■ '■■'■'-■! ^fc.i ••■-";>;•■. .^ 5?:t.;:;T''' 'x§ rr"' '^^''''' ■■-■■■■ v'^j'seV'^E! 
j.i^;.;. . .. .; -il. ;-■-;• " • -^fb . t^'U, ■.. . t t/yin.; 

;..: , i' .1, fi'- -tol jii-^i-^ 

at ' " !PSi:«o an.? "■ " ~t 

y:'.f "Jm tr.;.., ..-»~i yd 1,0 ■ r.r; ^ ■■-- .r^'c 

.■>yi'-^ '->;.: IV ;fJ nfi w«fi .■(*:. i»!;t^ Ov 

wi ,wt oc•^#«^!y ••'*r(j rtr,?uoriJ .li, .;.«td^ bloj' ^tl^w ti«t •f' • 


•Yider.oe pertalnlni^ thereto m i.i bofora than." it I3 oort'snded that 

such lurgutiKe por^-ittod t-^e jury tc "apoculnta an to the a^nount of the 

dan-.i;!;e, if any, uuffored by tho pluirtlff, -avI dl.i?eraecl with thut 

dtflr.itar.ouo in proof whloh .^tia requlnito to oruiblt? tho plilrtlfr to 

^e cannot approve of 
properly make out a oaae of d-3km8i,-!;e8.'' '.fhlle vtxxiucxx •'-Mo Inutruotion, 

BKXxlxxrtJtfisiAil^xiiCBJCKx yftt in viaa of the tsuny lr3tn.ictlor3 criven 
by 11 - defordnyt or tiu» quaation of d'^rsngea, .v«s ciirrsot i-'j-y that tho de- 
fer ion t suffered any ham by the t^lvir^-r of It, : oraover, the amount 
of tho vordlot w)iich the Jury ratumod. In vie* of tho oyideroe in the 
oaue, dottj not ahovf that t*.ey indulged ir any Bpeoulaticn. rhoro iraB 
ftOtual proof of a isoroy ioes by reaacr of time lost, of :oP4, AlthovJF,h 
no ono testified in bo ;nuny worda that /.illhan hud b^jtsn idle fron the 
tlac h<: roslf^ntjd hi^i position of exploynent until Uis tlTr^e of th.e trial 
In ay, 19 1*-!, there ia ©vldor.oe fron which it can he reaaonuhly ir.ferrod 
thut fit loact for a ocns^idorabla portion of that tirv. tho said .'illhern 
lio not v»orlc and that ho continued ir hla habits of intoxication. "Hie 
teflti'nony of the tjife aljofiffsd thfit from Deoembsr, l?r'-» to "ay, lii 14, 
tier huaband contributed only *l.- to hor support; that In Jepte^sbar, 
I9i:f>, he wao an inmate jit the Vuahinjrtonlan lior-^, a v;oll-lmo .r; irutitute 
for inebtiatea. Keeping in --ilnd that if KlllharD had continuo-d ir the 
•ervioe of tho poat offioa uep-irtreert ho «ould hava roo'-lved a vjalary 
5f l,^^0 por yoar after i'>Ul, it might ba reasonably inferred from ouch 
•vldence that fiv-n the tine of tho ocnmencer-ont of tho auio and prior 
to time of th'. i ■; -ay, i:-!', thj plaintiffs yjufforad actual 

l*niu/;;e3 ouffioient to wajr-rant tha amount of tho v>3nliot .v-ich tho Jury 
P»tum»d, , 

defendant oojnpluln^^^^ Instrnioticn :i=^, ahioh^^i/4^:i foilo^/a? 

[^"i'he court Inatruota the .jur/ tViat if they flrd frc.- the 
evidence that pluirtiff, .'iftry^uretta llillhan, did s^rve notico or 
dof'indunt, or any of hio jijr.antd, udkln^^ dcfondant not to uoll 
liquor to hor husband, "leorr^o •. Killhan, and that dof en innt fail- 
ed to comply with oaid notice, thon if you find fro" th« evidence 
that plaintiff >5 'ire ortltl-td to da'^aj^ea you nay anaetsa exnnplary 
dinnai'.ej for tho falli ro of tkx defsnlont to comply fith said 
notice," "~? 

«ji>!- i>'-r>fi" .'■'.o^.'f.iii J ■■-:-■'-;« y."T;r, ni i>ej..lj.linrl vi-c.-'J J«i(J ^nvrife 5 
3? .7 >.;oa1 oi: .( .■-,^>.,' :,::;> i;'..ij^/.I t \ Jitnj .;i ',;:;'<, <;;n-;r: Oi; rtl />» ? 

■i^::''' , r^i i.. cii.v i : ■ 1 : .. ; J ; :>^;' i. .,:.('. r^L £)■•.>• '.;i::tfT^?, or^ ^r.;''J In*'. 

•• '-'■•■': ■■ '. " " ■) ;. ' ■i;':f ■ ■ -Ce'AAO. ^»U.; :f ttCri^ *rt^' rv^nl . 

4., . 
n^r ;.■.'■ 1;'? :•', :.. ,*":: :■ ^;^Jrl.j.i•i: '..c Vm^.^'^c-oo JfwvL)a«Vf' 

■•■; ■ ..;.,• .,■..; -1 :;,. • .'<! ; r. - ' ; ^, ., ,. : ... 

( /f ■.■ ; '-" ;■: V 'Mi' ''" 'i '■' ■ 



Dofondant oontondu: " Jnaer thla in»trucjtion, If tha jury fcumd thait 

th«» plalntiffa hrt'l aiiffer*>il .'^ da'-'i-fts nricr to tho rlvlrif of the 

notlody ap<1 httd then fourd that rotloo h>xcl been o'lvem and dlare-Tardod, 

but th&t no actual daTja.-Ti-sH had rooulteJ aft^r the tslvlnrr of the notice, 

they «fculd nevortholeea 'bs froQ to award cxo^plary da!7iri(?eB. Thin yo 

nalntttln 1' rot the laa. The Iratruotlon ^ouli orly h'iv«! boer proT»*»r 

If it had beer so modified as to In-stnict the jury that if thoy found 

fron the evidence that nry /ictMnl ds.'-^rii^ef? h^xd aocn^ed by rfl^^tjon of nalOB 

r.aUa in defiance of tho notice, then exe?aplary dawa<?e3 ml.Riht hnvt> b«on 

awanied," o do^ao read thl:- lr^:truotlor. On tho contrary, tho In- 

Btruction clearly Jtatf^o that l-' aftwr notice hml been -j-^rved doferdont 

fftllrtd to oowply with oftld notice then. If they find fron thn evidence 

that plaintiff -i ur** entitled to damaj^ee Ihoy may afseeat* exemplar'/ dajj^gea 

The omlflaion of the word "aotUAl" before the ifford '•dAn»i.'3;»o'' could vot 

have nilaled tha Jury. T<aturally the Jurv m\x^t hav; underotood fron the 

•ord "dan.'i^oa" acnethlnsr differ'-irt frorr exer«oiarv dtufiH,-»«8, ard neoespar- 

lly it could only have Tn*»sint rictu'il darnHf»ea. The same lnterr>retr'.tion 

WHS river to a alnillar Ins^tr^ictlon In "c Vaho n v. Bnrtkey, f.n p'rn , 

Defendant aljo cor^plaira of In-^tmotlon ^i, becpvu^j^:) therein the 

Jury were told that there cotil I b*- a recovery for Injurl'-fs to tho T>er- 

9on aa well as to the raean-^ of support of the nlalntlffo. "Alillf^ ha does 

not contend that the Int^truotlon ii3 b.'-d i\« an ab>3tract propc^ltion of 

la«, he that It la orroneouu in th<s cane it btir because in tho 

deciarutlon thoro la no clairu for lnJurl<-*« to the pericr of ths wife or 

jOhlldron, th'^refor** no rwoovyrv riouH b > liai for any Inlurlei? to the 


person. Ir the course of the trii-.l u q[uo tlon h'-' 'a.sVre-i a-^i anawored 

fror. which aA Inferenoo rnLrht havo hewn dr.i<«r th.nt " rn. r'.lllhan nugtnlro'J 

injurioi to har poraon, but thlj tojtlmony .ica^. ,?tr1 :'^ "n out uion the 

ground of being innaterljil and irrelevant vmder th« inauc^u ^omlderlnp; 

the fact Lhat In if^ in.Jtruotlona given - .) on b-fh.air of the plrilntlffs 
and V on behalf of thri defondant - relating to tho ,iu3;:tion cT daTyigeo, 
the court charged tho Jury that -hoi pl«.in tiffs >ioul i recover du-agea onl; 

»r:.* 'i- ■/^:'\ or!:^-->,^ - : *-iq' ■■'-■:.. ■'tib I-r;jr-^ J-f^^-^-^^-^^tut' C 

: ^- 4 ■,:'nJ--.T.^^. vt.-! Ct.r: ■■!'■"• I'rr.i V'*- 0,J »>'rt1 f'tf ?:»;0li&/?J-J«»V0rt t^. 

'T- .,•'■;- ■-?.:' f=r;.r( v;"c 'I " • 'OtC'CP't-^f'ti 'oiT • .V.;^! tsstii' xott nl 
|-,.,^^ ^'- ,. -'J *■ .♦,:-f<> v-[v' .::^^: .! r: !.-!■'> rf:.': 0-' -^ bvsit ( f-or^sr os- tysSKf ■ 

onr-^-" >-"i; "■' ' :':t? A.wi" vt-nj 7.> <ft«r*:? ■vrKt.vT ht.'nft cl,Jt.» v£qff(«) 
Bii-i ■""^.-'T'r i'-:>'v!m^i>rTv •■"'':'• ''.-t^^! vtt/t »•■''* vilin?..»,ti{i •v'soi tri. 

Bff.? -r.; ,:•■•:'.' --;'vr->»^'; ^" •inf.^fii.Jt.l ;^?" "^c tin J:*'Ir-^ot> or. li^ .."sb 
-T ^Ci '^'^f't o.t ■■ -■'j-'iif. c^); "??»'?. V "J. \'!>;>9*i / »rji--' r.cfco .*?•'?;;•♦ c'.; .:?.-ir<.? fc.. 

'/•■ '•'•' :^'^.'^!■ :;;■.,-■; 'i . :-i- i ^ i bi ■iciSotJ'-;.? <^l :^(-ii 3tiiU ' ^ 

.,r ■ ^- : •■■:?•: -14- :. ;.••:•;<;•> ^ .'.1 rfi i.:i'r..i'-<.riv:s .^ ! .:; ^ j^fU - 
no 'i' • .' ;. '■'> >■ .' •■; ':•; "•?;,??■-:(' "'oT fl/i':; O't '; i: ^<'ir.riJ ftc 
•■■■* •■ ■'■ ■'■ I -rv •■•■■■ '. ' ::.:■'■;■ v r >.',-.->■ -■'? O;". ^ ■-■"'l^^briJ - 

-:-!:. -J'. .:.■•■ :;•■. .( J n '; r^O^t*': .- T;; i A« i^^ 

B^t'^r, 't; C-" * I/.il-'-ff no I: •■ in*'/ t,^ urtaiitiJliunl Rl fli . 


to tn? sie?\n'j of riuppoTt, and th»t tho «ii»ferirint wai^ not haim«cl 
l»7 the f;lvinj; of t la Inotructlon, Ir f'iot, *e havinfr alroadv held 
IhBt the vordlot reproaonted only aottial ctaT2a,*ea ?n>i«tal'-.ed by t,h€ ploir- 
tlff, we ar© therefore of the further opinion that >^-cn9 of the Ir- 
strtJOtlonfi wlf"* refororce to the da-ntif^eu oonpla1n«d of by th« ief^rd- 
mt «as harmful to th^ defertt&nt ari that th© ;)ury dl 1 not In th«lr 
irardlot Include ary -lur-u-'ien oltli^r oxertplnry or t.o th*^ person. Ir thlo 
rle>v of th« oasoy •?•» ro.-.';ard the defer iar.t*« furth«r cont-jntlon th.-it 
tho verUot la exoeeaive, a-i not ff«il tHi-or. 

I'hero ro»talrTJ only tha ccntantlov by tn*? def '.-ntliirt that i.he 
roriiot l3 raanlfoatly ap;aln<ftt th© wol.rht of V^a evidanoa. ."he qu«a- 
llon vvhethor tho plaintiffa *er« Injure! Ir t?ia1r n«.'-.':B of support by 
Ihe Intoxiotttlon of tho hujbar.i an.i father, produced In rfhola or Ir 
)art by intoxlo»tini<; llquorts aold hlT by tho dofsr 'ant waa o'-i-* o'" fact, 
)n Aiil ^h thoro wna confllstln/ eviJenc«, rh? rulu if? :?«11 jjottlci that 
rhero ihor* la a conflict Ir the evldonce, th* ver-ilct of the jury ov. 
jueotlor.o of fact in controversy car-not be disturbed i;irl©s..' 5?s car say 
thai auoh verdict la manifestly a^ ciforly a('aln;«t thv- Aol-^'ht of the 
»vi .'onoe. iTiis, hortwvjr, wa are not abla to do. 

rin>iinB r.c reveralMe error, u.t> Jud/rmcnt sill ha affir>-ed. 

-or fij- fii<i& son »»?« an*' t'T\;V%Wotf jfe+iii.- 

no - ii094f^. 


ir re ;'etitlor of * 




V^.---" i i7 U 1-^* ^ - 

..XATSMKT.'r or j'liK OAviiS. v^n th« - th day cf cvenber, iri:^, there 
Lb«uo«1 from t/:© uniciprAi ouurt of 'vhiQa;-",o c, writ of roplavir or 
jthail' or reJcjriii roor, app«lle6, ar-l t/ralnot -., li. ^vrmatronf^ is.rd 

. .itzko. t'le latter belr ' tK-j U;'pf>iifi»t, for t'ne reoovorr- of or« 

•ord flv^' patjuyni^ar tourir* .^ miitomohllo. ho pror'^rty was net reaovarnd 

ipor thlj .;rlt out ov. thfl ,:Oth flay of • ovoT'ber thoroaft-r, in tho cinne 

lOtior, plairititT filed a ;> tjxto": ©rt of ol'tl-n ±n the uavjal «in-.' ot.j^to'rif.iry 

Form U80d in an /iction of trov&r, Alleging da-na^oa In tho 6v,r. of ; 27r?. 

\« r a f o pot^ ao— aUJ. neae^mtrl-ly-^^^ ii^A—Lo.'p^ilijk^ tatoro t of olal;^ t«i_Lhe 

>ouf'«*^--of• our ontrit*>»=i, -** *«V- iSr -©u-t--l-» -#ulfXr yi-t.'-t^-^j c^ •;;^,-t Wm-^' ; . 

"e-liintlff ♦« oiain la that tho pl^jilntiff on tc-wlt, or. 
cr about ti^.Q y.-V:. s;\\f of ;uno, , ;. 19 1:*, sas l::*fully pdaci^tjod 
ae of hi 3 owr propctrty c*' oortuir ^^ooda a-:d chattol?, to-rflt, ore 
"Ord flvo piiaaari^-or tourir car, of tJio value of v<o '^undrei and 
o«venty-five .oilara ( ;>ii7f},on ), ard b»i>-',v^, JO pofloeasts:! thor«^"of the 
plaintiff .if turrtania, to-wlt, on '.;Vi day •ifor'^dul 1, if-'aro oaaunlly t »-: vsuil s-.oo'lr. jurd ohtitt*sia out of his poiiMeaslon, a'^-l the 
aa ;> aftori*:ird8, to->»lt, or. tho aanio Ja/, there oar?© to tli^ poaaoa- 
Blon of ti.ft dofondfirtti by fln.ilnff* y-^t tho ^Jofsrvia^ta, .veil kr>o<v- 
I ing the urtKl jJicoir. a'd chattels to btj the proporty of the plaintiff, 
hu8 rot AO yet daliver**.'. tho a?;ne, or .-^ry or cither O'' I'^cr, or any 
part tncreof to tho pl^ilntiff, uithou'j. often tharato requested, bit 
has hltharto refuHol s to do, h': A af tarwaris, to-*lt, on or about 
♦whft Han.? duv, th«ra cor.vertad and dirj •^o.i-.'sd of th.« -^ald r:o.odB and 
ohattela to >.^.~^ own ueo, T? '.he Jar-Viiio of the plaintiff of i *0 un- 
drod and oeverty-fivo icllars ( :;:i7'=.'^n)," 

thia atatono'-'t of clalr; dofe- ;iy;nt fllad ar affidavit tt 'n<Jrlt8, not- 
ing forth in aubdt-^ncc, thnt hrt hooa'^t* tho purohajsr of tho tiuii auto- 
•Oblla i-.X. a. tucilc xjalo h-»ld hy the bailiff of th'.- -uriolpnl oo'jrt of 
hlou^o urdor a ^rit of <jxe:H>tlor 1 :;ju<id by tha 3 dl unlnlpal 30urt. 
per Vr.a conoluoior. cf tho trl ii, pl'iirtirf pr^»iV^ntaJ -a "oticr ir ,.rlt- 
ng to Inutruot th Jury to find t,' -j id.j.n^a i" W • favor, shlch rotlon 
a« aooopspcwnloii «iti. tii^ foilowlr,- Initmotlov : 

"\. { .. '. ,ftX.;lli;. .0^ .il 10 fr 


/\,. T r^'O-r-..,.. ^ .e-^i-it^^jijA 

J.;-t»voG.t4t'. ." 0/t ic <•■•«• v.t'jf.'v". ■•.•'^cf erf" i«iir' '.Hx^JfiA* ■;''.rrl'Si;oi3f •!»■ 
.■'■'-... '10 T!/r- o/!/. fit 4}fi»j^«r?.i ?/r. ?;*»;¥» J i;« ^i^vo'jj to f'.ot.iOM.tyc 

0:ir> ,.:fs.-r-.J ,cifo,?.'fccf^ 1.). ■ ■ 

•-■ X ■■ f :-M . -■' ^ ';^"V,. , !;^.!i:v''i V"?*' VA'it. Vi^J IC , Jj i «•-« J »-y!!ir)'; 

'>^%t fr-i! ^n: :' ; - ^d '3;o ^jUo j^; ■ ' ' 

'■■..■')r'^ ]X^). ^ii^. ,. .,-,, ,.,,■> Jr-Y :?v 

- -i; o*"- '^v "X^ '.'.-; Mj.^< '("{J 'jo arh*:'!«;t.^' «fi< '■)■;« 'J >:u r:«o'f' 

. ' t**.'\ii -i/; f;«»X.^''i J-*^;.:- -fileii rf^^lt^ ')0 i'-dP 
'\'- ■.■■'':)-),..<< 'Cjn^ »"x,is^.. •IS'' .fv!'iij ,»on>ti«Kftm : 

■'■■.>"*"' ill./. -'i -.■!.; 'Y.f; t.f'i-f (^Jjib OilJ'Ujj B. 

-itor. . 

: -^. 

■' Yfy ,;/ 

'0.1:.u } 

*t ' ' »t ■ : 


Ir.rlr :;v' 


i ■ 


-^^'i,. '•; 


• L ; c 1 >■ 

"I'Jie court Inatrwcsto Ihio jury to rin.t t>.(. 'Jiar*:«r.<iant 
guilty tx^A a.:soiii3 tbc» plulnti'T ':« "-lat-^afrea at t'-'-a j-'?- of t*o'wd ar.vJ jever.ty-rivg Uulluri ( ,;J7'.-) In ibrov^r." (itullco oiir-i.) 

h9 oourt, how9V(9r, refiiaed to cilroct a vorilct Ir th. t forr:, but p-ave 

he Jury the folluwlrj^^ for-, of vuruiot wlt)^ dlreotlona to 3l/,r. kjurae: 

"..a, th© jury, fl-Ni th<a dofenaart.j, ■. ... /imotrorg 
a'vl i'. <-. .lti><e, j'Tullty of havlnj.^ i.ttll clouo ly, wilfully and 
Intertlcnall V, ur-i jith Intont to Injure rind Uafravid tha plalr- 
tlff oonvertyd to def-iraanta* o*r; u;;=i, tho pooJs an i chattels 
of tVic rlalritiff arci aauetja t::o plah'-tiif 'a dawti^oa at the fjum 
of t#c hundred ard saver ty-flve { iirvft),** 

hi oh AiU?3 returned by thsj jury ar.d ,}u>'.cr»Fi»nt rendered theroor by the 

ourt* ^uld .ludgpcnt and coats not h&vir.ii hoer p'iid, a oapiaa 'id aa tla - 

ftOlqnd urc ana isauod and aorv«d upon tho dofar^ia'it. ]Jvor\ this .yrit de- 

Bndart, upC" hin fttiluro to aatl.ify ouid» ivsia takci*- I'-to ou'-'tody, 

n t.^.t) aatns? day h« filed ^;i3 petition for r^l'ja^e I'ror^ >}uoh arroat, 

ndwr tho inaolvont Dabtorv! y\ot, an i wa^i roleaH'«d upcn far'-iahlnsr a 

ond 1 1 or*d upon )".l.i apPQirar.ce on the heiirlng 0t aaid petition. 

n ttui h«ju,rin^ btifcro the court 5»li t.^i© papyr^j In the orl>^lral replvlr 

ult *ore produced, viz. t tJui affl ;avit, writ and bend, pl.-xlrtiff 'a 

tatsaont of olttiir, whtoh »a3 in tho ouatomary forr^ of an Mot'on i'-i 

rover, defendant 'a affidavit of morlta, the rnoticr for a .Ur«90t«d vor- 

lot presented by the plnintlff, the form of vordlcst uu ant out ir atiii 

otion, aloo the voriiot reitumud by the Jury at the Jlrecticn of tr-o 

ourt, and the Jud^^ent lasutid thorocn. 'Jpor thi ■ atato cf tf: r<?cord 

•ferdant aa/ed the diticburp.e of tiu; dafeniart on hi/S petition, Kxxtkft 

niuui th(it ffttlico ^a<s rot the >;lr.t of nlalntlff'a action. iUaintiff 
alntttinlrtho contrary, inoi-itirr; t.'.at trover i- an urla-»ful corvoraion 
f prcr.crty and that th<:^ vwrtiot of the Jury found def ndart ;ruilty of 
nvlnp. naliciouuly, wUfuiiy avi aith into^i to inJMro and dofr.uid the 
lalntiff, converted to nla o-n ut»« thd /,ocd9 ari ohattolo of the plaln- 
Iff , &rd that Judj.;n-.;nt htivin,- bo^rr rendered thv?r©on, v;il;i Jui^rr-bnt 4* «-•- v 
•8 adjudicata on the quart tl on *'^othrir waiico i^i or io not t>i'? r;lut of 
he action. rhe court in i^ryin- defer.ia*- 1 ' j petition, aru cf the opin- 
on that Btalioa Aad the f^lat o» the .uotlon, and upon that groun 1 ronandod 

t"^: \^0 'Kl^?-;r>-■i* i,«f,f;-?i5f(&'-r j'^;?-;'t^^^.;it 'i;.'V« v"^Si!f *rtJi ■<?..i tun'Uii^t umi 

-o(. ■i.t'tv t\.i;1.5 r*'yr,\i ♦j'^-f«>;. v>'s<?v f.-;; /fCiU;;. i:i¥'^.--ih iyrnje l:?&a&ai: -fiiSis 
',-; J-iiJft w^".!- :'tj>^;^J ^^v. .■^?''s*". :V'>ru-! 'f'3'J?/*ii^ d,;S ■ a-iullwl ela ^i>«ju 4;,;-;#'.< 

■i'-:-~i:; ,rtr;j;::. "• . '■. ' l":.!';.. !■ , 'jg i ^ Jl ■ ,,vr/>> J'L/^^ i^«v' o.oiii** ii' Kx: 

-:■: ■••; t'[... ' c ■ ^i^,? Ji:.'"; ' ■ :; ,;<• ^iiJ •>>i;t' -f)*© *>-f'' '.;-l Zxs^^evnQO' ■ 

Itfendont to tho ouatoiy of the shorlff, whion action of the court 
,■ corcplalnoJ of on T^^^kx^^ anpj .1. / 

JiJ«. • J'Jw;.IOii P/vM delivered t^o oplnl.r. of the oourt. 

I'he principle i? *6ll tiatablisbyd that th« queatlor <«hather 

lAlioe 1:J the !U-it of fxr. actlor bv dotomir,«d fro--' t?i« face of 

,he record, nhere tho record affords? tno of auoh dat^rmlrntlon: 

Ad our courts have furthar hfjl'i thj^t if it app'sarod frc^ tho nleailn^a 

JlAt TCalico Hill? the ijint of the .^ctlon, Vr.e loctrlr.o of roa ^id judicata 

lould apply. .:<jrrhMr;^ v, ix^ 1- '.. 111. ii;j4, rhrs further prlr.cirle of 

,a» i» j»'3ll €»3tabli3hfid, thut th'-- ^^i-t of ar actio'- in trov'?r in the 

Chitty on PI., 15th Am. Ed., Vol. 1, P. 146. 

lOnversion of Ih'S property. ■ «i ri-».T»r- ] r . My| r»T^ «y*>^-gx-ii^iT'«^»irx!YyyTy-»:ty«^^virCT-<- 

Akxxxxi&S^CSx „11 that noed by ihovjn Ir a count ssoundirj- Ir trover la: 
lie own«sruhip of the property in thtj plalrtlff, tlirnt it. care Irto the 
lOBBGrfdion of thf dof^ntiiJ-.t, and that tho defendant corverted it to his 
iwr uae. ir the Cttoa of _ttir:ffer v. '-crtor., i;'i ill, j-.p'p, .')*vl, the 
lourt 3ttid that the deolaratJon th*ireir tivBpred rjo fact? ohcwlruy ary 
iTil or fr!4Udulcrt purnov-o to Irflict ar injury or wronr upon the olalr- 
Iff, therefor© maklrsi?; it unrecoa3.?,ry, under eal i deolarutlor, *o ;^ho*,r 
iTiy ovll ir.t&nt or purpose; th'it tlie daolfiration ^r^y the eniivalort of 
I count in trover; that to auatalr mich court It ^'.i.-. only rsoe^aarv for 
khe plaintiff to uhc« o*n^ruhip of thj property, that It carr.e into the 
•©•aeaeion of the defendant, and that its converted it to M;: ow^"- uoe, 
ind therefore hel i thnt malice yaa not tho r;ljt of tr-i action; citing 
[•mborj r V. ^Ix, aupra, wh«r'»ln It wu » oater.orlcally h-1 » that Tiuilce 
*8 "ot the ^^l3t of ar .ictlor i>-! trov-^jr. It his boon unlfomly old 
Jut vi)ier TQttlice 1.^ not th-? /rl^t o!" th'i uctior, tho filir.- of a pHtltlor 
r conpllttnoe .>' i th the provlaionu of the Inaolvent Oobtors A:5t entitles 
•fendant ti hl^ dlrtchar/re, v' lrat Ntytl. »v. of .lor-.^ v. :urV:ett, l-^l 

11. 5'M; r;ititon V. i- ara el 1 , Vr.. 111. 327: • ..illcr, ittirrer • ; InTc v. 
or ton, a-^'- ill. 35-^. 

:^r>L."'^' • .-s y;,-i'^i-. ':''-..i "^v „y«:'i:' ■■''■:' ;)0" ^H>iir p.;,, i ',;;,r;^ :iii«ri^ M<»^1 wTiO'.' 

Vho facta In thG o&H'i at bar aho^. that after tho plaintiff hud 
milad to yeourw tne return of th'a proptsrty undor his jrlt of replovir, 
e fllod a :J.tator!0»n of slain: ail<3>Tlnp •.amiiKas for tho convereior of tho 
rcperty, ar •sx.imlnatlon of which .Aho*a tmtt It is in thn forr; of ar ao- 
Icr In trover, aa laid aojfn by !^utyrbau/?;h*3 Ploaiiin^ and Hraotic*:, 8th Ed, 
. 203. ?hat plfilnLirf r«/tarded hi a atatare-^t or cluiir nu ur fiction Ir, 
rcvor maiy bo aeon from th'i forr or v«rciiot i^ubmlttisci by >ilr. to the 
ourt: ar'd only in unn ver il'it itself - whioh the. '^ourt dir©ot«d tho 
ury to r-itum - ia th^rs found u charee of* fre-ud or Tiltce. i-.;! vor-llct, 

owev-.r, cannot oupply the «lernsnt of "n^Alios or fraud unlsua thoy a'pear 
D the atatom«r.t of olaiT, either ©xpreaBly or ir?plledly. 

i^laintiff ocrtands that t^•ie ataterro! r of cla^n la net ocntrol31r./r, 

ut tha. tii© vordlci avA jxjd^nent, urt, a^.d oitss In support thoreof 

dtiitrtun V. tJ« ' ♦ J . '. ;■■>'. , LA'- Ail. ','■■11, Ve are of t.>io opinion, riow- 

▼er, that the irullng in that ctiwe if3 rot ar'nllotible to th v facts in the 

aai. ut bur, f::ut that tho hoidin-^ ir tho moro reoent caae of ilf^ar v. 

hio tno Italia ay a Cowpany, *i'in ill, SO-'i (advanoo ahoota) in in point, in 

hloh casij pltiintiff dl I fll"? n atatem;.nt ox olal- Ir ftrltin>T, but the 

ourt htvld that rjuch atatornent of aiairi did not -luff 1 c3 srtly stnto ; oauoe 

f action upon yhioh to aujtfiin a vorJiit of ",'sUilt7" unon which judBtcient 

uu evtertji. as in th-a aao«i sit bar, anpelloe ir tiuit oaai* relioi tjpon 

dgcrtcn V, 'J« H. i« ■>: ?« Ky« y . , , aupra , ir jupport of ito contention. 

n paoalr.;^ upon th\ j cent- r tier the court jnld (p. "'1'^): 

"it w:i.i not Ir-tonled to annul the provlclori of* that geo- 
tlor (^dcticn 'i "), «>iloh rod^iJ^t*^ critter, pleadinra in fourth claon 
oaaos, ) ana in t»-;o later oaao of Vul ter JaMnot Jo, v. J'uniell, 
U! 111. 4 1-, »e hold that thrj iuu'jo li made in tho ♦aunlcipnl court, 
by thw 3tatur.9rt of olaira, that tho ovide-noo ni.ot ta*) ll"ilted by 
that Btato^ur.t, ana thrjit t>iv iaauti oirnot b-i <»rlarf^od by a'^fliavlta 

/ or oral cialrtio, i;,xc&pt .as provided in aactlor -t^, ar^iich hua no .ip- 
pllceitlon to oa«« J of tho fourt): clu. u) o* thlJ Vlnl, a utate-ont of 
olain 1 > nocoaaary to the coi:Liioncer,«T t of a oaHe of th^;' fourth olaar^ 
in the rrjunloipal court and .a th- baalsj of the Judj^^Cort in such 

' Oaae, jinJ. such otator.Kjnt -nu'/t oho/ a 1 1/;^..*! liability of th-:' dofend- 

, art to the plaintiff." 

nd the court go«a on furth«jr to any; 

, '^§.-1 

'■tf'.7Cf^-u^ J'':.'!' •■'.: j1o/(hi^- '^ i^E> fi J-'-..^.: ^■^y »nj ni 

- ■- •:^:1' .rv^;- ;;-,.v -^^ ' ::-';•}■ tr.- ( ' , ■ ;" f-!>'i-ii .7:::<i'tr,ti.-i ^ p*^ .''o,ti!y'iOV 


♦ .r- .»'!. »0 

/r lOf! ."ri 

y.-' fi'Jl' 

J..^ ? 

■ : 'Tti J r\,' 

■:.-■■..* ■■■■!.■.)■.:" "^c J^'i'-TDV ." rri/'j'tiJii oi'i'i^^ii'w rtoqu 

" ' ' ' '• .^'J2'i. :_?'■■ *v'\. •■,^'; « ; - ,^ ' * I »A »^. "^ £2 
., " .'U': •:■.'(.);■' '( -r • >; > >. .■*ft.-'0 v.f:"!- noqtf ?- 
■■■ r ■ • -.''iq .' ■'• i;. ■"-/; 'jj ' 2or :-i.M. *i* 

.'- ... ;<<. V' .,•■ -.:«i ' -i.v,*j ,..,,'i;X i) 'J ^■■ 

■'; ■ . ..■ .■:■■-■ ,•( ■ : . .■•).• ^,::l,iXl. '^C 

•V ■■••';. J ■■ ' ,- ,. j $•■ v', , ' t-i'vi - i,» -ifv.lj i!.". 

' ffft Oi IwfUlUt rto ilttOR f1iM>« • 

" ih-i Btattttrtont of claim .tua not waived by thvj failure 
of the d«f<Triuai''t to !nove for a :3ore apooiflo ataterent. i'he 
otatO'unt dt'ir-aB for a deoxaratlcr i*- oomr-on luw ixoii-ma. It 
, la easa^tliil to austuln the Judi^inent' Vho x*ulo In *«j11 eettlei 

that If a decl irHtion iu sc Jef active that It iiill ret oustnir. 
' a iu(lir,rr.tini th» inauffloieroy pmy b>9 availed of on a writ o*^ error 
• «von »iftor u. do'"urr'3r ov^rr^ile.:! trJ a. plea to the ritirlts." 

Ur.dor thio dooiaion, ti.'© c<tuv)fe of uotlor. Ir th^;? card's ut bar la deter- 
mined, r.ot bv tha vt-rdlct art judgment, but by plairtl'^f 'a otatonent 
of olaire, ir order t^. pr/vert tho petitionor fr-^-n bolr-: diach*ir,^od 
O!"! Ma petltlor, th-? plulrtirf a otater'e-nt of olalni rrruat sho,* that 
' maliCtf w:-.B the j-^l.vt of thu action, it, hcwsvor, clearly appear • fro-n 


an Inapeotion of thv reoord jtlonu In tho actluf- in tihi<ih Judj^nont 

«;io rendorud and on si^hloh tJi' ca. s&. wa: ina'iod, that Tjaiicii «ja.j not 
( ■ ■ 

tho gli?:. of thu crtiiao of » ',t1or: as Btit forth In pliiirtlff *3 atutov^nt 

of claJra. .h^r^fora dufenltint wna antitled to hi.s dinchurc'e en hla 
' petition on 0ORpllaj2co v7lth the prcvloiona of the inaolvent i^ebtora 
r A- 1. 

For tha rfia.iona hareinacove assii^.nod, the Jud;',n>ent of tho 

County Court *ill too rcvora*3d for f\irthfc)r proceodln-s ret Iroonalf-tefTt 

with t' l3 opinion. 

-T' -rr.. '■■• .';''a->< is rfo ■•<? ij-o X ijs'^Jti : j-on^-ioi. U JitsS'., , 

- •■..J ' ... .i iy.j .% r*. ;o (iii-uy .-r rvorji)i-. 1o -si.ajMO o'l,» , titan: b felrfi t«- 

j-r': ^.one ^iitr- -^■,:-ij; "lo ^tw^ ■• ^-^^t.isj ^^ ^. *•* j'-f?.:.-.!'-; -■'?; .'totii'" 
fT-d't -rCHCK'iS vi'iJ:&ic ,''?:::V'.';caft ji'; ,.-o.i;i^\fi '^;U "? ■) ';'-l?' fsffJ '^ ....■D-!.. 

:.■".,.♦:<*•/ .,!f»v\,';-,>"rj. -nj '^lo Hsriv>-??>,i >.->vrr; s^fii jt*i»' «t»m;i:Ia«roo'' it© nc ^ ■ ' . 

329 - i;n'*59. 

»AP.R£;N SALiio UOilP/iNY, for t)if ue of ) 


▼•. / ) 

J. ;.. Y'^¥ "> 

\^ J Appellart, ^ "| — 

vK. PBft;3IDir< ; JUJflC/S ::CAMLAN delivered the opinion of the <30urt. 

rho appellee, >*arren Juloa 'Joropany, for the uaa of arron 
.otxX. JO'-pany, a corporation (herolnaftar oall-.i the plaintiff), 
Bued the uppellort, r, :,. .ih.a« (hcroinaftor cailsd tho defr'.rdrcnt ; , 
in ar fc-tion oT tho firat clasH in tho .n;niolpai Jcurt of Chi -ario 
to reoovar %\AXy^, b&lanoo alleireu to b«^ due it under i contract for 
tho TOftnufacturo and delivery of a hydroplane; and u,i ?o for tho auri? 
of ,«.MO.''^f<, for other ^roodd iiil^\<j;ed to have been sold and delivered 
ty ihti plaintiff to th; defendant. / rho d«f ■sndant fil«d .in sffldnvit 
of merita in >»hich h^ deriad Umt th« plalniuiff raade ar-.d dellverod 
t'e hydroplane an por ccntract: deni'.ici that thoro rfaa du3 tho plnin- 
tiff fz^"J'n the defendant l*i'';0, or any othor aun of rondy, anl allopod 
that tho plaintiff <iru3 ind9tot«d to uhc ief *fr iart for failur-^ to de- 
livor the hydroplane on y 1, lVi;<i, a^* pr«v1del In the cc tract, --nd 
thut by reacon of aaid failur'.-, t"no iof mdart i:j e« titlod r.o rocovor 
irota the plaintiVf ths sum of o per day "aa provided in t!'e contract.'* 
vho defordart aljo filed a " utato -art and affiaav't of clair on 
aet off," th:' ite-.j of rfhlch ar,gro«ate ,177g,-^i. c this the nlaln- 
tir'f filed ar affidavH of nf;rita. ihe iaaa vvua tried ly the court 
Vilthout a Jury, and tha i-' mec *ere found a,c;ain8t the lefondant and 
the plaintiff's da'ia/'ies *ore aasenaed at the busl' of 11' /-.''I. A 
motion for a no# trial v»a8 overruled, Judgraont .y?i» entered or the 
f Indin.--,^ ard tria appeul followed. 
I .o ocnpluirt la nude by the defer:iant a to any rullrp; of 

this court or any question of pleadini.j, or upon tho adpiiaslon or 
exolu£ion of evldenoe, or upon any ratter ari ilnsr during the course 



■ f 

_v'-;^4i;. '•■-■• --/J ''■'^' '^s^■^ iX--^- ■■^- i. i.'i'...t. :'„'C'i.;!. •, ^OttXXo^fl ^Al 

*iv. I'" ':>: -■-- ■..-ii': ^^fis:, -i'-":x:v ••;■■ ,:'ty.K- vihr ::a oJ ^■♦ijrii.srq ■ 
-•^r .' =-^-r. -; T'.-i; --■• . ■,.■ !)s.,lof;b:tf : .. . 'fil:!^.; i-Iq ©rti *^ 

- -t..' ■■:• ": .: 5- :••".;.: • ■ .:, ^-i' : - f■.l^ o Pi^itneteJb. o 

T-vi;'.;. ..'J . - ; . i.- ..' .:.■.;-::■<-- '^ ■ iVr-f^cTi^ ;iaj tsin 1': 

■•■<,'' . ■ - ? •'0*! 'J f ^''' : .. ■( '""i •.■■■/fc i>^i/ ■ ,i vf\+ .'•.■•:ij: .^iiu{, a J' - 

.•:■. j^--; .-- ,' .',i . .,!^j'- ■ •.'.',.. ;.'•.:. :,t^^^. *iL *j't1i5al# 

.I'jvoii '".• 4 ■<:qrt^ e ! U Jrr« ''tSilii>' 
; r «..m: ♦rii'ii.v. u ■- :.';;j v>.f >^i^'Tr t»X Jjti ;jiq?so© ©■' 

or tht: trial, .^r.A nc v;riLt'-«n prcpocltlons cf Iriw to bs held a.j las 
#or«» 8Ub7;itted tc ths curt by olth-jr th? plai^-ili'^t'' or the -Jefond- 
a,nt, and thar-' l3, thsrefor^-, no questlor of la., proaentacl by the 
rt«oo/-.i for our oonsidoraticn. .i^ht v. .;ity of uhlqago, <i34 ill, r.r5, 

C'- thlo reoorJ thare Is t-ut ond qu©3tlcr proaer.trtfj by the 
cppoali I8 tht flrj.ilr;' oi" the trliil oourt "anlfe tiy a/^alnst tho 
weight of the evijyr.ceV e JiavH carofuliy re^i and cor!~-!idor«'i tho 
ovldsr^ce in trin oiti^ei and «.« aatl^ified tnat wo nuat arswer thlo 
queotlon in t>ift ro/J^utive. Ihe jud^tmynt of the ur.lcipal Jourt of 
•Jhicttgo will therefore bci affirinod. 

; ,...c-^:' ^^:- '■ ; v' ;. -J-l .ixU' a.t 

\ / 

S. kulil/\V. o'Ji!!iL.T^o, ) /'■ 

, Appelleo, ) AE'U^^ti. KKui 

\ \ /' 

va. •; ) / ..UUOUl-' OOUHi' 

\ ) - 

TriOMAb M, tiUNiiiH, "^ ) /- C300K iJOU'-^:. >^. 

t-'fi, PRB311)1N > JU.;?IOK viOANLAfi dollvered the opinion of th« court. 

The appollt* , .i, Adrian .ioheltee, trustee (herGinaftor 
calls'J the plaintiff), lR3titut<5a a replovin action Ir. U^.e 'Jrcult 
/Ourt of Jook ',;oiirty agiiinot thra app-'llart, rhopiaa M, luntor, 
btiillff of the -iuniolpal ;;ourt (herein after called th^i def erdart ) , 
iha caoe waj, by Jigreerrent, aubmittud to tijG court without a Jury; 
tho court found thr.- defandfi? t guilty, ard that the ri.:?;]nt tc the nonaeo- 
;*lon of tl'id property wae In t;ie plaintiff, ^vA anao.iaed the plain- 
tiff's ducag»3 at th« sum of one cont. A T*>otior for a ne\v trial aa 
overruled, Judgrnynt wn:,' antorai on tha flndlnir and trls ar^paal fol- 

\/0r December ;fO, I'^ll, '-.ito ..ohatz, who * .a en^aKO'i Ir the 
clothlnr, buainosa In thv city of Jhioa;';c, under ttio pario and ::tylo 
of " ^art Clothing uOf^ptmy," oxev-.utod and dellverei to .5, A, .choltes, 
&8 trujtee, u certsln deo ^ of truat, .hi deed purported to b© an 
aaelgnmont for the benefit of the creditors 01' the aaid -chntz, and 
by it th'j latter conveyed to tho trustee all hlti raerohttndl Je, furni- 
ture iind fixturea, cash, bllla and acoounta receivable, urd other 
property Ort-nM by nin in ccnn'?oticn nlth tho ^aid rualness. At the 
tiiT.e of the oxeoutlor of tho deed, .^chatz an.,^ o<lrp a lar'e '^i.mount of 
montiy, practically (ill of whj oh .nari due tc elov:r crtjdltora - one 
cf whom *-."ia Hoae, ..ogers ard j-ojo, h corporation, th;it held a olain 
anountin tc '?tJ'^4H,0^ - and th'.; d'jod was oxeoutsd In pursuance of rvr. 
arran^,er«j!nt mtide at a neotin^T of certain of thj crsditorn of ."chatz, 
ard it ia clear Uiat it ..uj rati'lod an J aiisentft?ci to by ten <^T the 

. =^eii'>ii 


•- r:^...:i-.- ■ .,-,.■ -i^ ,<•.-■•"';: 0.x r.;. u r^ ?:, ».- , -.f^rcra or^T - 

-:- ■:/ • ■> ■ ■■ - ; .\ •„ .;^.?i;::;f- ? . ;r:olo^ :>:fc i.rri.o'i ;■ : 

-•;.■:(•'; :; V' ■''■'■' ■-■• ' i' ■'■-■■^--<; •■:' ' ^'> S^iiH; '■ Sn^^CjOiq ©i 

.'^■■. ■■ '■- .'. . -'.: : -.'^f.vf J'tL I::fi !>^J ;!•.,. ;-:rt "^y"'-'-^!^"'^- ^itiiiio^ll *1f;'.'* 
' :v;'^'.^';r :-;■ •■'••>£■ ^ ■ - ■* iV!.;"' ..; ''■; ■•■....-■■ Tf-jT^o ii »e " 

T :,-- 1.:. - : -:iji yri [.o,-i,-.o \i«Jn 

j ■.-■■-'■; •;... . ^' ■ *•■ .' Li*' ^ i i^:-iJajun<7 , 

'.i(1.+ ■ "I .' •. . .'■.» ^.eJrT^*•il..£ t;--D i'-* iJr,i •" i--w Jt iMU tat 

sa .1 olev'j:-' crovtltors. On the trial belcv thore v^a a corfHtjt In 
the ovlrtenoe no to whether ^owe, Hoger-.^ ard noae ratified and udaont- 
ed to tho aaal;f^nniont, i-^madiatQly after the oxooution of the said 
daedf the trustee took rjosoeaalor of tiie property oonv^yed arcl ho 
appears to iiave conducted thj bu inoua frorn that tl e until thy data 
ci' thd trial. Jn ^ay 4, lwi»i, .03e, jccgori tircl rvoae rociover'&d a 
y^dppe'^t again. a tho said ..ohat^, in tho unlclpal Jourt of ::hica?<o. 
In the eujn of .;<4'''l. . xecutlon «'V3 laauwd on t->l3 Judvrrvert and 
placed in tho handa of rhoraaa . Hunter, the bailiff oi' aal;i court, 
who, on or about June 4, 191ii, seized 400 ault;* of r^en'a clcthlrr^ in 
the hunda of tho ^-satd trustee. I'horeupon tho said tru ;tee, the plain- 
tiff, cominonoei tno present actio-' in r*iplovln. 

rhe deolaration con3i:it3 o^' thy usual oour.ta in replevin. 
ihe defendant filjd t<*o pleas: thrj firc5t averred th&t the property 
replevlnod wa3 tho property of ; aUuir .^ohatz ard '-ot of tho plaintiff; 
th^ second averred Justification of th-?. aeiauro a^ bailiff of thns 
oaiu court under u ..Tit of sxacution in full force and offect. Issued 
by the uaid court on the jaid Jud;^ont in favor of oie, ogera ard 
i oce. *o theao r)iea:3 the plaintiff filed a replication. 
I The defendant contun4a "thut tho alleged a> ijii^.r. -nt for tho 
benefit of ore 1 tory la veld b'jccurte it tenia to hind-^r, delay and 
defraud oroditora. .'oin/? void, no title to ary property of :;ohatz 
passed tu .joheltes, tho plaintiff in thli-. roplyvin action:" that the 
goodij seized by the def •>ndant ac ballifl of the unlclpal ;ourt were 
in fact the gooda of oohatz, and th'it the trial court orre I in ren- 
dering Judprtunt in fnr'or of t^t> t>l'i.lntiff . T^ie defendant further 
oontsnde that "the plaintiff did not sjtaoliah an ostopp^isl by m vtB" 
pcr.dor noe of the evidence." 

he plaintiff contends: " l. lia deed of trust *a:! rot ">ado 
to hinder, delay c.nd defraud oredltoru, u^'i -v;i;i not fraudulent or 
void; ^. preponderaroo or the evidftnoo clearly e-jt^tbll she*? th.-.t 
the deed of truot waa nude with the full kno.vlodre and aoquieooeroe 

-..:.,:;-■., I •■• :. ■ ';•■'* ~.^ ■■ ;"!..!• 'TrT^- : < ''" ^' 'X;.?;"' 'ir' ■ ■; o tii ?) !y 

.-,; ■ ■'■ ■ . c ::'... 'f'j t -■■■'• x-.-l .- v^. ■'■ ■ .ifiili, 

l:\ld-: v:S.!-: V-. I.e.. Jl^ • .-.i: ;;'r-:;--:v. - .'.!i;,, !,■ ■v.^T'^'^cfO'jq r-j ;.i-,v- .' 

:•..; ^ ...... .-^?.-, ... ,>.-,,■; j^ ,-,;:... :■; ; . ■- ,.i --itoi '• ntl^ 10 i: 

■ ..r .-,. • '■,:■■■ :..:;,-r a'-'-X-c: .>:-.• -i '; ■ 'ifii*--Xc; (--(^J ^i^e^ie;^:.*- j>J 

: .' '•'■■!-':. ■:•'.: :: :."i/. *:?S .' :. C " ..r-'l-'i.^^' ■"''■'J Xtf ':u«l©i. 

■-:-•■'': '■'■",}(■ f^ iT « : •■ .;..:■- • ; {; f'> \ ' •!■ i:, oflJ " itiCii «i)- 

.-o-j .' "e 'i^f^ to eDrti' 

Tv- ;•■ ■. ,' ■'.■"i1 '0:7 '.<!■■.■.■ b'<. . ■■ ■ ■ iw'lt i'Ui'.llfri '^^i 

of . 089, '.iofr.oni orA Noo«, ttr.'l, thorofore, *a^^ ari ia blrdln/r u-aon 
them; ?^, ha gooda aeizod by the bailiff imder the oxooutlor r^era 
goodo purohaoe:i by j. Adrian ...oheltoa, as truyta*, nr-^ vero rot jub- 
jeot to aalzuro under exooution against ate iohatz, tfct orl r^lnal 
ttsalj^nor, ov-.r t) ou,-0 t/ir? or! ;in(il conv^y-inoo to tha tiruatoe were 
fraudulent ari void." 

.ha trial aturt found frors the ovldsno© that tnts -loei of 
tru;-Jt wr:n r<id . .Ivh the) full knowlod "o and acojuioacenco of 'r.oao, 
3-.og»ro and K03o, and after n careful axaninutl on of tnu proof io aro 
aatlafle^^ that w;3 anno" oay th-it thi:T findlnp; la rrtanlfestly arialrat 
the wol;!;ht of th« (svidynoo. 

.he dsfandftnt :5..nt9nda, hOiifever, that -n'^n If It be conceded 
that l-:oeay hor.ora and hoao, with full knowlevdge of the a«slf;nT?ient, 
ao luleaced theraln, n9v©rthel«»83, the convayanoo la absolutely void 
becauue "It per Itted tho truntwe to carry on the buainaaa: it author- 
ized hln to purohaa's new narchar.dlj^e and render t?'e tnjat '•^ tato 
llablt for any looo or profit that would be roade out of the wor- 
obuniiiaej It authorized hln to nav all oxpenaea Incurred by hlTn In 

. I! conduct ol" tho buainoss Irrenpflotlvo of /rhethor tho exoenaftn were 
neoeaoary or not; it abuoJutely required the tru3te« to employ scftatz 

.. pay hlni ,:'0 par aeek: It required the trustee to pay prornliKna on 
ti: life inuurtnce taken out on the life of -ohatz; It authorized the 
trustee to mai^o Jalea of roodo on credit: It lirr!it'^*d the liability of 
the truotee." \y 

it li9 th" ;-^ettled I'aW of thlj etato t at a oonveyancg made 
defraud oreditora Ij valid inter partem . i4yon3 v. . obbina, 'I' 
ili, -V.'; Rggpleye v. :^iurk, 9' ill. 3'j''; 'nlon 

lionul iBank v. L.:m6 , l""^ ill. 17 1. -.ver a'- to ore 11 tora who are 
rot parties to th« aanl Tn"'^'^t, an? v*lio dr) not aaaen'^ to thw -ralclnjr 
cV thtt aa'pe, a fraudulent aaal.i'-.n ent la not vol.1 but orl7 v oidable. 
:y the finul">i:; of th« trl^l court, -^o-'O, :or.^r3 and os-^- haJ full 
knoiiledi^e of the :nakln;3; of t- ^ a8ai;rn'-^-nt cin i acquleaceJ therein, and 

-^€■■■1 x:u.l::- :' i -v ,* i >';■.• 'J^rU t?^-^.' ,s-?K-- tft^ fc1i»;^0K ' ,»«to., 

■^..- . -■;■ .^.. ;^''-^ -i^- ■!■'■::!.:: ''j : ■■ rx i-'-yo'i- ^^l^JO iMt^iti «ri; 

i[>tc>v- V '•^••^r.ri.-'-^'l"* (;i ■•O'rijVeTn-.- v. N/f.t .,■■;«& Isa.HsVvn s"-^*'?^^''^ i)»OBJ«J;tiBp6;.'i 
r -if>r,Ti'f. it? T'iV:e:3.:-av:5 •5««iT- -.o v-s-^'i:?^ f?.i «?fs>5siiTri art,? i-s^t^-^oq tt* eQMM«<f 

•T^- :;*r" ■;-^".> '\o .:^'^n id't^s: \-y 'bl-SQ^- .t*if{# li'Jo'to' '"Jt. nhol xnm 'to'i »,^rf»ifX 

■. ■ /. "v^ ■;-'^ ^ .':■ ■-■' J--. ■ ■ - :'■ ■' "■ ■: \.^ ."^*- 

► ':..- o'i-'^y^^ -!■-:; ^:'\$:!s:'>. t>A&;t«}- tii;rf^./lo w«I '^&I\)i»n yrfj ai ii 
.: ■ •Jill ••SO' hrtM en*:|ofr ,*■ 6. ,J' 

th. aaaignifent la n-^ithor void n-r volduble h« to it. it i; oourd 
by the aasignraert ana cun^ot attaok It u.i3 a fraudulent conveyinoa. 
ACbr. 1. Kn,;r. i-Jnoy. of Law, end sd., oi. ,<, ?. i . : inparlt-l oolon 
^o« ▼ « I.onfTt)OttO'T3» j-'»s f-etl. ^jBS, <.-anv other caae-i to thf; .:v.i'Ta affoct 
mijr:ht bo cited. 

in oupport of the oontartion. that a fraudul^^nt a3oi?7Tn<int 
l-'- v_oi>t » oeveral oaaed are oitai by the defenaart. in tho^e caaea, 
it ia aaid that a fraudulent aaslgrrment i ; void , or void per se, or 
abdclutely void» or v oid ai? to ore a It or a. I'h© word* "void" ard 
"voidable" are oft«r iooaeiy uao i Ir text books, deolBiom of tho 
ccurta, find atatutos. rn* tor*^ "void" ia not always used Aith 
teohnicai preolsion, nor roatrlotod to its peculiar ar^ llTlted asrse 
as ocntradistlnf^lahad from "voldablo," .'\mor. \ tr: , Enoy. of Law, 
iiTid iid., vol, <;iiJ, j', i'"^35. In nar.y oaaea in th« books it, iij clearly 
apparent that tho word "void" io used by the court oYter "voidable" 
la maant. hj oaae^ tc whioh the defendar,t refers xia are of this 

Therefore, even if it ba oonoeded ttw.t the aaai.Knri^nt wis 
made for the purpcne of defraudimr oredltore, n que-tlor thit . 
not called upon to determine in the deoialon of thla oa-^, the oorter- 
tlon of tho deferdart that t>i« c-onveyanoe i..' vci . an i rot bir linr 
upon ixO-;^, f.Oi^.ora and Rcae cannot be sustained. Tha trial court, 
ur.dcjr the facta aa found, ar:d under the law aptjlisable to tbo ^ar.e, 
i Justified in finding: tjh« iaauoa for the plaintiff, 

in tho view t>iat ^.c- have taV-^n of V-i-:^ oaf^e, it «ill rot be 
ncoeaaary for us to paad upor oertaln oontdntic-tc o?" tho pla-intiff. 
After a caroful oonoideratior or ail th« -jueatlons preasnted 
thla appoal, a a are oatiufiod that the Julgrrjent of thw ;irouit 
jurt of Jook L'ounty rrjot h» afflrr.ed. 


-.TO-I'V;- .r:.i ,r. ^.^r; ciirk* "^o do'j'r; «»ri4 r'i (■nlTfQ.i&h od tioqu bidllao ton 

ia* V,: '••-■<«.-,' ■■ rrw ■•;;•) .■■■I :'j, ;, ;' i.,i*j 'to -'O.f JutaiatsfiOC' XiituluwO A noiMM 

jAi'F.i 1. VT\Ain^:i\ and villiaw 0, i ) 

THAlNfJ<, iio-partrero, | ) APPii«.L WHOM 

- T pell 6*^10 !>;■ ) 

va. \ / ) 

/ ) coox o<y- in ■:■■■. 

.^fl-:. Jli:iTlCE i'lTJ}! dollvered tho opinion of tho court. 

Appollanto ;iu<xi appelle».- In tho .unerlu. court r.'cr ..i-^f^rO'^, 
i.hioh uHCunt d.pp«llunta oliln la due thsr, for yorvicoa ats ro'i.I 
Q.;tutc brokMra, in proourlnf'; for arncillee a purchaa«r for certain 
rocil 6i3tate in OhicaKO, In >vh1ch a-)polle« ^'.'.a into^cat9^, ;hore 
.vore t«o trials in tha .iuporior cjourt. In th-; rir-'t trial, a vorii^t 
ftad returned in favor cf appMllanta for ^l''','^'^'^, in tho oocond, a 
verdllot ana ret^trnod ir favor of the uefanclant (a:-pell9e), ard from 
a Judf,!D'?nt entered upon the seocnd vorUlct, t^o plaint? ffo h;ivo 
pro3©out9d thiiu appeal, 

Tho ovidonoo &3 to tho naturo and character of anpellants' 
contract or* onploymor t iu oonfiloting. 2h-:: record that thoro 
wait a sharp conflict in tho evidence or ot^le^ mattera pertiror.t to 
th.e ioauoa* ^a ..e have r«aoh\3d tho conolualor. that tho Judfncnt of 
thtj superior court ru .t bo r verjt;d ard the cauao r»n:iinded for u new 
trial, on account of Utj errors haroinaftcr stated, ao r»fr>iin fro^ 
expresiiln;:? any opinion a.i to the wol..':ht of tho ovldence. or tho 
purposB.j of thio opinion, it l..i anou)5;h to a^y that. In our opinion, 
th«?re ia sufficient evidence i'^ th'; record frorii wr1ch a .Ivry, " 1th- 
out actln: unreasonably In tMe eye of the las," could ^avB retuiTied 
a verdict in fcivor of appullanto; and en the othor ^<nr.i, if tho 
Jury placed -'oro credence In tho e-ldence of ar^pfill- e "i"? wltnoaoea 
than ir. that of H7jpall:inta*, ti a eeoon verdict was fully lustlfiod. 
The fitot th^t it would riot bo iiffloult to find fror. tho evidence 
subotarti&l reai^ona ir I'a.vor or a. voriict ulthor say, rnade it Ir^- 
porturt that the i- jtructlon.i /^lv«n to the lurv should br. accurate 


• t-*iL.i?i • a 


V- •,i-^i:iAji . 

.- . -":•- ^. .•.■•■..' r-- i ,■■-,;•'■■ '^ ;"' o''i'.fci..i;vi.T*7^; 'vo 'sov^jI ::} 

- .. ^■■: -- ..■..-; .• .: .-; . . ,^^;\!^/: i 'V' o " ^ .:'-:w^^t-. 

^•"■ ' ■'. '"■;.: •/...'.;>;■■:••:■ •■r:^ i^t ';;,^^■': '•vjit' ihi. «»» «eoi;e^ 

ani free fron any -cljileaairp; tenionoy. Aft'^.r n oarafijl exan?lnatlon 
cf tfiB in -truotlora tt>Td of tho ovi'leroo, w>-> ar<> oonotr^ilnrM tc ^old 
t^'at prttJU'llolci.l error wa ■ oorranltt^id in rlvlnr auvfiriil of thf> In- 
otructior. offered or behalf of aopolleo, 

"fi" itiero .ms evldor.oa tonalnj;' to prcvs that Ir. i: '^■', ore of 
app6llarta hud an Intorviow ftlth appolloe, In vvhich appollantn aore 
authorized tc offer tha property im quest ior\ for jale to any person 
whom they ml;?ht think woxilti buy the property, for the price cf 
ilfOOO, f^o, ana that a oo'iralsaior of t^sc ar.d one-half p'^r cert, upon 
thut price wouli ba paid then. If tn«y "found a purchaser for the 
property," ihero ^a/j aloo evideno© terdlnt^ to prove that arspellantQ 
BUbrnltted tho property to several proapa^tive nurchnaers, ore of 
whon ftixa i^eon .tandoi: that appellant Jaros '. Trainer talVo-i the 
mattor over *lth 7r. "^'andoi, and lo;irnc<d fron him that he .yould be 
wlllln;!^ to pay .:i,o '^,'T'''"' for thg wJole property, inolu^iin^ ar out- 
atar.dlr.- leaae-hold estate for which the t<?nant waa doriardin^ l-.0,onn; 
that Lheroupon iralnttr M.jJred anp llt^f- If V;^ ould bo wlillri^ to cell 
Ih'. property for ^^SOj-sOO, subject t.o t' e leasee, to ,y>:i.3h appoll^je 
replied Ir tMo ne/^ative: that this reply w-ia reported to r. ^irdel, 
who ti^en 3ucy;<»ited that he .tjuid b» larlllln.: to buy if anpclleo *ould 
taVe baok v. rxjrtp;^^'.* on tha proporty at a low rate cf interunt for 
part of the purohas.t price, Ir. vie* of tht. low rental anpellco wao 
rooeivlng frora tho tenart, bu-, appellee refused \o aocede to this 
aui^f.eatlon, uaying that he "wanted to ooll It for ca^ib," art that 
av.pollftnta "nl/^ht bo able to borrovf the soney fron aorrsebo ly at a low 
rate of interoat;" that :andel then said tha» a-j the holiday eo tnon 
»3.:3 approacJ'lnjt, he waa "pretty busy" and j(ou1 l 1o nothlr'^ further 
lintll after the flrat. or tho year, whor >e "itould take It p" a-ajn: 
that irain;-r eaw i'andeJ. araln In January, 1^'U-, but the latter -vould 
not ssakt:; any bottux- off or than ho had Bade? t?:at " ar.dol thor. sent 
to Jallfornla ani aaa ?.or.e until -ay, 1 00, leavlnr wcj# with iraJnor 

fr .t ■-:■.■■ *;::^o- '-'."■ ■■■ ^ '-C "'ft 5 I* e> >.'ij '\c b'Ma hrfotioufif fit « 
.,.' :» '\:. ^.-ii •••'■ -:<■ ^^~ -> . ^.;f.^ '":'•■■ 3o j'.ft «S0'r«T9 Injt3ilMJt»1<5 

•!0 00i'>-- •-."'^-•J '■' : ; ,v.T-Tvm:o .:_! 'J;i* VyJ ' MjJC/A' s'ft/.if? •i's.'fTllr ^rf* OOffil' 
v'v-f "'.rrj •'«-. '.ic-'t^J^r '^ in:?^-'''^" tS^'i 11 ^^^fti<J h-tiiff r-a llucm ©o; k, .■•-.'si' 

•'-■J'' "■•"-: ■-.. 'v.>f <*«! I ,;■.•;;,« 't;-i , j^f.-- \i- J »rtt .1lO*!rt 'srtlVi•• 
^■.••w f- ",■.11 4- r. •; , s. :.i@:'^:j .'^.f-;;**" <*.••' J^rf^J T»(tt\^ti ■ ,rTOi^a'r 
• • ■ '- V ■■■''' : r-.'? V. v; .-.'■i'^M'' :-..» '•-«It!t< vd Jfr'ta*^ iti 
■ '*' ■. ' '.' c -■■"■.a ' i, f. ---i J Ic;br'*i ittrirf ' "•^tiOt 
-"■ ' ''^ •" ' ■■ ■'' V ■ ■ -':•'. ■■•/wi:"'-; ',',).r':!"cq" ^^^vy/)'^1 •,Tirfl>f»«C'- 

t^X.'O. •'-.'; ■ .v ..J:" » '^^J tVTz.. ;:*:■■ fvi >ii •.> f'it n 

icwt. r«v<^ :«.;.-f -r'..'jr 'tifi*^ fc*uf g^l ni:fi.t 

tc lot hlc3 (^'andel) know at i^anta ktrbara, (;ttllfomla, if, Ir. the 
neantlno, appollee would ocnaort lo accent Mj off^r of .' 1 , "^O , "inr> 
for the lahole proporty: that during: iondol'^ fibaer.oe, iTftlr.«r auc- 
oeoded Ir trettlr.f. the tenant to roduoo hie prloe to . I'S'',.'' ."i for 
the loasohold Irtoront: t^at ui>on iar.del'o rotu'-n tc ,\hloa-o Ir 'ay, 
tr^e matter ivuj a;i:aln dlBOuaao.! ^Ith hlir, and a plar. isuf^eatei for a 
lonjr, tern lonae, but ^Itliout lu 7 roault: chut In ..optorab«r or (oto- 
ter, I n>., ruln-jr a^alr oalled on ;;:ndol, but lanJc?! then aaici that 
on jiooount of ZhQ doittl-i of 1i1.j brother "ho did not feno* whether he 
iMOulu b(3 In u poaiticn tc buy a^'./thln;! for et.ra© tins," an'1 that oon- 
Boquently h«5 .*aa "not Intoroatod at the prooert ti-ie:" that in tho 
near;tlmtj, howdvor, 'andol hai ;ii'JO ba'jr re;?;otlatin.,i^ v.lth a broke«r 
naned otrauas, who hud as^reovi ./ith 'and^l to iivldo his co^r:ml0olona 
with ".;andei*a 30K~ir.-lu», who WiO lilao in th« vs'.-l estate biialn© n; 
that In ',ctob r or !.'ov<33b*»r, I'^'^s, .:ar.d«*l tolephon^'i tc another 
brck^r nan«d itaoheld^r-, who ha^i ainc talked with hin about the prop- 
arty, und authorized aoh^lcior to ne»?rotlat« with annjilc-o for the 
purohaoe of the prcparty, a^jrealn - to pay '^tt'iiheldor & oo-r^la^ior of 
vi'^,000, on condition that hul of It ahould bo pali to ''r, "iardel'o 
eon-ln-la*; that as tf>' re a. It of iachfjldor'a ne>::otlatlonB, a 
wrltter. contract of uaio v^-.s ert<?r«'l Into bot*oen appftXlac and :ard(Jl, 
in Junutury, l-Ol/, by tfio twrn-a of * ioh "andel agreei tc nay :V)0,or)r) 
for the proporty, iJUb.1«»ot to tha exl^tln^'; laaao, and to pay a oorr- 
tnladlon to ■■>ao}i'aI or, and alio a/^roevi to 'iav<» tppoliee hamleaa 
"frtini any and all olaliT^s fcr oonmlualonA ari^lnt* out oi" th- etil'? of 
aaifi prerlaoj," an > to defend Kry suit thtat nlrht ot bro'J^ht to 
rooovor ary auoh co-irniafi'. ona. 

|[^1arour^out th<» trial, apooll-mts* oounuei appar-^ntly ^cupht 
to Croat--- thG lmpr«a«lcr t>mt anpalioo hfid no r»>:il Intwro :t In the 
oontrovoroy, but that andei una t)ui re.-.l party In Intoroat* Jho 
court, at tho reiueat of app'*lleo, inutructwd tlic Jury "that t^.lo 
lis a auit botwecm .fanaa '. :ralnor and 'illla'^ D. Trainer or tho 

■'.3 - 'is^ '■;'♦ .'C. Jur^ :^- :.. - :7-'' ■■ i-fCi.,'KlKtt?<>;^ tcl t.i'rli'i© XJJ)- lK?i«t«- V 

ens aida and .-.Ifrad L, itikor on th-a othor an i between re on« ol??**, 
and thfit thli» 1: rot a rfult arrainat i.otn "'ardol," ?ho Inatr-ctlon 
thon proceedat " rho quaaticn alraply Ic ahathor v1«f»^»dart 'ak<9r in 
liable under t'n^ evi 'cnoo ard t!io Ir. trict-lor!.; or tiT* -^oiirt to the 
plalrtlffo In thla cuae. rcii shoulu rot, t>iorofc-"o, overlook thlo 
fact nor find a ver!il<5t acf;ainut dofsrdant a'-«r sl-^ply b Jcai:3o ..eor 
J.!mnslol u^rroed <?lth deferJant an i hlo oo-tn;ateoo to Indorrsrlfy fxrl 
hold t.'":er hamleiSLi from any and &il .^lairr-o for cc^'talaiilor ariaing 
out of thd tiKl ■ of thtt property in question In this caae tc aaicl 
ueon r:»un<lelT n r eir.ply beoaufio, of tho faot, thtit def?5ndant ari B;ild 
truetee palJ no csotcaljalon for Ihi.i i^al^ of said property: nor nl^rply 
boaauae of tho faot* if yc i fin I it to ta a fg,ot frijrn thrj «vi ionoe, 
t^at var.del p.i.l^» or afl:ree;l to pay, i^i<"',0':^o ao ■■loramia.^l on, or,o-»:alf 
to I'.. A, iaoheldo and one-huif to Tor.yph Intataar." 

v~£ht; first pf.rt or tMa in-itrnjctton ! ^ no^ obj^ictlonublo, 
but the I'iOt part, vhloh tell. 3 th'j Jury tb*y nu-Jt not "ovorlook 
thl.» fact," nor find 4 veril ^t ap^alnot aopolleo "air^ply boaauao of 
ary of the onunerated faota therein otttted, ahotjld not hav * boon 
giver to the Jury, Ohe Inotruotlc aln^iod out prjirti .nilar ^^mota, 
gaw t^.t;n uniuo prominence, ar.'i hci:i a tondancy tc cor.'fu^o ani r'lclead 
t^ e Jury. ;ho vloe of auc Indtr'-.ation • 1.} pointed out. ir. ogt on 
V. i euf ol , ;;13 in. ^i-vl, 300; .>'iclf ea v. ..'aid on, ...u;- 111. ' ', '*: 
and • ckolo v. .^uttaJhall , ..;'■/ ill. ^ '.., '*'^'^lT/ 

;he fifth and eighth Inatruotlora "iv ;n on bofr.lf of de- 
fendant are open to th" aa <•! objoctlon, and to othoru -la well. 'y 
tho.3e Iridtruotiona, tho ivr-f ««re fir a toil generally th..t before 
they oould fin; for the plaintiffs, they "ru.'t flni an-l believe" 
fror vh^ evldenoe "that Loon Vtirdel #*».» IncJuce i to nuy th- proporty 
in jue-^tion in thi^ oa^e by and through thw «f forte of'^tlff i, 
urj tliut plaintiff a -.cro tho afflrilon^ and proc^rinf^ onuuf) of mid 
Bcie belni: nade to MilS :>!andel, and th«ir wcrlt, in fuel, caused 

.■».r; '■-•..*■;::;„ :.''^?^■' .:';■■>)! y'i:/'- --j "-o cTV^r^H^ •■^irwi«- ■^, .f( , ri^f>j5W»?^ /fl^jawr- 

_■ ■ ' •-•.^.^';,:■i•^:^:'v. .-^ryr' >/ }. ■'■"■■^■> t ■' riinii hrt f. ?a »■'' '''a .r*"*!/^*! Jhtit '''Ci'iJ. 

' ' ' '■ • ■' ' ■ /.."•■;'.;„;■, ■ ' l^-^lflri' ;'■'-■:• tfwiu- .ili Sl.-^^ ^Iv'itiut -. 

hf*..', •vr ••./,',.••,;-. ^.,-i*-»«rrn'vq ^.<'ii5 ■s<'**«-i»ir3t<fl «f*-Jf ■!»?«» 'fiillii^f rri«I<} 

^.rc'un ■■.t,} -i-i^t^-i: *ii2fiHS M:-n^ i}irui:kl*>ha*.\%:.i>.U^'' -» 

the ;iu5d i»oon M^indel to p rohtiao sHld property^ ariol that without 
tiielr dfforto and work, ho vvoul'i riOt liave purohaetwi tho aaKo." 
i'OllOrtln,: tM.? i^jnarul, tho Instructions ,7c on to aiy that 
It i not aufflolent for the nlrilnti';f.^ to sho* thrxt t);ey oaHod 
Umndel's tttt^^ntior to the pre party, f^n^/o hln th*- prioo urd doaorip- 
tlon, urd trl'sd to r,ell It to hira before he bcu )'.t it, !:ut that tho 
plttln tiffs " raudt 50 further ii nci prove "ny a pr*ipcrdoraroo or rrt-at^r 
welriit of tho evidonoe, t>Kt t t?.f»y; wor- th / cliro^t }i;Qii proouplr^^ oauac ; 
cf the puroha«o of liid property by unit '.^on . andul." ^h« lar.,c:ua.:ro 
quoted plainly aaounoa that the faotj arnir^ jrated did not y ovo , ao 
a CTAtter oT^ fact , th -t tho plaint iff a sore tho procuring oauao of 
tfie atLi«. : ortj a.ruin, tiKs vice of Ringilnjf, out iaolatad faot.? and 
telling th« Jury trai juc fact. ;i.r0 not orou h to prowo tho looue, 
appears. ;ho >u ir.tiT.ruotiora invtdod I'tiK- provinoo of tho j'jry, were 
arguner.ttttivd and nielerulln>5, and iver«^ claarly erroroouiT^ 

<y th-sJ fourth Inatruotion ~iv«n on bor^a,lf of anntjlloe, tho 
Jury *ero told vh<i l: thay find frorn th*i ovid<(nrc» "that dofendnnt 
agreed to piiy to plairtlffsj a real eatate ooraniii.lon of t«o and ona- 
half ptjr cent., in ou-jy they fount a purchaa-Tr, and oor-olet«vJ and 
oonauTwnated a sale of the propi-irty In quoutior in t.i.> caae to nuoh 
purohaoera; and you further find fror, tho avidorrte that plaintiff?! 
did net ooraupwmte ard conploto thw o:xlt» of Vn5 property In quaatior 
in thi oaje tw th v purohaeor thwraof , l.eon :';a"idal, than nnd in tho 
event yea find th-: fore^joing fro-i tho ovldenoe, plulntiffo cannot re- 
cover in t'-'i • c&ae, ovrir thcu,-h you -ay find from the evidonoa that 
they ondoiivors*' i to .ell aa' : property to aald "(^vndel, atnd o m'nurloatod 
to dofondart th- ftiot that they nert sndoavorir • 00 to do." 

here «aa JOTiy ovilenoo tondinc; to prove tha' the pli-ln- 

tiffe had bef:un no-'otlationj wlUi mde , and h.^i nuooeeded in in luc- 
Ing hira tc consider th"? property favorably, tho aale was cons^j'tmated 
and oonspleted by hira thr.u>';h anoth sr broker for the purpoae of obtain- 
ing a pergonal advan-.ajG;e, or a lo*' r price, by raking it ann(9'%r that 

i.j^X ■ -■ =v-. .;-:•.■ . •-:^r-; ;^ rj'l /..'t iJ 'C ■: -v-i^ 'kA. Jp-% ?r = i'tti» 'jron- fc^-^l 
- :■ ■-.• ,' : ! '..,:- .-. .■■.■;'••:' -'.t; ' ■>.; .' r ivcJ': ':«; r<^Il3 ty^f -ittbii 

• *.. ,c'r.-^- .!^"-J ,;i-J.-'r.; ■::,: ^ ,;;■; vJ^'-^Ja;? J' r.,-«,:; a^-iusffea %l(^i • ■.*^i»#iSlf. 
? •. ■; '!>]:.■'. :;,!. : " v'-tn] r -. <- ■./ it^a-'v iHi":. 'V'Sflii -."^ :j^:fi &X6* i'««*»»>iJ«i3E? 

f"- / '. . . - ;..-■■: :S^.:•V)V^^;ej';:,«■■i;4<»<•i /^. t?l'V UfT ^r itj ^1 '^i;* .6^1^ JMH|»*^ 

' ■ •" ■ •■■-'■• •::•-; ■.•■'■•, -'Vs -M.. .=;iS-'/ (f ,,f:->;'i-f rt^VS»- ,eSJbl> «■'- I'l^ ffi'**^^ 

''.■■>f- ■ •' '• ; .-(■^i.'^^viji.; ■: -K'i. ■ ir»>'i:5 J;gdJ ^o^^ 
». Ji -• ••.t;-^. ;,r .i.v.-.- *i.' vt^j .vXdi. iwvij't \4'<Y»«fcn;f/ «iiS^ lobf «'ncN> ol- m ' 

app'jllonta w«ro r.oi ontlMei to a oorrii;j3icn, anX that appoIl«e 
»'n©iw that auoh wnd th-:* fact, j rhe inatruotlcn cnlto all roforonce 
to t'lla thoory of tht» fa-^stj, whicii, ir tru^, ..ould ertltlo tippfvllanto 
to recover, even If the/ ili not "compieto an I ootiijuiTTnate'' the .^alo, 
ior thld reaaonp th''* InatsracJtion vsa erroreoua undar cho faoto of 
this oiiue. ]j 

-ha fourteenth Irotpijotlort, In It^ flrat three pnrfigrRnha, 
purnorto to 3»t forth all the faoto ooratitutlnfi; thu baaia of tb« 
plaintiff 9 olaiffi, una then ndds, in a fourth paragraph, fh© fol- 
lo*ini!;: ".he Jury airo Instructed that gvfjn thcia^h you r^a ' finl the 
forefjOirg faots from trto evidercef nevertheleos, plalr.tlff:^ oarrot 
rt -ovejr In thio ciiiio xmleig you belt eve from the preponderance or 
f.reater we)'-r:t of tho evidence, t^ie burdlon of proof ^olnj^ upor pltiin- 
tiifa, that LM»y wor^. thy direct and prccurln.s e/iU;je cf tha purchaoo 
of ualJ, property by oulil .eon .-■anael."/A lere uinaln, la t-'O repentod 
Inferonoe, araovrntlni^. In fact, to an aa^iertlon, th t tV.o enumorated 
faotu are not in tVieinaelveo aufflolert tc prove th:it tho plulntlffo 
wer«, in fact, tho proov.rir,'^ oauuo of the ule that .viJ •nude. ho- 
tht>r «i-wijh fa(5t<3 do, or .io r-ot, prove that th'^ plnlnLlff.-. vfero t»-io 
nroourln;'. oi^uso of th: i^ala that w-^j made, ivas thr' prirslpul '.juo^jtlcn 
at Ijsue in tho c^hjo, and the court .should rot have undertaken tc 
tell tho Jury th t t ey did or did rot x>rove either >3idrt of that 
issue. Aftor h.arlnK this inatrujtlor refii '^o ther^, the Jury "'dy 
•ell have ocnaluvlod that nothing, renained for t>. n to lo but, to 
return u verli"3t for the deferdunt, as t^o court had by this inatruc- 
tlon, decided the faoto in advance. 

Appellants* ocun jol al..«o urj^o, and \c thlrV «'it,h ;-3ti3h Jvistl- 
floatUn, thit certain atata'r-rta by appolloe'3 ;our t-.l In hit» 
arKtiffl<?>^t to tho Jwry, »v(>r« of ^mch u -ihH.raot'.tr no t rir.'ii.-jt^ the 
paaalonii <ir.:l prsjudioo of the Jury. ihe atta"/ upon appolluntn' 
■wOuna«l aud whollv ur.oalled foj .ini nhould have bf>en promptly rolnjked 
by the oourt. it is tru«j that tho court finally uuatainei in objoo- 

.■ •<:■■• ■■ -o-.'.* —^•>-.'*-" .■f'.:j /•':?■'■.' :-"T»-*^'?,^ v'tA; -yiut ®J''. " ts^i.*'i)i, 

!. -' .-■ -'•.*■ :-' ^-u^-r- ■:^r■^■^^:■.■■'o It.. :?;. fC;-; ? r ■ ''.: ;.>-f>i V'.^J<J! ;{«rf^ tfttlW 

i^-' -!... '■■■':. ■ : ■■ '.;■■ i'Y:v-\', ..:-:■ oi -so ,,■'•. ..Jo-f'l .ft,... 

~ -i "x. ,■■>■?•■!• >.:.,.• ■' ..■ ;/?- ',0 s:njJivo T/.nj.'iUOiy''' 

-■'■■■ ■';■■.' ■ .>:vi",i. ,''j)..v' ::'" '.ri*v ,,«»?.^f c.-ij cfi «»u««i . 

: ^-' ■-■ '.■ ;.", -io^ )\i}-<.! .u-iX ..iii4 :ri>t/ii.s d ncJ'lft vOCA 

•*-■■'- •'■•'■' -•'••■k- . .■„•... :, t . .v';.t,i »iij 'u) *cii.t;4«ng . 


tlon to thia part of thn» urji^Tnent, >'U*L th-.* ©ff^ct wir. v?or. thereby 
rerf.oved. Appolloa's oourtioi aiao ?/ont to the axtr-iorilnary l9r.,(^th 
of Btttkinp; reputation as a nenibor of t^e bar upor tv^o truth of 
a atatei'-nt antlroiy outside the ovltlcno«, that It wa?. customary to 
i-ako euoh a£;roer!©r.ta as «ere nade between landol a^ i appellee ir> this 
caao. it i . hl^Jily Improper for oounael. In the ar.nirnorjt to the 
jury, to otate fuctrf that are not In ©vldenco, arcl it Ij enp^clally 
BO to fortify 8uoh atate^ortB in the na'-nsr that was 'ior'-} iri this 

tor the rea!5orv.=s indloat'Jd, tre jud^'^ft't of the .jUTierior 
court «111 be r&vorse<.i an'i the cau^o re^iarded. 

::^'-'^'V:^' * '■•■ i i '-s-^r' :yr-..i_ -..■ ye :"'JiC; KihU oi ftO-- 

;»:■'■:.■:? c ^ t ^■;i»^-<^'*'i:m/ .-ve '.^-t ecW lo^'i 



837 - *.097r3, / 

JOHN K. DEVlNii, Adnlnlotr&tor of the /' ) 
hetato of PHILLIP KIT.^PAriUJK, De- / 
oeaaod, / 



-^ ft ^ ^ 

i *> O 1 

Wh, JUorioK Fli'Gi: -iellv^rod the opinion '.-f the coijurt. 

Thio i.^ ar. iippeai i'ror. a Judgni&nt renderod^ippollart In 
ar. action brourht to rooov«r aarn«K«*s foi" naglig^r^tly ciiu '.Inj' t?i^ 
death of i'hiillp :itao::trlo]c, doceKs^fi. ^^About duaV Ir th^i ;if tor- 
noon of /,u>':uot 7, IPOn, appollart left hi? horso ari hwrny atiir.vllnc; 
at tho curb on vJaluiaot avenuo, near '^.vth atpftot. In the olty of 
Jhlca^o. iho hor*o ran away, r.olnj; oaat on '^'th ytrost to t. 
L.iwranoe avenue, Ck.rA then north, ■ itapatrlok w;ilt (?tar-dlnr. l*^ front 
of an apartront toulldlnp on t!io ifOTt jid«» of .it. Lawrence avonue 
near -: «th street^ and attarnpted to ator the runaway, teiit <»aj t^xowr 
to the /i;roiJtnd, and Injured oo aerioualy that h« died the next "om- 
Ing, 'he evidence on b«h(ilf of appellant t-vnda tc throve that wron 
appellant left the horso ar.l hugf-.y on Oalutaat avonue, hv attached 
a heavy atrap ard t#ert/-flve pouni weight to thd hor»e*a bit, that 
aotno children wera playin): "hors.*" or the Bide*alk and p;uv« ix aifT-al 

to atari, that th'j horse atarted off, dra?:^irr thy welrht, thon 


began to run ar^i broke th^- atrap, and that -i nloc<> of^Jtrap Mf\<% 
dargiing fron tho fit when tho horao wui finally atcTinod. n the 
ether hund, t^r of appellee 'a witneiioeu, v/ho saw t'o aooldO'-^t from a 
frcrt window of an ipartmont buildlnr, on ..t. Lawrence avenuo, teatl- 
ried that at the time of the accident thor^ wan no 3trr»p harcln/^ 
from the iioroe'^s head oxoe a the rolno uhiaf. voro wranp^d around the 
whip ir the bixe^rf* ^'-n ordinuros oi' th^ city of OhlOiro iixr. intro- 
duced in evlderoo, -hlch proyorib-- ^ n penalty for 1 ^uvlni? ir. any 

' ■*■' ' 


4-V «b|, '>, 


■,%'■.■:•'.' iY-i/ic; ^■'■'■'--^ .y^'>';{ -^^^o; ■■-,(':■-/.■•: ■■(/-Vo':::bi uJ jr^f^nroTtf 

"t-'i». j.v;> -i-'!..-'^! ••■■;;•".•:;; jrr^K'ic::^.:. '''n "? i^^^foo r:; *.<:;-^-n>fvrs, 

■r •'•-.- -J' ...j; .-•\ *■.;,. ^ ^. -'':■'": ■■■'^iyi'' -^'rf.;.\-.U:cf • •i<?n;- rtd'Xl "■'''' 

■ ^ '. ' ''.■.:'i' :.„ netor? f;>.r^,.j' "Viitfn '-Jri B;i^ cronl: •=" 

.'■'■'* V'.^^ ■;'■'••■■:*'.■". •-:»■; ••^ri;: Hi;^] l-'»^>m;^'Tii(qi- '•JTB ''"to 

_....,,.. . .. ., ... r, *,^<, 'v ,:ni>ht'jt>z ■■>t1.' \b i^yuXJ 0dtj IJi • 

-OTT. f ■• - '^ ' 't' '^ ' -/jit} .vrit '^o «*.?.'*««•* yft'A'^v »fN 4» 

"wtthcut oQourely faatonlnK auoh horuo." . ero tfaa al^io ovlienco 
that .jt. L.a*renc© avi^nu-* 1j In "a nopuloua aootior." of tht' city, 
•1th r«»ld«»nce bull<linga on both alday of the atroet. 

it la apparently oonoado " by Jippollant '» ooun3.:<l that proof 
that ttppollant'a horse sxaa running awuy unattonJed In a public street 
of the olty, tog^i.her with the intro'tu-Jtlor of thr» orilnj^nce In o^td- 
ence, oonstl luted a prim a f?iolo caa^ of n&K-llgorjOo on thr part of 
appellant. It lo inalatttd» howavor, tnat thor*^ la no ov.ldence In the 
record fiiiriy tandin.^ to prove that tho ieod^a-a *He In Dte axarcise 
cf ordinary otire for his c.«r aufaty it and juut befor« the tlno of the 
accident, arid that, for t: la ra^i.jon, tho ocurt orred ir refualr.,!: to 
Inatriict the Jury t- find a vwrilot, for tho defenfiant. 

it appeurd from tho ©vldano© th^vt Jujt before the a-;al. igrt, 
hltzptitrlck, *riO »aJ tho Janitor of V:e apartrtcrt bulldinf, above ron- 
tloned on -t. La * rone e averuo, hail b(?en eh 'wlng one cf th« spartf^onte 
to a ran '*nd his *ife, and the t' roe *iere; atandln;^ en the eldowalk 
•hon the runaway approaolied: that no other perncnfj were In altrht 
upon the etreet In this direction In w^ich tho hor;e arus >^,ctniR;: that 
rltzpatrlok and the other -ran rar i?ito the street to ator^ tha hcroo; 
that t^'.'y otood about 9l;i;ht foet »n.?.rt, ono on each aide of th'^ ap- 
parent path of the runaway, Itapatrlok two or three foet bohlnJ the 
other nan; that aa th') horse approached, the flr^t mar i»a*od hi a 
arna, ard t/ o horse awerved and ran Intc i Itisp&trlok ard krocV-o>a hl!P 
down* /ippt>Hoe*j oounsvl ccntonds tbJit tht» quootlon of contributory 
nopllgenoe «aa properly left -c tlu; deteimlnatlcn of tho Jury, bo- 
Oauae, It 1.- aald. It 1» u fair Irfer-t^nce froTr thij evldenco 

Itzpatrlok wa? appreher.nlve of dan;i»;sr tc nor:ccne, anJ therefore oar- 
not be ohar;^od *1 r.h n.^jisllit-'noeAatterptinf; to avert 3uch danff»r - nrd 

thereby, narha a, to aavo a hu:".<»n life or llveo - by .Jtonplr.;. tho 

runaway horae.Vj ihe difficulty -1th thin contartlcn 1b chat thftr^^ Ic 

nt faot or olrou otar.ce In tho evldwnoe v*hlch fairly t^nda tc prove 

",oat.;f'-''' ''i>^ >■■■ ,;-^'!s,'Ofea'l vl.g~.yoou 4. 

,\ ■ •• ■ _ - ,:,. £acotr. ■ " ['. ; , ;, ::jcwyu t>^:>\yivSid ,, 

:•• ;. T-.^^'! ^ ■ J -'^vii-^v"- ; ■;;'' .;/:■«»£.' f too ^irrt^'XArjq^ f3.i ;>.X , 

• •^- ■.:. ---^ ' .c"': • '■■-'.■ ' lilt, 'v vli?'i:;^8 .-'isi';! {«tri 'to"; ettftO' v 

■• '= '• :-- ■ ;^r'I' iji;c; J t - 'J f-'.!i. -3^;.; 'xo lOJin^it offi/ t-aW O/i*. _;,'?*■ 

Ja i-v ■•■ "■• ■ .■>■■-■■■• 'iJ^ • .i ,. . ..-^ :• ;;r:J ri.>ii*'i^JiJCn<><Jj; -^^^wirTiV' 

■- .■• " -"■ . '^u J ";- -? ^ . •;<* • •J.'vr •-. -r ^,^• 'is/Uo atii i.cya fr '■•- 
■' ' ■-'.' i'-'Si.*^ ic J (.-''■•'{■• ^'f*;^'! !','i'!if- J.'O'K, iOOiii 


CVOT? '^ tol'froj ^itjt^i ilolcJ.^ v'.» 

'j ■( 

oither that ary other poroon hub llkvly to be Injured by the run- 

5i*Hy hor^ie, or thnt thtj JocsAativi h»ti nny ra-iaonittl .• prour I to an- 

prahond -a1''» fact hn .ild apprbhord - thu.t any ore would or -li^r^ht 

bo Injured by the runaajiy horu-?. If rot .jtcppod. D-'a rul^i that a 

person has a ri.^/'.l to ri«t< hia o«r, Ufa ir. or effcrt tc aavo t e 

life or anoth^-r p<*rv»or, without b«3ln^': chargoabl^i ait'r contribT.itory 

r.df li>':onoe, la *oll eutabliahad by th i HUthoritios, u'^ii 'uixs r*co^- 

nlzod In tnla otat'^ In th'- oa.3^* of J& .iX. OhloajTO '^t. lyy. Oc. v, 

ulclerf.-:.'.r y !• 7 m. 4^3, ^ut thl.i rul;=i 1.? linitad to oa.T«a sihere 

the attor.dln?', clrourrotrinods and con-lltiora urt aucb an to tifford a 

r«a«cr3iblo bauitj for the belief thit It 1.^ r^cesiif-ry to take auch yi 

rlo> In order to aavp arcth-;r or oth^ra, fror? neroo'- .ii ir-iiiry or death. 

In vVftst Chloa,'-;^o ^.t« r.y* Jo. v., ; jur>ru , it. *'as aald, 
quotlrf, from the opinion in .••ioke rt v.^ I ^ )la-nd I .. . ;o. , 4? M, ', 
^•02: "The lu« has ao >ii/Th u rsgupvi for hur^r life thut it ^iil rot 
impute neKliftynce to an effort to pre&ervs it, unlftas nada under s\ioh 
olrouTnatunoea a.-* to oon tituto raahreif. in tho Juii^rort of crudant 
peraona, ror a por^on en;>&rfcsd in his ordinary affiilrs, or in th'? -nero 
protection of propert ', Vnotir^jly a-nd volunturlly to nlane hl»^s^if 
in a pojltlon where ho io liable to roscolve a oerioua Injury ir. nopili- 
gence *hlo)i will preclude a recovry for an injury 30 r9ce1v«*d: but 
when the exposure ie for the purno «r of oavinf; life it i-* not rong- 
ful, and therefore not naf ll,j;ent» unleao auch a ■ to bij re^Ardod oltber 
radh or raoklenB." 

i.n "urthoy ▼, " ttu o nbuohlor, 7t^ '•.'. i* Jupp. "I':-, w. blacVa-ilth, 
•eelnp; a runaway hor.^"^ In iho rjtrsot near i)l.j iiion, atte-pttd tc 
otor it and ffiu klllod. It wc: ; contended that 'J-.« deceased writ: reality 
of contributory "eKllRenco aa a mat-tyr of la« in "ruaiiin-^ fro?^ •: plr.oo 
of aafety and upon th<s 9 tree t tc Mtop u runu*ay horae." 'ho court 
held the contrary, ho-.vo^r, un;iar the facta .shc<vn by tho evidence. It 
appeared frcr; the «vi lonoe t^.at tho neii^hborhood where t>.© accident 

-■' • ■..OT-- >"■•-?:..:•-' ■■Mr- ^i'; V-. ..ftt'Of.! V'-*" .l.v***'fO •♦•SfaTOlf' Vi:. 

■ r't.^ . .; -.-' ^"< -?;.;;••*■ ;^ ':- fii fi^-?- =;:;>*•! e-'/ <vajt -icn'i jjl^jtjtf c»l-dJft ^ji4>< l» l 

.r?,".- -'. ;- t-l^i"^- '^•^' ''■•-? ^ .V .c .y, .J:., o^^tftd-^ 5«o^ tsl ---^^^^f^ 

:■■'' :'■■ •'• •"; ■ ' Y"^v?.r '. .^ 'xo'i v-^.r-^-r-jn ^r o»:if«.lv«"s:q- III* itsvM*'' •»• 

••■ •-..■:■ ■■ • - '■ :. . ; ■.;f.4*i:'--' , •tort «';o'5di»rW Jbrts t-' 

,-.!'■' ■ , ■ •■' ♦■.;•..,• .'■■ ■■ , ' '■'. ,-9 i,'i*'1iniif. hi 

^J :• .• ■ • ^. .•-- ,.'.'0;: !\>' '■'. '"'^ .?■ -■, . toOTOiCf y^JDW.Afn/^ A ?,'='■ 

. ' '" » ;«" ' .-f/.i;!..-:: ■ .'•'■*. '.v's ,' '"-r. •>.■...■•• ;■ ft? corfOTn/lR*.'^ YItOJ'utfltJ ■ 
fT'w*'-".; '. v;-*iorf- YJt'«*y"'- 1 f >r '>'♦•'■ '-^ J ;f<!l^•^i«!' '^ifJ »0<(V bfut x^ti 

ooourre-i *aa u. tananent houae dtotrlot? t'r.:it ma'-y ohlldrer livlnj^ 
In th;At nei;?hborhoodl «oro Ir th'3 hunir, cf pluylnp upon Ll-.» str-sot: 
that oorosa Trora tho blaokanlth oJiop w?4J a kindergarten, and n*jar 
it waa u public auhool; ara Waat ?*t the ti'ne of th-s acoli-ltiri, the 
street «^ad norf* or leaa I'lllrti with ohilUrtrr' w-o «<ir<j croaviln/?: baol? 
ard forth ar^i playin,-r in th.e atreet. "ne court aald thul ipor proof 
of auch olrsjuraotanooa, •», fair quo.^tlon ana praaerted for the deter- 
mination of the jury "0.3 to whether, Ahen the bXaokiinlth left hie 
shop iu'd oau/.ht the rein he di i auah act under in apnrehonslon that 
If the horno *;ia not otoppad. Injury would hanpen to oor:« of the 
ohlldrer. In the atreet. •> ■» > in prlnolpio, therefore, the oaao 
doej rot differ fro-i tiioe* cao<i3 where an individual has 8»ou''^t to 
reaoua a child or per.^on frar;i Iwp'sn.llng dangor tc life and has ro- 
aolved Injurio^ ru.iultin;r. tlierefrora," 

In .iollar^!^ V. Jl ty of 'low 'ork, ir> " 'i, ',, oupp. «l-*7, a re- 
covery Has tjuatalned under almilttr oirounintanoeij. ' ere, t^vo of the 
defendant 'a hcraea, attaohod to u street aweop'^r, and unattenJed by 
u driver, iiere run'Un^^ atfay on a busy Jtr^?et in <rcoklyn, "Ch*i plain- 
tiff 'u inteotate attern.pted to jeiz« he r-sina ajnd atop th»'i horyee, 

ut Si,tt3 carried under the aweept^r and killed. It **3 oonten<led that 
the deceased ^aa not "justified by lmperdln,.r danger t«.: pernor..? Ir the 
street and try the situation preaertod in exposing hlnaelf to the 
peril of atteTrptinr, to otcp the horaes." n-3 to this contention the 
court 3ald: "ihc horoea Aor'j runrinr- ^n a reea-aurably busy street, 
and tnera »aa annle opportunity for hara to oomo to eo'Ttocno, although 
the danjTor «aa not at the aoifent Ir-nlrer.t to a definite person, • <* - 
Ir. iho cajo at bar, horao : with - atreet awfiepor Aere daahln^^ un- 
govemed throu-h th'!^ etr-iet, arrd th-i jury wore ju tifiod in infer- 
ring t'lut, if tliey continued ;noheoked, hanr. «ould 00-0 tc soTie one." 

in e:iOh of the vi ouaea, ther-j proof of faota cr slrcus- 
btancoa frort .vhich a Jury ni.'V;t rea.ionably Infer thjit the- act of the 

•Tt^i.-T*. :■.''«- , r-o J '^ -n ■ "t- :■■•.'• ■-■.■ .'^•■^ atvi'y lij l(rm?'«*.Ic -."-xtJ tSoTrt aed'Mu. 

■•J ,;-'•,>•..(■'. 0-" •:■'.;-•.- iH'.j •>. ; Jjt' <iiiivif j.'.ne :Xc>u."Jo^ tsi^ 
•■;:,.,.■ •.■•-_ .-o-iV: . ■--•: i.f,iv -^j:'-! S'gj.til f^.i^i rjo »toji t. 

tiff ■'*:.•): ('*'.;ltn{-^i.'*'.ir; ev'..; ;--•.■',-. ,~£'':..'6i-i9i Ov* a**" if'Tiut ©f^-J "io 

.■J "•■• ^./^.•■ .^.; ? lV :■.'■■•;(; rl';'! a'i^fv..'^ >V:Vt;il£, -r'^OriliJ r^Olt'i ^©' ^>l^ 

.-• i' ':,:7-.' . • ■ L.^e ,•■■!■; ,^,(y/.v .J . «.r.:i :: 0.J fceroitfs'^si^ t^^eeaod b*irtBiK»l«A 
, =-.• v.i- '■■'/■ -i^-.t fH_. "■s.'ft.'i; ',;:* inji-3c;:^^>;J,l'iA frttJeeJitji u*Xl 

■ ■■"' [■' ':\.ir . r. ■: i : ■ , "^JJ«i >■■-]: t; trjiitor' f>ri . '' :lil«>c JTt' 

p«roon attor.ptln^ to stop the xninHara;/ vyufl prompt© i bv a reucionrsblo 
upprohonolcr of danir^r to humar. lift*, if t^\e runavst^y Ter'.< illo#«d 
to proocjad. 'hore i « rio «juc>i proct' In t'iii Ottua. If tliore V7aj< iny 
peruon Ir. the path of tho runa*a,;/ horfiw, or ftbcu\ tc gnt^jr ouob 
path, to //ho!!i any d^Ar.f^or of paraonal Ir.jury ooul i rsa.ionably have 
been a^'prehond dL» or if the deceaaod had cxny reaoor: to bolievf. that 
auoh miia th** fuct, vhe evidences db90 rot aho . it: ^or xre ther'i cry 
otJjer facts or clrounjatanoiiB from 4*^.lori a jury -iL-'bt roa:^orably 
find that the deooaeed rlyked hi:' life to An-ve. ths itr» or .roUjer, 
or to 3KV6 others fro^^ bcdlly injury, 

it follOA'a that tho oourt funrn-S ir rt^fuelr to r.lva ths 
injtruotl n ra-TJest&cl at th* cloao of the plaintiff 't.^ :;viderne». 
rho JU'lpwort of thy superior Jourt a'111 thereforo be r-i^vor'^cd and 
t':© oau3s roTOunddd, 


;,'■; -tftrir T'iv: TJf* jJi v.Oi.'.u .j^n ^mfXi atirtiiUlvt ai'r ,;?oi!*t eriJ buv x1W( 

037 - 2C9V:), 


JiViM y» i)/;ViMis, AdJininietrRtor of 




AJ?PKAL ?<1?01l 


95 TA. 221^ 

OPiSxuK Bi ifcl. i»K" :v'Il£ill50 JU;i?2CK £C/iILA^ or: the raotioss 

r>in3«-' tiMj xilinc; of tJi»' -o/yiriton i ; the ribovs eutiiied 
OAur-*, iho apv>«J>loe (plainvifr below) Jia.'i filfd & wotion in thl» 
court. ref;,u*HtifU'; ti)Ji.t tlu> jad^wfnt orc^or ^icr- tcroy^ *n» rod be 
fiexr^n^f>d or nodifAisd by atrliciins out th?? rnpv^u.iinf; p-^rtion c?" 
thw r«irt Jw<Jf:a«nt order, ttji«l in i»ai>port of th--* r-tptlo**, t:-«e 
ftt)j>»«lirt* **a(lrati!) of T** »OA'd th.^t hi» woul<J b<ft unR->la tr )rcv3, 
on An., f atari* tri»i, r tri*j.-l«» of t.'i6 a.^ui!»«», pny o'h;-r or 
Rddlt f ruU fK<7ti», r oir'nii««t»noe«», ?»iiOv»ini5 or ♦.i»ndi?ift *c «how, 
t>uit tho d«?oe>Rffi»d «n« in Ltx^^ ex•s^^olt« if er^Iinsr;/ care fcx .-ie 
»»?n »«f<ity4 eli:i^x bofor*; Of At tiif> tlwe cf nis- in^^>/"i ^r. V«- 
<»ia^i», cvr ia afW.i^tJLon lo ti*.: f^ote, or oircMnatriAOf' s , -r; i-sh 
^er* i>rov<»r at tin? if»el trial vl tl;fr cr-u.-;*,* Ive Hppi-ll.*=:r»t 
(tieJlenaftjnt belovr) th*reu!)ori fi.led utt octk^'yti tv ihe a^»'-'-i^ 
oi t,.nlte .:u:ti'.n of the Ri.pell*i;e, ^ubeecuciiily thP appelV.- at 
iii.*;d a caotifn <i6>,A*.4i leave ve i-iUiiSriir ti'.c? lAid ocra-.'st, ; ud 
r<s«3u»?»>t-jaij tltet the Jud&r-o^nt ord»\r be «;JL.lcvoU to stind. 

1x1 thff brief fll«'d by Uie ap'elliint, uie uolnt warn 
■ed« that "tiie cOia>t ohouiu Jix'.vc <lircct<''ck a Terdlct, 'o'-vnauee 
the xiluintiff vae tfullty of cmtribatory negli^eiK fitter 

. .; W 

~~-f--n ^: 

.^ T 

{ , 

o^f & 

.♦toll* *«<NW:<|iM*t 


> '.-^ ^X '.^'J ? ■■■ .Wrrrc '^t' 

.♦•-'Kt :rjni*<> 

•fiW .t' 

'3 tooiil Iwl'xU 9iii ni 

^.-fw ;^lijOO •!£** **inj wi-aja 

of law," cu«.. it wiifl strcn^Xy in&icit^d tnwt the jutlgment ahould 
"be i*«v«raeu '.vii<^ t'ltr cause not rojifinatd. W^ r<;'V«r8«d th; Judtfiaent 
oolel^ beOitUi^e wo held tii.Jt tiv? fi«<jiJitt,Bf>d ^^ne (^'uilty of c ntri- 
butciy nei2ll(j«nco f.h « rmttor of law* but i#e rff^Tanded tnfj oause 
for thr> r'-aDon thAt v»« wwre of tli« cplnicn tyjot tht» iiippell«e, 
on i: new trip.l ^ nl^jht l.« able to Introduce evidMi"' tending 
tr. cliow tiif t tiio deofl. in tiio eyoroife of ordinary 

CJ?.rf for ii\f owr. f.nfKty at tj'** ttm<> of, Just l:of©re, the 
ftcaiuent in v.:u«otion« In vicK of t^i*^* atii/wXatlon filod by the 
ftppelleft, it ivgu.'.d be -'in «fltir«''ly us5«3.'.'>k!3 iiilui^ for ub to 
r«»iayn4 tlu* oautis), iJii^ther tuc? ^'jotlyn of th** appellant to 
witjidraw the ^foneent fAlr.»d "by hiw b<.» Qr-^nUiKi. or'jtfO'i i« 

The- ,^r:t f i'l-ft-T- h'-r'tofor'? firit<^r» t! in i.hiB 
(&r«f; voll ho ttfcii»r!det\ by j.trlklKij out. tii*, t pra-t of trie order 

JUiCfKST Omj.!?K Aii'»»Hi1?a) by fTHlKilUG CUT K '; CLAUrj^ 

O- - , .. .. - .... .-..,.. , 

%&S:i%9 ^M ':- • A«i*i' 4U^ ijv 


T^U?a ,£P/iL O'OUf-T 

;'i.;A,Jc; 1 uN .i !^STAI. 00,, a .■■' ) 0- C:-'\rhv^ 

3orport.tlon, • ) ^'" "' ' '* 

^ . App-Jllart. ) 

oTATF/iKNT or- -rn?; 0A.^^. JfAppollee (pl.-ilr.tlff boXo^), u- ' . .J trial 
jefort th.-, court without L Jury, reoov^r-s u ju^iKwert. for .l,!-?:! a^ralnat 
ipp il'^nt (dsferjiant below), *)io wua chari-od with th« .ionverBlcr of 
wrtaln raaohlnory Af.lch pl^lntl:.^ alLvToa the defonJart had received and 
iRreed to hold uu builua «iti:out. r6*ard. lief^nia^it u-Tpvuia, 

in robruary,, a fim occjurrod ftt the plaoo of buelnoj^s of 
me .K, ... uanfuon, « douirir In tjfjcond-hand nachlrory. ;.;•. a r(?ouIt of 
;hlo firo, tht. ►^re^tur part of tho nachlne-ry there iooatod wa.* -no d.-r.affod 
18 t.c rvrdrsr It unfit for fur-t,h*r Uii* as 3,'oh. :he ccntonLion of t^a 
anintlrf I'jr, thftt euoh "aohlrery *ua aolri by .^awaor to Vf\^ df^frtrdant, 

de'.l'T in Dcrap Iron, i«"in;-: t»o yards, know>' r*«.in<»ot1V9lv aa -'alated 
itrsot and Lrxt'o Btreei yardr.; that at tho tlm« of tho fire he \\.\\ on^-,n!Rort Alth th« aaid Jawoor a lor, of aticond-hand Ifiundry rnaohlnery 
Mich hij.d bo.^ placed in rnerohartaibl« oondltlor by ..Jawsor: that baouunn 
f the fire It b«caroa nf:;cesa«Lry to roi^c.vo eald nrt-ihinory frci r-awoor's 
r«-i;(c., ; thfit dofordatt, in tnri oourao of thw ne-otlJAttonn for tho pur- 
tittsc frcn ttwaon of what th« aefar.a-t dsel.rnated a^ "nQchinsry oaat 
orap," a.-road to permit tho aul>J luimdry raohlnory to bt> Bt.orod in its 
»^:e atroat yard without roward; that In acocrdlaroe with smid iA;r«o'nort, 
aid laundry t-aohlnory *ua Therofor-s ta'-^r to iho -aid ynr J of th*; lefor.d- 
nt; that thwronfttfr d(»rer ant r©l*uaod \q r-Mum ^:«a1d prop' rty on demand 
rd csonvertea aa^.c; to It.? o'.r un^*, 

9f en lant 3cnt»ndn that plnintl f ban not *»ho>m th it th1 m nrop- 
rty ovor aano into It^ pooae^sl. ■ : further, th^vt aa to ^ald prof^rtv, 
ven thou-h it cttr.;e Into lt>i pot«o3Clon, it wu i a b-tllo without reward, 
^d tha plMlntlxf fitlied to ahovt y u propcndornnoe of th^.- ovl>iO'^ce that 

i 1 

:^ ;0 r 

^'x ;-,::,? J?-'.;-:.;: TfT;.j,,n»"idi».0 , «-&-'tc.*;i-'i: .-;j'2>ri4'i4 ^f«5ix£j>i t.. 
'■n .. r..-ts''^'T .:■ ;,:- ■ ,vvt^>rv,fvt»i-^'''. ■^r^i:i;'*»•A*mto■4JiiJ' tjj^^,';ii.;i«6b «!>.!» nio«.»it«; 

■^ •- ■ .-' - ■ :: ■ ;:■,:■' 'cr :■■ i-.!v .• ■•-■ o^ /■'u-'f^teijje'rt ' aBX.^! -,• , - *■ •■ , . 

-■.;»■ :" ' .': ■ ; ' : ■ , ■. ■:■-■'■.■:.■•. ^-u-: ".i; , ,#^l]^i.'^s?1e.iJ .;»b«1^ »« 

: ' ^-' -.^ • ■■ ! ,■ : : :•■;. ^ i---j •■: ;,-,:■ ,tv'u:il'i•^'x Vtt^j r;»:;^©fc t^rf'; 

the proporty waj loot thr^^u'iia thr* ^roga n^prlipionoe of tha defonda'^t: 

and, rirally, that Lh«j prop-^r*./ In quaotlon wd- part an-i pmrool of 

t e property nurohaaoa from th«* tjaid > liwacr., ar-i for i»Viich It had 

paid: for all of which rsn.^or;.. It dlaol-iiTC'sd ary liittlllty. 

On blihalf of th« plaintiff, '.h« taHtiroor./ ahOH that shortly 

fift'ir tb© aforesaid flro, Dawaor oall-fd at dafwr '.art ' i plaoe of 

buslnea i"or the purpo^^e of aellirip, th-.; raao'! irf^ry fihi-ih nnd b^nn re'-- 

dor» ! i;rflt ! or further upf »:? suah, ur.fl that h« talV-.-i ;^ilh ora 

Janto.»aky, proslvlent of the rtefor la»it, .vho aftar-aran osill^i at -aw- 

scn'a prorr.i3ea; th.'\t Jaivucr. .sho*©..! hlr: what hi* had for aalo; t?iat 

tf;Qy ciljJ3Uti3ed arri irrlvoJ at t^r"^ . of sals* th>'t th« ?»alo ^ns oon- 

i\ ijarbon copy of which waa introduced In evidence and reads aa 
flrmea by l^^ttor from def '--ndart to Jawson,. j«2!dEaex>:*j»xaMCx^.xki3ac«sts: 


"r-honea, -OTiroo 16? 

M or roe 4kiM. 
V. rtlaru by -Tiall or phora pr*oiaptl:/ attordod to, 

<;hloa^o ircn i ''atal o. 
holoaaie . alsra Ir 
-icra? iron ard etala 
.ocond-hard aoliinery 
ii y-^U-iJl.'^ '. iialdtel t. 
:ard«i; '317-iUs; ,., i.aifa t, 
7?i>-T''4 . L Jce .;.t. 

. fflce: ^\V: ■■', Halato.i t. 

■Jhicago, ■ 'ir. ' !, IMU 
Wr, -., ;.. Oawiion, 

jear iir:- 

.(.» herohy oonflrn purohaj-j tff .ill nachir ^ry 
oaot aorap oontalnod In biilldin;' looatcvi nuwh^r -jl^ 
■.. L-Qsplalneo ot. ut >11."> ! por rf.t ton, 6 oroloae 
our sheicir for -ii'^O, ;0 to apply on acoount. 

, ory tinjly vouro." 

that *hlle th« property »ol i «!.& bainr, tsiVor away fro- ja*V'On'i-5 

plaO'j of ouJinoia. lhn a iid iJaw^s-on atatoJ to Jitntowaky t ai, thare 

waa aortulri laundry nmohlnory there wi.lah would havo tc be roT.oved: 

th.ut he ould I1V;<^ to find aoi^e pluoe to 1 1 until V -? oculd 

wake arranp-oratsnta t*; iijoo.^-'' •.:" IL: t.hat thereupon ..:artc.«oky t^tat^'d 

that ho rir, t at re aa'-.) in def rdart's yard, ..ithout any charge: 

thiit thereutjon defendant hauled t-ds iry ■ ^.chlnerv tc It? :,ake 


\C,t,^..:\. ,,., 

--fit;: '5/9s»i;> 


atr<^f>t yard, Tor w^">loh hauiln^' a cha-rifn .vug niido anci p-jii by aaid 
•u«sor?: in yn-taavoriDi;; to dlvjpoio o:" t^3c pror«rty, he (Uawaon) 
had occasion to oull at dof ^ndart ' a yjird fiva or alx »oek- Jtl'tervrarda, 
and ouw the launiry rnaohlnory there: th-it r.heru.ift'^r ho occ{i«ion4ll' 
Baur th« pronerty In ihe defon^.vant 'a ynnir thnt or >i inter occasion, 
within a yoar froia thfi tlao it wa-a novod tharo, h'^ ujr In vijitoi tho 
yan of the dofenuar.t but ouuli not Vln2 f-ht< property; that thsro- 
uftor ho <indeavor«a to a&e 'Juntowoky but i*aa unable to io 30, bi:t 
auoooodu'J ir uedin- t .. b; oif^k^eper, .>ho Jtatol hr kne« nothlr'-r a'^^out 
it; thit ther«upor. lottorti wero written or bohalf of tho plaintiff, 
ttflkin^'; Inf >rT;.tlon rtit'v ret'eronce t-o the property <j,r j rp«nue Jtin;^ its 
roturn: trat no a's^vvr »,■J^i roLi-'lo or nny eKpl^ipatlo Iv'^n 'Am Ic 
Ito #horoal!OUt3 or niepoot '^-ior; th« roaaorable fair oaah market 
value of aald property aud about IjiT:, 

0' behalf of Ui defondart, Jartoivtsky donl6.i huvin- had any 
oonvaraal' lor .«ith Jawjor. rylutiv« to tn«s stora;*© by def'^ndart of t}io 
EttC'iinory in qu6»tion, :huro .vii. further taatinony that all thfj 
iCttohinory that wa.-i deilvor-^:> i '.p.ur at itu L V l* 3trowt o;-- at itj ^al- 
sted atreot yartl, *a4 part of the prop-rty purchaa©<i unatsr t3.o lettor 
dattoi arch ilth, horotofcr© aot out, and had boen puld Tor: that 
uaii laundry naohinory, ';v->r. thourh It *at5 intnot ur I unable, vn^.n ccn- 
f'lderad as Ti-tchln-iry caJ^ gcrap; further oru, ;-h-<t ro Tiony .wHr? raid 
defendant for hauling Vio launiry jnAOhlnary to itf. LaV* treat y«ird. 
ohlle danto*aky d?»rlod havlnr, h.od h icnveraatior »,i th iJanrson rnl ilvo 
to tho 9toraf?;c; of thla l>*undr7 riuohlnrry, he Joei, hc.vevwr, fid-l*. that 
in a conver vtlon «flth t)-io oaid Oawaori at. tho time of the no;rotiation8 
thit led up ;.o t' i ap-reomert ombodl'Sd in th« lott-^r aforeaald, ho 
(jawoon), stated: "-11 th'^ waohinoc that if. Uioro that hav.. any c-ccd, 
ne «ill tai<e aviuy, tho re.'t *'»i can ploV out." .here vu-o rx ovidoroe 
on tho part of tho defendant uj to thu value of the property Ir quoatitt: 

'■^e are aatiafied from tie evidwnoc that th«> r.aohinory ir 
rjueuticn « .0 reoeived by thv defwn innt. Ch^ro io, ho^evur, a aharp 



- / ■■ 

- } t 

J 'i 

" ^■^'t ■ . 

, r-, \. 

;/.■;.• ":••.' •'...■' n_.0 :...; -, .■,^^ ,;'j;;? TfB ««!lt":y'CJi.'t$>ri ,21411, r'-'.' 

-■■V .-: :;, ^ •-.'■:; ,;?■/' rcf^vtc^o .;Ci7io ^T^nJtrto.Mm 8J> r^n 

• ": -. '' . •■'..■: .' ,. -■ ■■; :; ,:,V' '.;•■ ;:,:-^i;iiX tiJttfJ 'ro ■^' ■• 
-^- ■- • ;''•-■•)• 1 ■■. . ■:•■..;,■;■. t '..w"* ■jn.j rfj ifw s'TOi'^' - . 

•:u; •• >■;; q.-trr v.-:,f "to 'S>ul#v ••).-;«■? /«i fn v^,-!« '^"'♦rs*' ef*> 'i'o ♦Ten 
rti »'{'■ ;'..*,:\: ,•.•• '• .; v*i»r(J I>.-)<r«»civ« it^l »tJ^y 

corf Hot ir thtt ovldoirc© aa to i^tj thar t'ria rnuc)iin>jry sjii^i t^ be ocn- 
olderod oaohlnery caat eorap a^ .1 p^art of tha prop-.^rty ii-jrch^ee-l frori 
lawacn, or wiethar lalci laundry maohin^ry oa e into deftinrlart 'o 
poaBeoaif^r as bullsft wlr.; out ra*aril» at» cl.i'rij.i by ti:'.^ pldJr.tii'f. 
.haa« («ero purely f|uo tJorii of faat, -.vhloh (Ir tho t-io' at bar), 
meria Jetorr^lnridl by tho oourt in ruvcr- of* thv piu^ntirf; lor to»-;tlor>. 
it Irj the unifom J^oHin,', of cijr ocurtj that, tno ri'^-ilrp. of th trial 
fiourt on quo t5ono of fact, whortf tv<» ca?o tvH trl^^i by tb'i oourt with- 
out a Ji.ry, !:• hlndirir; or. thi ' court urloBo such fln'Hn.f^ ta 'slsarly 
an; ranrlftjiniy uf^B-lrdt tho *el/rht o:^ tho evldonoo. hi 3 ^io are urahle 
to s .y. 

Althou;;h defaniunt at flra": oontyndo;! that thora ooul i he no 
recovery, evar. t:".ou;:b :.>-t«r« was a bailner.t Althout reward b'icaua© 
pluintlff h.i .. fallfti to lr.trociuce wvl iar.oo that the property vaf. lost 
bO(;a>- ^a cf f;roa(} nej>rli.5«ro9 on tno part or th>s iofoTidar.t, "Qt this 
conttintion i ■ abandonoci by doforiant, a.i -■.ill be ae«r frcT! tho fcllowr- 
Ing atttto::"!;rit ir it.: reoly brluf: 

" >hd I^.-jU •*■> in tM3 caso resulvQ th^KaelvQ.-i Intc two 
:!:ttln -iUOJtlorj: i, ;id ti!C pur; and aiyilo Of the; raj)',lnery 
aorap Ir.cluio the property In qu»ation? ii. ;-ifa« thsro a bail- 
ment Of Uitj property in lutjatior?" 

It ia fair tc presuna that counajl raalixod that tht? c'ort^^ntlon aban- 
doned nixa Inconal Jtdv.t aIUi tha real defo'-ao to nl.ulnti f'j ucLlon, 

viz., thit th'j property in ^juaatlon ca-o^it'- Itri po-sae 3 i^ on vmlor the 

OCT traot cf purahaoo ^Ith Uiivaon ^in.l nci V-y ranaon of any a/rr'-ie-^ent 
for aopo3it without reward. 'haa'i .vtirs tho qu«;itlona which, by the 
riniin,; of tn« jourt Mii Jii-ij^in-ant r'jndored theroon, ttror-^ datorninod 
favor-iblij to the plia,5r.tlfT, «hlch findin.-? .10 hava already hoi I tfe 
cannot dlaturb. 

^Indlnf: no rev«; In ►. rror, th.o jui^rr^jnt will •» afflrTed, 


i U.-: 

'Cl: '-.-iO 

O. ).firf CRn:.'Jlnu ftfT. 

;'' 1 

'.'^••j.' - 

J '.'i.' 

--^^ -J 

. ■•. i- 


. , ■,'■•;: 

; ; '^^ 


■\\ <:. 

: -v; « 

; .TS'.tt^ 

.•";-''Hi /I 


CtiAi.Ml!i<Ji MO .OK GOiiP/^Nf Ur XLi.i3<I0i.>, / ) 

a Corporation, ■ ) 

i / ) 

\ ••^" ^ 

\ /Aop*»llar.t. ■ 

X "''-■■-■^ . . ^ . . , . - 

STATbMKH.T OF Tt'i';. Jhl.r la a ault ccni»jonaod In tho ' unlviipal 
court of Ghloar by the Ghalnara ^cotor vJor^pany of Illlnol -, a corpor- 
fitlon, app«^lle«>» horolnvvft*jr roferreU to aa tho TDlalntlff, n-^»ilTT,'t 
. dr^Ar •• ;j«»n©y, appdll»*rt, and harelr-ftjr deaimatol an the defard- 
art, recover the bftlanoe Uue on a promiaaory rot-} for l»r^?^t 
dated tty 17, 191?, alarad by defft'dant «r;d puyablo to th^5 plHlrtiff, 
dUG alx Qonthrf aftar dato. To tJ^.y a londed sitate^'^rt of olal^i an 
affidavit of tnoritB wrtu fil»^>d on ■'ay U'~, iv>i4: thi;3 wnn atrlo^an 
fron t .0 flloB Jtnd leave prantad the deferdttrt to file ar a:;i©T>dM 
affidavit or TT»9rlta, *nloh hxms done Jur.tJ 4th. Or, June l/^th t^- court, 
on motion of th'ri nlaintlff, atruok th« arf*nded affidavit of n^rita 
frora the fil»H ard dofordant v-xa defaulted for of n .^vif^i's^snt 
affidavit of raarltci, .vnerouwor the court aaae^'Qed nlalrti^'f *a dir-fluret* 
in tre aur' of ^^l,^Ob,*_i., for «rilch t '•■ court ert^^r^^d 'udr:*^ert: to 
roverac •►■ioh defendant hao proae-^uted thlj acpeal. V' 

."K. JUo;'iJ::. ?k'.\ delivered uhe opinion oi" the oourt. 

Defendant, on thiu uppetii, ^ue^ticr^i th^> ;iCtlon of tha 
oourt, finit, in dtrikir;r hirj ame*nded affidavit of rr^jrlta fro.-r. tho 
fllorf, and, asoondly, in denying yji.4 -otio^ to huv.. ti.-j da"-,a>-,es 
aceoaood by a jury. <<e ahrtll talc** up the li- polnta in tho ordsr nained. 

jn th;a firot oontantlon, the only question in id»iuo la, 
Ahethor or not derer.dant 'a affidavit of tnarlto ntutad a i^ood dofwnae 
to the ouUBO of aotion ^tit forth in plaint i fi' ' ^^ jurianded statoiaort of 
claim."^iiald arr.ondod sLateT.ont of oiair a»t forth th'it or \pril ;-;", 
\vl6, plaintiff and defendant tmtered In^o a rltt-n contra -t ':or the 

,C'^«Cj> - 1 

, ■ ,-. "•.j". {T ,>v.^*- L-Ji -• • ,-i '-?■:, .?v/ji> ttiTffc.rt^cf Off;? Tfrv-jotj's o.; ,irtA 

r's ';- 1 -; a •''/■* (ACi v'-j'T «-.> •<>- .so ;.;-..U'j :;4<ai ijti-teff! .*J;o JlraXjll^/Sf 
,J-ti;ot: -J r)j''^. • rti.1'. '. . .rij:- br-iL i^itwh '■n'W fTcl;:.. ,feJf*5yflrlc i iv«J>ill« 

■.;'■'■' • '"•' '-". i ' J :tt^-':. '• ^- . ■t^vii-^o ' -.^^ .-M . \!i. .ri': 
' - ;jvjr >..'■;•.■• 'ic • ^.^ . :i ;';';f' «* j/'i»i)i^»l«»i3 Jon '■ 


fidle and purchase of ^xr. fuitci-obil^i' ani cortalr t^oceasorlen, 3a!d 

and apo^tptance 
ccntrtict boirr, In Vn.o forn of a letter i^ and wa &j follo*3: 

"April ^.5, 1-17^. 

Mr. c.dgar ; , joney, 

lil If. M;rro6 i>t,, Chicago, ill. 

ueur oir: 

ft© propo«<.- t dollver tc you '■.o,'-., car.-? <.! 
Ore H^llf :halner3 ..Ix Cylinder, ^^ paoaengor 
I'orpecio type, p;r;4y tODrt.'^^ car, dupliceite of 
on© 3ho*m you todny, Tcr th» net ^ir^^ of .,;'ino.on 

?lu6 fraiiTht, to Chic^fr^o l?n, 

Nobby triads on rear at oxtra acrit of -.-y-.T^^ 

or« 6xtr9 "Jobby traut tir:;; and tub .'S«."..'a'> 

i;n0 tiro cov«r Tor tiro 7: . no 

■/or!0{::rar .^..i' 8el«>ctOi.1 to b-? nut on ;»;rtttK^. 

.otal •^bOi:..?.r> 

,:& to ttcoent your I'-^lici ".'5?";" car conplata with tiro, 
tubes, tool--, and all "vccesiiorloi, rjxoont oloc'- , In rood 
operativo cjondltlcr, ns at nroisert equlnp*?, ir part puy- 
nont at 1, lii"- ♦?'0, i'he bul'i»-09 to b^ peid ir six r^ortbly 
Ir.jJtJillmonto. of ajUfil u^nounta, to bo datod fro- date of 
delivery of 'jar, jnUl balance to be ov: iencjd by noteo 
bourir.c; iritera.ot at »lx per cer^t. - feliv>9ry to bo made on 
or about tiy lat. 

,e to hav*» winter top, 

aaspdotfvilly aubrolttod, 

■*harle3 £. '.r-fjn'ory, '"araffar. 
thla propoaul aooaptod thld .^j.ird lay of April, I'M.t, 

that In .'ay, 1; l.'., tn<» autonoblle ti^aoribed in oald ftrl uto*? .jc^'-tr'JCt 
«'t« doUvsrei to tho defendant., and that durinr th<;: ;;an© T.onth de- 
f«»nd*tnt .)l)jr.n«d a preraitvorr-7 noto for the balance due plaintiff In 
acoordanco with tho tormo of tM.e contraot; '.hat nubaer-jo-tly, and 
prior to Doofjmbar i'-, l-i.S plaintiff pftrfornfid ^orV for rind fum.iwh- 
6d aaterlala to tn.j dofondant for uav on isald autcsjobll^, to the 
value of ^9^; that prior to .j^inerBber 1'^, l-l/, defendant co-^pl'iin?^ 
to plaintiff conaei^ln.f? tbe ocndition of 3-%id automobllo ind th« 
char<';t ir.ade by plaintiff for th« (VorV done and T-oterlHl fumlahed 
ao afcreaald; that on D^Joenb-^r l'^, l^'l-S lefsriclart entorod I'^to or 
agreei:'«nt in »rltin«;, or >>.a ff i* pl-.a.^J to rail it a " -rlttc- 
aooourt stated," oonoemlnp? pf*.'rnont of tbs noto and the c^iar^e-J for 
eald work and matorl a. ihl.i a^rree.Tient yma ao followa: 

■} X •":■■■ ■'>.-■ ■.■>: 

i-\ "ii »c»'"Io'':i.ic iK\ji • 


■ • . -^^ '•.■.■o ■' , 'i'-'r^'^-H;*" :'•":'.;■ Yr' ?.:- {.o j:-^... Lf .^ :^><i •!>»''; ,^'. '•-.'^ 

~tfy:ir"- • ■■ :■ ,;'" '••5 ■. :.: -o/u^i.c-t i^i:- . »"tt;' - . .. ...^ 

.■:■-:> VJ^" ^1<0J^ 10 . -■,, 
«■'"■' ■■■■■■ ■ • ■■' :-.-■■■ ,^:.:*4 

. ■^"T. . '• .. .■• ..;i.c t-r^r; ;•':• ■•.•■.:■ ~-'' 'p^O'' ;•'• ;■.!.;.:■ i-"tq f; t""-*i7«^fc - 
; ■ . . :■!■.; ,.. • -f;; .;. v..': ; ;; « : ;•«, Isi) :i(*J 0-' 

■■■'■:. ■ ■-':,. .■,'■:■ .■>.■<■:> ,. oj *J0 ("tu J-tuU ;j >■ 

• ■ . ■' ■■>. --v '■ ■ -. ■; .- . ;:-:.)t> ^•e-.^j /,:! « .-nOoftOO yi'>-"- 

. ■ -'■ :' :.:'A '• ' . • .■ ju^ Tr<; "^'Uvtriialq x<J e 

lo"^ »>\>. ^^^ • '■-•.* '•':■„. 0.ioci <*':■: '. v^^- .■: 

r.vDi ;..>■? WA' P<q»» J .1MB JUllff.^'^^ 


ill ..» vonroe *jt«» Uhiotigo, til, 
Dear oir:- 

{■iOupondlr.;f, to your propoaal or ©vi>r. Uata, orferir^: 
ti plar of aattl^jrwrit of your open aocount and prcrlnsory 
roto, it <»111 be a,K,reo»ablo to ui to ©xi'/nu pavRbnt of your 
note a.r.d account au follown; 

■. ou ar ) to pay ua v'^'^''^ ••'>'"' ttiia month to t>© appii«d 
In oot ti omen t of your op'>n aooount in am unt 'L,; fj.OO, lOin 
credit not'ition rrsada by fvj writer on otatfinont whioh you 
hav>* In your po8:iae»;":ion, the toalfinof* of 3aict ..'"'^ >."'"* o be 
on ioraod on promiaaory noto. In u";ouMt '^if'o'r-},<'^n, datoi =.»y 
l'^, 1 i;''. (on ara al30 to pay r-^-'.no on prowlsRory rot'^ In 
Jii-nuary, li-'i^, ard the balanoo av;« on ijuid promlaaory not« 
is to bo pail In '"sbruiry, 19 1-' . 

i\.o:jp«Gti'ully aubrjitted, 

■«noral Man-a/rer, 
TMo propoii ii aooepted thlu day of ;>eod.i»ber, 1915. 

that Uso oreiit notatlun roferrou tc ir suld a^g^eer, Tt waa a orodit 
of ^^}.iL, loavir:i» a bulancu du« cr. t.''i*> opijn uooouni rt>forr«u i.o in 
the ten-iii of the a^-^reanart of >«i71.8v.; thtit on Januai*y L"» 1^-14, 
defondant pai;l plalnti J" on aaid opt^n aooount -./i^'^'. .50, and .^ui:;:-'.!! 
on th& ariour.t duo or uid noto; that nc oth«-ir p»ynjnvL^ *0re wadw by 
defendant, an i that there waa ti.en iutt plain tiff tlio uura of l,t.O;;.'.j 
or. aaid note. 

rile aniended affiiavlt of m^^rlte filod by deferdart did not 
deny the raaklng of elttiar the ori'^inw.! contrtict under aate of ^prll 
>..'5rd or the a/^eeTsunt of Jeoor^b'T i. th, but allo>^-.>d tiuiL plaintiff, 
under tho ori-'iiial a,^de":fnt, warranted the car to b^ flr»t-clu3.> Ir 
every ruopect, but that ^ala car dl : i-.ot oo;ne uj to said alla-»kl 
warranty but naa of inferior grada and did not run aa warranto I by 
plaintiff: that tiiereupon defendant returned tlio auto.i>obll6 to 
plaintiff, ./ho a>f,r0Od to ret*Gir aa-Tie and put It In !'irat-cla8 : oon- 
ditlor;; that on or about tao of yeoemo'ir, i»hen plaintiff pre- 
sented its cill for ropairr. to jal i machlnHi, def>r i^nt ob.tected, 
uTid thereupon it Aa^ a^^reed by and between the p.irtlMn Lhat if de- 

-11 if.-, t«t»Q 

-■■ ■ ■"• -' .^f..-V.-; J '■ >«..;* :'n« '-fJ 0-" ■ ,. . 41 ■■ ' 

■;-/x -■, . ■ v.:J yl: ?,■;'. :;/ '.j 'V , f'' ■■., ■ < ■. ■■•'•J f'l-i^ - ' 

vi; ■ .:. . jr,: ,' » ■ •■ ,1., .t.?iJ<).7iJ iii 44>v .n .^'•: 


■V. v„,:h 

ir.Mi ti**.*qisoU'* iw&aqonq ehC 


; -:'!' 

■ '.r- ^..•. ■■'.'i\--'-. \ '■ .■ ,.■■ .•..r\' relays'! i..:i,i fTO 4>;,;£> ';f v;.fO£rij 

.:■'.- -•; ; •:■ j..-;rruc- ij.r:t-L-u.> ^r.7 ■;:,;■£.; C(>, 1o ^;,r jl :^isf ; •di ^Oti^ 

- ■ f . . ■: ^ :,> ..-.. ■ r- • ;> r ;,;. I.'.) , Ui;« ,Jaiv1) .5t;cf . 

•"■■Ti> .: •'::^ :.■:,, !■:. j.-.f..^ - ' j**:^?^ -J-' l-i^j'lni 1j £ai« J*.;. 

■9'":.. •' .. .; .r: .-5* :,., ^>.^"i.x«v*r-. 'iC> ,?'(■ »jiij JuOtSu no .'^O J«rt; 

fer-dsyrt wouli pay .'SOO, ,;^;i,'v to bft anpllo-i for l^hor ar.d, 
and ;ji.H,ii on aocoimt of not?* sued on, plttJ.rtltT woul i •njarartoo 
and vrarrant that dofordant woulJ ^-.ave no furt»:er trouble wU^h said 
oar and that rfane would h'j i^ rood and porfoct condltlc-r: thnit 
thferauycn dofendunt entered Into th> aj^rdOiT^er-t of Dao»rnbo>r l"-th; 
thiit pluintlff, hovrovor, dl i not fulfill :j<ili vtarrfinty, ard that there 
fors said automobile vaz of far Irfnirlor gr-ide, and th;it defendant 
Hereby v/ao entitled to iT. roooupnent froti pl/t1ntlff fcr tV.? amount 
still dj.9 on said notcj^ 

ir cur vie*- of the caae It la unn&oea ary tc consider the 
ri,:roe:;ient of /.pril i^'^rd, but only that of DeoetTib<?r I'^th. it i3 
ttd'-lttod hy defendant In hlvi affldevlt of merits, t?iHt th« letter 
of iyeoeT?tb'-;r l.'itb and the acoepta- oe noted theri>cr, j'.'t T'orth In 
pj^aintlff'a -tatenent of ijlaiir (*a a "wrltt-:ir account rjtatdd," waa 
the only written evlden-ie of ar. aif^oorricnt between tne parties, 
W lie dofondar.t al tlr?ia that Ir oonneotlon siMh t^ie ut^ree-^ r > t tilaln- 
tlff warranted that the said car -irould b'3 free fro-^ all defects and 
in goo<i ordwr, u. reference to aald a?(;reer!ent ahow» nc suoh warranty 
to have been embodied tnerein. if thoro was .■■^ny tjuch warranty rrade, 
it r^u^t neoeaearlly have been In parol. iVe ire untitle to find i^r.y 
oaee wherein it li.» h**i that a parol warranty may be a^t un us pnrt 

of the oonelderatior for a .vrltton oortr&it of sale unloaa wr-c I3 


satkalxKOt therein* >i oave partloularly Ir point is c umnir.!' v» /ald- 

i^ell , 47 111. «oo. 17">, ard X,l;<i eoiirt here h'jli thai a warranty, in 

order to constitute uc^rt of a .^rictv^n contract of mhIw, r-^ut be 

errbodled therein. in ellurid e : over 'crnan y v. -J ran a Oo»t i:'^ 111. 

Tn^prTnTTpi 9 
£ic: - a caee apstts ijlmllir tHXK)t«x£s8kx tc th<? oaB.' at ba.- - '.\^ 

apree-iv-ra had been nade flret, between th'-i Jrano JoTrpary ar ! ore 

Hhoden, TO fumloh oertalr pipe. ::hodori coul-. not complete the cr.^ 

tr»ct. ..fterwardo the rellurlde ^^over corrpa- y, A-nc wai a) ao Irtor- 

eettid In the worV to ha ion.y by i-.nodoa, entored into 03- a,-.ree*'<ont in 

the fcnn of a letter, oontalnin,: a .»rltter offer of t-:sr:'^e, which 

■ -, ;■ • ''';^Z 1 ^ '''''■.' I '~ 1- '■'' '.'■•,■■■-'. ■-■.''■ on '^ '.' ? fi) '- Ot>C '' '>- « ' . '^' ' 

;_-;r_^^ ■• ■■ ;^»/?£'i':' ■ J ■•-.'•■:>';; '■?! y its 1,00 t^ti^tj »««io .A ^rtietftflJ JC'SXJDB^xai 

■■■-.• !••?.'. V ;:i'T/^''' ;-;r*tf"' . '•'^■^ He«*'^0<f H|«>*tl'i »b»r^ nu9<i hurt .' •^ 
-iT r. :.iij •.t-icr.o' tat ilnjj:- eoijoriv: .tr-v : *v.t%»o r'-utmui; 

infiie aoo«pt«d by ik toIogrttT. ar.'i a lottor, whareby V:<3 I'olluride 

Po#«r nspany ugrood to •.t*!-'a th« plp<i arc! pay for aarse. Upon Its 

fuilura to pay Tor an;:.©, aftor havlnf^ uat»fi tho pipo, th^> '.Tana 

CompttTy InstitutO'i eult, .in.i cno of t:'e dafanaoa to tho suit .vas 

tiiat Lho plain lilf had rfari*aritod tli© stren-rth, quality and thlok- 

na.-ja of tho pipo, anJ the oourt held (p. :j:.. } : 

"riio que.iitJorii a^^ to yrhat .vritlrgj ahoul'i b-j ion- 
elderod, ard whether or net thci<?5 iiorai iered oonotltuted a 
written •'ajt, .'ir.-l .jhetnyr or ret tho arit-ton contrast 
frilly exnreooftd t^e arroernrt bet#e»r the pf.rtiia, were for 
th« court, Oha rulo Ij, tliit .-^ren tr.a ijj-.o.v, uporj 
Inopeotlor;, a oo"plet<^ leral oblS/^atior, without any ur.ocr- 
t4iir.ty or a!;;bi,suity a.i to tha objoot iini <j>:tijrt oi" tha i:j.Traf,Q- 
ment. It ii cor^luaively preewse;! that the .*hol€ a;frr9«T<?rt of 
thi) partl«i*-.3 o.i;i inciudecl In t:iu aritir.f'd. -'r.o fnci: that a 
point ha*} bOfin cirlttol *h5<3h raight have b«or. enbodlfil thfer«lr. 
fclii not opQT] ilM) door to thv ad^ildflion of pi^rol jvldanco In 
that rogard." (Jitlng o cltz v. rewers * Kefrl^erotinF no * , 
l*il 'J. ^, olO. ) .•»■>» 

" :ho njlQ 1j too iT'dll rojOjTiize.l to require citation 
of ttuthorttlos, that all prH»llninftry rorotlatlona, w>;Gthf>r 
oral or rfrittan, ara •T!c«r;ted in thvj written ocntr;iCt. Th-j 
offer by appollanta to buy tho pipe, w>.lch appears In ^unn'a 
latter of i-obruiiry .'-, anvi Uit> atipulaclon of tor;.-:3 tli-nroln 
upon whloh th*; purohaoe i.ould bo »?!a.;e, oonoUlerod top;other 
rfith appollecj'a lott'^r und tdlo^-^fim or tho oi rhth accaritlnr, 
appellant-- ' offwr, coratitutr; j ccrtrant Ir .vrlti^^ which Its 
clear ana unarblKuouB, both xa to It^j object ani ^xtont. Jon- 
tflderlng; thoce locuraentr.! alorst without any rof'jrrerce to prt*" 
viouo n«?f,cti.itlunvi, thuy leave notnln;" to bo explain ad, - thoy 
contain all ths rtl^mfrntn of a ccT.pleto ^^rltton oortraot. If 
anpjllanta had ;Jie.3lrdd ;'ir.y furth<?r oondiuicr j. It fl^.j Uielr 
duty to Itave so ^tlrjulatod, .}io fact th«t In thalr written :?ro- 
poottl to purchacit t]!«>7 re ;uiro r.o warrarty cf tns pipe, pre- 
cluded thori fron Iraitftirp: upon It on th-j trial." 

So in th© ca>Art ut bar, whether or rot tho letto;r cf jeoambtir 1 th 

and the accupta-co thoroon ocratltuted a ^rlftvr, ccntra:)t, arl. 

If 9o, whethor it fuiiy orpr'osed the aprao'r'ort bet*«»er th<^ p-irtioa, 

to determine in paosing upon the motion to strike. 
wttu a question for tho oourt^ Pollowlr..; the ruld nn lalj dovn in 

rolluride I'Owar Jomnany v. ;ran«, aunra, un lr.ap»otlon of th? lettfir 

of LJeconber ir th and tho aooaptanoo notnd thereon, aho^.i >^ co'pleto 

robirulty as to tho obll^^fi- 
lagul obllg.xtion, "without any ur.oortalntyAa 
tion or extfjr.t of the- on|fapfanont;" and thui t»f oro , It ru .t ba ronard- 

od that tn© wholo a^roent-irt of the partl-vo mxa expr«i;»uol theroin. 

The only ioouo proaanted by the uirended affidavit of ri-^iritrt waa. 

• :. ;: -r ■'/'>< !\ •;■)■■':? ic una i>''.^ \Silu^ i:.^9;?iijiJar- ' 

.. ■.■ . ■■ :f:.-c:i. ■.j;/7.i ■ i-fv jiir'v- oJ i^'j ■-■ ■ -" ■' " 

** «-■ 1" f - ( 

■' ■-■ ■•;•■■•■■;• . • . .■".-. ^. •■ :■ .■■.::.■•;>.;;:#; 

-■■rj- ■'; * ■ ';,«.[ !s;.!"':j.:. «®ijaiJn -- 

■-no' ■ .^ -..:>,.: ■. ■:.; .-t;c-*do ^ M v^.> ^' 
-?»*roo.t !V£- *:>t:.i, •■;,•.•■,. v;?'i.: -J f.'.r.;rf.^j^;a ^f-*^'..^.-: 
,■■: .. - ^i-<- ■... ;:;:x... -■? CJ :....; liK'So-.-. '^v.'mI 

^c- .■.*'T' ■:» ^i5 'M-v'-i-V' r ■»a'-!..-t>':'i.^-' -iV ' -'-^i i'-' r-'i^'" Vxii-'t Jjf tortJ4»nK ,oa Til 

■"■»'^' '-■■ • •..:.••,■).;-.';; :^ ■■ .^_;^i;/i: ^f-r'w^i ,\> Y'ljbqwo;.' n©wo*i mbtiultmT 

•■: ..•-.-■:} .VI;. ./"".Kit^ii J ;• If. s»t<"Aiq«»ec« «rli ^■^s tW-"'! 't.i 'i^no^C lo 

vrr.ot'iwr or not plaintiff hai • r.t'irs<i Irto a warranty. ?ho fact 

that In t':vj lett?»r -\n.i tho aooflPtaTce noted th«>roon tl^«re .•..^.a no 

nentlon made of ar.y i«firrari,y pre.^ludeti riefgrdfir.t fron olal'^lrp' th<" 

benefit thereof. asxtaxKxnctcxjfcx .;* 'irs r.h'=iT'c>"Gr«^ of tnn or>lnlc.n that 

the u'tLende*! ajrfld.ivit of r,«rit^ «h«3 prop^^rly atrlcker frc^Ti th-' "'iles. 

Uefar.dart aluo :Jorrpl uir...i that ihr> trial ooiirt -irro! Ir ovar- 

rulln^'. defdn-'iart 'a motion to hfliv© tho danar;«o a;^8aa66;^ ny rhr. jUry. 

ihe rooord r.howa that thi j "lotion ?«i. , not made ur.tll aftvsr Lhn oovirt 

had asseesod pXatntiff'a da' ufes and onfisred jiid^i^mont . i'.-:« rnotlon 

ou'no too lat«. xn -jWin v. ->ro ^fri» .i"<.': Hi. 3<5'' , this point w<i.3 paaeod 

upon and th-j oourt nald (p. :<'.;'): 

" ;'l!« d^^«^A^♦d for ti. jury xina mude befcrs-- ^h<{^o ■waa any 
default and :in9r. It wu cippurent plaintiff;?, in error dl:5 not 
contf»'^pI«i' a « juUfTD^rt »i,:;cair;dt th-.r by i.iaf.>\3lt. :ho derrand was 
for "trlul by jury," and ^r. think It oioArly had r'Sferonce to 
fx trial of t'iy Idfttitts .fher mad© up anu not to «.n aajseaanynt of 
dan »/'•=« a. xf pl.'iinuLff in error had wunte<l th« dana^.^i aaaeaned 
by fx Jury th^y iilnouit havt* mnde tnat requi>r>t aft'O-r dafttult \itis 
yntorovi, and not havo stood by and aitiiOUt ob lection have allo-^fld 
th<* fjourt to ipae^s the da^jiPjea." 

lo thtt Ban;** eff*»nt la « 1 v. i' Jderai Mfo in_3._ i^q.^, --H ^11. 41;^'. 

A to both orrors naa^.t^.ed, it la cbvloua t^^itt th^ oontan- 

tlon of tho defendant \>i without ra-^r'. r., tint anpolle« is .Itjnti ♦*^ od in 

itfj oortenMon that tliit* Ar^pc.^l la proa»^out'.-d '^©r<siy for d'^^lay. 

Jud^rnent *il.l therefore b«j ^xTTir"v.'s^ with 'Statutory t^n per c^ntun 


, .- . , ;,:;.■ '. •. ■;-,^'* ■ :-' '.'■-:,.-.' v; '': p o c »"! *■'•;'' i f^;^ ■i'^i.^'i^X w^i,) 

-T. ■■ --•■ -■. '.r ;. ;t.; .;.* ■;■:,• ■: ■'.1.^ :.■:•''■ 0': Oi.LfA .K-n^hcxalt&tl 

■.^- ri-'v.'^«i' ■^•,^'■'1;; .i •■ . iTp*-:; ./i>rfvr ■-iwiiv ^>v^!.-. i ^' '.,.:':>«:: s 

545 - ;il943 

Appellont, ). 



ii:K cuniAL. 

This is a motior. to uiariao an appeal from tiie 
judgment of the Circuit court in o proceetting under tiie act 
entitled "Compen .*a ' ion for accicientnl injurita or dc-ath," 
approved June lu, 1911, iii force: ; ay 1, lvl2, on the ground 
tiaot tiiitj court i:j without ju-^isdiction, 

f/e are of tiie opinion that, the uiotion ruust be 
allowed. In Lav in . 4aT.r . , v. ./ell 3 liros . Co.., t.o. ;i..7ii9, 
iironch C, of court hhb r«cer,tly 3o ruled upon a 3i.ji];'r 
action, ana the rc;)aono thorefor .ms given in L'ue opinion 
filed in that cnse seem to ua to b^- uound. The ijioticn to 
diar.ii86 for nnt of jurisdiction is cillo'.'/ed, 

Ajir./J. ■■-..^i... .>>.!). 



,„ :. ■,;.• ^.J :-v^>i :<fl.-; ^ • ;.: :it by lit 

^-4 - 20062 

Ucfendnnt in i rror, / } 

/ i llt.uOi: TO :.UMCj.i7.L CvUi.T 

kUi'.iVx l.IJJ.:^ nnu i:. i :.}tCY / ) 

icILLia-;, co-pAxtners as Albf'rt ) 

I-iller .' Co. ,\ / ) 

llnintlffs in r.rrj6r. } 


- / i9 5I.A. 233 

>..^ y 

ilainliff brcufruL suit for<? c;iru of i.;-:/ i^'Jld 
and '.iflivoreJ to <lef f.riv?u.l.'>, ?-hiu;j was the Itiat r,i*ipfii<-n t of n 
bale of V nu.:.b*.r cl' cars, the piftvioue 3iiiprr^«;r:ta nnvints beer: 
p^.iu for. iUe dcft'iiiio iTo.a (1; \.':\u\. th-- quality r/ft.a not .t^ rc>*- 
rcaciitod, p-nc (.•:> unrrroorcfibl f^ fielwy ir: r!;y.-in,'; Uidp^t^nt. ; e- 
fcndantii clnimtd as c aeU-off dtu;^->.{^'cs by reaacn of ilclny in 
al:iip:;ier:tii. Jioii trit'l V..e. jury, u/uier jLr.avructlon.i frcJii (.lie 
ccurt, relurrifd ;. vtrJict :»ii;tin9t itef onuanl.J' act-off and fui 
tiie pl/iintiff i^. n.riount of ^253, 77. 

un bC'.filf of thf plaintiff it wns lii-ov-f: li.:i\. a 
rci'TeBpntH tive of the def rndcr. ta, -?»io werp fr'ng;^t:ed i.n t.uiir.f-Oo 
at 'JlJilcf«fcC . cxr.'.ined the TiOv wnici. pi: i<. tiff 2iPd fox sa] r upon 
hiv« roncu noftr Icto-jMc, j onturu', ti^uit he '. ent ir. to th-. .ai< ^ jr;d 
UjT on to;, of tn»» hny nnu exK:/-inPC it nl j , .ij ent "a cja;!lc of 
houra" Join, tiii.*, ^ni'. tiii-n wolcl pjaltitif he woulu j:urC;ir'oc it. 
Vhtre Y/as no rvi-ericf Ij t .'- contrary, ;".nu i-;i rcfojt ■^uf.yc could 
r..'»v»- been nj drfrr.iiC ouded uyon fRilure of f;u.->]ity, / _ dclt'.y 
in iihir»t.pnta, i.lnintiff ciio fo tiiat iit fna un.;pr no -.blij.-tion 
uoycnd JC'dint: ti.ft iiny .-it Potomac, ' ontana; Itr-iJi-e i-f- vculu not 
be rcuponoiblc for pny deify ir; i."ulin: tnc u:/;.c fro.". tij.i 
poirit to C]:icii;-.o, 

ouja - >ii 

■-^ S.,.- .^iiA ^^... .; ,1.. «i..^. <vj> ^jI 

■> vv' ;•■-'. .'i'- 'T'.-'i -.5 IJionoqaoTl 

!>efenoanta 3r>.y tKM, tuc i;ourt di.i r-ot, al]ov/ thaa 
to introduce evidi«nce in acfenue an. tiiat tj;c pereisptory in- 
Btruction tc thf jury -vra erronfoue, .e do not find frory the 
record tlxnt defcnaants pl*'ce<J nny wi,t,r»cusea on tiie stand or 
askftd aitjy qup.itionfl ol' them, '..he ."suat they uiu, tnrough 
th«lr counsel, v/oo to er.t^HtfC in n diiscuasion witi; tnr? court. 
It hpe been iicl-i thnt suo;. procedure dots not Bs.ount to an 
offer of evioence and thst t't-.a rc.o;url'.u of the court do not 
/ijnount tc a refusal to au:;.it evide/ice, ■: hica(y o Ljty ^. ^. 
^» t-arrr.lj , .,(.;6 ill. 518. 

Aa t,Ci the cUfr'-rpnce elwiwed in vjcighta of the 
bales of ha.v in uhe three cftrs autd for, ihc court acccptca 
the --.eii iitj cirJiciuu Uy in tr.eir ciff idavi "- of vie - 
fenae, irj^structed inc jury to rctvirr; n vrrc; let uyo;i thin 
br^aia, hence def enclenta verc not hrr; ed in lain rt^uv'ct. 

The judK-iifnt ic affiroed. 

"Cii ... • ^•:.■■ '-■■'■ [i ■■J>o\:'^bl\''-j o j:.;.r;ui^oi o^ 

-J,- . -i": .>r- ': . ..^ ;■ i:,vj,f er- '.iiJ(, ai.! oJ rroiSCHST.i9 

■ -">•■- .:; ■ '»o %'r.v't'>'>'jr'--i ..; -tiLfs .^rv.fw •. i-:.>»s rtssd' sail J'l 

' ...- ."*:-.'..- ,li»iL;_ * ; : : .'^:;":':. - ''^ J: ^-s d, i*.A,. ^j- ?; oJ Joucaia 

...!.. . '■ ii. .=*;.. .JJjiXjiKJ ,v 

■■ ■••,■•• .■ . . " '■->:>::<■■■. -'J ^u'. ■■■>■'... L- >j\ii/ij-^ riL On^ ,{)aa«) 

75 - ^oo7 5 / 

, ,„.,.....„,. ,/ 

of tiie Estate oT Vladlaltrjp )/ 

i.-iBitlowaky, ^veceaaed, )< 

\ ilsintiff in i-rror, | 

ClilCAGu & A'iiat^RW INliiANA KAIL-/ ) 

liOAD CvyjLiAifV iiJ^d the i>iL7 / J 

RAILWAY Cwji.i Ar.Y\cF ChiCAGO, / ) _- . 

Jel^fridKritttin ivrrjJr. < 

\ / 

PJ::i,lVi!.l<l^i) i'ilJU OiliaOl^ OF T.1U-: COUK?. 

"^Vladialaw iaozkcuky, htre^infiftcr called ^lain- 
tiff, aifd i'l'oxn inf<;Ction oT a Lull( t v/ound received 'ryni 
A reTolver .firtd while in the iu'uida cf d i;p<>cijHl jolicerunti, 
I'.'irsirif , employed by dcf cndante about uiielr tracica in the 
vicir.ity oi' i-oxin^.ton avenue and 04th uti-eet in cliicago. 
Upon auit in nr, ection of treapaeo on the cu.a*r ailefcin^, 
thut deferiaanta, by their ucxvarits, witr. f(^^ce rnd arr.a 
B.D8ault€d ilnintiff, causing hia death, tiio Jury returned 
a VKrdicl finuint; thc^ defondpnta not t:;uiity, on w.jich ver- 
'ijLct tnc coart entered jud;Ti;erit, / The tcotixiiony 'untied to 
ahow t,i,3t in tliC tve.iinf: of i''ebn„Ciry l-i, 19i b, Viiralng and 
two otViei- ayecial pjiicttme-n bpw tivo :r.^r> sterlinir ccnl from 
aura on defendantc' treclca. The ofricera j:.<: ; ftrated and 
follo-./fd thCiii and .'iraint: overtook the two men, •mo v-rre 
cixTTyin^f. th« stolen coal in'B, one of the n^.en was 
plaintiff, wiio iu aeticribod aa the "big nian," inile there 
ia aoLifj ulipht ourfllct in the teetijuony, Viraln>'6 atory 
in th»^ :nf%i.n la ancontrruUcltui. ]le. uayti tha^ he showed hia 
at.'»T to uuosifc *wo .en nnd dft»'.ar»ded the return of >.hc coal 
but they dropped their juoko anci "t-jokled" hiw. Jie says 
tnat ne hr-d offered no viol(;nce to tj.e.i^ up to tna t tiiLe, 

e^Sui; - «v 


• - i...*.... *ii«w.i V a ■■> 




i ■ 

m^m m)i'^^iii 

..•*e ban »iia*vte !r> 

•».*!. i ,_ t ,^ 

.... .... .:. x^rtorat & 

•Iff* W^iS tTtmtff3">Uon .r.p,.ios>^(i usxfio ow^ 

(nooni;/ oi 

y oit tt«ia\»lTa bud oit SmaJ 

Virelng drew a revolver nna fired in the nir, nd he aava, 

to attract tin? .Tittf.r.tioi) of tzie other two ofi'icerB. i^ls 

Btory of the aff.-lr frutu that point in subjstsnce is as 


"ffith that tixe bifc broke away fTOi:> me and 
rnn into what I jtf t':;rvmrde founa to be iUu yard. I fougnt 
the littic mar into hiu ynrd, wricre .<« -^ere i.ct by the 
bit'; a.p.n. Tht bl^^ xari Lad Jar. £.x and threw it at ti:c , 
atrikinj. the fence, in tnt a-eanthue the little wnn 
bp.ckcd av.ny fro/:, aie i-.'id di«;rii.e ;&r«u rma my tiaic v7ao 
takon up with tiie larger umn of the two. Up. rai.» into 
thf shea -in':'- ^^ot r ahoYsl, r.r.c i >.oiiL into the aiied 
alter him and tried to get the ohovel tu/ay frorr' hiu, at 
the .i.r'jac tii'W> tell in,/, hiiii to ♦ arop that,' i Tired finothcr 
ttiiot into the fence, t:.inking tiureby to '.-jn-ie hii. drop it, 
/ibout fy fo-f/ inutea after t.iv.l //c kept on wtrut.e lin(v <uid 
he attacked uiQ >iitu tho ohovel and he utruck ma in th<» 
ri/:Jr;t hand, 1 hasd that revolver in «iy »iand pointed dxrectly 
nt him v»hen he struck tie on the haiid. It exploded ana the 
Bhot atruc:. hi:, on Uif; knee. Aft^^r that he ralJiea and 
drove jiie into the alley," 

Cn crya3-e7j»jf.ination Ui*; 'S'itneaa anici tuat 

plaintiff atruck hi;.-, several ti:;.< 3 with the Bi>ov< j , ond rlso 

"he struck thi (cun. T/hen th*; (^un went off .•. '»!>& rot trying 

ti-, fiift the {.un nt all." C'.Ler wilncaacB f.:»v«' te!?ti:icny 

tending; to corroborate V/irainL', and it atews to huvt been 

proven bc^yond aerioue doubt X.Lki the firint; of the revc>lv2r 

was aiiaultaneoua vdtr. the ilow on the h:ind in vyiici i- v.ia 

held froui the ohovel wieldej. by rlaintiff, Vrofi the f.'.ct» 

in evidence we would ))«ve little i.rjubXo in uc'udinf: tiiat 

Uie actual firinf. of ti.e aiiot ma nut Uvu 'nir.cill.otui}. ct of 

def er.daritu' servfrit, bvX ^nxa Hh ro^arcB ti.csf.V^ 

Do defrn'innts* fjf "cin3 ^ItP of »vn nacvult 

deniebne and plaintiff '0 rrj.lication d£ in^ui-ja fe.bBcue t a ll 

Cftuoa eli.Tinate the fr-etcr of icciufint i/i the Bhootinc:'i Under 

the technical rule of pleading; we cannot bo; controlled iiy 

the view i;hat tue shooting wns ncc l'i<pintal . 'thile rJio ovi- 

donco tendB aiost atront;ly to i>rove i-hat the firint, of the 

8i;ot vas acci \rntr\l, yet untirr the evidence the jury could 

properly b«;licve ti^fit it /as fired in self defenee. The 

.•^tsai'ilo **J 


i«tf.t ff. -tM fii&i 


-;i-!r. toorl-:-! 

Jurors were not ijourui to believe riU'sing'o atateujent that he 
■wn.8 not trying to fire tne tjun," but niit;ht reasonably be- 
lieve it to be more probable that ^9x1 .lainiiff mftile the 
first rittnok and pereioted In these attacks, uainh an ox 
and shovel and striking V/lrsing several tio^es. the I'ttter. 
aeeinf-. the shovel deuoenoing u:pon hiic, believed .fith reauon 
he WU8 in dai.ger of recexvin^: bodily harm and volitionally 
pulled the trigger. 

Complaint is made of the Kivin^;. and refusing of 
Inatruotions. ooxnc of the inetructions offerea by the f Iain- 
tiff contained a correct fatatemnnt of the law and might hcve 
been t'iven, but we cannot hold thai refuain^ them vras reversi- 
ble error, 

under the proven facts of the case there was no 
liability of defendants, and the Jud(jnont is affirmed, 



on ««* 8t»aJ- --'^ 

156 - cO470 

LFOKAFII* C. RKID, y^Ominlotrator of f ) 

I>ef orittai t it; .'rror, ) 

\ / ) C;.'UHT OK Ci.lCAQO. 

i^leLintiff iin Krror, / 






^'irlaxctlff in xiis bbfiiLejient oi* claltx cxi&Xt^ca Uiat 
a«f«n(iaiic auu conx-rol uvor a flut. uaXIding in Ciuca^y^; UiUt 
tteort^e T, upcou, fa&u«r of tua ueoeautiu, occupicci a flKt ^i;cre- 
in; tnai Marry ^liillijia wuo defcnuarit'd janitur; ui^Uw a fir« 
was started near tiie preii^ittes; tuui tiie Janitor tia*«w rui>> 
biuu on tii(« lire and Uiac It caoe in contact v>'itl^ :>xid ignitad 
the clotning o\ George Upton, tl*en uli^;iatly over lour years 
ol" age, «Uo was paatiing by, and tuac ne was ao aevereiy burned 
that no uied, i)efendaiit uenieu txiuL tae janitor ever atarted 
the lire in question or thrcv/ rubi^iuh on it, nnu liuutiiiii to 
Introauoe tc8txj:.ony teuuing tu uUo>« that ti^e cnila uau act 
i:ati;oeIf on fxre, l. on trii^i the plaxntiff had juofwent, 

We mast reverse \.iiio juu,;uent and r«...&na tiie 
cause b(;:cause ol errors cciszi.itted upon the urial, 

•^Mo eye-witness testified to i^avin^c aeon the 
child catoh lire or UmI ne wau dan^irousiy near tne a^'Ot 
««here tnc id ouia to nave buun, 'me exiatfance ol 
fire itueli: is auarply controverted, liie fire -»ao j«ld to 
have been on a vaoan: lot nftur tne flat building. > ueavy 
gate iMiui off tJic paauat-cway frora thv courtyard of tiic flat 
building o this lot. Tne last seen ol tne ciuld bcfoie 

the accident was by n younif ^irX >7ho testified b/iat lUiC 
opened tii^i;:> / atr and allov/ed tur o.iiivi to go throuc,i> tne* 


ilijii muiQX fi v.a <t»w JauutaoA onj 

fisteway »nd that si.c tnon clooed the fjate, leayln^. nixr; out- 
side. About cu. hour nftonmrda he was dlecoyered by iil« 
mothar inside the oourtyard with nia clothes burning, he was 
dr^sned at the time in an "Indian" ouit ;*itit feat..ora uzid 

The connection beLween the allei^ed burning pile 
of ruboiah and tiie ignition of tae boy 'a oioliilng cau only 
be made frooi inference, and tuat trie eridenoc before a» war- 
rants a r-naonable inference of suon o)nnectiun is vrry 

It was nnr I'ul error tu acUuit. t<::;&iii..ony liJ?.l the 
defendant, i^ingle, had been seen before ti^et tijue burning 
Karba$;e nearby »t various tiines wneti chilaren tiere noar. It 
io not claitiird t/^at Lingle iu»de tXiC inutnnt x ire or tvas on the 
premises or knew anything about it at t.xe time. Xuiu toati* 
ffiony would tend to show taat aefendant was a careless aian and 
indifferent to the safety of cuiidreri, ana h«nce would pi-eju- 
dioe the Jury at-ainst hia. The habits of defenvant «ere not 
in issue. 

It wBS also error under the cirouuiataarices to per- 
iLit plaintiff to introduce in evidence a aection of tne ordi- 
nance of the Cit . of Uxiica^o ma; in^.; the building of a bo:ifire 
in any street or alley an offense for whica tue oiTienacr can 
be fined. The evidence snowed UiAt the burnlni^ of tne rub- 
bish MUS on a vacant lot or, as sosue of t«ie witncsstb called 
it, the prairie, m uny event the location of the lire, 
Tiliethtir on tiie lot or in tho alley nearby, hsd not;,infc to do 
with the accident, -^efer-aant waa not on tr-isi for tixe viola- 
tion of ar. ordinanoa. 

It wna ;aao prejudiciil error not to allow de- 
fendant to introduce testiraony U»at the deceased Oi.ld at 
different tines before tiiis acciiient had been found with 

.e/i#ii9iSj0t>-6 '©fit? 

,-.,i« fSii^ -I'.^i) -Jij T;c-XTa c>»4i.« fjir/J xX 

. tjti,n£f ; 

mRtohes In his pos8«8Slon which had btt«n taken from hiiu, and 
tjaat he and aevftral ILuhb act iiro to hiu cIot.inK with them, 
Xa the absence of any direct evidence as to he* cixe ouili's 
clothing caught fire, tiau eviueno* offered by defendant 
would tena to rebut any inference tixat defendant* u nei^ll* 
gence cauueu the accident, l>efend4u:it was eiit.itlea to imyn 
the Jury consider any facta wiach tui^ht give riuc tg* ua 
exouipatin^i inference a£i tc tue cauut of tue burning; of de- 
ceased* equally reaaonaolo tc the inference claiinea by plain- 
tiff* if txie Jury luuould believe luu'w tixe cxiila*u clotuinc 
v/aa aoi. on fire froti:^ matches in hia po^jaesdion d«fe;iciMnt 
cculd not be lit^blt; for negligence, 

For tht; roaflon» above indicated the Juatu^ent is 
reverend t'.nd tue cause ra&bnded. 

,- ^Cns'lt^ 5-f. 

.-lit' »ti 

265 - ^Cl.91 / 


liRU. S. J. OliiXHO, ) / 

i;efemifi.nt in i rror, ] / 

}/ l.r •.'•■!. TL i.^l'•>lCi'i■:■,l. CUiivr 

\- , jr.ijLiiii, ■•• / ; 

i Inintiff ft- in >rror./ ) 

ixm.iv>.uED Till- (.ji:ao:< ck ?k'- ccij;t. 

iiaintiff uroui;iit iiuit, iiii/ife p. sitotc.cni of 
ciiiiiit nii«.'|.;,ifjt; Lhat ft fur cor^t purcuuacd by uv.t oi" titie;. jar-ts 
wiifa not aa jeprttaented, anc c3."i..;.int; dcuuit*^ ^^''^ 'Cf cii-tuita ^ 
filed «n 8,:'5)enrarice nnd an effiaavit of de'Icriee dcayiriL, tht*t 
Niiy rc'i'reBenttit.ionij as ciaiaied hnxi been ifiade. .ac caati v/nd 
duly bet for Lrifi.3 , ar:d oxi tuai, dato the ,, Iniiitif i' aj.X'«^'^«i'ed 
but the dcfci!d»Tjta -vere ubient aua not rtiprtbcutev , ;^nc; the 
ouurt e.'itfreU Judijr:<ynt t'-H<'ii'ii*t. tiie-; for iho ;ii-.iiii.jni. cl '/.iHiu- 
tiff'a claici, :iizhxr. tv/o doyu tncreufttir cef «*r:ur.jit3, o.y 
tacir attorrieye, filc-.d a r/x-ibten motion to vmjuc tiie judfi- 
cicnt, v/hlch r.>otiun naa aapi orted by an affiJiivit. .lao in 
aubotnnce nlleftd tuat tj.c f.-<ilurr. to be irr-OBnc or, thfl uRy 
of ciiS triRl <y«».a duf tu a x5.ijt?ike of n c1 exk in tin. office of 
devfetiOanta' nttor;-.<;ys ulio woy cinfutsed by the oririounce.i tnt of 
tiie CBbes oiJ t/iC , u,:ici. y.l Court J^u,^.eo' c/iila wr.ich Mj.peared 
i:. tne "L.-^ily kunicii-'Ul uourt ..ccord," m-i.xcu v/e unatrdtand is 
H draiy pppcr or bulletin /;ivinf, tiic? ccuvt c^'lla, i.t ia not 
n«ceoonry to C'i-vc tut: dt.t«il c of thi raij:oun-f; mt •'dich 1 «o 
CO tiie rDint-fl'-.o of tise clMvc, .strictly a/.r.inr, t,i:c tlork 
u)iould not ra■^v^ &,;idf: tne ;;i.jta;:C(- wiiic. ii'; di;., 'ijit; yet it 
ttri'f^ra to h:«ve beer. .v.*. txcutii ai^tsxe a.i.ct. .••;>", liI tit by 
tac fact tiiOt aoiiic o: li-r ju'..{:eo were uu ■.>;-( n:.xiit lj:.<;ii Ci'llc 

^"j- !?^ ^ 


.7 .7.'t . Ill UiliJi!,.** 


:nA\ \ .• 

i -. u a , <j!> J li's .-.;>'. -jot es Jaa ^*i» 

. •■.:. :■^ ui'.*^ ^ :■■■: ■ f! >^ .1 F;:S rutiiOt'Y. 

'.;■;■ '■',■ 1" , ■ • ^7.^ "Iw" 

-■■■:. ■'._•,! .' . ■> I ,:^. . ^..i>.' .;j1<t.; -i 

. . j..- V .. r/i (nr; .'..I- is.' ,;iAni!a i- j. 

■ " ■ , ; 'J. v, H' n.'JijO!,". C\0 L'i*f . 

'lo. :',: :r.i..c .>.^J 11-' ssi'HO »>* 

. - ■ . • i: . -; , . .V '...- : ^^i* •.J." vni 

,.. ■.. > .J ., .., '•♦ 

. . V: i J • ...' i ; • 
.. . I:; -AJ ,:-■ ■ -". 

on ficcount of Uift aessiiiono of the wtute ":::!.»i: Aacccintion, 
vdillo others vere not.v/ 

Under tiic circuf.iatancea '.7e tiilr.k tue urir-l 
court should aevv. vn.catcd. the j^jdj^^ir.rnt, and psn-vitLcd tiie 
def entianta to th' ir dny in court. The jud n.crjt is 
revcratd and the cfiuR«« res:fmtleci. 

',./,. .-11 ';>as'-v (•;-j:»''jo oXirfai^ 

296 - 20625 

BUTCiiKR ;VM..l>U;c CKATh (J'.-I-i ; JiY , ; 
a corporation, \ } 

Licf encinri^t in ; rror, ; / 

V3. \ ; / 

V ) / iv' Cj.ii.Ac:;. . 

FiSi; .■; CoiUjmny, \ / 

IlKiritifr ife : rror. ^/) 

\ / 

r>r'iivhivj%i» Tin. ijiii:i(..u Ly :'ij- c: u •;. 

"^ i.M '< ouil; to reccvsr fc. c raits :ii] u r.nd dc. J i-vert-d , 
plriintiif had jurjfsont i'ar .,672,16, 'ho cvi-.e.icc tcndou to 
shov tiinl. in ; arci; , Ijli, r, j>uLu;i.fer, pi r i.ii'.iM' » prtoiuciiL, 
L-iOde P v-;rbr\l contraac -rith Uio def f n'P.ul , ti iTi^it -.frchru-.t en 
oouth Valtr ;itr£:Ct., fox noout J ,vv(.. crp.ica at 17 cBd., 
to be oiiippcu to Aoherton, Texae, .viitrt; tjioy verr t;.; -c uoed 
by oriion f rov/ers ir; tii^ riei(i,i;bor!jood wlio vero uiiij'.r ii»..^ Liriic.';a 
to def rnciant , '-'ioh Hayo U.At iiiu i-irra wuc t. (.ollci. ior 
plaintiff the price of ln< crsuim frou. the gro-;'/f;ra as tucy 
were si'iipi'd to def on ..£».'. t, but uioi'Ci" derixte, <<i.>, tno 
eviacnoc eupjortsi tjift ojui.. ol' plaintiff that. ti..f:- trnti; 
vraa a tifilf. to Uit-. aef o/iuar. o . .loiritiff j.rocetaeu t jjake ^.liij - 
uicntu and Jiu*.. dej ivt.roci aooio lb, (CO or Jdor'..- crj!t?ju \iL'^i: it vui 
advxcca o!j accjunt of the :;....r!:pt bf;in» b;>d tc i^top t:x.ip..fT. tii . 
it thereafter af^recci to lutu iieienifirit rroi.i liaciiity 
for tiic b.''larice of crPtc-j, r.bout 1.,' .. , contracufd f . r f:nd 
shipped but i;ot uelivcreu. .'.t /aUnrt'i.' tiJ<, o;r-lir. ./ei-e de- 
livered tv rji. onl.jn pir'.tfor.w b-iiit pi nj.-.dlhr.' thra ifixlroi.d 
tracki: for the j'.ccuni:..oaRtion ar*a coiiVeiii!. oi Iw tiro^/era, 
bri .'oise 2v.ti. ■ utchcr culltd at thf L.l'.xce ci' dtfciic;:.; t. : . r tne 
imrpose of procurinf. n aett]t.,-vnt fr. x nil crutc.i tuai h/'d been 
shipped, 7>nd it was the." .'.>acrrLaIn;-a thKL there -{'is a bnl;.;.ce 

r!;-:t7.iii - a«S 

<■ ■ V 

1 : , ts'j . J '...-, . -..ft r*Ci..;;:>:;iv:» 

■■-...' ' ./ Jii.;;o'5C).\ ito .bi-iic-. XVbA 

:■ J > => J- vii ■.;:-■( .■: "x UST -n/ J 1 

■.■>'•;.■■:»"/ ( > ■:'>;.■. .i ••>i'. J u'ff i>Mqqiki!o 
>» V "i ft ; ■;>,.' J CI q -to Wt 

due plaintiff of v^^-'l t '^ot takinj- into accouiil certai;, crai^ea 

» hfid been delivered tc one ' uc la, on onion thrower fi.o 

rmo;:Rting hi'j crop tiiroUK-'- '^■'it! def (.-n .-.rtnt. "iic si.i.'-iber of 

tiiGBC bt'lc crt«lt:S vvoa :ibout, nZb'i . /.a tno reoult of x,he cor»- 

voroation tit iJii a tijt»c a v.'iitte.-j conti*aci. v.ftB entered if;to 

aa folloivu: 

"in conoidcrtttion oi accepting J, "i. , Fish i. Gop;- 
pany'e c.^ck /u5214 for Ligl'it -uii-Jred i!.nd ■.•.7rnty-one doll.'r^, 
it io undfcratood Ix'u'i i thf> balJ^nce of tht. crp.ueo, 45b4 cri-c ea, 
delivered to Chrtrlea i b«»ta nt /.».uttrton» cxns, are tc b*; to tiic onion plftforj-.i at Asiicrton; ar. d if any 
8horta)<e, vrficn delivery ia rei£>de to the plati^oirup fro.7i 
Rbovf; number, .j, T, v'aui: v.- Co:..i...iny Hyirec t;. l;.oj:c tToud, 

(Jl^nod; o. 1'. "'iol! i I .?iA>:Y, 
Accepted: J;urt:h"i? >\. >.';ulvC C/;A';'.?. C;:; i /iMV," , v^- 

Althcui;.'. Incrs.- i :: aiiiC. vftrir^iit trati. jny cu t^in 
uubjfict, tiiC Jul'- cuulc! nif.uzrii>:'ly br'Jievt: i.htit on cr ul'i^cr 
tiif; ■,:y.l.r o' Ci.i.'. tKi:.^rcc:.>oti\. nu crrivs-a uft-fr df. ) i vtreu cc tut: 
onion pli^tf n: at /.Si^trtcr. b^/ i.L'ct.ij or f\?:y- 'jt on icis b'..'.rilf, 
except 4 • .• crHicu \7i.ict1 .^•cre i f terward;; iiold b;^ •:.:.(: la una 
never received by j.iMintifj, bu'o ciuh ■■.vhicii the jjr., i;-. jjuaejo- 
ing <*a;j;r>f,es ci'edittd tut uef endo.iL. it -yaa ouff i ci(=ritly 
proven that >. beta recoiveu .-Oii;e 6o^ .. cr?!to£), Uxat .'•j^. i-uxi- 
ar.atfly 24 c c) were uccd by i^i.:: in tj.-r.; etini?. hit crop, ti^at 
about 2666 v/ere bold by iiu^ to anotitfir party* '^nd 10 >. in 
another lot to still mother i^tirty, in:6 ti.j< i -.t-re r^.-ii.led 
direct froiu tiie ■ brta far/;: to the prtM.i.Heu of tiicse i.uich.'>5cr8. 

The mrin defen;»e off-:reid at luc ■«.rinl vaa Uic re- 
turri of tlic crptra by \.beta Lir^'cr U.t; '£;ree.. m; t vf . v^.ne o , 
li'll , rT.i the JuJ'y ciulG n.M-C'rir.. ul v fina !.Lut diff-nae oripvuil- 


in tJar ccritrr-c:. of »■ -nr c- , JjIJ , voau fi-j. sau% 
of con ^iiicrntion*. ..'e d. jvjt*x 3c. Lr con cfidr rntion \-7(X6 
tiJO ©^■re(\i«nt o;- tl-ir ^nrt of int tief f-:i.:iant to rcc't d.-c>. *he 
Obcta cretps provided they 'VTv. returned t.; the onion pint- 
form Rt Asi-ierton, en., tc ro.lnQ.Qe Uif. defenuant frc;n. liability 

:» .■ . ■■,'-. . . . .; .!:.'.■!' 5».. ,.ijf>c Ijriif aojLnr 

:<:.. oiTu'; a A 

... .i.y- /■' . :, •:-' '-■'-•■ '-^i-i':! /-.:'.-H>o -I*'" 

~ " ■ •' :.n. ,;•<:. 1. ..-.'■,•: :-^ '■ iliC^A >Id'>:;c; i ' Yrjflvi; 

.,•:■.■ -5 ...J •-• ■:.-,;: ,. • .. ■ . ■ . o ' . >.; v;!"! ;ii- V- ;. ..i JJC 

TT ...'■■■.■■ . '?;>.'. :.> ""'>vj. I:^;i •r>.T,; »'■•,;. /a i^ria 

■','■.. .- ... ■; ■ -. ; .r .; '''i... ;.-:.::? (OOOA 

.- i ' . ;■- ; -■; - ..;'..' - ,;•, „ ;. ..J . ;, ^ , ^tiiM 

■• . ■ .- V :-j .■ .. '; :...'. >;. . ' 1 i.^ >.:•>.■> -ijj. 

-^ . .•■..". Wi !:■■ '■■: , ; ■:;.'i'^ ■<...; .} I -.. -.^'ii.-- noirtg 

;■.•.'-... .;:'^ '-:•■. .■.>.;..:• :J'...riO «■ J :?»03t» 

..-;■■ .■ -u ^',- . ..' , ■ :. 1 ■-^•j.'i.l ■ rii \jvlitOA'i ^C:^V9^•s 

,- .•..;■'■- .■ . :v;.;;, ■ ;--vl:>M:>-i „.!;:•' .;i..-.„ ;v?VC>t«r 
i !:■. - ^ .... l..\ .10 :>v..-< --n- ■:>;:• yJ'i^in'Xi 

. • - , . 1 , 1. ).-.■'<. .. ( > 1 .j . ..J ■■ J ■ ■S'H iiocui 

, :^' •-■ .x.-;o .1- /. ; 

• i 9'. .nOlJoXsM; nOO lo 

■■.J !■>•'. I-..: ■^•; 3i^»-.- ve^'U f»a»i>iVoic s^iaio 

therefor. A further .- nov.-er to the claim that this contract 
is void is that defendn.nt iDtroauced this in evidence and 
relied upon it as tending, to estr.blisA it;i defenae. j.ven 
should t:ii3 v/ritten acreciient bo conaidered voia, defendant 
•would still be liable for tJieee cratea unaer his contract of 
purchase mnde v/ith ii.r, i^utcher in iarcii, 1911. 

There have been two tri-i.lo of t^iis case, in 
both of 'vhich the juries hove found the fr.cta to be con- 
trary to the clfim of defendant. ./e see no sufficient reason 
to diiiturla tne present verdict, and the judciEent is3 affirmed. 


JIZ " 'liijCAii 

CITY OK Chic AGO, 1 

Defendant in Frror, j. 

\ I Gi? CiilCJACC. 

KJflLY k^UiOiLAiX, • 4 

xluintli:^ In irror. /j 

\ / 

])r;LlV.:'J?£D Tii^ CHAlOii OF Tiilv CCUHT. 

ijcfendarjt wttti Tinea on ;. co:.-plttint ot vAvJ..^tlng 
uftction UCri-j of tii<j fcunioipfiJ. code of t/ie city of<i;i>, In 
that on Jvily ^, 1914, ahe wafc the iicc-por of a aiuorderiy nouu«. 
In thlL court oho cont< ruie (1) tiuit the evidence uucu noi iiu«tain 
the allctitiona of the ooi;.pl£'.lr.t , and (Z) thnl iiw fii'.'j.in6 of 
the court id tiiaintit ti^e wcitjiil oT U;© evidence. 

It iu unneccasary to narrate tiic teoti;;.tn.> vxcept 
to zuy Uint it diuolosod conduct, of a wocion InuiHte of tue hou»« 
of ti.o defendant wniof., togoti:er »/ith defendant's p..y..d^Qiun» of 
tiiree for.'-or convictions of Jce«j;ing a dixjoraerly nou. e, wuu 
aufflcient lo Justify tiio fin :;it)r, oT the court, xihilt auiae of 
the ttatij.'iOny io icnitd by the lU'fendanl, w« will bo cuiueu by 
the btiitei ojjj/ortunity cf th«; trial jud^e tc oL;iCive luc vit- 
ncQuca euTiu puua upon their credibility. 

The JuU^^^iient lu affinucu. 

iXMOa • CiL 

iQTxy, ill inn.. 

\ jt' 

\ r 


\ ' / 
3fj:ji«u.:»ja V;ntiiv,i oaxfii&ssHi ^ha 

niiBJ .- ...iiiOblv» 8d~ ... .X) b5« >lnDO ©itfi tf'Sijoo aixiJ- fli 

• iw •*» . . >l3 9[iS y;cf f»i«»i.. i. teji f^di 




AL7liAiiJdi, dolnc Tjusineesj ea * ^ 

ROTKBAUJi <fc AjTRAHAil, / ) r^... 
Plsintiffa in .^rror, J 

VB, / 1 Oi'' CHICAGO, 


Jef endan 


t In oirror* ) 

iiii. i>ai!;;31i;IKG JUSTICE Me3lJi<J-.Ly 

Plaintiffs brnutilit suit against defendiait claiming 

^$200 on the follov/ing contract: 

"ThiB a^rot^ment, entered ■between ileory Levy, 
party of thr "irr^t part, rn^ "^'atlr-in :;;-nelnit'.;ky .mc- 
Louie Astor, pprtiee of the second part; Witneseeth: 
•iijjrefts, 8oia pax-tiefi hei-7e asoif^no'i a c<;.^tairi Ju('f:i..nt 
in favor of theraBelvee against Annie Perlman for the 
cum jI .650» of Tv.icli fiuri -.IbO aro due to i,evy .; Lcsvy 
for legal fees, and in considf^ration of tho 
aabignmant the; said iifmry Lfivy, psni^nc., naroty under- 
tokee to pay the ^j^i: C to the foliowinf: persons: SeuB 
LviYxtnA, luml); rrcm, the sum of ■;3<^'' or loac; ■, o'./ibsuir, 
on BC count of Judgment $30^ or leau, :ind the bal^Jice 
to tlic ilortii iJidc- ; aah and Joor Oo, 

•titneae our handa and eeals this o9th dry of 
April, 1915. 


Lruit: ACTOIl." 

The trinl court permit ttd to be introduced (l) 

parol evidence tendinij to show thf<t this contract wa& not to 

take effect until Louis /etor hi>.d paid defendant a certain 

sum of money; (2) evidence that tlxe con ract wtte not delivered 

to ^-r.alinaky and .stor; (b) also that tiicr r. judgment 

against y\nxiie Porlman nt the tiuu thib contri.ot a ..i executed, 

lind (4) that the defendrait did not collect any money on ooid 

julgmont. The trial court found against the plaintiffs, 

Parol testimony under point No. 1 waa inadoiissible. 

As to point No, 2, it wnn not neces ary to the validity of 

> ^^ V 

,<^■o^u . ai UiMar^"^:^^^^ 

■ ■•- ::0T, i'iT- ■•■■■;'.• ■ '^'i. VIJMv; 

'.fi.;^i!. i.'> :^ri: 


^ \ ... ■..! •i-..i,V'. ■ ,■ -' ■ 


- -. ■ . .-.t :,-. •■;,.[ -re. .Ti; ^i.i:r)d UtttU ^foelis- »:tja;f 

'.'..>..;..> ! ♦ -Uuxir:.../^ btmo'i Jtcuoo XjuJk-ii feriT ,*na«jit 
'tt- \' 8it> oi Y. ' »«•' ** «* •• 

..V j.- 

• 2- 

the ooatr»ot that it i>houl<l hv. dellrored to .«allnnky uni 
AOtor, it vui. purxitibiblo to uho* tho ftsat^. vith I'cfcrenoe 
to tho edlcgf d judgMont agalntst /mnie Forli^an, »*rd t^oo aB 
to tsttt amount wj.u puiti thoroon. 

It ftppeto^B ti\;.t wnll'.: n' th« 'into Of this contrnet 
there wau a rcrdict aijainc ;\nnio Perlraan for :ii'-'>'\ nubse» 
quently, under the 8«?'';9stion of the trial cr« ar-f,, it wi.e 
renliitea to ^420 and Ju-^-^CTit '.•ntf'>'e:i for t;hrt uDount, vhioh 
#Hji pai'.t. 'JliQ contrnet nontensplftted the p'iyr:icnt'-. to btj made 
by .iafend:aj-'. when the judgrent agnlnct .\nnio i-^rinfizi v;icj paid. 
Out of thio ^ud.gni»m*, 'ran *'lrnt to "c^ :^1:JC .luc -<,o i-<3vy Ha 
ii«Ty for l«»,T:ttl feoB» ana th« dofcm'J'njit undrrtock to pty tS'ie 
b«l&uce to Ui» porBOMP; nazned In tJie contrir-ct, IHIig Judgment 
■bairife tor ;?420, td"tf?r "^ISO ■'-nn psid rould .';;-i7'", and aa 
It apnoftrfl thtit Hotht-fMir., nifii'^tifl her;:in, wfeu to Lr. i^aid the 
saoie t»JKo>«t we wuj LtivitOii, plf;intlff In €i.noth«i- suit cou- 
aoHdatea with thio one for, c'.f f sn-J(;rj- wouia : vo 
plain tlf It) hei-ein one-h«ir of v^O^ v.hich ic ,1 S, 

The judgmrmt ontorod hy tho couit below lu r. versed 
End judgmcr:! la «mtc/-yd in thid o art Di:aifiat viv: ayfcfv-iint for 

n■/^r■',■■^£ila) mo jitdom"*.'!' hi /.liu c u;<t. 



, .. ■ ;-^.- -■ ■■-■' '^■^'i. '■■:'■' ■"ue -»;.^ *c^-i''JSi» ,%litt3)t$o 

:.■■.: ... ^.. . - ,■-;<■> ^.>' ■•fx "'■;^^: tJ i" 

'-_ ' . . ' . :■ ■'.•-•)■' ;:?■!■: ;.>"^ <,t!*^;^ 1'::? iud 

■' ' :'\' ."' '■■'■ " ^i'-* : :-■ ,-.^-i.'' x\-''r"^l'?-iM'^ -it^ki 

■: .■■■ , . , '■.:-.! -v ■.: ■;■ ,•■.-' !<^; ■ ':;-.l.. ,''5^*= 'Ji^'t ^nis>tf 

■'. > . : .■ ■-'• , :--:^ ■•,•''■• '■'« ';•;{' ,:■(■';? ,;-.J;.y .'■!.* >«i>/ Xon. 

: V , .. ,, .■-■,■,: ■•:,:■ \- :■■■•:■ ^ff;.^' ; rjn^sr^V^??:, 'H'-T 

,■:-': ~ ! "i • ^u ■ ■■< , ■■:j:Ul Lnt% 

Z9r^ m •jr>7L:3 

• corporationa / ) 

ilftintiifr iii fv-cr, | 

^.diiOR TO 

• V», / ) OP OF I y. J. JO, 

H/ITRY Jo. 77, 




0.17 a-n TV: 'M'TT-TC;: OT [iiji C'^U:-?, 

""):i£i coae w>fj cohes lidatcd for houring ..ith x. o, 
;rC723, in ".hicix an opinion Ju,.^ t)i.lo doy V)een filtvi, Yko 
8ult briv-^.n out of tiic' oontr^^ct sot fortii in tlii<t, op^u^on^ 
Bttd tft'i i:-;Kic rencone foi-* r'^vcrBiiiC; the Judptuurit in i-!-. L cnye 
ol)tcin iit th<: precent cane. 3^ipintif*f in thio OiU't- m,ft 
entitl<>.^ to Jii'(3flent for "l.v.'>, 

1"h« judgment of the iovrer ccntrt xo reverse imd 
ju(it?ncut iox- tlife plrtintif J it ititered In tlxio cwrt i or 

ji;iiC2.3;i;T- ii;.v^rHt»/..D amu 

Ju'iXih-u'llT ID TKIii cr: !'.y. 


>>: J::, v* /\ ' :'■ U 


;.V,i,. *>•,■> iri^" '.i^ii; . . ^V . ' •. V-,,;/. •../.- 
, .5.,., -■ '%;n'-: /■,r-'„t .• ; ..'''.g (i ,:■:•■ J«:-; : ^: .> i 

511 - '^00 44 

ARTHUii H07tAM, 



VS. \ ) / MUNICIPAL Cn';>T 

i / % 


Appellant. ) / -^ - -^ - - , .. ^ 


DKLIV'^Li'I) Tlli! OPl;;rOK OF ?!W T'^-'HT. 

Thin is an n.«peal from a juflgmont ohtained by plain- 
tiff for $2,944.47 In an action to recover a "bfjlnnce of aiilnxy 
clainjed un it^r the contract of employment t?ith defendant. 

V Plnlntiff is » profeauional buaebiiU. plryrr, and the 
!lef « ndimt is emgr Rod in t^iving exhlbitlono of gair;t s of hnsiebtvll 
with a club kno-vn nis tJie Ohio £-;o Nutional Loague :3fiucbr>ll lul^, 
tfiiich pl.iya v'ith otlier clubs of the llrjtional i.eague of Vrofen- 
aionnl Imuebali t'lubo, in Fittuburcr and other cities. 

On Fehruory :3, lOli, plaintiff ntcred into r. r.ritten 
contract with dcfondioit b.y wi ich it w;.'8 ni-'.reii:'. the t plnintlff 
ah'-'uld play ball for dcfond.nit and for no other party, except 
with ;iof <;n Jti.nt' li con;tent, -turinc the serica of 1911 on(^ l^'l'^. 
He w;,;-. to receive a salary of ?5,000 a ye^r in ;.emi»monthly in- 
stalimento, end an allow, ncf for imifoririK, travelinp: expcnoer., 
etc. The bp.oeball se.'ir.on w ;? to befi;in April l.?th nnct (*id 
about ctober l>?th of < • oh year. The cnntrnct alr.o provide! Uiat 
I'.ofondiint niiidit f;ive plrintiff te dr.yc' >7rititm notice to cmd 
ita obligation under the conlr; ct. I'laintiff entered into the 
service of lefcnd.-.nt and played lurinp- the ;;e' con of 1 11, .ond 
juring lOl:"^ up to :.'ay ^'th. 

The parties h.Mvr Gti:iulrted the follovrinr f> cts •s if 
proven: thet on Woy .19, 191', th>- ^efencnl and the i ittnburg 
lub mude ;n exchan{se of playere under terns et out in certain 

^^uo^; - xxa 

"0! .nJHTfui 

(■'■>.■•» (.(J., «;>■ il'^ 

n r«., '"i 

-• "■ ■ !> 

. sv 

...j.ti .^itj:- ,,i.i. oavOiiiO 

; )>.:::!¥' ■ i'-. 

Xo: - i .i'-''i^'-'' 

iXvi i; :'>.\- 

but ^. «Jrt'i;1 I ■;•>>: v:.'^ «}.5 'ti •;."1':' 

'•f'-.rx OS"; «tn rii V^ , A'.!^:' /'fj •$0'^ lll> 

,-.■ *!■:' 


M : ■■■•': ••.n.ivcl r;^^. ': i': 

i::v.: ; ^:..:>ito'' tb ".ci' ii..-S iiilq tluoAa 

'■■-.■ xf; "• . ■■■' ii ■ ■■■0 •', iii c'>; i; .'u? j.'^.v.* .ts>fli.LXa^« 
r: ,■•'■•'■;,' ii'i ' ". «i ifcffii ^t»'io^o■~' Jwoflta 

>di jSXeX ,tJS; >cas? no ' -'- 

-2- und letters. In brief, thc:ie contain :m arrrngement 

for the Chic;,,;o Clul) to trade the plnintiff uj\-\ another player 

to the Pltteburg Club for two of itu playera, I'nd in u letter 

dated Viiy :',9th to defcnd'Jit frorc the i'ittaburg 'lub th- l.'jtter 

club ouyo; '*The Pittsburg /^thl^^tic Company will, of course, 

assume the contmct which t>ie Ciiic.TO l.i^af^e Easeball :lub 

now hau with Kr, Ilofmtm and Mr, ("ole." One of the b tipul».'.ted 

fiiCtB is "thut the nhica^o i-'ea(?:ue Ball Club contract with Hof- 

miuri vmy duly asai^ed to Jind uccepted by the }-ittaburg thl: tic 

Company by the defendf..nt, raid E>pproved by the pre^ich-nt of the 

jSationnl Lea^jue of i'rof eaaional ^'aueball Cluba,** 

On Kay 30 til dcfendjmt vvrote to plnintiff in pnrt rs 

foil owe: 

"Wr. y. . , HofiiiAn, 

-eiit wide }?uli Park, City. 
Dear -jir;- 

This iy to inform you tlv: t your aorriceo have 
been relejMJGd to the Pittr.burf- Club of the lietionol League, 
to take cff'jct imnicliately, cmd K'".Mnu,f;;er Clarke of thr^t Jlub 
requesto t>ir*t ynu report to hin nt Philadelphia in tire for 
i>aturday*ii gcune. 

Your contract with the Chicago Club hi.B been 
assigned ov -r to the i'itt«burg Club ;nd will be c- rried out 
by th: t Club," 

There is no evidence of -ny knowledge on the part of 

plaintiff' of i.nythint; portaininr to the oxchanpie oth',r than thnt 

imparted by this letter. Plaintiff thereupon -.^er t to -^itt-burg 

and played with th <t club. Mo vrritten contr;'Ct var mtih: betvoen 

him and the Pittaburg Club, but it paid him ourco of money from 

time to timt! to the c^nd of the eeason, aggregating ','697,47, which 

is lesu than th'j utilnry h<; wir. to roceive for th.- same period 

und'-r the Chicmjo Club contract by 2,944, '7, r.iich is the air unt 

of the judgment herein. FlaintifC n-ked the prowidont of the 

PittBburg Clu> for nioro monr-y but wrvs told to coliof t fror. the 

Chicago Club as his contract wr ;• witli it und not vrith th«' -itts- 

burg Club, Alter demand on the };icc(-'0 Club this uuit v/i. brour^t 

for th«: salary under the Chicr.go contrac lean the am unt re- 


-;'•■- ■,,,.■.' -ifi .;;j-:';..5 <:i.' 'U??;^ 'j;,>.,') !,;>;• »rf;r tDl 

■ ' i ■ .i ■■> ■:.•....,;■ .?;;>■ •■!-: :.-v--; ':■:•;.. i.:;'v ^i' oj' rU Q;'' V. '■'* i)y/«b 

_■ .'•■'■►' -.,;■•^■-■■ ...: -: •■;•¥. .vcxtrrJ ;tc.r> "lidS ofttt/ssJS 

, '-.<■■! / ...of-' :• .■■:• i^'iS:': '-■:.''.'-^i--il-'i. 'iili a^i dl' 

.•♦■-.^. '. ■ )_ .••■ . ■■<■:.•:.- ..!•:■: jri .i:-vr-!,?ii<;c. ■. - 

:• :■ . >,:....: . '..■' •(> ^M'^oiv. ■■'in i^i ■vv:.>jrtT 

■ • ;• . ..' •' '' /^j^; ;;':.Vy ..sui?. /r. ■ lo ^iTt^^rttaXq 

■•'.■;■ ,; ' .. ■" _■ '.'i £■: ♦•'■^^'tt^.J :s/j':- -.rf !,■?);■• it i5<p!(lX 

-. .. , \ ,■!'.'.?■. ■ ifJ viJA... ■ ••)v,-Xcf ',aa 

';.' .; . ..-..'. ,•■:.-.),'"■ ,i:T;:-r;,t-Jt i t n>tii aJtri 

...->^ ■ ^";,> ■ r. !■.; :.,. V' i ■. >" nnfij «ti»X al 

' ;• ■ , . ;•/ /:■•' ,:;■• •■.;.'. k^J' .'^w;..' '^■■■i:..'ilii'.) n:^} TobftO 


ccived from thi; Pittuburg dub. 

In defence it who clninsed thrt th^ro wkc a novation 
of the contract, the original contmct botv.eon plaintiff ,-.nd bein^ oxtin^juiuhed and itu pli^ou taken by u new con- 
tract between plaintiff imd the Pittnbur{!: Club, v^ ^^ 

It iH said that in '-vciry novation thore are four 
essential roquioitfle: (l) n. previous v-.lid obligation; (2) the 
agreement of nil tho p:\j-t.ion to the new contr,-.ct; (3) tlie ex- 
tincuishinont of the old nontr.-.ct; and (4) tho validity of the 
new ono, ii.'y.-/,-.rd v. Vurke . Ibl IIj., 121, Conuidering only 
the o. cond of t.>i :-\e requiKitee • thnre may be aojre queotion aa 
to whether the Chic-oso Club fjid tli« Pittoburg Olub as; on ted to 
the oxtinguiehnjcnt of tho old contract, but there io no evidence 
•*lintever th.t plaintiff aaoentcd thereto. There wie no exproBK 
iii-.sent on hie Tart, und the only thini; hi; did from wach his 
asuent mlt^ht b«? iwplind w ; to report to nd play .'^ith the i itta« 
burg Club; but thiw conduct ctmnot be coneidered as ovidrmce of 
hib aauont, for un;J<r '/liH contract fith u.-fendv.nt he v. ;: obli- 
tjieted to play bnll "at MUch rt^anonablo tiinei< and places p.a ; ;iid 
party of tJi(' ■ irut port ( o; fondant ) mny let'ignate." The defend- 
ant h;id deiiignuted the ^'ittsburg Club ua the plr.ce r/h .re plain- 
tiff should play, mid hi« ob-.jdience to in8trU';tion» imo the con- 
tractual ugret.meiit viui. rmtircly conoint' nt vitli th«; c ntinunnce 
of hia contr>nt. ''^urthi'^rinorc, thf^ro w.mb r provision in hin con- 
tract to the effect that before the dcfendrnt c ^uld "end and 
detc^rmine &11 its liRbilitici. rnd obligi-tiono under this contrHct' 
ten d;.ya' pr:viouB notico »h;-uld be g'von to plaintiff, 'io Kuch 
notice ■ la given. Thore being no <videnoe of pjaintiff • 5 no'-ent 
t th« cancellation of hio contract with the dofondtnt on-l n new 
contract betftCeTi himHelf and th*; ^ itt: burg Clu'b, Ui*^- (l:?funen of 
nov.v.tion fniln au n inntt r of law. 


,. V . v." ;v ;.i ■ win!/, .i <• ! . 

■. r, • . : ■",•:</' ■ ■:■' .'■ :■■■;'' •:; > b i'J *'■.'' ' : C; ^ : ..■■■<:■< ■iXU:^\<^J,■^ K^ h-Jli 

.. ^ ; -f •,;../• - •\'^ •>.'■ ,;"v-. .;■.!' ■:■■ i' i,-;y-;i; .•;< l'*x;;,;i;.::: ;!:ifi,j'ais 

-i-L-i .■: .' ; .•■; " ;■ ''■'■':.■ . .> 'r^'< .':• . u;-" "V^ ,*»-'-■!?■■: --Jtrf 

■'■■■' '^ ' ■■ - ' ''■■■ ■ /■'.'.,.;■„;.',.■..,■ v'''? ■■■"'-*■ ■' '^ X^li'.q 

♦ ;,v.;i Tc TiHwi^jMtt « «w fill- 1 muinvon 

• 4* 

>:oiRplaint is inude thr t thr- vttomey for plrintiff 
u on thf; ti'ivl ri'i. n to the jury portions of the plaintiff's 
otatemt-nt of CXttim which wc^re inmr.t'^rial, p.-irt:: of .'' ich 
tended to prejudice the jury advcroely to the rhrfenchmt. e 
are not informed uiid< r v/hat authority the ' "ij of a 

. tateniRnt of •' Isini any be read a evidenc<! \.f. i.'.o jury. It 
wai. error to deny dHfcndrnt's nioticn to strike out c-rtsin 
portionu of plaintiff a tHterrunt of i'laiir., ,'ind it w- ;• error 
to read them to tne jury; .md wcirc n close qu -.nation of fact 
involve-i uuch errora wiuld compel a revei'Hal. However, 83 
indicated, V" hold :u a mett^r of 1&'^ thr;t there wu& no novation, 
and tho judgrm-nt ic affirmed. 

i-,«..;tt," : !. fu« ...tircjf. inl idii V1» 
■ '■)({■ \y%*i liii' .■;!.. "to .JfwfftaJsi-.i 

:■,- i," f-j OK, 7i;.^v:a''yt »rf^ ft«B 

675 - 21013 

EiiTHER kAliN, ) ^■ 

Appellee, ) / 

) AiliAL 9f^Ck iiUi . HIOR C>.URT, 

\ CK-KkB- >> \-.. b> - •' .f> I C-'^/w /fooK COUNTY. 
hI'NRY A. jILAIH ^^tJ-s^l-, , ) 

as Receirere of CHicago 
Railways Cowpany, 

Appt'llants. ) y 



/ 19 5 1.A. 2 54 


^ Thic iii an appeal fro;a a jud.ijjenL of < 3,000 
obtained by plaintiff becauoe of injuries s.Ua to iiave 
been received by Lcr while a pasijenger on ont of defend- 
ants' atreet cors, tnrout^h. its negligent ojieration. 

The tcatiii.ony ainows that as tne cp.r v/afi j i-o- 
oeedin^; nlong tne street tiierc was a bur->t of flame froni 
tiac controller, and panic folluwed, cauaint; injuriea to 
aoiae of tiie paoaengera, including plaintiff. Defenuant 
does not claim thai the verdict on the queetton of lia- 
bility io again ot Uie w«i^ht o: tiie evidence.'f^fhe 
cloaely contested point concerns the extent of pl.untiff'a 
injurica, vs/itii special reference to wtietner tiie .njury 
caused her to suffer frou. epilepsy. Vhe evidence oii Lhia 
point was contradictory r":na under sucii circuj;. ..^.tances tne 
rulinga of tiie trial court upon the ad isaibiiity of evi- 
dence will be strictly scrutinized by v. curl of review, 
r/na the juu(;ia€nt reversed if any inficcuracy has occurred 
in sue . rulings wj.iCi. may have operated tu the prejuaice 
of the losing party. £. .•. £_, _l^. '<. _[_, £o. v. Tionworti. , 
2c3 111. 192. ^ 

On be nlf of tJio defendant Jr. Krohn, basing 
his opinion on Xiis exi-crictice, testified tJiat i laintiff 


£10 IS - <iTa 

\ I 

0S«0 i£iD It) «1f^ 

,<.^ . f\ 1 p t> r V 

.■>v .'j; oi oif^a «!Oi'i:.\ft"i ^C' ssijjaosd llJL^niiiXq vi b'^^.• 
■.:.^"t-»b 1q gfso ao i»;iin©«3jsq s 9liiiw lad ^tf .fo'.• 
iq Brti. .■ , lo sflioe 
lOiJasijp onj sjo J .oh aaoi) 

■ JlJU'Ja ii Vd t 3Cf IIlw 9011813 

a;yt, 9/lJ i>ai'- 
'^nxXi.a npuB ni 

could not have auffrred epilepay aa the result of the ac- 
cident in question, oHying, "fright does not produce epi- 
lepsy." The attorney for jlainliff , nfter ju-.ving iuenti- 
fied through the v/itriess a book on nervous diaeaaee writ - 
ten by a irofesjor Jtarr, asked whctner irofeaaor Jtarr 
did not say in his book that "about one -half of t-ne cauea 
of epilepay is c.uuaed by frii.iit." v^uestiona to the aame 
Iffiport were repeated an.i so fraaieu as to appcrtr to be 
atateuents of -vtiat was contained in Jtarr' s uook, Cbjec- 
tions were made rmd overr iled ana exceptions ta±:en. At 
the concluuion of ti^e taiwing of testimony ; inintiff ' a at- 
torney exxiibited the book to the court Jury :ind atate^ , 
in effect, tha . he propoaeu to snow by ircfeasor Utarr's 
book tiiat it was tncrein i>tuted tziat epilepsy u.ay ^e 
caused by f v""^ 

In Ullrich V. Chxca^o city I-: y . Co., .cO.j ill, 
338, just tjucii questions by the plaintiff's att^rtiey .vaa 
held to be ground for levcraal. in thai case, a^ here, 
the medical <;d.tnea8 based his opinion u]>an iiis own personal 
observations ttna not upon wliat was aaid by -riters of text 
books, '-^hv court in its o^ inion said: 

"The law is well settled in t.'.is otate tiiat 
scientific books n»ay not be ad;uitted in evidfuco before 
H jury, an.i tuot sucn books cannot be read frcui to con- 
tradict an expert y/itnesa except where such expert .'d- 
sujnea to base hia opinion upon the wori. of a par>.ic4l.4r 
autiior, in .nAci. case tiH ;, *ork ciay be read in evidence 
to contradict him," 

In C ity of i^loui-iin.'.ton v. ^inroc£, 111. 111. 

iil9, thia question v/aa involved ami the uutiiorities reviewed 

at length, ana it waa tjitre so held, tne court saying: 

"oince the booku are not adjuiasible as ori,inal 
evidence in aacli cuuea, i i nuot follow tuL\\. tj.ey are not 
adiiiisoible on croud-exar.inotion , vhere their introuuction 
is not for the direct contrauiction of son.fti,ing aaaerted 
by the /itneas, but bx..|'ly to rove contrary theory," 

SI ; 0<9 ie«ti rs a 6 

..Jit* ivs.'jiejB j^ijsi'tji ■■at©©; 
J^rGaa® i&tU lioorf sirf ni y,*19 ^o« fcii> 

&d V ^9,,S*i»i-19"j ©law iioqsiX 

m 0i>fi(a 9'iow anojti 

, C>>5;~y J ^».+J -'J-i 

rjX9 ««- 

And in the Ullrich Cfise, supra , the language uaed 

is eo} ecinlly aMlicfeble to the circuji.utarice8 oT the present 

case : 

"In tiic cuoe nt bwr counsel did not offer any of 
the Hiedical v/orics vw.icn he pretenuecl to unve before niiu and 
wliici. he used in tiiC croso-exaiuxnation of tueae witneaaea, 
but he cannot be pcriuitted to ao Indirectly tiist //hich he 
ia not allowed tv; do directly. Ke oucceeded in conve.ying 
the i:i.pre88ion to tne jury that Ijiese owo witntaacB were 
testifying agninst recognized aulx.ority on the oubj cot of 
hyoteria, Mnd that ia tht; only purpose v/idcii v/e can per- 
ceive counael could have nad iri the use hp mro ii.a int: of 
tiiese vr.rious ojedical booku. The cro3s-exai;i Ln-'tion of 
theBe v.'itneaaes was iis.proper and constimtes reversible 

The crosB-exELf.ination in the case before us r-nd 
the conduct of plaintiff's attorney and uia st8.te:j>ent bofore 
the jury constitute reversible error. 

Complaint io ;;.ade of instruction Ko. 9 at plain- 
tiff's request, wr.icii tvld the jury thrt in .veighint; the evi- 
dence it aiiould take into consideration the fact that certain 
witnesses were in the etiiploy of the defendant. ihia inutruc- 
tion was misleading ana should not have been given, for 
reasons stated in the opiniona in Bennett v. C{iicaf:o uit; ^ 
Ry . Co . , 243 111. 420; 1 o wcra v. Chicago city hy^. Co . , lti5 
ill. App. 158; and Ovens v. Chicago City K y . C j . , 171 ill. 
App . 647. 

The judgment ia reversed and the cause rexnanded, 

66 - 20310 


corpor.tion, ) •" 

Def cndcjfit In irror, ) / 




TB, 'v ) IJlJillCll^AL C"! :{^ 

Piulntiff ^ iXT^oT* ) 


19 5 _-.. 2 59 


Thia writ of error brings in review o judgrscnt 
recovered by the V. J« Haggurty Coiap my, h cox*por tion, 
defendnnt in error here, for 7f> allofred to >mvc ■»>««« over- 
paid by nil take to defcndjint Conley, plftintiff in error 
hero* Conley claimed a set-off of ^911, 50, 

■^ Frank J. n»|{garty for Brwne yeara prior to January 
:'.l, 1911, wss: » p'>rtn<'r rith bie fatJier in the terjninp 
buBiness unJer the nam« of !3, • • Wa^party rx on, jui'l on thrt 
day the f i -ni woO disBOlvad nnd «. .". Hj^jgarty took all the 
property 'in;; «»»«tJj of tiic fira. Fram Jsnurry o\ to .pril 
li, 1911, ^Tuxxn J. H)'-gtj;arty did oome tefiinin{^ buslnasn on 
broki^rige, but hjd no tejima, v/«tTono, truck*; or oth-^r a»iL-cts 
of hiu own, • ril l-i v. corpor.-.Mon w f. orgnniztid under the 
name of j , J. }i»gK<irty '/:onpjuay, .--ith n auU.orlKod c<.pital 
of $5,C0C. K, J, Kixg arty Bubacribcd for WSCC of the 
capit»il stock, , .. ♦ Hall for t'lkOf-, wnd John Krrohor for 
^irir, j?rnnk J. Jlft«(;Hrty'»» wif* naid ror the j^.ftCO s.tock 
HUbeoribcd for by him , nnA ■z?A(^^ of t.he utnclr vrx trrinsf erred 
to her, liali and Kercher pnid for the stnck subscribed by 

.:r-ca -?. -■ 

<vJf >>D ■ { 

4 ^05 'it; nX 5^!^^nsJ'i;>!:. 

, :jV 

'AvIrV'^-. ■''■^!A<T •;.>At^inf ,^ 

•*r-'' •): >fi!>-^;* - iv'.-\ it ; ^■■' ;-: ■. init'?, iJC'jf ♦■''■' ♦'•■ t^**^- 
^••j-i •■•■*. :■": . .: ■.!■>■''..■;:, t^t^.i ic> 



then reopectivply. Neither Vr«, HHgiiRrty, Mall nor 
Kercher were interested in or In >ny wny connect^ ^ the 
tenising butilnaon curri«d on Toy 'THnk .T, Jt&g( ^rty prior to 
the orgtmi.-'.ation of the corporation. 

Points relied upon Yiy plaintiff for revcrsfil are; 
let. 'here tvn organ iajtit inn or a»oocij..ticn of oei'oona t&ice a 
name wiich imports r- oorparcite existence ana do ouainecs 
and contract un er th;-t nr«xn«, they will b»j estopped to deny 
thnt they ere r corpcrr. tion, 2nd, That whf?rc a cor: -r>:tion 
is a v<^re contlnu:^tion of Uie 8f?rt<- Vttslnesc previouBly 
tronftfioted by the bjutiO pftrties, it 2r<u»t be preauined to be 
fcnund by the obli^iitions wuich Buch huuineisii it llab e for. 
The correctneBB of the propo::ltiono of lv% stated by plaintiff 
in error ie not disputed; but the contention of di fendt-tnt in 
error in thi t the facts diDclnaod do not "bring tlie cuse vdthin 
the nilOB of If.'W uo :tj:ted.. l^ 

The firot propot.ition in cletuly not applicable, 
for th<;re ie no proof in th-s record tlv»t there «t:.a an organ- 
izrvtion or .<i8 ;oci:; tion of peroons doinc; buoineim unucr the 
eorporste ner-.c prior to th»: rc^ccipt of plaxntiff's chf.rtcr 
from the -ecrttrry of . tate, K either H«l11, Kei'ciier nor Lrs, 
Hall htd hnythin;/. to do with ilKggurty'B brokersige buaineet* 
from w'lmut ry '6C to ..pril It, 1911, but he conducted thr-t 
biiBincub elone. reither does the second ropOBition ai' ly# 
for th« plHintiff coTfiorfction jfrs n*^!, unier th?; evi<i©nce 
here, "u mere contlnuption of th° aaiee buaine£>» nreviouKly 
tTAnBitcted by thf t.ojne pj^rtiea," llA^Garty conducted his 
brokerage tcRmlng b iainer.s:. nlonu, jund the corporation 
conHlatft'! of four ntockholders, <md it ct^niiot be oaid Uini 
these r.torkholdi?r8 were the Hjune portien vho conducted the 


TOiJ j..f.-'vi: .Vi't - "■•:■.:, ,,k^-'J 'Jrnlit ;. '? r< ,^':i>JV-Oct>qe.4?'i iBMlri^ 
'J J ■lot'i.'j vv'";:'. :i:^ +^ ^i^'',^' :'i nn «yr*^*:^fsi> ';«?»;v>s<Mrr ji^r*.i«ifW»i 

.,.■.,. .■ -A^;-t-v.-, !■.> ;-, ;; .- ■■ :;si, •,,<• If:/..: :.r iir'-s^-r:? iXi- 3t®j<r '*^aX 

.■•_■ -iiii;.- ?b ■■',;:• . !;',C1pX?:> •!.*■ -i' ;;'.:<.(■,>/■) r> . i..j'i*^g'ti dDi.-t'^ 9maa 

c ■; / L^'.i ■■ i .:•- •;..':.• I >':ji'^ r;; LiV; Bwoi.:^ ;^r^i■ a'V;* ^i-it '{,<< Irttioti 

/::■ ... •:■: pj." ? -« ^ ;,.- r(.-;- ■ ii.:t ii;d i.t)i*^i-cjaib ^vri <vi 'iot'S* Mi 

•■ •>■; .-.G ..'.: _:.^i.-;. ,-r^a ;v. I^-nv? J:ui?i;h ^Js;^'l *5"I3 w■.;Jr^v^ fu *X;om;» 

■ 4 I '" i :,; . .- ''^i. \:I . .' - .u ni" i :' :;, .::^,: v-^ .tv^'jti ': ninT 
■: /:.. ..... :■■::::■;■ , i .,; :■:•■::•■.- ;.;;:.? *>^ .^".:"<-j (&« «| CiT:i.i7 ««1 

,■•'■' ' •: ■ .. .:.i;v ,.. j' .(ftpA o.-' "i, Y'^.-wiwl aiOYl 

• 3- 

hvokavHjs* teaming buoineot^ prior to tljo organ! :jfit ion of 
th»? corporf.tinm The arp.>'^unt p? id "by the corporf tion to 
Conlfty twia \?75 In nxo.csp of hiit chrr.reo for GorrioeB 
rendcru'i to th<r corporfition, ?xnd th« Court properly ^pve 
Judgment for tlic pluintiff for th-t ©mount, imii it i« 

■Ai- r. i .,'>„ i.yyi<) !%af '">,y tei'ivi nn!^.ii.i!s}M jf,tfr*is5ii? rr;;^«»'.t:j2i'oa«J 

17l; •> ^U49<J 

Defendant it» i.rror, / ) 

a corporution,', ] 

jlaintixy in . iror, / 

''.leinr,, CoftnJ^n.t la rrror iU rr » bi'c»ui.ul eoit 
in the unici|i.'*l Ccurt t rt-.cuver .,2^1 frc.ii Lijc def f nujuit 
ccrporfticn, rlj^intiff in rrrci' hrre, f-^vid ty hi... on vi 
cortmct rritErrd IriLc /:j'ril 1| i^CS, fcr t,ue purci.&.se of 
certain roRi ectfrte Df tt^e d.eferidnr.t for U.c iw;u of one 
t>ioU3»nd i3oJ3«rr. ilnintiff wfie « !t;ir.or .-st Lno time? uiie 
contr: ct vna rfitiTed latu, ?t:iu tiir .".curt ^nvr iiii^. judt-'.-tnt 
for T-no nn.ount clniaed, Knc to reverar. such j ud^irifi/jt tnio 
writ of error in probf.cuteci. 

TUe tridi rx-.van lel^ruary 1 , lyl-i. .i'liiLiff 
wnu cnllt-i fib a ."itneiBB irj /il u ovui Ufiavif, wfifa exa inoci 
end crooo-exar'.incd, ana th> Uc/irinc oi tiic coude 
•ima tiirn poot oned to . euruMry i-O . it vf»a fu'tner i o;jt- 
pODCd tc Apri) 3. Aj-rii 1, d«f er.diui t ' a atturru-y {^;hvc rio- 
tice t'j rinxritiff • B HtivuDiey tiio*. he Jeaired to 
Qroati'txan^inc. plaintiff, r.n-A if not ',>ro'Juceti, u-.. voulu 
mOYcd to utnke out hia teat ii-^ouy , iie wna not rr^dwocd. 
liefendant* i> n.oti.oi; to atri/.f out i.iB ttatii.ony vma aer.iHu, 
and it itJ a'-r«r.uou Jly Cuntencieu thn t in u..i.) tuc t.ourt 
erred. '*<)it wnu a ».»;)Lter of cii. ;.crction \/ t/.f .ourt 
would {.rr. it liofcriinnt to c<il 1 r.l».xntiff f J r farther crv^ad 
•XAi<.inr tion, nn i a refuanl t ii.i- tc c< uc r' C'/J ] ra 
C8i;x.ot br RoBitneu iv>r error. 



y-i- 'i • 3TX 

/,<.... i-fi'.; ;>'^' •/'.'i/o...' ■ .ii^-uJAti 

)\.(,S, .i,-!, 


„ :■■:' Mr'' V);T'^-;JO»(^ 
■•v ..■.,. .. :■; J 'J- 'iJnoo 

-..,;,■: ■ .'s. > . ■; ■^:i-: -tot 

«•'. 1 

. : f -.o «iT» 


.; '>'-'i'j> iraa 

^- .■,.... 

- ' ■..! ilfm 

;>.'r ■ 

. ' t':-i'roti 

. ' V 'I ■ 

.. ;.:>.! ,t 

• > .--ont;. 

J Li 

Jv ;vtvo:= 

.i. ^ .../ .o.'.'.i.j t< ' .hi.v.Oir'j'tni. 

•' ■- ' •.■';...:-; ,',1 ,■ ' . •„ ■, .> . ; »: lij.^ J Jt, h;;.© 

aroffn V. iifcrr^ ', -iV IX. 17 0; 

iron c;o. v. .:ol>u .Cin, 2:i7 ,1.1, 149. 
ive do not Tet.f>ra the rel'uuui of tlje «.ourt to 
pcrriit plniritlff tt. fcf! rooi-ileu far further crcaa-CT-p ir.ation 
ua i-.n nbuiic of the discrotit n^^ry pov^tr vRuted in the '.Juurt. ! 

X/iltiintiff bpctuiic of s-t/.e jecca-ber 12, 10; ;', in 
April, l&l. , BTid Pf^uin in • ctobtr, 191:.', he infortr^ed g.hc de- 
fendart thc^t he tiici not v/a.nt to Keci- the lunj .v.r.<i acuinded 
his ft(oney bnoic. 'he Innd waa not oonvryttd to thr t Iain- 
tiff, out fi contrftct of pui canst? Htiu ujt.le v»ao tnttred into. 
l;ofendfir,t off'Tou to rei-a;/ 'iiJ« •'.''& ^'i* ^^^e vi^t>l thfil. iic :-riiti, 
but ho Oftciinpd t,ue off r.r.\/s>''' thir k tjijit. frcn, t.'jp eviacsnce tac 
court Uii<-i»i. projcriy fino tiiv.l the pi run tiff dxeaf rirr;.ed thft 
contract witiiin u xfiuo innblr i;f>rio(i nftcr am mt; ft f*i:c, 
Tiio record ia ir: our opinion free frufi frr^ r, 
aiui thf Jucijiucnt in liffirircd. 

,•) ■■ '-:.:- :-■■■■ .■ : y ,. .;;:if . Xl-«qA 

■ ' :■ ■■-..' j'.:v. .w.c ^ : -.{_ :j m.: j .>js.brtBt 

'..•I'l «it..' i);ia 

4l7 - i>. 738 

4:.0 - 20729 J: 


I'laintiff in i rror, ) ^' 


])efendant in . rrcr. ) 

jHnoJtjfTc; TJ:''. >/iUiai.UAL 

'ilnintiff in T'.rror, ) / 

\ / 

vs. •.• ; / 

Ti\AV>.i ;-i^ii ii.ou:-JVi'CE-, c;.k-i-any» } / 1 Q S ^ ' *^ 7 

i;cfenaant in r.rror, ) / -^ *^ *^ «' * v^ 

This wri L of error brings in review juci{;;iufM.t3 
of ti-.e luriicipal jourt for tuc defe:iUH;;ts in two caaoa, CMCXii 
on im "accident" policy of defendant Gcitp 'ny i^isueci to ivy!::nn 
'a, ijarter. The benpficiary named in onf^ of the policies was 
Ijort .S, r>arber; in ti»e other, aricn .file inrber. '.he 
cases ere cons:;liclatcd for hearing- on the ntxTiC eviuerice 
and 3ub«ittrii to the . ourt without r Jury Tuxd ju(;tTucnt in 
eacxi case Kivcn for the defendant. v^\ fc:ri:-er trial of tiie 
on^'te caoeo on Ih^ ami.e evidence, -jxtc^ the exception of the 
tcatifliony of ir-Tie ialr.ier and i ildred ;^.ii.;>ey, vaioi^c t' ati- 
R.ony waa I'irat introdaced on trve prcaent .ri»l bv Ucf f^Ji^- 
ttn , reaulted in jud/rcvfvnt for the rcaptctivc jlnir-tiffa, 
wiiich waa revcraod by tAi 3 Court :;r:.i t^-e cau;..r:3 rc..;arided, 
i-arber v. '.'ravelers maurance ^o., 10b ill, Api . i:b9. in 
tho opinio.'; ther. f.led the plc^dxr.t:'^ '■nd c;uri3ticn8 in- 
volved nro I'ully jttiled and need not bo .,<.re re; (-vted. . he 
policy provided, " Vu:\t tiu £i insurance Si.ull noy covpr ' * * 
death • " * roaultin. ./i.olly or partly , aiiecilv or indirrctly 
fro;ii intoxication or ' intoxicr. t<;d ." Vhi- dcfC2J8e on loth 

. :■- V 

■ , ,.:,..; '/■■■■■ -■' ■ . ■■ •,.;■ I ^ ., .: Xtv. .; J.:;':' 

.. . ■ ^ -.i'V^^:. .. ... ■■ ,: j^)':-. l'.>-:i oi;;u'i «(:ij'' lo 

.• . . . i Y .'■)•.'•:. ;',;,.: ■".;:(; v, ..• 1. i o . r "J t<*'i> iJor>^ <rn- no 

I' ; "; .• -.-^ ; -. ■ ' . ■■{ ■■'1. i1;/;.;r.'.. ,:> •io'J (•'•!■/:■, ■••>*m> i'kOB*i 

• ■■■■' . ' ■ "k ;:■■;:-':' i.v- -j. :u; •^.:J ;■;■• rtvrflD' ai'^KO 

■ ■-•.-■ .' ' J. • ..' ■■:>i.i-.' . / i : viiO«i.JS;»;t 

-■■'■.' .:! !:'..:•.. t ni f;,>.M\,:.i-TJ ^ . r.ii 

■ ■'■ ■■ ■■.;:. .;■ .-■.o -'>■■. £;":-;iv,-.j-;f r, hw ndlik\- 

. ' ■ .. s>.- i-;i,,.; ;• «- ..: :Vn-t'' .V l.^dtO'v 

.->.■ ^ .'■. :■ -V.'!' r!-i-v.; rii-: :,.•).• ,J.- vlXi/! ortfl b^VloT 

trials waa practically that, the asaured at the ti:;.e he 
ctuiie to his death .vau into xi cut ed. ; e loft his ofiicc in 
the Id ijolony ^juildinf; at Van ^uren and carborn streets, 
in the buoineoa aiutnct of Ci-icago, about oix o'clocic 1 .i^ . 
of J.'uiuary 4, 19.8, went to n •so.loon and regained tiircc- 
qunrtcrs of im hour, had ti^t re ono or two dr^rUce of whis- 
key, then went to 8uj.)per at a icstaurant fino after BupT-er 
went bnci: to tht unloon nnd h«o r..ore whiy- ey »j)a also 
drnriic bctr; nbout nine o'clock ho witi. t\vo or three friends 
v/er.t t'o another saloon and then to the ";jnvoy", .vhcre tney 
reir*ained an hour or longer, ;;nu the aauored drank beer; 
then n/ijout tlcven o'clock he ^7i^;■. the others ,/er.t t.. a 
hcuue of ill-fc?!'.e in t)\r: "red light" district, the 
ti&?.jLTed hMd b'Hcr; a little I'lter they .ent to .re. Jirk'a 
house of the oajne clao3 in t.';t> atisco oi strict, at 211C 
UcBrborn otr««>t, '^a'l there re.r.ained tv*o hours or lont.A-r 
nnd thr ausured drai.k beer; he vent up ataira v.'ith il.ired 
Jiliipi-'cy, on in.'.Rte, -rr.d, accortiinf. to her tyatx/ony and 
tiir tccti.Tiony of tv/o otiicr inaiatea of the ::ouae, waa then 
intoxicated, vo.T.ited and had to bo helped up ''.nd dovm 
Btairo; about l:'S<: A. 1. either the aaaured or ildred 
'ohippoy chU od a cab by te) C| hone an<i he f'T.-t iritc it v/ith 
tiie v/itnesa jie^'ner nnd vent to a aaloon ncorhy; tuey then 
went to " 21n.e ello", anoth*>r •■.ouar, of il)-fa:uc; ..hen tiiey 
ca:.-e out from '"."he ;;el] o" thev took a rirl into tl\c cnb 
and took }!frr t .'■■ ncT hornp, 2353 vabnair. avenue, t);ree 
blocxa south of ti;o saloon froi;. ./;.ic.j tht>y otarted ;uir. in 
the direction of thr ooa'^rcd'o iio-ft; thr ci~l l^ft tiiC c:ib 
at her hoMC tna the •soured and j.efrnor vent in tiic cab to 
the 'Id Colony VuilAinr,, ncfirly two niU-a north ct the 
place ^/hcre luf> ^irl left t)ic cab; the ajjured had no 

^•-> '^.- ■>'■■■ •- "i ■!-. ^^: ..(.': i..r -t u, . >-,,vol ■:. :j-I ;^riJ 

' ■ ■> ■ v.. ; ; ■» . '!,.::. ^c;':'>-'..; . > • :j.':'u • i^i w.iS;> • io.;j.i j>i.J ajt 

■' :^ . ■-'.■..' :'. -.;.(;%..■ :■ H, .'i;"- , ^K ■ . ' , i'- :-■. r.- a^ ,i«iT, CO 

. • . ^ '-«J ; ..a-v -lA :;■-. jT^'ji , vsiu'-' :ti~ '! .■ ■^•;'>.'-M.'S4Jp 

I ■ ,;■■■:( :r,.5i.";> *>T^^; ■-; .j.;j 'ci; > ,j^, ;) j- ,Sr::v r.f'i.t t^asf 

^V . - ;^ ' ... . '.-.:. ':■■'*'■., :\- ■..■'■. -'('.'. r.:< .■..■■i<:d JVSAV 

■ '■■^■■■- ■' ■ ■ V ;.: V.;-' 'j- :aij ■". . ■ ^o 'i.-v../ ^.r • .J- ,;.iovr 

'•' '' '■'■ - ■"^■' ■':'■■ ..'.>' ;v-" ^ ■:"^ ,, "i'r_'.Hii'i "' ':■ \'.'''-'i:i ':('■ i. ■^Kil.'i.U-^l 

^ -'^^'-i . -i^'- ■'- :H '!'■:.?';>' <., ;-:■)> '^ I ^ ?,■; vi'vi ii<i»cLJ 

■'■■■ ^- -'■ ,.• r' ,■..,*.%,• ■. '\r ■•.:,1,>: ^>>;:" ^;,{j oi «*,:•:,.-'■:■- tij; Ju ,ii:UO[{ 

- ' ■■ ■"■':•-■' S'?,J-'.:i •jJi/.r ' ;^ ll'iP'o i)-;- {jf*^!!?.*^ 

'^''.'^ •■ . - /■!;■; :. .>'v .'^•^■:.!v ; ;«■ ,J-?«- 1'; n'roi^n;r>U' 

■-■■ ■■ ' ■■'■ ' ■■' ■ -r.. .;.-:>..v , -. ;> Ar:-^rit jj^i-j-;'.:;:,;; •; .io bun 

■'" ' ■ -..;■. .;.'•: , ,; . ■ ,;jj" .1".;; ^/o , \ 'H;v,^ij[i. 

• ■■ ' :. .,.■,: ^ ,..■:■ : v ,., •. ,< > ';<. n^ >.•.;::■ ?r,-' 3 rijj 

^' ■ '■ ■■■'■■ '• .'ij 'v' ^j"v-' :y ;■ ' ii'-ii> v;:><:.:'iiii 

' '' ;■■■■■«.""•■: "■ : '."■ .., .* .i^r hitr. ■■i--ivi:y; , (;a;);-u;i;w :f):'J 

■ '■ .. !:' ;^,| ' ■^,, ;■../■ .,. ■ r.<m'l J-jjo «K:mo 

; :.\'/:. ,r».-v.- t)'i j t<>J. -(gel /Min 
■ >' ^ ■ j'l" :■■-<( 'il\ ••'.,.? ': o '.I'uoii rr.'iOid 

"' "■ > • ■'• ■.'■• ; •■:n.',^ i>'«T: ..'. 0,1 .i;L- :.n.i ^wuxi Tr»ii in 

rconev "ntxeu he was in j ildred .iiiippey'a rooxa, :md when he 
reached the l Id ijolany iiuilciinj. hi: propoaed to i,-c up 
stairs to the eit;)ith I'loor imd ^et so/rie, but did not do 
so; hr- clijciiuoed the cnh.'r.nn, vtplkcd up atfiirs tj the ele- 
vated rnilvmy otntion, borrovveo. :25 cieritr^ fro.i! ! e£-:ner, and 
took a Douthbound elevated train at 3:30 a. }■:., }.iu dead 
body ••.viS fuunci the next morniru:; under the tlev«ted r&il- 
wny £3tation at tiiC i^th street otntion, I'nd it i ;j clear 
thnt hi- fell from the cnr on -which he was riding at that 
pl»ce nnd was thereby killed. 

The defendnrit called five phyaicir»na nnd pro- 
pounded to nch the aame hypothetical Question. it io 
not contended tiiat the f- roper f 'Cta were .'lOt ecibodiod j.n 
the quefction, and tne question seet^io to state quite fully 
the ajpHarance, ni story and nctiona of the assured from 
six o'clock ... ., , of JHnuary 4th uutil iinlf ;) tr^ree 
o'clock the next coming;, nnd includ(-« tj;e a3t;...:.ij.ticn 
tiial he ot;tt.>,ered, v/ac unable to talk ooaerentiy , ajoJce 
only u fcv/ v/ords rir;u thOiiC iiorcly in :iionoayllnbl cs, ho 
cucdtion .'xaked wns: "Aauu.".iini/- the f.-.cta atnlcd lu the 
qucotxon, nave you an opiciion ca to v/h«ther that raan was 
or was not intoxicfited about 4 '.. i. the nert mo mint; V " 
(.vcr the objection of plaintiff tiie question viua ]:er.;it- 
tei to bo rxnijwered, nnd the rm ower by enoh phvaiciDn .vas 
in oubatonce that he hPd an opinion Uiai tae r,:an vas in- 
toxicated und thnt the intoxicnticn ..ould probably con- 
tinue three or four liours from four o'clock, v nr of tiio 
contentions of the dcferidant i ^ Ihni ti.e '..ourt erred in 
perrtittiDK '^he hypotii;eticol question to be an. .vered, f/^ 
We think thau tneae quputiono, t;.ouj^.. in forr^i subject 

to criticiaai, were in substance ns t^ tae efiect or re- 
sult 01 on t>.Fi syjtcz: av)d no:.' lon^ the intoxi- 

■v: ::■;: it ■ ■ ■■;;>. ^) * j tJO .i^-iai:*"! 
-;j 'r.' ■ ,?■:>■-?'■( -»,(.; i'.isijj'i '^..i- vl>od 

■!,3''J ■< ■ A'•^ ■■•■.: ■• :',;;.; ;'^>:;.. i*:;!^;!-) /inou ;? on 
:■.::• ..:.•■ ■: .. -■■:•: j^.i... ,00.:^ .^^ ,-.::! :":iJ 

■''; .•:■.'> '■ V t :■-, ;, , , XOO.i" ' C XXif 

' , ,; -,■:■..- , (.••>-f : 3:vJ^. ;,■; .:.<V;J 

'■ . ."•■-' ,■:;,?< ';■■■:■' ,; ^ n:-.;i^r;'?;jo 
."i-. - X...' iTH i;'.i'-' jV'. .■ , \'.'i:tO'>up 

. . *'^ ..■,-■'■.■. ■■■•■/.; '■'O 'v (),; :■;.; ..;■-;,•; uaw 10 

'•• ■ • . t'tMT ■>*;•. ..'i;> -30 oj (-■.'».' 

. . )"■.-;> '.:,; tv fjitol Jn»jMOO 

cation VvuXd continue under Uio i'ncta and oirf'jLn.atpnco8 
atatcd in Inc. queotion, .tnu that uo oonsioered, the 
Court di'i not err in pf-rMittin^ tne Questi;>n8 to oe 
put nn:i onuwered. 

The princip».3 contention of pi?intill' in error 
is that the dootn of tne saaurcd oid not occur vviirn he was 
lntoxi.cautfd. i.n u.i o contention «/e car.not e^ree, but 
think txiat frojj; tne evidence the court rairi. t rrcj crly 
line tiint tne asaured cacr.e to iiio ae«th vi?nile into:!dLcP-ted, 
ana tnereforo properly prve juaj-^uente for tn«- aefendont, 

in our opinion the recor.l i:^ free froA. reversi- 
ble error -"-na the jud^acnt ia f'ffirsied. 

■■'\ ( ■•-. i''a o*" 

83 - :£039u 

a corporntion, • , 

i lointifl' in rr.;r, / ] 

^' ^ 
v». \ / i 


a corporation, \ 

X>cfendajnt in 


isH, JUoViCfc huLiXjiT'DRLlViiiKU ?iIK Ol-IKlv^tx G^^ TitK Ci^Ua 

\^Tiii8 action ia ujon li.rcc -.^ratti.'r! cc^ntractu for 
t:a(s o«lc by ;iai;,tilT t.. ciefenatint of Uiirtewri ftHctrio 
laiitpo r.L tho price of .Ib,..., each, iri .;ert.ain ix.- 
iitalrc.>rita, 'he were instilled furia ,,24,;.-0 p^iu on 
tiic purciiaac price of v.}'J5,c; , ..'ofenaant conteri'jcd 
tbnt \,uh: lM,,pa diJ not vtrfor;! thi; work for vaicu tnpy 
were bou.Tit, nnu counter-cloinifrrd nfininet riairitirf's cl-^ia 
the C''i4,''0 it liad paiu on occount, lue trir^l cUdge found 
the isioueu lor the defendant on ti;e countcr-cl&iKi unu i j-vc 
juar.ment in itu ff.vor for iii4,;.'i., <vnd plaintiff pr^secutea 
thia '/rit ol frrror In v.i\ effort to reverse the juoii;rncnt, 

'i'hc tiirec -^.riv en contrMCi,»i in ttvidence con- 
trol tiic rit.;.tu, ciutifto snci ooli.>-.-.tiurii.> of lno i ;'.ri.i«:a to 
eaci. other, -hilc tne ri/'ihta of ti.o parties iXiXX-X te dd- 
Judtred -.Yit-iri ti.c t:.>r;-;» of thesf. corH,rut;to, ir; vnic:. t:-erc 
con be lititaer eli:ii.n'ti3n3 i.or aduitiona, yt-'K. tiic 'ouiL ia 
per:i.itted, unucr well Kottled rulca of In,,, to ai;c -rtnir. by 
evidence ti.c relation of Li.( ;.. rtioa t rue ; oDitr at the 
tirjc of tli^ ;(!.iUinf of t.ic contrncly, i'or t,;.e pury-ose of 
enablini. the \:uurl t c 'iiotruc tnc ccntracta in tiint \i.^\.*^, 
Vith viilu rule in r.iind *c find fro;;, the «jvl':er.ce trui^ t,i.e 
plftinliff .ttT,uf-'iCturcr i t,;,e i:;..pj csnlrncttd to b«? 

■i.C><ti. •• 68 

' . ~ V 


. . .ci ^^ ■^ .>. . : :. .-■ t.;. .>:! 

! ; --/;■•; '; ». • :: u . ■>; ■:-. ^^la.ii: 

,,,::;•> .'■:••.; cc^ Xc.r : J auJ 

. ^ . ■ . : ^ • ^ . I., i. .• •: ' .; 3(\iM 

■1 i^'. ■ . "• . .Z ■;■'■• ;;'--^;(.;'. A Oiii? 

.J , ', .. ;i ^'r'.i ; ..'0 ■ aua 

acid to defendiuit; that uefenciant -^lorated prxnr.ini: preasea 
wi'iich cnuaed ootioiderablc vibration, or,<i tnal the la-spe 
wiiicii defendR.'jt \-a\9 uoin/; \fQTe often bi'okcii by rcau<;ri of 
the vibrntion; that it 7«iu rei-Tcyeritcu t:. df^f cndant at the 
tint' of tiif aale that laintiffa ":,<ivf j.dfta" laupa ^vould 
withatiuid thfc vibration without breaking; x.'a&x. the Ijuips 
3old were to take the plf«ce of the onca then ir: uue, v/iiich 
wore discarded and the 'S';cw idea'* la;:ipts in atoll pd ir. t»;cir 
etead; thnt the ••};cw idea" l;u!;ps did cot fulfilJ the pur- 
pose for wiiich ti;ey vcre bought nnd which flaintifl tAiett 
they \v«r<; intended tc aerve; that tht un^n loacps did not 
'.trithstand tde vibrrstion cawijert iiy tne njuninf. of tuc preauea, 
but con. tniitly bruicc ao tra^t thcy coula not oe ui>ed uucceaafuljy 
to li£ht ihc pre aaeo. 

l.cfendant off red to return the lu:!.i;a and riti- 
nanced tivat laa iricrtnl;:,cnt of ,ki4 ♦'.'>. paii to pl;»iatiff be 
returned to it. ■ luintiff lef'jurd j;ither to pfiy the ^^^ or 
receive bnc:: tiic iai:-p», and dcfendftnt tii<^rev'pon put the la;.pa 
in .itorafic and liotificd plaintiff of that fuct, \^,,--' 

■jliilc there Ltt no -.vnrr.'jnt.v found in ti.e contr.aote 

that thr lr}.i':ps were auitutile for any si'ecifio j>ur3io:.e, the 

evidence conclusively pixsvea that jvl.^.ntilT knef< the u&e to 

wiiici. the lru>jpo vrcre to bf jut by defendtjnt. In t;.ese circojTi- 

utnnces, the princli'le p.pplioa tnnl v.'hen n canuf 'Cturtr of 

cottnoditieo sell-' tnem for a u}JCcLfi.c ].'un.'Ouc, tjiC lav* iv^pliea 

a warranty upon the j :.rt of the-: mi,i!L.facturcr-arli er ;.;.:).'- jach 

cojwaidxtieij nre rcft8.nnt)ly fit for the. utir. f.>r .vi.icii they are 

intended. Vhlb nrinci) le io well utatcd in l.idrerv/ooa l.f^. 

. V. .''.obanoor . . 185 ill, Apj. , 431, in -./ o; L-ifc uuit 


"Thoufii. a contract i.:. iii /ritini^ ii-mu no -arranty 
exvsrcoaed, one i;i'\.v br i:^ili«^'>i» f'J'" ^^^^ i;v.}lied ty ia 
not b'-ai^d OTi p aupjoaed ai:.rcc".e:<t of U:e pnrticy, but it ia 
mi obligfition *rapo;ied ty law," 

.■ i ■• > . . i*/' 

r '-n'-ih 

. ; ,:; 1/ .IJ- .cjiui.vciiJJtw 

: ^:...ic:. .1.1 »'x»v.' y;oitJ 

d'li; Y?"1'X 

» '>i ■-' 


In fcJRda ^n v, Cordell , 186 III, /»pi , 5C4, it v/ao 
held that where s cinnufnoturer contrnctu to ourply an article 
wnich he tiHriufftctureo for o particuirir yurpoae, so vum tnc. 
purchnacr iiece6i.nril.v truata to Un- juu^Tucnt oi' »kill of the 
raftnuf ac tu rcr , there i^ ari irr.pliea vrarrar.ty tJfi&t, the article 
shall be rr.nacnabl.v fit for the purpoac tu whici. i\. i,;. to be 

i'he Court b^low correctly apT-Xied tnia yriru-.iple 
of l:?r/ to the f:xctj In tJic record, -mu uio juii<.;i^^nt of tn© 
Lunicipni Lourt la tucrefore aff lr<:'.ed, 





Pefendant in rror, / 

VB. / ) 

iljiintlff in hrror,/ ) 



Tiie inoCioii of ai'ptilifc to utrikc tl*e ijLfi uc-^ciit 
of f.'CT.4 fro;.i Uic- r<K;ord» reserved tc; the ine.'irinii, ia Ufi- 

v/^rhe r.^rtieo to LUlia li tiui'tion arrr Inndlord ond 
tcnont, i «11.Y» the ^iniv.tiff, heirtf-. tne I.*vidJor<l, nuu . rs. 
Good, the a<jfr;naaj;L, belri^ tii<? tenant. }lal?ilifr, Gl:u:.inK 
thftl aef nn. ant O'^veti hin fur rcrit 13 4, ij;;urd nia aistreaa 
warrnr->t to A, Kcuaruiy «nd -red .iiain en. arju, »v..iie »-uev ao 
not appf^^J' to h.HVK «?xecut«Hi t/iu uiatrcoe warr;u:it, certain 
pcr»unal rn;j>ert,v of defendant was distrained njiU two cuato- 
diona plji-cRd it; cnnnf"'-. of it, jcfendant in ht r Bffiuuvit of 
cirrito n^t'^crtH ne e acfenBo to f;85 of ui r lotuilord'o cJain; 
thftt ahe i;av« ner note for vt>» i" wettltv.ont of T.iint rui.ount 
of rfT.t, .»uni that tju? only rent ouf smo ur.;^^d Hi tiic tinie 
of ltvyin( Uits di:>treoi3 warrtuit ^ma v-id, A triHi bcft.rc 
the Court rcuulteU it, a jud^:,.B^t for >! 4, tiiC liu.. ta;.tiin/: of 
tnt. rit;i'-t of tr.e j^lnintifr to irvy ^nt; diatrr.aa v.«rr;vnt, thr 
taxi.nt, of conjttt at v^ for appraiser's fe»'a «nd .42 for cuato- 
dinn feeo, ond ororrinr .,^.(.cijil execution nfif'^^t tric f ro!>t»»ty 
(llotrained n^ «.cJ] ;iti a Kcrvrel <fxccuti0n. 

wry ^ . Oooa, Lii^ Jcf ti.dur.t, ttutif Jied t«.at uiie 
.c tiled vitii one »■ . A, J.uora, U.i: .'it^nv of ./efcnuftf.t, for tiic 
rent due to l<'ebrunry 1, l.;1.4, by ^ivinr. to liioi htr i.otc for 

/ f 

QCd.^y - VIS 

■>.> '^-;' • '-.} 


.1)0 in 

'. -^..:i ,:,*.. ;, ..: i ,r = ;r.. ...A :■•■•■ ■■ <■.!■■ .'.'.rri'Jtj Jt,4:t 

..„,...; . .' ,./ ■. ---r.i..- n r., . .■ '-■' yF.v:"T.,: „i ,. ,■' ..-.; j;«tTX.«r 

■ .•^^'' ?.^?:> »5 : -.:;■•* !;.:.; . : .f .■.■ .:.;v >.l-" v.'.,;. ■.■>> .•j.n"v:.:qjj ^OH 

.. i .; , '' .V^ ■ /.J; ■.:: .i!'> /.' V..^»* ' i.. .: :.. •J' A' . -r 'r Initu«t»<l 

, ■■■ -. -:. t •'■■:!-,. '■■ ■- .-i.^ 'i A) K>';X<r eitAlt) 

-:■,;■ ■ ,- -^ . ? . i. ^r.v ii."\.i' . n OiiX^a: 

■ : ■ :. r : > ■■ 'V ' ■ .'V;. :.» **.'=.• J <»*y 

r, . -. , ;., ,' • :. .J.;'.>'T v.t'.i ■ ... ' ' • . ,; »..a~- . , ,5 I' »^T lO 

" . .. ■ . 1. ', -^i;. \:,. '...,?:•' :J.LjJ :iuivV;>f Ho 

. . ■,-■■■■ •:.' ; i.i..jM; -v.!-: ,},;i ; O .»j:t,^X'i -Mit 

' : • J '. '• a ' 'loSit-Tqqn ■■'"''3 -V ^•w MJuoi.' iO ;ifux«4 

..„ , -^ • '' - . . ■-' ■"' 1 ".;:»".•> 5). ^.* ■:,.!. ;' inw, ,g« 

4^8&. TUc {:iTin^ of trJLc note is, :id. tatted, i.ut Uirou«^h juca&, 
iilc accent, plaintiff ac ii3 ti\t.l it vvcs f;ive ir^ i'.uyt.(.-(.t of 
rorit, ^na £i.;»«sert4 \.iMt he <lcatr.>yeu ti.e nute a::^ aid not 
tiierofore nnve ii in Lia ijo^acsuion. un tiit qufratioc of tiic 
givirit, of tti(j note in payji.ent or Uic rent, t;-.t trial .;uut-t 
»e«iued to uf i»> tlcubt nnd txiireeoeti •" iaa to riavc pl;!.int.iff 
prebcf.t ij. court for Ix.tcrruj.ation aa to vsictatr it vae ro- 
ceivod in payucnt ox nv; coiiaterr.! . Tiicreupon ■uaaa Jt''tr;d, 
"1 cfti'.uot trinij in UiC l:.ntiiurd, lor itm rtaacr. ui.'it Uic layio- 
lord i^ ab.ent froir. the city; clly i;^ a travftlint- ^aleuj^^en 
i>jid i.^T ib irt cijaa," .vheii Uie }-iaintiff wio producwd ir* 
oouit iio tijyiifiea li»f)t, at the forvucr iitarini; he \ma at 
hoiTiC ana tiiut :.ucfit» tclci iiim to uL«y .-t t'.ic. preni^ea rentea 
to defej.oMnt o:ni tot tc allow «ny one* to tnttr lijfsjj, .md 
tuat "vxicn A ra, :^oou returrtPd to trie pre/iiiueu i did not 
ullo-^z li' r to ont»sr ," V-'-^ 

i'iie iicrlintnt gucution fjr our dttor.-.iiK'tion ia, 
imc tiie vti> note £:iven Riid accepted aa payat.-nt for rent iue 
froi- defcr.aixnt to jiiaintiff to February 1, I'^i-i. . ef f=ri uxat 
aweoTb it, an., iucau, jjaintiffa dij<:nt, uwoora It v/aa 
not, ;>na Uiio 11. f.lJ. luv trtut;_iony in Lut record i;oncorr»int; 
it. i/- paudine uron tiiu «« i> h'« oT thi- cvidirnce tic cannot 
lot»v aifixit of tiio f.sct that ; U0"3 .•aadc a fni .tj ;jtat«-i^cnl tc 
tiic Court, Uno//i/ifc:iy nna int©;itiuii'Jiiy, rei2.srdin<, tiiC v/iiere- 
al>oute of clly. wucii U.c I'ourt .mj.ti.y nx:. tu ;.roducfe r clly 
it! court hr atutcd I..: w&a ir, cxas. : clly t/>::rc«.f ter 
tcatlfiisd, >ind WM» tioi, cintrecii:!.fcd by ucna, rhnt lucub 
told him t- i»tay nt t:*f jre:::i;ie8 and not to allow any onu to 
entf-r tiiei. . "xic conduct of i uctio, *\tove recitru, difacredito 
nlki tcati ony. ..ti i.i ii- wi.c joaiti:;n v.f a uitncuo .vi.o n/i8 
been i;jipfacned onu ij L»ierei"orc not era-tlto to b ociiived 

.■- . ... i iKIiiO /JiU.> 'JO ..jftlVj.,s -Jl.!!"' ,<J9^ 
iA'i.J. ■:.:s:,'-^:.:-\:iJ>l.Hl(.ltJ{iifiifia.tA 

■ 'i .., 1..; i!.;.'\ ',.«.;.".) J i. ixL i^ii miH 


' ^ «.^ 

>. .: 

. .■ • ' . ,. ■ , ,.■.':.■ :■:'■■ ,i-?«'- -',i iriii^re 

•,..■■ • . r ,,.'.; .--.J ■■< .Ji 

■ t: ,, . , -i ; ■■■ ,i ,t •y^i?.* . • i irtAiv* bloJ 

• .... , I . .■.I ..J <»•' .viiOuiiiaftJ aixf 

except when corroborated by other credible evidence. Thus 
measured, the testimony of defenaant ret^arding the giving 
and acceptance of the note io controlling. i,'e therefore 
find chat at the time ot tiie levying; of the distress warrajit 
in this cpse defendant was indebted to the plaintiff for rent 
in the sum of ,29 o-i^^ "o ;nore. 

The judgment oj the municipal Court is tiiere- 
fore reversed and juagment entered here in fi'vor of plain- 
tiff and against defendant for the sllii of ■^2'd , pliiintiff 
to pa- the Gostrf of this Court and of the : unicipal Cou.t, 
including custodiaii ana appraiser's fees. 

HiViJiSED AjiD JUDCJ^iEliT HJ<3l}i; Ai AitST 

DEFi!;i;D/u:^ tor ;^ii9.uo/ioo. 

-1 I'-.i'-! 5^0 ; '- / ..: :;.(, :j':;; Hi i: y i. .'^ J "i ••> j -i'^v.i. ;:!;?(;, bixn i)9e'i&V9i g-xol 

27fa - 2v6<j6 / 


COHiOi;>\T.lL.'N, / } 

\ Jlaintlff in ::rror, / ) 

} c;y f:j;i^;AGi-, 

n corporation, / } 

}sefendant in rrror. } 

^ 7hc def PMiiriMt, tiic rcriex^rxl contractor for tue 
builiSinp. of tiie "iric '.noatre" at o. 5743 ..cut ;.iiic-'.>--^.o 
avenu»* in hicpj-o, on ti.« .■■.jVn ao;/ of 'ovc bcr, liilJ:', «;k- 
tered into '• contrncl .vith pltinLiff ff-r ir.c in^^tnl I inr of 
a ia^titinf, iiriv) v<:ri; Lil.-.tirif j/irnt ir; jaid " i ri .. ;ien.tri;." 
The cciitrtict price vma 2,7 o, T^i.ich ;rfi3 to b<; tri'J, ^1,;,.^■G 
"when lioilcr ;j7io rntii'-i-tors arc delivered or tae prcifi.;ea," 
a like aaiount "v/hcn -otr'ara 11= turned on plvn.iit," «na the re- 
mainder "tv.-enty .ifiy .-fter rdf-nt it c^h.^I «:; ted, truicd nnd 
ncceptfd by ftap f rintendcjits, " " h».' n.-'jount involved iti ti.ia 
auit ia tlis ..l,ri:'w payHble ".vncn iitc;v,' in Luri;aa on i-i-^nt." 
'•:he dfifenneo ir.tcrTOBCd nro that j-iaintiff iy< a ;:t-ither cor^- 
jjlicd vitb nor coti;p]Ptcd ita contract; -uuii no :;:onpy iu -ug 
plaintiff uniier tSic cnLrrct nnd tiint plaintiff h;iO fa^l<^d 
to comply v/lt!i th« iTicchanic ' o lii.n !:•« of the .-tt»tc. The 
heRXing •■Tn.a before tiiR court, wric found tijo i^uue;-; foT- ihc 
defeuiiarit nnd entered n .!uutJ'»r;t of i -il cu. int i>riu for coi>tr. 
R(', ; iJiir-itiif , ,nio orir.r^' -vri?. oT error in wn ef- 
fort t-j rcvcrac t,.u-jt Ju.:, :u(.'7i t. 

iic firul p-iy.'.i^nt of .. l,''' L -vaa .^i.'iclc ifi ficcjrd 
with t«-o cur.iruct .it/ioui. ^>'>y c.Ufcdtion or .iioTiito. iifc 
first contetjtiori of plaintiff i-. li-.'.r.. the prov^^ion for the 

- >3Vi: 

,:■:■:. 1^'. 

rsoo a 

■■..'.J I'j rinti-'Xiirtl 

. ■( ':■','., \ X-W ; .i p' >i 

„ .■■• ■.!■'■■ 'Vi-. I! V;'> 'Ji<V 

.^,:'- ■- '.r : >•;; ;:;);;«" 

:. ' .1 , ,:.■;{• v Ji X /J 

•:J ■..•■; r ' 'J br> t,r^M 

■• ;c.,'s 'v-i ■■''- J-r*Jno» 

,., ,,/ ci*K'i .:'"^:.' riiiT 

■^ ■..;.:v I'll:! ::! 'ifq 

.'J i'. V I'iir.oa QJ 

, ' ? ■ .:i ■ iiiti*'.»fi 

; . .. ■ Jaolm.ju 

'lliiniaL-4, '> .> 

payuiCnt of Liip auxo here cLetii;nued, "when et.ea.v io uurned on 
plant," means, by intrrpretr»t ion, ./hen otean. is ^-enorated 
In the boiler, circuJutcs tnrout'A th^^ uteoTi ;jnina and 
brftncjacB loadlnt; to the radiatura, svitli I'.lcai:; in ijio raaia- 
turo, LriiU tiie plant ii; in operntioii. il^iintiff :-iaintaina 
tiiat the ttria "'.Aivn iitcajn ij. turned on plnrit" it; a ti'.'dc 
term, hj"!vifif; a aiti,i.if icance iino'vn to Uic trade, vviiici; aic 
nificnnce, ur,d<sr well isettled j-rincinlpa of lav.-, io to be 
aocertaintd und followcu as entcrin;. into Li:.G cun tract and 
fXB bein(_. prcaufiiaoly knov-n t_ tiiC partiea ai. t.'.f- tizac tiie 
contrftcl »<aB made. Tnc parties introduced eviaence of 
witnetisea to auoLnin tncir reepcctive con ten Lion a, / 

iHrol eviucrice i ^. ad;-.i alible to onov that cer- 
tain orda vsiu phraaea used in :i conlmci i^Hve a well knovrs: 
and eatnblidhcd ri.t-antnf mnong dealers en^^nfied in uie cl.'isa 
of ur.-'de /iiich ia tne oubject oi" the contract. .^iciatiaann 
V. uoaeph La ^ Co . , c54 ill, 84. ..cwever, «-3 bctr i^rt^cs 
profferc.; evi lence auati>^. ti,-:ir Sfiverol uontti. liuna aa 
to the trade .-nfanin*. of tht- deputed piirfvae , neitjicr p-Tty 
oan fw.v'il of any cojcction to ^uo.. cvidt..);ce on frjcal. 

A cjircfui 'vei(,iiinj, of t^ic evidence en t.-a-^i con- 
tention deir onjtratea to our i:iirjJu thn . u^c clear i-rc;. or.ucrance 
of ^uch KViuence i- v/ith '^l/vintil'f. It furt.\cr aj.pcaro ti:at 
the plnnt vixa in operation Jinii ito function /it;. in 
the tine utipulatod in ti.t? contract. ixc • ourt i:; .:i3 
ujont of fin-in^'B on L..ij i^ouh aloo fcund uhp. :. the a tea;.: v.'ao 
turned on the plimt ubout ' ece.ibpr lo, Ivi::-, .-ui.j th(= ev^ Jcnce 
fthowa U»nt otcan whs tui-rjod on in nil the rriair\ t,ora t.vo dx'.yf 
tr.err.after, I'.nd tnnl tnib dolny cf two auyo :i3 t-.' twc of ti.c 
radintora 'ns oauord by o'.uer contractors ViOt h.'-vjtn^^ rrady 
thr rececjsea iri niC' jaid tv/u radiators were to oc ;l.'.ced; 
30 tr^Rt at tlie tioie plnintiff ri.;«de tm derj.fin.; ior the second 

■ > ,; w-v. ..:. J .,,■.■;.>.■.'•■'».■ J ,r .. ',. ,.■.(.,..:;' " , .Irtttlq 

....V^ •■ ■ ■ ;.■:•■.•, .:,■ .•;,.<: . .■ '^ '.i, ) ; ;; « 'i" J J.O..I vaJ ni 

: ;.' : ., ,.■..,. .; , >, ■ : r , I. :■; ; ■ i- ■, ,:/. .; V. >.:■ i ^ Mi^^'niBlrf 

i' , . . , ■ ' , • , .:; X ; ■■i:y ; - .; V j i;;:.i ; ^ ... ,.■; . «c;iuJ 

.-,. ,.,.. '. :j- ;;. U.'-.:^. •' ,■■.:■■:.■■: ,mTt«;> 

; '. . . .:■-. --^ ■,■.:.: .;.:■- A_:. .'.. , : ■' .r.:ji'iia 

,..;-■- . ..: : '. ,' I ; ■ ;■ . :;.' t^-l iOt:n 

: .■ :■,' ;^, , ,,..:■,,.*■ . . \' . .: - O ■ ' ' . i :^'\ ^.j^- ■.:■ ,, .J, ;,i;^i-jd, e«^ 

■; ■■;■•': •^■: .•/;:■.•: --i,.:.'! ■■;:■ 1 ••^ ■''-', .:/• , ,-S::''>^:, i-.xiv .iOiiUJ-noo 

.._,';.■.,!.,.:>;.■.: ,:..v ^ ,:;■.-■ .;.:).■? ,t u ;: >;.,,,; M„; ■s; i,:j<><i<<i i\j tlX 

. ;■.: ;;■;-,■ ■, '■■! ,-,J.;u:! " ■ : .; i.-'-M^ a H^;;;t.u-; ^u-^-' aoc" - fJiiaJ" 

"/ i. ..■ ^. ...,,■;■■. , ,,:■;..; iv; .. .) :t ;?7'1 (VXq 

.. ■ . ■ . .. .;..■ . , --.;.■ ■'■.... '•:■'.■ w -;. . ' ' ■^: nijy.^.J i^'AJ o3 

. . ■ ■■ ■ .-. ■■ ('i. ...■ :.> . '■..:. ' ' ■.> '. . ■■:■: iip.0 

■ . .: , , ■ ■;,._':■ ... ;;;.:'.■;.:...■,.,. cb >iOi.J'V-tJ 
■ . '. ,:;..:>•,■■ ..' '■ .J .: ■ : .■ /i •:>':■ 'ta 

..,'':-;■ ■.,',', .'•■ ■'■ . >: '.■ .,.■■ <.' i. «.' '.' J ••( •■ ( >. JijiiJ 

:■ ,;./., . i. ■ 'i ■■'.,,-, ,1 ,.,■, l^:i J .JIiJl 

, ,.'■,: ,.:J ■ .< . ■: i :•■:>■ . ,'.■ :: ■.■' i.- tiSmWJ 

/ '•,' r 's'..- . . -• V .. .f ii.nv.- . ■n.-jti .ti"r.J awo/v« 

/.■/i^. ..■'.■■■•■■.! J-..: «•;..•... 0';'.' .'i<^ .■ vv:6 : >• /■>■),; .^.(■la e^aip 

ill, ■./•:.& in suit \v:.ic,: it. uci.juvied of def e.'idarit , it 
was entitled to Unve cntiafiea, 

xiut it, if. ur^cd t/y ucfpnoi^r.t t^^at plointirf 
Biiould have procurpd a cert if icntr- of the cupcnntcnceDt 
thkfit tht' .;,!, >:.:.(. dwinrided v/rtii oui. 7\ coti.j lete .'ViOfrf'r lo 
ouch contention irj thn,'. tiif contract bctv/een tnc pMrti^o 
dosB n :t so provide . iht. only relerer.cR fcunu in inv. con- 
trnct rcrArdini-"; obtaining- a c^-rtiiici'to f;)r the oevcral. pry- 
laento relatee to the finul pr-y.-nfti-t; but svho aiu'ili ;;ive the 
certifionte ia not tnere st::'.Lcd. "he only ctner rereronce to 
certificates for payraertc appenra in artiolc a rorio relates 
aolfly to dnn.Rp,o incurred b;. the owri'-r throu(:,h certain c';:umcr."ted 
defnulta on thp. rinrt of the ccntrti.c tor, utiu i^.'-.a uo relntion 
to t.-ia con tTuveray . in thia nrticle ''the Bupcrintei.Uents" 
are de3i,:nKtcd as Hic j;'. raon;. to < ivc tiie certiii-cPtc. 

Ab plnintiff hnd p«:rfori:ied thp r,orh cn.l led for 
in the contrftot et;tltlinj. it to zuc iiiiuonti fnyxiiont deriinnocd, 
it 7«»a pTiti!-lpd to receive it './ithout proc-ii-n,- my certifi- 
cate. I'owev^r, .vhrn ce-cand was .r.nde for tl.c' 2)ay»t;;!l, cefrnd- 
ant clttiErd thr* i , l^intiff waa not cr: ti llc::l t.' nny furtiier 
paymrnt thsn t;.oi:-e nlxeody ■zode. , until tiit vo r'.; .-pccified 
in thf; contrnct w.'-b completed; arwi, ;<.;2in, th:it the ;-onfiy to 
itHke the pnye*rr,t T::r3 not .-jvailable . .h*^a'' cli: l^q ."re incon- 
•iiatcnt, -'efenoant breuciied tin: coritrn.ct uy n.>t l- f';;infc the 
payuitTit of tnr oecjnd 1,1. v.i. hcrfi in suit n^ r^vitied hy tne 
contrnct, rind plunitiff fi.r t.ia L:'...e /;.i'j « rir-i' to au:.ndon 
the cijn tract ynd lo rofune. to u • '-uy uiore v.-ora. unacr it, -^hich 
ri^fht it exerciaed, 

•jefenxltint finnliy c<jn-.<-f,.!e tiint pln^ntiff tjnould 
hj«ve rendered the verified ;itui,<.. itnt required oy .cct^on b 
of the cchunic'a iien Act na a con.lltion i./ccc<ient to en- 
title it to the pnymcnt dc:r.aiiaed, :hij ocction apjlies to 

. ■.;.^ .■::■-}: t;-. 3 ^V-iv oJ j-vr, £^ i J:r.> ^.aw 

J..-.i ■ .■ ^ ■ .■.;..:•: -/;:.^ ;. , J ;^ - .: ' . J i :i 1> .'; Sy:v. /-^ ■ -'^.i -^v-wi :;-C«<Wi«. 

■ic. z-r-x:- ■:■•• .:■■ <■'■■! b-.'^-:--^i> .. .-,1. ■ liO *K<i* ' 

,:..ija'; :j'ij ■ - •■.;^ - J ;.■• • ^r: :.) • ■■j-;^ • .•■ vu,, ;.;}:;^< ooo iioOia' 

•■ ._ ■ : ■';■ ■ ; ;. - ■ •• ■; -rrv ■■'■.•": ;f' -n ; o-i rr^^'i Joflt^- 

:...; ■■ .- :. \ .:. ;,;.• J: >,'■; : -.i. , ■,.,: ;.., •.,),; .-^ f >^ -r eJnftlB 

■ >0. ^■■•i- ■ -i - -^ J . /':.- '.x, -ii!,:;-.'-, .v ■ - ... t/^.- r .'; ■«.- «o i'JiilsO 

■;.■- ■: . . '•••-: -.'..J ,■:< K'- :■■ iJ^AiS. '> i'li •■•!■ .. ,) Vj-'lfoX! 

:-..^-::^ u 5 . ^^;,. .: .,■.:, ' . >■, ;:■'!';; > .r ^i aiX-w-Rt^f) 

: . . ,i . . .,; ^-. .■ ■.,.■'- .-., .J . . ^.•■':^^v..-r.' :v..o rti ;;r o7 

. .' . ■ ■ '.■ "■=>••- . •,- ■..<■'■'■-,-. ,, ■■,i.. .', : 1. .,; :-i .jj^-i -sta 

T •:• V .■■-', ■ ■■ : ■;■,;.•. ■■;■■■( . .^ t-j : • ; ,; •■ ; 

■ ■■ - :-^. ■■ .■. >. ■ ■ . ... ' v .,.- '.^ ; ^^ '.r ^ .. .;iJi-'f> i. "W li 

■ '•■■. ■■; . ■•) ■ -i-n , : -> '. ov ■' . ^•^4!^^^^ 

■ ■ ■ " ; ■ ' ' .'■ • '..'•., ': I. . .'. ; ' ; /A,) J I: vTi u f :> irtii 

■ ■ . > " , ■, , ■ 5''^ „■."■' ^ ,;■*';.' J ;'■' ^ '''''(T 

■. ; . . • -• : . - :•■■;■■;); .•..■ :\}. 

.1 ..':,!/: ,;- .; .' •■,■■,• . 'JO.! '• >{r:n 

' . . ' ..: '•■•:,• ■ » • , .'Tr-^JS i^ 

; . .,,.;; J ■;..: :? J.''-»:iiv;i:ci 

.L - . .\ . " •.y.'x.UiK'it 

.. . ' ■ ! .•(•••a -.tIJ 

contr»ctoro, Pnvi 113 t lain till' waa a aub-ccntrnctor it hnii riu 
njiplicp-ti .^n. iiccti'n 1;4; of li.c, Act, iiO.vevfer, doea ayply to 
plninvii'f. j>u;, by wC-ction i;*i uJub-eonLrac tura jt?- nut re- 
quired lo f:.nhc aucii verified Btat: .rieritourJ raa ruq\if,itcd by 
the contract'iT or ow«r in \vrj.x.iriri, I'o ouoii requp:it r/aa 
aiade until nl'tor pln.xntiff nad ab;uidoncd txift coiitrctc^ Tor 
def ei;dp.:it' 3 breach of it, cvna tij,e 1« ttora Jiltcrwaru written 
iiiOicinf, uuc. i'tquefcit uacui a not been ndf-dltod in *:vj.» 
dence Rcninat tr.c obJcctio»>. of p.ltiintirf, 

For tiic errcjra in tJiia ojjiii.ion ir.dicnt'^a, the 
Juaf.ment of the ; unicipMl Court ia reverotd :uk! Jadf:2ient 
entered in this fJouit for ;: 1, ■...;.. C in favor of xl.riritirf fMul 
Bf::tin8t aefendnnt. 

;; ■ , • •-••;? o;. ,.':• -J.;.' tc ii:-^ n\; J. JT)--..; > j-.-. ;. J« jilqtia 

■,,■ \ c;.'. I. ■';:,;;,''- .■:■.••:. ;;•.> i : it.^V ■ Ai:>i;i. ;.-;ai; <J h-itiup 
- .J•,^-!. .,^., , (•-.'^Tt. ax l^^ixy-i. -10 T jgo/riJit/'P aiU 

- i J :, • ;: - vfi-;; ^j:a^ yjrt;.. 1 'li ^ • . ,- L :j '^'iJ'ijJ i.^i'iiU -ibttm 

I ■■■ K -.^ I HI). .- '. is.,iJ i-.:- ,Jx 'it; ii.j .:'... I ^ Jnoiaylei* 

, J '^ii ;■:;•> "roc j!3ni.i:j|0 

37C - ;iC7CG 

tr»dir4e; no n"I./T iif.i-^,, ; I' 

ilHini>4ff in >,ri-or. / 

.li n & •:". ' i..ii-/.j. C.'i;;'.T 

^j? OV C.UJCAGv, 

V'TJiio ia :.'. coni'ciitixofi of jacii.ot'^l , unatri' injocr ol' 
attorney So Lw oo cjiitGi-ncd in a Ic-Jvae in vi-ic:: pi;' ir. t^iriii aie 
leo-oi'S iTia dcf £'m;.ii. v iy i<;:Ji,cc, J'ox lliC oUf;> of ., -^i^i^.ij; /'l, ■: . 

:.&fendant t>. jiotiori tv "De let iii vu def'-nu, 
whlc^i notion Usv court Uv'i.itd, rnt; d(-f enu.rit prozt-cutt.a i^.-^ia 
writ of error. 

j^cfcndant ir. i.ia ."-ffidavit, upor) ■vi.ic, iic- ^jrciunds 
his aotion t be pcrwi'-tcd tc defend, iic-L;; u|. tr^ui. Lp ticld 
liii; huainesa cJirried en in zi.c de;Li:ic'd i>r<.. isfis and p.iK>i/.:nea 
UiC- 1 • -'tse to '„»i i-osko.vitz, cvnd thn- a cl»r;'. of tii<-; at:c'nt 
of pl.'tii; tif fa f.-.ucei.itco n Lurre.uier of lur It.r.oe ;-.iu.; ui Lat 
dft.';,iiicd pr«.:-i»e3 nnd uccci>ted , ooKor/it;! aa v..::,:'iit xn dcft..!.;,- 
fmt'a 8tcad. :,t.f «-fi;;f';:t ril60 yet u, tJia r, ti.ere Jdud beun ..ii>- 
tfiritil nj terrttif. ni. in the le;"'oo, ;.inae i/y uuiac one not ,ij- 
closcd. riie £:rmitin, of Icivc to i.r.£ci:d riftcr <.;•. n l'ci>;iion io 
a iTiattor udiirciiuot; n- 'ui' j.)und ..i;,crotijj. ol' tLi- ..o^i-t, -.iid 
unloEv. it L-JM: be oniu l.;;at, UiC •;:-.iu:t, i-'jU„OJ 0-:L-il cU -ct't Li^n , 
a C'jurt of fcvic\r 'vill uot oi.r^.j.r'b iUi. action. 

'hat Iha Ici'Se una :i.t!.ttsl..>:jj .''i-iVta ui i.:..,,t.n 
fitter ita fxcculion ij n .-in, to c;.': itc ir. u .<. nffiLiUVit of 
def endpnt ; .■^' na t 'jucl. oltt v;'t i.-n ••no riut c ri;:cvi oi ./.:<dc i..y 
ruiy one ii.'vin; ;,'aLi-o : i t.y Iruii' ^.iir^ i.'i;t'.lc r.i , iiC ji' re .>.■. i ' 
Txio aa:nc laay be i;f<ia nu to Uic ti'' i-^'Co surrender ox 'Jut ieaae 

T...- - uVC 

1 . ,.'^XO"-it«J 

, ■> / 

..... u..v: oioai 

i> ni-U-;-.-; 

'*.:', ■.)• 

< '■■■_, i,? 'J I" .iq- lo 

■■■■!.;•.-> \ ■.iin4 
. h:v..otu 

by ito Rosigntflf-nt to ; onkowit^. ii, x^ not claiined by defencl- 
ent tjipt bucxi surrender ^r/as fcy riuti:ority e. .anp.tini" frou. Uie 
plaintiffs/* it i a tlic low thai notwitiistrtruiing an aaait.aMcnt 
of n. lenae to u Uiirii pftrty, the lebsee ©till rfc-ain* liable 
for tue rent payable unuer it unlea;; relieved from tliat re- 
sponaibility by the- l!<ndlord or eoaxK onf. acting under his 
direction, oexton v, Chlca^^o >;tora^:e Co . , 120 i.11. >:.16, 
As it doea not appear tnat def « ndsjnt had been released by 
plaintiffs or any une lawfully acting for theiu from his lia- 
bility to po.y rent under tde ler:»tie, defendant re;;:tiina li.ible 

Vhc question of Ine rap.terinlity of an ':ltera>* 
tion or change in a written document ia one of l^.w for the 
court, not one of fnct for the jury. 2- ill i ken v, Laxiin, 66 
111. 15; Cook firowin^ Lo . v, (jldblatt , 164 111, Apr. dtj:.- . 

ine Juu,;nent of tho : uniclpal Cout, i.'eing 
witi^out, error, i» Hffiracd, 


3:"» ■.-•;:■ .1 .. . Xvf ' ".. ••^iO ; oJ- ^/a'^na-iiB-v.^ oil \i 

• ■; A^..i i-..-^.. .. " ^■r • .-i.jr-^; j !. :.?.,• ... ? I .; ' . V u ''j 5k^i: ariJ lOl 

. >) ;j'ilxi ei . 10113 JuoAitt 


535 - '^ijSee 

JOhli y, :)KVIKE, Ad.'..lnl»itrator 
of the i-Btttte of BAVID hAUFj^AK, 

▼ a. \ 


AJPEAL ?B(;ii aui-rmoH court 



VR. JU.y:iCb m;IJ)OJ.* OELIVKRim TH.€ 01-115 IQK OP THE CuUl.T. 

Thia ia an appeal from a. jucl^^:fl5e!'»t ol tiic superior 
Court rendered en the veraicL of a jury for |-i3,i.i.t/ in an uc- 
tion ai:i'ir:at defenufi-nt for ric£li£;r?ntly oeuiiinf. the cieuth of 
plaintiff 'u intc&lfite. 

N. The error* relied upon for reversal ore tv.-o: - 
That the vtrUxct in contrury to the nianife»u wcxtnt of the 
•Tlaence, ana the adiuission of ij^^proper evidence. * The ilain- 
tiff* a inteuiate. ut the tisne: of suffering the injuries which 
it io clHimed resulted in iii^ death, wao eeventy-one yi-are 
of uge. An autopsy disclosed that at the tixr^c of idn death 
certain of ..ia internal ortcnns were dlaeaaed, including hlo 
heart* kidneys and stomach. 

J-lamtlff contends that defendant's cor, wiiile at 
a standstill and taking on pausongers, suddenly ana vyitl.out 
warning started wnile decensed was in the act of boarding it, 
with one foot on the runiiini';: boaru, cuuoint him tt- be ti.rown 
to the ground, infliotin(/, injuries frcoi w;.ici. ne oj.ortly tnere- 
after died. 

Yto the contention ti»at the finding of the Jury is 
contrary to the ..anifest //eifcUt of Uie evidence, we are unnole 
to yield our absent. /. careful exa -iuation of the evidence con- 

sasji; - esc 


■■■■ JtA**«-.ti» 

^O'H .Avlcei 

■ .YHm)&.st,,iii;' ta mmim 'Mi's wKWimi ■ m( scsiT/. 

jmn-xiaKtVia nam \si^i$&ii aid ai itn^ilua^i h'^iaimlti »i iX 

sutir.ji.:/ i)a» 'fXa»bi}UG ,ia'X'9j)it»a««q tto ae(iii«Uf bns> IXliubnxiSa v 
« )od to Jon f»iii Al jsiiiuv bttsj>i<^09b »llsiv b9iinsu grijtin^r 

,b»ib 19 ;f' 
•XdArtu VIM aw ti»tf^»i)im >w Jeol^nit 

Yinoee uj tnat the jury were Juatified in fiuaing that the 
deferitiant * 3 servant was neeiit ent ii. utartlng the oar before 
plaintiff's intestate und a reasonable opportunity to board 
it![^The probabilities of the situation all £*tront^ly tend 
to ctttnbliah that fact. The deceased wad witi^ nxa wife 
t^nd other fr lends « all of whom were boardiu^i; ttxe cur» and 
nil but deceased auocecsded in so aoing without aociuent. 
All thcst pvraons, including tne deceased* vere in clear 
Tie;» of the oor.ductor and their (urjoue of boarding the car 
tjhile ii was atuticnHry ^&tt, apparent. Yin tneae circuxnatances 
it wci ti'.c siuty of thfv conductor not to start the car uxitil 
Jill i.hete persons were safely on the oar, and tj tive tiiem 
all aufficient ticje to do so, Knilure iu tuia rc^ifird was 
aotloniible negligence* For the injuries resultint^, to de- 
censed fruc^ i]uc)j not^li^rencQ defendnnt is liable to rcarond 
in damages. 

iiut it iu inaiuted tnnt the pre} onuerance of tne 
evidence proves that dooeaaed died as the result of one or 
more of the several seri-us diseases witii m.ioi, the uutopsy 
upon his body showed he wrs afflicted and tx;»t uucxi aioeuses 
had, at thr tijr4e deceased fell frou> the car, reached "the 
teruiinal Btage.* *ie do not tnink tnat the Jury* in the 
light of tiie evidence before tuecu, would have been Justified 
in so finding, </hile some of the deceased' i> vital organs 
were diseased » tnere is no evidctice iii the record justifying 
tlie corjcludion tn.'it the "t-rudnal sta^e" of life had been 
reacued or txiat deatxi wuuld have naturally c-rijued v/i ti.out 
the intervention ol tue uxioca to nls iiysteai proxi^^n ccly 
attributable, as testified b.v credible medical v/itnesses, 
to jala fall from defenaant'u car. jThere is no evidence 
deceased wna conooioualy sufferinf fro;;* any futnl uvalndy on 

bna ^vuiti ^M U^lii'^f'-'<^ -vtsw aoti* .aljnaiit'J -xtsiUo ftp' 

.1. : - tmo •- 

^.iA«;»JU J^Su^v 

tha 4»y of his vieath or that, he h'-d ouiipjninod of any pHrt.loular 
phyelcal alutraas. At the tiite of it\c accidsnt tie wae ;:oing 
about. hl»! usual Jiff'iira firj-.l .-no on iiiu .yay to vioit at the 
LOU3C of a friond. Ilia •vvi:!ow testifies tiiat he had not been 
recently treated by a iuedical aan and had not taken to nxa 
bed on account of aic'rneaB for «orR tiian five yrnra rnor to 
hl!5 death. These f.tots appear froa. her teetijuony: "Before 
thi3 accident ay husband looked well .und aeeu^ed perfectly 
well, ■**■*< I do not K.sow of rry uudLand b<«infe under the 
docto:'2 care teftre t-J.o accident for aiiytiiinfc except - l 
gueia it ia ten or fiftoen yetiTii ajjo, « » • iiofore tula 
•ccidcnl h» was not in bod, i aur: aure noL in five years, for 
any o«ui2."> 

S^-^rinf: in wind tlt.c fncL that deceajeJ wma 
s«Yenty-onc year.; of age at the tlxne of the aociJient, ex- 
Cficdtnc by one year U;p 3pan of life alloted by tiie p8»lciiat, 
the Jury zuight well have believed the oiodical teetimony of the 
plaintiff's otedical witnocsos tiiat the condition of deceaaed*s 
heart and kidneys was due to artt^rio acleroalB o/)U tuat these 
conditions were auci* uo r«it;iit be exprcted in a u>an of deoeaued's 
a^c, and that they were net liucr. as v/ould tend to aiiorten nia 
llfe» njnd to conclude therefrom, au from their verdict they 
assusiedly did, thct deceased* u fall, wiU. tiie ahocA re au J ting 
tnerefrojB, taa thr proxin-tite or con iributinti cauae of his 
dratli , yj 

Cbjcotiona were au<ic to certain qucationu put to 
and anawercd by onp of plaintiff a .%uedical witin';.k»eii, anu it ia 
•rtucd tiiat they invaded the province of the Jui"y» to deteriiiine 
Uie facta, xn detcrciniht^ the propriety of triiti cviaence it 
muiit nut be loiit sight of the witness ivas tcatiiyini re- 
garding a pnat occurrence - »that really ©xioted as diatin- 
gulshcd froR' what gtg^t*^^ result from oonditiona found. The 


■■ iXS 

questionB involved the fsot ns to vftiath^r aaock cauoed «dema 
of the lungs* >vi:xoi~. edeoia wua txie Imsjeciiate cauae of dcatli. 

it tyna not (Uav-uted but U\iit thr' i;.-u.'(.'(11atc cauae 
of d«atu was ede-'^^a of tzic lun^ss. To naoertain vihetiiex-* tn«! 
dbucli: rcjtultint, i'rou. tac full cauueu tii&t corn;ition r/as perti- 
r.«ut. It uoulu not be att»i..£beu tiiat Bi:.iiftr Juroia or Jud^^e 
wexn coupe lent to uueidc tiiat qucistion. It ti>erefor« became 
nouojaury tu call for exf^eru opii'iou - lue opirilun of :aedJLoal 
aen having'; knowlr>dt;c of thnt subject. It was ccr^petcnt for 
ouch a witness to give hli> opinion aa to tne cuu»« of tiie 
edeit^a of the lungs wnioh re&ulted in death. 

"hla cnsc le not cocparnble to tyona v, ;;hi '^ftfep 
City y. ^» Co « , iibii ill. 7t>, .nere the physicajwi tet$tj.ri©d ihat 
hiu opinion v»aa tnat tiic injured party " x^ii^t uuve a fmcture. 
«*" here the teBtJLH.ony wae liiat shock caused eawca of tne 
luTigs and that the cdci^a cauaed death, Vnere was no ur.cer- 
tainty in ti^is opinion. It mas absolute and unqxinlified and 
was Rd^.iKsible even under lae rulinj; in the Lyou cfiae, a. tie 
the court aay: "A surgeon ^ay testify as to uxie nnture of the 
wound ond as to the effects or ccnaequencea -viaoh ::iuy be ii;aaon- 
ably expected to happen. ' « If iJ^ia physician had testified 
that from hie exporionce in juch ma'-tera hia Judfinent was that 
there waa a fracture, * * aucii evidence under the auti^o ri tiea 
aiight have been adfiiissible, but when Uie teatioiony allowed tiiat 
hia opinion was baaed on a mere conjecture, I*- was not adiiiiaai- 

we do not retard the Lyon cese, *non ariHlysad, as 
either fortifying the conter.tion of defenaant or ae detracting 
froff. tiiat of plaintiff, /-'unry v. Cnicttf.o City ;.:v. ^., i^^i» Hi. 

«e tiilnk tue clai.. of ylaintiff tiiat defenoant can- 
not now be hcfixd to oocplain re^araing tlil^ opinion eviuence, is 

. AO 

tteii .tmvi: 

itm »fm 01 

X'^qx^ 101 

'.lit ^itXVuif, 

<>**# V. 


fa4S , <J 

, :fA B 5'?V. 

well taiceri, eyen If nuccx contentioa ««V« aoun-.i, for the mason 
tiiRt aefendant introduced evidence of a likt OiiOnxcter, £, A- 

Aa-Jii-iiju-iiA* ^' iSHlilllLS.* i*^^ i'* '• • ^^PP» •''9S* t'>r.t v, Cftnle^' 
;>,> imf fa c; t u r 1 uk ^ q ♦ ■ iiti ill, App . i5y; Lltacl v, Ki rct^H i ^ ^. ^t. , ^bl 
ill . li-v. 

The record, bolnti; free froiij rev«raiblc error, the 
Judgiaejit of tliC- u>upericr Court la affinaed. 

66^ - 2\L2(j 

next fritiid, \ ; 

0? Civwh G>.;uj;i:y, 



i;u, Ju;>TICK iiil.IX'K Kl-J.iVI^RWi Tiit Oi ii<iuK C? Xh.ft aH;;(T. 

VTiiia i»» fu; r-otiu.-i on t,ae c^ae for >y«.^rdOi;;^3. iij- 
Jury Buift-reii by j.3 «:ir. tiff in b'int: al.ruc: by a cpr cl* a^:- 
fer«dn»it while tn. wau oi-oi4ain»c tae ■iHtMtjtuv.QU street viacuct 
froni tilt euot to th*' veat, yiiie o£ Uic eaiue, T/k uoci ent 
ia ttccouiiteoi for by jlaintiri' txu Uuc t».- clen;ie yu.oji<'; ej.-.aji.^<i-- 
in£ frotfi rftilroaii feiij xnee ] aujirit;; under the vxaauci. -vj^ach 
oboouieti iii»> view of dof et;uar»t' u car, v\ trA.<,i o<.fort; ■.,oa;:t 
ouvl jL-ry reaulte«i in a v^a'csict ariu judi:>-iifut for ^7ii(-', ajiJi 
(iul'e»ii:ant »j=pcaii5, 

■iiw <ivictenoo i:. ocnfXictin^ ftu ti tiie exact j)l;;ce 
at v/iiicAi pljtirilifi crov-a«d tx>e viaUjct, ;.»©rtj!ianr.t* o witiirje- 
cu j'Xuoo it aoiuooiiere near tuo ctn.tre of tiie vittviuci,; on tae 
otiicr Imnd, i-lnintiif arji.: iii. -.itnftibfey ;lt.-ce iu »j;j ir; ^iie 
vicinity of Lim iKt< rsection of i inzie ana o«JniJi...ow atrteta 
neur tiie tout.i approo-oh to li^t vj-aduct. y'Viiiu Uiiacreijaocy 
we i^e, n.ra as i.u'intt rlul to our u©ci.3ion, j'iniritiff nvtrs 
in Uia y«oiHr«tioJ» ti.e » erf ci-:.>. -rice of tiie ciuf, wnic^. tue law 
CHst upon iiiid, in iu wfie in ti.e exerci >t of uu.. oar« 
for ijii a o'.vu jn; <;ty at ;)rul i»/ui.'<'<J*Ht«;iy j.i-ecou^nt; tiiO i;yj;>vcni/it5 
of ti*e nccA.uj.i,, tiiij t^ver. tnt it. i., caacriLiul for ;.lruj.tiff 
tu cutabit-i:- ov H i^rei. o»i<icr.'if)ce: ol UiC before iit- ie 

•.JiiJXj* • Uo ' 


■ •■ V. 




i >' 




.'^- '^ 'R /a 1" :"" o T 

-•■■ " '-.-:' ^;\;;.. '^ Vv ■ \v. •!:-•.. ,. t. ■■<; ■ r„A I'iV^ .;*.-■?./ ■fv'. ,..;>":i !',l.»;ju!t 
'■■■■■•-J. '■■ .••:!■:.■:" .;-Vv.-,-iv. ,'H-„. . '^;■^J' ;!^,'u: "<,:■> 7 :>- ti^.irv. "^il; .fi-lii.V' ^-S y. . 

■• , ::i--.r^ .* :4u-:-:- .■>■;. • --i; ■-,;■.- ,.>),? -^/^'. ■ ; i i;i«4.'^ i, -i -V'* S.i.; 1 .iijv aWM U'^J.i? . «|JL 
■■' -^ -, - •- '. . r J..1 ..V, ;:-;. .■;^/., .J ,;.\;.,f-.;, i: ;\:.. ,..>j>.s a^^ i.a1 . ^:i.Ai(. !>»:>»• 

-i.^':« ■;■;.: -v ■ ;^■■v ■."■.,■, -1 ^ :, J T a... »■ vy.. .■.,.: V-i^. ;ii4' 

^ - ;' ■' ' • V ■;< •■ .v.. . ..... >c-....,: -.UO J-XJ, .'.^^U-i-«.i ■" i«3 ;;i'";i*tVV. ^« 

■- '-.■..:■■,,.■- ...■:Vi... .;';w ', ; . J.-s,Ul-;.-: .i4, .v:.v^ 3 U . V^^i M^Oi^ 

. t- ■ ..^.V •;> . .'",-.tlj;i-»»>-'.= c;j[ii al 

.;i' ..>• -■■*■- -^ • • y.. --, ' . ,> , . i;vo (ii;i 1<.»*t 

^ *• - ■■ . - '■ .-■■.».■ t. •' ^ A • i J ; 1 • . , "1 ; V .'♦ ,. V . . , .' , : 

cntiticO to recover, retjarulc&u of any ncgli(.encc oi uhich 
tiue 'JcfciJ'iant i.a^ kuvt^ bctn guilty, it it, apijarcnt U.nX luc 
oaokp froRi the raili-ojm oniriijuB '.n\.a not attrifcui-a^-ii, to 
del'er.ciJint , in Uic coriuition ucufrontxrn:, pi; iutii'f cic-utcd 
by iJiXa tf^i-Okf , he auouxu /xavt bv'«»j oautiou- lit oroii^^jijit. tiic 
otrc-et aniJ arioulo havii been o»j Luo iooiiouti for the ai^jroicii 
of cnra upon the traciia v/hici. were ij< tiit atrott. It T/at* 

negllf.ence in plaintiff tc cruHU tnc jLreet ir< tae r.atx. of 
approaci<inir; car» witiiout tat:xuf> tiue irticautiot^ to observe 
the f'icu thp.t n ohx' of tief t'.'-.ant '«Ha travel i in^, 'vOv<itrd i^ira, 
nnu in not iia] ting hia i-rogreau t' let it pnae. Tiie fi^eater 
wei^iiit of tne t;viu«;-;u.ft concJuuivrly de;.\iOnotratca tJUii t i.i;iia- 
tiff» in xiia atttv.ct to oro3u txit Viivduct anu t^^e truca^a of 
dofJri.Jnnt tiirout,-ti tiie cit:.iae u/aoke vv;^iou he toiiti; ies r/aa 
Ui«!re i.rf.went, -.iaj guilty of a lac oi' urdinui';/ care for 
hia own 3»fety -wiich, under tveiJ tii.ttlt.d ruira of i :>u in 
tiii;i Jtiitc , irailbita nio rocovcririg daunjita for tiu; ir;Ju- 
rica vYi,icw ht, aufftred na tht- rsult of hiii ru^il ifetiL-r. 

l'indi«>t-.» au we do, taal i-l(siiitiff .*ai: not xi, tit 
cxercidR of ordinary c«rt for i*if;. o aj Bofct.y at tar x,iu,t i>e 
3ufft.rt.d tht' injurif^a cu;ui;i.aiut.d aoout, ft/iu ti^aL liucIj vunt 
of care vwo the yroxiii.ttto couae of the acciacr.t IkTiu re-aul tii.g 
injutifts, thf JucU.-.Ci«.nt of the i.ircuit Court ia revcroed, 

Uh^y-i-ahh ..4Vh -n: m;:;; lv 

(Lver . ; 

s. ' • - '.;/::,.„ a;.*' ^>-./;^r ,;;o;.,:-' ^^i.^l'.- uno si.rt 
■ i. .. ■■ c -, ... -: '■ i -'•T'»o --': ' .H-0 i"c ••t.iotsxn 

,.^::>'.;'' ; ■:■■ i ^, .-.■.:•: I: *i. -.r*!. ■■■j.'j 6'J'i->"i'i!'r 

-. .. ■- «o..»..v.i... ;. f. '>..J .;*f«i : .- {,«i 

; , x'ly 

Thf- «;ourt findu tnat the plnintil'f was t'uilty 
of nc't^lifence v/;uch waa liic pioxii-^.v^c cJiuat of the accident, 

,VsiA\ S^ JtfiiatiX, Oi= 

356 - ;il753 

Till'; i-KOi'Li. OF TKH ijTATr. OF 
il.LimiiS, ex rel. iiACLAY 
KOYM*,, bt&te's Attorney, 

App till ant, 

vo, \^ 

KAIUiY i'. VIoHER, i^udgf of the 
lunlcipa] Court, \ 





Vhia id an appeal oy tne ieople of the Jt.ite of 
Illinois on tne relation of : aclny i^oyne, Jtfte's Altovuf.y , 
froiii nn order of tht* Circuit court der;yin^: relator leave 
to filfc petition dir<-ci.fu to r. rry L, i-'ialicr, a Judt.c of 
aaid Court, coiiiiuanding hiiii to tsrant Irave to relator to file 
a crii.'iinal information af.'inat one Jacob i^, Keuner, cuarcing 
a violfftion of section ^4 of tjie Ceneral Kevcnur Law of the 
otntc, in refuainj;, nt-^lectlnj, ond failing to file a dciifuulc 
of ui& rfjrsonal property with the hoard of Aiiseyyora of 
Cook County for purpooes of taxation, a» ret^uired by low. 
The cause v/fis aubniitted to the Court on a otipulc;tion of the 
parties, whereby it ■vns agreed tiiat the facts uet I'orth in 
the petition fire correctly atated, ana the parties t;uLi:.itted 
to the Court for deciaion, " U.e t:uc8tion of ref.eal of tJrmt 
portion of oectior. ^4 of tne 'Act for tne AusesBiijent of 
lruj>erty ana for the Levy Tni Collection of laxea' of lt'.72. 
as amended in li<79." The rraponoent de...urreQ tc the peti- 
tion, hij ae.urrer waa stiatained ftv.x tue petition diiiniiaaed, 

Tue only qu. ation preae .ted for review by taia 

appeal is: io tiic provision in oection *24 of tne General 

Revenue Law of ItT^ aa n.i.cnded by tne Act of lt-7y, raakinK it 

a siiademeanor to refuse to liut personal projerty, now in 
force, or haa tue provision been repealed by iaiplication by 

,C V i 

• 1 G 

9lU to 9:j 

.THUoo mt %o HQiiiiio mi'i'iiAiuM ■» .Aa SOX" 

ani-;^i«*l:* ,i'^n[rv»a ^,y «ff>@«!T, ante .tsniisa^s aoiiJjttanol«l lanlffiiio /; 
mii "io w«a J ®ii^ Tto *£ «oiJ|«»»a lo aoi:;fnXoAv o 

JsiU i ,noi4!i»9fe tlqI i-riroO 

Io aA 9iW To'i ;^0A« 9iiJ 'Io ^S noliOBki Io noi^To 

XVd.r 9fW tol bnj» xi^o 
-xo ".STaX ni bebo 

■i%\l aoi .' ■ 

thf: Kevenuc Act of Ih'yb, or otherwise': Tills oueotion wae 
before t..ia ^auit ji. ti.e ouac of lue x co^.Xe v, utntaur . otor 
C-. « ox' illiMoia . in w/.lCi. the oplt.ion v/att fxlcd Ajjril 4C, 
1915, ant: vms aeciciea adveraely to tne contention of i Iain- 
tiff in error. In thai cuac we said: 

"Tliib writ of error brined in review a juut^:cnt 
of the County i-ourt iupouint o fine of ;;lt)C againat the de- 
fendant, the Centsnur iotor Co-iipuny of Illinoia, on an infor- 
iuation filed by tiie otntt'a Attorney in tne n:>.L^t of tjue if..t>le 
ciiarf'int; thPt defendant refused and nff.iected to liat and 
ochecule it«i j^cruonal property for taxation betv/een April 1 
ana June 1, 1914, in the xaatmer un-i forai rc(iuircd by law 
with the irourd of Adiieuaurs of cooi; County, .jcction ii4 of 
tixe Hevenue Act of 167d nna as follov/ta: 

'ieraons required to iiat personal property 
alxall tsake out and deliver to the aaeciisor at Uit tiiue re- 
quired a ucl.r.dule of thR nu:.^bcru, iu.ountB, ounntii-y and CiUi:lity 
of all personal ] ruj'crty in tht-ir poaaesoion, or under their 
control, required to be liutcd for taxation by theu., it aii^ll 
be the auty of tx;e uiiueusor tc deter.;. in« and fix Uit^j fair 
caah value of all Ite:;.*} of [M.raonal property,' 

"Thiti section Maa au<enaed by the Hevenue Act 
of 1879 by addint, tiiC fulio^vin/: proviaion: 

'Any peraon ao required to list personal pr.pcrty 
who snail refuse, neglect or fail, when requfatod by tzie 
pro; er aaacuaor to do au, aiialJ bo det):;.cd t^;uilty of a ;;.iade- ^j^ 
iLcanor, f^nu on conviction thereof ohall be li ed in any oum ;i,'' 
not exoeedini^ ;i;' 0, and Urit- several aaaeaaora o.'ifiill report ^^^ , 
finy auch refuaal to the county attornt'.v, «hcae autyit la s,^', ^ 
hereby ^.nde to px-o»ecut< the aame,' Uiwa of lK?y, i- . ^b'6, ( '> S» .V 

"The cl.iuac above quoted ia tne only ].xOvi.;icn 
in any revenue act ii<«i:inti it u ;; iade..;f.anor to refuse, nepltct 
or fail to liat pcraona] pr:p^rty for taxatiori. Thf. conten- 
tion of tiie uefcndnnt in error iu Urn •- the above quoted ciia- 
donseanor cluuie in the Act of lL7o aa attended by the Act of 
1879, <i/Ha not rej-raied by tne Act of lb9b, Tiii a contention iu 
bPBcu on .jection o6 of the Act of Ihyb, wiiicji ia aa fLliowa: 

'All tiio iroviuiona of tne general revcnut; law 
in force prior to the tnkint eri"».ot of tnla net anall rei^ain 
in forcf: ;>nil be apjlii:uM»-^ to the aaaea^^racnt of piopcrty tund 
collection oi taxes e:scei.t in ao fai au by tiii u act la cL/.cr- 
\^iae exjreaaly provided.' 

"Tne >^ct of io7.. i;. a j eneral revenuv /.ct, con- 
tains ^^^4 ucctiuna, ana ;.iany of ita provitiions re^i.axn un- 
ciiane.ed. luc Act of IttUb containa !>9 dectiona anu iclotoa 
exciuoively to .i^c ai:,uesaii:iQnt of .property, section 19 of 
that Act ia aa folio rvo; Q* 't^''-- j 'f i 1^ i ,1 v c^^^ " ^"^ '1 

•The aaaeaaor ai.all require every peraun to .uai^e, 
ait;n anu awcar to tne sonedule ] rovided for by this act. If 

ifsvii» bmbi99b 

any person anall refuoe to laakt lue Boneaule herein requirtd, 
or to ttuhacribo nnu aweur lo tiie iiajie, tiie fcaaeiiuor su.tiil 
list Uif! pioi!crty of ouci. peraon accordiut' to hi a btst 
knoviledt:©, inf or'-ation and Juu)..,fi-i"'.t , at ita fair c/^-oh vaJue, 
ana 1 aud tc tiic valuation of bucj; li;it an juLOuiit t;qual 
to fift,^ per cei.l ol~ juca valu^-tion. ^/hoever in rjiucinfe: Juoii 
aciifauXe ouoll viilfuiiy ttv/eer f al .-ely in j'n.v u.;afjrinl litttter 
uiifill be guilty of perjury rincl puni-^jied ttucordini^ly, • 

"Tiiut the Act oT ItiSii vtuu iniendi-a to provide 
» nc;w iiyuttio! for the aiiaesaiiant oi prupftrt,- !uni not to a.i.(.nci 
tiift ( eneral revenue Act in other particulura its tdiiown by tiie 
provitsiuna of the Act ano it i.vaa ao htld in i eoi je v, } no j| .» f , 
163 ill, 41«; , i/h<.re it waa i^liid, p, 4ir.: 

'The Act of ii.'ttii, nov.ever, irovidea fui an en» 
tire new avbteo of . ai ing the abaetJiiUiCnt, and the Lo&ia of 
it, with new i.-odCB of t rooedure and a new uy&teiiii of review, 
unci aa to that oubject/ it io aubutnntiuliy coiiipiete in ituelf, 
ConatitULing an entire f.lan foi' the .uia^inf;^ of Uie aaaeao.,.ent. ♦ 

"■^" i cuplt; V. inortiton . 18G ill, 16:;, it wua aaid , 
p. 17;0: 

'v'/here tj.«; Itsfci tii.uture fra;-..<a a new atntute 
upon a certain eubjeot tiiatter, nnd tue legiiii:*tive intention 
appears fro^:. tiie latter atatute to be to trnuie a new ociiouie 
in relf'tiorj to auch aubjeot uifitttr and i-ake a revxjion of tne 
whole aubject, thpre i f j in effect a l*:itialtJ.tive ufcclaration. 
th«t w.'.it»-fer ij fnbrMced in the new atutate a^^aii i.revfcijLi, 
ana thM- vKtvtevt'r io excluded ij aiacorded, Tiie revxiiion of 
the whole auujoot matter by tiie new atatutc evincea an in- 
tent i.on to ttubatitute the provijiona of tixt new law for luc 
old law upon the aubjecL, (iilacJ. on inti rpretjitioii of Lav/a, 
p. 116; :. jiidock V, jia;jro£ cT .. ei..phis , ^0 lull , Oy^.',' 
1 eOj ie V. i'loc v'ift n , ti4i, ill» IS^i, 

■If the oantenUion of defem^ant in error u cor- 
rect, tiien if tiit J cfei:;lature dcaired to rot«in the j.en.-titiea 
provided by section ^A aa a.i.cnaed in 11179, it woa not necea- 
aary to provide ony penalty for Uu refuoal to liat jrojerty. 
That contention ia tiif!, the pennltiea i-ruvided by th« Act of 
lfc79 were cont,inucd in force by virtue of section bo. i>ut 
tlie T-ocialature by ..ection ly of tne Act of IbWi undertook 
to fix the penal lica fur .>ach rc-fuiral to Ixat, anu tiiftt .sec- 
tion oujitj the Hiiade. i-nnor cjuuue. The aubjeot inatlvr of the- 
aace430:i-ent of i-rupertv nua revised by the Act of lcy8, the 
provibion aa to tiic filing, of & uCiicdule was reviaed ana tne 
ffliude::. (.anor tlnuae ozuitted, "i'hii>, f-.i- wnb ;.i:ld in .t euplfc v. 
Thprf.tcn and in i eoply v, i''ref' , a ^y ra , cvicei^ced a le»,,ij- 
Ivtivo inte.'.tiun to uubBtA;.ute tiiC i oviv^iona of tne /lew law 
for the old upon the aubjfcct, 

"The wi-rUB of jection bii ol une Act uf IbyB do 
not li^ran fvery section of thi ^:(rnerBil rev« nue law in 
Turce prior tj tne t.-^King effect of the Act of 1< Jt aiinll 
rer.ain in force unleaa the Act (.xpreaaly provioea otncr /iao, 
but nlao ua<:-any that wherever in tne Act of ii vb tne i.ct>ie- 
Inture haa mnde proviaion concerninr: tne aubjcct tui<ttcr of 
the Act of it:7«i, tue istt»?r Act anall foil. ^\xcu action on 
Uic part of tj»e i.( fcio] future evincca aji in-ention Ui*u t t<*e 
old law for wlncj- tii' new ia aubatitutcu •u.all not rei.uin 
in force cuitc au clearly ua ctuld an exj-reaa ircviaion by 
tue Le,i.uloture t^.at the old law uix. uld not rci.^ii; ii; .^rce. 





"Tilt) proviaion in tJ»e Act of ISUe tnai if nny 
person anall refuse to t.akf* nnd ewear to tbe eci.eUule re- 
quired by the Act, tnp aoaeaaor aAnll liat uia property rmd 
add to tne vnluntion of aucii list an aii-ount equal to fifty 
per cent of aucn vkI action, cl'arly provides a ]ciielty for 
sucli refusal* t on;.iccl 1 o oeiainary v, Bonro of i-.eview , 249 
111 « 461; 1 eople v, ]■. eachep , 241 iil. 41. j. 

" y?hen there are two atr tutes ijiipoain^ a penalty 

arjo the prnpity ir.ipoaed by one iw not tne sHtae: aa tJiiat iai- 

poaed by tnc otiier, the leter str^tute rej eals tiic tariier, 
Gom^ari v, hru^mon^, 2b Ga. 65, 

"It wna clearly Liie intention of tiir ici'lsla- 
ture to do away wit;: the iroviaion of the Act of 1872, 
aiakin^.. the failure to file a aciiedule a Kiiadeceanor , and 
to It-nve Htj the ocle penalty therefor the addition of a 
fifty pr cent vuluftion, aa provaaed in section 19 of 
tlic Act of Ic&b, 

*'tie tiilnk tiiot Jection /A of tne Act of lb7<i 

is repealed by Mic Act of li'^iib, and that tiir aefenuant in 

fallin{{ to file schedule of ita property in ldl4 was not 
fxiilty ot n flxiader.itftnor. 

"If upon nny f;roun<) it could be iield timt tne 
Act of Ib7<i was in force in 1^14, tlie pvidence, in our op- 
inion, ia not sufficient to oublain the conviction. inas- 
much, hov/ever, as in our opinion jcotion 24 of the Act of 
1672 ia not to be extended to cover vioiftiona of the Act 
ol 1.-98, fnd the jud^iurnt :.iUst therefore be revtraed witi.- 
out rcKUitu'inp: the caoe, we do not deei;. it riaterisl to poxnt 
out in what particulnr tne evidence is inaufficitnt to ^ua- 
toin the jud, yj pnt , " 

We see no reBson to change the views exjreaaed 

in tne ©pinion quoted, ano the judrmf^nt of tnf. Circuit 

Court i ^- rf firmed. 



b'?.6 - 21924 

y^ Appellee, ) 


V8. \ 



) /_i/.i;/M 7510M 


MH. PRi.uiI>LNG JUSTIC ; OHiDL'Y ])i.IV M. Ti'.;: CPIKIOK Oi" '.'Hi; COUUT. 

M/UD A. .■TRO;)'';,\ u 

AppNell&nt, yf 

In Ji forcible; det*.in< r h-uit, , in wnich Ifenry J, Peer 
was plaintiff nnd Maud A. strode, .'illiam .'trorle and ■, . J. llss- 
tinge were dofondtmto, ju>J^p,«3nt for the po t.. ties ^, ion of tht: premices 
in i\io:ition :jJi<i for conts m» rendered hy tlie ircuit rnurt of 
Cook County, /.pril .:., i91':>, in fnvor of the plfintiff unci u(2;2-'-ina*t 
the dof enduntu. /ji upi.oal WhC prayed to tiiic court by r,ll rjiree 
of thf! d<5fendHntu, w^ich uppeal vim; allo^/?ed by the Oircuit : urt 
upon Buid d«',f end junto filin^: thnxr j^ppejil bond in tlit r,mi of ;;.2000 
within twenty dsyn from sold dsto, to be approved by tl.o clerk of 
on id court. itJxin uuio tvfenty duye an appeiil \>on : wi.i: filfi in 
tiie of;icf;- of the dor:: of :;f id court signed by f'aud tro-' , 
of thu d .f endijito, imd v curcty, but not iiignecl by the othci t io 
dofondentij. The bond apv::eRru to iuive boon r;j irovj. > by the Judge 
who tried the case 'ind ; leo by th* clerk of th( ircuit -jurt* 

Henry J, I'cor, appellor, hnu here filoH u motion that 
the pppeRl b<-: divmieuert. linder th<-; authority of o .-vero-l decisions 
of our Supreme Court tho motion icuut be ulloz/ed, ( Ki^em ^ ^ v. 
PerlP. lU; Hi. 355; 7f drick v. :aj.e . ir.;i 111. MA', .liinon v . 
HRity.end . 1H9 Hi, '?70, 471; ortune v, '.:ilb(rt . '.'Cf ill. 255, 237; 
Jj^^irct ':'onKr»*K'tionul Church v. Patie, :': 5 111, :;{)?, 2Gft.) 7)ie ap- 
ptnl wil be dijjmissed Ht t:.pj)ollitnt* e coute* 

P '') <] ^ T .^^ O 



'i^r. .!.': C 0' A 

■ .T ■*■■ . 

Jj;; • ^'v) ."■^JI"^- ''">'. -^^'Ui.j.j 



■.> i^,>'; ;/.?i *.fr5^ .:■'■!;::' \svi..^; ^a^PC^ir- ■::■:>%*>$> ,. 

M- .,^i--.: ■.i . -.rV',*'> v-i .y>!-^t>!;.i l;i;S« ,rd:/>,r i'- » • 
/■ ■.■i'-- ^.: ;■ i'.;.!'!, ':}...,.■ "\fi ;';,*i^i|D im«i ''•5 ani 

■■;.■. ./ :,:,;'\.-^':... ii^-i^ <,0T^ ♦m vr 

.• > .''.'«■},•« .' w .v)« ■..■;»,j. 1 

• ' •' . •.. 

631 • a;2o;?9 

e corporuticn. 

At); cliee. 



AP.1-#.L FROK 

\ / rcc» r-i 1 p.'. (--.I 


OF Cl.iC'OO. 

/ ) 

■9f X^ 3/tf 

The trr;n8cript of the record in tJiia cruse -.v .:: 
flXed with the dark of court on Octobt.r C, 1915, 
Ap ■ollce, on Octobrr 10, 191b, entered its special ;<poeiirfmcf 
in thi« cr'urt for the- sole punjoi^'e of rfiovlnr; thpt the ;pT-'e«l 
be diarai.aed on tiie ground that no u[> aeal bon v^ai^ file;; by 
appellant wiUiin the time oliowod therefor by the .''unicipnl 
Court. It uppeart: e tran8crif)t before uc tli t on 

June 17, J.91!'/, a JuUa]f..2it for ■]lo,B17.S.3 was entc-reu in thR 
I^unicipal Court in fav rpelleo »ind (;e:Rln'.;t opi'elii.nt, 

ond that on the biime d:;y ;.p, eilrmt prayed nn :xiij;ti; 1 to tliio 
court, wi.ich appcul was )>llowed on condition that up ellimt 
file an appeal 1'ond, conditioned urji-:ordin;' to law, in the 
X\micipal Court in t>ie tium of $i;3,' 0, with' to be 
approved by a Jud/je of tiie I'unicip.vl ( o^rt v.itViin t:£cnty 
dixye from yuid .Uito. It further appearu from u\.i" trpji- 
ecript t)w.t on July in, lOlT;, ui -ht dfey:3 urti;r t'"(- tireo 
limited for filin.: anid bond hr.d expired, ap ellunt filed 
his appeal bond in ouid biiir. v/ith tl;e cl»:rk of ti,iid 'iinicip(.l 
Court, w . icli bond v a i;».'. rkc <! r:) roved by 'i Judgu of ufid 
court. It doce not upooKr thut. f.\ny ot ■ r or'^rr w p ent red 

QKOSC - I6» 




■^oua'xu'^ :< I i -.: I aSt i-.a-isj^wo ,f;.':?.t , 'U iflcfoio'> fro , '^iXatjiiA 

i'^-' ifi ,s« »- <^.7 ''.tu'"' ■ • , <c^ ^ ' if.'to" »br<!5'' .^' ,'»..'. Of i? na eXll 

-(•■;'i«' .i;.. "-u^-r . r.'../j.;.r Ttodiio'" j' .&*'-!• i.i>5»-; raoil: ax.: 

.t. / ,! V . ■ ; .1/! |. ,.^j:c,x ,<Ti \.Xml no saiif - 

.'■"ii': /fii.Hj^'i .(>• / •'■n:-i-:o ir.ui b:'Oii Maw :,nlXlt lo'l bu^JtilUX 

XJ)ql^ia:^' bir.K '? ;l-i L * -ii.^ nJiv. w.b bi«b nl bjiocf X 


by the Yniniclprtl Court relative to the time of filing: the 
eippeeX bond, TJndt^r uucli li otfitc of f* cto appeiixinc In the 
record the !.:otinn of ajjpellee muirt be t.llow' <i and tlie apueol 
dleniisoed <t up allaxit* y> coDtu for roations :;totod in the 
foliowittt; Icciuiontj: -/orml/'y v. ' iy . 9(3 li . , 129; 
Pardrid/: ^ q v. ^'orf^RnUi&u , 157 111, o9J>; Hiii v. City of 
C'.Uc(kc9 , .'^Ifi 111. 1V«, 179; ttoluon V, J,- cobe . 4'^ 111, pp. 
427, 42»; Phoenix Ins . C£^» v, li-.dricic . 69 111. Ap;.-. li;4, 185, 

APi-i-iAi, :)i;-Ki;.ini';D, 


48^ - iue^Ai / 



i, F. CClr.VAV iXrlAliY, ) / 

a corj orstiori, ; / 

Api. f llnnt , } / 

\_ y' Aiii'.A]. ywcii cii<C'. IT ciiiiiv, 

vo. *. J 

\ /) o;(.F c<.:u::vv. 

CITY Oy CMCAGO St f^l., / j 

Appellrea. / ) „. ,- , Q 1 Q 

. O l.A. O ± O 

Tiiia rr);i;eal "briiif.c befoi-e vis an order dj.a. i3oir.t< Tor 
wnnt of equity R bill filed to dFLcr.inf- o qucation of liability 
for the cojt of repnijint tiie roi'dway of i iricoln avenue \ynxch 
ilea been poved by cofopl^viniuit ur; a contioci, vitr. ;.i.c cit,;.. 

A'oou. .in» t io to be cQ(_:niaable prcitrly in a 
chnncfry procef^dirit^^,, about viuivi. li^ve 3«-^riou3 aoubtiJ, v/e 
find that Uie bill allcf.ea tr.c i-f*. SGa( c of nn cri;it;ru.of f-:.. i the 
improve. /lent of Liu: roadway of i inc. In avenue oy p'vin,., the 
ccct to br defrayed by .-i rein I Ratsesai lent -^hic-i vvos duly 3 evird 
and confiriTjed; tiiat fin.'-.nt v/.'O the lowest, biiinr ;:r.u on 
Lay '£.(j , 19v.7, t^ntered int • U»r contract in qucution .viti. thf. 
city; thfcit by tht uui cif ictitiunB the iru* terii'iu to b;' i".>;'r.i 
.'ind thf worknjr-ntshir «roploynd in the- construction of tiip i. i.a;ve- 
n.ent were to br .-uch rts to iriivurc tJ.e svu.e to bt frer fr'M^ cu:- 
focta Jjnr! in coiitir,uoua f:cod ordir arui corioitior; ;' ti :;f net . ry 
to the board of local ii-aiovc . > nts for n i.erioo of ive yrai-:j, 
i'he Oil! f'llc^r:> tiiut co ).liiiti,-nt con ot ; uc bf;a t..f L.-f;- vci.:ci.t 
in .'trict accordancf; v/it.. tne jc:, ;un. ^r^c cxf xcation;; aiio 
thnt it v/oB .rtroved by the vo.'trd of lucnj i. ., r^ v*-.- *:.l.u; ti-yt 
tr.r city r«.'3< ved f-iv ]-pr i.unt. ot zur ccntracl. ]. rice :ii; .itcu»- 
ity for I'liC p' 1 f or ..:.:ice by the- ct>.'i.pi nin ■u; t of it., un.jci i-.'i. irit- t;-. 
(i.uftrantce ti*'.:; c:-?- ;••■< ttr ;i.a (ju;.Lity of ti»f i i i jy ■. .('■•.i i r fxve 

;ii.Sj.> - ^fi: 











V-> >^- C? >..^i> jL. o <; j 

.!•;,• • j . . ::i.7' iui..:-! ./i •k^J'C; 

■, .ji. :•.••'. .,:^ GiO'>i..; v;a, i>-::vv.»^'»:l3tj' ^f/ oJ ^ooo"' 
->''''; ■ ■ .' ..■;■■ Ji; ..•':'M ;i..H>0 .S ftti.7 ; fe'^r^r; I'lriOO bCM 

■•. ■' .1..; M'::ii> :.} i'i^.v:-: i:-:.r irU yd i&.ij IV.i 16 

•■ '•'■■...,, •.-■..■ :..i>;'U.v n..c> ni i.>ri.^< .aJoal 

; ■'!.': ;..l;i ..V ■■ . .>4 / •■.•:,cl 'u> l>'Tf?ocf -iiU oi 

: I ■.,.:; ■ .i^ ,• •., ., • ..,; .. ...•)', -1 l£n fljtd fllT 


yearo. The bill further alleges that ohortly heforo the con- 
struction of tho improvement the oljeet car companies ODcrating 
in Lincoln avenun reconBtructod tho street cjir trackt • g pro- 
vided in pn ordinance passed in ^ehruary, 1907; tht't .after the 
tracks vrere reconi:tructe'i and tVic roadway of Lincoln Avenue 
paved by '-^onipiainant undRr it£3 cnntr ct, thr- weir^ht of cars 
operating in Lincoln /.venue wis suhBtantially increi.Bed, and 
that thereafter depreseions gradually in the pavement 
laid by cornplaintunt. The bill avers that the deteriorp.tion in 
the pavement constructed by coraplainfmt wo.n caused b thn insif - 
ficiency of the street rfiil-vay tracks to oupport the heavier 
cars; that th'- weight of the cirs set in moticn vibraticjis of 
the rails, which operated no a pump, forcing" tho vpter out of 
the :.and cushion u-'On which the wooden bQock pavsmcmt rested, 
and with it particles of nand frovn underneath, eliminating the 
sand cushion to such an extend that the v/ooden blocks became de- 
pressed nnd the pr-veraont uneven. 

The bill chi^irgen that tho city called u.on complc'in- 
ant to repair the pavement, and threaten-^d that if complainant 
refused it would cauii-^ the repairs to be made and ap ily in pay- 
ment the amount retained out of the contract price, C^omplainjut 
prayed by itii bill that the city might be prevented from so doing, 
and .)aked that tho cour . declare and define the nature of the re- 
pairs v/iiich under its contract legally devolved upon the complain- 
ant to make* 

The city filed an answer denying among other things 
that the improvement wa^; oroperly constructed , imd claimin^: Lh;it 
the defects in the pavejrcnt were caused by faulty construction, 
and denying that complainant wao entitled to relief. 

Testimony waj taken, an 1 thereupon the cliancellor, 
findin;'!; tiiat there no equit,; in the bill, ordered tl;;!t it be 
dismissed. A decree was entered reciting &t length facts which 

-tree ^.:f..t o-'.oi'd v,X:t-[/iiffs .Jril'- asyallfi •syxfcf'iiJi Ilicf f>ff[; .gtHQ^ 

siCiiSy-s. M-a nc-.s.£i£.iv:nct) ij;n uDfs'xJ '! j>r(# .JnjMTiovo'iqoiJ: nnj- 'to «•■ t^towx^tt* 

-.■>•:(': a .■ '■ T^'v-* T,'i'> ,tooi-.+ .T or'.t Dr,.'oi!T:xiTi«or>»'{ nun^^V); nIooniJ nl 

y..^-'., '^o '•;r,i:-;- [f+ ,.!■., .'i:J-. 7:^0 iirt-r 'v^j-irjjf j;>AaXir:xqmo;. •v;d' bsVfiq 
,. 0;.' ."..•; TO ui v;il'.«':>tr?,f;or.rfu.'; vv,:.'-. oj/m-itrn n.Co'.>fil..I rsi •isff.t^fil.sqo 

-■iigni '=;■{,?• ■■/ .cs.'^.irj-r; :.,.t,; .■'a:-;rT.f.,oXo''.if:rr. yrl tiocfstr'TCfenoo *nofTi9V.i.-.q 8ii#. 
loivncjr' or[j- .•!-;. Oivi'ifa ot .sIobt.:?- \'.i.nvj:i^^jT d'oo'i.ta si.i+ 1o van-aioi^ 

-'ii:f j^ni:' :-i^J: iTJ;:;? ,rfi-:.en:-^ilnxj n;o*;'^- 'jftny lo BslJ>i:i":i3q Ji ifiiw baa 
~p;j ^m; oscf ^.:iooicr fi?ji)onv ■••:■!■' .;.;(:; h.'iDixo tm nojja oi nozdutio bn&B 

o rtijaxaicfixo;-' 'Lr d/^rf.^ tion&iT.3';:ilt rivi ^jnanav.ixq and- 'xxsqai oJ i'/w 

1i.i-r;j-..sI(jrjo'' .■e^oxTvT :^i;.yi,j-nc ,••■ ■ rfi' lo i uo b'^nisi^hif ^ftJuo^irfi yrfj" ifnem 

,l^:\ic'.' os: !!:o- ': i';?'n:«''/ii7q r;f.f Jn^ixfu '^Id^io Jirli" J-ticCJ Jlxc' t-Si \(J tf^x^tq 

-.--'•'£ .^i-.' ! •-■ -^-i.ijj.r-ii orij- <:?al.'A-:vf:. ' Ai- 'fas-J.:;.!!) .t'tiioo :Kii d-xui;t iv^jlajB baa 

i -rfj 'ininixsl; •''/•.■■ , f.oi jj-, ./anoa y.I"3"'=- co'jt;; Si-jw ;?ft.:-rtf*>V0T.qiTti orli}' isxit 

."iblXarr oJ Ijei^l-li^.iie onw .tritsnx.iixci-ftfoo J-jtutJ^ j-^niAinai) boa 

acf ^1 ^crii ijsisbio .Xlld" oiW rtl ^>:,c^Jtup^ on caw sTtorii ^fifiJ afliiJbnil 

ttip chjincollor founo yirovcn by tue evioence, arm i,i^ concluaiona 

tliereon. Aa a m'»ttcr of trover prHcticc, there is no rtriaon 

fcr rcciLin^ f^cte .'Itii cont;luoion- iri :rn order ui ; .i :-jiiin<; a 

bin for sre.:\t of equity. The fiiidiuit;ii jind rf-.oono of irw. court 

nXP not before u3 I'jr rcvirw, 

.e halil tiiut, tin- order di»:;iiiiciinr, the oill ^.'-o 

properly erittrei Hml oiioala be af t'irii;t<i, .-'or thr tu'''-^"C'^ °^ 

our dociiion we luny uuwur^e IhnL tjic trvi'ii^/jco uupi >.rt»j Int. .-i-ilci^j- 

tionB of f."ct in the i>iil; thnt Uii<- n;> torinl «; ana vorii/oaijuuip, as 

such, •■H-re in.e I'roui oeft'ctb; out \ic con:;truo thr un«icrt?* jn^r of r-.iii:'nt not only no a i^unr-sntec of tiic rjuaJity of n;nt«^riuls 

end •'»\:;}>, bul tuM, tne liiiiL-ruvci-ipnt into /. ici. ti( ;, vent, 

■arould be in j-ood Condition for ^' prrioa ol" five; year,-,, ur c;c;n- 

8tf>.ict).on i? li'-aed li'.-on tht fiiitire uontrfjct -vith ;;pccii!). j i:f t-n nue 

to it& provLeionii ttii follova: 

"The rnatcriMi to bf- furniahcd ond UHCd an.-I tiie wor.-:- 
unnohip csiploycd in Uio condtruotion of tht ar»iti i;u; -ent 1 bf of <juci. cfiarpctcr /^no q'.-ality a^ t.- irioure tiic jtvcio 
to be free fro; nil ccfocta, r.ix, ?.>ti.ll bf- ii) c ..n t-in jouu good 
ordrr »nn condition j^j- tiafactory t? the boor;* of local if.- 
provetunts, far » prriod erjain^: five ['6) ytaru ' *" 

"AS n f-:u»r.-intfc!e of tiH fp.itnful orrf oiu -'ujco of iheoe 
Bptcif icatiorin, tliP quality of the :.iateriali furniaheu Hnd 
tr.e pruper countruction of aaid i; .3.' r.v «'.♦■■' t , the contractor 
hereby'=:& to Keep p.n.i :».tant&ir; 'viQ i^vrove.ier.t , .;icxiO>it 
Bdditicr<al ciiort o or coaL to Liu oity of .iac«.(:o, in buch or- 
der and conciition i-ii wil] bf uati^f actcry - /nlcn /;»epin{v 
nna msin taiiiin;^ thai] Inclu.**.' rci'tiira or the f.i.tlre rtcon- 
struotion of the jftoe," 

"in ordt-r ty ^nfc.'Cf; tl;e f;iii;.--ful jxrf o r£:.?'.iice of I'nc 
teri;.B ;«nJ convutiuna of <ir>.i<.\ aoove a|;;r«;ftf vcnt on \.u*- j art of 
the contractor to iif^fp, iuuiniuin m.-j sifici i : ..vctrt, 
ti.*- city of -ijicngo, tnrouf:. Uir boi rd oi" locivl ii .pj ■. vc .f : tb, 
roay, upon th< 002,7 Irlioc of anic vorK, retnlri five ; l> ^ t>cr 
cent, oi t .1 cost of I't.c- t.j -/or;.." 

.ii.nalrir lu;i(;ur.», c oiyt'.nTa fluewicre in tai contract, 
in.'.icfitint. clfurly an ur. ,crta . in<; Oy co; -v 1 -^iir'nt "to re. air, 
k«ep J<nd iXP-intain .-.aid ii- vrov^ .icrit in t'ooii oriiei r<.iij cv.n.i v ion . - 

Tiuro iu no\.' inr u.'.rcji&. nntle in uc :iii ur^ ;i rt,*' • in^ . 
A {:uarantee oi" the durpbillty o: r>n i .proVfiLtrit con:;t j .,i;ted toy 

:.-- ■!.., 1-1. ...;. ;.i\.^ ;;^j~ ;v>v-> 'iltaqo'ini 


: ■ ■•.,T-:. .0 / 

■■■.,■ ;.j ■ '- ■■: ;• :'■■■,■' ' 'io . Jaaa 
,. •• ; ■ , ^ ;? •■.••' oi i.*'M.'i\ ■':<':: i bine' (ili- 


the guurjintor h. ;> reference not only to the materials pxid 
work, "but includes the finished product Y,ith reference to 
any reasonable and probable use. There is no frnud or con- 
cealment here. At the date of the contract the heaviest cars 
running on Lincoln Avenue weighed about 59,500 pounds loaded, 
but on other atreet railway lines in Cliicago earn v/ere running 
at this time weighing approximately 57,300 and 70,000 pounds 
loaded. It is a fair inference that this was J-cnov/n to all 
the ptrtiea. It seemti to have been the judgment of those best 
qualified to >^n>v, th;.t the scheme of the improvement would be 
adequate for use by the heavier cars, although Inter experience 
tended to show thnt this judgment was erroneous; but complainant 
was entitled to ita judgment on the matter and properly might 
back its Judgmt.-nt with its guaranty. To tie tiie city to the 
use of the lighter c^irs on Lincoln avenue in ord<^r to hold the 
guarantor is to inject an unreasonable condition into the 

Supporting our view of the liability upon complainant 
under the contract are the decisions in City of L;ike View v, 
MacRitchie . 134 111. 203; Iro quois T-^irnace Co . v. '/ilkin l£fg. 
Co., 181 111. 582; City of Akron v. l^arber ■ sphalt Paving Co., 
171 Fed. Rep. 29. In this Inst cited case the identical question 
before us was under consi deration, and the co'ort in its oninion 

"In regard to * ♦ the introduction of heavier cars 
Upon the tracks, they must, we think, ns a matter of law, 
be treated as having been .vithin the contemplation of the 
paving couipany when ai.^ing the contract. The trr. cka v/ere 
in the street and cars vere being operated over them, and 
no provi;3ion wae made respecting eith' r iijnenr-ionn or 
v'ei;:ht, Nothing violative of my otatute is claimer! in 
regard * to * * the size and weight of the c.:ra. "hose 
matters were plainly nanctioned by the low, rmd they 
involved only such street uses as every one- dealing with 
streets mu t .-intioipnte. " 

Is this a conl act to maintnin a locj^l improvment by 

apv-cial assessment? we hold that it is not, and in thin nonelu- 


OJ i;:y;i.1 • ■- • :' itlLc-. v^nijbc'tfi :, :>.fl' f;i ill '1 :j£bt KOijuXonx. J'Jircf ,>t'XOW 

-nor 'io '-Lit- '1 on Rx 'j-roif; ,«3;.! aIcf.';ffo'rq- bii^B 3iJi-j.aoaa6'i yna 

, ■-:v-^.o;. ..■":! -nr,,' or>CjSif 'tunda bi:itl-y}.ti-i': :*).;.r<&T/. nI',.>oitiJ i.o >;,ninnj;ji 

Xi.' .: ••■o > j^jsv v-iriJ- :?.idd- "^tir^B 5 i il-jri. 'iirt'i e 3X dl ^bsbaol 
ji:5c -■!••-•:„ ro ,:rf:-i:::s;:>w ;_. -.^ij r!f)S.<"i »?«.<. o* c;i<fj3 il , as,t:^-Xi:q; a/tf 
.!'.' J:;!-.. -r; i^;*'. vr.- affix vit--!- lo '.:fSix{ou ^dj- .t.-i)i ^\■■ott^_ ocf hoililisi/p 

• ♦X- -iiii'L""! r.-^.-5y::il^ .Hi:^i!;i:i; ''■ iif2J^il 2^ Xiiui J-""*^' ,II.i. X8X ,,oO 
t';its&t'r. l.-.:;x . ■■ ! .'.J -.,..'=0 .":^j:o ;^3^a a.-;^J nl .OS .c:-P ,f>9^ XVX 

,•■■1 .0 ■: .:. .■i- rj £■:-. ^Ac.l.\''' .>?' ^I eiJtr \','.'='itJ ,ui.'.f.?i-ii xiiii noqi/ 

lu ■ I.. :•::;-■ •:•! vo h?;- j- ,•:':■ .;<^ :^;:i;:-''Cf «-Y- ■' ■■;-^fJO i.f- +'i«iJ-8 atij ni 

H" • ;-;c f ;;j.o.-./- r.nJio ^;f;;...'-v ■ ,;l^.s■ ; Cji.-'.n^ ■ S.ivo'Xq on 

.:i ^ ■■■'\li:.L^.' :-:£ -; ri;/!-;; J- '; v.' "io <H;ry;|- ; Jn t v ,., .Cfrfjiie-iv 

V : ;■ 'lie ,-,• X :-^? \if '..:'.5';/t' ■ oi:.f^it A'XBiirM 

■Mir' ^■.;.. J'r. ^'.1 -ito Y.'j-TY^:, «.,; o'vSi; *> um x,Xno bsvXovni 

' . arm i'-um atsoiiB 

X<f ^ffjTvrvi fifft i: L.iool •• ftii}inJ.r.(c. o* ;^5« 'rron « airfi al 

-itfXoftOO 8irf.+ Ki hits? .:tcin u4 ,1J: ^«il;J hlod ?■»'" V^^nftnteosnea XBlo»«a 


sion we are supported by the decision in Cole v. People . 
161 111. 16. 

The decree of the Circuit Jourt dismissing the 
bill for wejit of equity is affirmed, 



6 - 20946 

COhlE J.OTCR CGitAliY, a cor- 
porntion, ; 

\ Apppllee, 

\ /) AJlrAi, FROk CCUKTY Ci URT . 

''V / ^ 



ILLlIiOIU, rx\corporiition, / ) 

\ Appellant. i 

\ / 19 5I.A. "^"' 

DKJ.IVBRED ThJi. OMiaOl, OL' Tilli ColJi:T. 

in n Bull iti truvor for tiie rtilegcci cor.vcrsion of 
an nulomouilo plaintiff i^nd jucli.,tucnt, fruci vwiich uefenUant ap- 

ilointiff aul ; to f, C, T^ieger ar) autoijOb ilo, 
taking; a chattel mort^-ae^f; thrreon for j^3.G, the bsifince of 
the purcnase pricf;, v/ijicii moi'tta^e ■.ms Uuly recorded iri Lhc 
recorder's office of Cook County, oubsequently Hicger tr.-^ded 
thi» auto;:.obile for another oar, the trade beint negotiated 
with C, .■>'. Arriuni, #in Ciiiployee of tliC? defendont. Vhe crucial 
queution in isuue was wntUier or not Arnum m tiiia 
trade acted for nimuelf individunlly or aa the atcnt of de- 

At the requfiut of i.Iaintiff tXiC cjutL i.rive in- 
etructiona nuirjbered 4, b .nu 6, toucitinf, the burden of proof 
aa to tne af-cnoy of Arnum in trHr.aaction, Tia in ;-08t 
explicit lani,u-ii--,c in vriou^ f«.;r.':.ti tne jury »ay told ti^at 
the burden of ]>ro.. tne defenaant to oiiow by a pre- 
ponderance of the eTidence Arnuni v»;io not uctin, lor il 
in e»«i:;int tnio trade. ouci. inatructiona oia no I correctly 
stn'vC thr law. vhilc the dutv of p oducing cVi-Jericc to -cft 
other cviupiice may pass froa party to party durine. the pru- 
gress of a trial, ti.'. oblit^ation to 'Otabliah the trutx. of 

ai^eos - -^ 

V i -too .« ^XyA%ii90 SiOTO*! 

TI8 .A,.I2S1 

ymwua»4i KUiti'.iH* osaaxiJtaiH ./Tit 

:iijia »a4 tol 'ssvo'SCf a.t i'Jtwa o ni 

, ::.;.■•, :o^iir. <m •tfl';(^«JXH ,'s .'^ oi i.Xa« lliJTai.JsX'i 

■a a«i;<Jd^ «'fea"5td' afiia ,'5fisi r-^si^OKm -sol" ©li^fo&QJini aiiU 

: nl isairf'fft jryn to •ji>ii.3i»«» saw «waal «jk rtoiitsdifp 

iU J.;..-^,.; :')4l,J ti'.tt •-© xltfmklylbtit tXms^Li tot b^Soa 9k&ti 

■ V.:. i ■ Mi%btii.* 'na) ■4irJL.l»a«*/ ,d ^aj-" « ,*. Ibax&dima aaoiJawTtJe 
iMiii b':- ' ■— x'i«>L « ■ ■ ' -.Xtnv nl o- .fiaiXqxa 

plaintiff* • clnim by the Frepondcrftrice of eTidencc never 
ohifts fryiu the plaintiff, Ciiicfr'f'.c: nion iraction co^. v, 
Kee . .dlQ 111., 9, 16» holdo Ihul tae burden of proof "reata 
throuf.iiout upon the party aaoertint; the of f ir^.ative of the 
issue, ftnd, unlest) he rueets thi& obli^ttion upon tut> viiole 
case, he fails. '. nia burden of proof never a:.ift8 durint 
the course of a tritii, but rc-aina wit/: 'mm to liic eno," 
oer, .'3loo, v>up ren^e Tent r, ^^, V^. k_, v. Jtcnslaiid , ^id 111. 
lLi4, and rgbere v. ^ Kber B , 177 ill. be. The ^Uvinf of tiiese 
instructions waa nrjnifeatly vrTonr-oua nnd cfume fur reveraal. 

The ffieaoure of dajua{-e» waa tiie vtvlue of the 
oar nt the Ixu^t of ti.' alleged conversion, but no proof of 
its value at Ci is tLat vvna offered. 

At tne time thr car in '.up.ation wa3 truded, 
anyone taking the cnr tjrid conjtructive notice of plaintiff's 
chattel mortfiftj;:*, in v/j.ic.'. s-.-ont.; o ihcr tilings it woo provided 
that if the iiiortta;:or uhoulo sell or assign uaid car all of 
the notes, botu principal i no interest, secured by> mort- 
(;age should, nt the option of plaintiff, "without r. tice of 
said option to anyone, beOuiriC at once due and ju.yr.L/lo," and 
plaintiff would iicive une ri^.l^t to take im..cdiate poL^^j-eaiJion 
of the property, ilaintilf cuoae to exercise txiia optao'., and 
tae pp.rty takint': the car frooi ;(io4;er waa not tintitloa to no- 

vH the anmr day that I',i«fger triiQC<: tht car tiUicr 
to Amuin or the dofeniinnt it '.ma 3old to anovh'.'r party, lence 
it is oni.,.portnnt ^Urt^er tuc conversion took vl^ce wlien tiie 
trade was mr-de by Ficgcr or when thr car waa aula to ti.i8 
third party. 

Vor the resaona above inuicaLcd the jud»aient ia 
reversed and th« cauae rerianded. 


itei>i:»«f »ri;f i.6 i ,G ,,ill 3iSi , gB4 

? -i lo #vi;ttj»:.;'xi'5'La dill 3«pT;»««ii \.' noq« ^uoasuoidl 

, i^x'x^ » to n&itsoo 9tit 

v.i^aMliatTiB sow aHoiJoL-iianl 

•a ,noi. .' lo fnaclJ e£l4 *« ^«j> 

.Da-xw'i'jc. sa 90lsv all 

.i.4i •*<*- 


G16 - £0954 

KOBEHli *. 3CliUii', ) / 

■ Appellee, ^ ' 

'' hliliKL PKOt' aLilJ^lUR COURT, 




' " ' ".3 


The Hbove etitiLicd caac, //iti. the e ce -wlon of 
dif f orencespf portira, a/^ountB and certain unicjportant par- 
ticulcira, iiiv-'lvfcs 3i;.iilar facts una the aaaie quttjtiono as 
are preaented in Isfirtu v. Far.' era r_ Traders Barij : , .No, iiu94&, 
in vmich vre liave day filed an opinion, 

Tiie i roceeding hold tu be reversiijle error in 
that case occurred filBo in thin case; the reason for re- 
versing and rcf.iRncint; Gtated in the opinion in ^;o, 20949 
is npplicable to tliis coae. 

The judtycent ia rfvcrsed and the cause re-xandcd. 

lU;;VLhaii:D AND RytlAiDKl;. 

iDITiiyt, 0Ki 

iinol*h H,. 

i;:;'jf- s:jyi.H: 

. ■■ ' v ■■■ 

--■5'>: ■. 

3'x 9e.ujao 


625 - 2i,903 

[ Appellee, 


;TATK BAM1{ XiP iiOKTiCllLLO, / 
\Apptllant. / 


i,AL VlXQk liUIiJilOH CtURT, 
COOK C^..Ul:7Y, 


j_ u' O J- *^- 

DliLlViiKi-:!) THK Oi I1.10>N GF THE COUKT. 

O ^y Ab' 

The above entitled case, >7ith the exception of 
dlfferencoB of parti ea, amounts and certain uni/.iportant par- 
ticulars, involves siniilnr f .eta anJ tin aajuc qucuticns as 
are preaenteci in Dartii v. i''Hri..ers jv Traders hv.nk , T.o, ^^i^^JA9, 
in wnici. we iiovc Uiia aay filed ari opinion. 

The proceeding hela to be reversible error in 
that case occurred also in this croe; the reason for re- 
versing and reuiflndint; stated in the opinion in I o. ii(jy49 
is applicable to thin cpse. 

The Jud nirait is reversed An4.. the cause re- 

RtViiidED Mil.) ncVAl'.DKD, 





I'.i. -iO'l-lv^ 


654 - 2C992 


oTATi iSAIC-C OF\i:o^TlCK£,J-0, 



DKLlVtRKI) THE Ol-IlilOK 0? THii ClIjKT. 

The above en tilled case, v/iti: Lac Rxception of 
differencee of parties, encunts and certain uni-.jcrtant pnr- 
ticulara, involvce ai..ilar f : cts and tiie aome r-i-stions as 
are presented in j>»rti> v. Far^.^erB a. "radcrB iiariA , i.o, 2G949, 
in v/iiich we iiave triia day filed an 0}inion. 

Th« proceeding helu to bt rovtiraiblr. error in 
that cnae occurred alao in \.hii> caac; I'r.v. rcSiijn for ro- 
versing and remanding atated in Uie opinion in lio, cl949 io 
appllcBble to ti.ia caae. 

The judfjacnt ia rcvcraed and the ceuse r<:iii.'inded, 

iil^-VKHiitlJ AMD ]?iKAl\DJi;D, 

8S8 .A»I 



65& - 'd099i 



\ Appellee, / ; 

\ / } Aiir/u, J'HOM UMlHlOh 

V:l. \ / } 

/ ) GCUliT, C' .'Y. 

i ^ - 

tin, ilO'iilDIMC JU'./rXCif, iu!0.5Ul;FLY 
DELlVKREJ; Tlii.- 0^ il-.IOli 0? TliK COUM. 

The above entitled caur:, witii the excej-Licn of 
dlf I'eroncea of i.'artietii, auiounta and certain uniiLport«nt i sr- 
ticulara, inv Ives similar facts and tiic saa;<? questions aa 
are presorted in hartt; v. j'un^crB it .radora linni : , Ko« -094'j, 
in w/ilcij we uaye thia any filed f»n opinion. 

The procc'ding held to be revoraiblc error in 
that case occurred aloo in this c^ae; the renaon for re- 
veraing and reD>.anuint stated in th(° opinion in fio. <n:'9A9 
la applicable to tuis case. 

The JuOj^iient is r»'veraed tin j. thi cauac rc«..'u»dea, 

* *. i 9 -L <..<? V* 

657 - cC395 



\ Appellee, ^/ ) 

ViaatURI J', 

\ Appellee, /' ) 

Al ) i'AL VKOl: iiUl KJilOH 




AppellHnV', ) 

^* o 2 5 

t'ii, iKii-aiMKC JUSTICE iiCJhSaaV 

TJie abovp cJititlcd oauc, with the excei tion of 
differcncps 1" j:>arti(:B, umountu r>iid certain uniriiportant jinr- 
tlculars, invclwra uiiuilar fr.cts nnu txic BOijue ouestiona aa 
are presented in Bart: ; v, Fariicre ^_ iradcra i^fny ^ , f:o, Zi.:-94,'j, 
in •wi.icii wc h.nve tiiia day filed an otii.icn. 

The j.rocccding held t . vraibl*; error in 

thftt cflsc occurred nluo in ti^ia case; the reaBon for re- 
Tersin^ and roi..f>iiuing atnted in the opinion in J^o, 2^949 
is a])pllcable to this cnae. 

The Judfgacnt iti reversedaand the cnuue reniandco, 

RKVi-hiiiiD Mi- I. To. Aj: DUD, 


Sje 0a»iv'B9t. 

'Ckl ii^ i. x*iir»»liiili'i d4u» miti-itO a ^ 


659 - iiC9e7 

lilStiOUni UTATJS 

Appellee, ) 

va. \ / } 

\ :■ ) cl'Uut, cook ccjkty. 

3TATK BAUK OP l-OKTlcfeU-O, , ^ 

ApvtliRnrt. ) 

i*H. iRKiilDlSG JU.iTICE i<;c^U;(i.Ly 
ntl.IVElii;!) THii OillilOK OF THi C'.'U];T. 

The above entiLlcd case* wit;, the exceptiun of 
difrererioee of iHriito, y.-uuj;t8 and certnin uniiiij ortanl par- 
ticulars, involves oiy.ilnr fMct.a iina tne aame quf;3tiona as 
are prcaented in jiarth v, yariLcrs £_ Traders ban): , f;o, *ii 949, 
in wiiich we nave triia day filed an opinion. 

The }>roce«din4.; iicid to bo revi rsiblc crrcr in 
that case occurred .-ilao in thia cuse; t)ic rtaacn for re- 
versing and reiiandinK stated in the opinion in flo, <iL9A9 
is applicable to thiu case. 

The Jud^^lent xa rovfracd and tne cauac rei.anded, 

KKVl.lUi!.!* AKP }aa.AM)!.lJ. 

sfi *AJ s#r 

rlsi. JiMi. 

:VOa» »ti' 


661 - ^0999 

Appellee, / ) 

) AliKAJL ?HOII aUtrillOR 


/ i c.uin^T, COOK cciiH'inr, 


liTATK liAiiK OF UifhTlCtlAXi, / ) 

\.^y 1 9 5 ■ -^1 


The oLiovo eti tilled caais, »lt. tiit; ext-ej t:.oti of 
dirfcrflrtccB of partioB, luuounta nnU uort&m unijiportnnt pj-r- 
tlcul«r»» uiTolvea ttiiuilor f'Cts .''.riu Uir same qucationa aa 
ar« preuented in Barth y. Fancier b ^_ :rfeders jiani , :,o, J0949, 
In wiiio.'i we nftve triia day fil«*d nn opinion, 

'i'tJi« prooeeding \it\.:x to b^- rti*Rrdibl«? « rror ix\ 
tHat case occurred aibo in hi^; case; the re&aon t\t re- 
v&raifiiv rind rei;.nndlni;' stHtf.d in t)i« opinion in '-o. .-:.0d49 
la Rpj'licnblo to iLio c'^'Se. 

The JuojKiCMt is reveraed and the cftuae refr.anued, 

KK\rFJ-;a}>'U AKD fU^i;AI;DrvD, 


a «fSO.' 


656 - Z{j'i9A 

kia^CURl oTATK Ll?£ iKiiUKAKCK C( , , 
■ Appfllee, 


THl-. C£.l<TlJkL Bto, 

/ ^ 
Appollfinl./ ) 


IMiLIVEK£i) THK 01-lMOK ()>' Thi-. COURT, 

The above eritiLled caae, witu tha excci-tion of 
dlfferencRi; of p(irtii-8, fULOuntci ana certrtin uniniportant p;-r- 
llculors, lnvolTes similar f ^cts anu the acauf questions as 
are presented in i^artii v, ynn-jcra ;S^ i radera i'.'»r. _ k , V.^. di.9A9, 
In whiCi: we li.ive thia any filed un oi-iriior. , 

The proceeding ncld to be reverait/lc, error in 
thnt caae occurred nlsu in thia C'sc; Ine reaaon for re- 
verain^ and resinn^iinr atnted in Uic opinion in • o. i,^^94i> 
la applicable to this cuue. 

The judj-ment ia rtver Bed ana thp cr^uac reoionded, 
RfY>:RaED Alii) y'KkJihD}'!}, 

1 G 


•oy -'uso ;3a«t? j>«ij 

658 - 20996 




Thii CKl/JKAi. BAKI^, 



AL FPOk a"irra»JK C'.UiiT, 

cl'Ok county. 


9 ^ 

101. rrrESIDIKG justice i4C;>UHKLY 
DELIVERRD Tlii Oi XMLS OK Til)-; Cour;?, 

The aiovfi cnlii.l«-ci coae, -.lili^ the cxce.i lion of 
differenocB of pnrtiea, vcounla aud certHin uriimjortarit par- 
ticulars, iMVolvea uL-^iil'ir fnots lu^a tixc same tueatlcne ao 
are J resented in i5»rth v, yp..r::.eTa c_ rndcra i ■ ank , !;o, xioy49, 
in I'iiich -ve havr tliia day filod ars opinion. 

The proceeding ixelii to bt reversible err:r in 
tliat case occurred oIbo in this Cfise; the reason for re- 
versing-; and recAnding stated in the opinion in lio. ^v949 
is apv'licable to ti;i 

The judj.M.fciiC iB reversed and the cause reii^anded, 

H.'^VKhaiJb ALU .KiiLiAJvIiKl/. 


VA. ^...? 


dvaO'*^ n:. 

'f+f, ^s-' 

66< > 20<^9b 

Appellef^t V 

/) AiliALFKOK tiUl-ilUOfi CuUP.T, 

▼^. / ) 



hppr- 11 nn t , ) 

5 I 

i>&i,iv>:iii!;i) nm. 0* if. ion of tuj^. cou.^r, 

rh« aboY* «'cled case, .utu ti;^e exception of 
differences of j&rties* Piiiounta and certain unL:;i ortant ; sr- 
ticulttr^, inv Ives sii^-ilnr facts and .he SBuae tiueetlona «« 
are preaentea in .bart//- v, f'nr^^'ers £j_ - radci^ B i^RnXi -o. .i^y^v, 
in '.7iiicl. .-.'« hrve t.iiu day filed »n oi'inlon, 

i/ic proceeding helu to be rrveraiblc error in 
that CJ'se occurred RliiO in tuie cn^e; U»c retieon for rr- 
vprsin* »nd refi:iPr'."infc- otuted in the opinion in ::o.-094<J 
is ' [.[lica:^le to tiiis case. 

The jud^jjiont Ic reversed ana the cause rcainnaed, 

RKVEftdKi) AND ;'.;JuAKT;r,r.i. 


es8 .A.i-aai 



■•i! »4(9 ii.tiW' ♦■»& 

'i^aisvsi « 

662 - 21000 


Atspel 1 r«. 



Appeii^ant, $ ) 


AI'JKAl FftOli aiJiJlUuH COUHT, 

COOK ccuirrv. 


DKJ.JVii:iii>:D Till: Oril^aoN Oi^ TKi. COUliT, 

The n. ov« rnliV-lr-d caac, ■titu Uic cxco; lion of 
differrncpB of pnrti a, fJioounts and cex'tain unirijiortanL pr-x- 
ticulara, involves ai;...i.l,-<r f'cts and the bsuar: questions as 
are prooented in jiarti . v, yHrKero f^ Tradfira r» nk , i:o. i:0949, 
in w.ich we hnvc t;.ia day filed en opinion. 

Tiir procoedinf; iield t^i bf reveraiDlr orror in 
that case occurred aloo in> c^se; the rcaaon for re- 
, yersinr and roiJianding otntcd in tne Qpi.'iion in !>o, 2C949 
is applicable to this case. 

The Jud^^nacnt ib reversed and tlit; cause re- 

RKV£H3Ki) Ai;i) K>:i;AJiDrD, 

UM Hm>i: 

86 - r:iOJ>8 

Defendant In :.rror, ) 

) mum TO 

\ / ) 

vs. \ ./ ) unnaciPAL c^im 

\ / ) 

Pluintifi? in ::rrof, ^ 

i. D O =- 


DiaLiv.-:!iii;; tkic op.uriryi; of tk^ coukt • 

PXaintiff broijt^it unit for the recovery of money 
paid by him to dofcniclnnt upon thi; oxef:utiori of nn ugrcfmmt 
for n. w.-.rr-mty dfvrd, alleiUng ieffiult by dofond.nt in his 
ngreomi-'nt , TrioX w.'O had by thr* court, -md judgment for .('300 
entered agninct dofondant. The aj^reemcait is i;c folows: 

"Tticles of ofrro'.mcnt for v/arnintec Ueod, orm Si, 
fihicai^o Legal Nev/B, ^rticloo of af^recment, m.-ide thie twenty- 
fifth d»y of March in th< year of owr Lord on-/' thouennd nine 
hundred and fnurteon (1914) between J. KcDonnoll» p. rty of 
tho -"irnt part, joid Jwnec ;'. juirk, p;.rty of tJic a- oond p«».rt, 

Th;.t if tVic p.'irty of thR Gcconfl p«rt shall first 
xtuiko the payr.ienta and perform the cnvenantu hereinafter 
mentioned on his pitrt to he re.-de and perfonried, Xite o^^iid 
party of the firr.t purt hnrnby coven.inty rjid .'Grtxs to 
convi^y and a.; ure to the yaid pn.rty of the B(-con'l part, in 
foe i^iiraplc, clear of all innumhrunceo by o good 
and nviffioient -^^rrtinty dend, the lot, pieco or p reel of 
ground Dituatod in t:o Ooimty of Cook and ^>tute of Illinois, 
kno-.m joid -lencribiid no Lot 10 in Block 6 in Tolmnxi U 
T'jndfiliug ubdn , of Lot ;:"•, oth<^rwise known • i- nujubor ,*)949 
L), rte:ii«n .venue, ond tlic tinid party of the second part 
hereby covonantu -nd ji^rceo to pay to the u/iid p,rty of the 
first purt tJie uura of Vourteen Hundred and oo/lOC olij.r'-:. 
in the nuinnor following: Three Hundred oolliirc on the 
BihTiing of this agro'tnent -Jicl noiiume n One Hundred to even 
Hundred collar mortt^age or truot derd to be secured rigr-inft 
the pr iperty due in about three to five years rnd the 
balance of tho nurchji^e price ut not leu.: than fifteen 
doliurii per nont)i, unynble monthly in ^ 'vnnco on the 
fifteenth day of roch month ::t the office of J. ?'c ^onneli, 
CMcn+'O, li.'-inoin, A^ith intt.-reet at th^- rate of aix [C>4) 
per centum per ennurn, oayable nemi-annually, on the whole 
sum remain ini' from timo to time unpaid, rji.l to pay -'.11 ti xct^ 
fire int)uranoe nHnest'.mont:; or imponition:? that may be 1 rf'lly 
levied or imposed upon aaid liind, «ubt;oquent to the year 
1913, ,\n i in c-,.e of tn-; failure of the trad party of the 
second part to nake '?ithcr of thn payments, or any part 
thereof, or p' rforiti ^ny of th^r covi^ntjriti} on '^ij part hereby 
made and entered into, thit^ contract ehi 11 • t the ontion 

M'ilLii. - 

»■ ■• 

w:^' ..€ Htnacx, 

;: ..;'x ■;■■ ;::.•■;'!:.■;;■•. ' ■;:,-;'. rr :: r ^,^■^^.,t " ^c?i:^;-.'4n fv-/--fli ■*s'i9l 

,., V.., ..,^;., , ,^:\<,l\\- , ''■.:;■ '.. :.r.: . 

,' ■:'xr'!.'i.~v ' ;>■ ■■'■, -'vf :"-;'^ ;r'^ j' 

'*- :^vr:>i,, ,. .■ ; ,-.:;♦ ^' ■■'• v.jTsm ■■■■■ *■:■;-■''. 

. '^tU '::■'■- .'■■•' -u ':;: ;■,.; v.^:.+ i-h' ,/ 
i. . T. : •<.;■ -; :.. ■;■■'■ ■ ,\ > . rj- 

•'' : , .w* ■> 'l- /•" .; ■■ ■ ' . "O' ■').■• 

■ i-;.,- .i-J^'' r; :■.,>■■;<■', ,, ,,.,: , / ■ n tfi,?' ■ , : tB 

■:: I ■■■: ') ■ . ■ t ".-u ■! ' ■,*.- "i- :;...: 

of the pfurty of the firut pju't, be forfeited ind 
determined, pjnrt the p/u'ty of the Bccond part ahall forfeit 
all puymentJj muctc by >iiin on this contr;'.ct, and auch pay- 
manta nhall he retuincu by th<^ uiid piirty of the first 
part in full OHtisfr-.ction and in liquidation of all damages 
by hitn BUtiti-inou, ttnd he ;hnll 1-iHve tht; rif.:}it to r<!«cnt r 
r^jid t&ke ponuen: ion of tho priMiees af ore. aid. 

In connlrtoration of the Lremior:. herein mcintionod 
the arid J, hcDonnell agroea to rti. ke the foliov/in^ repiiris: 
iJtr;^,i(.:;hten lonr! aide thf? br.Beinent build tvso new ft <irv/s.yo, 
one in front fuirf on« in mur, fix .ojtor pipe in b; li-ernnnt, 
buil<l rVi,-»foot ccjru;nt walk from lot lino in front to ro;.r 
Liteps. ^_. 

It Ih mutually agreed, by iuid betwcin the p rties 
•. hereto, th .t tht: time of payment ahali be tlie eescnce of 
this contract ond. th^tt »11 tlir- cov'-«?mtii i\nii ffireenicnto 
heroin conUiincd nh;-!! extend to Hiid be obllfr.-i tory upon the 
hsirti, cxecutoro, Huminietr-.torK and <-.'.u irne of the 
resptective pr;rtleo. 

In -itneso whereof, the parties to theic previonte 
hav' hereunt ' act their h^mdo -nd seala, the duy anrJ year 
first above vrritten. 

J. Kci>CI!KrLL, (Seal) 
JA2, P, ^tTIRK. (Seiil)" 

The wholf? nmomt plaintiff agreed to pny for the 
prqDerty wao 351400, but he svouid not "be fmtitled to a vvtirrwity 
deed imtil he had firut mudo O' rtain payiaentt^ -jn d done r -rtnin 
thinftB, !\a follown: (1) the payramt of liSOC cash, which wfo 
paid; {?.} the aijuumption of a rr.ortffupe for an junnunt between 
$100 and ^700 dollarn, tlic- cxuct umount evidently to be 
detennined later; and (3) tho pr>yjn(mt to dff i.-ndrnt of the 
difference between l'^'^^ pluu thr ^vimunt of this raortenc«» ^r^d 
J1400, the purcli.-.i.'e prlci;, in monthly intit- llmento of ..l'"' aoh, 
with interest; plBintiff r.lan «»..'. to p;i.y t^^xes, fire insiurnnct 
premiums ijid aisseosmontB, Tiie, rersult of thie wo id br th/;t if 
the mortgnfff.! asifuned by plaintiff Bh^jld be for f^700, thio 
amount plus ,?;^00, deducted from iil-tOO would^ M-' » •> ich 
pnld «'.t th< rate of flF: k month would tiike two yenrc ?\nd not-.rly 
three montho. If the mortR'^se should be for ■ RHialler hih 'int 
tho balance to bo paid in monthly imtalirnen ' b wruld be l;irfc»r, 
and hence a. still longer time sould paofi before this bj.lmce 
vfould be oaid. In .iny cTcnt, ^^.ccordlnc: to tht c -:nl,r;'ct plain- 
tiff would not be entitled to a deed until he htid compioted 


•-. :■• n.f : ;-f (TV •■■'»■ ' ■■ ;i,f:X --o..!. ''-y'-'l ill^^ .• x-'. . . ..- .- 

■' .<\^ '■>'>" X' ■■; ' • j ^^-r-: :?'^:;;v "^'Ui nii^Xv *»"sao oiijfiw orit 

bat'. ,?'Kv;jj-i«,-i.: rir.j ^n :* n.. :■. *w <'^iiy vdsLq ..^'?i:;v jiKJO'^Jt^i/ er-n 

fli;t" ,■■■'•■■ 'j:Vr vi .'li' ■irM: '^'rf tniidor v:-' i->«*Vlff.8«i u?: ■ ^clJ 



these monthly payments. This v/ aid trike two years or longer. 
This view of the contract maJccs irrelevant any dis- 
cusaion of ter>timony touching the reaoonahleneas or otherwise 
of the time taken by defendant to perfect hit; title, Defendamt 
would not be c-lled u^on to frive title until the expir. tion of 
at lenot t^o year a. 

It i3 evident, however, that the contract contemplates 
that plaintiff should have possession "before t?ie tirce arriv-d 
when he would he entitlea to a deod, Thia appears fron: the 
agreGm<j:it of <iefendant to make repairs, and the ugre'-rcent of 
plaintiff to pay taxes, as essments, fire insurance, and also 
the covenant in tin: a^rr enni';nt that bhould plaintiff default 
the defen-iiint sh'Xild •♦have th-.; rifjit to re-enter and take poe- 
aeficion of the premises," 

The time when defendant should f^ive poasesaion not 
being definitely expressed, the Irw implicB thr t it will be in 
8 reasonable time (Hamilton v, o cully, Hi. 111. 19,?.); ; " 
see no reason why the pa-^tieu may not agree V(:;rbally • ;; oo '/lat 
is a reaHOnable time, Pri.rol tostimony a;: to such an agreement 
does not tend to changii or alter the ^/ritten instruiaerit . It 
was testified by plaint if!', and no+, s^riou .ly disputed, thr, t de- 
fendant agreed to give possession of the preraiyos by \pril 15, 
1914, ?3nd the corret;ponf^.enoQ of the partico tends to prove such 
an a{;reenent. The contract is d-.ted i^.irch 25th, and or- f.B 
Hay 18th plaintiff had not been given possession. ."-hii: old 

that the parol agreement r.a to potisession \r; s valid, yet the 
trial court would have been ju-itifioo in finding, in the absence 
of >aiy explanation thiit such a 'Jelay in K:iving poHtjeasion was un- 
reasonable. :;ef eu iant presented to olaintiff tmd to the court 
the f.ict of delay in perfecting hi;; title ub bh explanation of 
his deliy in giving poijsiesoion, but as i^/e hav3 indicated hi;, time 
for perfecting his title was not the: same as the time when he waa 


.•■.;.:-;■: ... j;-r--\ ■• ■ -.. .' • ','/ . 'a ill '. . a?aG£irv;eq' virttnotB e3.3rW' 

- :..■•„■■ .•;'■.•.!;,';•'':":. •..-.t.l .^..'iiftoifo,* ^aoaiiJ ...:? To rioiaai/o 

/:-:;.:■:• , : jjt : . ■■:•{ ^- :^ ;'■ \ '\ ■■■ i\ o." :: ;i.k. i-iT-r:^'i> Yji uc//i£* Gcrii affcf lo 

•. ,v.: .;: ' .... i':. -'J .Ir]..- jv i "' ■.> ; u':^ :,■■.> fce.C£'::i Jff Jon blaow 

= -, ;t ;^v• ■:- ■'r;;;.^. .'■'' ,.■;;.: rv -i .■>.■:- oJ- .+ it: tn-j'i;»b 10 j-.u. 'aeaigfi 

i",'/; ■ : .J. ..:i.;^ • '....:_; rl- J - :; ,jr; ■.;■•. :i-"' Al *n.-:neroo ;>xfJ 

■: i.. • ..:;.:., .:v ■■ .;!:^ ■ : sx.y.ri ■:.• Z -fji .■^•■■"' ■• ■ -..X-i.tini.l-^h gfiiecf 
;^.-i;^•' o' "•• iX.ji- '■■ < v- .j.- ,ic;: Vv^sf -l.r -q -r^.: v.!:-" r:'>!=iiifi-i ijn »•© 

r. :..; ,■ ■; .: .■ •- .. .- ■■ ':■': 'i:-'. ,' .' . f ■■'.1 f Lc V'3 .?-» /" .i.:t ^oJ anw 

,;..! ,"--• ' .. , . ': r(i.- :- ;i: ; .;< ?' f-vi-, .j j.:<ti-i/^i .Tn^bnsl 

r:ciiir . : ::■ - • . ; .,- -4^ .•• or jc- r'- "•/-•. vj-. -.:;t tiu. ^'>Lei 

A . ^:;ri ^^ , ,. . .. .,- •; -■ , :'■■ .': . .•- vnt' ,.Jno.c;VT^-i5i« no 

Ki'>ii '- :::*--' . ;■ : - :..!.■ n;-v:' .:..--i; .:•*:./•. I /xj M.':.'ici, rlj r,l \^ 

T-^i:^ :■■ '. ,-, . ' ■■-■■ •■:■ .,,_ i i.i: <^ ^f-"}^ ic-ij^ff toffj- J-flrfi 

-.'..:•>;■;; • :'* ...■ , .'.'.: .;r, ;• -c i*.,'.^;! ;-Uj./or J-'iuoo L&tii 

'TV ? ■■ -10 1 - •. -r^ ■ : ■ - f./ ;1,-;'' -».•: ncJtJ ivituXq^o v.n» lo 

^O c.'>i ..«* is,':-.! jv. .!.-;: t^j; . ^fl ,a;-;t!>i(l'i:f»t ''•i '/>>I:>i' "to ioal exit 
e«i^ iii i>f>? • i) ill LVi\: tf>^ 'ii ^; o , 1 . > i e«»a4tO<i Bnlvi;^ Hi X^'-^Q** 8^^ 


to give possession. In the matter of poHHeaaion ho wfis 
bound to oerfonn in a reanonnble time; in the matt r of 
title he had over two yof-rfi within wtiich to p. ."form, 

'fhe JuclKKfmt of the court wr.c correct and it 
is affirmed, 


.f.a - v ■:..,; -CU.1 v!x^ n't , irct '3 at>--.Roq »vAa at 

,1 v-f;t. i'^li* ai 

119 - 31093 


,I)«fendfmt in ribr. 


JAHK DOi£, olittS ^ / 

Mr». Mary Mats, 

Plain Uff i|ft i^rror. 

) t'MHOn TO 



OP cmcAoo. 



Upon trial by a Jury the def en i.-mt, S'ury Vetz, srs 
found guilty of th« charge of boini: the keeper of n Uicorderly 
house, in violrtlon of section 5J'"19 of the Chicago Code. 

There In little if «ny con trover ay uo to the char- 
acter of the prrinlsea In ^lueution; it clc;arly comos within the 
language of the ordinance. 

The controverted point wn;; ns to whether tl-ie dtfend- 
ant, Mary Metz, who its keeper, tuid the solution of this 
queation depended upon whether the jury believed her story or 
the testinony of the witneSR Virginia frordon. Oofendnnt claimed 
that she had aold the place to the girl called Virgin in Gordon, 
who wno one o> the inmatee, but Virginia Oerdon donio<^l this and 
gave OTidonca from which the jury wua amply justified in 
believinr thiit Mra. t^etz w » the ke per of the h'<uBa* 

Defendant aaema to hnva had u fair trial, and we 
find nothinc in tho conduct of tho trial judge w)iich was 
calculated to prejudice the jury againut her, vc aee no 
reaaon to dioturb the verdict, xnd the Judgment in pf firmed, 



( ' ^^ , ......!.:.,:. -^o mo 

l-Se .A.I 2^ 

uii^iiiion 9rit bjiifi (le^qtB©^ aiJ-Jk aim ,s;i^»M X'^^a'i ,^01^^ 

^ i ". noifio'"^ niri.',::yu. V ,ri!':f , «ijttif-,(i«nai! »jeC* '*» »«0 sjaw «iiw 

. •■ ' -rfi to loqrittji a.rfif :i'.>w y^Jt^U •s'SSt i^ari^ ?inivt>J:X»<if 

^11 Xi 

lfJ2 - 21120 

M. C. COHLOy, ) / 

Defendant in rror, ) ; .-nnou TO 

\ ); tamic:lPAL ;T 


■ ) 
F5UHK "R.-iNKliOHoT, ' ' } 

Plaintiff in Irroi. j 

/ O^ 

L5TI. P.tiiulDiiJG JIJ: TIC;] MC-irirXY 

Dv-iiv;'.n:^;i) th?: oi>imok of th^; c^^MiT, 

3y -Uiia writ of cu'ror dGfcndJiOt oer?ko to h. ve 
reversed a Ju-igment fifrains>*- him for .:'M7,S5 in en action of 
tort to recovt^r rtrunHgeo all« gtrt to Imve been su; : ainod throur:h 
thfc negligence of defnndiunt in rtrivinf? hi;? autoir.onilc into 
plain tiff »: electric cor. 

The evidence tended to Hhow thot ftbout raid-day the 
electric cnr wjuj coinn east on vinonti Avenue in .:i.iCfu.:o, mov- 
ing i-lowly nnur the snuth curb, s it ncared th-: .estcrly 
crosii-walk of j^rondv-ay venue, an intersecting- north njid uouth 
Blrcot, defendimt came southwardly on Broadway drivin,': his fv^ 
horae powf-r r.^u MUto wei(Thinf: 5,000 pound:?, at p viiXq of iMioed 
eotinifttcd by Horoc of the witneuBea of from '•'i to 5^^ railo . ftn 
hour, ;ief on ijmt turned weut firdly on 'inoni .venue, takin?; 
the turn at ubout 15 railoF. an hour, iind veered towards the 
siouth .:urb and . trucic thn electric car on the ui'i< , d.-jnapin,- 

It iu claimnd th t thf^ *»cnidont rn<v. mmvoiiable 
becr.uoi." th«i i'fcmdjint in mv*kin - thi; turn w; r. at tcrnptinc to 
avoid btrikin;: two (irlo •/ho \v«?re on thi- crona-walk; but we 
think tlie co;irt w.nj tunply juitifird in b(rlicvin th.-t dcfndf<.nt 
Httenqjtcd to turn nt so hi(-h u rutc of i.petHl '.u to -r ut-r hie 
c/»r to Bv.irii: ovij-r onto the -.oith i.;ide p'' inona venue into 

' ■' ^* " "' ■■■' r^' i 


•- : -Xi ^ ■.■ ■ •;...' ■;■:■ i';-^ -v. .-:.■>■;■ >o w-jaassiX^-- 

■ ■■ , -•■ ', ■ ,-i ■■.■'■■ .-'xiv ■f^- ■■-.' ■.i^.U/,- tlSO ol 

N.f ">:♦-■.> ■■ , ■; - 4 ■ '''■ ■-■) ' ■■ ■':'^S 'i^j;sn yX^'OX*! Sfll 

.:,■».■■.. i<,^ , -.:--or :,iU' : ■■■;••■ •! ,■■■,.;■••/.. :.y -^■■.-irx'h ''*(> ■iila.v»nao*vy 

■. ■ , , .■■ I- >■ -■•/■.•.■■■i.v i ji't'.rf'.'^s': .fwori 

-■•- • ■- - •.' ■>- > -T .,,, .,Li,>.- cS. ■■.i>><S'.'. ./:•> ntui aJi# 


the filectric cur, rjid th» t in uo doln^: dercncljoit was 

lo tlie Hinount Hilov?o<l for 'liirnHKesi too 1 rjjo? 
'^itneuaeii teetifitnl :^:> to the diAjnuf^eB and the neceB.-ary re- 
puiru and the uiJUJil and cuotomary chiirgen thcrofor, 'he 
principal item;; controverted are. a tire and the co;;t of 
puintiuK. It fairly proven th t a nev; tire wa^ nocesiary, 
iind the »inount paid therefor v; n the ur.ual »ind cuntornrury 
chfirge. There wna tG:»tiniony tliiit the electric car wus oix 
raontha old ut the- txinc of tho .-jcciciont uxid thu'i. tho paint wnt- 
then "bri::ht r»nd luoti-oim," Itn entire si'ie smr. struck, 
ocrutchinK the paint off the -A-hor. li;, f on icrs and "i^ody. e 
have conaidered th« op oyin;-: teatimony jmc! ttio argument of 
counsel, "but ctmnot otmclude the t th^. arantint of dfnai.^eB found 
by ;.he trial c-.urr w. r. not ff.rily Juatifiei from the 

There appearini'; no re.uon lor reversing the judgment 
it i uf firmed. 

■ •';. : ■•-■/-n £..;;■ Til- SiriJ \tl 

18 - <i0466 

?ETi UiAi.lo et Hi., ) 

Defepdants in iirroTj, ) 

\ / ) liKROR TO KUiaClI-AL G( UHT 

/ f 

I iRintitf in i'Dpijr. 



. 5I,A. 8 42 

This writ of error id irossouted to revere* a 
Judt'iaent for ,^lv.u, 6alt*rio« clfirt-rci by pl»^i«Liffi» froia de- 
f«nciint iioupcr on u vcrt>al a^r«ej-<erit to ^.ut a sewer, o&toh 
bnein arKi water closet in n building;; of defenaant fur <<1I< t 
and for 44^ for extra work not included in trie a^;reeii.ent, 
on •sniofi a«fen<in.nt had paid ^tn, , 

'. ii<5 coniention of I'laintiff in error ii» tijat 
the doil pipe w&a not ;! uoed in ti:c proper :K.i^oe ufM that 
no extra work was done by plaintiffs. Txiere was no a^ree- 
aent or order of the defemJant as to vtiere thr aoil i ipe 
was to be plaoed* The teatisiony ia conflicting, and we 
think the Court miftiit pro; crly find froa; tue evidence 
tiint tnere wos .lou due fruai def entrant to plAintiffs, Hnd 
the Jud^cent is affirmed. 


S>S*.i-..v^ - 

I » 

^ f-Xt- A ^'-? ''-■^ i / 

.:.'.». .^vs laal Joa 2£i:«sr a,%ix» tQ'i v>i\i 'so'i baa 

•- : j« on oaur ot^ar .sT) n«b &tm trot. &'x:fx^ osi 

5 t^^aiS'oi.lJi-'.oo t,i vaouxJatii »itY «4i«8«iq bo' o^ »«w 
*oaai;ivo «>;Of"i 6ui'l. i^XtiJ oiii HetlA) 

49 - 20826 

jJefendant in ,.rror, /^ ^ 

V e . j/' ) 

\ / ) cy Chic AGO. 

ifi. I /*Aa • r f 1 > Ai^i IIJ. , / ; 

ilaifctlff in rrofr. ) 


/ to 


Thlo writ of error bringij in review ti jua^iucnt 
for tne plaintiff, ; cCivern, u^ninat the (iefenaunt, Eliza- 
beth l-arkiiill, in forcloie dotainrir &{it«red on n. uirticted 
Yerdict for Uie plaintii'f, (.ht: q^je'vtixjn j.i.'c&ti'itc <1 le: 
did the i;ou t err in airecuxn a v^.raiot iur tht plaintiff* 
In aeciJinK it.iii qucation Ino eviJenue ^^oat favorabie to 
Ui« defendant iu to be taxm au true ntid irif <erc-noea Uri^urn 
fpooi uuch eviUtnco laoot fjfYoraMt. to Uie uftfen^./'nt Lhrtt uan 
b* fnlrly (Irnwn th^rerf roxn, 

Ji^ Defendnnt *«ib in r>oBae«Biori of th* tre.i.iaca in 
queation under a vriLten Icaoe executed 'by plriir.iiff ana by 
he"r. Tor onr yr»r finUiriK April 3t , 1J14, .>hc t* Sitifieu t/.at 
in Rrc 1 or April of inat yenr defti.uunt aaJccu htr if ttiae 
wantt'd to atny another year, nnd aiic »ai . yc'B, .-jiic ;/ftnt«a a 
lease for tnree ycara; that plaintiff shiu UaOI he aid not 
warit to a^Hk'. ■ •' r more tiinn one yrar» but then sala, 

"I will f.lve /wU f\ iK. years Iraee," ana tnat ahc said "All 
Pifji*t"; that defencinnt dclivereu to her ay lat duplicate 
intitrumer.tti ir» writin,; in luf for., of Icas^o ot tat- pr«i.ii*ee 
for two yeara, in tiit- body of wtuLoli plaintiff ie nnined ae 
leaoor -ina defonajtnt ana her haebnno, i . J, iorkhlll, na 
IfBeees, wiicn Indtruiitenua had i.ot %een ^i(..ned by any one; 
that she and her iiuabHnrt al^,nea eaid Inetrumente about a 
week after ay Ist; t/iPt ahe kept as»id Inotruaente in ncT 

8 .-_J 

.i. ii.iatiX:': ":■ 


lii ' "i-'nl 

possesalon and did not tell plaintiff that she or her husband 
had signed the same until i;uly 28, v/hen plaintiff served her 
vritii a notice in writinj^ that he h;'d elr-cted to teribinate iier 
lease of the pre:-ises, her lease and tenancy to teroiinate 
August 31, and notifying: her to surrender jioaseasion of the 
preri.ibes to him at the close of tnat aay; that aiic then said 
to plaintiff, "You csn have your leases; they have been 
signed." ahe gave as a reason fur not plaintiff 
that the instrumenta were aigned and returning the aama to 
hini, that sne was waiting tu see waat he v/ould do abuut di- 
viding the store, and ad.i.itted that the dividlnt; of L/ie store 
nnd the leasint, to her of one half of it, was diiacuaaed be- 
tween her and plaintiff after ay iJ^I^Ouc-^ conversation tends 
to siio V that defendant aid not con^^ider the instruments de- 
livered by plaintiff to her as a lease of the premises for 
two years. 

Hhen a lease contains mutual covenatits and ia 
executed by the lessor only and is delivered to and accepted 
by the lessee, the lessee is bound by its ter s; but here tne 
instrument which was delivered to defendant was not executed 
by the lessor, onu the case ia no- witain the rule nuove 

Vhe testimony of defcnaunt clearly ahows tnat 
she retained possession of the premises in question I'fter 
April 3(j under a verbal proaise of piaintiff tnat a:if; s/iould 
have a lease for two years. hio at^reei.ent as void .aiaer 
the atnlute of frauos, nnc thereby ane became a tenant from 
uiontii to month. Crei^^ton v. ^andera , 8x) 111. 543. rhe in- 
strumenta ae] ivered to defenaant were not executed by plain- 
tiff and he y/as not bound by sucii inatruir.ents , at u the agree- 
ment of lease vraa not taken out of tne otatute of rauda 
ti^ereby. part perf oi'n.ance does not at low take a case out 

ctfii'-X^f ffs.t '&oa ' . (!o.f.9R«>siaoq 







of the ..tatute of raudo. x^eavitt v, Jtprn , lt)9 ill, I)6ii; 
Crei^itturi v. .^.^jiuero , auprt >. 

1'h« view mout favorable to the defen-ant Uxat 
can be taken of the Jtrli very of tiic unuifcned InsitrujBoritft on 
t'.ay 1, la tiint it a!;iout)ted tw :•-(! offer on ti-e part of flHin- 
tiff to lease %he store fjr two yonra, .>he diti not (;otify 
plaintiff t.hat ulic had eigiried or Hcce{.tcd t^ie Icuae uDtil 
July 26, »rid then only upon |l;;intiff delivering, to her a 
notice terLjinutinfe, her tenancy, wnioh, in lej:al effect, 
amounted to a withdrawal of nia off<r theretofore luade to 
rent her the preiuijeB, 

"An offer may be revoked ot withdrawn at any 
time before it iu Hccepted <tnd aeceptunce uofii;i:ui:icHt^<i to 
tlic p!<rty, for, untal Lhei., there io ne-itner ai.,ree:Ment or 
conuiuerntion, 8 Jyo. k.84 . 

An ofier once r-.«de ia not to bo regarded as 
open for tiie accejtance iridef iriitely, if no ti.-ae f<Ji- ac- 
ceptance ia fixed bv the ttr.'i.s of the offer, -nd accejitance 
iu frrde wit<.in n reaaunHhlr ana bffore revcoaticn, it 
oo.iipJ etea tUt contract; out delay in acce; tance beyond a 
reaiionuolo time cautite ti..e offer to lapse and e uubaequftnt 
atte; to acuept ia of nu le^al effect. Ho foni<al witn- 
drft\7Bl of tiiP offer is neceusftr.y, if it renuins unacceited 
after a renaorjubl* tiae." 1 i a^c on Contracts, Ch, C'i,, 
38; Vro una tine .'■. v.p_. v. > if:lle rj 3 , 35 .a*'. 447; 9 Cyc. 29\i , 

"Jin-, {jift.iiif, of tKe inotru ente by defoivt-iant 
and retaining the oame in hfT pojHeswion w»i5 r.o luort titan 
a mental nauent* Vhere vas no ■ ct of ucceptnnce until . uly 
ii6, but, accord infi to /ler tratiaiony, oiie ififor;.ed defendant 
that the instruuiente had been ei^ned, and t:.iu wae rot *iti*- 
in c reaaonablc tii^e, */hen the offer vmm not accepted with- 
in R reaaonaole tiwe* plaxnAtf wfa at liberty to rej..Rrd Uie 
offer as rcj«cted and to ijjoke other dinpoaltlon of hi j prop- 

I laintif f in errcr rlso contenda ti.u L tne judt;- 
ment should bt revcriiea bt-cauae ' , J. iariiiiill was not jwined 
aa a oefenua.'.t; but Uii~ contention can- ot uc Buatalncd, The 
verbal arrecr-.ei •:. twccn pleintiff and defenaant aione. 

There ia no evi-.ence tnat K, J, lorA^illl waa in posBcaaion, 

■li^ .V 

>i>A tiy 

and he waa not a neceeoary or proper pi'.rty to the auit. 

<ie tiii.'ik that on l/i^ eviderjce in tixft- locord, 
the Court did not err in diroctin^ ft vtrdict for tne rlair.y- 
tiff, and Uie jadfjuent in affirmed, 


s}»iina ti tort tssm 9ii bv.n 


636 - <i0974 

J CLARiKCK 1). kOON «t al , , 

a corporation, 





Tula io n.ri ttiipeol by the Mnzer iJori'truction Coia- 
pany, clef enaarit , to revcrae a juci^^^nent rftcovercd ;it-;iniit it 
by nppelleea, tiip surviving pari.nerB ol trx'. Ir-.te fin.- of 
Uoon & lialc, for ;(.7646,fa7. February 1, 19; 5, tiie : inzer 
CoaipHny enterca into n contract vfitli tJie Chicft^:o ooutiitrn 
hn.ll way Coiiipuny to l/aild crrtain p».rty of itu railroad be^ 
tween Chicago Ileit<;rita anu the Indlarift otate line* ^'ebruary 
14 tnc r Inzer Coiwpany entered into a contract in i/ritinf, witti 
tile fir: of T, K, iiill Company to do ti.c concreti: v/ork w^^t-tween 
the pointB fiuove .i.critioned. Apnl Iti the >-.ill Ctuupiiny en- 
tered into a contract in 'writing wltn toon i. Jialo to iiRul 
tiio fljaterialo to be uued by Uie iiill Cootpany in tiie i-rrionuunce 
of t.'icir contr ct 'iti. Dii? .Inzer Cotiipnjny, ^ oon '. i^ale bc>. an 
work April <:«:. ihcir contract, provided that th«y aoould be 
paid 85 per cent of nil v/ork done up to the i:th of eHC.. month 
on the .;' til ol th( c;ontti, nxvS the re ninlnf; 16 per cent on tii- 
cor.ipl<tion of the work« There ie no mcrjtion of eatir utoa in 
tne contract, but tiu Hill CoMpnny give ;.oon i i.nle eatiiuHtea; 
the first for the vork done to Jum; 1, ;uja tiiC second for Uie 
*ork fron; Jum 1 to July 1; tia- third for -he worx done froic 
July 1 to Au^uat 1; the fourtn for th . wor done from AUfjuat 
1 to Jcptesiber 1, 190b, 


■.00 Tr«J: : 

The ri^iit, of action of i'oon ■:.■ }iHle a^jairjat the 
icinzor Coiipany in baaeU oji an nllc'j^ed vcubal contract bc- 
tveen is.oon :s hale arx. tho -Inzer .^oiopnuy, lU- dc (uuinj- tae 
fir»t ./eek of June, lUvb, >:4i<^roby the Kinzer Company Hfiroed 
to pMy • oon /, liiile for tne -^lork tiic/ had contracted witu txje 
Hill Odtiipany to do. It ia bfiaod on the teatiMony of >;l.'iiri- 
tlff tiftle, .vho teotified Uaat in the firat wee^c in June he 
and his partner, i-oon, /ent to h plnce where a bridj^e v/ua to 
be bailt over the jHokJikee ..iver .■nd thsre accidenttilly ..', .' inzer, the j;re»ii.U?nt of tne ) inzer Coir.jany, nnd 
that iinser P.8ked v,-no they \vere. j- oon aied before the trial. 
Hale testified to the conversation, and r.inzer testified tiiat 
no uuc;i conversation occurred; timt he tiio not mev.t -oon ;:nu 
Hale at tne tirac: or plnce tfijtifiou to by j nlc. i al e tfjati- 
fied tho.t ne ania to r ineer timt jir, mtiff a he.d rccoivftd no 
money nnd no e«tici,,:ite on the rrorX ^uinct they atarted, nnd 
were diasatlafied «no were goinc to throw ur the -.vork; that 
Klnzer isked tJier; not to do thnt; snid if tiiey threw up the 
work it woulii delny it, "and for Uo to t;o along and do the 
work thr anme "o we nad been Rna he would j ny uu , •* 

The firat contention of a'.pellnnt u no auch 
verbal contract between fl Mintiff a snr' defenonnt as i.'l 'intlf f a 
alleged was m.'ide, was ever in fact ciridc. 'Viiu contention, if 
sustHiried, is fatM] tc pluintiffs* rif.:ht of action, for Lheir 
right of action ufrpinut defejulant ia baaed on uucz> alleged 
verbtil contract. Ac to thf converaation in vn.icij «uci contr.'tct 
ia jill<gcd to hnyc been a^rt-de , tne only witneeseo wf^re ..ale and 
T, ft'. Kinaer, tne jreaiuent of defeniant Compnnv, nnd tjicir 
tostiHiony, n« haa been said, iu in direct conflict. He do not 
regard tne trotit-ony of hB of 'iny coriuliieratle value 
as corrob'.^rf^tive of the ttutiiuony of ale. It vvaa Uiat he met 
irinxer on thr road uoon after vune l.:t, and i inzer said, "There 

wouln be* no rcnaon for uo ha!ij,int: bscl. or tJLr.inf, our ' off 

from ttifi work; that ne hnd re8uau»ci tiie re»j onui Oilit/ riow» and 
we could fc'o ahead witii our contract wit:, conf idence.* There 1b 
no pretenae tiini t/ie Kinzcr Company *no resionaible to i-oon 2. 
h"lo, Offore tije jufixxMi: of tjjf> MiLr-<,,ed verbal contract, anri 
there vypa aa to Uiftjr. no rc-svonaibi J ity for tlie ivinzor cojapany 
to resiiL'u^, 

To auutain i-jicir cause of action, i-laintiflo were 
bounu to prove tliat defendant a cizrect prcuiiise to plain- 
tiff a to pay tnoi'i for hnulint, the luaterial they aad contracted 
with the iUlI Company to havil at the price a^^reed on btvtw«en 
plaintiffs and the Hill Cuuipany. in dtterruininfe: whCvher such 
a promise wae !.i».de, /e must look not only to the teatL'r.ony as 
to verbal atateiM-tita, but tj the facta and circuioatances sur- 
rounding the p^'Xtiea at ta*r liiue and their Sabaeca.nt acts and 
conduct, 'rtie in/.er Cuaipany had a valid written contrict with 
the l.ill Company to do txicir hauling anu had no kno»ledt;e or 
inforriiation an tu the teriaa of tiie contract between tiie iiiil 
CiiHipany and plalritiff, onaer «uci. circu»iijtanceB , it dcc:...,a i^a- 
probable that .^anxcr for the defendant would tiiai.e an agreeuicnt 
with plaintiff tuat tuey ai»ould do the work the .' ini;er Joinpriny 
had contracted witn the Hill Company to do, ;il lOUt tno -'.mo«1- 
edti^e and oonaent of the i.ill Coj.ipany, anu a(t,ree to pay theu the 
amount wxilcn would bo due the.u under tnf^ir contr^iot 'uith tiie 
Kill Company, 

The eubsequent acts anu conduct of plaintiffs are 
InconBiotont witii their olain that tne defendant irjjuiued dur- 
ing the first voe>. in June to pay tiioi.. lor the aauiint tiiey 
had contract«^d ./itn tlip Kill Compony to do. in place of re- 
porting; to the uefenaant co;_pnny the aiaount of war taey had 
done and getting their pay from that Company, tue\ obtained 
estimates froir. the I'.ill Company and orders of the jill Cari.pany 

1 on 1' 


on Ueferui:;nt for tne au.ourii Si.ovm ta be dun on jucii c»tijiate«, 
and took Uxa orders sn eati;:.«te8 to the ueferiaunt, and -vcro 
dviven chrcA« for the Jiniounl of auch orders. ihe contract be- 
tween the defendant and the i?\vay Company provided tnat 
06tirQatf;a .'Siiould be i:.:ide by tne r:ail'.7ay Qompciiy oacn aionth 
for the "OTk done durin* the preceding aiontii, mich tiiould 
be paid on or before tiia Ibta of each cionth. ^he contract 
between tne .Inzer Coupany and the i:ill cowpuny j;rovided tliat 
ench month estimates ahoula be rtade by the . mzer Co.up.iny'a 
engineer of the worl- clone ciurint^ the preceding, montn, ./uich 
should e payable on or before the lotn of the faontn, i l»in- 
tiffa obtained etttii-ctea froru th<! iiili Cofupany, mtHde in ^o- 
cordanc) vita their contract vtit:: the ..inaer (Jouipaiiy» and 
presented thea for payment at tiift time fixea by Uie. contract 
between the . inxer Company tuia the bill Coripany, 

. June 19, 190 J, ti.i a after tue nxict-.od 

contract between '• oon <r. l;ale anu the "inaer Ccijipany, Hale went 
to the office of the iUll Cojiipany to hia eatixcnto. It 
was given tc hin. and ;yitn it an order or. tiie ..inzer Cou^piuny , 
ai^ned by the iiill Conipr.ny, for the aii-ount duo h oon >\ uale 
from the rill Cor/ipnny, ...i.j;i4 .47 , aa aho-vn by tne catxiuato. 
The order directod tnot the poyun-^nt be ••i.nde axid ciiar<<;ed to 
the T, !;. l:ill Company account, '/diicii was done. i.c office of 
the l.ill Compsiny and tin-i. of tne i.inaer Cotnpany were in tne 
same building, and] took i.ale to t/iP office oi' uie .an^er 
Companv and introduced him to Thoaios jV, l mzer, Uie i-reai Jent 
of the Mnaer Coupar.y, »b ne tt-utificd, for tne purpuae of 
identiiyinf, i.ale so thai, nc could K'.;t xiis order iaia. Hale 
adiuito that nc ,«as taen introoaced tc anzer. Vhe catia^ates 
for Jurie anu . uly were collected by oon <l. );ule in the aajiie 
manner; for eacli they received ait order of tl»e hill co£&pany 


'X:;>:'5tU ^>.X.. 

«E4it »'.' 

on tijc 1. in/.er Couiptxiiy for tliC :u:iount an ■mi \.o bf due by ine 
estiri.ate, tind presented the accue vitii the eatifi.Hte to th« 
(•r Cofapwn:/ and Tor it received a uiieck ul' ti;e inztr Cou.rany. 
In Jepterntrr the ilill Corapany vma in financial trouble and the 
vouclicr for August, vii.ich anould nave been paid ocpteruber -> tl>, 
was unpaid, and thnt day n receiver v/hb iippointed iox tne 
Hill Coiupany. hale testified ihut Uit: contrnci. ol the hill 
Con*pany -.vith Uoon k lale wae not cancel leu., and ti^ere is no 
evidence tendinj.^ to show it wsb oftnccllrd or abro^-ated, 

Other evidence in the record tenaa ; troM^ly to 
Bhon tiiat tue conlruoi. of tue hill Coiupany ivi tn ;„oon a hale 
reuiained in force, ana ti^Ht tney Hlone were qonctrned with 
the haulint; of the unterinl umt ) oon it hale had contr cLed 
witii the hill toijpany Co haul. June iei., 1900, voon ;. it.ile 
by letter adviaed the hill Cof^iany of the nuiaber of cara of 
fflaterial that were required to keep their fojce busy. June 
«i7 , icon &: iiale attain wrote tne i.ill Company nboiit thn i ro- 
Kreoe of the work, «uly ^l), :. oon & Hale cent the lilJ Coin- 
I.)any n ciicck for Cif^r aervice m. i aakco the i.ili Cof^pany to 
see if Uie naount cuuld not be reb?«ted to ti.oiii, August 14. 
by lf>t,ter, toon ^ Hale adviaed tne hill Co: pany of 
the progrcBb of the work end atii;eo thtam for a lull auj ply of 
material and requftBted July eati^^ote early ao u\p.y cuuld set- 
tle tyith oom* of txit contractora v<ho v»cre c^•):I4^ting their 
work. ;jepte.r,ber 1^, ;. oon Ac };ale wrote the i.ill Company that 
they would return u j r-Mdin* plo'# ond abj-.i-u the lllli Conpfmy 
not to ijoiie a deduction frum UiCir eatL-f'ti; Jur tiic plow. 

i.oon ^ iiule --Hde a contract .itii cne »Vilder to 
do a p^irt of tnu .vork tnc.v ii.nd aj. reed to do by tiieir contract 
with the iiill Coinpiny. wilder brout'ht uia -.uit ^■^junal r oon 
& hivle in i-tike county, Indianf , to recover Uac ;.anount uu* 

.:acxA!oO i0£ui.4 9tli ao 

■, if V **S'I^ : 

hiifl froni i.oon h iialo for work aonc under Jfiia contract, ^nu by 
change of vcnuo the ens© went to „icait;:o.n City lor irirl, it, 
was ther« tried In I>Bceuibcr» 19w5. in t^iat c; ae butii 'iale 
and Clamper tectified thnt the xiiiullng done by i,oon c. iiale 
was done unJer their contract witii the i^ill Compfmy, and 
neltiicr of them iJ.cntioncd or referred to the i inzer Coaipany 
or to any contract y/ith tJiat C'ouipany, Iiale fuitz^er t^atified 
in that case tiiat toon v i.alc received eotimateu oi' the iuount 
of material nauled eaci^ iisonth; that tuese etitiiiatf-a covered 
their entire contract -iti. tua iiill Cw^jiruiy "frniL one end to 
the other"; that he told .lilder tnat he was jr^'tting up a final 
claim, uo that ti<: coulu file it at .voc^enoe or ronkakee and 
protect tiitir ritrhts at:ainst the P.ailvmy Company, loon K hale 
filed a clnini of lien jAf.ainbt the Hailvmy Company in j'.anxaKee 
County October b, 19'...5, ann tiic attorney nn Tiltd txii claiiXi 
teatified that he had a conversation with ^.oon or ,. oon d: i.ale 
with rcfererwe to filing, the clmm, 

}laintiffa al ao ii-ade a claim oi tne amount aue 
thei;. for hauling a^^ninat the receiver of tii« liill Co.'npii.ny and 
also in a bankruptcy court a^rninot tno liill Uompany, ania from 
their acts and conaact it clearly appcaro tiinu tiafir bujxness 
dealings .vtre >Yit;. t/n hill. Company only, ana that txie claiui 
against the Mnxer Company was an wf tertnou^ ut; that n.ey 
ref;nrded the contract of < oon (.■ iiole .viui tin. i.ill Company 
as in force, ano Uicir claim for ha lint; oone aa a claixa 
apalnat the liill Company, ano it .vaa not until tney nad failed 
to collect from the iiill Company tnut ti^ey made aclnim n^Ainst 
the iinzer CoiupHny. "ant claiiu ^as ruxdc in ti.i a juit, wj.ich 
was brought June ^, 19ua, 

our concluaion froai a carwful «x/i j^m tio/i of the 
evidence in the rccoro io, t,hat tiie evi..encr failu to auow a 
contract bet^veen the "Kinzer Cowpanv and ioon a. I'.ale, by which 

O «9f!!=>tfiT,' ,■ .j n 

B aubsm V 

plain tiff i» ai^reed to pay ;<oon L halt- for txaulint. the natorialo 
Miid firoi iAiii contracted with the hill Ccuapany to hHul, ur 
any proraiae by the defendant to pay sulci firm for sucii haul- 
ing, Hnu the JudtjXaent i/ill taerefore bf.; reversed. 



636 - 20974 FISDINO** oy FACT. 

The Court finds aa faoto in thin ona« that Ui« 
record (ices not ai^iow a contract between the defendant Cota- 
pany and the firtt. of l»oon a imIc, of walcu first tne plain* 
tlffn are the aurvivin/K partners, by waich defenuant prcut^ised 
to pay said firoi for hauling th^ ni^teriala which said fim 
had contracted witn the iirj^i of i>ill A Company to haul, or 
any promlo* by defendant to pay 3aid fir- of i^oon a i.ale 
for ^ueh haulini;;. 

bZ - ;aic6k: 

T. V;', ciCKULilK, doing butiiness / 
aa T. *, Jcaulze • Company, / 

Defertdant In Lrg&r* ) 

Vlftintiff in/, rror. 

} ERR'.B TO kUiaOiIAI, 
) UuUiiT OK ClilCAGO. 

L .^ ., 348 

^.h. JUaTiCiC BAKKK DKUVIiRiiD TiiK Oi It?loa OF riU COUnV, 

Thia iB & wTlt of error j-roaecutcd lo reverse 
a judgment for ,i;9ii,5- for coi.T;:iaaiona claiaed far ntt;o lifting 
for defenuajit an excii; Jiije of certf«in real estate for other 
real estate owned by x.aura Jenuen. 'I'he defendant in error 
liAS not seen fit to file a brief. 

'.he afridfivit of claim in for "the uaura, or- 
dinary and cuotor.iary brokisrupe coau isuion, " etc. .here ia 
no evidence xn the record thut the couiiuia^ionc. chnrged and 
recovered sre the ai..unl L-roktr'a cou*iiiiaoiona for negotiating 
an exchnijge of real f^^li'te; but the teotimony for the plain- 
tiff was that tnri areciol Ht:ree..ent a^ to the rate 

of coiamiBsions to be puid. 

The contention of defendant, aupvurted by hie 
teotimony at tr.e tri- 1. w» taal t;.ere «».3 .in af;reer;,ent be- 
tween him Hna the plnintiff tnat he should not pay any co,:;- 
miaaions, aut plwintiff ^/ould t'.et hi3 coa.;.i aoiona irom the 
other partv to the exchange. .laintiff denied Ujit ^uiy such 
af:reca;ent was ..ode, he Court stopied the«nt «hile 
he was on tnp wiLnesn su.nd. nnci i«nr:0unced hi a finc.lng and 
Judeinent for the plaintiff. The defendant objected ano 
stated that four witnesses for defenuant hr,d been avrorn 
and would testify tnat ihilllps, wnc ttatified t/iax he 
procured tne contract of exchange, stoted that no coojuis- 

Q -*^" <0 iJLi^^ '•'^- '\JJ X 

tHWO ^^tiSUr) 


8lon> were due from defendant, iut Inn > ourt refuac-d to 
pcr;al t tiu: wltnesees to testify axia re-fuaed to per. it de» 
fenaant to continue hin tcoti'..jny, ana c.t;;uin Hnriounced a 
finding ond Judt;iient -. ur Lhe piMlntlff, diiC. defnn.ant ex- 

*re think the Court erred in auCi. ruling, and in 
giving a Jadf:iiit::nt foi tir^e i.] ^tin'.ii f , -uiu Lhe juafii.ent is 
rererecd ftnci tnf cnuae ^e^^arided. 



1S7 - :;.111.1 


ivefanaant in f-rror, i 

V-. \ ) 

MaintlfV in ^-rror. , i 

SIIKCR 1"0 SiL«?cICll'.M. JOliliT 

y^ 195I.A. 349 

kR. JliJTICK BAKi.H i)K lIV^HIvD Tl!?=: C} IHICN D? THF C'ajJt'.". 

'luio f-rit of error brintja in review a juuij-'ient 
01 li\K uiucitbl Court UBseuc^ing a fine of v2(./U atsainat 
plainti.fl iu errcr .;.dth f(/r a violation of ..ection ^^.1^ 
of the i.eviaed 1 uiiicipai code of C-'iiCKgo. The traritcrlpt 
filed in of tnv Qonciion l;<w rfecujo only, ThnX record uxiows 
tx^fci tlic vidferidfiia apr;enr«jd, filied u written wRiver of n 
trial by Jury, aub.iiitttd tii« cuune tu the Coui't, ;'na mtered 
into ft recognijsunoe to a[\ ?rar for triol; thrt. ht- did r».T pc»r 
and ttio ourt heard th?- 'i:Vioer;cc, fuuna tu^ liefendant 
f;uilty of o rio.i .;-tiun of tiit- ordinftr.c« mentioned in tho 
con»pl.'»int, «nci >: . J u fine afc;f:inat him of .^ii\.A , 

Thf lUvfc/juatit n.-ivlng aj 'Retired and uubroitted 
the cause to the Court, the f tcta rt'lotini. ty hio arreut .re 
iouunteriftl . 'iiia ouootion s.ubuittca to the Court waa «hef,her 
ixe waa t^ullty na t;h;irt;ed in tuv corripl.-unt, Vha ooxufLfiint is 
not a bls.nkfet coi..piMint, au carjterided by plaintiff in »Trcr. 
it ciiiiir»;e8 only tuai dof t-Muant "diii ru/iice, aiu, c.'untriu..ce 
and aoji.3t in it.Hk.xnf: an i:;ipr>.>pcr noiae, riot, diistuibance, 
breaci: ol tn« pfaou .'md divsroion tcndin^^ to a breach of 
the peace," axid ti*ia iu ;i. ci.urc:<> of u ain^Jilo offense only, 

;hp record is free from error nr\d tiif Juf't^ucnt 
is affirr;;ed, 


■Jtr %j» 9 


• ■■ ■■'■■■. To-i;*t9 aX 'tli^.i^'ixvi 
If i fa»8i;v»H Oitf 1o 

, 3iU^ to Wi 'i"" ' ■ • 
^ vino Att'ATMUiO it 

.iH9iai:JLtlA ui 

8i - 20272 

LORD & TlickAU, !i cort oration, ) 

Appellee, ),j 

▼ 8, 

DAiaY i'v. HAHK, iixeoutrix of the 
HI] flnd J atnte of 1 arry .v, ilalin,,/ 
deceased, ) } 

Appf?llHnt. y ) 


A:-i?Ai. niOL iiuiviiioK coup.t 





kK, JUiiTlCB H01.1X>I4 DKI.lVrJiKD THi% Oi-IKlOIii Oi? THK CUUi'T. 

harry •/, hoiin, the defenlant in Uii^ action, 
has since Uie perfectinfc of tiiia ai/y-f-ai ^>ied, tu»o uia aeatii 
beln^ sutiir.ested of recor.i, uia exeoutrix ixas been by order € 
of tiilvj Jourt subatit.ut<d aa ^upellant. 

Kerry a, Kaiin ftunranteeU a certHln contract be- 
tween Lord • "i.oiaum, o corjorntioii , the rippollee uerc, and 
the iianitnry :--rinkint; Cup CoLapany, < n thia oontrf*cl. uui t 
imt brought in the superior (.:ourt and a juu,:mtfit 
iti fhvor of appellee} ruKi a^vftinut Uir .>anitnry .'Tlnkln^ Cup 
Company for vl4b2,4(r., froui shich Judi;nicnt an Hj-pcal whb 
prosecuted to this court, nnd in that upjeal the Juuoient 
of the Superior Court wau by this Court affirmed. .'he 
o;^inion on tiiat ft;,pral can be fiijjnd in 191 ill, /pi . Ibi. , 
where all tne •suentxHl f cts tjucnlng the vsli.icy of the 
contract guaranteed by ; arry .. h«hn and thf.- liability of 
tue .jftnitfiry urjtiikin; Cup Compfiny Uiercunier iuf l" iciently 

The question for our det<ir.:.inr<tion in tiiis 
case io the liability of :.ahn, the (guarantor of tnc con- 
tract involved j.n tne ^ ord a i'x.otnns cr-se, aupr» .>it. The 
f.;uarantee io in the fcllowint words: 

SV t8 

tnaiitrtoo'm:} * , 

'tt^l 1 

:i 1. 

:^'.>1^^;; -J.U ,.i;::- .:;;^ VT-jr,;.^ 



r:t Cj^rrtE a-r- 

js-tftCT &y.u.- 


bsgJnsiawB ■ 


"CJalcngo, Kov. It., li^il. 
Lord k TiiOfflHs, 

Gontl&oen: I guarhnter tiie ace I. of the K.ftnitnry 
rrinkinr - . of Lll», to the !r.nxi.'i.UHi amoiuit oV tv/cuty-f ve 
hundred doDaPB , aniJ i i 1 ii olnried "l.urry •. . l.Rlin," 

It i:5 not denied tnnt J.oru <%.- T}ioma» declined 
to enter into the contract vitn the Liriakini^; Cup Co&p/my 
unless it w»a Kunrftuteeo , .mil iiaiin voluntarily offered to 
be tlie <»;uRraritor, mu beinf: oecrel»ry and 'Jretiourer of the 
Coicpany he was nnturally intfreGi-ed ir. it^ succesu, and txie 
bOheme of nJvertising conteup] ated by the contract wa.j at 
U:ie time conaiciered to be fl ncanu to brin,' ;<.buut liiat and,-*- 
It Is ur^.ea, nowever, that. t:.ia in uoi. n fcuarantet of liic 
contract, but uia.piy of Cm--: account of the ;'up Company. 
The only accuunl bf tv/een ora t. ihoaiaa anu the Cup ijompt.ny , 
so far OS ttif: record u.i.owd, ie tiie one oriainK unuer the 
contract between tiiem, it io ul&u aeiU thai the (.uarantee 
la v/it;.uut any independent ocn»i<lc-rntion iaovm^: to - nhn. 
The conMiderMtion for ti.e ^ uarn.-.tet: .vna thp <^xecatian of 
the contract oy ^ord z»onaa, hw tney n -d refmaed to execute 

it without a i'.uara.' tee. Thia ia a uafficient ccini;i'..eration. 
The difference in the uates jf tiit contr&ct aiia tiie ( ua.ranty 
is of no contr.llinh importance, he contract »vn3 executed 
in faitii of tue prcmiae by ; ahn to (;u.->rAntee it,. 

JoBlyn V. Collinaon, 'd6 ill, 6t, nra no appli- 
cation to tnr C'lBC at bar. i he Joal yn case v/ws cne o) n note 
uiade anu delivered by the «uikf>r tu im i-nyee, v/nicf. .i- :'• " 
coBiplrte tran jRctlvJn. subsequently the note was ; u<< rai< ot. > u 
witjiout unjr oondiueration ...ovm, to tut .uarai.tor, no *'iu a 
stranger t. tm orij-inal trar, aaction; .thilfi tiie cu]; contract 
In questior; '.vaa executed ii. fait., of the. \ rovAac of i;a>in to 
guarantee it. . is verbal jruu.iac follov;ed by operation of 
law related bKci. to thf date of the contract. 

The judijwent of the Jupwrior ourt beint with- 

^ »«iec 

out error, '.nd harry #. Hahn hnrinp; died, aa ubove recited, 
tr^ere will be juvi.ment here for ^IbOT .b(: , tne amount of the 
jud^rment below, witii int»»re8t nt tlic rate of 5 per cent 
per annua from Mecefliber 2<J, li^lt. , the MOte of the jud(.ruent 
in tlie trial ■. ourt, \witiri cotsto here fine: below agMinot , aisy 
K, llalin, executrix of the r;ill oncl of Harry v. liann, 
dcoensed, to bp pnid in due course of the ndministrat ion 
of said eatHte. 

JUDClxKhT K'RF YvT\ Al 1 FLLirE 

?0H ;i(.iet.7.56. 

(Pf»!{i| ^te v*ff«t'it hn*i. ' jtOTt.* ttl9 

3tl BUinam it»i| 


583 - Z(j9Z0 
564 - 209^.1 
585 - 20922 


iJAIAii R, CL/vB?; <?t al., 

R'voALIi; A. .:-iJ.i''kiI>(i? et :1., 


i' Oi*' COOK Ci.bJvTY. 


UK. JUU'IICE HoLDOk JJi-LI VSlim) THL OiiiaOK OJ?' 'iliii. QuXiKr , 

These cases present the aaaie questions that nre 
preaentecl in cnse 'io, i-w924, ante p. and were aubudti-ed 

pn the abs^rjicts and brief a filed in that case, /or the 
reasono stated In tiie opinion in that case the Juat->;iRnt8 
in these coses arc reversed, but the c».uaes are /iot reaianded, 


if^' ^ 

^a&.o ax bainfta^iq 
I SIM 89e/?{} 9e3iil ni 

147 - iai'>3. 

IIHIT :'J •-.TAT.C:. B'l'V.'fI^''l COMPA.WY 
Oy CHICAGO, (e corporation), 

Defrnlant in ;rror, /) 

/ ) irauOK TO 
/ ) 

/ } OP CI'ICaCO. 

J OK POCHiCS, ' / j 

Plaintiff in rrflfr. k ^ ^ T ^ 

y X iJ J ji- J 

UH. JTIoTlCiJ HOLDOM UlXlV^-ilKU 'mis; Oi IJ^IOK 01? TK} CnsRT. 

This is .'in sctlon cf forcible detainer in «?^iich 
plaintiff TtfornreiK a jurlji^rrnt for the pop: so ion of the 
prrrt(lf?'S -et forth in %^>rf, noicplaint, and dftfonlant suea out 
thl» «rit of error '.mi eee)"? a rrversRl of thvt ,judKt>!cnt, 

Pefeni?i«t t^'xp tw.-nt cf plaintiff xioder .•, written 
letoe v'hich fxpirfj" by :itt trrir.n October :51, iei4. !^<?fendant 
held over ?.ft','r Mi«» terrrin-t.lnrt of tho lease rnd die!>uteB 
Uic title of hlfi lraj<11or'3, nvri note up title in n tftlrd party 
ae hit* defenee. The «vidf:nne proffnred to oup;iort this 
<ief«me r'v.& on ir.ntion of plfiintlff excluded b/ tbe trial 
Judf'.c, rr>io 'Urected v. Vf-rdlot, Thiis (»ction of the co\trt Ib 
tiauigned foi error* 

The action of forcible ietainer ia an uction in* 
volvin/5 solely tho nueution of th^- right to the pOBaeoBlon of 
real eatate. It iu admitted for du'fendant th«t it is well 
Bettlcd uB tho law of this stKte thst n. tianant cfji neither 
deny nor attack the title of hie lan^llord. However, it is 
also contcndod by I'.ffndant thnt "horo is i*r eKCfptlon to 
this rule wyiicn allows of a tenant showinc tlu t thr- title 
of hia landlord hao t rrainated. Thio oontontion .vhile well 
taken, is not applicnMe to thiu cj uo, but only to c.-uses 
in wiiioh property titles nay be tried. Tho cf ..en oited by 


V Y)^ 

, UY 

G8b .i. 

•ra f5)i:tt ■■» % 

«i *i ,'f>^. . "VX'^naX Bid "^o sX*l^ s^/X? j[oj»i*B ton \\tti>t 

• L^li »rf.J jr.ff.t «*fft-Q,-=t; .tHurtst '• Jrt nrreilti iCoiinv «X«"- . 


dofcndant In r.upport of >»i» conttmtion j^n- not of the sane 

chj=ri.cter ; n the cj^s e nt b r. 

The rule th«t c» tenrtnt cannot chollcngo the title 

of hie Itn-'.lcrd h;;B been proir.ulf-intftA uniformly 'hy our courtiJ 

froir an sarly <hiy in the judicial bii.tory of our iotrte» cora- 

mcpcln-: -iritJi the o.-cc- of Tortier v. 3'aliBnce . 10 ill, 41 pjid 

confcinuln,; to th.. corapiratively r-^cent core of ueier v, Hilton , 

267 111. 174. IR the Fortier cuue supra . t>ie court say:* 

^Tii6 principle Uir-t a tenant cannot dispute hia 
landlord':; title, .tp jlieo ith peculj-.r foro.f in this 
cu8e» Biid it iu wholly imoiaterial in o; sea of forcible 
detainer, whcro the relation of Ian :'lord i^nd ten^mt 
Gxiuto, yturthfir t'l . tcnt^nt .^r he to «ioc; tn." tt^n mt 
has Burrer. i red the pr<iBiiBes, wJa.ich is th<> name thin<!, 
8hov title or not. The ih.jact o-" tnin prooe'^tUng in 
not to try th^s title to tho lrur*d, hut to enable the 
land,ior '. to re.T:ain the pouBeB^iion of the prnmieea mfter 
the torminr.tion of the lej-we, eitht^r by forfeiture, os 
in thi« Ci ::«, or by the rffiux of timn. »♦ » ^ "hcBe 
OKuets fully etitcbli»Vi the doctrine, Uiat a tont.nt is 
not pormltt' i to nhow in thiu uunmary proc«o')lnt:, trat 
hio lanUlord't title h;o expired, or tJ'i'it Bome third 
perHOn ii ^ th- ri ht to thr* poiirnjsoion. »Jo rr.u : t rirtt 
uurrenaor up the posbeuuion to him from t/hom he receiTcd 
it before he 'hull >><^.- r)f>rMitt:d to .i?\y t>: ^t hisi Inn XorM 
ht«jB no long«r s ri^.ht to rt tain it, ' yerlsi v. Vv-rki , 
212 111. 121; Kiplcy v. l^uke, I0f> Ibid. SOfi; Gf:iger v. 
Uronn . it-7 111. App. 5o4. ~ 

in 'Jcier v. Hilton, g uora . it wmb held th-t un action 
of forcible entry «jjrirJi d« ie r ouroiiary statutory proceed- 
ing for rc-torintj the poBiieasion of i^ nd to a p-.r^on who is 
N'-ron.^i fully kept 'JUt or haa 'Re«n wron': ully dapx'ived of '.he 
poeueauion in the purticulhr citscs tsentioned in the atatute; 
th-'i t uuch action io pOBMsanory only .'ind t>ie .meation of title 
cannot be triod. 

FerBonaJ. prn-isrty is not thn aub.ieot of an notion 
of forcible entry f»n.l detainer, •'hila perjonal pro>icrty is 
• ought to b*? reoovered by the ^oflqilaint on filo, th-vt phrase 
of the ciioe wau not preoonted by plaiiitif- to th trial court, 
except Uiftt uuch pcraonal »rin.>erty io deiicrih-.d in the. leise 
between the pnrtiea found in tlie n-cord. The judgjr.^nt 
chalien(;od is for the pouaession of the premises demised by 

.^'-^i •iXi ^'dai 

< t 


th" leane nnd not for the p«r«onHl propt^rty alao tcncribed 
in the Xonr,« HO beinj; In *uui u . on th<. fisaraiBCd prcwiaoa, ab 
the JudgiTicnt which 'rye are -.x. :)<■<.[ ^o r-.-verso in for this 
poLOeOHXon of the prowliisa alono, the r^fercncn in the 
oomplalnt to p«rBonal nrop«rty may be regeordod nr. fmrpiusnge, 
and Tre so troat it* 

Ta9 Judgn nt of the r.»uniclp»»l ^' -"irt bcin-r free 
from rjTeruibie error. In aft'irraod. 

,$i, ^rx'^rxS 

, :j:^ai 

7i - 409bQ 

AlBJ'-RT A. MitfVAH, 

Appe] Ire, 


1J£V;}.A1. fJl.CCK 5(:u/-KY, 
Apr" llont 



) Aj i -/i, mOk kUNlCil'AJ. CJ'UHT 

) / OF Ohio GO. 

( / 

».H. JU.-.TICi; BARNiiJi DELlVlil^ED THI OJirj:oi: OF Tlir CGUKT. 

This fipp^Hl is from a judfrment in f''Vor of the 
plaintiff, the oypellec, in 'i suit brought hy hin to re- 
cover InatallmpritB of salnry clninjfri to be due frofli de- 
fendant, tho nppfll 'nt , under n written cQ/)trnct. 

In n prior action br-u/r'Jt to receiver other 
inatnllments clnLmed to nave been r»reviou3].y due unrler the 
aanie contract, plnintiff obtfiin^d a. jud/aiont "/hich, over 
defendant's ubjpctior), received in evidence in t.iia 
cnae on the tzifrory th-it it '.vas nn ndjmiicntion of the --(Uea- 
tion of defendant's liability unoer said contract. "lUt 
since the rendition oT the juiiLient in trie present crise, 
the judrment in the prior case has been reversed by the 
duprene Court, (268 111. 4:^6], holdinf! ns o mnttej of law 
that tiic nets of tnc p)»<i.ntifr iu.o-vn by the record in that 
cr^se aiT.ounted to o breach of l.itj a{;i*c*^"'dt which by the 
terms of the contiact relensHd defendant from liabiJity 
thereon for ssid gnlnry. 

In viow of thr-L decision a])ppl]ee conf eases 
error ir th?; udc.iaaion of uniJ pri .r jud'Qient in c-vi.ence, 
consents to n reversal «ind asks that the c-uie b«; rt-j --r.ded. 

Jiut aa an in.iTfction c: th<^ record before uo 
diucloses proof of the opjh' f.'Cts upon •. .ic - the Jupreme 
Court held tiiere coulo bf- no recovery on ti.c contrfct na a 


- ^ P fi T ?. P r 

:?A ftifiT .ItiinifiXq 
;;iS5X«« to ain?}aiXX«4fe«ni xqtoo 

:> •<jI«wpiT>' • |«Xt> «^ns«uCX«^8nl 

-'._-: -; .XI. I 3BS) ,<rt««:) »-:si> 1 i;j«fi 

Y- .1 M..!. !i;;-'x7 ri:,: ;.;.-■ ifji. ij->u,i"5^o i JoBiJ^ttoo ©rfi lo eow^;^ 

'.(s: J -7 y J of l.''vr, thus *ncceaaarily precluding; recoYcry in the 
present cpae, apiell-'nt urj-ea uliai itxe Juoj-juicnt ii^uat u*.) le- 
versed without rema'^dinp, aii<i to that tnd rrqueata conssid- 
eration af lAr^ ^rror assigned to the overruling of its 
motion for 3 directed verdict in its frxv r. ve Li.iiiJc aj.'~ 
pellnnt ri/htly inaiata tiiat tae confeasion ol error does 
not preclude conaideratiofi oi y Lner erroro no c cunfedjeu. 
(tiun Ine. Co. vs. Ahite, bi i hc . (^inn.J b46j. Ao there 
could be no recovery in Ir'.v on tt»e undi^j^uted f, c^s, the 
motion for 8 directed vr'rdi.ct Bhould nave "been allowed ana 
there should be a finfi] dispoaition of the case here v/iti;- 
out re.'T'i-rd to t'n? error confessed. 'Jhe jud-nurnt will ac- be reversed without rc-iandinfr the cause. 


s. j:' TEOt-xi? to nt^iaewtftoo »fii »fjai4# »##i»«i ssX^iistijiilt ^.a«iXoq 
.ijs»toa«lnoa j oa e%<i'.it» t».d4i» to tnstiiMt^bI&.noa »f>.wroeirf Son 

619 - 22017 

lAKA'JlOTlii ZiailiATOii and 


COKTlKi J.TAL & COi^kteClAL 
KATICKAL BANK and ^'^ali J. 
CH'.IAK, Ir.fiiliff, i ur^cipal 
Court of )ilc.HKO, 


Ail rAL muH tUKlCltAL 
CoUHT oy ChICAG<>. 



DefendantH below prayed nnd were allowed on ap- 
peal from a Jud^ent of tiie Municipal Coux't of Chicago ren- 
dered in ri proceeding for tiie trinl of txie ri^^iit or property, 
whlcii ia a c»-ar of tne fourth claao. (J^unlcipal oourt Act, 
t>ec. ri;, oubdiv. fourth {dx } i Appellee morea [l) to strike 
from the record tne bill of excet'tions filed herein and (<j) 
to diamiua the appeal for «nnt of jurisdiction of thi-i court 
to ent fir tain it. 

The judrment wns entered and m\ apreal prayed 
nnd nllowed July HA, 1915, and tnr. ord<:r included a provi- 
sion nllowint* sixty 'iBys for filing a bill of exccitiona. 
on iiepteniber 18, 1911), the Li;i.p was extended thirty days, 
find pur sunn t thereto the (locumf^nt in qu'^ntlon v/aa fil-^d 
October 2B, 1915. 

Au it iu a fourtn class case Hna the extension 
of time for filing the docu;ient whs not allowed within 
tiiirty uays of tne entry of judgment, tne ii;otion to atriice 
presents tne iupiitical question that wn a before tlie oupreuie 
Court in aaoera ws. ' orth l x.loyd .vtcRi a^^ip up . , ii^A 
111. b7 , wafre it -/au nelti iJii^ t the lunicipal Court had no 
power to r.,fik<: 3uch an order in a fourth cltjss c so after 
thirty days frcir judrisent. ( ^ee alco v urlitzer v. jic.-inaon , 
247 id. 27). That decision r.Hkes it our duty to strike auch 

f\ \ -. n f 

. , l:^ ■ . 

''\;J)T** «*ft'» ,r •■■ ■lit";' 

v;Xwl, J}9woXXfl bnr, 
la sniwoIXw nois 

r ,as tsrfodoo 

axAi) y,i'iXi>J 

dooui^crt fr.^.ui the record. 

Ao to the otner brancn of the tiiotion, it la 
enough to aay in the lftn^;u»{:o of our .iuprenc (Jourt, "The 
Oeriernl rule that a ri^ht to nn ftppeal is purely stPtutory 
hP8 been arttled beyond controversy," (Drainage I'.ocuiis- 
sloners, «tc. vs. Jlarrns, 238 111. 414-41fc) , nnd vrhere the 
ficners.l Assembly ho» not provided for any aj-prnl from jud,^.- 
mcnts of the ;unicipal Court none can properly be allowed, 
( I-eople vs. Gartenctein , 246 111. 546-bl>3J. As nritaer 
the Junicipal Court Act nor any other act gives the ripht 
of r-rpeal from Judftmcnts of the Vunicipal Court in caaee of 
tlie fourth clsss, (see oj irion filed ' ctober 6, 1915, (en. 
.*:o. 20862, Jsraeli-.tiun vo. United tates Casurlty Co.j, the 
motion to ciin...i;^s the ft'Tcai mu!>t aliio be p.U ov.-ed, 

Ai-IKAL Dioi'I^J/lD. 

^•';fi r":-n-=3 iriTr, --.-jT: b^blTST!,^ ifon Barf -'■.frr-T:t:--3r\ XjBisnsO 
< -,. -.=v-£;^ 4faB tiaiSvc 'tiiiii i^n ^oA ttif^n x,«<|[i,3i.(vt ' sjIj^ 

CIT^ C7 Ci.lCACO, / ) 

tififenAant In Krvof, ) 


3 a: DHL liiA/i(>!^C?;, 

llsiirtlff ir yVrcr. ) 

\ / ' -^76 


1'hie Is a motion to Birakt; froa. the reoorU tJnte 
docuoient cnDcc tue tiJi of excci tions, on; to nftir:;! tiiC 
JUfSfTOfnt 01 tiic -.unicipt'] uouii. 

:hr aocur.i-nl i \> ai pjy t.n«» rtrcilel c;: the 
trlfel v»itneei)aa were arrom ?«id exaTlned Ir court; neither 
their nPflJOB nor th*?y oaid ic t:Jven. j aert ie Liien 
» statement tiist the plnintift furtner iiatroduceoi in ftwiaeiiO« 
a c*rtt»in orUxn'-nce of tr.t- cit.v of :tiicafc^o» t'ollowea by ".'xAt 
B««»i:ia to be at copy of »n ordinance; then a atute/f-rit t/w^t tae 
court pronounced Judti&ent s^^ninut tJne defenu&tit, lu&l luXi.- was 
objected to and the- entry of t«e juu^iient objtctt-c to; liiat 
a motion was apde to v.'o-'te tne jui,'iacnt anu tor a new trxal , 
And a aotion in ^^rreut, nix ot tjuici>. vere r^ivd u^on adversely 
to defendant. The oertixicaic ox U^e triai jud^^e Aay^t cnat, 
"txie witXiin Lxll ot excewtioni* cuntaxna nil Uie queutiuxtb of 
lav raised anu uecided in tui /jluvk ej.tiuitu uauue." 

ihla docuuitnt iu not a "coxrecv. otuiL-.tnt ^ ' * of 
txifr f 1 Ota »i'V. earing upon ti«t irxHi tu:a of all qucutiona of 
law," nci" 1- it "» correct otifnotra^hic repo it of the y.^.- 
oeeuingo at the ti'l£tl»" ua preecribed by aectxon ..5 of tx^e 
Luniuipal court act, e(.»j ter «57 .llinola otututca. :,efenaant 


(> sr 


concedes tuits* uuw lin^u iu j,i» in i.u\: Toiui wt Uie cu^^iiuii law 
biii oX excu- tAont»« " anu in uuiiiuictit to b^^zii in xa^iev 
*puint« puroj.>' le^bi Aii Li^L'iV atipttct, irxu^iucti /(• of the 
eviucnac. " 

Court reviewed i .■ ;t, lutory, .jxia <re ;'xnU nutijinfe j.u Uie 
•tutute leluzTeu tu wi^icii pcr...xt4i Uie u^A<i<j^ux< uT U^y evx- 
dtu'^ce. cxti^er in u curreot ^iba^iiiu'.-'iit, or lac b&eno^raphiu 
revuii'l. Aimxe iix lati^usk^t «/uioii Airinuutively uireote 
tha preaeiitatioij jf tx.e evidence to tne reviewing: court, 
in Hit. oraea ciueu uj dtolaiiouut. Uie aucuri^euti filed |>uxiurted 
tu cunwuiii all ttiO eviuence <*uU<ui!.tcd un tnc tri<;^i., I'^ti 
docoixient before ub conLaina tiu eviUeuce wi^atever aud cannot 
be, ae coniended, "equivftlent to » ctfenutii'T'iiic reiort," 
The dtaLute provides lu»i ^hc btenogrophlo re|>ort u&y ouiit 
certain proceedizitfa "olLcr Iumi ILt evidence," This ncga* 
tivee uny arcuaent tUat tiir evidence oiay be or.itLed, Kor 
the rea&ons aoove inuicuted tnc locuxcicnt called the bill of 
exce; tiono io istric^en from tne reconl ftereln. 

The errcrtt atisi^cned on Uie record are v/itnout 
taerit, and ^.ne judiiiteiit ia affiraied. 

103 . 21493 


Defendant in rrorj 

▼ B, 

Pldintlff in /eror. 

\ y 

-iiHon TO 


MR, PHEi>I,l)IHO JU TIC? K«::.Ur{ XY 

Thlo ifi H not.lon to itrike from tlur rucont tho 
docunont cali'jd thn bilLi Of exceptionB und to affirm tho 
judffmtmt of the ii!unir:ipal Court. I'he fftcts <-a»d rejABOna 
therefor in Uiia c uo «r«.> idimtical with thoue in No, 
21491^, in vv Ich w«e liuve this day untcred un ordi.r «nd 
filod >j) opinion. F'or tho reuaont- ctnted in tht opinion 
the motion to Btrii^e will bo allowed in tliiQ cjiue tmd the 
Judgment mffirroed* 



.«!SMr<xi?' &k tmi^i 

>: ,., ,.,.. 

ic 7 - '<u.ei 

x,i;c LvcLJij.:ii, ^ 


Mfiintiff in V.rrjr, ) / 

I Al-Jit;B '?0 SUI-.RIOK COURT, 

vs. \ ,'/ / 


i:efendufk}t in l:rror 


T '\. 377°^ 

I>KI.IV:RJ£D THh Oi liilCS OP TH" (.'ClUVr. 

3lnlntiff, Cf3j.lC3-cd by defencant in a building 
und«r oonsirucfcion, /fuile ^alkinp acroea some urccvered floor 
Joists f c-J 1 , receiving injuries, jie brought auit, ullcfring 
ti»at n jciat on v.uich he uteijed iiadi turned, beinf insecurely 
fftBL«^/, t.iUiJ "i^ to fali. Trir. i vaa i^ad, rind upon 
a vtruicL of net i;uilty judia.cnt of niJ^ cuj iat v-.aij eriLered, aayd t/.rt ixMb.iiity was estftbliwlied 
by tuc cTiutTice.^^ At ti.f tirufc of the accident' ikj^ wns 41 
old, with 15 yeora' e-xrerlcnce vtor ing on buildings, I.e hnd 
worked on tl.e present buildinf. four or five laont/ia as a eeneral 
Ittfcorer crryine bric.K", otc' lie tratif icd Uiat he •>»aB ordered 
by the fore.vru»n to c^rry oric^a ty « brici^l-vyer; tunt to reach 
tjie bri f^k"" "ypr it wna necessary to oroaa on floor Joints 
«*ilciri were uncovered, tuid plaintiff epit.t to tte f (>r<'if:.c5n that 
plrnk» flhoulf! br laid on the Joists over •f/.-.lcJi tit coulfi -alk, 
bu*. tre forempn s^tn tnis we.- unr>ecessary ; Luai, ae plaintiff 
Bt'^pred on r» joiBt it "vmbbled* flnd lit fell, »;trxiilnp his aide 
on the edpe of the joitst. . n the conurary t:.fcrt »vud sufficient 
testi'iony to c-Uitse the jury to biiicve tr^at notr.inf. <ma aoid 
by plaintiff or the loretiKn about planks; taut plaintiff was 
thff»oueiily experienced in walking, »jver unck.'Vcred Joia'^o and 
tii*».t Uifi I lus ti:.e cui.tomr»ry t/.ing fur ';orla«i.'n to do; tJiat 
the jilBt in queation «aa riot loose and ala not "wabble"; oti».er 



ot >'•;.,• ;: ■•.:' \ :■:,.'■ ■,'.■ >,■ ■ :..i .^;;; J A '■■"•' ,*»>'*'' 

» -• '^ v." ■" •-• !> ;- -..•.-,.,■■ . . .-■ .: ; :.: ' ■ f_-.^ ■) ( ■ J> i it! j^'i i " ;.'X*E.t?0 

tVi-- i. [11 :i. . , ..• 1 ; ■:-,... ,■: ,; : ,;•- 1^\'^■^ {tV& ti>%r:'.i-X'\'% flirt:* 

.r. «i.v{ .■'■'-•■ '- - J-' • 'H , , . .rju ■ Ji .iei'l', « no 

i:^-»ii,t . .J ^1 -.1.; ;, ; .J ..; -: - . ■ •:> • j L '^nJ *0 

ytorka-tin h»»u wulJcod on it pjiti tiOticed nothlnfe wron^ wiUi it; 
tiitt pXaJk.iit.ift f^'ll becauaf- Le. atcMred on m E-ortnr boura ly- 
int; on Uie jolota, v^ tijJi^ttd.-^f-^Ihe Terdicl of the Jury was 
^el) ritixin a rcasonnble view of the evidence. 

In titia court jilointiif for tiiC lirot tia-e 
ol»i.-.^ a violation of aectioji 1 of the oocftlled "otructural 
Act" of liJC;7, cxii'ipter 46 lllinoia ot:4tut(-a. i'liiy aeccxon 
covers tLt contitruction of scat" t" It- a, fioirjva, crnne-i, etc., 
^nd hn.'i no a]..;,Ii cation tu Uie facte cuncernirii- tac j resent 
accident. Tibe fall of plitintiff hf>d no conuection «vitfa -my 
of t)w: appliances QcntL-^ned in liiiu net. 

There ia no aerit in the criticisir;a of inctr^tc- 
tions OR the ground that they ignored the ".>tructurRl Act"; 
this net wns not in the unse. 

The J!u0|t-fl-cnt iu nffirrned, 

A?? I Hi; ST}. 

■ V ' vi - - ■■■.■■ • --^j h';;-. T'lj: i.- >"jjrcr>'-j ;.!tl illv ^ri' . : .., ...... 

|>J^ '■ ti ^ :> 'l •-'>.■ . .:■ :^cl:>■^;;i f:'-:^^ Oft &»SL bUM 

I6v - ^1146 

JlRlntiff in .rror» 

\ / ) 

iJOiih L, i:c iJGv.>:;-i\»nd /.riiS. / ) 

JO ?-. : . jiOiv.xru,. / > 

DefendfiMite in : rro^l ) 




UJsJLlVlOiiSi) TRS W-IiJloN OF Tii;* COUi^r. 

iii an actio/', of repi.f»in for Uie yo:'.acui;ion of a 
io^, tuc juu./sent of tiic *.risl court wl:.) for Uie def eiiaaiits, 
--"hich i'lt-antiff snya -.tHe not warrunted by \h.c. evirieuce. 

Con^iaex^ation of Liie rvi'.'ence adduce'i by plain- 
tiff produceo nlaioat h conviction tir»-t. the doti belont^u to 
iiin., i>ut tiic ovicienoe o.*i bc.alf of r.hc icfonJarjta eet'ii^a to 
prove alniost to o cpr'.uint,y ti-fit Uie doo i'' theirs. ^ron the 
record before iuj i'x ie i-ipoi^oible to catar/lish conclusively 
the identity of the tipf;; t.ho evii^ncc is hope]! eaaly conflict- 

In auch n situation we? r-ust be £uided by the 
b»*tt*»r o:>ro'**->^"^A ty of Ui*; tri'i) court to JuJije of the credi- 
bility of '=»itn'- r'aea. ?urtiierua>r9, Ine trial cjurt liftd bt-fure 
it. thf* rtop in '"ueation, ^nd wno iieiped bv ob^scrvin^- and ex- 
aTjininr it to v>.Yv\itt -t a t:onc3 ,iaiv>n ao to its iutntity. 
.Jimf^ of t.he ^vitnranpB ntt^rsnted to d« scribe ila n: r^ ir^i^a 
and physical chT-^o t.orijstico, r'lich. tut c/uri ..:ouid vtrify, 
ff courae the do^.^ ie not bef:)re ua, 

-v« cannot 8Py t/iA t thi? jud^a<rnt of u*e trial 
eourt vua incorrect; tucref ore it id Brfin.ed. 



5Mii. - tf6i 

,t«'O^K« .T 3(AX.iXl- 

,'ir. r; ;a i»;?isaf»ix?»ts;i 

^ •-^' ^r^ 

■•• ■" ■ ■.■:fX3 . ,'-.;■ ■ I 

. ^'■■' •■•■•■: , ,:. ■ .n Hi ii,oL ^m '■ 


Defejicinnt in rrrcjr, / ) 

iJSiuiv:iJi&j> yiii.; oj-Uluh o? TK:i cou^:.t. 

hlB tu distrain for rent jue froi^ .^ultfer A. ^imcicH for 

-^wefauuar't , urtder & di stress warrftnt autnoriaiag 

pre;:^iscs : o, <^ul5 ;e8i liurttA »vcuue« tseixeU gtor« fixtures 
wKich «iaa»/»na Hallcr, vlniiitiff, elJ^waed tc onK^-u to lu-r m\d. 
not to .,ont.ica. laiiu brou^nt suit in replevin axi^: iiad Jud£- ^Jl' 
oent wzUcii Jeferj4«ut aecko to «»i.v*.' rcvftroed,, Ttifc projerty \^ 
seir.eil conaiiite.i of Jino* c;'»€a, coair; refiister n-niS deaic. 
The- rvid«Rce tended ti> i-rove tlifit prior to 
kareh 1« Iwvj, tt.ia prortrt/ b»!ion^;ed to tto C. Inlli^r and 
«aa uu«d ir. a uruf. ttture u^ot-d oy ^>x::j°. . ^n tliat d^^te by 
bill of salff he convcvfd tir.ia property t.^ pituiitiff, liis 
wife, and txi* bill of aale wou duly recorded in tt.<^ re- 
corder** office of ^o,.i: County, ^ubairtjUfutly • ttu l, !;«lJ«r 
died, wij Lorcu 3v , Ivl^, plaintiff, w^o ^aaa not a dru,, 
made «ai af.reestent witL .jRiioica* WiO wa» u dru^ti x » t , t^. r-aa- 
agc Uic drut: riVcre at • o. iicli .<t-aL oi^tii JiTonu'" for a 
period ending arob il, iwii* wshicL Hfiree.arjt »au 8'ut»c- 
quently exten. « j fci o i « rio*-' a- five y^'arj, -■;> t.iia af.rec- 
itcnt the Btoox nnd fixtures «ere ienueJ tc oanuica 3'or a 
rental payable in a^or.tiiy inotr.ilntento, i-e vxxi. eIbo to ua- 
suae Ui« rent of tne Btorc-roora o, 2 li .7eot orth nTcnuc. 
Yh'- lease of U.ia utore-rooa to nller (?>lti.ou<;h «.ne *ixact 
lessee ojfo not clearly i»vpearj ai.p:;pently r- vine itr: inated. 

/\ <^ 

^Xii - Xf:« 

.^ ).. • J. . *^ X , i ■■ .■ 

i..- .■■si; --:.' ^ . ■ ;: V.4S- -■■^=fi-.' 'J-i-^^Js? ;ijJirilS ifi' ni J>©fcVf 'sjit 

^"'''' • -■ -•>^'V.M'- .!:.i-:cc:: :i .oO tfe s !>:. 'ill* «'»•': »frx*Kii 

*'"■' -■' ■ - "'- •'■-' ••■'•■ ■''■■■- , "^ •• :~i. Mf^j ,...1<.I ^.^ i;©ta^..RO .«&»ito^ 

" .■ ■■-- ^''•- ■' ■•:-.-...•■ ,'^;.vje ,x& rt?n^ •■ ^ttiswtt ibtolTii^' 

iOWf • ^;«i « r.,a';,'jJi.K; •;•'« I {«,,. »^ «. 

f> I . e of o, 2C16 vst» raude oy THbar, ¥uy vi ^l , , 

traaiefi , «-lc,, w.o hi- A. recently purehsoed tlic property, to 
^»anoica. Tills I«ksc rt&c fiiiteci Jepterber U<d, lu'li^, had was 
for a p<:rioa of aboal six year^, ^tmcica wo-o unucle to keep 
up hie ji^ynentn to pWntlff uiider lila c;>rUrbCv aitu hsr, aiid 
about ^eptc:;iber» lvX<«t by rj.uww&l a^reeuuect ti>iia coritract 
w»s ter infeted nnu tuo stock toid flxtarea jf the drug 
atore tvare iroved out of o, SclTi ui.i into c. ^r'.Ii, a &tore 
roQia i«uit;*i i»h« tifcd leasee, ^enoice cori'-inued wur: mg far 
her. ihe dictre»» wnrrjuat wao for rent due x'roa uaf:oic& 
for v.ctob6r( Ivi<i» of ; o. ii^Xo, but dcfendn.nt sc-x^ed ta« 
property vxucli eeas in i..iai.K til a"' b itort, :o. li^.ll, >||C- 

?roffi ft con i:i deration of tj.eee circ^.i. iiti-nceo vrc 
bold that tx>e trial Court whs jui^tifiew in iinc'lvi; uuit 
plaintiff hjid both title .vnd posBeaaicit of txip property fit 
the tlni» of tn*» l«^vy of tiir di atreaa *;irr&jit. 

t/« cic> Jiot Vi.inJt thai citiier thf dcf«n<iftat or 
tbe Ipndlord «Ha atiaJ^d into bciitrfinf: th»t >>ar.oica o»ncd 
th<e i»tcr« flxtur<»«, in#» record cf the cill of ufJLc vas 
coriBtruotive nctiof- of ti*o oAneraiiip. yurth<»rfi-or«»2i^« 
landlords, tixrough their a.^.trt, irerr- ir.far2.ed two dcye be- 
fore trir» Iryy that plainttff an** r.ot -^anoioa ci^ncij \.he 
aturf:, t\ud .>t Ui*; v,i^«; of tiir Irvy \,tn: u«f c:tt^.<ii.u wuiti ^pc* 
cificAllv so inforraed. ir-^fcnuant actc-d x/. ti.<. i;-ufe of no- 
tice tiint tUf- pi. pcrty id not L. Icrnr. to ->r.^olca i^ut did 
belorit: to ^>lnintiff, nr.d ony prior :jlr.t,cn t ut.- by jcuicica 
cl9i!:ilRg o^i«»era)ilp, •▼?:; if r.drineiblft, jroLil '> reiU-er >re- 
cluue T..l)!iintiff «or excuse defc^dnnt. 

The ta„inc bclnr vron,;f ul , ny oevor. ?. -no nccfe- 

IvoUi t);f contract br-tiveo/' pli'intliT and . anoica 
nnd tlic bill of uttin to j^luintiff *ere co-jpetent as cTi iCtice, 
as tending to atiott plaintiff'o ti-lc, ^Ulie tuc uocusieflt 
■ ■* - •— ^••'•^ —J ^—j o«>v,4a4 /.n MOV huv* h«»#n n contract 



' .tin 

:i i':. >i > »;.• ■ t:% ^£.«? - ^V-i »-i»n «-ZO^« 

.; , • ..,-o.i->:, ..'».» 5.:- f i .^- ffiie ■loiiis' nsaci 

■ii. .. . '.-. •■.,.•- -■--■ ■- y^ .,u/.. X^^-^-'- -^ ■ 

. .: ■; ^■• : .. . ••.'■.^■- ;;...;■ • 'HQ-lK 

; - .-: J . V 'j srj ^tol 

.'>.. ... ■. l.i- '.-:■.>• -a .ttil .-;^ ^i.iK•UliP 

.•■1 :'J» .1'^'. • inX'.T Oi un<'lo4 

of »id.»» eii ftKr t*9 l:i«» stocW was ftcrrjer '.ed , yet fa to the 
flxtur«0 41 wn» cl«nrly .*» contract of lesi^int. 

?he tris.l ccurt «»8 Cirreat i;j ito fir.ciin|r» and 
th« jua.f5B<?Mt irt nffir.'oi. 

- 7 

205 - 21163 


J /SKA, i 

renaant in rrror, ) 

A, k. {ji^DL& y 

il.-'intiff ill 1 rror. ) 

0? ChlCAGC. 



IXKl^lVMiKl) ThlC Oi-iiUoM UF fhi. UOUKt, 

Defendant aaka that a Ju-l^^znent of v^co against 
•ici be reveraed, le bringa before us only the statutory 
record. «e cannot know in the aaoence of « bill of e^cen- 
tions, 9tntc ^nt of f>^cta or stenograiuiie report what were 
the proceeding* in tne juunicipal Court or what the evidence 

Defendant uaya he wna entitled to notice before 
default could be entared a^;oin3t hiax, r^hethrtr or not defend- 
ant received notice .vould not nppefir in the alatutory record. 
Grundiea v. ' t»Ttin , 9^ ill. 55«i. Se auat preaunie tne legality 
of the prooeedinga unleaa it affirmatively a;pear» tJiHt the 
neceasiary dtepa were not taken, it doea appear in thr record 
that the ceuae caac on "in refc:uliir course for trial," No 
reaaon appcara uliy defendant cculd not have appeored in court 
and properly preaented any defer;Be he ,^;itjht have. If nny- 
thinf: waa orsitted to t)i^ lioadvantape of dcfcniunt the bur- 
den is on ni;n to :ii«ke thia omisaion af f ^rajti vely ai^own by 
tho record. 

The verdict -ind juAfpjt^nt art proper in form 
agdinat the defendaitt. r/hile aeveral uof en ;Bnta were naaed 
in the auouuona only two were aerved, but before t;.e cfiae waa 
reached for trlnl it waa aiarjijaed ots to Im o t,iicr aei«nonnt 
oerveu, leaving; ti.t piointiff in error the only defendant in 
Uie oaae. It waa not error to allow the plaintiff to dia-iiaa 

eaxjts; - <3ufi 


•\ ( • ■ .*«v 

88 8. A.I 56 1 ^ — - — 

\iiodi/i«.tQ HtU xLao 8X1 •stored aartiisf »f.{ ,b»«'»r»T: sd 
- ? f» to Hid fl lo aoasijais %iii al won^ ,^©fi«6o *« .fcioaei 

' i.i ;.,,.(« M»oib J J .n«M/s3.> ioa 9t»w «q»*t Y,nsea«o»« 

. - s'l-i* tivfiii .ion biucfj ;tnahn©1»f) x^Stf eiisdqqa okhhioi 

-^. -^ lib to !»^»t„»'.:ftv)!>MBil' riLli 0/ ba^,}ls:o aaw ^nlJii 

v.c; owoae yf9vilMzi<zi^l>i ti(^ltv«i;i!«o eJldi s>C<^>ii o.^ atiri no eX (t9l> 

«A^ 96«r» ». 7 n-fo'^^td Jijrf ,»>^rT»^ 9f.i*^ cm.t ^liio «no«iau« 9£iJ ai 

as to one defendant aiio to amend her etcte^uent of clHia. i-yen 
asBv-uilnt; that this was done in tnc absence of notice, by tijie 
service of sumzons tne defenuant ^as brou^^ht Into court, .httT9 
it was aio duty to bf^ fnxa appear until the oase ims diaposad 
of* and lie was «tntltied to no further notice* This -was the 
holding in Kifthoff v, i cople , 171 111, <J4il!, f>nd I.ui»pe y. do a , 
«J51 111. 60. 

OU^er points rr.ade nre not ar^r.ued. v'e do not think 
they nare merit. 

Finding no error in the statutory record the 
Jud^jment is afflraed. 

,0a .1X1 X8S 
. dTaDftt y;-xoitf^aJ6 «j^ aJ; loivt^ on ^ai.bRl%. 

•^15 - ;illy3 

Defendant \iri wrror, ■' 

ii. KHuh:»lCU, \ / ) 

i.i.liOR TO oUJiKiOK Cf.UI'.r, 

coor coui-;tv. 

„ ^ ^- « o '^ A 

DILXWRED Tli:'-: Cii! i<.H Of TllE COUKT . 

.Vg rtre aaiced ay Ucf cm irint to rcvf-rje a jadt:;:.ent 
of w237 obtained by i-l nintifi in a buit to recover f; oney ^ 
to hove been ae;,'03ited by pl::.intiff irs a sn^iv.i^a hank opcrntcd 
by defendant. 

Ti**at a .xfi.n nui-^ed 1 ov/e l Cilio (nadc depcoits and 
le cr.iicied to withdrav/ the iiun& in nci disputed. ::nc only 
queotion iz w/ietiicr or no*- ;.:lr.'::' il i:it\i i.-jn, ^Alain- 
tiff naa poaaeaaion oi" zhc uank book ijc^ued to ; ov/el cilia, 
RTid tcatil'ied that he Jtccivctl it .viicn ae or cnt'd Lm ac- 
count wi til def Ciiiir--, t ; ivi^at Lc ;i.;idc the deiicuittJ and received 
tiiC witl.dravirtiti o;ilcrcu in the book; tlu'.t the ^'it;n^^tuve on 
tiift ideiiti f iCAlion card wat> nj.:de by i.i:v.. ..i in^'iiaeo toa Ujl t led 
Liiat plaintiff jlo liic lu.nn t j w.-iorii tiiii; book vma i«:JUOd und 
wiiO hiid fin ucoount *.'i ta ucfcntlant. -ofenuanl. iii '-roduced tc3- 
ti;-ony^; uu «./.ow thai the ditnauure of plfiinLiff "sao not 
uade by the uKm irjio oii;n(;d the idcr; tificpition car-a iicn the 
accou/it .fna oj-'encd. -^^ 

..pon con Jidorntion of t-iu- rvidence, incladin^: an 
exa.';;in.'«t5 ■"•) f tht disputed ait'-nturoii, vu: iiolu tant the 
idonLity of pl.-'jintiff with i owcl oilia iho pin«!«i Ua account 
ia proven, ^n<.\ the jud<"r-cnt in ;;ia fnvor mhs ri^^ht. 

Cf" '^la.nt in (iO'» :.".ide tf.rit the court refuoed to 
hear «rt;umt?nL of joundel Tor def, althout.. no objection 



t ■«..», ■ ." .:;;.< i.,; ,t .. . ... . tJS i'>;: ,:.-•, :; .,• ^;^ :' 

--'• ^' ■- '•' ■ .'■ -. .- ' .-■' ^, . ;; • .;r rij ';. -> i'lj: j ^ioJ' baa 

. .' ..J lij. '1"..x3lUhI^ *»iii 

'•''■•'-■ . .' •■.■■^ , , ■■■ .■.»...-. >l.j.,!'„'} _i>j rtXj bfiii Oiiv 

- ■• V I , ■. -:■: . ,., ,,,, .,. r;..,, .. ;)Aii.;9J 

"• -'■- V ■■'■■' - : ■. , ' '^ ■ ! ;.;0-. AC ;,; 

•■>'■ -. .. ■ . ' ,,. ■. ,; • . ■• •' ii •'■a..r *■ 
. • ■■..-. • •• ' "i '■•■■■ ' ^-. •. It . ;n'^ . .•).>i. ft 

to tiiio was mixue or cxc;gj tlor; upon tiit Iritil. '..'f; know 
of no Irw xaquiring tue cour*^, ur inj; p ci'SC v/it^cuL a jury, 
Uo to BTt'sUisentc of counsel, . ittirikc, v. :.i;incr , iJl 
III. Avp. X7>i. 

iiie requeet of ijiainLif: for otMtutory dorar-gca 
will not ijti allowed. 

TJie judgment ia afiiraied. 

X , f. 

>oijit|.TiOJC:!« to a..'" ;i saw a Lii •J 
nii^l .qqA •XXX 

. i,) \, it. i 

,i)»j!^cXi.« dd Joa XXJw 

i J;ii!^^-\Ui.ii, viil 


235 - <11-^M 

MAhCAh.TiiA a<;iiUi.TZ, AdrPiniBtra- / ) 
trix of the '-utate of PHi,i)?.RlGK/ ) 

i laintif f In rror 

▼8 J 

/ ), COOK Cf.UKTY. 

RATH:HAL BKlt^uX^' C(.»J:'UiY, / ) 

D«f«KciAnt in iirrir, } 


Diy.,IV>>RlSI) THh (JlrliaOM 07 'mii COlJiiT, 

Thlo v/rit of error brings before ua for rcYiew 
a Judgment of ni l cabjat entered on a verdict of not ^^^ii^y 
returned pureunnt to inatructione of the court. 

The evidence on bci.aif of tru. plaintiff tended 
to aho« t/uit i^retUiricx ociiulta, waile employed as a Unrn 
boas and cngn^ed in and about nia uutica near a grain and 
aalt elevator o^vned and operatc^d by defendant, received in- 
Jurieu from »it» explosion in ti.e. frlfvntor wxiicii reaultcd in 
hltt death. There vf&s evioence tending, to jho-/ tne ;;reeence 
in lJ\e nievator of quantitloe of grain duut fujd the proxii^ity 
of lighted gao jets; tant ducn dust la ol a hi^ exploute 
nnture ana on contact with fliM.e or sparic 'ill explode; t/mt 
thia was a duet explooion; tust the device uued by defendant 
to reniove duat woa not effective lor tiie purpose, and 
other mcthoda, wnich a wltnese deooribcd in aetail, would 
prevent auch an exploalon^^i t is unneceaaary to narrate the 
evidence in detail or to refer to the evidence on boi.alf of 
thr defendant. 

Vhera evidence, standing alonr, fairly tenda to 
aupport plaintiff's c»ae, it muat be subf.-.ittrd to the jury. 
ide V. FrotciifcT . 194 HI. baii. 

whether or not the excrciue of rf'ftaonnble care 


^Liilri - aCii 

Ot ■;yH>t2i 


,1K.<>'K*KI «i tlidfUtJPi.f 

GOO .ii.i G y X . \ -' ■ 

W9iT«1 tot tti/ 9ict»d 8^fjj:xt^ 'KO'riSt !« ^iA^^v tijuti 

aaa liAiii^ •« fiusn e&ivi^n aXii «ii»aUA isms «Jl itt^^e^ns biia aaotf 
■;JX*jet»7. lOJAivaXw ^wu «i aoiaoX(ipc<» ffn fiJotl aaiijut 

oji-oiqx* Y.i'iai:ct « 'lo ai Ji'WJi X'i»Af» iJa.ti4 ;*^»t ««ia M*.iiaiX l;o 

lo IXadoii no eonaLXvo ^riJ o* "t«il«rr oJI' to j:i;*i*«S> ni wo.-JsLiivB 

'11ii;ra£«Xq JiO'ique 


S 2 

In providing; n reneonably Bafe plpoc r'>r the vleceaeea to work 
required the u»e of anotber ii«thod to avoid explosions was a 
question for the jury. otepncn v. jjuffy . ii57 ill. 549, 

Grain dust is highly exi^losive* and in Ccmtr.on » 
wealth hi eo trie ;.:o. v. elville , iilo Lll. 7., it was said: 
"The cure muut or cofsu&eiiuurate wit:; the dan^jer." 

^e hold tltat the question hs to the reasonable 
oare of lac defendant should liart been submitted to the Jury, 
together with the other quest iunu of fact in Ui.c c:iae, and 
tiiot not to xiBve done .o ia reversible error, oee opinion in 
Liooouri I. f>llc?.'ble iron Co. v, i;ill(;n , 2o6 ill. 14b, njrid the 
large nurubcr of citutiona therein. 

'/ov the retiaons above inuicnted the Juaf:aient is 
reversed and uie cnuae reuianded. 



;j« Xlii&siQSii^^r 01 ■^tiibifctq, ai 


t .i. o) 9iJB ii i. •'^■T iJ 

?.iC*8al.11 iiiiX«»w 

auni «Xiao 9dT* 

....■ ?ja^ it^jtw ifnii'»^oi 

' ;fPAfo«A J^TipfiB^,' JlllJSa^^ T«*S,:,, 



DefenUant in ' rrcr» ) 

V ) ^'e C;.1CACl;, 

JlninMff in ^, rror, ) / 

\ /l95I.A. 3 87 

of f;rjj)lo Vi:.rnt , fur lXijC Al'ttr iiio >.\iacii&i-ge» y/nic. ;it; aaya t/aa 
v/roru I'ul , tpcn trir:l b.\ tht court r.c muo.!t for .i;?, 
." UTiy rcauoria are urj^.eo for u rev f ran) , at we 
ahall note ouliy or.o, vi.ic; -a; [,cia in ^.n/f i iciexii to iicvent 

j;^lair,tirf fro;;) r^covering-'i- i i^-^ii^-tif I v/ca, t-eiplcyeu y;) a. 

ce-j-enter of rulitex' cv'to, rn. oUf. contiacv p;ovi..el^ " U*« 

Mhfe^l- J-ttlaii--«»-Potra^UHrn funri'itety ta fiiv<' tne uar.e u**ci:if ncLion 

in hia 'Tork .'ts iir ruiy airKt'jlcTc bc-en {.,i,vii;,(j. " "i.c tvxuc-i.ce 

unO'VB Lhnt before t>.c coriLrnc. ae cirnod ;:) c;i,r;tif r .. '-qc nn 

nvera, r cf lb per v/<.':k. I.'nuei t.^io C(..t* ti-.'jc u »;i i t: 'irLirif^o 

wrre . mira;. te.;iJ to be tJoL luja tiiH;i li;ri'„ ou;t, ;t it* ti'nc-i- 

cnl ly unC' ntrHdictied tiuit aftfci tht oit.:ifi," oT lac ccntr»c;-, 

•ylli. UiP ;yauioic excf^iiion of -w; weoo, i.c never eartieU 

thi a pcoufit; LiiJ't !.i o (.'fji'i.idtjtt roii froL. .10 a wcc): to about 

^14 « we«fK , ;>/ia tz.:'t (iefciitlant jiuid hi.:, tiie vliff '; Ijiat 

tiic i'oreHirin ropryveu j,l:»ir)lirf fur f^ur v<os:..t Jiiu -inf .ain» -ie- 

frct.; iiiiu urt'irit iii^i^ f-c oo bv.Ltoe; ..ijn;^ n:,oi.i;nr t.'floyce, 

'fltio WHO :-f. c-xa.inf-r of -vorji, found ocfecta in ta*^. .vorl< raid 

v/no CO.- pel 1 rd to reLurri :i cou-.'i.ierable i-crtion of tni* hums 

to plpintiff tc cc ;loric over; thn" hf -./'Steu c.nal -erabl c '«-icc 

■Jurin^: v/or-int-. Uoux^s tty viwit.nj. fWid i,, /itr. otncr oriC- 

men; in?'. Ll j/no U. ren *>,■ mo wu-r; .i..c.i"rt'e u!:ltiiu iiic ./ork 

^ii^i:^ - 

t' )iij '•/;' 

'■. .' '5'«ii: ?,;fi-»(.; '1 V 

..f-. i ,r. 

: ■' • , - ■ ■ i no ^J-yc^ ItAliB 

\ - . >?■ . • • : 'l '•'? i.?fi.;I<^ 

, .. ,i ■: - '■ i,:. •t-ir.-)..''0 

■ • . r:.:, ,;-o^' .-in ni 

.. . .■ •--: • 1^. ; ,:iJ svrofla 

-■■ •' •'•; ji. . 't:j -'^sniivo 

•.;.., J ; Ji'.jJ.' ' :: iili 

,'. r; rr.:,>i'i ,-i>.Ziv.'ii •. ■>jii 

. . -i-.-.tx .'. • la Urtw otiw 

i/lu-f'V: '■J 0" rf 3tJ '.(JO ' 

; /■>'.:• •.: .: ,-<i oi y. 

WHS beLlered, bat L-ji^ro -vaa r.o iniproveaiont , r^nd finally ho ^ms 
told to ^:o by the forcs;Rn, v/uc stated I., nxu f-h.-'t jtc wua cila- 
c)uxr{;ed "b.-cnuie » tuinnot t'.et tni 6 -ctork .iom. at. ali; your .vcrk. 

l3 ROGUlUt. ly MO iJOW'-J.VHC' 

>Ve tia.nk Lhe clctir prejonrierance of oiie evior.oce 
jujiificij iac discharge. ■.ence i/luir.tiff iii ..ot »/!,lcd 
(jMOcr i.ii. contr.'ict tj recover ''.e-., ra for i^.ny uiaic tueref.'.f ler. 

The Judtv^ent o i" Llic trial juurt io rev-erat.- J vitii- 
out rwufuiCiini; w-ie cauiic. 

^3 \i;G ■).->, C.I Mo* 

,,\ \ ,f- ..iv/toccJa Bi 

.1,1 .nl.li3tul 

32C - £1304 

Appellee, /) 

/ ) Appeal from 

val / ) 

\ / ) Municipal Court 

FTEPHFr D. ri^AMAN and KFrjfv ) 

A. BL/iIP, \ / ) of Chicago. 

Appellants. ) 


V .-^ 

19^ 396 


Py thip ap'peal defendants seek to have reversed a 

judgment for *3,334.35 had by plaintiff in a euit tc recover 

purchase r;oney paid on a ccntract for land and Siiareo of atcck, 

which plaintiff claicje v/as breached by def -ir.d ant f?, thereby S!!- 

titlin^; bin: tc rescind. _ ^ ,,. 

^)f^ The contract is' dated I.'aroh 11, 1911. Py it plaintiff 

agreed to buy and deferdantr, to sell about 8C acrea c "^ land in 

Colorado, and 80 pharen of the capital stock c'" the Pejiinan 

(an irrigation concern), 
Tyndicate Ditch Company/, for *5,4C0, payable in four inotal]- 

mentfi, *1,800 dov.n, which ',vae paid, and the balance in three 

inrtalltrentG of '^1,200 each, the fir^^t due ^vith interef=it on 

or be "ore Inarch 11, 1"12, tho others in t'vo and three yearn 

respectively. Va.en the payment di;e on or before I'arch 11, InlS, 

was made plaintiff was to be '"entitled to an abntract cf title 

and tc a warranty deed to Raid land," and the "C..>l]er agrees 

tc furnipli abstract of title and tranp'er naid land and Pitch 

stock as lisrein prcvided." ''further prrvieicnp are: 

'"Vhile buyer ie net in de"ault, he cay have poseessicn 
of said premises and use of water on said ditch stock until 
title, by deed tc said land and ditcl stock is delivered." 

"If seller fails at any tine tr carry ci.t the teri'-.s 
of this contract, then all the purchase price and the inter- 
est that has beer paid at ruoh time, I'.ay be returned to buyer 
by seller in full accord and satisfaction of all claims of 
buyer hereunder." 

i-osi: - OSS 


, ' '\ -"^.IT .n iVfi'i^ri'H 

<TIAJ2 ..V 

V. '-J 

'"' ''.-1 j^'~~ ~-'r inn^VIT" 

•;,; /?;.l^■.-.0'I■^. .. , ••;;;;- I'l ;i.CLlq :iox.iv^ 
, ^ . . .1 : :k V ; ■:^.aiiili 

.^ ' I f T 6 o ^r c : ! r J /; s 1 1 1 i: .t c- "■ 

' •_■■.■■• ■ i- j" ;;-.;. ^ ;' r iio'v/;M s-xo"oa :co 

".' -':;'■ '■.■:•; ■ , s ; '; J.^.siliJiv e oJ ha& 
•^,.'..11 '" ' . ■ . f. y ' ,[ .T LflSif RBjfooia 

> :r '■ 1 ■ : , ,,i '.>J .^OliiJ 

. :.■■ ,ii) ;' . ^T TsIIoiS II- 

Alec that "time shall be the e88eri:3e of this contract." 

Fet7/een March llti. and *pril 4tl., 1911, plaintiff 
took pcBBeGSicn of the land. Or April 4, 1911, he paid the 
installment of '*1,£00 which was due on or before March 11, 1912, 
and thereupon by the terms of the contract he became entitled 
to an abstract of title and warranty deed and the transfer to 
him of the 80 shares of ditch stock . Defendants did net then 
deliver any of these and niade no tender until December 26, 191C, 
when a deed was tendered and refused. Plaintiff claims that 
under the contract defendants have failed to carry out their 
obligation and that he ip entitled to rescind and recover back 
the money paid on the purchase price. ^^^ 

Plaintiff remained in pcsseseion of the premises from 
about April 4, ISll, until June, 191S, and defendants say in 
defense that by thus continuing in possession beyond the time 
specified in the contract for the delivery of the abstract and 
deed, plaintiff waived the element of time and could not put 
defendants in default until he had notified them that he would 
rescind unless defendants performed by a time certain. 

Although time be made the essence of a contract, yet 
this condition may be waived, and a course of conduct by the 
parties may amount to a waiver. Lancaster v. Poberts . 144 111. 
213; !v:cnacn v. Brandon, 159 111. 61. It would also seem equit- 
able that a buyer should not have the right to rescind and at 
the same time continue in possession. Ope. j on v. ^ngebc , 151 
?ac. Rep. 1146. 

After consideration o*" the evidence we hold that plain- 
tiff had the right to rescind and to reo"ver. In '^pril, 1912, 
plaintiff demanded performance by defendants, saying that if 
the deed was net '/within three days suit would be 
brought. Defendants doing nothing, in the following June he 
abandoned the premises. This notice, 'vitli the giving up of 

i '' . .,' i '^ ..;■-:.:£, 6:1 J :> 'loxaoa^s.o.q }{ooJ 

;. . . •: ■ .'■-. ■■;v.' niiV.v ^'0:'^tI'■ lo inayiillBJ-snJ: 

.- .-. .' ..'..-:;. li )o :/xij a:; 9inz;^ sJo ^(:o a O'C/si dil j una 

;;-.■ ^./-f'-, T1.C, ,v i.ri£. £-ij.i:J lo crooij<ic'.s iib oj 

.... ' -:[ ,■:;. v;-- .;;_..jx,o " o '-.■■x^i^ '''i 3tiJ lo Jiia 

. ■'.: . L ' L.--. :.." .: ■,.•;,'..: 'a "•■;• . . ;.^ oft';, £.0':K' j ^;}v: u&sb a rrarlw 

:■"■:-.■;. " CV>. il. '■vir;CL:^3;}^--^ CtO^lJ'IOO Slid' ■T.QbCW 

; ■ .";■.-•" '. i •: :'rl.:is\r:) "i Oil /Hiv; i.-Tr, noi js^i Ido 

.;/. ■.[■,■• :■ ^.^..■I.- ::• ■; . Ai no b'iBZi Ysnoiir 9ri;t 

■ . '■'--..i .:.': J ■ v:.. .^ ■ .■ 3 -q i..':. .:.£;■■: x 'w^TOi "') i J'f i.'.: n 

■..\^ .;■• ' :. ,_:'l-i ^'bnu\> iizyiu ^.ri^I ^ C- liiqA juodis 

.- ' .J ■ ^- ■. : •■•; -:;■;...>■ :..]. gr^i-jai J !•; > ;-ui;j ■i;.j J.odj 35n5lsi3 

- .- '".^ ■. ■ . ■ /.iTiri. ;;• 1.^ . v; .u::.-ri :.u; iiiJ" ai J9x'!:xo9qa 

. ... :• . , ibi-..:; c-at ^;.,i.;:;-, ili.tnxfl.lg .besb 

. .1^ -i ■ . ■.-.■/ !• i^xja.j J l;..|•B'^^^l• ax 9dTi:DLnsl3b 

.■■■■ r : J- _ ■•■:; ■..■:. 1.-. :; '; , ';. 3 'I'- .OiK)'! vL ?389ln0 bnio^oi 

, '.:. ■ ^ : ^ .•;_ .: :. :;.;, -,a;- xIj^.Jo;iJIA 

' . ■■ •;: ' " '.: ,:.;.7vtPV^ ;rO V^'u HOX J"! iJ!"iDO e'iAi 

" ■ ^ '' '■"" • • ' - -^ "'^ ^ , li.vbfii'-r'j .V aofiiOfe ;SIS 

- /■■ ^' ,'7:.; :'0'i '. ['J •;:'■•. 'i5'-iu6 .G JXitW eLds 

• _.ji".j_; . ' i'_^I.I_.i.: • ':• ■" : .' V' ~| '^i ::v.;:'t 1: tqo!"' emx^ siaBfi erlJ 

.'"i>[I .qSfl .06T 

"' ' •' ■ .'. . :.,-- .. . ,.:)';l--vio'!tv'i iuiuaxitneb 'ill Jiiol'q 

-- -J 1 > ■'•■ -.: ■■'■ .-" .,. . a _f /i jii'!..;; ■•;-J. -oorlJTo'S Ion 3;cw i;esi> arid" 

— 3 — 

pcesessicn, amourted tc a rsscisnicn arci iniponed liability on 
the defendants. At this time the only ccligaticn between the 
parties was thai there was Roney due and cwing from defendants 
to plaintiff. 

It is argued that suteequert letters ehcv that plain- 
tiff" in effect waived hi?' resciepicn, or at leart shov/ th;it 
he had net intended to rescind, '"^e do not think so. They 
indicate no more thcin a willingness by plaint if :^ tc buy the 
land at the price named in the contract, provided defendants 
gave or allowed him a sum sufficient to compensate him for 
daciages claimed to have resulted through their delay. No 
agreement as to the air.ount of this compensation \vas ever made. 

Neither do thinV that the exchange of properties 
discussed by plaintiff with i^'Oonnor Pros, is of controlling 
importarce. Defendant-^ were urging plaint if "^ to agree to sou.e 
kind of settlement of their controversy, and plaintiff, with- 
out changing his status with defendants, could investigate as 
to what kind of sale or exchange of the land he might be able 
tc carry through, '^hat teri'.s he would be willing tc make with 
defendants might well depend on what disposition of the land 
he would be able tc make. 

^laintif argues that no certificates o" ditch stock 
were ever tendered. "'ithcut discussing this, are inclined 
tc agree .vith the content icn of defendants' counsel on this 
point, tc the effect that under the terms of the contract and 
according to the method of handlinr; such matters in Coloradc 
no actual delivery of certificates o" stock was contemplated 
by the parties. 

Pegardless of other considerations this juigment should 
be affirmed en the broad ground that defendants were re-iuired 
to furnish an atstract and deed within a reasonable time, and 

in 5 Sllli 

a J .(.■'! ' 

fi :: j b 9 '1- !/ ? ' • 1 ' ^ a o i: ?. 3 9 e 8 o q 
! ■■■rdi :■^ .oitXBhndJeb srfJ 

;r.'i :: ; .., .::jj:!X jj'i :^.;;ri srf 

.. : ■;;;■■ .;i^uoiil.i v-i'j.£o OS 

. -. i '■-■"■Js odi oS ^onioq 
■•■c "o •^■rovi. isb LRUio& on 


a delay of a year ar.u eight monthe if unreaacr.alle . Ir Hardin?, 
V. Olson . 177 111. 298, irvolvirg fact- similar to these before 
us, it was held that a delay of four months in delivering a 
deed of ccnveyance pursuant to a ccntract was unreascnable . 

^or the reasons indicated above the judgment is af- 

,r:i T7I ,.5.2810 -v 
. OS/in: i 1 

351 - 4' Chi 

CITY V '/ i:. ICACJ, 

refendnnt in rror, 

V . 

U)Ulw ,KuJ!K, 

ilftintit'f in I rror. 

UF ChiCAG^,, 

195I.A. 399 

lilV?, JUiTICK i^f^iiii DKJ.lVJklvU TliK Oil^iXuS {j'if Th> CuUHT^ 

i.n a quiiux »;rit.-.iriJ»l action nrou£:rit cy the 
city of i.ica^ro "Kaii»«^ defeiiannt oiai, ]ln.inlxil in fa-ior 
ht:r«», fur "viulotion of ^eot-ion c\.-l'^ o'? Li.s (,hic:i^-o i.,ode 
of lyXl." dcfenda.'it w:n4 founc :-.uilty by a jur nai;esced 
a fiPiC of tl^"-'* £>"'-* praacoutcG t.-ia -/rii -jl error to revtrae 
Uio Juar/t-ent cntf.reU on the verdict. 

There la no ore inane e in ino xecoru, nr. '. tuia 
Uao been rwpeatcdXy hel:* fotal to u jua;iiij«r!L ijuscd on cm 
alleged violfition of a- urdiruit,!..©, 

liic jud>n:frnt of '-iier jnicipal vourt io rfv^-ratd 
and the a-tu^>c r«ja.fU)d«d. 

i \-^ u • . 

* V 

,. ^i 'ii liV 

• ■■ .('. ■. ► ..V ,-:'i nsod a Ad 

.■-.J. ■■■■-' I o< ^••.r, yii) bna 

351 - 20681 


Defendant in hrror, ) 

) hShOl'. TO VUNlCiJ'AL COUftT 

v», ) 

\ J / Oy CKICAQO. 

LOUIo KOhJi, ) -' ' ^; 7 ^ -s. vr C> 

i laintlf'f in irror. } 


TliiB writ of error brings in revieir a judgment 
of th« kunicipal Court against plaintiff in error. Louis 
Kohn, fining him vlCC, entered in a prosecution in that 
Court for a breach of the peace. The defendant waived a 
Jury. The coiuplaining witness was Isaac A, Doff, a member 
of the firm of Doff Brothers, cloak i&anuf acturers, and the 
defendant was a member of a firm doing business under the 
name of the Fohn Cloak &. ijult Company. The Doff firm aold 
to the Kohn Company, June 6, 11^13, a bill of gcods on a 
credit of ten dnya, it is clearly shown by the order 
signed by doldstein, the buyer for the Company, and by 
i.oldstein's testimony tixat the goods were iiuld on a credit 
of ten days, and also by tiie testiaiony given for the defend- 
ant, that the defendant changed the duplicate of the order 
80 as to show that the goods were bought on a credit of 
thirty days. July 9, the complaining witness went to the 
store of the Kohn Company, and der.ianded payment of the bill, 
Eisenberg, ; annger of the Kohn Company, said the bill v/as 
not due. The complaining witness hud taken with him Gold- 
stein, the buyer who gave the order, who, on being snown 
the duplicatf order in the poeseosion of the ? ohn Company, 
said that "they doped the duplicate." Angry words were ex- 
changed arid i-lsenberg aert for plHintiff in error, i.ouis 
hohn. i.e came and grabbed Doff by the arm to put x^im out 

ife50&: - ioo 

xmoo sAiiomGA ot mmm. i 

LXoe ta'jtil lltoa ©xlT .x«>f»<g[aoO ituU A 3ia«X5 niioX ©xl^ lo soma 
B ao Bbao-^ lo Ilia « ,SX^X td 9UiSl ttan^MfO tidcl ^siA o3 

At<f bOis .x^cusqfijoO e»ilJ -xol i:sitfwd 9144 ,«isrf«bXoo x<^ bonai* 

J-Ajoo-io a no bios 9%sw ebcoa »^i* i&iit \,«««vi*es^ e'nis^abXoO 

-tindlslj »ili 'lot aovxa '\(,aoftU;^8a^ sxi* y*? ooXjb bnjB ,bx,«^ ^J'^* "^o 

i9hio BAi 'to a^saiXqwb ©ii* b^^ajudx) ^naba&tiakt 9.iii iad^ ,*«« 

to *lbdto c «o ^fji;^iK)o 9ii&fff eiiooji '*4iJ i«xl;t wotS^ oi ea o« 

Oil? oJ iti9w seenii-K jjftinlalqmoo srfi ,e xXwu .s-v-ij v.^riiriJ- 

««« XXxd »rfJ bias ,\tn»qinoO mio;i 9il^ Tto i»^mjs« ,3a»«i(i:i«iji 
-bXoO «iri ii^Xv,' n'.t:i&i baA eaaailvi gainiRlqmoo sriT ,oiib ioa 

« v.'"" '.^J lo iioiawoaaoq <»dvt ni vsiltio siaollqv/b •rii 

-xa »ao\v si;i.c' 'Ci^oA *.9»+«oXXqifb «ili biaqob Y»cli" i«ri.t bX«« 

• i£(o.; .to-i'ao ni 1' lal wi-isa ri-xadnimi^ b«a b9»n/jrto 

of the store. 

. iaintlff in error haa not incorporated in the 
stenographic report the ordinance referred to in the com'- 
plaint by nuwber only. The otatute provxdeo tnat the i.uni- 
cip&l Court shall taice Juaicial notice of ordinances, but 
tJiia Court cannot do 30. If tne plaintiff in error desired 
to preserYe for presentation to tnis Court the question 
idiether the Court could from the eyidence properly find de- 
fendant guilty of a Tiolation of Section ^.012 of the }.'unici« 
pal Code, the oection mentioned in the compinint, he a^iould 
have incorr orated thr.t oection into the atenographic report. 
ChicHpo V. Tearney . 187 ill, Apj. , 441; Chicago v. . oran , 

x»i; ill, App. 57. 

We cannot, or the eridence in ttaa record, say 
th?^t the Court mi^ht not properly find defendant guilty of 
a violation of anid oection ^vyl^, and finding no error in 
procedure sufficient to warrant or require a reversal of 
the julgment, the judgment is affirmed, 


jjL-d ,«9oa«MTiMo "io ftoiiow l&ialtiul asi-fti XIaria ^-xwoO laqio 

..•..,.. .V . .-;,- ■..! t^** i"qE<|ft' :,lli tSI ^• ^gCT'X ftS;! .V u^ ftO J^tj^ 

.ftaenrl^la ex Ji««ia?,&wt ^i^ ^Snenoiihal srfJ 

154 " ^lidU 

IK?. tJXlCB, ) 


4-icfter.aaj.t in . rro 

^ y X t>' ._J _ . ri . 4: U O 


TiilB vvx'u of fjrror ii pro«ftc;»tcd to revcrue a 

JuiAi'iuettt fur (Jef cnv*«»iii. rt-iiJ' i'eti iu tae /uHicips.1 Court In 

tui by plulntiff la error Jujf.AfiBt defendant in error, 

ih» d«ferid»nV Cot.pftny ia ««ngai-.eci iti furniai lag for ji;».y in- 

fortnation tc> its ou8l;>c-erfl re^ardln^': tht ovnersxiip cf real 

•GtCLte, jltiinLiff rect>v«r«a ir^ tnc . anicii*il Court w^^inat 

one H. ouiowioii u JudtUitiut. for v4.0 v>cc«t;btr 1 , } > v>« nnd 

tarougA x.ia Atturneys on tlvAt dfty iu<;uirva of dcf f^n^ii^rit if 

UAlowich wiid t(>o o<jjitir ol ttkc real bNtatc Kno^Ai »<8 'o. 3451 

i!). SbUx :]Luc«, Ckloo^o. VUe inquiry wat$ b> telfphunc '<nd 

was a»aw«red by do;/.6 une in def etiuunl* a ofrice by t<;l(ip(tone, 

what Gulowioii <vaa .tot tue 0''<«:r of Kali X'^al (, but on« 

ZuiUbaii vua. Vh« attoiiicy a»kcu for u ?/ritien r«:;ort cjid 

reOAived It the next day. it stated U.nX /^iu;an was tli* 

ovmer of tlic roiOL estate 0Uoj<?ot to <* truut deed from .uit^ 

B<an to i.aui^iin, trustee, r«oordea <^.u, uat I<3, I^ifi-:, to secure 

^^5ou due in Yarioun ai&ounta our^nK five y«it<ru. n the 

re^'Ort ia tx^e foXlovini; ^0^.0 ran viui&t 

"in furiilu^inf. the noove inforwatlon the cov- 
pany aeo .ace no pt'OUiiirry liatiility to tJie Mp:lisant except 
in oasv of tti^coiAl written notic« timt ^iMt« Xti tc ut. a«ted 
in » it^s!>l j.roc«f«-oinfi, in *i»ic.- cnae an Rdiitianal fee .uunt 
be paid, u])d ttiiii rcroit i<iuat b^^ 8ijt':nea by (u) uai..ori;''ed 
agent of the company •" 

one of piaintiff'a attorii«ya teetifiuo Utxt it 

Mm the oustujA oi defenuant in iti> dcaiingo «it.:.. tiio^., bu 




,^i - f^ei 

SOJ^ .A.I 5 


confiraj j^e te.-ei.honr converaaiion by knxci. j/rilten reports. 
iluxnUiff put. In eviiKmcso rtr;.)tiicr rti.Drl aCwt T.r» hiy ut,t.)rncy» 
by dofendfint, fro.ii ^vhlch it apju.nrj t,i:Rr, tfie r(>f».l oattvtc was 
oonvryed to :,uitmjin by a deed recorded June y, lyiJ ; that 
Au^^uot 16, 191^-., he exectitcd a trust deed to '. aut«n» truotee, 
tc uecure ^/^buv, wrilca wao recorded August IC, li^l .; tuat he 
oonvev«»(i the property to On] by tiec^d recorded orch lb, 
191.*^', nn; that Geil owl ch conVRyed it to Jroobaon by cieod re- 
do rded j!inur»ry 4, 1914, ;^'- 

iVe think: that the sierrornridua contf*ln(:d in tiie 
report i^cde bv defonilant to vlRirtiff /ruat fci rcf.arcied aa 
entcrinr into the contract uf tr/een the pnrtice, ana that as 
■~P defendant wna not r.otilied tiifU the ir:for.;,!fition *.'t>.o tc; be 
ustrd in Irgial yroccpdinj:, -ina the rtport was not aigrifd uy 
an f^utroriacd agent of the aef eruiar. tT) tiie defc/.daijt aaaauied 
no prcuni;>ry llPbility in fmmiihing saoi- infort;ation, 

r.'e nre alao of the opinion txmt tat' evidence 
falls to s.'iow that plair-tiff, by reason of the incurrect in- 
fonaticn, juataintd;e.O ; ho onl> *^vidence regordinti: 
the tJtlr to thp real f^atate '.ma ti;c two re, ortsi ar.ade to 
plaintiff by defendant, r.tcn Siiowed u truat det'd to ] au^an 
executed by Zultman, recorded Auguot li, lJl*i, to uocure 
^li&Ov, Thn first rcrort elated tuav t:ie ^rcpcrty was owned 
by Zuitsian and thnt the ' onrd of ' cvicw vtilURd ti:e property 
pt .2i! for taxation. There ia no otiier evidence in th« rec- 
ord tending to a^iow foe vrOue of ti^e property . he occond re- 
port 8t tt;d n'Rt Zultstan convry«d tue property to ralowich by 
deed recorded arch IS, 1*1^, and tnat, i:<. ccnvcycu it to ». icobaon 
by deed recotd^d .;nnu"»ry 8, 1914, it nlao ohor-ed o ocrtiilcate 
of levy on an execution ngainat GttlO'*'icii f""^ th;:t a uetiaf no- 
tion r-if'oe wua filed, but does not atiov that inc property was 
sold under the execution at^'ifiat (.Hiowioh,6' Uc ti^int that on 




rtO iani 

the evide!ice In xhe record the kariicipal ^ourt pro] erly e,fxf 
Jud^flient tor th« def oxidant, nn: tne JudfTunnt lo KlTimed, 

17 --2 - i:il49 

JOmi ll/M'XfihL AUTOMOBTU?: 

COMP.xNx (tt corporation), ^ 

TB, \ 



COUP Art Y (a coTporaXion) , 

Deftjndfint in ^ror. 


^:Rj^OT^ TO 

!oimi(.:ipj\L c(")m 



4 07 

X / 


Tnia v.rit of error brings in review a judgment of 
nil capifit rendered in tin taction brought in the Municipal 
Court by plaintiff in error ngniti t drfendroit in orror, and 
tried by the court without a jury^'^^-J.iay 27, 1913 u contract 
in 'vritinn wno entered into bctvroon plaintiff nnd the Kidland 
Votor Coinpimy, v/hereby the motor comprmy agre^ fJ to aell and 
deliver to plfiintiff aix nutomobiles. Model T-6-5P, "fully 
equipped as p^r catttlogue" at «1400 each and to deliver one 
cr:r by Muy 29 end the othera within two weeko from th»; dute 
of the contrMCt; and th« d-jfcandant agreed to pay for oaid 
care, "fully equipped an per cutBlogue and covered in this 
a£5re'iinent ^60C cash upon ui.qfiing of thia ^ro rnrnt; thiB 
amount being u depoBit of ^ICC on each of the aix; it 
beinf, mutually undorotood thivt <ve are to deduct >^lor from 
the net price of euch car au delivered, raiiking n balance 'lue 
or IJ '" on ;.oJi Cf>r delivered," Tyie defendant took ovf^r the 
contrivct and undertook Its pcrfornumce. It delivorc^l two 
oars to pluintif: for wich it paid, but corapl&ined tbut the 
cara ao delivered vrerp not ei\ui,)pod ub required by th« 
contract, nod notified dcfendnjit th .t it would not tccept 
othtir caro until they vr^rc fully equipped ao required by 


1 •x<3 -;. •%•-•' if .i .; li ■' 'M ■' ; ir 

-«>■ .•^: K 

i G 

*t#*S,^' ttk Si 


,(£$•: •■10 «) Y' 

r. .Hs^? 

fiiiaX^ «i ■x»viX'=-J? 

■■•; ov;J" ^. .iw .iiis 

,{•;■ » ;; ; ■■■• 1 > 


V.iQ coii U-.iCt. ihc uul'cnciiinl. tcndcrod lour curu, but piaintiff 
refuseu to acc-s^jt thein on the groimd th;;t. they wt-re nox 
•quippicd na re'{ulr«d by the contract. The def»ndant then 
sold the care lor ;;12)'''' eRoh una clairatid im ti.*,- critil the 
rlt^lit to tiet off the one hundi'cd doliuro differaiiCu on euch 
ca* hctweon tliC contruot prlco (»nd Uie prlot- at wiiioh Uio oara 
were sold, agaii-.ut tha cIbjJ). of plain tifi for the ;;4ro 
dwpoBited iuu au udvanco payretnt on tJio four cars, ^r^ 

The cleciHion in th^i c,,:iv turna on the quoction 
whethr the four cura no t«-fndered nerw fully <9<(uipped an 
required by the contiit^t. -f - ^ ~H conceili.-d thnt thM cut in 
tht c;.t«l0KUQ purportinf-; to b«* . ■^ut if t)i» . utcmobilft 
specified in th'^ coni-ract, Rhowo cix rims and oix tirea on Cf r MXid k rjps t«nk on the re.-r of thr car, f-nd tiut the 
crjra doliv<ir«d and thooe tend oy fad did not have ai^ rin-.v* or 
six tirey, *hit«, a ^vitnoaa callftd by dftf «iaQd*j.nt, teatlfiud 
th'i.t the HutoDJObileo tenc'ftred won? not OMuippcci Bt:for(iiru; to 
pictures f<n('. outt) in th« c^talo; ue. The specific tions in 
thff CRtoiogut rto not specify the nuicT.or of tiret; or rinm. 
The cLita ftre a part of lh<; cutalOf;ue -c well ,).u the specifi* 
cp tions, and tho contr; ot requirt^d the def<mdant to deliv r 
cars equipped with tlic number of tirea ;.ind rims i<hovr»i by the 
outs in th'j cr:.talo^ue. The cnohicr of df^fendtvnt in n letter 
to pl«iintiff dated July 1, 1913, aaid: "Vr, :.ackett (rn 
employee of fiffendunt) nrtvincs thnt the ntnt c^r you recfiive 
ia to be 'lsllT«»red without tirea, in view of the fact that 
you h' d to equip th(> 1 t.;t one you cold with Firentonc tires; 
we "wili therofore make a. reduction covcrin-: .he coat of a 
St t of tiroc from the prict of the cnr.'^^Plalntlf f nnn 
antiticd to o.cvxva earn "fully equlpp«d ko p r c/ttalOf^ue* 
nnd -was not bound to accept a only partially c mlpped 
and a reduction from tlie cmitruct price. Tho evidence fuilt 

■■;7i 9iiU ISO rr XO'X 

. -If) kirn. 'Ao OB ■■U'^l^ 'i&ji vxnti iods i>Xo« 
■ .^*,lob ft^'xiiflwrf <*«« oji^ "SI© #»a o: 
-:'X<i 9if^ &a» 9»i>Jt?q ^c»#; * tta&w,l»if -i^a 

• f bn%iisp9t 




f ;hon .^ow brt« 

to Bhow th»t the four cnrn not delirered were tenderod to 

defenduiit equipped ub required hy th« contrr ct, und he mxa 

not bounl to uccept thara and itur, 'Entitled to recover the 

amount of th v ;ice paymorit im buch cure. 

The Judgioent of th'; l^'unicipul Court lo rcTcraed 

iind Judginont will be entered h ro for 'i}A("''^' tmd the coata 

in this Onurt. 

JUi)GM'lfT ri VKRa!:;D SIW JUIX1Mj»T FT'^RB 
7C:\. J40C .'IJI3 Til; CQ'JTJ. IW THIo C'^in^.T, 


Pt 5"X!. 

.i?*fMO0 Blrf# flJt 

ifcse - iaiei 

«. J. GKCG,„v, 

UefenUaut i:i ! rror, 

▼ 8. 

CCHobifrjia COL Jf ANY. 
o. corporation, \ 


A. 409 

hli, JU^TICIC BA);iai J5KLIV*;hfilJ Tilt GilNlOU OJ? TM CCUi'.T. 

Haintiff Crogan reoov^rcd ogainat the Coraainors 
Cojnpsny a Judi-TBcnt in the —nioipal i ourt for ^;.56,k5 for 
da^i^aRtra to ikia riu t *..•■. 00 ile olleg*''-' ^^^^ hove ooen eui'taintd 
throuK^i the nCf;lii^enoi5 oi tne driver of a •«at:c-n of tiae 
defendant Coapnny , . leintiff was Jri. v i-xijc taot in jacxaon 
.3oulcv(ird nnu defendant's ytsii^on *ao toing east on 'ooials 
3tre«t. Till*, tcinfiuft of tue wa^ion s3truc^ the out-.-cbile itn<\ 
inflicte-j the da,T.a^',r Cv.M;pl;?inf;ci of. 

The only grouna of r«vfcraal ur>7«d ia tf «t the 
finding of i-,\iilly i;i vi4;etn3t tho evi.'i«ncc. .e thinic fro.-u 
thp evldffrio'; ♦-n'j •'ourt :';ij.i,t. or'!f).crly find fnt t.ns coi:'. i- 
sion occurred tMrou^,-^ the fatjlt .-ind neglirvnce of the 
driver of defendant's teat-i, ,-ina tf.ut the pjaintiff was not 
t;uil t> of con tributary n<»4jJi,rttnGC, and the Juufia^nt will be 


estxt. - ^.ii 

' Q r 

^113 ai 


(.„'{, « Y,i5«q«ffloO 


3 IC' s«'*''>f'A'i 

206 - 21184 

COMP/vKY, a corporation, / ) 

Dftfendiant in i.rrotfl ) 

) 11H05} TO 


Plaintiff iry-.rror, ) 



j 01? CHICaOO, 


19 5 I. A. 410 


In HH Bctlnn brouf'.ht by def en 'rmt in error us 
plaintiff wgainHt plaintiff ir rsrror J: cobellis in the 
Kuninipnl Court on e. tl^if ranttfo to pny pi* intif f for u car 
lond of fertilizer 80lrt to the IndiunB. Colonizf.tlnn ocifrty 
T'.t tVte price of AA'yf ,7^^, plr.intiff hn.d jud^iH<Tit for thfit 
amount, to rcYeree ^)iich the Jvrfondrjnt pronccuttJi. thlo writ 
of error, 

• April IG, 191';, tm ordir to pinintifl to j^bip 
t^-cnty tone of fertilisor to Jof» Ogden, pit;nec' by Ogcion nnd 
tht Inai.'.im Ooionization .iociffty by def ondivnt r.H prtyident, 
rfje forwards'l to plninti^'f ot its o:^flce in ?uffwlo. New 
York, pril 2i plaintiff sent 'ifjf cnJ-nt the follovln»; 
telegriiK: "Buffalo, U, Y. April 21, 1914. :. JacobolliB, 
852 W, Ohio :>t,, Chicat^o. Care .racobellin ^?roH, Int'lana 
Colon 1 r->ti r>n Co, not ratal, will y hi personally guarantee 
payicsnt twenty tons fortilizt?r ordorod, !^n»wer collect. 
L. V, Hubbcll P.irtilizor "o," The df»fo?idiint tOBtifiod thnt 
ho roooivo;1 thia telegram »in(i threw it on tho ''i-Mk, 'f^o 
a.jjne day plaintiff roceivod .tt T^uffnlo Uie fol'owinc telegram: 
"Ch^op.'^o, April ^1, 191-1. L, ' . Hubb.^11 vertilianr • o. 
Buffalo, ii, Y. I ^*ill pcrnonally guan^nteo pnyniftit 2r tono 
fertiliser ordered by Indiana Colonization Co, D, .T»cobelliB«* 


. T iY'^'i- ■- . , f 

ri^(t^nM: '»'^tt <(*$■' mf 'my-- . i-:* tf-^jifoO L«qli>ii3tti'i 


;« : :.iJu. 

Dttfftndunt teotifieci [h:*t ha ha l n :Vt;^ o*»rjt or oTinnd to be 
•ent to the plaintiff »\ny tole iiraxn In rolatir^n to finy 
■atter. Tho ex'ifjinal of tho telof»nuti of April ?1, puirporting 
to be ik t j1 jJiraw of 'i!?fend»nt to plnintiff, wuh produced at 
the trial by an offios^r of the tele.rraph conjpf.*ny, nnd certain 
loitem and docutrsentH aijinnd by th? c't-fandKnt, which he 
admitted that Y^e fignei, were out in nvidencn, T>ie oririnal 
of lh« tolcgraxr. thu auv-rk'td, "Mxhibit 3" for ilontlf ichtion, 
tiiid .ellD, (\ witnei'H for plaintiff ,trt!itlfifd that the 
Bif5natur^' to the tftlonr-iin woo thi; r.ifcnnturo of the defendant,--^ 
The tclogruia xa not in Ihe record, hwt hp.Tinr hewn produced 
at the triiil, inentifiod r;:, th. orie;iriP.l of the telo(rr»un sent 
by defenfi nt, and toatimorv introd\;oert conciminn; it, It 
ERUi^t be conJ^idrtred un in ovi'l'vnce, and on tJre tf*ntiraony of 
fVello wu8 properly admi'tod in rtvi''onf^-n; rjid th quos+.lon 
whethar IL vriiu Hijinod by dof <;ind:.nt is one of fact »-i- The 
defendant adinitted the roccipt of the telogri*in from plaintiff 
of '.pril ai, i fhe telogriua purpartin ? to haye be«?n sent by 
him th t day otatin*', *I vill p-ri^onally gu, r^mts'- psywent 20 
tons of fertili?:er ordered b., Indi'ma C'olonlZFvtion Co,," wr« 
clearly in ;*nuwr r to the telpfiriui! went by plaintiff nnd w.mb 
written by a porBon who had anon the tolcpraw fcnt to 
defendant. It 1b «t;li ae^tlod tli-it y&LUn f. letter in renriTed 
in due courae of lE&il, purportinjj; t.o b«- in renponne to a 
letter proyioubly n&nt by Uie r- I'^iynr, At i:: pr efMimtirely 
genuine and j.daiBiiiblc , Ar:n:. tron.: v, 'rhreahor , r? o, )p.}c, I?,; 
i-eoplee .iKtitnial lig^n^ jt v. •;ei-it':." . '^r^ "eb. «3?»; VqI yI .le v. 
Ooborne, 38 Vinn. -19:!; io^ r.rrcnl. iy. F;vr, 573-<i; 1 hnrt . 
KT. i»ar. l3o8; uruyvillo ..tcr .vorks v, T ur*iick. l'"9 Hi. /.pp, 
820; i^erfume Co , v. r^wjiic . 156 id, 643. 

A set tied rule ir. U./t contr cts reiuirert to be 
•written may be made by tGlsfjram, Aefctv/m Twine o, v, rirht. 

,4i •;.<■' -Ji^dl faoiliJSO,? iJ-««irtif>'l#a 



■ 'if, 'iyJii-JL 
f . 


44 L. H. A, 4;i8j HHwlev V, aiip le . 48 N . H. 487; TreTor 
V. oo'.l . 3a M. Y. 307; itato v. iiolfiMiB . K)6 la. 588, 

'i¥h<jthor the rule ap .11 cable to lotters purporting 
to he in reuponae to a Letter prsvioualy cent by the receiver 
appliua to telagrai.'B, is 6. question th:!t 'iouu not upp<pr to 
h'ive bfcen 'Jecided by a court of revie* in this -tate, and the 
rxUthorltietd In other otateo are conflicting, Hawley v. 
llilpple, t'upr ft. euici . mitl^ v, nton 54 «d. l^a, hold liut tha 
rule dooH not apply to tclcisramB* 'e think thnt the 
preponderance of authority is in favor of t>i« rule that Buch 
a telugrtiia ie preeuntivoly genuine un i admiaoibl« in ("ividonce 
without further proof of ita oxecution by the party pui*porting 
to ec'iid the reply, Vioiatcrn Vrtjna Co « v, hipj'le (..uprcc^e 
Court ^0. Df>k.); ilodgcro v, Fonnirroro. 41 , tl, UBG (Del, 
iiuper,); Oregon ■>. _^. Co. v. rti» . iro n, y, 446; ^■e':'uj^q v. 
HetfjiiOfid . 152 Uich* 422, in the cauo lafit cited it iraa ooid, 
•it waa held in Cora, v, Jof f riea . 7 Allon r^jje, the preauinption 
iu that wh«n a tol'-gram hau been dolivorcd to the telc^pTiph 
company .ind a c opted by tho operntor for traniKiaaion, it is 
duly for ward- d ,..n<l reneAved by the addreaooc, if this 
preHumption ottulns, vthnt io to be inffirrad fron: the receipt 
of ai; imi'-vf'T to liuch n comriiunlc/jticn? Is it ^ny less strong 
than is the receipt of itn nnswer by mail to i* l(>tter? ve 
think it in no utrctch to say thut a prenumption arises thut 
•ouch .Hnr,wor wau in either car,c uent by the oriRinal au.rcoaee. 
This waa held in the r' cont well concidered caae of tfoatirn 
Tv.ine , v, hippie . 11 o. 'uk, 521; '.4 L, i*.. A. 438, /• 
are uatiafied with tho renaoninf^ of thiss once f.nd follow it," 
"e also are uutiiified with the reuoonin^ in Twine ' o, v, 
■hippie and follow it. 

Opposed to tho te >timony of dei*on lant th t he did 
not send the tQlo(.;rani is the preaumption thtit tlao tclcjcrtun wos 
uisned or authorized by him becauiic it was in 'mower to one 

»v yy- 


•lot »riS bnoa ^on 


received by him, and th« teotlreony of y'cllo th«t in his 
opinion the ci^maturo to the tcle.",r"?i! sent wua the eifrnAturo 
of di»f jTidiint, and il»io te.^tlrrony of Vella end Hubbell tending 
to Bhow that dnf en(< 'H t n'imitted th.t he ??iKned tht* 'Twarnntee. 

The (lefonso of rem adjiudicaYa and want of consider- 
atlon were not lai-dw by the affidavit of d«»f<»n8« nor at the 
triKi, Bnd can not be raised hei*e for the firat time. 

aivin/; the objectiona Jtated, plaintiff could 
rscovtr ligain- t the purchuaer in one action «nd .a^ain»t the 
guarantor in ujiother jiction, but could have but one 
satisfaction. "The (guarantee ia bindin/r when goods Ere 
contracted fcr one d^y by the principal an'' the fcu.vnmtee 
is executed the next day .jid delivered tc the seller before 
th« goodrt are delivured by him, b«<:;iU8r-; the aalc n'afr. not 
con^lete until the goods uta'a delivered," 1st Brandt 
:>uretyohip and .'.ueranty, r lop, 15, 

fie fifid no rovcroiblc error in procedure and 
think tliat on tJ^e cvidonco the court prr.purjy Kf-ve Judgment 
for the plain ti. if , iAnd the judgBtint is uf ririood. 

-«. «ii»*f 1r«i «i««4s'' 

4 ; i'li'iX ' in 


227 - 31205 

OKOROB J. Ji?ILLlA»ffi, ) 

Plaintiff in , rror, ) 

i ) i'.RnOH TO 


\ / 

/ ) OK CHIC.-KCO, 

.^Defendant i« rror. ) 1 9 3 1, A. 4 1 3 


Thie writ of error brinfjo in reriew a Judgment for 
the def»nd(tnt entnred on a directed verdict in an action by 
plaintiff in t;rror ;^gainat defendant in arror to recover rent 
for certain prianisesi for Vuy .and the firut half of June, 1914, 
at ^37,80 per month, defendant in error han not filed a 
brief, -r The term atatnd in the; lQur:e vttia one yenr from t/ny 
1, 191>!>, with the provision ttint "if aaid Igd'-jgo doen not 
givo said lestsor written notice aixty daya ^rior to the 
expiration of this loaae of hia intention to vacate oaid 
premises at the expiration of tho term heruby gr.Ated, the 
failure to give ouch notice uhuli op-rnte na a renewal of 
the tenancy for the further period of one ye^u*, it tho oi tion 
of tlie lessor." The lesaee did not give notice of hin 
intention to vncute. The ?W(bendum clause in tJio lease ia hb 
follows: To have and to hold the above dosoribed premises 
with appurtenances unto the said lessee from the firot day 
of isay, ... . 19ia, until the 30th day of vpril .. • 191'., 
except aa hereinafter provided," ^ Tho provision above quoted 
as to th' renewal of tlie tenancy in cane tho lesBeo failed 
to give notice of hiu intention to vacf^te is not a niRre 
oovcn<int which may be specifically rmforced in chancery, or 
<m which an action rI law may be maintained for a breach of 
the covenant; but is a present demise in can the lesuee 


,,"i«^«Jc.a.a.:^^ ^-s 



■sol .^CP*ai';-.:-i.'i. 


r<>p_ R'?'* 



ijctfi i^ua »vl2( 6i oxULtrnt 
7ia toa feife ««>is«H»X wdT '^Tic- 


u rfoiri* no 


does not rIvh wrltt.m notice of hlu lntt>ntlon to v cute the 
premlsoB wlUiln the time fixed by the leaso* T>ie brin(^lng 
of the Buit wuii an election by the leuror to ren«w the 
tenjincy for one year on t>.o failure of the to give 
the notice of hie intention to vacnte tmd the leaHe being; 
th«r«by extended for one year the lease became the ojure in 
legal effect 8 if tJxe torm and the covenant to poy rent 
had originally in express terms embraced two years as well 
aa the other portions of the leatie. 

The contract embodied in the Icano is tm entire 
one, and the same conuidcrution wnioh oupports the other 
provioiona of the len e will uupport the provision that tho 
failure of the leaaee to give the notice provided for in 
t>it!, shall operate .k a renewal of tho tennncy for t)ie 
further poriod of onts year, at the option of tho leaoor. 
-k Oaf en dan t vacated tiio proir.iscB .-.pril iO, 1911, and the lease 
provided that in case he uhoiUd vacftte, the amee niji^ht be 
relet by the laauor for .juch a rent and upon sucli terma 13 
he mii<ht aeo fit, and if a sufficient aiun uhould not be thus 
rcaliz< 1 to outiafy Uie rent thereby reserved, the lessee 
agreed to oatii;fy and pay the deficiency, t'laintiff was not 
able to rent the premiseB \intil June ISjjan'l ^^ w; -.? entitled 
to recover the deficiency in the rent reaerveii. 

Tho Ctiurt erred in directing a verdict for th'? 
defendijit, nnd for that error tho JudgmoTit iu reversed and 
the Ohuoe remanded, 


ni:>iii'tti Oft? .<>»«0X »^'Y- -^•■•''^ "'-'^ .^■.♦'- ■--..'?■.•«•*,.• 

oftJ worn'''' ■' ' '^"':U,^£ ttfi- .', ■..■;-.w.,. w> .-..V ..,..„>. I. ,■..■»..« -w 

J mil xs^;-; a„ _ . .. .. ,; .f'»»t'J» Xus-^X 

267 - 21250 


•X rel. L/JtY V0L.iKA, / 

Ijefvndant In rtroTt/ 





1 iRlntiff in VrfoT, 


V-.. .^1-"^ 

19 5 I. A. 4 15 

en the oor.plr<:nt of rcl-stor, ;.ary Voloita, the 
def eii'Jant, Vincent :. urphy, -was found c^^y '^f b^otnrdy -^ind 
prosecutei tiiia ?rrit. of nrrir tu reverse tho judi;ment en- 
tered on auch finalnf, , ^Thc^ only quoetlon in tbe cnae 
oriaee on defendant's ple»«, of the Statute of LiinitHtiona. 
The Btntute provirtea, "tliat no prosecution under tj>is act 
•hnll be brouj-^^t nftrr t'TO yoj^ra frooi tho birth of the 
bootnrd c>illd, p r oy i d ed , the time pny ppraon p.cou»od aliall 
be f'bucnt from tho .itnte nhall not be cr^^iiputed, " The cJxild 
5f coraplainent wae bom lay ti(i, 1913, A wnrrnnt in the 
b^'stardy procef'ding wns i:>p'.ied i.ctober 2-i , 1911, but cok!- 
plpin-'int TTTa to serve the 'varrant an<'. tho proceo^J.lng 
w«o abandoned. The compluint in tho present caee vao filed 
January 21, 191b, '.he defendant waen in CJ.icago lived wiUi 
hie mother at 9Jind tJtreet ond i^uffalo Avenue. Tlic relator 
testified thHt defendant refrained in Chicago up to about the 
22nd of iieptrafiber, that, ht 1« f t at out . ctcber 3 , ISll , and 
■lie did not see hin nor knotr where in vns until ucptciiber, 
1914. Lillian, the ..ccretary of the Court of Do- 
mestic nclatlono, t^'Btified thpt .ihp''7fnt to the neighbor- 
hood of 92nd itreet und buffalo Ave;.uc two or three tlries 
a week from tlie t^joe the ci.ilti wao born to oepte-b»>r, iyi4, 
and did not oer defendant at .my vlace in ilMnois luring 
tliat ticie. The witness tiot orcas exa.f.incd nor did ae- 


"^ ,0 S*"^ 



dCKitt 1 

, Jon ij 

feiidant offer nny t« stliaony to exjlain or contradict the 
testiaony f.iveix for th» prooeciition^ If the defrnw;i>nt 
waa not abaent fro£i the ijtute froui Cct bar 2>. , 1911, 
when the firat ^varrant waa iuaaed, until ;jcptfriLber, 1)^14, 
the matter waa peculiarly wlt/iin hlo knowledge. 

A ricM facie procf of evidence io thJit ?.i*icii, 
Btftnuinft alone, unex;;] r;ined or uucontrftdicted , is sufficient 
to maintBln iutt X'^^^poi^ition affira^ed, c>:^d, if not rebutted, 
rttnaina Bufficitnt ft>r IuhX, purpotse. 1 roply v. ii^, ££... 
249 ill., «7-lOC. 

«/e think th&t tht? evidence for tr<e prc'£\ecutioD 
made a prima fr>.cir ot^a* that defendant wat) t.>l};3ent frcm the 
i;tate between the aates lutinvioncu, ana uefenuarit offered no 
evidence to contradict or rebut auch prime. f<p.cie case. Vhe 
Court properly entered a finaing cmd jud£;inent agaxnyt nim. 
The iuCifjuiait of the municipal ijourt ia affirmed. 

.f>it in«s<Sja Jon ««w 

-t»fclVl» t« ^!><«^ MM^ K^t't-i 

' ^^** i, '■»«*.« 


<iO - ^0506 


^J)«fendant In Lrror,/ ) 

V ./ 1 


/ i 

THK /.Jiiia COivjlAKY, a oorror^tlon. ] 

ii.uintiff in yrur. ] - <- /f 1 W 

\ / -- - -■''• ^-■- < 

\ / 


Ilointiff rocovcred ti judrcurnt for ia46.6ij 
againot dcferidimt for merchyiiuiae aold and dtli vorea, ;m6 
defendant has aued out t^iiu ,vrit of error in an enaeavor to 
have this court rfiveroe mat judgiijcnt, U.any errors ;'re aa- 
aigned, but, ti.ey finci Jittlr aupr-ort in tiic lecoicl. ^,ne 
queotlori of the liability of defenaant for tae oblig.'ftions 
of n forcicr cor|iorntlon, Wi.icj. it euoceodedt and the rcl;i- 
tion of ; ahn and L.termrt Ic the ucfcndtint vctc diacassed 
and octtled by thia court in .uinlnn v. Alcitii , ISl til. 
ApF , bCb t to .v:.ici:! cuscr we refer nnQ the opinion in -.iiich 
we adopt oo fnr aa tdose (lucitions .re tii.rre ftettlod. 

"Ve tiiink the fc;re?!ter wei^i.t cf thf oviiicncc 

jiuotwinB th«' findinf.; nna juuf-uicnt. Vhat tiirre v,an vn 

ogrceoient rb to the nmount of tho clr-i-. ia deriled only 

by otewnrX, tiie preoiucnt of the dcfeniar.t coDtpnny. Acjide 

frotfi that, it io clc-.n.r tnot on the amount agreed uj-on by 

Jtewart na due, dcfend.'u.t ]:iid the auRi of 44^^ twice, nnd 

the b-\ln.iice of tii< aai. due is trie ajiount of the Jui».:inent, 

In thi» condition vf tjt« lecoi-U tuu curt iiiij-.Jit, na it did, 

fin>) tiuit tliore WiB an account Jtutcd between the parties, 

notwi thtitrmoint, the aubuequent claiit; of otowurt to Uir con- 

trory. 'i'Vie Irtttr of oefentmnt, trfvnii.ii t tin^ « cUnGx for 

5;<40i' on nccoutit, i ;. iiuffioint corroboration of the trroti- 

riionv of ojrheeo that th- re was ph /i*-ri»eirient aa to tne 


Tl^ .A 

:ri 6i;! 

ai But 

amount due »»no a yiroii.xa* oy -- tewart to pay Uie smi.e. . aio 
letter Bfiye, tiic ciioc. Ciit "aa proaiacd," 

Defendant o^Ji-pl<^in^ tluio Uie account utt-ched 
to till? depobition io in the .?rer<cu larii^ua^e and offeiicla 
the constitutional pr-jvioior. ti^at all court procoeoings 
aimll be in the English- longuat;c, we nre uriiolr, to verify 
tiiiij claim oy Ihe rf.-cord. in this account and in othfcra 
appearing in tne ciuiir; of ; laintiff ind in some JimendrjiCnta 
tliereto, th<: njaounto in tiie accounts ai> uuateu in fi'ftnca 
and centiu.eB, wliich, i ?- io true, ia a iitn.t,er;.ent of .rtuch 
and not of AaericHn money, i^ut iiotisitiiiit/ir.aint, tjiio fact, 
the American equivalent for tue »■ rencn .".loney ia ^itated in 
the accountiii oa well nb in the atatenicra and affidavit 
of clnim,; it tipprtrerit thn I defendant could not huve 
been niisled, and, f urtiieruiore, i;; no cvideirice tii^t 
the sum dtuted aa the /at-erican e^^uiv/il(. nt fv'i- the i«:,oant 
Btated in t Tenon money ia rtot correct, 

Thore vxe no merits in dofenaunt'o a^T<i-uiie, nnd 
the juutimont of the t.unicxpal Court ic> ai'firmcd. 

bii»! amy i'.iiioi''.' 

ai aai-i 

24 - 20536 

i;oferidi>nt in iirror, ) f? 

i EBJi6n TO iX'tajll'AL CCUHT 

S / Cy ChlCAGO. 

cori oration, 

.l<iri\.iff ill .rrcr. 

19 5I.A. 418 

4.K. JLoTiCl' HCLEC;!/ iJELIV>iiKlJ Til? Oil MOW 01? TKi-: COUKT, 

,j^„^ Tni3 action irjvelves j> contrnct of rn.pioytr.ent, 

executed by hcti. pr-rtiso tc ihiy uuit, which i« in the fcl- 

lowing worde: 

"J <5«nor?'niuxa of agreecent amde t.i.Ih 21 ot d«y of 
August, liJlii, by nnd between i.ouia Friedmnn, of the i,ity 
of Chicago, :;ounty of Oook '-'nd jtate of llJir.ola, p- rty 
of the first pnrt, nxid oCi.reiber Brothers v.o , , a Corj ora- 
tion, auly organised under \.l,e ln,wa of the itnte of ilii- 
nois, p;irty of the uecond pnxt, .vi tntooetr;: 

That the said party of Liie «econd part hereby 
employa the anid pMrty of the first part in the capncity 
of Koreiunn, ! ectifycr end ijup'rviaor of tne uuainca^j of 
aaid Corporntion, for wi^icL anid corforation ^^j-fufn to 
pay aaid p^rty of the first pnrt for ouch aervices the 
aaiix of 'i wenty-aever. ...ollnrj ind ("'ifty Ccnta { ,/dl ,^^ ) 
every i5*eek, awiil payuicritu to bt^t^.in on ..r.pte^.bcr lot, 
191<:, mid every wet'k tucrcafteir to ;. epto: ber l»t, 1^1 i; 
and tiie auci of ' hirty ijoll ru (^31 .l;) every veeic be^in- 
nir;g fruc; ^cpte^-bcr l:it, 1^15, to wcpten.ber lot, 1G14; 
all of above mentioned nre to be nade on Triday 
of each week. 

The aaid piTty of thi^ first prixt at^reno during: 
the time of tjiia contract not to ent,nj.;e in any otl^^cr Jine 
of buaineao, and qj::o11 receive two weeks v.c^^tiun eacii 
year witli full pny." 

i Inj.ntiff wto diucliarged by defendant cce.-.bcr 

I'j, l.yi;>, witi.out cause, unc received BubiJtantinily pnyment 

at the rMtp fixed by the contract to tiie time of auch dis- 

chprg«, T^'ilaintif f br Uj. nt Ittie ouit for cojapenaotion, at 

tne contract rate, aarinr tne time covered by tnr cuntract 

th»t, he waa out of eoiployxon t .-{"he vua ntr'iti eii;ployed j'ebru- 

ary 14, 1^14 .~j~i lai n tiff recovereo a JuJtmcnt for ^tco, end 

defendant oeeka tx.i si review. 

a&QO^ " i^s 

Qlh A r r. p 


~i It r' ,-fo 


if plnintiff is eiitiLled to recover, it xo con- 
ceded tiUii txie f«a.ount of the jud, mcnL Xo light, defendant 
offered no evidtince Out reattd its defense on tne clni//i eet 
up in certain proj^caitiona of Iww, vi.ich tue Cvurt refuuea to 
hold a.a tue lr>w of lue 0''<8e. uedc pr poBition* are in ;jub- 
etance, tliat tnu contract iu void i\.t l.-tcK of a.utLiality lind 
for Indef Ini tf?neso an to ti«e; tnal plsintiff cc^uld recover 
wa^.ca only for tn*; tiii^e he aotuaj iy worked anu that tiic de- 
fendant coulu tor: injite tx^.e contract at ita pjeasure. 

Tiie triui Juuj.;,c'a rulinj^* un ziicae jroioaitiona 
of law nrc rtitiiout error. 

The contr.'-ct ia BUoce[ tible of out onr construc- 
tion, pad lufii id luu.1 it was a contract of ef&ployjMcnt for 
two yeara. Irue it i£> tiutt the tir.t irs bo runny exact words 
is not stated; but equivalent worda htc. rendil.y found in it. 
Ilftintiff wua euipioytd as ")'or«-iian» i ccti:yer and Supervisor" 
of aefondorit's buointoi). . e wf»3 to bp piiiu for .^ia eervices 
tii* aau. of twenty-seven dollar a and f ift ■ cei.ta every week, 
anid pjiy;..rnts to br-^in on i^ep 1, i&lc., cu/itmuing every 
WRfck thereafter to .^eptejZiber 1, lvl3, onu the auj. of thirty 
dolljira every v/cek from ^ej tjuber 1, Idlo, to .>eptenibGr 1, 
1914. These pnysieiitb, it will b- seen, cover tv/o ycarti of 
time. fuitiior nr, r*'^^ fJOt tc ori^ at.t in uny other 
line of buainess .lunnr the tixn<- of tii»» contract, and it ia 
provided by tiio contract thai he ia "to tw: .reeks 
vacation in «-acii ./far with ful) poy." 

Vhe contract una mutual covenants Y.'nicb bind the 
parties. It ij clear .htr. ti.( se covenants C'.'ntinue ever a 
period of two ycora- the tiue durin^^ whlci. the saj nry ia 
provided to bo pr. id, if ti.iTP wns nny linj^rinf, doubt atiout 
the time li:jiit of the contract, pftcr conaiueration of the 
foregoing recitutions thtrefroti, tiie ;iaded rroviaioi. that 


■■*S'i Wi.^.: 


:*•>. .+ 

■ aivn an o?? 

^:- .■ V L» (T .i'SQ 

>iU v-i 

:4 T r; 

plaintiff si^all hnve "two weeks vacation -:ach year v^ith full 
pay" retr.ovcB it. "£bc1i yeor" relcro to "each year' of -Lhc 
two ypar contract. in thiy re. ard we are unable to diucern 
uny aauhiiiuity in tLf contract. 

The Judj-^oiont of txie limicipal oourt being with- 
out error ia affinued. 


63 - 2ic;:e 


UefendHut in Irror, 

▼ 8. 


ilri-tiff in Jrror. 


f(jy CKICACi*-', 

/ 1 9 o5 loA, 4. «^o 


..^i^- llointiff wa.£5 eaployed by Uift United states 
ailiok Coif.p' ry f cf -Arr.ich def<?ndar5t v/at iiiiaiueat, <-.nJ aioo 
by dcf«njpnt in ti^'S Ihtneat of tiit ■.state of Volnay i'. 
yoatcr, dece^ued, :>t o :isi.P,r,/ of /?-&0 r. u.ont}i, .'jlbi; of wi*icii 
W8.S p?'id by th« .'ill lea Ccapnay and ^ilQO by tUe 70 4ler JLatate. 
It '•'Rft also rgre-rd thftt plairitiff «bould l.ave 2u per cent 
of lb.'- J. lof its» of tlic ccmpanv in cxceao cf ,10,0CQ per year. 
In the ranipuli'tion of the ilica Goraptmy accoujita by i.iain- 
*.irf it tiivccra, nr..\ i^j not diupuled, that plrxintiff over- 
drew uii 'account tc w uno wu, liJlPi, t-j the ;'i>.ount uf ;i.3485,ii3, 
Durinc such efrployr.:crt j;l;xliitif f hr.d a vortal Otirec; en'i. with 
dcfcnOfti-.t that he sJ-ouli leceive ont-fifth of Uit; oxofita of 
a certnir; deal zaadc with Uit? ''hornton Jtonu- Co,Ji,cn> . xt was 
a5jbaccu«fill}. nnreed betwt-cn thc-i'. thtl plaintiff a aii^ire of 
euch vrcfito wno ;63i). Thlft Itera of 'i(^Z>b it Uie ^iubjtot mat- 
ter cf thir. Duit. A trial by the Court reaulted in 'i finding 
an-i Jur.;i.ent for ^f55 in f. voi of jlEir. tiff, t^rrJ ti^ia »rit of 
error seeks our review or tlir reoori of ti.'<t judf;xent, 

Thr aole question .-reeentec for deters in.ution 
on this review ie: «bb tiie interest of plaintiff in the 
Thornton .itone Corai-'Any profita Asalgncd ta the ,;nited Jtates Silica 
Compnny? The evidence ; rovea tiial on August til, l^liJ, (.le- 
fendant wrote luintifi' a lelttr Bubatnr.tlnlly aa foliowa: 


(i S :^ . A T 3 Q I 

^O <f 1,^1 4.". ■ "J-! 


■AUKUBt 87, 19l;i. 
K&lpil iC, Kyatt, 
]D«ar olr: I /mnd you )iervwxtii »tRtt;r.ent of accounts of U, 3, 
ailloa ,:<), to July 1, IVlii, aiodo tiy Audit i;p. of illlnoia. 
You will not* liie wid* liiscrepnncy bctweer ycur overorafta 
AS thoy apT^^eax on your book* nnu ns anfilyscd by the Audit 
Co. t'.. foliajfa:" 

i.ere fallow tiic itr-iaa of debit una credit -^aioh 

tiuiow Uie uiato ot' tuc b.oci>unta uiid uonclude vita ix^f: ilea 

tiJi '^vvei-urawu as of June 5'. , 191<:, «;S,4iii3«£3«'' r>nd cidUbinues: 

"In ftocordance witi* a:j inJeretaniinfc, with you, 
you were to receive in addition to your oaDnry of . 15«.' per 
niOfiUi., you Bii»ll receiTO ft bonus of <i. a of the net l)rolit» 
of tiie oompiny in exceoe of I: ,(t(' pir yoar, 

lucre x-j n v/ide ciacrepancy between your cooks 
Rid th*f r<»port of tue Audit Co. 'it)' reference tj your ao- 
cuuni uud you ad. tnc faljcne^;^ of your accounl xu c<;at 

;wo cuuraea ««r« no\» open to i^^e in recovftriug Uie 
coaip.-iny'c loaa. i-'i^-st: i^y Ptiplyint' to tnc surety 
foi uo:.ip«ti;«ution utiuer tueir auret:/ bona w^iicu we nuld 
,i.-u9r»»ntoeinj: your iionesty, oeccnd! To retwin you in your 
prebent, jiOuitiyn un^rr ti.c J ;jlio .•.in,'? conaitions: 

1. Vou 1,0 five tne cojiivijriy your b • denirna note 
for ^2>,Hb6,'62 togetner wit:: any au.ounta you :"Fiy Auvr drawn 
since June 50, 1&12, in exceee of your rej-ulsr ealsry of 
^i>:A> per laonth ♦ * •* juia tiiUt said, uett-fma r;ot« ul r>ll be 
reduced by . loC eacn siontlj to bp taken out of your 8».J nry 
of i""45o pf-r iionth until all tut- aoove note -nilii i.:rLoie8l is 
cancel led, 

ii, liint you U33i{rn to the sjilica Co, aii j.rof- 
ito -fiicti may be con'inik' to you in r<ccoriarcp vitx; your under- 
uti^iu.ine >yitn u e, in connection .vxtii i'liornion otoiit' Co., said 
profit, if n»;y, to r^'rly V'>»rtiro reOJCtion of vour note, 

2S. All bonuses (iccruin^; to you '^Luli cipply on 
above note unvil it ia pr^itl vith 5^ Interest. 

4. Tne Audit Couipf-ny xuwc prcojiietd v,o .;«y 
nornlnc to the Injury of vour rexutntion, una ] f^lao bind 
inydelf to u»c mvuc concUtion, 

Very truly youra, 

A, Vciney -'oattr." 

Defendant tcstifxeu ti:!xt he hod sooie conversation 

wltii plaintiff about the letter /no tniit pitiintifl uaid to 

ilia on tue day after its date U1.111 tuu j r^poiii^.i.iiu outlined 

in kiie It-Ltur was ficoe):tt'.blc tu iiiu. riiik ttDti any is not 

denied. ~^' i laintiff* s contention iti U;r (, he had no talk <«ith 

defendunt about assi^^^ tnc Vhoruton .itone Co. u] to the 

tiilioa Cooipnny, ^n tne propoJitior. au t. Ute acceptance of 

the terms of ti-^io I'ttrr, li-t Uo see nhat the pt.rtieu ^au tnat 

is not controvtrrted. 

.^j;i«/ .v\Sv" ^aa^wA" 

,4iBvt( ,2j £(<rXAJi 


n^^d J;^?% V 


-n i^laintirf oontlnuttd in nio eeiployiient until the 
follosrLng April, ho gave ti< the t.nlted .tni.pB ..ilic« «:o. 
hlB der and note for $3*5^5. 66* •fhioh plaintiff t'.utified was 
the tiffiourit due according' lo the letter, with n:?.ounto overdrawn 
Blnot .Line 3v. th (idd«d, There i« no eyidenoe tLuL the Audit 
Oompjifiy or defeniii»nt BMi.i any tiling after tiic d^.tu oi" the let- 
ter to i)lHir'tiff • a injury, tuereuy keeiin^ '.he c»cipttct undar 
Ittiii 4 of tnr. letter, v^notiier indication of yl^'^-ntiff ♦■ 
accartsnce of the tprma of the Irttcr in the fact, ydr-u^tted 
by tio, tnot he Kept it, --4— 

The propo..' t^on of Invr 'wenciered th* ocurt by 
defendnnt to th.? «ffpot tani if plf^intiff accepted tlie prcpo- 
sition contained in the letter of August 27, 191<;, ^'dbif^nlng 
hio claiin fur profita iii th<» rLoi'ntou itone Compr>r;y contract 
to tiie tiriited otntea oilica Coa;pf»ny, then he couia .iot re- 
cover, of. » tea a correct irocoaition of ir:w, and it wae error 
for the trial Judt;* ,to refuse tc held it as :^ucn. Tae evi- 
dence lljuwiae crovea a» a fnct triat tht! cl'iiin of trie plain- 
tit f »r,ainot tiiC defendttnt for profits in the .. inion Jtcne 
Coapony contract wes r»3ait;nod b«!f;>i-e tne com. ^ence^-ent of this 
euit to the i/nlted .JtMtea ollica Company, and it «nu error 
for the Court to hold to th?r contr.'^ry, 

tio particulf»r forrT i3 tieceeaary ♦.o tne effeo- 
tivc a88i(.:nreent of n c^0 3e in notion. it way be atiiii^ned 
orally, nnd written fVidenoe of oucn nn no»it',n.'Jient is not 
neoeannry, Barrett v, itegan , 177 IIJ, App. 311; } ear eon v. 
^jUeoht, ivy ill., 471;; .>av'»^ (> v, Uregij., 15 111. 161. 

The unc! ntiitJLontil rcoer-tnnce tiy i.iaintiff of 
the offer in the letter above net out, Ki.ioi. included the 
aaeigiifljent of tne Interest of plnintiff in tn<- Vhorntcn 
titone Conip.-tny cuntr.-ict tc the . nited .tates ..lilica Coapnny, 
operated to paaa the title thereto to the Jilica Co:^pc>ny 


• wnl^aoo YXXJ^.ls^.L 

CVK ^-3 :-■'(?:,; Pfnv.: 

jfiii,; .. «y)i J.' 

rtli«D ©Hi TO"^ 

^^!snjfi«aj» ©vij 

iiaaiedlately. :'«fenlant ««• acting for tiie ^ilJoa r.oinptxny In 
tiie tr&nsActlon, anl the offer m U.ic Jettor, liiOugji mad* by 
deienoant, -«a* by conattiction for the oilioa c:o.i.pan'r, wAoa* 
officer h« waa and lor ^noiT. iie acted and wao^e einployoe 
plaintiff «aa at C&e tlias, 

Tu« juu^:acnt of the ; unicipal uourt j.8 iev€r»ed 
u;id a juj|,.M?nt of all capiat and for coata Ttlll be f^ntered 
in li.lw Jourt. 


NIL i.Ai I AT Hm^, 

95 - 21068 

Defendant -in rror, ) iJRHOH TO 



BaiffiO SCH^i^lJ., / ) 

\ Plaintiff in rror, U q^ »^ 

Hit, JU TICii: KOLDOM IJi-HV^^iSD TH.-i OPIlilOM CF TliE C^'HT. 

ThlH writ of error bringB before uo for reriew a 
Judgni' nt of the ]Uunicipal Court against dnfendt-nt in the 
sun of :jlO, b61.77 and for coata. 

Defendijit entered hio uppuartmcc ;uid when ruled 
to file an affidavit of moritoriouss dcfenue failtid to do no. 
Nothing but the statutory record io before ua, ThiB shows 
that notwithatrnding hiu default prevlnuoly entered of 
rHCord, def«sndiuit wno preeent by counsel ut th« trial, nlso 
when the court gave leave to tho plaintiff to incroHoe tlie 
(»mount of th« uid diininunj imd when Judf-ra^jnt was trnturod after 
the oTerrulint: of dcfondamt'a reotiono for new trial and in 
arrciit of jud(.;nicnt. The record likewiue ehows thj^t defi-ndant 
waived a trial by jury, 

Dofendfuit now cont'';ndn that it wno error to proceed 
to trial without plaintiff having luscmdod it» Mtatenient 
purcufunt to l«:iive granted on itu own motion • thot ho should 
have been rul( d to plnad after leave to amend f)tatom'>nt of 
claim hHd been given and before HHnos-.iBient of d;UBngeo« 

Ve think a oufficifjnt anowor to >xLl thene contentions 
is, that drfendjojt stood by and without obj ction allowed the 
CdUBo to proceed. If hr< had uny object inn to mnke «b to 
procedure it was his duly to moke :jiich obj<tction upon the 
trial. • Kot having: done so. the-.e irregulriritios are waived. 

t^ 1.;- . ■ ■• "'-' '•■ . -. 

'3 ^'Sfjoo oris 
■sif *r»« -XB^ am ,b 'te jijmX«ntit»To old 

• Y'!t«t "'iff iHi'ii & bmTijn* 

• 2» 

Objections of the nature of tlioi;o now made, cannot be raiacd 
in this c -"urt for the firnt time. 

The objection thut th«i Ju<lgnnTit excfjede the amount 
of the ^ daflnura corons too late when raised on roTiew for 
thft flrot time. A, 0. U. ^' « T. Kftgloy . 164 111, 340; Bocnin/^ 
V, North voaericaj^ . 1^)':> 111, App, b28. However, defcndont 
could not havo bccti misloi •a to the amount nctujilly due, 
notwithuttinding thut u lemjor aum than was due o-ppears in 
the atatcment of claim, lopien of the notca on wiiich the 
oult wBrt founded wfjrc u part of plaintifi'o pleadings, and 
fully informed dcfendiuit of tho nuture of the claim find the 
amount due thereon. Tljo aggregate amount due on thooe two 
notea on tii: day of tht; tri;il ia the amount of the Jud^jraont 
rondored by the court. 

No propneitlons of law are fnmd in this record. 
It ia hold in DaTiea v. Philiipo . "7 111. App. 387 rmd in 
many other Cioeu, that where a C4:tje is tried with'Ut a Jury 
nnd no propouitionn of Ikw ore aubmittnd to be held by the 
triijl court, it will be preuumod that all ^uestiona of law 
were correctly docided. 

The dcf on iont'a motion for a no.- trial preserved 
no queutiona of 1 .w for review. A motion for a new trial in 
a caoe tried bofort; the c urt with \it a Jury iu aimlcBc and 
aorvee no purpoue available in a higher court, Clirrutx '1'?*^ ^ -o . 
V, /vmerican Tap i":o«. 334 111, 179, 

The Judginrnt of the Municipal v^ourt being free from 
reveroible error, iu af finned. 


,''5'^*'^ ,--t7-' .'IT t*Sl «ngi!p^iti7»at'v ii^roW ,v 
wo s»f*3 .fine 

c/iiT ni 


«Mi^ Xtf t>ft'xel>m''x 


118 - 21092 

Ji, H. BAYLi.;y, / ) 

Defendunt in i^ror, / ) JIRROR TO 

▼ B. 





A, K. COY, / 

Plaintiff In ^or. 



_»■ yt ^ 


Oto the triixl of thlu oauae ty the court a Judgment 
for $787,50 wf*ii rendered ugainot dofendnnt and in f?:vor of 
plaintiff Olid defendjint brings; the cauno boforo ua by vrit 
of error, 

.y The quoBtinno involved >re ni; inly of fact. Defendant, 
it iu clrtimed, waH the iigont of plaintiff to purch/ise .65,750 
Bhari^D of otock of the Mina Grand Uininf^ Company. Plaintiff 
gATe defondjmt ^1,787,50 with which to purchaB© the utock, 
upon the reprei>«:titti tifin of npfond^unt thiit uuch stock could be 
bought lor that aum nnd no lesn. ouboequently plaintiff 
Huc'rtHin«d that d-:fendjint bought 40,ono oharea of »nid utock 
for il,noo and aptliod to his own use, unbeknown to plaintiff, 
the remaininc IT&T,^^, togeth«r with 4,250 Bhareo o the 

Tho evidence conaisted partly of correspondence 
between tho pxtieo tmd partly of othur docuirentury and oral 
proof ,-i- This evidence ampiy ituotuina the oentf-;ntion of 
plaintiff that defendant w;.b acting an hio a«ont in thia 
trnnaaction.-f-It clearly appeura that for a Ion/* tine 
defendant had been in the confidence of plaintiff in vnrinua 
dealB in t-tocjc .«nd thai ho wao in the habit of confiaini?; in 
defenjt»nt'a repreoentutAons in regard thereto. In the 




ill iaahimt^d 

f'""^ ,A,l^'4l ■ 


i%'^ >ii«s^' 

• '.lai-' i*|.Uo .•■=11.4, • »' ;ii.,-i 

- - i- ♦ - -.— ' 



J. \r& eiifri'.lw^Sf 

tad ia^oaalob 


tranKactlnn in lueatlon the proof denonntrutes beyond a 
doubt that plaintiff implicitly trunted in «li of dofondant'ii 
repretientationa regHrdinfi th« pricf for w .tch the etock oould 
be boUj;}it and in fuitJi of th<f verity of auch ropreoontationa 
purted with hit* money. The plaintiff lived in l.uke 'ity, 
kinneuotu, while dofen Uyit lived in nidctMjo, Dofendnnt lulled 
the unsuiiipectin<^. pluintiii into inaction, put hiro off his 
gucird, and imticipated nny inquiry froa indcpcnd«>nt eourcea, 
if plaintiff ohould luiva had any auch intention in mind, by 
writint: pluintiff imder dute of March 22, lorfl; "1 ain having 
the stock traneforred aa per your ins? .ructions and iwi?.! sond 
the Barae to you by rogiatcnd mail thia nftornonn, Ynu miaJt 
promise jbo novor ^i^^ ^ aai SIIS. ■ nvthinr about ^he price paid 
nor from whom you did the b us in eo n with . You knov I wu 
supposed to do what 1 can to sell trcaoury ntork for P.Ofl per 
share, but I could not lot the opportunity pa«n to let yru 
in on thia daftl,''"H 

tniile the sentence italicised Ib wri^tchedly 
ungranraaticiil, the raoaninff intended to bo oonvayed thereby is 
apparent and could not *ell be misunderstood. That dof -^iidiint 
was guilty of duplicity la inferrable from th(» l.-Pt porngri<.ph 
of the letter quoted, lui J thf.t defentUmt dl'J let plaintiff "in 
on thiu dtjal," in the v<*macular of the atroot, and defendant's 
letter la Borro vf ully concHded by pl?.intiff. 

Deifendfott urgeo tiie statute of limitatlnnH nh a 
defense. In tlie circursotances of this chne Ih*) rtatute did 
not coiBi'ience to run until plaintiff dincovTed tho fraud 
defendant h^.d practised u.oon him. It la a sufflnicnt answer 
to this contention that this suit wi.n com encod vrithin the 
period of the ntatute apill :»ible to this clans of c'>i«», nftor 
plaintiff dlocovered the fr. ud mid duplicity pr» ctlricd upon 
him by defendant. The principle laid clown In Far we 11 v. Great 


■■iiO'iCiC. B-^:i:.i7 3n(i!3i*y i? .'..,?;;-»>(-':■ nx iM»Xi9ti>ir>.nxi 

•i.< i.uX .■ 

!•..• 'f-t;- 

f<tf*r;* rti^jr at:, 

« v.<t3£M»JSI ' «1: 

r^tsl 1:1; 


**»if-? Mb Wv'^ fTf!'^?? i?!©'!*?' fon 

.5 Utsicfap: 


eiioa Hi isi^oX 

Ojtilftiv4ll0rj II M^ O^' 


voo«)i.i> \ll;iiii;dxq 


ffstem 2sl £2,»» 1^1 Ili» ^^22 at page 596, thnt "vgith 
reference to whftther u r;auae of ncti n ii'; barrod in equity, 
the rule may be atutud, tJii-t where r. otuae of icti^n uricea 
from a fr^ud, rJio otftute a' I.imit-..i.toao »»ill not bu^in 
to run nor 1 rcho a apily nnt.ll thft diocovury of the fraud, 
or from the tinif mhtm th« frauf\ could huvu beer discovered 
by the exftroiHC of rflf.:..onablc: dilit^fjncoj 'out in the l>.tt< r 
c oe th ffiiluro to uvie dili^jenrse is excuued vrhore tht;re io 
a reljitif^n of truot and confidence, rondviring it Ui;; i;. ty of 
the party oomi.-it tinr the frnud to dii close Uie tj'uth to the 
oth«r" le c'lMnlly the ruli; at lew rmd conoequently io to i)e 
ap lic'l in thiu cR3e, Jafendauat corrcnitt d fraud urtien he 
fail<»d to inform plaintiff of tha true price he paid for the 
stock, which fraud w.tu accentuated by hie letter of March 
22, 1906, wh'?r:^in hu rnuio sitatwwyntu calculated to deter 
plnijntiff from ma^sinK iniuirle;.i on hio o»m account, 

.'ji exiaair.rtlon of the Hcvornl propositions of law 
f ounc' in the rocord ccnvinceu uo tho'c the holdings of the 
trial Judge thftr' on v/ere corr^ict. 

The judf^tnt of the i^unicipal Cou-t io without 
error and ia affirioed. 

m «ei// 

.11 xd.£ ,.op_ 16% .«iy4.i»E 

fw®o t>v«ti ls,£»f*>n |JA?.«n'^ t»; 
ill ^S-tfcT i<- «X#jRlv 

JL ^«n 


j-i8«a«o Y-^* 

■i .^ /v- i,v v.i ^-t^ 

196 - i>1173 



a corporation, i ) 

Defendant in Hrror, ) 

VS. / j 

/ ) 05 O.ICAGC. 

ilalntiff in irror^ j 



On 4? tri'l b'iforo the Court v<it out a Jury 
the plftlritirf recovered a ^mWpiunt agnlnot aefendar^t for 
$160,93, to reverse vrtiloh defendant brine» this writ of 

jU.~ ?hp facte involveci i:; tliiu controvorey, tersely 
stated, are defendant o-mwd qm ftutomobile wiacxi he de- 
livered to one Alfred Kiciiter tu rerair, niciitfrsr had there- 
tofore retiriired tlie mce nutofiiobile for defeuiiunl.. It aeema 
that Richter did aone Yfork on the HUtojtobile and ti;en took 
it to the ahop of plHintiff witi: ti.c requeat it finiah 
tilt' job, M^iiiuh it di.'. , DcfOiijdant had an wj.;ree;.;ont ith 
Hic^-.tcr to do the re.^alr work on the nutofr.oUile for ,1^ -O, 
The afiount of t.l:e Jud..aient i:^ tnc vaiuf? of ta« work 'Jone by 
plaintiff on the autouiobllf" of defendant a*, thr rftqucot of 
Jiiiohter, Uefendant oTfored 1.0 prove that iie* hnu puid i\ioh- 
ter the oontmot price for^ the repairs, \iiia offer 
WAS ruled out|i)/'and rightfully, th« only quc<iti.on prei^ented 
for dcolaion being whether t;*ero wdb, as to oaid rei<airs, 
any o.ntrnotunl relationaxUj between the parties tu tikii 

A careful perunnl ruid vcichinc of the evidence 
in the record oonvinceo ua mat it fall a far ,ujrt of ^ re- 
ponderating ir plaintiff's favor on t;»e crucir.l point .'f the 
privity of contract between tne parties .juff ici«ntly to 

oej> .ii.isei 

■•«fc*'''f--.*'W -v-^-ilM-M'iv. i.i^ • 

•i«*i.ovC(Xi«&-» ftiiivi iU. ij»¥i:^yff4, K,J; 


oh&r^i. defoijtiaiit »/aUi li;'bility to jjla-ntiff . This eiciientary 
l«^a.^ rcquir<.;4.cnt cunnut bt aiapeuaed wxth, J. litiiitix*}' has 
nut onXy f&iled to pruvo itu cuujo ol actxcu, Llu» un »Ltt 
ootttrary. the evidence in tXiC rt>cLru clearly Lui,aLliiJ^eu 
Uib aefcnda intcr^ubed to ti>e clPiui involved m ihii^, 
ihe kunicipal Couit'a Juat^aent ia contrary to 
the evidence, it output to h^.ve bc-en for dGfenciont. The 
Judfcttifnt ib tiiertfoie rcv«raeu (-ad a judfcasont of nil crt^iat 
ana for coots .vill ut, fct<turuu Ik thiid Court, 

-'.Jr■»<^3 8i *fMN®J*«t c*^'i;*;«5'S I^aijitiiiKtfM aii'I 

\ i.i!»in-cirf in ..jrr:.r, ,j 

\ /I KHHCR TO l*Ul(l IlAX n;.UKT 

\ ' . / 5 ^*' ch1v;aov., 

,i>*fer- daijt in i.rror. j _^ /\ A zi Q 

iAi;. JUSTICE ftcLlXiJi mSLiV.!^rt£Ii TR^ C^lf.iON OS" Th.k COU;T, 


oreti 10 plaintiff tne folloviinfc (^u?; cfvotife uO!icrn.o«i: 

"in conyiclerution of .your erilri* it in;-; to 
Kane Jcuule B, Cordon 

from time to time while in your employ, «acti gocde and eounplc 
c^^et rs >0L» raay deoc i- ;)aviaui)le f iir i";,r to u;.« i.n Lex ca- 
pacity as rr&v«i«r for you, 

i ,i'.;"l;:;\' GuAi\Ai:'IfJ; tiiBv 4t;« will r*5tiJm any oac.- 
pl«s ana ^oodu furniohect her niltiiu tJtdrty aays itfter written 
d«xr,<jnc'. haa ceer u« ^o ar^r riLcve r*u<<r»?(^3» oiiould ciic faii 
to return auci\ {^ooda ano au;).pie«s furiii'ofxcu n&r vyitMn thirty 
days :>ttfcr dcji-ara Jti;»vint besn iiadc, or havin^;^ 'Xocc 3c , iV 
t^er« atill reruoina h bfl^oico on htr acouunt unprxid, 1 .'^ree 
tv >'•.;■ for *.'3^iie, »iot to exc'''.a x,ur «;.m ui" 5ii'u,y _»ol.l.:-,jrs, 

K^ii TIU iUlUo^ii of aecuriuj'. tuia cre<*it lor iier, 
I lit^'tic UtaX I a-c ,-.ortla ^r.e •ncauand ;^eii:.Xt> ovei ij.ud atiave 
all debts, llabilitiea anu ex«r.iptioni». 

li i. •Mj'yJ.^ri.vv tx..^i. B. Acrics of t r»iiivs.ctions 
is oonten^plttted and guaranty xa f.<r %/.(. ...urpoue of cov» 
rrioj 'if.y ' L.irtt iy or .:uiy occo^ne due :.ff.r:r da.afc-nd for 
oettJ ecient nns been junde. 

^.lo tiL . Jivy i;.i:r;.li rc.i;, in fall f-ircc rr;.-x ef- 
fect until wltiidrawal of UKit.e B^iall be received t>.nd duly ac- 
kn'*:*.) -:;dg9d it\ nx itiii^ !jy wh<i .:'r';ricu-A??;«.rlcnri ^ly-^iienic '-Osj- 

Ji^jncd .'.dirwrd J. CModrk , •* J/^ 

A tri.'l ccfora t:ic c. ii l r^'i Jl-.J i) a ri.i;ding 

fcr ief ei.tlat.t, ta rcvorao .«.i.ici. fir.'jiiifc, for juc*,'AiCiit in 

its ftvvr in tl.l* Ct-u/t, pl!t„r;tiff jiau utfd out t:.iti -.vrit 

of error, 

-U-— r%fttr recoii>w or ^j'.e foictt^ing toejrai.tea .t)inin- 

tiff cu.ployed jessie i;, Jordan, Lr.crein n:..ct, na travciing 

8«lcsw;.'aau enu eiitruated to htx c^rtai:i of ita ^ooda. ^n 

the aevprin^ of the relatione bet 'een (.laintiff and k^aa 

i.l'^i:» - ift\ 

.*.'■ :;;■ 

A.TSGI ; • ■ ^'"" 

J : ■ *■ 4»." i 'i! 

j-ja'x»feicnoo gV* 



.'ioito to 

Jordon Chore app««Tu frosa r sLote.i.cnt rendered lo her by 
plaintiff to be du« plaint iif iue ija;i of ^71,14, »^licii sum 
neither lao Gorilon nor ci«r«nd:>nt -»aid. I'hc Iclio-.ving 
facta stere ^^-^-d up.n at the trial: 

That defeimant ai<-,riei tiie t^uarantee pieyded 
end turned it over to las icasie h, ijordon, tnereln 
na.'^cd, ."fid tbAt aoid Loroon owes pluiiitiif y71,l-'l. The 
daf«M!d9 la t:iat tn« t^ijara-itee was aiv^n -^ctcj'aer J, l^jli; 
tUHX. 'icfenciaot nvard riot.iing about it until I3i:>; -.aal. h« 
ruofeiv^d no cjnaiuerotion; thn c doi'ena'ant received no tie* 
neither of the acc<?pl&nc© oi" guarbnuec nur of defauit by 
Coi'ucti; l.iot c:o di'MUi).. «ob ia{;.ae on aelendant to bouiply 
;Tlt^> i.-^:\ra.uittVt i.i««t» bixiia in uLLqh to yay was ex- 
tcnUad to s,ox-don, --| — 

'i'iic t{U3rr.;)t'.?« wao without lA;aitnt,iun Mi3 to 
ti::^e. liut t.'io aiiount (i,uH raiitee-i waa li;;.i.tcru to v^- » ^"« 
nrtount .'jDun/it to 'oo recovej*«J 1m tido a^lt. ho oori;£ider»- 
tion Cif dcf«noi&nt'a { l,f« i<wu t»ir- uuijiioy ...;•.-! L oi" ..i8« 
CjOraon, and o/iS *r<& yo e.-jjjj.oyfHi, iiiia la i-. 3i«f f .iciient 
oonolJcratifjft to bino d«jf«!a.iMix to hi a unJcrtaicinfc, 'fhere 
toliij, v.o J.i-ii tntioii t'.a i.u t.!.ri.«j, an notion can uc maintained 
At «ny tide -./itiiin tiie r.uuiinr. of the -itJ^tutc uf ; imitations 
ailv^ctiUfc, uuiii. uuxi ti'.'jtC'tB. if (Kfi'cr.arjnt hud aeuirea to t«-:r- 
iblnute uLa iin\>iiity, m. cuuld iiuvc uoue oo by ^ LVin^, notice 
to ]^laintii'i( as iruviucu by tne tcri^e ci tht.* ^uartintee. 
Vhia lie uid not uo. : olict; oi me fatco^jtr.nro of nofenaant's 
untiertiuing wne not ueceasary. / roof of b (imuuaa ior aet- 
tle-mezit, runde upon ;•. ij3 cordon, r»rii nvi lence oi her navlng 
received bucii UteJiund, opj-ear in tnc r^oird. if extension 
of txaje of payiuent to 1 -s* • raon in d >. • < nttcr of 

defence <- wnloii It w&a not - it vculu be a ^ulliciLnt answer 
to say that there Is no evidence in tne record tnut uny 

sua ;<r» X .(*?«' » <^ f . i T^ 

iu r. , J .1 vijis 

^^ K9^V. I'^f^Ttforn p».tionHl uarik v. ^x ll f T, 178 
111, f<Vi'* ^M, tt'.e . ou7t nfty; ■iti Bui t on n colinteral, 
oentinulrij^ t/v\ari»nt> , aiich m wns auea on in ti.isn oaue, a i^rirua 
2'»oie cuuff iu iiridc when the jlftintifl i/.jvkee prool of the In- 
dsbteoncBa nnO the ^uararity; hini th« fuel that no suit was 
broutiiht H^:nirint thv criyuiai o«bt,or, ana Uint no notice was 
given to *h? j':uarantor of the uefault oi uhe prlnoipol debtor, 
if s. dafenae '^t Mil, i i such a. df»fe-:3e ?»•» .•r.uar, b^i otwcjiMlly 
pleadftd by 'che f;*Ji«i''^"^o*'.* 'i'*^* fact* in evtdonoe fully antid- 
fy thr»ft requlrcn^ftntw. 

If uef enciftnt v/rh entitled to notice anc5 did not 
receive i"w, Buch f''ct i> uld orly be tf t'.e t*. dofeniie 
to Xht: exLt'tit thtil he; i:>t<y nnve rsufff.rcd loan or dezr.r'.f.;© au a 
r«ai^lt of bticli failure to riOtlfy hicj. r-?(iuhej^ v, Uceri.njg;, 
iiO<i ill. 203, Ko evitience on tJicne linca v.'Aa offered lay 
defendant, heHiiiifif. v. ortlei ^ ^ lf}7 .111, App. i>t.<i, 

Iiefondant intcrpoaeU no .JefenBe in the trial 
court* «in(l h.=4n failed to file brief a on t.nij re\'l*sw. 

ilwlntlff «3triii> iahe'i oy tto r«roof a tnc^ rlrJat 
to reoover th<j amovnt of i^ta clain, in not .r.ivinR ,1uu(?aent 
therefor tne trini Court err«rt. 

Th« Judi?T»cnt of the .anioipnl Court i» TPvarsed 
©nd a judf'rnsnt pritf^rod in tida ..ourt in fiv)r of pisijintiff 
a<:nlnat defendant for th<^ auri of ^HO, 

jr\iDCii>.KT TtF.VKK3F» AKD J 'J lA-.v lili'f hKKJt 

KOH ♦at... 

« KO ft . oi 

.?:■•? . rx: i^os 

iAA " ^1225 

a corroration, / ) 

Liefend&nt in ilrror,/ > 

) EhROH TO Lliiacli-AL COURT 

vu, / ) 


JOhM LYi;;;!!, y i 

ilf in tiff in 5ft"or. ) 


195I.A. 445 


jhe p:rtleu to ttii a ucticn ure re ji pctivcly 
trewer and jsaloun kcetcxvrt-^J^e defendant eiitcred into k 

contract with pla ritiff, dnted the <",7tn of larch, 19c6, 

Tajf.jwjriiata n^gf-entiant RtreciT to puroiioae ana reoeive froir: 

Uit brewery, nri'.; fr.'/a no utiiyr feroori, fir^ or corpora- 
tion, all thr dom^otic draft, nnd bottled beer v/f-icfa mic^it' be 

kept for anlr or oolcJ by hiti. Hi.) n/ ont or airs cservnnt, nt, 

in or about hi j anloon ot iUli Dearborn street, Chicago, from 
the. firnt of kny, 1308, lo tn« Uiirtiet.-- of April, lyll, ex- 
cept bowe .'Judfleiaer beor, nr.ii tno brewsry Anraid o n ito yrt - 
to furi-.lah -lurin,: tant tiaie nil trie b.i'^r ncceeoary to aupj-ly 
defendant's neoda. i lamlifr alao n^^reed to aur.tly defsna- 
tuit .vit;. oertnin unJ oon fursiiture nnci fixturea. 

The contract jjrovide*^ t^m in caae of -IrWr 
broatih by defeiuiant, iie aiioulJ p&y to plaintiff tiie auBi of 
$2i.(.' "au and for Ita liquidnted d&r.ngea for ana on account 
of loi»b of jirofite on tXiC »al« of beer by rcaacn of tsuci-i 
bronoh of contract," una in addition m^r e te pay ve pt m-ntTff 
the ff. of viciv.C; for tne rcaaonable rental for tn« u^e of Tur- 
niture and fixtures fumiahcd under tne contract rsr.c oa reim- 
burbeKier.t for *♦« exrenaee incurred in wia-aiMm^ equipping 
»frt<i.^prejoi»ca for the conduct oT defendant'* • a i aon uusineaa. 

The contract further provide*' tj^n t if defend- 
ant, uic hRira, etc., )uive a ruoetio beer of other a^anuf octurcra 

s&^^xs * i;^t>$ 

'*''f'??>HJ fif'ff-? 

.1 KHOi- 

* i^#»'f^j> 

* *#»'f»i« #*!l»*tt#-^- 

. scti. 



>^; sii"*.'- 




, a tt .-^ .'t ^ £i 

/'tii.* All 

than plaintiff upon his j»luon pren.iusa, audi fact, uhall be 
deemed and taken to be u breach of t,iila contract anu chall 
entitle UiC plaintiff to the dac :igea apecxf iod. w n » > « An -g-. 

.>efendant In hie uffidavxt ol d<>i'enae at^riicd 
thst hf pxeouted tne contrnct, oi mat he cvi-r h^d any 
bTi 'ilnaaa d«i«l infra wi lii plnxntilf, or - mat -a ny - >» w e4« ea a i 
,~ral«M-orM!»Aij» exl^-tAdr Mt eny t late between plaintiff and hiai<» 
— ••l^i- nnti furtJier dpriieB{ th-^t there waa at any time any 
do(t<r8tin beer of the manufacture of rny pora.>n, fir., or co»- 
poratton otner tnan rlwintiff uold at the saloon or ktpt on 
tlie Bfiloon rre:.iacB, except iudveiaer beer; averred that a 
^ra, Jann o«ncd and ran t/^e 3alccn» and lutiX. lu-. vaa only her 
bttr-ke«per anu nwver hud any finnncifil iriterest in liu^ ::.»- 
loon exccrt to draw iiio vnc, 

The trial was before a court and jury niiJ re- 
sulted in a verdict and Judgment for .,4^vv, ana defemirtnt 
seeks ttiia revinw. 

■ he jury nr>ve deoiaed t/ic cuiiflict in luv wvidence 
bf^tween the partieu, nd we are not, disjioaed to uiuturb tiuch 
finding. The evi ence of pJ.MinLiff uncontradicted la H.:.ply 
auffi lent to duai.nln the verdiCt, axi.j the Jury rui*nt well 
have cibbplieved defendant 'a tedtimonv and ttiat of uia wit- 
neaaea wiicre it wao in conflict wiiii iuuz of plaintiff. 
Ihia waa their province, I'heir facililiea vtera ;:.uc.. better 
tiiBn oura in aetera'inint; t«ie fcLu, becauue tuc.y ua the 
witncaacs b'fore tiieoi ana could observe :.4icir wanner and 
d&w&atior upon ta« witneaa 9t..iid, UiPir coiiaor or l^ick of it 
in t':iv-in,. their tcati.ony - 7 rivilc^^ea not avnilnblt to uo - 
and therefrom were better aMe to decide na to vi.o v/uu «rortny 
of credit aniJ to , ive credit nccordint'ly, 

);ef en lant de; i<*d everytniot:; wiiicii vraa material 

;tr»l>i1tt« Bill aX ^aafoufr"^' 

' to ,*&»-«£ iaiOO Oil* 0'.i»Jt:::Jsx-9 -sft .;«:iij 

, ; r =v , ft :■? ■ 


' dk MM. 


ilM Jll'Ot« to 

to sustain the plaintiff's cause of action, lie denied triat 
he had any interest in the seloon business or whs rij^iytning 
but a bar keeper for Uts, Jahn, althougn he ad:ailted tnat 
the license to operate the oaioon and the "beer booic" were 
in hi a nuat, The jury aiay lisvo regarded - ao we would - 
aucu evidential fncta as cuntrolling and have discredited 
that pnrt of defendant's teatixLony Wiiich was in contradic- 
tion to these essential, controlling and admitted facts. 

Mc ihink the daaiU^eB x^roviucd tc b: jjaid by the 
contract for tiic brenchints Oi 11 by defendant n.rc in the na- 
ture of liquidated dai'iBt;ea and not ir the nature of a penalty, 
*e 00 construe the contrriCt. Its recitntiors so «ien onstrat^ 
and all oi' its provikiiona art akin to the caeea of .L.tRndard 
iirewery v, ochn.alhausen , 17b ill , App. 6^:9, and J.., fr !'.. Brewing 
Co^, V. i odzelfctt Bx;i , ^CiSi 111. i:3i'. 

AS zuid in 1 inkney "v. Veaver , ^ilC :il. Ibb, ^aev 
tue parties in *ritton contract, in j:] Bin tf.rjs ex- 
preaccd their intention tiip t the sun of ^iOC (i.t)^ > in the 
ctiae at tarj should be tieated as liquidated aafA&ges, The 
ciiCuii; stances wiiich uhculd enter into cunsiueraticii in the 
asoer tainiuent anu coiztpatction of thr AeuLCi^cB tnat r^oulc ac- 
tually o*r OiOst prt.bably result frcai a brencii of D.e contract 
weie well Jtnov/ri to the contract ..n(^ pnrtiec, FrBut. or circuir*- 
vention in not oug(<-«tcd, wki there is not>iinf: to iidlcate 
that the af.iouiit is unconBclonable or (iloproportiorate to the 
daxikaf^es cppareritly likely to result froin the breach. It waa 
not error to treat the sum nr<ji.(<L as liquidated damages. " 

.hiii reatonine: is of equal force m the !■ tirjre- 
tation of tiic contract in the c. so at bar. ilnJntiff </a8 en- 
titled to recover as liquiaated daoif-tjf'B, for ^eT^mXe^-nt* a bieaoh 
of tiit coutraot in failing to purciiane all ita a irueetic beers 
from plaintiff , #2(/C, as tnerein provided, alao the furtner 

91^- ' . "i lasNT'* 9«fo • ""'oI«» add^ ^Miaqto oi ©aasoii, ail;? 

,4jf» ■ . 4-9.3ii,|;rt'os> 9rf.* 3r.r)r.t?s.-!3tf tk aft 

irsj- ., &:l'iM, STS! aaolislvc ;.-•«« 

. li J S-^S ,4.|,;^av8'f:> .l!a&i>o -ja , T , Ow 

■'ii^li^m %i.&£i.i: .Ski M^Jti'mut ^^^ 

.: "ia ,ltta»q:tf « . tq ioojcs n'o ^iXXAW 

ejfi-oi ,uorf0:>:]iai/a Jon al ttoXia^r 

>ii-J jXi'XOfxo^<ifl*ft ^o yXGfjaftoiaanecuwi ei itwoim Oit^ ^^«lU 

'..ji uJUf- 
"'' ' .i-Jt^noo j»iii to aoi**ia 

•^ '. nX Jo<it4not> t*ti^ I0 

3UiD of v2)C -fyr liii- roHUonttbl f le^f.tal of Lhe» suloon fixtures 
furnislied, Jirui as reAiuburi>ei.i«»ijt for ftxpendee incurred in in» 
Btallint::; buc-i fixtures. Theae avicc ocutintd y/err the K!J>.ount 
of tufs verdict sfid juct^int, Mi;i tl.fc.y aj «? vvithout error, 

anil*, KC hfivc read citf «!i.dtir.t * o brirf rnd Rrgu- 
ment, it .vu* not in^iUicci in coiifoji ity ti. llu'. t\)Ik& of 
thib Court, it vioiutca rule 21, which f/rovidcs that "the 
brief siioulu uunt&in a wi.ort.cieer ital-^asferit of '^hc ;icitit8 
and trie nutui/iititu in i>.,pf'jrt Liwreof," ho c:i?.l tl-iia to 
Uie fitttux-icn of cju;i^ci for ir»l s j^uLvanoe in the future, 

:.iic Jacifi&ent of Vnv- .unicipsl •..''ourt bf^J !!«■;■ 
wxtj.uut f;rior in ■.c.'ii.r^ou. 

276 - i:I258 

JRyvslK D. t'o'-.U. m9 '. rust«« in 
iinnkruj tcy of ti;«! ■■ , ^, 
h*llniiton« vJunipnuy, a cor- 


Ail^AL rnOM CXl^Ci 11' ',CUHT 

^4- / i 

*■ ) Cy coo*. CUi-^-TY, 

FJ'iKiiT U, l5.A,>Tti», ^:lCh.KP,D ii, / j 
KAisTi/h, AAIv.S fi{>:.KS%I:iJFJR and/ } 

FkiTJiiiici- -/. ucvivnyy, ., ^' ^ «= ^ • ^ 

>p?eue^ / i j 9 .^ ,^ 4 G 4 

\ / 
\ / 

>'or the rt-asone a!*uitui«c ir. opif.ion tais a»y 
rendereU irj caae -.a, iilijfty, the decree of tiie v.lrcuit .ouxt 
in U«ii» ca»« i« afflz%ed« 



&'j - 21475 I 


A corporntion, / ) 

UjBfftnaant In : rrjr, ) 

)1. >*. )iI:JGJi!.', \ ) 

j lain tiff In ; r;ror. ) 

. 465 

ijefondarit ii. error •.■.oveo the Cjurl to otri.<fc 
froD. the i^lcB thfc iiocuiacnt ccrt-ified bv ti.f; tri<tl .-uui^e 
to be ;». "iJtJ.ite;i«-t.t cJt fricto ap;;c'«riTif- upon UxC triol ' • 
unci ull qucotioxic oi Inw involved « Ji.nd the dccituonii of 
tile Court Uf'uri ?»J1 ouc:. qurotloria ol" laa'' nnd tQ oSTirtn the 
Judj^juent. it Lj first ur£<:ci tuftt the accuaent ■.vas not 
certified within the ti/cf? pr< sicx ibi d by tJie uniciral Court 
Act, ..ouii'.jel fcr j^laintiff in terror uued due dili. ence 
to procurp Lht Lr ftl JvAU^.e to a<> oertify, out unfurt .•!•;.•> urly 
tJie ..'ucl«;'c. -.y^a inaiupoaed nnd out of the; ..■tnte r.ui-\ coula not 
tiiPreforr Df- roMCi^cd, .'e do not, iio.'pvvr, deer- it ncof-nuury 
to pf«8B ui'on iiucb obj cctxoji , .e jiiiail :: l:\ee ^ur i. ciuion 
of this motion on UiC fcrcnucr i;round i.h?«t. the doc;u::-cnt uer- 
tLTicd by t^<- trial Jud^e ccntains nciwiior a iit;»i,n."irnt of 
fHots Ajjponrini; upon thr trinl, the qutotionv. of irw inv.ived, 
nor the d' ciuion of tup ;,ouTt uyoo oUCh tvUcetioMJ of i"^*, 
rflu'.t the '.locaiienv certified t;,v v;.' trial vudfr containo is 
thr t> BtliLony of the w'itriej;:<^ m nf-rrative fori-; iu all, 
Ko rueationo of 1av» arjirur x; . oars aft-)U<'rj f<iy no dttciaioni) of 
t'lkC Court uj'Ori li'Uot ond of irv/. .^t iz not c( rti.ri<d uj a 
Mtenograp/iic rrv-ort nr d L' » cjiittxt is o i:'a tJir*. It iu moI iueh 
o rcT-ort. ^" <S:t!j t •: ni : <:ar thnt tu«; t .-it-iony ^et 
f o rtli «f'.;* fill t-"»r rviurncc iit:-<rJ or ;.rof i orcd u. c r. tJie Liiul . 

■1 ■ 

G^ ^-.A."^ ^1^.^ r 

■,..) C. U-' , : •> v'M!. '*■:;. :..;:<,..)..,-,) j^i^.' ^£.« TJ^jy ;r'lX' 

^■:..:V^' •-• ■-■•'- "- ■ ■■ 'V : ......1 ^ !-:; ' .: "" Xs^ .;.ij';-;?. ■ «4;!?A^ 

->;•.'•. • -; - C . . '■■}-.' -^^ if. Hi ACtf :x'.t0U'j4- 9iii ' 

..:■:.'. J ■■>' l^.u? iS^u". ao-iw a«i*q '.©it: 

> -■■'.• ■- ■ - . -. . , -i -^ i.Wr. J -.;W Oij no,'..J9ffli a,iill. XW'' 

^^'.. .-. ■: ' . ' ' ■ ;. .r.-,:"i:J •-...' \-i; JjolliJ 

, J i v; ]v...:y-l» -,>;l!J Ton 

■ .. ■: io finol *«5->i/.f) on 

>■.',•_.•. ■; .> no ;u r---'^ --f^ 

tliia ia fnr frow aatlaf.viiiii; tf>« ytai,utory rttquircuent, -iio 

docu:::ent certified pr«»onta notr.ini; ftir review, TUia jitolion 

coiaca within tiie ruling in Ku rford v. : osi c., X51 .11 , App, 

6c j, in 3ii.iau thii> J curt aiiiU: 

■Tine statut«> preauribcu the candiLion for the 
review by iliia court of » ju-ifpent oi' t^e t.ui-.ii: li i^.i ;;ourt in 
oaseu Oi'' tho fourth clr<<>a. '."o uuthorize uuc^; review, tlie 
trial JuutM". muot sii^r. nno plJ;ce on file in tlie oaoc eitricr 
'a correct Bt.aLe.'3cnt of Lhe f;'cta rippearia^*; on tue tri.^l, ' 
or R *corr©ct ut«nOi>rai/iio rf^tort of tin- irial,* cicuiiO 
«even ol' aaid aoction '<1'6 provid«o tiiut, ♦:';. crUcr or Jutifjmcnt 
aou{.,i.t to DC! reviewed oisrtll b*: rtsveraed ur.lcea tixc oU{>re;iiC 
Court or App<;jij>tc >;ourt, uq tiie caao liay be, aiinll be 
ButiifieU fro-vi ^aid ^te^e;;.pnt or iitonotirnpuie report, or ro- 
;)ortft, dii/.:it?d by afiid judtje, tiuxt buc;. order or ,iu',:,<.mcnt ia 
contrary to Inw ttJia tiic/ eviderice, or Uiat »5uca order and 
Judj -'jeTit rtjsaitcd from aubstni.tial errors,' etc, l:ii!!er tiiia 
provii^ioii fiC can xook ciily into juou utc". JiUv nt or oteno- 
gre. iaic report ua tiie MCt prnvidca for and re<iuirefi to i<8« 
ct=r«.nin witw'tuer Ine Juti;;^if;nt i:i oonttury to the iaw and evi» 
dcnce, or rfsultf.d Trori oubcuru-. tie 1 errors of tiic court, rmd 
it foiiovvs zhttx. ur>I«so thcr* io in Uir'. iccord auc/. iot;»;.c.;je-nt 
or ateno/jrapiiic rejort, t;ic ,ju,A.v.ffient laust be afriraiCd,* 

>^cau;.oachcr v. ulfiPe y, 15;< ibid 57, it; to T,i;e 

Muat effect. 

in tLio record tiitrc is no autii jtattanent or 
ateno^raihic report ati the statute pruviaeo for otiu requirc-o; 
ti.erefore tne iIocvijr«ent found in U.e rrcoru nud ccrtifica au 
a •tatet(.cnt ia atrickfrr. fro-i* ti.c record ina tt;o Jadj/aient of 
ti.o municipal ;;ourt ia affir-tied, 


- ^.w .-. . ;;vi cr,-- •^::.'; jt.-,-. i.'.^ 1 -v :; c -j-.j a^ »jr"inq©'vi ■ 

390 • 10791 



. _.xi. 4 66 

Mi* 2>a SIDinO JUUlIwii COA^IiAK dellrerod tl*e opl&icn «f tbo court* 

B«m«r4 tteinntock, &ppoll«»«, (h<3rc.^n&ft».? callod 
plaintiff ») brought nx\ uctlon on tt'.a cane in V <: Circuit Court 
Of Loik county «c:.'^n»t ilarry ^^Atiaoter j:j^<i Henasn iJ. Liptnan^ 
(the latt«>r the present appollejnt ^oid irb.o v^lll he . <%lnuf ter 
bo roforr/d to an tiao dofondant) so rteoYei- dcioageB alleged 
to ti&T« boon cau8«U totho buildins of th.9 rsls-lntiff by tho 
eareloOv. and noelliEent manner in w>»ich the sa&d Llana«ter and 
thtt uofvndAnt oxooTAtod tirie ourth on tho let adjoiaitic that 
of tho pluiBtii'f»j^-Tb«s plaintiff vi.% %i\r, o^nrjor of a thrco-story 
brick buiidiae oltUated at So* lO&C Uorth Ashlnnd evenuo, 
CUiicu^* JinMitiA'tor va£ ti;«r evncr of tho adjoinini; lot* :md 
be cn«a£i>d tb£< deioadaat to oon&truot a buiJ^ping on Uic ttosui* 
Ths u«l'unuant Kade an oxctiiTatior. on the lot for foundation 
and batoaunt pur>»ooea« Tho alaintiff claimit that tl^e def*ndnnt 
did tho axcMTating in a noeIi<C«nt and unc>:illful trannar und 
UieiMby oaueod an injvury to hia building* Tho cuso -smo tried 
bolore th« oourt and a Jvtry* nnu u rordiet vns roturnod finding 
tho uofondtini lUnavtor nut ti-uilty and tiie d«fendr>nt Lipcsin 
guilty>^and aa»ou8in£ the plaintiff** (Uufft^^efi ai t^^ ^iuja of 

mQJH m QQS, 



t- T p 

*]j^ Ai«i> XX.4»iitfi-i 


^^fj.ffaai.&s/ ?>^^;p- 


*»*»*(?>?» a«-*u ....-,■ 

>.i / r ■',»:«;:'( 

ij^a it«ri »<# 00 ll$$lUMi» 

^fl/ii^ !»«;:' 

967fi. -Judepaent wus entored upon thn vert&ict and tho 
dcftincLAnt Lipoan iinn p^rnyed this ac>^«iil. 

rvJvariUil or *.. ..3 juJ^r-T^nt* On« of thce« w« tuiruc le nwritoriouB, 
-j^ tiiii QQj.s'i, -It v.ij instt*:-!*''^ o-r taft plftlnilff , g'.ve to t'.o jury 

•The court Instructs tftft Jury, act a riatter cf 
i«*i, llii/t tha cv.K'T of iRTwi hnn h ric^^t to have thn 
»aXl of ui» pr«>nu«i«^a ouutwln'm oy the 1- T,f.r-s.i r:upi>ort 
oP Li u iir^tuxfcl RCiil cf th» gMUolniiu; lands -'i^^ that 
tAxlIe thiB rlfrht do<?ii not «xt«n<l i-< ihc 'up; r;rt of 
tksx^ .'•.v^^^ tiorii r?«i/',>.t *Q.ich tUft ownor of the poll 
amy jtlaoe upon it* such r» r«. Im^.'V. iri(r, rtiil \:\;: 
ii-aw in i.''.-it vli" uwioi.iiii-j. l.'^;.i Q-^-m^T in mn^inpc ezeaTa- 
tiona on nin lend rauet do bo io p rr^c-'n?? > iy t::;;'':.f .'1 
m»A .j'.i-4.iliaJ. .-sntin'jr, :«■■> ?:: to RTOld dolnj« any unnecoss* 
arjr injury to the buiidi«j^j n^^ ir thi: or'**. If ;">u 
Sitiu Tr.v, tiiM •3Tar:on'sioror)oe of th« t?Tid.:ncG that the 
Uef«ndtmt« iSKd>^ t'n oxowvatlcn w'noiiv viitnJn «■>:" let 
cviu«(4 V> thv i! . furnurnt -nnaetor, aBO that in r-yucing 
oucu axcuvatioas th«v fnlled tc» u?c jo-pfv-rr'i !■? m^^ 
«i'ttijj«u> ct'.iii Cf eklll, «« ohr.Tfrwd 1« tla« deolf?ratloa» 
aavi th«(.t toy rMaeon of hucOi failure ol' t'' '- ;;.r>f *-r{^*-'rti« 
to c-t* fiv*u-. rftj'-oe.'irt'ia cara nnd nkillt th« Iwildln^ 
of tha plaintiff vfue aamafraa^ t^<«ji y- i v«;rio.ct aho^'ld 

It •.tix:^. V« rioticad thr-t tixle irstruetion, one that 'iireota a 
7«rui(jt, >.•! ;Wt dravn 'J7M>n «vh« th*ory th»t th« d'jfrTidante co»» 
aitttfu a iroB^aa up'^n V)«: laxkd of the pltelatiff. "but *J^?oa 
tl.c tiioory t'^'^t tac (sxcnvattoo wsa isada vholiy withiB the lot 
ol tiis: «niT<ravi<tJ»t \;»aart\>r. i^y tow ln»tructiun the jury aT» 
(JLvuctcc to rdum « yertUrt in fnyar of tne plaintiff If thay 
fiuii thct ti.e fiffr,rAnm% ff.ilatJ to ue<s riaaonnblf* »nd nrdlnary 
frk:^li ir. flKuiilftii t:-.c cxcnretloa» ?,n<l thnt thA pl«-\ntiff va« 
thdiiiVy i.iijtti^<l« Tnn i-mtruetion entirely elliflinntea fron the 
aoi:aiaQriitj.o:i oi tia Jury the question aa t<> whatt»»!v or not the 
pluiDtifi' 9X«vol«ad onra for t)io protection of hie 


prop«irty» and vhethar Much fr.llure, on tto p&rt of the 
plAlntiff f to «xarciB« orUin&r^r 9ix*, if th^ Jar/ found 
ih« UMi« wae proren, ■sroxirsat'sl^ ?jntill?ute;l to iirodace 
th« injury in question* A« tih* thoayy o.-' ti.a ;j^fim<i3mtsi 
WB*, «ihft- if it ^ind not be«»? for the? u<?ii'lii5;«Kt c^miuot 
of tli« plaintiff, the injary to hi;? pro:>ex"t;r would not 
hMTt) ooourrsd, and ae thcru w&e erliti^noo t«nuing to oupport 
Uiis t>i««iry, the girln^ of th© mVcy^ Ir.sstr'ictisn ci^nBtltutee 
roTcr^ible «rr«r« Vx9 .lu-igwent -sf tii-s Cii-auit C9urt of 
Cttok County will W i>j»yer0«d awl tiio eati?i« y^jiatiixdad. 

.: :-;i>'?'Viirse^ 




.,L /■RC-'i 

vCiKiJiPAL {;ou?r 


'' 07 CHIv^A'-C. 



HC>VaRO D'JKK/.', 
I AppQlloa. 

"4 68 

Mit. pfvK.jlDi:* ; JU.iTIOc; uCAMLiA:: ciellvar:i»a the onl'-ic- of the Ronrt. 

_4iC Thlo Wi.n an actlor of t'no Tirnt oly.a3 in t>»3 unlclpal 
Court or ;hlca"o, brcvutl t l)y tho appallant (horoinuft«r culled tho 
plaintiff) aj?ai.Tit the appeiloe (hoT^eli"! iftor jrillod tha lofor.jnnt) 
to reocvor a balance of :?95ri.:i'i, ard Irtorost, allege-J to b'3 'luo 
the pl.iJr.tii'f for ^jorvloea na a "gradiiuto prGfoaniomil nurao," r^^rr.- 
J»rod to the iefoniant vinflar ar allei'/d ccrtraot. ■•'latnti""f '3 otato- 
raent of claim, iS a-nondcd, alle^oa, in subatarod, tl^at aho roruierad 
aervlooo tc cortalr nerabora of the dofanda'^t 'n family jib a "^radiiato 
profeaoloral nurao," for a parlod of 'i we«Vr.-, fz^" ''aroh l', l-O'"', 
to ard inolU'iln;' -ctobor 10, l.>OP, (©xoept two seek^i, Vror'. July 

of), li'^^ft to r'iiijTuat I'S li OP ) ut ar. ar.root rato cf .3' per weelr: 

makiniT; a total of -i^aO-^r.* th&t the iefe^'lant una arttltlsd to credit 

due to T-iiairtiff 
for paymenta a»^^rer,atlng ^;l'')nO ,7-,, le.ivin," a bal rico.of "jpr:' ,c^, 

rtlth intfiro-!t. hs lef on ;ant fll^'d ar affidavit o rrorltc Ir which 

h-j denied tl^.e ortploymer.t of thu plaint! Tf for >x longor p-i^rloi than 

71; aeefca; doni':?d any aonlr^iOt or a^7;r«on':^.^ «ith the nlaintlr-f to 

pay hor it to rr*to of c; p'»r .v^ek, or that h'^ ov^r rati fie I B.''y 

auch all'j.'.od a^'.ree'^ er t; ar^l averred t- at t>'»r's *-ij never ar.v contract 

or af.reorijrt my to tho rate of pay of tUf. plaintiff; that aho Tini: 

entitled to payment or.lf at a re iv*'.? rat« for the riture and 

Mnd of 3<jrviC9S perforr^od: that plnlrti^'f rendur«5.1 a^^rvlces ao a 

"graduate profed«?l0' al nurae" for ^3 weeks only, and that for u uch 

aervioes ;.v..'- oor *ee>^ ia re'^^orabl'?, naKinr a total of ,''"*: that 

fi A -i^ /^ ''" ;^- 


^■•''Xt?^'i.!.:>b •■-■-..iV';..;.,. .;■::; i i\ ..'I. 

' A-.^i;,.-v^vt -;' • :.^ !■:;■■ j-'f^r'-iS^j^t^if- fu.ljl^^if'ft ":U M:&r«;?asij (T^- 
Ts'3#»» Tear i--' *>•> J.^^jS'S i.SKn:'t3: ;t« -K^i . ( Bf Hjl (OX J>s««i^- 

'5 • 'i*. "?'• v.- ..,■; "-i ■:■,'• 'Tj-r. '. fi.?'- f'-.i^i' liarf*. j;l5tt-.?no'*'T'?rt' «<■. 

for the ronalnlr./, . :'; *'uf>Ua plalrtirr rcr.iorad aervloda only as a 
practlcui or nuroo, I'cr *r>loh ,^- p-sr tjcov. Ia reaoorable 
and a:-pl9 0CTp«''i3;it1 or, ff!A?clnp; a tctal of -Miil; thfit Tililrtl'T 
ourniiJ Tor hor er.Lii •> uorvlcad to the dof(jniant a, 8tin not 6xce<jvl- 
in^, -,10'/4f that aofen rant tian pai;l to pluintiiT •.in39.7<, loivlr.^ 
a balttnoo of -m.^'^ au«5 thy pl.:4intiff. /...- 

:'h caas fliua trlo.i by ths oourt tflthoul a Jwry! tha 
i^aue<3 *ere) found a;.:-> WmJ dofen --urt ar.J plaintiff -i :latr!'k,roa 
*or» a.>ocj3ttd at ^.J>j Jutigpont wa:5 entore ; acoor-iir-^^.ly a^^d tho 
pliilrti;f haii pruyoi tnlo aopaal. 

There la pr'intically ro li iputo betwaen tbo parties aa to 
tho material facta Ir. tnlc; aa ^a. The raal ijonf^intlon la a.z to the 
la« applicable to tho faots, 

rhrj plaintiff claima Uiut durin- tho fiill peirio:! of tiro 
;ovort»a by 'or xJtatfj«Jort of clain i^ho «aa ontitl-id to oorsp-^naatlor 
from the defondai't "ut Use a,-.ree.-i ar: i ouatctiiiry rate of ;C' Der 
ijQo'-.'' ihe defer. Jart uvoru i-'; hi - affid-ivlt of d6fttr>i3© tnat there 
ntv 'r wuo any contract or aji^reqv^^rt a^ tc v/h -.t rat^s he ah.j- to pay 
tho plaintiff I that durir,- tha firat .;' waeka of tho pcrioi zovored 
in tho plaintiff - i3t:ito''jr-t of cslain 4h- ranJetro < o-jrviooa "aa a 
graduate profossclcnal nurMS," ari that a rate of .• ' por «deif is 
roaacnablo for axxait acrvicao; that for tn^,- sQQk.j of tho 
rtaSa poriO'i aho ronvlero'i asrvio©.; only "ar. a practical or untmlrfl I 
nuree," an.l that for auoh j^rvice^i a rat's not QxceO'llrp- ,^- pnr iveok 
1h reasonabld &rnl anpls. tt l.J adr:lttod by th':' Jefen^ilarit that he 
oraployoi tho plalntirf au a "graduate profeaaioral nuriso:" th-'.t ho 
kne* at the tl.-KO of tho e-rploynort that tha conporj.i' Icr for 
dU'jh aorvicea vould bw .ij:\ por wookr that the plaintiff ran lore! 
oorviooa to tho dof;mdar.t ao a "graduate profoaaicnal nurse" for a 
poric 1 of i, weeku, and th it ho paid h^r ;- per aook for .^aid 

-';,„o\f . j>^ ^^ ■■• .•* * ^-i"-- '■■' :vj;.^;?v's-ji .,' . 4's?r'S) ■•taxsl *);ol ii&npxj»ft 

"■■ ■•' ■"- ---~c--: '..••'■■■ ;. , 'J ■.::vr.',t"'VJ;^ -"C'ti*! noTt oi!i*ao«*it»''i 

■■•■■■ '.•. , • ■; ' .... -X'un -iG*^ \S s.i'ty ■ hn» * t9»>'fr" 

*' ' '■■■■ "''•■ '.." ./. ■' ,^«£<|,iUi t'rwj. «!jXt/aCT0«*«'7 

'" '■•■• .!'.■.■; -1^ ■ -M.''' o. ..h l';rj-fiii^I(J <>rfA» tt(8M|ft.i 

■* -' •:■-.--■ J ' - •" .., ..£,... ..;f4t "xo mil^. «rfi ^« .-. 

'■ ■' "- }■••■-<-■'<■ ::'\'ri.- -■■i.i.iin.u" f: r.i.. ^joffti^rrMTHei!/ mf:f o^ --^rl'- 


.h« fro pl^1.1r;^,l^f .vafi puld ^.^f* par ^eoV for th«o 

oaid p^rioA of .>-• waaka *iy e.ifY.»r«.5fi unierotHnlin/^ bi-)tw9or, thg par- 

Llfea, It la wnt.iroly unr.eo^aiiary to ietor'^lne, for th«i reaaor. 

thait tf e .iofer! lurt cc-^og.iej that th« plalr.t,i'"f and M'ailf, at th(» 

tlrric of tha hlrln,-, ar.d ;Jurlri:n the i^eid 2'^ ^©oka, yrder.itool that 

the ocmpdnmitlo'- of tho pl-ilrtlff ^ar, to be .jr por Sieek. 

ii' thrt employmert continued for th.: r© alrlrff period of 

tlnft oovore:.'. by th-; atatonio^t oV olaiy>: ar>d tn^ charaat T or tha 

H'ork rtjndarQ'.i by tho plaintiff aais cioarly vlthln tha acopy of tho 

kln^i reridered iu^lr.^, tho auid ki-^ jmeV.e, (aver thoup;h it ni.'ht hovo 

beer o.'" a ollrtjtly dlffercirt charactor) and thfl def-^rdart oontlrued 

tc rtioelve thy sisrvlouM of the plilntlff without irlvl?-".'?. hor notloe 

of ary cha'^rt, Ir. tho somp -maatloc to bo p;li» thw preauraptlor l3 

that tho Btxne ^ap^as pa^d for t-htj nald .;,'i wooku wonld ccrtlruo. 

■Jrane >r o>.', . _ ^o, v. >.dftraa» i'^.^ ill. l^r ; Xn^'alliit v. .';l lorij 1?2 

111. 170, I'he defendant ccntonds that aft-.-r tht* aald <, ' weeks of 

eervlse tro character of the oervicao renidrod b? tho plaintiff 

chan;rod, ard thut nhe t'ler perfornetl tho work of a "praoMcal or 

in our judgment, 
untr&lrod nurae," T nero 1.^ no ovldonc^^^unor! rfhlch to bnao 

thl. cor.t'-rtior of ttit dsf bn lant, ivIiHe th-> duties of thw plalm- 

tl!"f durlrj-', th© lattiir p<.-rlod .nHv hav-j been at tirsoa l&os oxactln,^ 

thar for-riorly, r©vorth'3lea.»» It 1m ilrnVf evon fror^ the uisferiant 'o 

avldor.ce, th ■^t the plaintiff wua expected at nil tlrnefj to held hyr- 

53<>lf In reudlnoBd to perfoiTD all tho duties that ral^rrt b* ro^^1lred 

of hor ao a "gradual?, profeaaloral nurae," ard tboro i:i no evl'lerce 

ton ling to prove that at any tlrao the plairtiJf and defenlart had 

any underatr.--.dlnc that the character o:' the jervicoa tc ha r-inderad 

by tr,G forra-r war* to be any difforo'-t frrrr trtoao thtt aVso rorAlored 

lurlr.,-- the ijiiii ;--* weeka. .hers li3 ro ovldonoe ter.dlnr. to ihc; that 

thw plalr.tlff and t ^e doftindart at ary time er.toreti Into a- v no* 

arrangar»or:t ua to thi oOEp;jr.iJutlor that ni'-ould be paid tha plaintiff, 

>he defwnlant dl* teatlfy aa follows: "that on the 5th or lOth of 

,- -:r; .: -;'^ viiJ ■.■ -; •■ri.<':-\::i- J- ■«''r:vo I'ln-p -JViU "il . ■.•■-••-■?;;.£ 

-;. :■••,.-;- • ' ^.- ■■.••....:■.■ 'w, ■ ■■■•■: ■ ^li^?f^ -■-^>:-;,t V>^ • A'^'''*'^ . 

•■ ■■ ■ ■■.:•: \; ■>^:>''- 'i: t; ■:■ ■ Iq -.-^M . -I':: ■■■a--^.- 

■ \ _ ■ V ■■■•■:'/•■• ".:: i^.i'"' '/■.iv, -.^iv "rv, c.^i-,i\^'^mi t?d.»..eyi»aj|ift,,j>|^y 

. ':'.\_^ ..v.:^.- ■■ ■ 'i ''■■-\a mif-' %ee*SJ?^' '^ ■'; -^.rrV:; 
••:v/.. ,- .•.;,. j .■ ;, ^.- :^•v;;^M^J'lv■^fa^' .,"ql^, . ,.^ . -..^. 

.-.. . ,; , :-^'^;7:<. , ,,'.:■ 'I "i i ^ iT i*iXq .J^-t 1 ! J ^; U J _ , OS^** »i " !.: 

■ ' ■ . . i. : -'/^aC.! •^;:' .,.'1 .: J V^i/i J*i» J,;>«U »VO'3'5' C? 

■ > 

".'ay» l-'H'ij, Mls.j •'ttlr.t'ar r-jrj-jrei ra^ a 3tat'^ *t.r.t 'v-i laV-tid for ao-^-e 
T.ort^y. i liaii boon /^Ivlntr hor '"oney aa eh-a askc.i It d-;jrin.>^ thl3 tine, 
itrnt Btate-ont aho»v«(l that i o*©cl har at tho rat© of Ui- a wooV 
a llLtlo over loor. 1 wrott* "loi r'alrt'^r a cIiQcjIc for ]?<csn, I tol-l 
her 1 JTittdi no idea aho *culd char,";o tih ij- a weok for ev.-jry vvaoV Hhs 
had beor tAith n^;, tl;:'.t i. thought It i¥i3 unfair, that I covild rot 
afford to pav it, tJjat i ciouia not '^ffori to Komi hor at tbut rate 
ard thut If 3he wna ^oirr, to atay .\ith tig any loryrer oh- .Kouli have 
to reduo* har bill ana reduce her chari':.© foi^ th>3 ft.turo. .'hat la 
t':» paynont appfjarln^^ on iitatMrr^'rt oC olj.i"i urdor dat^j of 'ay IJ, 
i-.'Ob, i"h© 'Uourtt 'i. what did an© oay when you told har ahc «oiJld 
have to r^jduo's hur biilf r\, .ihe j .id yh-r- didn't aoe ho-.v she could 
do It, etc., !-;ut i toll hor l could not afford to keep hor ary Icnfror 
ut that rate, it i*u<3 a ploaaant friendly oorvor'^aticn and ae left 
It that -^ay, that i ccul i net afford to puy it." The d«f«jndant 
further testir'iod that ho nuvyr ut any time durir.,-r the p«r^od of 
onployrjont t*ld the plriintiTf t.hit he ocr;c»ld«red h«r an anything; 
elct tJ>Mr a prcfaoaional r.urjot that aft^r th*^ ssaid oorvoroatlon 
he porcjittod the plaintiff to oortinu© in h^r worX and nothing, 
I'urthor aaa oaid or dono in rofarrtnoe to har >ork or pay.^p 
[ if, aftor nctlco cy an oraployer of a propo J9d chanp-© Ir 

tho torrr;3 of th-? eriployr^*.;nt, an oririioyfe ■::ontinufei-; in thrj :iorvlce 
of t)io or.ployor, and without obj ootlor , the law prokjumoj that the 
or.ployo Mja'jnto to th . T■■.o,^ torra.j and th'?re:;.ft'jr porfor??. ; .iervlooo 
thoroundor* ^o/*9vt>r, in th- pri^aant oaaa, there ii notinlna- in tho 
uforeaaii tootlwony or thv doffirdur.t fror. whl.^h it oould be proaumed 
I hat tho plftir.tirf aaaortod Lo a'ly ttir^u* of ocnponi^ation different 
froco Lhfl orl'-:inal rate of ;^.':. per jveoJr, nor ia there .iny ovidonoe 
in th9 raooni froni wr.ich it couli b<j proaur.od that ^he, :iftor the 
oal'v oonvoriicttion, .;orked undar any ne* t-^r-- urd aonditlona. 

- :u ..- ,. .Jf -'■',? » "^ li^i'NS , .>1 

,:';^^ ;':?;:. .'' ' ^t^UoV ©iff*" .^P*/ 

\:'ir; .vq,; :i.,iJ--!0 ? rif<4 ^yjatt JJttriif ^1" 
"O ■':•-'■ rii.X:.-'{ ot'j tl^^' irt 

-'.: ■ ■■■• .•;*<* • tj,.-?r'.'or-!ji-. v-^^oi'^::iD 
.■"''■ :'.: 'ti ,•' v':-0 .1o^-irCJt»fll 

';■<.• '— ' 'iM ■:>in't ibriiAi-to t- * ' ■•'•'••'^ 

iho plulrtlff aub'T'ittrti tho oaorj to Zh-- court unon the 
t^^ory tJiit unlor ^.ha Taoto oi' ti-^t' oai^ tho ief«ndart hired tha 
plaintiff MiTl at a. oosp^inaatior. or aa " ■> or i;:^": nor we^V, ard that 
ah» »a.H rtitlo.i to roc^^lvo tMs aun nor woo^- f r tha ortlre psrlocl 
covers J t-y tho otate-i-rt of oliir*.]. he dof'-in'iarv submit t<»i the 
oaae to th) trial oourt >i:?or. t)(e trocry th*.t ther » w-.-j no .igr'smn'ifrt 
bBtv,oer tho pi*rtlo3 hu to *J\ti rixto of ooraparjiation at tha tlm© of 
tho atrploymert of the r»lalr5tlff ' y the deT^sn '-art, or at ary othor 
tl^o, ard th;it th« noaourw o? thy t;cmpor!iiation ^o be paid tho 
plaintiff j»;a^i to b* deter'flin'^id tioocrdinf, to tho jua r ta ir. q^IHil* ^^ 
tho reaaonabl'^j valU'? oi" th^ .-aervlcf^s p»rf orrfiod ; that the roitaonable 
value or th'-j liaii aorvloa..^ for '^■- vjeek-.; wua ^-^.r^ par *e<jl<, arid the 
raaacrabli;; value of thi '••rvic«3 /ift ?r t'l'^t tlne^ a *'i ^"^ por week, 
Tho trial court adept c»d th'3 t?'.«ory of the defardart ard entered 
Judgmwrt in favor of tho plaintiff for v1,2-''. In thlt? ho orred, 
ir our .'udgmert, under tho a-d-nittod fsiots of th-;- caoo, -vrd under 
thd Ja», thft plai" tiff 'ii thoory wae tha ccrroot ono, and ohoiilti 
have beon followod by tho court. Ma a^xn^ nujt tharefor'.^ bo ro- 
vsjrood, but aa It is oortain frot tho proof thj,t tho aRCurt tho 
plaintiff ia ortltlad to ia ,:''ii-i,ii^, a'^d ai5 a Jury i.s.ii wo.lvod in 
th-( pre6«rt oaoa, it ^111 net be ronundod, but Judi.;nont will fco 
entered hore Ir. t-ia oourt in favor of tha plaintl f (anpollant) 
Hnd ttguinat tha dafondant (appftlloa) Tor tho aunt of v■y.-;^,:i■•^ and 

OOdto of tho i3Uit. 

^^jH ijyiit'.ii''! AH J 'Os:i OK I'Hh .i(;i ;, 

•■, </.:,• , ;'. i".' ■.IS:: ^'■' *.T;'?xA-/.i': «rl.' 

.1-:.. : :.' ' v .'''■ ■ -;.>-■.•., Pnj V'i ' 

"... *»J^ . -rv;' - '' ^'■l.*"i*i.i •; (■.■ 

",.': ;■' --^'tj ;■■■:..' \-:..\<{ ,hiS J't£,f>0 Xj*i 
V • ■' i : ' ■■ ', J.: • : 'ios :av:'7 •\JL J" 

•- ..■otic'"! ne»d »▼«!! 
.• ■, :; ... • :: - .'^ -.^j i'A-3 ,'- •■ • 
^ -.: ..L.^ '.:■'.-■ t -n 

; •'. ■ . ' - .-',!;■.■. -i>.'t.- .?*i;j{4i l'"'?' 

«51 - iin&B9. 


AppOlloa, ) /A"r<.AL E<'HOM 

) ; 

va. )/ iUPKKiOH COURT 

JOMP. NY, a corpora'^lon, / ) 
AppolJ^ant. ^'^ ) 

"~"" '. .^ 5 1 . 9 1 

iS¥l. pi •-jTDIN!} JUU'.IOE oQAKLAK doliverod the opinion of tho court. 

fhe appolltj<i, Herwin John, (horelnaftor callad f'-e plaintiff) 
sued the appt^llar.t, • lanagari &rxi rledenwog Oorapany, <i corporatlor, 
(hereinafter called the dofondant) before a Juitloe of ty:e peace of 
Cook Oourty, llllnoia, and the defendant /ravo no'.loe of set-off. 
The Justice found for th'^ defondn'-t &nd awarded It damap;98 ir the 
sum of one oent? Judgn^ent wae wntored or. tbo finding and the de- 
fendant took an appeal to the iuperior Court of Jook County, ani on 
thi' trial there, bol'ore the court and a jury, a verdict *aa rendered 
for the plaintiff for >iH5. Judgment waa sntored on the verdict 
and thia appeal follo./od. The plairtlff ha^ net fllecj ar apperxranoa 
In this court. 

^: The defendant ocntractud vith ot« John's Ohurch In Jackaon- 
vllle, I'lorlda, to furnlih the *lndowcj for Itn church, a".i It then 
entered Into the following oontraot vlth the plaintiff; 
"Ti^li FLANAOAN di iJljiDHfrWEG COliPANf. 

/U^va'iJTS - JTAiNKO ';lajj. 

Ci-!lOA".0, :.:Aroh ;i, ir-o.^. 

it9f rhe Klana^an *c Hi»denw«g Co., agree to pay to -ar- 
man Cohn two -lundred uollara {;>^00,no), for aettlnr, all of the 
glaea In t. John*t§ :,huroh at JacVaorvlll :, rla., an p*-r piano 
and apecifloatlon*. 

lie, Mer-in iJohn iu to furnluih all the neoesoary '!iat<>r}al 
exceptlnK i^laaa a*^d load, a'^d to place aar-e In poaltlor. In- 
cluding sixty seven ventilators to th-s oatlnfactlon of the corp- 
mlttee. x'ho :fork to b sot In atone. 

Ha is to uaa oenont of the beat quality obtalnablu In 
Jackaonvllle ani t)-^ beat ^^rade of putty. If putty 1^ s'^leot- 
ed by thu co^'rlttoo a'^d all r/orV to bc« loft clean and to the 
aatlsfttotlon of the church oonnlttee. 

We, the i<'lanagan ledenweg Jo, to be In no way hold 
roaponfilMo for ar,y axpenaes In the delay of ohip^nent by the 

^uorporato ooai > Joueoh L. 'lana^an. President (3lgnJ 

lierTian John ( iIiti)" 




^1^ ..A.I a 

f ;<n-;>r^'. '^^ " ---n ":.>'>ft^ 


^v»'Wi*i« -r^r <»^'- 

, OtvJ J r.r: 

The plaintiff w©''~t to Jaokaor.vllle in '-*aroh, 1906, and bojran work 
urdar tho oortraot, )n v.aroh i3th, aftyr the plaintiff h;Ki coraplated 
about ono-third of ttie work, the oofrunltteo of th* said church oorr- 
pl Ined that a oerttiir, portic^ of the -lass thon on the grouniia was 
too dar'' ir color nr.d, acoorrlirg to th^ plalr.tlff, ordered hi"; not to 
UB9 the aar:!©. .he plaintiff irsTsediatoly telo^^aphei the defendant 
as followBt "Oark glass rejected, ■•nd othijr, can't wait. ConjinR 
back," I'he next T.ornlng he received trie following telegram froTi th© 
defendant: " '.lass made special at factory frorri thJir sarrple, la cor- 
rect. Jon't como back unless at your o*n coat till furth-r orders, 
letter follo&o." un i: irch 15, 1006, tho plaintiff received fron th© 
defe-idart the followir.r lottor; 

"War oh 13 » lyo^. 
/r. H, cohn, 

c/o -ona V: .<our3 jo., 

Jact'sonvllle, ila, 
jeur 31r:- 

'ao r-ocelved ycur ttjiutrraff nt 4:40 P.M. this day 
the i:;th uu follcwa: 'Jark gluaa rojeotea aend oth-ijr cart wait — 
oomim^ back* and mq .lirad you a3 follows: ' llaaa rricde Bpeclal 
at factory frora their sanple ia correct, ijcn't con>e back un- 
less at your o.»r. coat till further orders. ..etter fcllovva, ' Ve 
also telegraphed ioni and Jours Oo. aa follo»a: 'John telegraphed 
ftlas i rejected. Too dark. llaso made from your sarple at 
factory. ilass u.i.. (janncL acoer-it re lection on that ;^round. 
Letter follows. ' 

"ycu have no author A ty to ta' e it upon, yourself tc say 
ar.ythirA- a :oMt thj v^lans beir.r r's.l'jcted. Tou are only there for 
the purpoao of setting? th*:* fr.laas am if there io anythlrr^ oT thio 
kind to be said it nujt ocrne frc" the pricple ,vho are buylncr; the 
goods. We cannot re)7;ard you but as a hired nar aottin* the ij»crk, 
thoroforo, you should not tak« the reaporalbility of aen^ln:" the 

"'.Ye .»lah to Jtat'3 th-it this ?-laa3 nna r.ade opacial for 
thio Job frcn a sanple received from .end '; 3oura Co., JacVaon- 
vllle, '-la. and iT'i.2 ao: t to tho .-'Ittahurgh 'late 'lass Oo, at 
Jhica^o <*^lO res'^rvod tho aar.ple i- it *a i ae^t in to th" factory 
to be cade ikfter sar.ola, the f.laau wm^ ii; aft r aa^y and la the 
same ooninerolal nuTibar 'is kncv»n throur.hout the iJ..:». anri it ic the 

arae ao s&raple now furnished for tha jdndowe In ...t. fohr'a ohurch, 
Jacl'^acrville, Kla. I a^ encloaim^ herewith a srsall pleco taken 
frora t.'.o sa-ple which I ahall use for reference 8ho*inr ths srall 
piece of the glass that may be corrnared j.lth thwir aampls, 

Thw only difference there nif^ht he l3 the queetl'in of 
thlcknetjs. Ve have '-onparod it i»ith our aa-^ple an 3 find It u. , 
alao compare-i It with the ^'ittuburgh HI ^te lass Oo'"? sa'-^ole r^nd 
flr.a It o.i\. rhsrs isuiJt b«? eor.e mistake. •♦ut it is well known 
that when cathedral Pilasa li leaded in flat lead that t.' -^ fl^.t lead 
has the effect of /Iving it a darker appetirarce ind i rker 
in appearance in larf.sef s^^eets than It is In s-iall ahf 

'3^'i» A^l 



" .e do not propose tc accwt a rojaotlon or. tocjHrlcalitlea, 
furtharmord, ao will >-.ot 9tur ary of your r^tumlrir; un- 
loao the o flcials at .Jttokoonvlllo :':lve aatl^faotory reaaono ari 
refuuea to allo.v you to aot thij work in plaoe In at! tine;, this 
'/111 pive us .m opportunity ror action, but io not taVo any v«r- 
bal reasons for atopplr.,;:- V.i\n order, It rau^t be In vrrltlnp: »»■ i In 
such clear lttr,^♦uttJ^^.^? that thero will bo no queotlon on your part 
about returning to jhloajjo, .:0 holl that we havo fulfllloi our 
oontraot and the rooponaiblltty «ill ■^avj to davslop on th-; othsr 
ond aa tc raj act lor. 

Very truly youra, 

The Hlanagan :4 Biedonweg Jo.'',2i^ 

imnedlatoly upon tha rooelpt of this lett(f*r t^te plaint l<"f returned to 
Ohloa/^o, arrlvin' thero on aroh l-th. v.'her he left Jac-^aonvllle, 
all the materl'il nesesaary to ooraplote the Job to th'? ijatlafactlon 
of the church people, was or the (qi^und; telegra-TJa and l^ttora had 
passed between tho defendant and the ohuroh people, a^^d the trouble 
In raftrencQ to the color or the y?;lai?r. ttled .-it orce, and the 
church people requeited the plaintiff o ij uln and finl^'h the worV. 
The plaintiff -idrltted that he knew that thti defendant w .b financially 
reapo»"aible and .iroill able to puy iny d i^age that h« -nL^-bt suffer by 
reason of the delay. vhen th« plaintiff loft Jac>-30'-vllle, the de- 
fendart i'TMnedlately oent an e-^ploy: to complete the ,vork oovored by 
the contract with the plaintiff; thla eriployo arrived in Jaolceonvllle 
on '.^arch 17, i;'0;A; found ill the rrjiiterial neceaojiry to complete the 
dork on the ^-^round and t>^io iSforlc is'.3 oonipleted under hie auporvlslon. 
i'he defer:dant claimed th'jt. the wor^i don^* by tho plaintiff waa v^ry un- 
•atisfaotory, and thfit it expended, alton©t!ier, '■^':-"^,l9 in corrpleting 
the work the plaintiff hud oontraotod to perforn, und t>>.i* "ftfv allo«r- 
ln,t' the plaintiff tho uT.ount of hia contract, .".i;*^!^, ther ; 
balance due the defeniant of ^l&n.lf. Q) 

After a careful oonaideration of tht evidence in this case, 
«e are eatidfled that the Judff;r3ent auot he revevesd and the cause re- 
manded, for the reason thjt It lo olearly apparent frora the proof that 
tho plaintiff, without Jua? cauiif«, abandoned hij oontriot. "^ the rlaaa 
objected to by tho church auttiorltlee conotltutod only ;:: a- all pro- 
portion or the total Ui3od Ir tho rfork.i here la not'l'->T 1'^ the record 

»^q0ter toft Ob 

"ffttfj f>>'^' * f^f^ .4' ! 




froia which w« can aotuttlly dat«rnun<! whetiuji- tfio obJecti->n 
to Um (ilAm» vas well founUoa or not» but in i.a\j «2V<int* the 
dcfenOAnt quickly taticfied tv- cixurch offici^iio nnd V»:\ad* 
iatdly 8hl*^ )«d glaso tluit w&s nl'tor &rCl« uifetd, v/it lOut objoc* 
tioiia la thj work* T>il8 (;la»» arrived lyj .Tstck.'^onirille bsfore 
the i^laintiff'B dop.irture, or it-an » f«« houra thereafter, 
j.vcn If tJic. pljuintiff vi>ry corapallod to rQiapin idle for two 
or t>iratt aaya bocau^o of t^e trouble in rofaroi^oo to t>iQ (;:laae, 
thi>. 'uct, ftlontt, would »ot Justify hla, tuader all thc£ oircum* 
«tanu^a in tlxie caoe, in iiibandnning thri ^.-ork^ nor dooe it 
appear triuat it u»»» roftlly ntsc-artccry for Viira to re-xvin idle hI 
ttll, iov tj-iijro v?uB v/ork oa hie cont^^aet tliat ho ^Jig^.t Jiavo 
done durin, time, if the plaintiff auffertjd a ciolay in 

hie work tiirou4:li tiio fuult of tht* U:fen.iaat, t'n . Ir.ttor would 
have boen oo»pelled, undar t/vo c :ntr?*ct, to coiapenrato him 
for tiui a«uue. Trmt the .oiaintiff vy&s anxioues, for eoiae 
ro«ejn« to ftbanUon tU« work 1g atron^ly evidoncod "by tlto fact 
tlmt ae eo^n a« tho churoh people lan^ie tho o >mplttint in rtifei-- 
«n«« to A ;*'jrtion of t)>': glaeo, tiio pliiintixT telac^^^'i:'****^ ^^i* 
ddfttnd£utt: "Dark glaet rejeot'id, c«wd other, onn^t «>'<iit« 
Conirvj back*" 

In *' v. ^ i i^tt-aiaer. 203 111, 532, tlio court 


"A olif'.it or pftrtlal no.,l(ict on tiio pnrt of on« of 
tho pnrtiea to r. contract to obs.rve aoiM of tii: tsrtw 
or conUili .te th .cof, wil :;0t justify thf< otucr iiarty 
to at -nee auui-ii^n %':i*j n^^.-ydacnt. Ao vvae eaiL*. in UqlfVv 
V. I futci-gnt, >n. 4 Gilm, 319, in ovJiei' V) juutify :'J\ 
Cibuncionjf.ont of tfta ontract, vnu of c-ac pro ;>er rccieUy 
Krov»ins out of it, tho fa. lure of the op oaitc px.rty 
jwutt bo a totrA ono, Tijo 'Viijeot of tru: co>;trRot tnuct 
hnve bo«n dof tjttt«)U or r«nt4creu unattuinjible by iiie iai»» 
c >nuuot ^r duf«.alt, Tor i)a.rtial dcreHctlonc unu non^ 
eo-npliimcsB in :S.-'.tters not nocvee&rily of firet irap rt- 
ance to tjie ac r):a.tllciti nt of Vxo objeut of tin; c;>ntr^'ct, 
tho party injurad ciuct ctill oeck hiu ro-nedy up n Uia 
etii>ul»tions of t* i ; cj.:tiuct iteclf." 

^: i ,.■ tcv ;•;:.: 

• <♦•*■ 


•t-. i.rii\; 

^..•■: .^ '': . ::".=■!; -jX/rrir-v, 

*■, ,i •;.?' ■^ i' 

B«« Aliio Uit> af iJLain V, Joalyn . 136 itl, &a5» 

The 4ud,;;;;r-'.«nt of ti\6 Superior Coi^rt of took 
County vilx ha rayciBcil twit; t>; e cr.ufo ratn)7.)vi«d« 

*fV'A:ir,v.. * ^' Ei-^-f.f- A'-' .,, - :-Lt:d- *-^ ■*'*'* **'-' 


'«.,'' -■• 


St3r^ - ii0^4. 

ciAI'!-: likVK O.v aUCA-O, 6t al., /) 

I Appellees, ^ ) 

: / ) APp;:/ii, -Ko;,: 

VH. ; ^ ) 

JO iM w'Kr»^-'j/;'i, st ai. ./ ) 


„-'^''' Tho ..tate Janlr of 'thiougo aa trustee of the trust creritad 
by the li^at ..ill ar/.l teatarient of fohn K. Paraora, deoe.iued, filfd 
it J bill in the .;.UD'3rior Jcurt of 'Jock iJounty, illinoio, tn foro- 
oloau i'. truyt deed r;lvon by !o^^. ChriBteraori ard oaalba A., hia 

' Ce, to aocuro the payrsont of their proniasor:; not** for ,3''^'^. 
Jrooo-billD wore filed by i\n.X.hrm Jrispo, John Ohrlatenaer a^d •»ar>r 
'Jollo>;o, ^rh«— ciuijTcelior dia:nl33ed tho orl.rifii'l olli ard th-.i croas- 
blll Cf i-'.'ir:: ..:ollo;^,9. Park iJcllef'ie hat appeal':*! and the state liiirtV 
of j>"j1ou,'';c had a^ai^nad cro33-orror3."j" 

in tho fall of 1. O'"', a^;y}elloe i^chn OhriGtenaa", ationrsd a 
loan of '^vO frorc ,»rtriur . Pe'ios, sind rave his r.cte, dated '0'V:>n- 
bar .-0, 1. ^7, for tl:8 a -cunt; the roto *ao socurod by a trust dood 
on the horo of 'Jhriotenaer at ^2? lOOt .itrijot, ihicaro. "'anao ifter- 
ward3 gold tha rotu uri truet deed i.o a T^Lin *mr,'?j ;rifflr, who in 
turn soli it to thw hompaon .'aylor ^pico .omnn^'y, a'^d tb ? roto 
and truHt 'ieed oau o.Tned by the nonpaon '> luylcr 'pic!© yO';pary or 
the date of Ita naturit/. Jpcn the> i-aturity of trier »-ote, Hppell«^a 
Jhri atonsen Lk^'ialn applied to P^uaj to oocur'j for hi"i a Ici''. of ,":'^n 
on hl^ oaid prcporty; th.; said ,;'/?o note to ba paii out of the 
>;500 loan ard t:''^! r^rfilndar cf the oa'"« to bo turned ovi^r to iJhrlHter- 
acr., xxxX3UixsbX3ix±ac iJhristanaen aecured the lo^.n of TOt from anpe'lr- 
r.tithrjm Jrl;jpe, tr!roui;h Y^'iasfl, J^iri Jtondtsn v.v- hia not?< for V'"''^» 
secured by a truat de*a on hie 3.ili proporty, sl/T^^id by nlnaoir and 

.• ..01^ - h • 


;0':-sO,,\ ,, 

-■^i .'..j ,!.;s;. [iiii U^-l.■Z erU xd 

^ ■ ' ■ ■:;■.•; J ;.■^..l,:^.^i^ a-i':;' , ^•;j.tillo0 

-;' -,. ■ .■■.-■:•' f I. -vv. .i"j^'^y 1* Hid 

;■■ , ■ ;■ ' --.J -f/j ,V'-;X ,0:v led 

.; : .- _^' . -'^^ vj .'.' vlos aauj 

' ' .1! •.'-■ '. S 1^-''.>'.' i..;\& ij&fjS 2'\i"\.i Jbrjjs 

■. 1.;,' .::i.: i-;^' :,if,io>'^ nw«:rcJfc ilsi- 

;. ' v.. .J ;•;,.'::•: -^r: M-'i, aff1 rro 

" - ■\ll■^^\ ■■->'': ?••:' t^rvi nijol 008,^ 

» '•;':r:-.,:_ -;,. ■ j-jiirl. x±xq( xOUC&JPe^i^ ..tan 

■t/v^' -10 o*\eL .tain J L \6 b^nu 

wife, ihla lo.i ■ of i'-'^O waj rriade *lth tiio u»'dor3ti'-dlrg >iet.7oen 
the three partluj th'it t?!e .t ii a ;,3:")n note waj to be pall out of 
the •;.'00 loar, and that tho note art trust doed rlvar. by 'hrlot^n- 

aon to ttocuro tho lour of ■' v^aa to baconr, q first liin on his 

prcpt-rty. On Jeoombor 15, lifOS, Peaao puid^and took up thia .''.on 

noto and tn.^:it dead frorn .'horapson •*• Ta/lor ;ploe Jompary, but ho 

nevvr rwleaaod the trust deed ;jaourin5; the note, a"^ i ho kept the 

rott: ard tru:;>t deed in hi j po.-jaeaaicn ; ha al-^o l;^nt In hl:i poaeea- 

i or the 4t>0^ note aJid trust deed acjcurlnr, t-ie aa^^e. Cn or about 

March M, i •'"a, -aroilne 't, i^ar30na,;yk»ad then acting as tho ucle 

exeoutrix of tr.-s last <vill and tsat-iriant of John )\, }>araon3, deoeaaed, 

died testate, and \.'alter ;■:'. -Rowland qualified ard entar-'^d UTion bin 

dutie-> li^ executor under bar will. Jiowlani received ^It^- the asaets 

of the ijarolina ', paraono entata tho aiiaet:; of the John R. Pirnona 

eutate, and he thor'^aftor acted as truiteo of both oatate;*. Or 

k'ttroh ^4, iro^, jiCAland wa relieved tiii tru3t:>e of yaid es^tatea 

a- d t^eaao ^a^- appointed truot(9e of the sare. ^'b.e trust create - by 

tlie laat will and teataraant of Oarclina '. Ptiroona, lecpavjoid, prc'lded 

thit the inotne of oortair property ai-.ould be pal.l to one Alice . 

baboook durin^r h-jr lif-rt, a-d upon her death tha b--A'A tru:3t property 

ould fo to appellant -"ark Joilege. ;"n^' will further provided that 

if for any reiiaon, thd r;ift to Park Ocllers f-iil^^d, th't aaii pro^.nrty 

ehouid go to the children or plioe '. Jabcock, jurln- tht? lifetl-^e 

of Alice ■,:. ■,^aDcook, at tho request of i't'.rk Jollffre, and v;itb the 

ccn3';nt of /,lice . i>ubcock. Pease acooleratod tho tru.^t ari tumyd 

ever to the said Jolle^^Te cortair. caah and jac'.;ri tlo.' clalned by t^eai^e 

to be tne corpus of t>"'y .Jfirollne ', Puroona truot fund. A-^ the 

•::curitlea and caah ac doiiversd t" the said JollOf;9 *a3 the /'soo 

whrlatoraen note, vitl: coupona, and tmjot deed 3ecurinr 

tho sane, ■'euae r6*nainyd truate^ of th.-j iohr K. I'araona estate until 
hie death, April 7, lOll, -■^«'' tho a-.pellant ..tata .ank wa3 appointed 



^ ; . ' ' i .■ r' /^'l i,;?«G.v> .1; sJl.t ii.^r, »#Dn 

."':' .;:';'^-': i. "■■.■• ■:.■•■'. . j^ilyas'. 
■ :' :.-: . .■;.-; . ': ^ }i fi ;:c<V -n l-.-fiJ 

;. ' '■>.; . J -,■'•■■>:.)<;#;; *.'-'^> f.Lit^ ieisX arii 
J' '■■] , '•' - ; ,.>vc ••■' ■":■ ;orti 

..<•■ •■:.■.■:'': ■.'^..-. .i-u.I.l-:::v- ^. 06 o; 
■-''■'' . -:-.---^-'- ■ . s>ot i I0 

. . ■ I'S' L.''i,');; ' (■-■■"'.J ';:•> &'r.^oo t^r ■ 

■'■'• ''i''i' '1''"^'' Hi 

trustee of tho iatJttJtxxicxrt.xKxfloxx 'iitatt*, avl c'tnlnai frora ^saae'a 

oxooutrlx posaeaalor of the :;:5'"'f' Ohrloteneon note an} trust dood 

oocurln^ tiio aur^.e, i.h-; bill filoa by tho -tato :^ar> of .:nir3:i,-'o w;i3 

for thtt purpo-i^ of forycslcui^r t,J-,w trurt ioed air;! cw^aurlnv nii'/TDent 

of the :;;';500 notu, ihn charoollor Al.-in:lrx<|,)a the xxtx bill of the 

iitate .Jank of whioti^-o for -.vart or" eqult.v, arl h.ii- lactl.ori i^- this? ro- 

gar J 4-«* urr.ed aa error ^)y t>:^. :»at'.'. ank, 

rhv or^: .■a-'clll . a.r\i a> aaor.:; fll-;.] by t--":^ aatd '^ar'' Collsfe 
and Kttthryn or i ape prQa:!>'t, th« quajtlon a.'; to thu owner-.'jhlp c<* the 
|fOO Jhriatoroer. note af^i trudt daad Qi>ovQ roferrel to: tho .'oll^ge 
cl&lrain ' to b« a holdor of Uie -jayi-:! Ir du'.. oouri--), .'ho ciourt f cuti i 
th-^ 190U9U en this sjuoutior. ir, f^ivcr of ivaf.-ryn 0ri;3p-3 ixr-'l agalrat 
Park Coll©£.!*, an i dlvaDlaa'Sd tha orosa-oiii cT trtKi iattr^r for ivant 
of oqulty, ;\iPdy apfjoal mx:^ pruyt?! y th',^ Oollftr'j to ^ovclr^r^ thui 
deoroo dij-ij -ir,-^, Ito •3ro3o-Dill tiri flralrp; too proDorty Ir ;v'ild 
s>600 jjoto to bo in i'utr^r/n Jrlape. 

Th« otato j.inx^M or -'hic:!-;:' ^ranfr-:!!", t^.at tho ohanoellcr erred 
In rjlcjrlaalnr; ita bill for .va-t of equity. :h(3 -sortlfJcuto of 
evidence ir the oaoo HppoarH to hav^ b-'^an tendered hy th^ appellant, 
Parir Jollof;e, and in t^-o Juigo'^ oertlficfito to tho im^o, it io 
stated, "^ that tho rors;;-olni.: was all t",a ovldono'? intrcdi-iced on tho 
hoarin<:; of 3ai'5 oau:v.j, on t} . q laHue;j g^t to tho oivri&rihlp of th e '" '^ 
notct and ita co upon d an.i th- trunt dao-.l 3f>o;.tr^n;-^ to na/r,-j." i-'con 
thl ^^ oortifioate, ^e ;nu -t astiuniti that th<:j h-^rideroo )i9ari o^ tho 
iLwjuoa nado between th^ oark and Chrlatoraon on t>o orir.lnai hill 
lo not included In tii^ aartiflcatf^ or avid'snce. Jh-i app-'ll.'int nrV 
itj, thorafore, not in u pc.-ltion to jueation tho aotlcr of thti' ohan- 
collor in did-l3oinp; it;* bill. "In chunoery caaa.i f-^s rulo l3, 
that a decree ;5;rfintinr. r^ll&f riU:3t b? oupportoi >:y u f.^nd'inr, of 
apeclrio fuots In tho deor^a Ita-i^lf, or by avidfjnco apposirlr^ in 
th'j record: but tUa rul .1 io"i i»;> tc a dooroe dl.T^lijain^ a 

■■ -u. ,- :<cj:i:o 

■ . N 

-I '•■: /.> ':^^::: 

.•J;"!,'. '■■';'■ 

it ■ •'' I . 

', , '..■■■'i: ■' /■:■■►■';. I.; ,:i .;■ d oi'jL-n' • 

i,.' . ,\ itaeii lilt rtt ■ 

:,: ' '' k- i ■ ; X'-ilsn • 

bill cf oonplttint, ainoo Lhut 1.-. U\o prcpjv daor©a tc bo ertarod 

ir. Ciiu« thercj 1j no ovldwrio©, or iv. oao? t^o ©vlder:c9 lo Iraufflolont 

to ararrart the oourt In ^rarMn >• t'.« r*ilfcf prayed for. .Juch a, 

iiooree cannot bo rj^vorao'i baoauao t,ho roliff Mi,i doriied, urlono 

coniplalnar.t ahail dho»j that t;.o •jvldsnow wa;i] a.3 to c»"iltl9 

hlw to th(j» rallof a.>i-f.-d for, .jtioh sho.irf^ f.ust. bo rale either by 

a cQrtlflottto or evid'jnne, or by a cirtJ ricrtt•^ alSowin,"; that tho 

record fllod ia oor.plote. Ir the of atioh ahcwi'-ip, It ivill 

be preoumo:; thut thera ^i*j evidenog aihlch .JU'^tlflod t)^'- aotion of 

Lho court Ir dlurriiajilrg thb bill." Koiriea v. Jtraaai- eir, 17-^ [11, 

Anp, 1), "In thla oas© no afflir'fj.tive roliof w^a :-ivon by tho decree, 

but It r,or©ly il o'lliiaed conipliiinpjnts * bill for want of eq'Jlty. Juoh 

a dooreo la authorl;;ed wJ'.arevsr t-^o &vid^^::o9 i:? ir:G'.;ff lol-jr^t tc war- 

ru"t the roiief aakoil for, (^ yan _^v. .. a?-.rord » i:"3 111. ^i^l: JaCTkoon 

V. Jackott , I'r'? Id. ■43; ."'I rst lational i^ark v. Jakvjr , 9uprR. ) 

A oonplalnafTt a^;i^ri3ved b/ auoh a deoroo nu it 3bor/ that t?ic evidence 

ortitled hira tc the r<;;liof for ihloh be pray--id, ari to Ic Ihlj ho 

auot preaorve tlio wholo of th"* ovldorce." K elly ". r'\xnVhQU3Qr, 

1'7 1 ill. J05. lo the f3ii,"i3 effe.:t io '• :^fe)?;nan v. ^ ij VolbQrry , .i-'^:-^ 

ill. Ii7, 

'Jountjol for the 'janb aWdt t'-<y rule rof«rrod to 1r tb>- foro- 

i7;oln-^ oauo3, but thoy In -lat tl^at It iooa rot siT^ply In fno pr«ii-mt 

Inatanoo, for tho ra.aon "tbat oour;.:. .opclloe 'briatef^in ) 

r© not content rfitn a docro-y d! a-^la.-l.;,., tii-j bill of the .itatn Janlc 

of whloti,:o uj tr'.jotos for ndt-tX. of a-ijulty, but th.-it thoy havo oaumed 

thti oourt to Incorporate In t.>.. iacroe oonclujlon; of' la., anj fact 

a;) fcllowa: 

•'.'hat th« vCf.oo notT un i mort,i?:'i>!:« exoouted by ;7hrloton- 
aor. on th'i JOth day of overnb<jr, l;--07, to Arthur I'saue, tn)3- 
tse, waa full/ paid by the a.-ild J/irlator'sgna, a-'d tbnt tho 
ooraj.'iainant, the . tait« 'Jtink of Jhl3a;ro, aa tru;itee, ha- no, title or Intore^t tbarain. *" 

And U:q oouniiel for Uia anV arpju*"- that becuiJG of the InTcr-iorjitlon 

.!-■■',;- ■ ■■ .;., . ;_. -;..;. \J..:.-:oT 
■■■■■■■■ ' ■.■ ■'•■-^U; >' " •ivii-af'^q J^hjSI 

Hut '\n'l If- 

of the aaUi "oonolu-^icnci Ox^ laiv ar-i fuot" In tho :leoro<J, It M-ia 
tno luty of Iho Appiiflle-:' .^h-lat&^aon or 3on=> party tc t.>:e cauae, 
oth'i-r than t»TJ anp )llart '.iar:l<, "to pryaorve in t-ij re<!orvl in 3on» 
wu" th'., ovldoToo .*!dch autbcrized tho court to draw the coralualora 
!».' .Ich it il 1 dras aru Incorpor^^to in Ita dtj<ir«o. >7e a'ib-nlt tl^it 
thoro la no auoh evldoroe ir t>v^ rocorJ, and thJit for that raaaon 
tho .: of Lho o5'i«ir.<30ilor nu'^t be revorsejd." iJnd<dr tho .;'<oolelona 
to vjhioh i»o have referrad It vtaa entirely unnso©B,~-iry for the up- 
polloe i.} to incorporate In the leoro© any flrdinf; of 
fuotc, and whethor tha part of Vio dacroa that the ;<arv roil 00 upor. 
In support of Ita preaont oon ton tier: ia si findln^^ of facta or "cjon- 
olualon:-? of la*y ani faat," tho incorportiti on of th<3 sane in the 
dflcroo dooo not relieve the .iark from the burden of sViowlng that 
the action of tho onancollor in dlBnlasir..;?; its "bill for .vant of 
equity ivu.-. not jfarrant-sd by th« proof In tho caaa, and as it has 
failod to file a proper certifloati^ of evidoncs, it 1:; ir.poaeiblo 
for It to uuooeasfiilly carry thl:j burdar.. 

The appallant, Pj.rY Coll-a^s-o, ccntonda that It "ia a holder 
in dUQ cour^b of tho ,.noo noto of John and Hoaalba Jhrlatunann, and 
took th:» aarso, to.^eth'i-r .vit,!, tlio tru.5t daed aeourln;^; it, free of 
any claim of Kathryn Jrlapa.* rhe- char.collor found in ttie docreo 
not only that Kathryn Jriajia w.s.-i t^.e r of th? said nota, Intore.^t 
coupons and truat daad aecurinj^ the arinio, but h further found that 
tho jald nota, oto», «eru fraudul-mtly delivered by i»oa;':e to tho 
appellant •;cllo.?;o: tht-.t ro Ownalderatiop *i\:-\ paid for the said 
nota, etc., by th»j aald .;cller:o: that )ottle«ient of tho I'arnona 
trust *a3 «nforood ar.air- t .■eaj« by th;? -oil©)';**, and th-it J ha ^ollor- 
dl . not taka tho .•vild note, 'jtc«, In f:ood faith, aT-i for value in 
th-} ordinary courao c:.' buainoa ;, and that it aoq'jired no ri^'iht, titl'^ 
or intoreot thoriln. -o h.:-»v- vury oarofully oxarrlnod tho ovidorco 
In thio oane, ard *^ are fully oati..<fled ta.t ti n gaid flndln.fTu oT 
th^ clruincoilor -lora clearly Ju^-tified by the proof. (Jndar the facto 

.;■ i .■- .■ II J' !•:• vjuf; OlU. 
•■:■:-■; ■ • ' .v^-:o •JClis'': 

■ i. <n; •: /. '*.'■:•> ^'t*J \4iV 

, jiJt fitoAJ 

:!;■ - :■ .U^V^m Ji 

-■:.!:■■.. ■•;; ^q^okI 

■ *:.■'■ ^.■':: ■■■ .. y- i'Jf<d 
■:- ■■ ■ ■■ . ■■■■■ ; <:.;■•. -.: ;ji'Xi£j 

■ 1. ;?:..;:';:/: '^J .1/ '£0l 

■ ■ ' ;■* 

: I. •<; V ■ l**^ ri 

. > :xrro 4 OCT 

-• .• , ■■... ,-^ • .. . 'a^ vrlrf 

•' rr: :: -;.•... ,-x. j^^ini 
.' .. ■....-. ttJj/ij Jon . fl) 

**'u( c .-■■ !,;C\v ■,"Ji4rt ? M** *rtJ 

a; d thd law, t)io ciianoellor coul J net have found ir- favor of the 
College &nd %fr,i\ina\. the app^llao ;;rinp-?. 

T^o daoroa cf thr^ .juporlcr Oourt of viooVr County 1o ir. 
ail rei^pooto afflrrrol. 

. Mr • . j! ' ' " J9 {..• J- ri '.; q >-i »»t 

i-li - iiXfiO.^. 

JaOKUK mi. LfL'd, 


vu, \ 

AuoTlK J. ^KAKii, Jr., 

Xppe 11 int. 


MI-.. PH.S.-JIDIM • .ru :• ■'ICii oCANI.A'i dollvor--. t -u o;^;!nj ■■••■ of t?'?- 'ourt. 

Or March •^, l l"- , Jud^^par-t «a3 ontGrsd in the Jounty Joijrt 
of OocV. Jourty for yi^O af^ulrua tl".9 .-i-ppf^llar':., Auatlr. J, :3oar'i, Jr., 
and in favor of* tha app llao, :eo:r<5 ■• i.yle. tr. the aa?:"; date an 
appeal wa . pr&ydd ur.:l alloAod upon uho appull;.vnt flijr.r, ar. sinpoal 
bond in tha aura of ^.^ftO .■vithin thirty duya. en April t, It I"', the 
foilo^ini: ordor tin.n artorod by th& baid court: "Nov*- or, thlE da?. It 
iu ordered b/ th-ii oourt th;it ti.^^ to t'ilw appt>:»l bond In the 
3ald cuiue b<5 and ij h«reb/ axtwnded ter: duy.^ fro.T .'.pril n, li'l"," 
On tho eame data (Mpril ;«, l'.'15)» 4" appeal bond was fil«d by the 
pallar.t and approved by the oourt. 

The app'Jllea liaa i'iled u motion Ir t>il-3 court to d''-isrj tho 
proaont itppoal on thj grcundr., "that th j appeal bon-I filed ir the 
court belo.i #ac not fllod i'*lt)iln t?-:0 tine United by the .^ourt, 'lor 
within t;.« ti'uj fixed b/ u vulld extension irade by tho aourt bolow." 
it in oiear that thli motion riu-^rt bra Allcwad. Juriallaticn by the 
trial oourt over ltd ord«r rixinj^ the ocr. Atlom of an app-ial ii re- 
tainod only until thg expiration ol" tht> tino fixed, and If this tiro 
oxpiros without an axtsn^ior. bafcro the appoul bend ia flld-1, the 
ri'ira of uppoiA.! i.j lo.»t. :l_iil v. 01 ty of J'Nicaf;o , ^l^ ill, i7<~. 

AP>':-.Ab oi.;"i \^i^]\ 

iOiUsH«l .iiw 

.'• . 'J : . i 'j'o'i vJ'fuol- 
;.:■ ^ .j.>-'\r .'n'oo •:>,;0 \o bez»L*to at 

....- :. ..! '.;■ .fV:-vO-tqq.8 :•■(» ,t;teIX«"fn,T 

. ■' 4:' . .,'i:'.,'-iT' >-.ij no liioqi'-ti .IrtQi&tfXq 

foH'.' .. V coy r: V-i;t f^J rtirfJij 

. : : < . ■•-' T- , :; C -favo .tTaar> IaIiJ 
■ >..; ■• u'. i, L,''-f.> \Ino i)enJtAJ 

. ^.' O^;. '.,.... XtJ ;(*i Jk^C'-J-U «d<TJt(|kO 

Ji6 0SS 


ve. \ / J 

■ -/ ) ' 

', horofnaftor o^-liotl Wit' plai? t!fT» •r-M^lno'^ li ,tu<lnrr<?rt of 
teoo In Mc fjivor Irs tlic ■ imio3|^l court f ''hle-ro, a. rJrc* tlie 

«pr<?rf l^rr Inajftor oalld the 'lef rKJant. 

Tlio f; oto -^rr th'-:0©j}s^*c :lef-^n' nt If- a fra'crrval In- 
Durcine''> society ircCir!5cacniktCK3 viwifr '^Iv- act cr .irll-^cnt '^f vai-mda. 
with Itr rrlrKJipal office at 'r-r^'ntc? an^l Is a-.;thcHn ■' f rl- M?.oi- 
reoe In tMn rtato. It Ic ?^-Je up of tho : urrer-^j oiir-f ■rf ■•!v: 
otHder anfl Dubr>2«cl5.rmto oourti-. "••vor.ljor ^C. f/^'^", th*; '^efpr ..---'t 
iBcAicd a cortl*'loat:o to tljc rlul t3,ff, 't? - t;H.?j»ob7 >>rcarc ^ 'v -tb r 
of court 'ol<1nor, ocatd 1 '!\5ea,rx). The cortiftacito wat •'Vsr tvx? 
•tr; of ■ 1,000» otsd tlK- ben.-ri/^lary i^cr-ln m'-^'X"'. '7faG '•.irric 
:'«l4»:f$ilir»f plaintiff ♦!■■ '-'-^tivor. It ^!fov?^^o % ar-on.r /-th' r tM'^rG, 
that In cao'? the T'tdrtl'** w:, t'i'ta.lly ar'' roi'^-cirT.tlv ^l :.Mc"i 
txy risftf.or ■•^' r-.ool t^lont (of -.rMoi' f'!-- cV.lllt;-- tli-:' cKocvf i.v-.; oo'sro^l 
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thr> o««rtirioatc, 'Icfln-<1 t;-tr*" dlr'r.l)?lity t'' h:; t.h-.' t''- c^'\)'2V 
bo "forever to*,all:; ijnflt t i'dlow or dlty^ct anv crr^lojn-x^rtt 
labor » trade » (^^c^ratlon, bi'Clnof;c <r r'r^ f 0Dclcri . * Oor*:^J ■ TUoy 
!"-nrt aooooar«;nto -.rGro t- To " Id b?' t •. rcrlxr oao' --^mt , "f^t>. 
a period of thirty d-xyr frraoo, c^y^ It vm r-^^vldod ^^^f \Tx^n fai3- 
urc to pfty rltMtt thr- por'ort of , tltc roribrT »^0'^lc^ 1]20£_ fuctr 
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oorf.nlr jTfOofo clKXild be ntKlo • and 'hrit. nt lojral cMr"- i:"',^l' N? 
onarencee! •tstll all '~cr:'«loi Trcvl'^o-' Ir the "■■'^r t '*xrtl-r r-ro 


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'3C nonths after fl'^l aotlos: rf the o'icf x»an or ' r cr.-^'cut'vo 


'oily ccntlrxjcid ^ norb- r ir ^ood nt-UTlinr TT?til ''ovT^Tier 
r;0, 1000, altiicnjjrth •h'^rtly 'n^lcr thor-tc-. ot-rTjor '^, 1 '^'^, no 
rar rolnutnted » Tiavlrr boon theretofore otic^verdo? f ; r r n--^:ijr''or't 
<«P(?ii©a. "Ti Jaraifsry :>. > i^lC, the ;"iefc?i"'':?'it c-HTcrsr^r: <;:3.1;^ Tsnr 
asoir: ouor^iiflc^- for non-pa yr:Tvt rf tlv:' ocorbrT iror. ^e r.-H.vforco 
totrlc tc «Afw that the ^jlalrtl-rf cith' r 3r "aiiuary or tj^o friro 'lart 
of 'ofertwry, V'"", rocc-lvw.'! nctJ^o f r r .!e^n '.'tar'^ran ^. h-t. ho ?-. .<3 
been mac-port''!?^. 'auscrxsn •T'ji.d IT'jc -Irr.ncipJ. c ovotairj c-f rourt 
M-oldner, havln;^ held mj0h T><^c5tl''n v".jio© 3""r'. • ir "»utii c Toro t- 
o<"lloot ''iKJQ ad acDec£irr>or!to ;:'r'-i fcr':nv'(} f.!:^ aa"--; t-' ♦*; '^Irji •r'ot.Trt . 
''« and the r»lalr*fefff hfxd b<?^n nort^air.' asicois f^r rrr'- t^t'nr ton roara- 

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at thc-t tier©? 'olly'o vere?,GTJ bciiig that fco ackotl ■auoe^-n.r '-ih-^.t 
ttje r.ctlo© PoartJ that '-auoonar oai*'*. ho ha-l bocr cucnor^^^"'. i^r-r ron- 
^ytnont of d;jrs, to TJiioJ:' '"cJly rsrlio'' th5.t Mc roth^rt rs- 
■ o^'a*u|Ft''H^n» '■»'^- «'0"t' tJic f*tj' K by riaJl '^rlr^; t.'.c lattor rtart of 
T'ocenlbor. 1C>C0, r.nd :::Slto^^ rlTjc*!* 'auor^ETiar. ctat<?<'' -"s hcA r< t rcoe^vC: 
tbat thereUTH^r oily off j- rc<1 t "ay th- -uor, but .r.Tj«; r^ar r'jft^co-.-^ 
t- acooft the -onay, ot. 'ing "?v t ho woulxi tato t c mrittcr ir- irith 
tbe "^OBta! a'';thoriti<^ot thxt oxsrr.'-irr :rp,v^i hJLr- nr .i^-^llcatlon "'^r 
rc?nata* ©s5orit • 

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': that ''oily tr<l& hlr Mo roth r har* rr.t *\v n^<me:' iv ; cc-sBber? 
Uiat ho» ''auocran, ^jod rr^t rooclvr-^! the- 9'.t30T tlict ho ■riucmr, 
T?ald bfl troultl tafc© tiic natter up rrlth tho "Ort>^.l aut^oritl' p ir>^ 
notify '^olly; tluat "oil:* '^Id "ot •'ffor any --onov at th^.t ♦!'•«, H^t 
et4Vt:-c! h"" vnxn out of wor?' an:l T/t.>nt(^?<! hir tf vjr.ft ^-v - foT «:;clrnt 
t!xit ho, 'aiKscran, r-.i'3 >^o oou3d trtait a 2on~, cc ho ' l^"nc>fl, but 
nr;t n<»^ than ninety cViyo? ^h-'.t he ther. "avo ''>l'y a M-vn^ iiprli- 
CRtlon for reins tat ctscnt - ^16h cl?." L-ifn~-1 iir' tc ' r'tli 'Is, 
and T^ao to return whon h< tfa<: r r,Ay, ell" d'.nloc V-*c nn^ r' vroo 

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that lie cif^riod the ap-^illoatlrr: pJ Uic l:or' Ital , . hnr' in-tft' r 
note<l. ' cotjrt r'.-rovtrs** ri'-r.^ '•fiei? I'.'.i!. o>i •; ff-^jnov trial, oily 
testified tlvxt v.t "h^t r.'OCtinr* ^:•: r^/ooivr/l ,-r. "^-l^c:-. If^n f-r 
rolnetatcnent • and t'^'.t h-. nlrTicr? Mk- oarc. T;r. tontt: <wv rilar 
B^r^^5re thftt rv^thirtrr furt!>or \t.x- (ion In tin ret tor, vrtll aro,*- 1'3, 
1^10, wf4>rj '■ l?y*e r thor o.'illc<? on ucennr: rrhor... bo '.ttsg ©vril 070*5 
ana Dald o!» ocarc tc ray ::r;r ccn*i; dTaca.. firrf, t- '■■.avo hir^ rolDatnte.'l! 
tJiatf althour;*) cu\c hA pai<1 t?x' ■■'^cf; In eccrr-bc^r , :;!v: -.'cv^ri r-^^y 
thor. GTaln. •^' rcturr.v r? tlw aff.l^cat'io?"? 'iian'^ c "i i'-r<<:'(? bv hor Bcn, 
t<^ '"axio"rnn. :'\ tocl: the r;on©y v-iv'' tbo r.j>Til"'oa^io!*j» ^^o 
ai^rllootion otat'.<1 that tho -icno:'' ■''f*-'- roc^^vcl jtj^ 'v.cJA t ; 'aur^rxir'. 
ao tructoi.-- va^t1l aotlon tr- c ta'ror-; !t tlx? hc-a"^ r-fric^- i:i; -i-anto, 
arx!! W^ot T'olly i^ad bcon oti0rott"''M. for rcn-n'^y^op.t r-f .iwic -"t'r 
Jonuary» ■'tmmry, arc' tinl ^^ri!, V''''. ''riueor,ar: thor •.?r."-to ir. 
■'©lly'r par.r bo 1: ■Bfl^1oh 'rr.. ' olav^jjilr. ho-'l, tba': ^:>e :'oc':^-l>0r 'Tuoc 
^cno thor paid, "c In"' favc }:,cr -*i r©ooi*it 'i^^tc.'. r^cIm'-^^'lo-Vcy'v -^ay- 
rficrrt of V^J.PS froT- 'rclly f<':ir tlx c^T't':.;: '"f 'anuar;.' tc ''r.y, "t- 
apply on roSjintctCT.-'' nt-" " * th^t. tl'^©, notbir.;;^ ::%r oaicl by "rr- . 
''0*.AUjE;hlln th.-t >:©r son -'-Jirl *>oon {.^evcr--!'; "n^ttiro-l ^y---. "ay tvr»f crc . 
it app;arc thai- or. arol' l-i» 1 in, -"oly nll^---:' ff thr 
r-.Xatfom of t4iD tJortbir''^B^orr Xr-vr'-tc"" .-niTa: r.t r' ^t?? ^rvi .'vcra:o 
and :7rvc( rim over by cmc rf -h-. trfitns? • th'.t ^^c- r.itet;ilro<3 t'- /.' "nr;f> 
of Mi-i rlrlit ar^^ bole-.' t'^e '•ibo';?, t:. . .-^yooS -*!:t ff h'iv, l-ft cyo, 
the hc:irlng In the ri'^-.t aar, fr .ctiapcc cf t r r!rull 7' ic re ■ 
f^vircni tJ-e uc-c frP t.v irty-riao T^rcr? t.Ivil he rcc-?-*v".-d a" Irc'rlc 

for U-o rxirptoonr t *ul:c '-lr.e ^ J 000c cf cMn rr^r- Mf^r-'^t -"ar!" 
rf '-*B br<5y t- i)co i/. -tv oaV'Tdn^ t i^lfcv ?il'- • ".r:' 'Iv* r-ln Ift 
eye *jae ■pcrato''. twloo. 

"oil had boc; nir4 irr '-'^' civ * vr V- :?it. ••v"f?.c<'^ ;ni1.' 'trr- 
drwrit'-^tm. TTo :tjio va>n.blc t' «2 :^ythl'.^^ f r r?.ft^ t" roj-jthr ■.f'*,or 
the acclflont. l or rc\- c. f<y.? ::;r»uho h.:- cotcr' •> -. -TTs'-c'r -ir! -T r t'.c 
cityr 'Tatc'^inr; t<^<"l:.'» w?v"c' romrlr t'i '> Ibor. l^r- r "otir 

'■'4 isir'j ^"<«ii 

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csontha prior f th' ti«lal., Iio bocoro a?: Inj-Tectr^ for tho city 
t?ator ripe '^ipartrxjrjt- rT!'' up rtlll r- c!r>T^loy*:^■! ct t.V tl'-e 'f 
tlxs trial, "hat t,ho raturo -^f M:.: v7'-rl: ^-^ '.t? it r%ori tiers 'mm, flo* e 
«ot appoar* 

•fatiBcnan oont tJ'.e ipr'licc.tlcr for rcirctntorrrit -^tiioh ho 
roeolvcd frcr "rr'. c.'a?;cJ:15n on "rircl^ ir , T^ir;, t- rronto* u. 
wac rf"tumo<3 t' hir en aocount ^f :^t:. not bcinr f^atcd. h©rovr-on, 
"■ttiatsan rallQ<^ n ne^T cppllcstlon "blarilt t' 'oily. '''?dn Tm:. fT; or 
about April "M. ''o vmc- thon n 'If la"! by vq. &. fiT/fJ-lin tha*; 'ell? 
' :',d beer 5n}urc»<3 on -irob 14th, cwnf. toc ir the hcc-ltr.I, ;.MrT gI^o 
ro'ni'' ctcxi ''auooDar tr n: f.rj.^ ceo Mr thc^vOf T7hlc^ T^.e -31^. o'-\y 
xnkc In b--<1 t tlio hctv- Italy cmct cr'Davored!, a^: t'v- miCft'^^Rtior! nf 
jTauDcnxn, tr clfTJ - noi7 apj^lioatlcsi h!arJ£ f^-a* rcinfjtaterh-'rt* "hi:: 
ho fMcl by uelng hl.c 1 '"t l::-aTa. i'alixroran c*..aterl ?:>•